WRN/RCM Promotional Brochure



WRN/RCM Promotional Brochure
World Radio Network, Inc
A vital ministry outreach
along the border
In cities across
the border there
i s p o v e r t y,
drug wars and
i n f l u x o f
immigrants from
all of Latin America fills these border cities
with people seeking jobs and opportunity.
The Mexican border cities are sometimes
more than twice the size of their American
counterpart and they continue to grow.
We believe God has strategically placed
WRN to proclaim His message of hope
and redemption to an ever expanding
border audience.
It was by no accident
that God allowed
licenses to be granted at
a time that media groups
placed little value in
these areas and the
Mexican government
resisted Christian
programming of any
k i n d . N o w, a s o u r
government attempts
building walls to contain
immigration problems, Christian radio
freely delivers the Gospel to
approximately twelve million people along
the U.S. and Mexico border 24 hours a
day, every day of the week.
Where is World Radio Network heard?
Our Purpose…
Evangelism Our mission is to effectively
communicate the Gospel of Christ to
everyone we can possibly reach.
Discipleship Because churches across
the border are small, radio becomes the
primary means of spiritual growth and
instruction for thousands of believers. Our
goal is to nurture Christians, strengthen
and build Christ's church through
teaching the Word of God.
KWRB 90.9 FM
Sierra Vista, AZ
91.1 FM
91.9 FM
Yuma, AZ
KRMB 90.1 FM
KRMC 91.7 FM
Douglas/ Bisbee, AZ
102.7 FM
Tucson, AZ
91.1 FM
Nogales, AZ
RCM Repeater
89.9 FM - Elkhart, IN
89.3 FM - Goshen, IN
KRUC 88.9 FM
Las Cruces, NM
101.1 FM
Green Valley, AZ
RCM Affiliates
KBNJ 91.7 FM
Corpus Christi,TX
KVER 91.1 FM
El Paso, TX
KEPX 89.5 FM
KEPI 88.7 FM
Eagle Pass, TX
KBNL 89.9 FM
Laredo, TX
Repeater KBNR 88.3 FM
97.5 FM
Brownsville, TX
sLancaster, PA, WDAC 94.5FM
sBlack Mt., NC, WMIT 106.9 FM
Repeated in La Luz, Nicaragua
sValdosta, GA, WAFT 101.1 FM
sDalton, GA, WDAK 1430 AM
sFt. Wayne, IN, WBCL 90.3 FM
sDallas, TX, KCBI 90.9FM
sLiberal, KS KZQD 105.1 FM
KVMV 96.9 FM
McAllen, TX
Owned and Operated Stations
World Radio Network
* WRN has been broadcasting
to the Mexico - U.S. border since
* More than 12 million people
can hear the message of Jesus
Christ daily through the ministry
of World Radio Network.
* We are staffed by missionaries,
employees and many volunteers.
Street in Nogales, Sonora
Service As a non-commercial radio
station we strive to
ser ve our host
communities by
r a i s i n g u p
p r o v i d i n g
information and
education, and responding to
community needs.
Western Regional Office
in Sierra Vista, AZ
Listen on the web in Spanish: www.knog.org, www.kver.org or
www.radiokbnr.org and in English: www.kvmv.org, www.SparkFM.org
or www.kbnj.org.
Can Music Change a Life?
Absolutely! Music can transform your mind for good
or evil, depending on the songs you listen to.
Christian music lifts up the name of Jesus Christ and
proclaims God's love and grace in ways that nothing
else can. It teaches spiritual truths and leads the
heart in worship. Without the World Radio Network
along the border, millions of people would have no
Christian music programming available at all.
Longtime KBNR listener, Alicia recalls, “I didn't want to listen to
the Christian radio station, but it was the only one on the air with
a hurricane coming. After awhile, I decided what could it hurt to
trust this Jesus and I gave my life to Him. The next day my
coworkers wanted to know what had changed for me.” She
relates that since that time, she has had the privilege of seeing some 300 people
come to faith in Jesus Christ.
A month ago I was at my lowest point. My wife of 25 years had asked for a
divorce, and asked that I move out of the house. As I left I turned on the radio and
your station came on. I had never set your station on my radio nor had I heard of
it. The music puts me at ease sometimes, other times it makes me break down
and cry. The messages in the music are powerful and have reminded
me that God does not give me any more than what I can handle. You
were there when I needed you, and I plan to be there when you need
A listener from California was on his way to Nogales to
deliver a truck. By chance he tuned to KNOG and
was impacted by the song "Peinate el Corazón"
(Brush your Heart.) He called from the road and
wanted directions to our building. The next morning
he showed up to make a contribution and he said he
wanted to talk to someone about God. He said “I don't
know what I am, but I was very impressed by what I
heard on the radio.” One of our staff talked to him for about an hour and he
committed his life to the Lord.
The World Radio Network uses Christian
music and teaching programming to
proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to
people living on both sides of the
US/Mexican border.
We operate the Christian Academy of the
Air (CAA), a non-profit, all Spanish, Bible
teaching ministry aimed at helping
leaders of the Christian church learn
about God's Word and the Christian life
through in-depth study.
Christian Music
Change a Life?
The ministry encompasses a daily 15minute radio program and a
correspondence school
offering 22 courses using 19
St u d e n t s
complete the coursework at
their own pace and send the
exams to CAA headquarters
for grading.
We currently
have over 3,500 students in the
correspondence school which is growing
WRN operates 14 radio
stations, eight repeaters,
Spanish satellite services
with eight affiliates from
along the United States
and Mexico border.
969 East Thomas Drive, Pharr, TX 78577
PO BOX 3765, McAllen, TX 78502-3765
Phone: (956) 787.9788Fax: (956) 787-9783
Email: [email protected] www.worldradionetwork.org
The World Radio Network
Simply Life Changing

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