iabpff “smoke”


iabpff “smoke”
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
December 2008
Vol. 3, No. 3
President’s Welcome!
Welcome to the first newsletter of
the current administration. I want
to thank the IABPFF membership
for having the confidence in me to
preside for the next two years. It
is with great humility that I have
accepted the challenge, and I thank
my family for their sacrifice.
Since its inception, our newsletter has been a source of
information and inspiration. Our intention is to capture your
attention with the quality of a first class periodical. The current and future events, proactive initiatives and rapidly emerging technology that need to be integrated in the fire service will
continue to be the standard operating guidelines. Immediate
Past President and Editor, Johnny J. Brewington, has been
working tirelessly toward improving our newsletter. On our
behalf, allow me to offer him a debt of gratitude. I also encourage you to submit innovative and motivating material. We will
only be as productive as our contribution. This newsletter is
just one of the projects that will help us measure our desire to
inform and inspire for “the good of the organization”.
The first three months of my presidency have been
as challenging as it has been a blessing. I have gone from
Detroit to Denver, to Washington, D.C. twice. I have met
with leadership in the International Association of Fire
Chiefs, National Fire Academy, Congressional Fire Service
Institute and the Congressional Black Caucus. None of this
could be possible without the genuine concern and dedication of our Executive Board, both elected and selected. At
the same time, we have watched America and our membership battle hurricanes and wildfires, experience an unstable
economic market, and are witnessing a historical and unprecedented Presidential campaign. As we move toward our next
regional conference and Executive Council, let’s make sure
we use our optimum communication skills so all our members are made aware of the time and what must be done. As
I examine, analyze and attempt to make the necessary corrections for our future, I want to make sure we offer the best
presentation possible. The ancestors expect nothing less, and
the elders will be the witness bearers. The proverb is correct,
“I am because we are, and because we are, therefore I am.”
Congratulations to the recently retired, promoted,
appointed, married, and new parents! Get well soon to our
injured, sick and shut-in. My deepest condolence is offered to
those whom have recently loss their dearly departed. Remember, “Weeping may endure for the night, but it is joy that
comes in the morning.” To the Black Women in the Fire Service, I thank you and encourage you to keep your head up. To
the Black Chief Officers Committee, I thank you as well, and
humbly suggest, “To whom much is given, much is required.”
All that I am, I owe. I live eternally in the red.
Keeping the Fire Burning For Justice,
Joseph B. Muhammad, President
President’s Welcome
Firefighter of the Year David Brooks
BCOC Syposium & IABPFF Annual Meeting
President-Elect Obama and the First Family
Los Angeles CARES Mentoring Movement
NFPA Call for Applications
IABPFF Endorses Barack Obama for President
Inaugural Theme: A New Birth of Freedom
Captain Penn Retirement Dinner 6
Fire 20/20 Gives New Diversity Recruitment Video
Essence of Fire–And Here We Go!!!
Charleston Retired and Active Firefighters Reunion
A Stroll Down IABPFF’s Convention Memory Lane
Why Marriage?
ABPFS (UK) In The Fire Service
Ralph Cothran Civil Service Officer of the Year
Do’s and Don’ts of Delegation
Photo Spotlight
IABPFF Scholarship Winners
CAFA Purchases Old Engine 9 FIrehouse
NCR Annual Food Drive
Power to End Stroke!
CAAF Annual School Supply Drive
IABPFF member Vic Stafford Promotion
2009 NFPA Fire & Line Safety Educator of Year Award
Lt. Eric Massengale of Daytona Beach Fire Dept.
IABPFF STOP Fire Campaign
Nat. Assn. African-American Ath. Pre-Gala Reception/Mixer 22
Center for Campus Fire Safety
Calendar of Events
Firefighter of the Year David Brooks
Captain Brooks is currently assigned to the Fire Prevention
Bureau, and serves as an Assistant Fire Marshal and
Fire Safety Educator. He is a national and state certified
fire inspector and is also a member of the National Fire
Protection Association. He serves as an executive board
member in several organizations and committees.
Kimberly Brooks, Firefighter of the Year Captain David Brooks, and Exchange
Club Member Rodney Strong.
The Exchange Club of Chattanooga named Captain
David Brooks as the Firefighter of the Year for 2008
at its meeting on Oct. 14. The presentation was made
at the Exchange Club’s regular meeting at the Senior
Neighbor’s Center at 10th and Newby.
Captain Brooks is the president of the local chapter
of the International Association of Black Professional
Firefighters. He is a board member of the MLK Weed
and Seed, the Community Anti-Drug Coalition of
America, and the Department of Justice Enforcing
Underage Drinking Laws Program. He has earned a
Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration
from the University of Tennessee.
Captain Brooks has played an integral role in, and
served as a facilitator for, the City of Chattanooga
Public Safety Education programs.
Chattanooga native David Brooks is a Captain and
Assistant Fire Marshal for the Chattanooga Fire
Department. Captain Brooks has been with the
Chattanooga Fire Department for 12 years, rising
through the ranks while holding a number of vital positions at the department.
He enjoys mentoring and assisting the elderly and
underprivileged in his community. He received the
United Way 2007 Volunteer of the Year Award for his
invaluable involvement with the local United Way.
Captain Brooks has been married to his wife Kimberly
for 14 years, and they have two daughters, Jasmine and
The Black Chief Officer’s Committee
and the
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
6th Annual
Black Chief Officer Training Symposium
March 9-11, 2009
2009 Annual Membership Meeting
March 12-14, 2009
Memphis, Tennessee
2 — International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters — 3
Los Angeles Cares Mentoring Movement
Susan Taylor, noted editor of Essence Magazine,
recently retired from her post where served for many
years, to launch the Essence Cares movement. The
goal is to register one million people to become mentors throughout the United States to show an interest in
helping our young African Americans.
The Cares movement was partnered with Mr. Tommy
Dortch, the chairman emeritus of the 100 Black Men
of America. The first retreat of the Cares movement
was held in Anaheim California. Many of the Cares
Circle leaders attended this three day seminar/retreat
and shared an exchange of ideas, views and visions on
best practices to recruit mentors and solicit sponsorships
from partnering organizations and funders. The retreat
was very successful and served as an excellent start for
the movement.
Brent Burton of the Stentorians of Los Angeles County,
serves as the co-chair of the L.A. Cares Circle and also
as the co-chair of the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles’
mentoring committee. Burton plans to discuss bringing this movement to the I.A.B.P.F.F. to join as a supporting partner.
Brent Burton, L.A. Cares co-chair, Susan Taylor founder of the
National Cares Movement and Dr. Anthony Samad, President of the
100 Black Men of Los Angeles.
Brent Burton with the National Cares Mentoring Movement founder
Susan Tayloy
NFPA Call for Applications
Dr. Anthony Samad, President of the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles,
Mrs. Barbara Perkins, Chairwoman of the L.A. Cares Mentoring
Circle (wife of retired Stentorian member Captain Stanley Perkins)
and Brent Burton, co-chair of the L.A. Cares circle and President of the
Stentorians of Los Angeles County.
4 — International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
NFPA is seeking applications for the 2009
Rolf H. Jensen Memorial Public Education
Grant, funded by the RJA Group. The
award provides a $5,000 grant annually to
a local fire department in the United States
implementing a fire and life safety education program or campaign. Visit www.nfpa.
org and under “Learning” click onto “training and professional development” on the
drop down menu. Scroll to “scholarships,
awards, grants” and then to “for public
educators.” Mail application to the National
Fire Protection Association, 1 Batterymarch
Park, Quincy, MA 02169, Attention: Public
Education/Jensen Application. Or e-mail
the application to [email protected] The
application deadline is Feburary 6, 2009.
International Association of
Black Professional Fire Fighters
1020 North Taylor Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63113
PH: 786.229.6914 Fax: 305.654.9666
For Immediate Release
Press Advisory
February 4, 2008
Johnny Brewington
IABPFF President
Ph: 216.702.4395 or 786.229.6914
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters (IABPFF) Announces
Endorsement of Presidential Candidate Barack Obama
Dallas, Texas– Adams Mark Hotel- At a meeting taking place during the first day of the
Black Chief Officers (BCOC)/ International Association of Black Professional Fire
Fighters (IABPFF) Annual Training Symposium; IABPFF Executive Board members in
attendance formally announced the IABPFF’s decision to endorse Presidential
Candidate Barack Obama.
The IABPFF has over 5000 members throughout the United States and abroad, and its
mission focuses on developing partnerships to increase diversity at all levels of the fire
service and creating initiatives to promote fire safe communities. The decision to
endorse Senator Barack Obama’s nomination comes at a time when this country needs
a change of direction on many fronts.
The IABPFF has often been a catalyst for change in the fire service and recognizes the
importance of having a leader that speaks directly for change on many issues that affect
our communities and the basic necessities of life. Presidential Candidate Barack Obama
has consistently brought attention to this country’s need for a change of direction in
healthcare, education, our economy and family.
- End -
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters — 5
Inaugural Theme “A New Birth of Freedom”
On January 20, as President-elect Obama takes the oath office. The 56th Inaugural Swearing-In ceremonies theme, “A
New Birth of Freedom,” commemorates the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth and expresses Lincoln’s hope that the sacrifice
of those who died to preserve the nation shall lead to “a new birth of freedom” for our nation.
Members of the public interested in attending the Inaugural Ceremonies should contact their Member of Congress or U.S.
Senators to request tickets.
The public should also be aware that no website or other ticket outlet actually has inaugural swearing-in tickets to sell,
regardless of what they may claim. Tickets will not be distributed to Congressional offices until the week before the inauguration and will require in-person pick-up.
“Any website or ticket broker claiming that they have inaugural tickets is simply not telling the truth,” said Howard
Gantman, Staff Director for the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. “Tickets for the swearing-in of
President-elect are all provided through members of Congress, and the President-elect and Vice President-elect through the
Presidential Inaugural Committee. We urge the public to view any offers of tickets for sale with great skepticism.”
Captain Penn Retirement Dinner
Captain Anthony Penn has served with the Los Angeles County Fire Department for over 36 years. He has served as Regional
Secretary for the Southwest Region and Director for the Stentorians of Los Angeles County. The following photos are from his
retirment dinner.
L.A. County Stentorian Executive Vice President
Robert Harris and Assistant Vice President Jonathan
Bowers present a plaque on behalf of the Stentorians
Captain Anthony Penn at his retirement dinner
Assistant Vice President Jonathan Bowers presents
Captain Penn with his 30 year service pin on behalf
of the I.A.B.P.F.F. at his retirement dinner as Ex
Vice President Robert Harris looks on.
Chief Deputy Daryl Osby brings remarks at the
Celebration Cake
Former California State Assemblyman and soon to
be California State Senator Rod Wright who served
as the Master Ceremonies for the dinner. A former
High School classmate of Anthony Penn.
6 — International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
FIRE 20/20 Gives New “Why I Chose Fire™” diversity recruitment video to Fire
Departments at no cost
FIRE 20/20, a nonprofit helping fire and EMS to
recruit and retain qualified, diverse, inclusive and safe
firefighters and paramedics will make available their new
targeted recruitment video called ‘Why I Chose Fire’
to fire departments and college fire science programs
beginning on September 15, 2008 at no cost.
The six-minute, upbeat video is designed to educate,
inspire and motivate 15-21 year old women of all cultures and men of color to explore a career as a firefighter
and paramedic. ‘Why I Chose Fire’ features animation,
popular music and interviews with diverse firefighters
and paramedics talking about why they love their jobs.
Fire departments will be able to freely stream or fill out
a form to download one copy of the “Why I Chose
Fire” video and a User Guide at no charge from the
FIRE 20/20 website, www.fire2020.org. For a small fee,
fire departments can work with FIRE 20/20 to customize the opening of the program with their logo, contact
information and message from their chief.
“We learned in a recent research study in Seattle,
Milwaukee and Austin that many young men of color
and women of all cultures in our communities were
simply unaware of what a great career the fire service provides,” said Larry Sagen, Executive Director and Founder
of FIRE 20/20. “We created ‘Why I Chose Fire’ as a
tool that fire and EMS departments can integrate into
their recruitment programs and use when they speak to
schools, youth organizations and community groups.”
The International Association of Fire Chiefs has
endorsed the program. “We are committed to recruiting
and retaining a qualified, diverse, safe and competent
fire service. Our Human Resources committee and our
Board of Directors have reviewed FIRE 20/20’s ‘Why
I Chose Fire’ video. We feel it is an excellent piece
that articulates key recruitment messages,” said Larry
Grorud, IAFC President.
Fireengineering.com, Firehouse.com, Firechief.com, FireRescue.com, Firelink.com, International Association of
Fire Chiefs (IAFC), National Association of Hispanic
Firefighters (NAHF), Black Woman in the Fire Service
and Fire & Emergency Services Higher Education
(FESHE) will help to distribute the link to fire and EMS
departments; community colleges and universities that
teach fire science, EMT and paramedic programs; fire
academies and Explorer and cadet programs.
“Why I Chose Fire” is made possible by generous
support from Lion Apparel (www.lionapparel.com),
Scott Health and Safety (www.scotthealthsafety.com),
TenCate/Southern Mills (www.southernmills.com) and
PBI Performance Products, Inc. (www.pbigold.com).
FIRE 20/20 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in
Bremerton, WA. In 2007, FIRE 20/20 completed
a DHS Fire Prevention and Safety Research &
Development Grant studying firefighter and civilian
safety in multicultural communities. FIRE 20/20 also
completed the first ‘Diversity by Rank’ survey collecting diversity numbers in 108 of the metro departments.
Findings have been presented at major conferences and
are available on FIRE 20/20’s website www.fire2020.
For more information contact [email protected]
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters — 7
Essence of Fire—And Here We GO!!!!!
Charleston Retired and Active
Firefighters Reunion
Charleston, South Carolina. September 25th through
28th, the Association of Retired and Active Firefighters
held a reunion. Brothers and sisters came from the
northeast and southeast region to once again connect
and renew old friendships.
The global economic downfall has been felt by Essence of
Fire, Inc. Many of our sponsors and financial supporters have had to revamp and restructure their expenditures,
thereby cutting down on what resources are available for
outsourcings. With this being said, we were forced to put
our 2009 Female Firefighter Calendar debut on hold.
Don’t fret, we have done what women of our culture have
done since the dawn of time “Duck and Recover”, and that is
exactly what we have done.
So, in the true meaning of following our motto, we will
“RISE ABOVE the Rest”. At the Fall Southeast Regional
Conference we will debut with a whole new style in mind.
At our 2009 debut the ladies will send out a plea. You may
ask, “ WHAT PLEA BREE”, well the sistah’s will go head to
head as they vie for their very own full page centerfold spread
in the 2010 Essence of Fire, Inc. calendar.
Also, the model who wins this title will have free access to the
2010 photo shoot location. So, here’s your turn to support
your favorite model or models, as the case maybe. Everyone
will have the chance rep. their city, their chapter, or just their
fave’s, by ordering.
So Ladies, get you pads and pens ready to take those prepaid orders. The pre-paid calendars will sale for $15, S&H
included, you can also encourage supporters to order on-line
via pay-pal, @ www.essenceoffire.net. Please note, when
ordering on line, calculate $2.95 for S&H.
Sabrina Potter, Vice President
Essence of Fire, Inc.
[email protected]
Cell: 386-405-4406
Fax: 866-493-3850
8 — International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
Some of the states represented were Massachusetts,
Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,
Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.
In total over one hundred and thirty brothers and sisters
were there.
The reunion was held at the same time as the Moja
Festival in Charleston, S. C. There was plenty to do
and see. A casual dinner was held on Friday where the
group was entertained and enthralled by the telling of
“gullah” stories, by a gullah storyteller, Mrs. Carolyn
“Jublilie” White.
The dinner was held at the Radison hotel in North
Charleston, S.C. On Saturday, a southern cookout was
held in the township of Lincolnville, South Carolina.
This is a historic township developed by freedmen after
the civil war.
One of the highlights of the cookout was the barbeque
pig, which was dressed out! Also, the southern peach
cobbler! I must say that a grand time was had by all.
Our next planned reunion is in Atlanta, Ga. next year,
2009! We, the Committee, do hope that we will see
you in Atlanta!
George Bryant
Photos by Les Outebridge
6th Biennial IABPFF Convention, 1980, Detroit
MI. L-R. Robert Watkins & Don Smith, Chicago,
David Floyd, 1st IABPFF President (1970-1980).
6th Biennial IABPFF Convention, 1980, Detroit
MI. - Memorial March. Front Row: David Floyd,
NY, NY, Detroit Fire Commissioner, Jefferson.
7th Biennial IABPFF Convention, Lexington, KY,
1982. Outgoing President David Floyd swears in
the new IABPFF Executive Board.
7th Biennial IABPFF Convention, Lexington, KY,
1982. Outgoing President David Floyd swears in
the new IABPFF President, Charlie Hendricks.
7th Biennial IABPFF Convention, Lexington,
KY, 1982. Founder of Educational Development
Institute (EDI) Chief Carl Holmes conducts
Management Workshop.
13th Biennial IABPFF Convention; New Orleans,
LA. Front Row R-L: Chief Hershel Clady; Chief
Ray Brooks; Unidentified; IABPFF President Romeo
Spaulding, Chief of New Orleans Fire Department;
Randolph; and Liz Sommers.
Why Marriage? Author Unknown (edited by Teresa E. Harris)
Why Marriage?
Because to the depths of me I long to love one person,
With all my heart, all my mind, all my soul, and all my body.
Why Marriage?
Because I need a forever friend to trust with the intimacies of me,
One who won’t hold them against me.
A forever friend who will love me when I’m unlovable,
One who will search for the divine potential in me.
Why Marriage?
Because I need to cuddle in the warmth of the night,
With someone who thanks God for me, with someone I feel blessed to hold.
Why Marriage?
Because marriage means opportunity to grow,
In love, in friendship, in discipline and in self control...
Marriage is the commitment to take full responsibility for the spiritual wholeness of a relationship. In Ecclesiastes Chapter 4, Versus 9–11,
King Solomon declares; that two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work.
If one falls down, a friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him stand!
And, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone?
So, I ask the question once again, Why Marriage? Because, together, two can dream far more than one could ever imagine alone!
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters — 9
ABPFS (UK) – Association of Black Professionals in the Fire Service (UK)
Development Programmes
In the last few months members of the ABPFS(UK) have
been running a number of workshops to encourage professionalism and to offer assistance in completing assessment
centres to enable promotion for all Black staff.
For the 2nd year running Chapter members have been supporting the community by participating and taking the lead
in a peace rally called ‘Not Another Drop’.
The subject matters have ranged from Firefighting procedures such as:
This rally has been held in an inner city borough within
London called Brent and the aim of the event is to reduce the
growing number of deaths in the black community through
gun & knife crime.
Over the last 9 years there have been a total of 57 deaths
amongst black youths aged between 14 & 25 in a 4 square
mile range.
Breathing Apparatus
Emergency Exchange of Air
Command and Control of the fire ground
Fire fighters & junior officers making tactical decisions
Fire ground messages
With the regular occurrences of these programmes and
workshops we are now seeing a gradual rise in the interest
amongst our black operational workforce in considering and
actively making the decision to seek promotion.
That said, our focus, as a Chapter, is also to encourage our
non-operational members to be involved in seeking development opportunities. Some members have attended operational work shops to see what this involves and have found
the sessions very useful.
A series of development programmes to include non-operational Chapter members will be held throughout 2009.
Other Events
Chapter member Patricia Robinson organised our attendance at an event in support of the 60th anniversary of the
HMS Windrush - one of the first ocean liners which brought
migrants from the Caribbean in 1948 to the UK.
The shame of it is that most, if not all cases are suspected to
be black on black deaths. Chapter members marched in fire
uniforms (Turn out Gear) and were asked to take the lead in
the procession by the organisers.
Les Bowman (Secretary of the ABPFS (UK) was asked to
make all the announcements along side the 14 other Black
firefighters and local crews to show that there are positive role
models within our community to inspire the youths and support parents in this struggle.
Dawne Stephenson (recording Secretary) also supported a
worth while charity by participating in a charity run and raising over £400 to support the African Caribbean Leukaemia
Trust (ACLT).
At the Detroit Convention in August 2008, Chapter Member, Mike Ogwo, delivered a presentation about the ACLT
who tirelessly work towards getting more African and Caribbean people to register as bone marrow donors.
Sadly, Daniel DeGale, the young gentleman whose parents
founded this Charity in 1993, died after a short illness, not
related to Cancer, on the 8th October 2008. Our thoughts
go out to his family at this time.
We were invited to attend West Minster Abbey to celebrate
the Caribbean community making a difference to the British
society and promoting its successes over the last 60 years.
Chapter member Garret Brooks attended the Vitoria &
Albert Museum to deliver a presentation on the changes that
have occurred over the last 20 years in the fire service.
Special thanks goes to Vice President Andy Phillips for organising our attendance and to Claiton Murray and others for
their additional support.
Garrett also showed a film called “Rise to the Challenge”
which included many of our chapter member’s experiences
over the last 2 decades.
The film is a story about Black & Ethnic Minority Members
in the UK Fire Service and aims to acknowledge the “pioneers” who took the first steps and hopefully give encouragement to those who have just stated their careers.
10 — International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
Ralph Cothran Civil Service Officer of the Year
At the 21st Annual Ruby Hurley Chattanooga Hamilton County Branch of the NAACP dinner, IABPFF
Community Relations Committee Chair, Freddie L. Brooks was awarded the Ralph Cothran Civil Service Officer of
the Year Award.
This award is presented to a law enforcement officer or firefighter that has demonstrated strong community involvement and was named after the first African-American police chief in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Freddie L. Brooks, Mrs. Catherine Cothran (wife of
the late Police Chief Ralph Cothran) and their son
David Cothran.
Freddie L. Brooks, Ann Nesby (R&B vocalist), and
Princess L. Brooks.
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters — 11
photo Spotlight
Fire Chief Rosemary Cloud of East
Point, Georgia fights suspension.
Firefighter Nona Allen of Austin, Texas
sues the city for discrimination.
Photographis taken at firefighters parade in New York.
Captain Brent Burton, LA County
Fire Stentorian President congratulates
recently promoted Chief Deputy
Daryl Osby, making him second in
command of the Los Angeles County
Fire Department.
IABPFF Presidents.
IAFC’s Fire-Rescue International
Black Women in the Fire Service.
AAFL Past Presidents (L-R): Jim
Winbush; Nick Russell; and Les
Outerbridge at the 1985 NCR
Operation PUSH regional conference.
NAACP Black Chief Officers
Chief Carter and Chief Pryor at
Baltimore third alarm city fire.
For the second year running chapter
members have been supporting the
community by participating and
taking the lead in a peace rally called
‘Not Another Drop’. This rally has
been held in an inner city borough
within London called Brent and
the aim of the event is to reduce the
growing number of deaths in the
black community through gun and
knife crimes.
12 — International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
Nation Fallen Firefighter Memorial
photo Spotlight
Photos from the 2008 convention were provided courtesy of retired member Richard Manson of Unique Photography in Dallas, Texas.
Photos from the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.
Photos from Safety Trailer & Future Connections.
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters — 13
photo Spotlight
David L. Brooks, Jr. President of
The Brothers United (Chattanooga,
Tennessee) with the staff of FranklinStrickland Funeral Home during their
Community Appreciation Day held
November 1, 2008.
NCR members and Mayor Mark
Mallory of Cincinnati, Ohio at the
North Central region’s Fall Conference
Health Fair.
Brothers United President David L.
Brooks, Jr. taking measurements for
kids identification at the Community
Appreciation Day.
NCR members at a workshop on teen
violence given by Dr. Odell Owens
at the North Central region’s fall
IABPFF Presidents at the 2008
Photos taken at the 2008 convention.
The CACDACFO 2008 conference
will be held in Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic in December.
Firefighter Leonard Riggins was
helping a motorist after an accident
and found himself confronted by
an armed carjacker who shot him
and left him dying in the street.
Firefighter Riggins died at the
hospital from a gusnshot wound to
the chest. Firefighter Riggins was a
14-year veteran of the St. Louis Fire
Department. He was 52 years old and
left behind a wife and children.
Coordinator Freddie L. Brooks and
Tennessee Representative Randy
Stargin, Jr. of The Brothers United
(Chattanooga, Tennessee) take part
in the Franklin-Strickland Funeral
Home Community Appreciation Day.
14 — International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
From The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (U.T.C.) To the International
Association of Black Professional Firefighters
Growing up in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee as a little
boy in the 60’s, I never thought of attending U.T.C. as a
student. I attended an all black school (Howard) from kindergarten to high school, where I graduated in 1978. I then
attempted to further my education by enrolling at Tennessee
State University, in Nashville, Tennessee. For some reason
I didn’t complete my education at T.S.U. Retuning home I
enrolled at U.T.C. and stayed there just one semester.
Continuing on my journey, I found myself relocating to New
Orleans and becoming an employee at Shell Oil Refinery.
Living there and enjoying life for two years, I retuned to
Chattanooga in the late 80’s, still wandering on a journey
of finding my purpose in life, keeping in mind that I never
completed my college career.
My parents insisted that I needed to find a job or join the
military. Army here I come, but once I got to Knoxville,
Tennessee and was told the type of job that I would have, I
knew this wasn’t for me. I asked to be sent back on the next
greyhound bus to Chattanooga.
Here’s the thing I find to be a strong part on my purpose,
being hired in the fire service in 1987, without a clue of
what was going on, Leroy Norwood and Tommie Maudlin
asked me to join the Black Firefighters Association and I
became a member of the I.A.B.P.F.F. The development of
some wonderful relationships across the country have taken
place. Meeting people with a concern for my development
as a person, and a black firefighter, was new to me at this
stage in my career. With the educational avenues within
this organization, and the impact firefighters have had on
the nation since 9/11, the education that had escaped me in
1978 has retuned. I am presently enrolled at the University
of Memphis in my junior year.
As the Community Relations Coordinator, we have joined
others with the same interests in reducing fire deaths in our
communities. The USFA Smoking and Homes Fires Campaign and our organization joined forces. The Brothers
United of the Chattanooga, Tennessee chapter joined in the
Wellness Fair on September 18, 2008 at U.T.C. and spoke
with students about dormitory room fires.
“Get Out and Stay Alive”, is a program for College Campus
and Student Fire Safety. College dormitory fires are on an
increase across the nation and we must join in to reduce theses events to ensure the growth of our young people.
Our past President Johnny Brewington’s older son graduated
from U.T.C. and my daughter is a freshman there this fall.
We never know whose child is in your city, but that child is a
key to the success of this nation while receiving their education in the universities and colleges in every community. We
need each local chapter to assist in these efforts of educating
our children.
Freddie L. Brooks
Community Relations Coordinator
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters — 15
2008 IABPFF Scholarship Winners
Vanessa Monique Sheard
Vanessa Monique Sheard is a
Crestwood Senior High School
graduate. Vanessa plans to attend
Henry Ford Community College
in pursuit of a degree in PreElementary Education. She plans
to further her education at Wayne
State University. Her goal is to
become a teacher and ultimately
a principle in the Detroit public
school system, where she grew up.
As a scholarship winner Vanessa
was awarded $2,500.
Erica Harris is a John J. Pershing High School graduate.
Erica plans to attend Wayne
State University in pursuit of
a degree in Pre-Med. Her goal
is to become a pediatrician. As
a scholarship winner Erica was
awarded $2,500 .
Erica Harris
Cincinnati African American Firefighters Association purchases old
Engine 9 Firehouse for $1.00
The Cincinnati African American Firefighters Association (CAFA) purchased its first building in its history
in Sept. 2008 from the City of Cincinnati for 1 dollar. After the Engine 9, Ambulance 9 unit moved to a
brand new firehouse further down the road, the house was left vacant and the idea to buy it from the
city was discussed at a monthly meeting earlier this year.
With the help of President Pro Term Councilmember Laketa Cole, the idea became a realization after
receiving the deed late September. It was a hard fought battle with some area neighbors who wanted to
turn the firehouse into an Art Studio. State checks into CAFA’s non-profit status were made as well as
debates at the council floor as well as the neighborhood community meetings.
CAFA plans on turning the building into meeting space as well as a learning center for school age
children, a staple for our mentorship program, food drives, and other community based projects that
CAFA has dedicated itself to the citizens of the city of Cincinnati.
The building also serves as a memorial to Oscar Armstrong III who was a member of Engine 9 and CAFA
who lost his life in the line of duty on March 21, 2003. To serve and keep his memory in our presence at
all times is an honor to say the least.
16 — International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
North Central Region
International Association
Of Black Professional
Fire Fighters
P.O. Box 29441
Phone: (513) 807-0323
Fax: (314) 558-4146
Kenyatta Smith—Director
Cincinnati, Ohio
[email protected]
Bryan Tyner1st Vice Director
Minneapolis, Minnesota
[email protected]
Carrie Edwards 2nd Vice
Flint, Michigan
[email protected]
Julius Stoval 3rd Vice
Indianapolis, Indiana
[email protected]
Tony Luke Treasurer
Cleveland, Ohio
[email protected]
Melanie Anderson Recording Secretary
Peoria, Illinois
[email protected]
Darryl BrownCorresponding Sec.
Detroit, Michigan
[email protected]
CONTACT: Kenyatta Smith
NCR Director/ IABPFF
513-807-0323 cell
513-731-1365 office
NCR Annual Food Drive
The North Central Region (NCR) of the
International Association of Black Professional Firefighters
(IABPFF) is extremely excited to announce it’s Annual Food Drive.
The food drive will take place Nov. 20th—27th 2008 and will span
across 10 states of which the region is made up.
There are many city chapters involved such as Cincinnati,
Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Indianapolis, Detroit, Flint,
Lansing, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago, Peoria, Omaha, and
many more.
The purpose of the drive is to collect food for those families and
individuals in need of help during this time of economic hardships.
The donated food will come straight from the local chapters to the
communities in which they serve.
This will be a great event not only for those individuals on the
receiving end but for those on the giving end also.
The NCR/IABPFF is forever devoted to the communities that we
work, live and serve on a daily basis.
More information to follow, visit our website at www.iabpff.org
John Victor Stafford
Lansing Michigan
[email protected]
Carl Cunningham
Sgt. –at-arms
Cleveland, Ohio
[email protected]
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters — 17
Power to End Stroke!
This is the day to join the Movement! The
American Heart Association’s Power To End
Stroke movement needs your help to reduce
stroke in the African-American community.
African-Americans are almost twice as likely to
suffer a stroke as whites. But we have the power
to prevent it.
How? Add some pep to your step with free
music downloads to groove to. Get loose and
get busy. Move until you break a sweat, as each
step can help reduce your risk of having a stroke.
This is the day to move for your health! Please
visit the website below to get started.
Cincinnati African American Firefighters Annual School Supply Drive
The Cincinnati African American Fighters Association in conjunction with the
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority handed out school supplies to Taft Elementary school
in August 2008, every student pre-school thru 8th grade received book bags and a
packet of school supplies for the upcoming year. This came as a surprise to the
students as well as the staff of Taft Elementary, the school was picked in a lottery
that both organizations holds each year to determine which school to donate
school supplies. With each school year both organizations continue to visit and
mentor the students of the school with the help of teachers and the Principle.
This is the 5th year of the Annual School Supply Drive.
18 — International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
IABPFF member Vic Stafford receives promotion!
John Stafford of the Lansing Fire Department has
received a promotion.
Stafford, who has been with Lansing Fire Department since 1984,
been promoted to Chief of the Training Division for the Lansing
Department. John is on the North Central E-Board as the NCR
sergeant- at –arms and does community work for the city of
Lansing and also contributes his time in Africa as well, we wish
him the best in his new position!
2009 NFPA Fire and Line Safety Educator of the Year Award
Applications are being accepted for the 2009 NFPA Fire and Life Safety Educator of the Year Award,
which recognizes educators who play a leading role in making their communities safer. The application deadline is March 2, 2009. The Educator of the Year will receive a $1,000 honorarium and travel
to Chicago, Ill., in June 2009, for an award presentation at the opening general session of the NFPA
annual conference. The local fire department will receive a $1,000 donation to support public education activities. Go to www.nfpa.org/educator for application materials.
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters — 19
Lt. Eric Massengale of the Daytona Beach Fire Department
It is with great pride and pleasure that the Daytona Beach Fire
Department announces, Daytona
Beach native Lt. Eric Massengale
for the Beachside Neighborhood
Watch “Firefighter of the
Quarter” for Fall of 2008. Eric
was hired in November of 2002,
promoted to Driver Engineer in July of 2005, and
recently promoted to Lieutenant this past month. He
scored number one on both promotional exams which
he took to be promoted through the ranks.
Lt. Eric Massengale is President of Precise Brotherhood
and has received numerous commendations by his
supervisors and residents, which include the City
Wastewater Treatment Plant incident and The LPGA
Brush Fires of 2008. He is currently team leader for
the Motor Medic Team. He has assisted on the hiring
board for new hires, training advisor for probationary
firefighters, and a breathing apparatus technician. Eric
is currently enrolled in the Fire Science program and he
will receive his degree in mid-2009. He has attended
leadership and diversity courses designed for the fire service. Once his Fire Science degree is complete, he plans
on furthering his education in Public Administration.
Members of Precise Brotherhood of Daytona Beach .
20 — International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
Eric also helped make preparations for the opening of
the new Fire Station #7 over the past year.
Lt. Massengale is very involved within the community.
He is one of the founders of the Precise Brotherhood
of Daytona Beach Firefighters. This organization has
given sponsorships and paid for vouchers allowing
underprivileged children to receive free swim lessons
at the Daytona Aquatic Center. In the beginning of
the school year, this organization assisted with the “free
backpack program” in Daytona Beach. They are in the
process of adopting a local school that gives motivational speeches for drugs and alcohol awareness, as well
as inspiring kids to “stay in school” for brighter futures.
Lt. Massengale includes his 12-year old son Jaron and
Ms. Lissette Deschamps, who is a Daytona Beach Police
Officer assigned to Motors. Eric is recognized by his
supervisors and peers as a dependable and self-motivated employee and is a true asset to the Daytona Beach
Fire Department, the City of Daytona Beach and to
the citizens in which he serves. Lt. Massengale received
the award on November 13, 2008 at the Community
United Methodist Church.
Lt. Eric Massengale (left) scored #1 and Lt. Jason Hill
scored #2 on the promotional examination.
International Association of
Black Professional Fire Fighters
Office of the Grant Manager
PH: 786.229.6914 Fax: 305.249.5230
STOP Fire Campaign
Fact Sheet
The IABPFF submitted a grant application for funding consideration under the 2007 Assistance to
Firefighters Grant Program- Fire Prevention and Safety Program. The IABPFF grant application was
successful and was funded in the amount of $287,000 for a fire prevention campaign entitled “STOP
Fire”. The funding period is August 15, 2008-August 14, 2009 (with ability to request a valid
The STOP Fire Campaign is national fire prevention and public education campaign with emphasis
on preventing residential cooking related fires; designed around traditional and African American
holiday events. The campaign materials will feature actual African American fire fighters/fire
prevention personnel (members of the IABPFF).
Target Population:
Approximately 500,000 African American children age 4-14 and adults 65 years of age and older.
STOP Fire Campaign Overview:
The IABPFF Regions will identify 10 cities from the states with more than 1 million African
Americans: Alabama, Arkansas, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois,
Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. The identified cities will utilize local
IABPFF chapters and other organizations to launch campaign activities and host STOP Fire
Campaign Train-the Trainer activities for IABPFF members and community representatives.
IABPFF and IABPFF affiliated organization events will serve as primary venues for campaign
activities. Members of the IABPFF will be identified to serve as Campaign Coordinators and
Trainers. A nationally-recognized PR firm will assist in development of the campaign.
Contact Information:
For more information please contact Teresa Everett, IABPFF Grant Manager/Campaign Consultant,
at 786.229.6914.
IABPFF STOP Fire Campaign - FP&S Grant Communication
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters — 21
The National Alliance of
African American Athletes
am o n
A Pre-Gala Reception/M
for the 2009 Watkins Aw
Thursday, December 4, 2008 * 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Reginald Grant
$20 with RSVP
$40 at the Door
[email protected]
350 South Grand Avenue * 18th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071
This is the perfect opportunity to support the Watkins Award and mix and mingle with sports and business leaders.
009 Watkins Award
ia J
The National Alliance of African American Athletes was
founded in 1989. The mission of The Alliance is to empower
African American males through athletics, education and
public programs.
am o n
Thursday, December 4, 2008 * 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
$20 with RSVP
$40 at the Door
The Pre-Gala Reception/Mixer will be
attended by numerous local celebrities,
sports industry leaders, business leaders
and community activists. Watkins Alumni
will be in attendance including Chris Lewis
(former Arizona Cardinals), J.R. Lemon
(Actor and former Oakland Raider) and
other Watkins Alumni. Athletes Advisory
Chairman John Sally, Model/Actress
Claudia Jordan, Comedian “Lazee” Lamont
King and others, will be on hand to launch
the drive toward the 2009 Watkins Award
Reginald Grant
[email protected]
350 South Grand Avenue * 18th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90071
22 — International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
The National Alliance of African American Athletes was
founded in 1989. The mission of The Alliance is to empower
African American males through athletics, education and
public programs.
This is the perfect opportunity to support the Watkins Award and mix and mingle with sports and business leaders.
The Pre-Gala Reception/Mixer will be
attended by numerous local celebrities,
sports industry leaders, business leaders
and community activists. Watkins Alumni
will be in attendance including Chris Lewis
(former Arizona Cardinals), J.R. Lemon
(Actor and former Oakland Raider) and
other Watkins Alumni. Athletes Advisory
Chairman John Sally, Model/Actress
Claudia Jordan, Comedian “Lazee” Lamont
King and others, will be on hand to launch
the drive toward the 2009 Watkins Award
Center For Campus Fire Safety And The U.S. Fire
Administration Seek A Safer “home Fire Season”
Fatal Home Fires jumped nearly 68% during cooler months.
Newburyport, MA — “Home fire season” starts now, and
the Center for Campus Fire Safety is working in conjunction with the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) to make this
yearís cold months safer than last years — when there was
a dramatic increase in home fire deaths. According to the
USFA, during the ìhome fire seasonî of October 2007 to
March 2008, there was a 68% increase in the number of fatal
home fires and a 67% increase in the number of people killed
in home fires, compared to the warmer months.
Not including arson-related deaths, from April 2007 through
September 2007 at least 589 people were killed in home fires.
When it became cooler, from October 2007 through March
2008, at least 982 people were killed in home fires.
Through its Smoking & Home Fires Campaign, the USFA
wants to make this season safer, especially as it relates to the
number one cause of preventable home fire deaths in the
nation — fires caused by smoking materials.
“Every year, about 1,000 people are killed in smoking-related
home fires,” says U.S. Fire Administrator Gregory B. Cade.
“Smokers tend to smoke inside their homes more often
because it’s cooler outside, so what’s important to remember
is that smoking home fires can easily be prevented.” He
added, ìIt just takes a few seconds to light up — and a few
seconds to make sure that cigarette is really out.
The Center is pleased to support the effort of the USFA and
partner organizations with this campaign to prevent fires
caused by the careless use and disposal of smoking materials. These are life-long lessons that we wish to instill on our
campus population of students, faculty and staff,î said Amy
Hamel, Executive Director of the Center for Campus Fire
Safety. “Together, we can save lives.”
Smoke-related fires can be prevented by taking a few simple
precautions. Smokers and those who live with smokers
should ensure the following:
• If you feel you must smoke, it’s better to smoke outside.
• Inside the home, use big ashtrays with a stable base. • Really put the cigarette out, don’t just tap it into the ashtray.
• It’s not a good idea to smoke if you are drowsy, and never
smoke in bed.
• If people smoke while at your home, check for cigarette
butts near the furniture and under sofa cushions before you
call it a night.
• Douse butts and ashes with water before you toss them
into the trash.
• If you or someone in your family smokes “Put It Out. All
the Way. Every Time”!
Launched in January 2008, the USFA’s Smoking & Home
Fires Campaign is working in partnership with 17 national
organizations to spread the message about fire safety including the:
1. American Fire Sprinkler Association
2. Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s
Association International (BIFMA)
3. Burn Foundation
4. Center for Campus Fire Safety
5. Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes
6. Fire and Life Safety Section (part of IAFC)
7. Florida Association of Fire and Life Safety Educators
8. Home Safety Council
9. International Association of Black Professional
Firefighters (IABPFF)
10. International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)
11. National Association of Hispanic Firefighters
12. National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
13. National Fire Protection Association
14. National Volunteer Fire Council
15. Polyurethane Foam Association
16. Residential Fire Safety Institute
17. SAFE KIDS Worldwide
The free campaign materials include a CD Toolkit with English and Spanish posters, brochures, fact sheets, public service
announcements, powerpoint presentations, an engaging
video of a smoking-home fire demonstration, and more. The
USFA also has video and radio PSAs available. The materials are available online and can be ordered or downloaded by
visiting www.usfa.dhs.gov/smoking. Fire departments and
community organizations are encouraged to use these free
The Center for campus Fire Safety is a non-profit organization based in Newburyport, Massachusetts and is dedicated
to protecting life and property from fire at college and university campuses in the United States.
If You Smoke, Put it Out. All the Way. EveryTime.
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters — 23
Calendar of Events
2008 Fall South East Regional Conference
Birmingham, AL; November 5-9, 2008
North West Regional Training and Recognition Dinner
Seattle, Washington; January 17, 2009
Northwest African American Museum
BCOC/IABPFF 6th Annual Black Chief Officer Training Symposium
Memphis, TN; March 9 -11, 2009
North East Region
Southeast Region
North Central Region
South Central Region
2009 BCOC Annual Membership Meeting
Memphis, TN; March 12 - 14, 2009
North West Region
2009 IABPFF Day On The Hill
April 1 - 2, 2009
South West Region
2009 Spring South East Regional Conference
Fairfax, VA; April 1 -5, 2009
Caribbean Region
2009 Spring South Central Regional Conference
Austin, Texas; April 12 - 18, 2009
Black Chief Officer’s Committee
2009 Spring North Central Regional Conference
Peoria, Ill; April 30 - May 2, 2009
2009 Spring South West Regional Conference
San Jose, CA
Executive Council
Location TBA; August 5 - 9, 2009
2009 Fall Conferences: NCR, SCR, & SER
Atlanta, GA (Tri-Regional Conferences); November 4 - 9, 2009
2009 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative
Washington, DC; September 2009
Black Women in the Fire Service
Executive Development Institute
Johnny Brewington
If you have comments or would like to contribute to the
next issue of the IABPFF SMOKE, please contact Johnny
Brewington at 877.213.2170 #1 (voice mail) and via our
website at www.iabpff.org.
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
1020 North Taylor
St. Louis, Misouri 63113
Mailing Label
24 — International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
Danita Love

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