April 2016, issue 22
Welcome to Term
Kia Ora,
What a super busy first
term! It was great to have
all the students out at the
lake in the great weather,
with a good mix this term of
NCEA level and primary
Heading into term two we
have quite a few bookings
already—a number of ECE
groups. We are all set to
launch our Rotokare Youth
Ambassadorship in the
coming terms, this is a brand
new & exciting focus for our
Education Team (see the
article below for details)
Looking for something
different to engage your
students?....check out our
article on the ‘Survival’
game—a great way to
combine learning with fun!
(06) 764 8500
[email protected]
Rotokare is pretty excited to welcome another
Teaching Fellow to the Reserve for the first two
terms of this year. Shakira Derbyshire (left) is a
primary teacher from Auroa school, and has been
busy spending her time
at the lake carrying out
everyday tasks such as
trap checking, fence
checks, tracking tunnels, and assisting with the
Education programme.
She has also been focusing on Peripatus
monitoring in the reserve—trying to assess their
distribution, habitat preferences and even how
many species we have in the reserve. So far we
think we have 2 different species, where
previously only one has been recorded.
You can check out her blog at;
We welcome Melissa back
from maternity leave in June,
it will be great to have two
educators on site.
Please don’t hesitate to
contact us to make an enquiry
or booking and have a great
term 2!
Nga mihi nui,
Jen Puckey,
Environmental Education
Are you passionate about our environment and want to help make a
difference? Meet new friends and extend your knowledge?
New this year we are starting a youth Ambassadorship at the Rotokare
Scenic Reserve. The aim of this programme is that you will become a
Rotokare Guide on-site, but also become a voice in the wider community
for Rotokare.
This is open to students in year 6/7. You will need to be a good
communicator, with a passion for the outdoors and New Zealand’s natural
heritage, have a good knowledge of New Zealand’s flora and fauna with a
thirst to expand on this. You will also need to be available to attend
events at least twice a term.
Spaces are limited, please email expressions of interest to
[email protected]
We have created some new masks
for younger learners to illustrate
the pests removed from the
reserve in a more hands on way—
these are popular with kids & the
Looking for something different ?
This takes learning in a whole new exciting
Come and play the action packed ‘Survival’
game—a simulation where you need to use your
knowledge of the mechanisms of the forest
ecosystem to survive!. Predator or prey, run or
hide—you decide!
Make a day of your visit to us—utilise one of our programmes in
the morning, and play the simulation in the afternoon. Aimed at
players year 4 and older, with a maximum of 34 players. Please
contact us for an information brochure and to book.
This programme is specially designed
for local year 8 students—who will visit
Rotokare a minimum of once a term to
volunteer. They undertake a variety of
sanctuary tasks alongside Rotokare
staff & volunteers, and on completion
are presented with a certificate and
reference detailing the skills they have
Spaces are limited so
please contact us for
further information or to
book a place
Measuring a kiwi beak: part of kiwi
population monitoring for the Kohanga
Kiwi Project (a partnership project with
Taranaki Kiwi Trust)
The Rotokare Education Programme is made possible by
the generous support of these funders. We would also
like to thank the education volunteers for their
invaluable hands-on contribution, each term.
Subsidised Transport From NP to Rotokare
Rotokare and Jamo Hire have negotiated a great deal for New
Plymouth schools. 16 seater vans are available at a discounted
rate for schools to utilised on a visit to Rotokare of $100 + gas
for the day.
Contact Jamo Hire for
bookings on 06 765 4045
Rotokare Education News, April 2016, Issue 22

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