Gonna wear me out another one...
Russ Davis, winner of the oldest, worst-looking Roadcrafter Award (at The Very Boring Rally)
800 222 1994
∏Roadcrafter One Piece Suit
This is the original, classic design for everyday, any-distance commuting and touring. The one piece Roadcrafter has been worn on every continent, in every type of
weather to nearly every place you can get to on a motorcycle.
Loose enough to slip on easily over your street clothes, it’s tailored to minimize wind
flutter and drag at higher speeds yet it’s light and compact enough to pack away or
carry to the office. Years of experience have proven the suit’s abrasion protection
and all-weather capability. The one piece Roadcrafter is literally covered with innovations for riders: high-visibility Scotchlite reflective; nine strategically placed, external pockets; provisions for removable arm and thigh map window pockets, hip pads
and back pad; underarm and back vents; side zippers for access to your street pants;
comfortable, ultrasuede collar lining; and a variety of adjustable tabs and zippers that
allow you to fine-tune the fit.
The one piece Roadcrafter is all about attention to detail, real-world riding needs and
meticulous craftsmanship. Machine washable, sizes 34 regular, 36-50 short, regular
or long (see order form for sizing chart).
#120 $727.00
∏Roadcrafter Two Piece Suit
Zipped together, it’s as fast and convenient to use as the one piece version, yet either
part can be worn separately. The jacket overlaps the pants by about six inches and
is attached with a securely sewn zipper to stand up to stress and hard use. The pants
have a waist drawstring with cordlocks, and there are two additional pockets sewn
into the lining that are accessible behind the flaps covering the side zippers. All the
features of the one piece design are included in the two piece, making it the most
versatile rider’s suit available. Machine washable, sizes 34 regular, 36-50 short, regular or long (see order form for sizing chart).
#125 $767.00
#134 (Separate Jacket) $417.00
#136 (Separate Pants) $387.00
American Or Canadian Flag
Add an embroidered flag to the lower left of the front logo pocket or either shoulder.
Specify Canadian or U.S. flag, and flag size. (Dariens and Roadcrafters)
Canadian (2" x 1", 3" x 1.5", 3.75" x 2"), U.S. (1.75" x 1", 2.5" x 1.5", 3.5" x 2")
USA (installed) #233 $15.00
Canada (installed) #237 $15.00
USA (patch only) #243 $5.00
Canada (patch only) #247 $5.00
Mounts to left shoulder, seam taped behind. 4.75" x 1.25". (Dariens and Roadcrafters)
(installed) #232 $15.00
(patch only) #1618 $5.00
Seam taped behind.
Rider Supplied Patches
(installed) #235 $15.00
Velcro-removable Rider Supplied Patches
#236 $25.00
Sizes & Colors
Seam taped behind.
We make Roadcrafter suits in many colors and 25 sizes. If you wear a size 40 men’s
suit, the same size Aerostich suit will fit over your street clothes. If you’re unsure of
your size, see the order form for sizing chart or call and we’ll help you get the right fit.
We offer custom size alterations, non-stock colors and several specialized optional
features. Alterations are made at the customer’s expense. Standard suit colors: mix
& match a red, black, grey, hi-viz lime yellow or cobalt blue shell with either red, black,
grey, silver hi-viz or cobalt blue ballistic patches. (For custom ballistic colors, see
page 12.) Call for your free swatches.
"We shape our tools and they in turn shape us."
-Marshall McLuhan
800 222 1994
Ten Seconds Or Less
Get your stopwatch. The Roadcrafter’s exclusive zipper configuration requires less effort. Just ten
seconds and you’ll be wearing nothing but your street clothes. And a Roadcrafter is just as fast to
get into, too. You’ll wonder why anyone would want to wear conventional gear.
Oversize Impact Pads
We use 6, a costly high performance viscoelastic material first developed for use in aerospace applications. Custom shaped for each suit, and removable from elbow, knee, and shoulder
pockets, this padding feels soft and molds to your body. On impact it instantly becomes firmer,
absorbing and distributing energy.
Be Seen In The Dark By The Blind
We’ve doubled the reflective area so you can be seen better. A new 3M Scotchlite™ reflective
provides more durability and reflective power. This material crosses the back vent, the front pocket flap, and the ankle adjustment tabs.
A Suitcase You Can Wear
There’s no such thing as too many pockets, and it’s a good thing, because our one-piece suit has
ten of them. The Roadcrafter is fully lined with free-floating nylon taffeta so it slides on right over
your clothes. There's one inner pocket with Velcro closure for valuables and nine exterior pockets. Velcro closure tabs at the waist, wrists, and ankles allow a precise fit and minimize wind leaks.
The gusseted wrist zippers, underarm vent zippers, and two-way back vent zipper provide good
ventilation in all temperatures. Roadcrafter suits are exceptionally comfortable from 50º to 90º
when worn over everyday clothes.
Lightweight And Strong
Aerostich suits weigh less than leathers, and they’re as tough as they are light. All seams are double-stitched using heavy #69 bonded nylon thread. The seat has a double layer of cordura, and the
shoulders, elbows, forearms, knees and shins are protected with a layer of 1050 denier, urethanecoated ballistics nylon.
Water And Vapor
Roadcrafters are engineered for daily 'A to B' commuting and general purpose riding, so our fast
entry zippers are a compromise, but the fabric is totally waterproof. The easy entry zipper system
will stay leak-free for about 30 to 90 minutes in a steady rain on an unfaired motorcycle. Behind a
fairing or in lighter rains, it will stay dry all day long.
The fabric membrane contains 9 billion microscopic pores per square inch, each one 20,000 times
smaller than a drop of water but 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. So while perspiration can get out, it’s tough for outside wetness and wind to get in. It wears cooler than leathers in
the heat, warmer than leathers in the cold, and drier under all conditions. All seams are hot-tape
Putting on one-piece Roadcrafters
This trick may make using your suit easier: Before you put on the suit, always separate (open) the main
zipper by sliding both sliders up to the top. Then hold the open suit in front of you - grab it at the chest
opening with you facing into the zipper (as though you were greeting the empty suit) - and step into the
right leg. After pulling on both sleeves, grasp the two adjacent main zipper slider pulls, sandwiching
them between the first three knuckles of your right hand. Then feed the other side of the zipper into these
sliders. It's just like starting a jacket zip, except the lower of the two sliders goes downward all the way
to the ankle. To exit the suit, reverse. Some of our new customers practice this technique a few times in
front of a mirror to internalize the sequence. - Mr Subjective 9/03
800 222 1994
"There ain't no rules around here. We're trying to accomplish something."
-Thomas Alva Edison
Darien Versus Roadcrafter?
The Roadcrafter provides more double layers of fabric over a larger area than the Darien. These include the elbow/shoulder/knee
areas of ballistics nylon and additional Roadcrafter pockets. On the other hand, the Darien is lighter and cooler to wear. Crash
events most commonly occur between 30 and 70 mph. Within this range the Darien, DarienLight and Roadcrafter all provide useful abrasion protection. All three provide more than jeans and windbreaker jackets. Riders on powerful sport bikes will prefer the
closer fit and greater protection a Roadcrafter suit offers. Roadcrafters are available in short, regular, and long, and Dariens are
all regulars, so if you are extra short or tall, go with the Roadcrafter. Getting a good fit is more important than the functional differences.
For commuting around this smaller city, I often wear a DarienLight jacket, an open face helmet, denim jeans and ankle high shoes.
On weekend rides, I normally wear a regular Darien outfit or Roadcrafter suit, and a full-face helmet and boots. For a day at a
track school, I have only worn a Roadcrafter…with all the optional pads…something I would seldom choose for my local everyday surface-street riding here. On overnight trips, I use a Darien or DarienLight outfit, depending on where I am going, and how
long the trip will be. For many years I wore only a one piece Roadcrafter everywhere, including on weeks-long road trips. That's
still a favorite, but for my everyday urban riding I mostly choose a Darien. If you want a two piece suit, go with the Darien. For a
one piece suit, go with the Roadcrafter. If you already have it down to these two choices and cannot make a decision, call and
talk with us about your everyday riding patterns and applications. - Mr. Subjective 2001
Mail Order Sizing and Fitting?
We are experts at providing a great fit. We’ve talked to thousands of riders about their size, bike, local climate and personal riding applications. We use a questionaire to help learn the right things, so you'll get the best fit with your Roadcrafter or Darien. Our
most experienced associates do this successfully about 95% of the time. Every order is double checked for accuracy. Ordering
factory direct gives you access to more sizes than are available elsewhere. The one piece Roadcrafter comes in twenty-five different off-the-rack standard sizes. Let us help you find the one that provides the most perfect, precise fit.
Fitting Women?
Compared to men of the same height, women usually have slightly narrower shoulders, slightly longer legs and arms, and slightly shorter torsos. Roadcrafters and Dariens are looser fitting designs. About 60% of all women find Aerostich suits fit well without
alterations. Of the remaining 40%, about half of these can enjoy a good fit after minor sleeve/arm/gusset/etc...alterations. Only
about 20% of women (and 10% of men) cannot be fitted within the range of available sizes and custom alterations. Fully tailor
made garments are not available.
Buying Sight Unseen?
Things bought mailorder can sometimes be dissatisfying. Smaller than pictured. Or cheaply made. Or somehow just-not-nice.
Aerostich was established to pioneer textile riders clothing. The RiderWearHouse catalog was created to sell riding tools and riders gear that make motorcycling better. You will find goods made with quality, integrity, long service, a little fun... and real value.
When you open your package, we want your order to be better than you expected. We want your business and value your trust.
Maintaining Breathable Fabrics?
After the manufacturing process that bonds a breathable/waterproof membrane to Cordura fabric, a DWR (Durable Water
Repellent) chemical treatment is applied that prevents water from being absorbed into the Cordura’s fibers. If the Cordura fibers
become saturated in wet conditions, the water forms a barrier causing vapor to condense on the inside surface. Over time and
after extended wear, the original DWR treatment wears away and must be renewed. Periodically laundering gear with a washin treatment like Nikwax TX Direct®, or applying a post-wash water repellent product like Scotchgard®, Revivex® or Tectron®, will
insure that water beads and runs off the fabric, and that vapor will always be able to pass through, even in wet conditions.
Maintaining the DWR also helps textile gear dry faster after being in rain.
Machine washing is recommended. Remove the TF2 pads and the contents of all the pockets. Close all zippers. Use the regular
wash cycle, and a 'warm' water setting with mild powder detergent, wash-in water repellent products, or non-detergent soaps
formulated specifically for outdoor fabrics. Run the complete wash/rinse cycle a second or third time with water only to remove
any residual detergent. Machine dry at a medium temperature. Do not use anti-static products. Velcro® ‘hook’ fasteners pick up
lint so avoid laundering with cotton towels. Clean Velcro hook using a fine comb. Small stains can be removed using ‘spot cleaning’ stain removal products. Citrus based cleaners work well for oil stains.
Waterproofing Zippers?
The Roadcrafter’s unique zipper arrangement can become a source of water entry in extremely wet conditions. To dramatically
improve performance in severe conditions use either a wash-in water repellent or hand seal these areas: 1) Stitching and knit
zipper fabric around both underarm zips; 2.) The knit zipper fabric along the right leg zipper; 3.) The stitching and knit zipper fabric
along the left leg zipper from two inches above the bottom of the Velcro flap, to below the knee.
Wash-in repellents like Nikwax TX Direct® penetrate everywhere during laundering. In addition to improving breathability in wet
conditions, they minimize leaks around zippers. Seam sealing products like Seam Grip®, should be thinned enough to completely soak into the fabric, thread, and stitching. (Use Cotol® or toulene.) Apply sealant to both the knit zipper fabric and the stitching.
Color Durability?
Weather and strong sunlight may cause some fading of fabric color dyes. Similar fading occurs in all types of clothing from
leathers to blue jeans. This is normal wear and does not affect the strength, waterproofness or overall performance of textile garments. Red dyes show color loss fastest. Fading can be minimized by washing with milder soaps, drying at lower temperatures
and occasionally re-applying a water and stain repellent or a UV inhibitor product like UV Tech®.
“We developed for no reason an elitist’s attitude closing ourselves in that exclusive Ivory
Tower created by our Aerostich.”
- Paolo Volpara, OMM (One More Mile) Bulletin #50
800 222 1994
Custom alterations and optional features may be added at any time, but work at the time of manufacture is preferred.
Custom-altered suits are not returnable for refund or exchange. All changes and adjustments are made at the purchaser’s
expense. Some alterations are not available in combination. It may not be possible to provide some alterations to garments
that have already been modified. Customer supplied garments are evaluated for suitability before alterations are done.
Illustrations show alteration's location only.Actual alteration methods vary and usually involve replacing
complete sections and not 'patching on strips' as shown.
Custom Leg Length
Custom Sleeve Length
Shorten or lengthen up to a total of 2"
above elbow, below elbow, or a combination of both.
#201 $50.00*
Roadcrafter Upper
Body Gusset
A V-shaped panel from the waist to the
armhole on each side of the suit meets
another V-shaped panel from the
elbow to the armhole, providing additional shoulder and arm ease. Add up
to 2" at each side.
Shorten or lengthen up to a total of 3"
above knee, below knee or a combination of both. (Length adjustment of rise
is not available.)
#202 $50.00*
#203 $50.00*
Knee Slider Velcro
An oval area of Velcro loop that allows
the installation of knee slider pucks on
one and two piece Roadcrafter suits.
Plenty of room for perfect placement.
Seam taped behind. Black velcro loop
#212 $50.00*
Additional Forward
Rotated Sleeves
All suit sleeves are optimized for most
sport-standard riding positions. This
alteration adds even more for
‘extreme’ riding positions (like GSXR,
YZF, etc...). About forty pieces changed
to reposition front/chest/arms. Makes
a comfort difference on supersport
and 'race-replica' bikes. One piece
suits only.
#213 $85.00**
*Add $30.00 for alterations to
existing garments.
**New construction only.
800 222 1994
AES 10
Roadcrafter Extended
Same idea as Upper Body Gusset but
longer. From hips to forearm instead of
waist to elbow. Add up to 2" each side.
Roadcrafter one piece only.
#211 $65.00*
Custom Insulation
One piece suits only. Sleeves are insulated with thin 100 gram 3M
Thinsulate®, the chest with slightly
heavier 150 gram Thinsulate®.
Insulation is built in and is not removable.
#200 $350.00**
Roadcrafter Mid Gusset
Same as Upper Body Gusset except
straight panel is added on sideseam
from armhole to hip and then tapering
at the thigh. One piece suit only. Up to
2" per side.
#207 $65.00*
Kanetsu Sleeve Length
Add or shorten sleeves by up to 2.5".
#252 $50.00**
Back Panel Ellipse
A 2" ellipse is installed across the lower
back and tapers to each side, increasing the forward lean of the suit. Tilts the
torso forward 5 degrees compared to
standard suits. Roadcrafter one piece
only. Available as a separate zip-in
panel for two piece suits; see Suit
#206 $50.00*
Zip-In Panel for Two-Piece Suits
#124 $30.00
Fleece Pant Length
Add or shorten by up to 5".
#253 $30.00**
Reflective Delete
For maximum stealth-mode riding,
color matched fabric in place of any (or
all) of the 3M Scotchlite reflective
areas. Inconspicuity for secret agents
and black ops riding. Also makes flash
photography posing easier.
One Piece #226 $60.00**
Jacket #224 $40.00**
Pants #225 $30.00**
Jacket Hem Flair
A gusset on each side, sewn from the
waist tab, that widens to an additional
1 1/2" on each side at the jacket hem.
Provides a looser fit around hips.
#208 $50.00*
Jacket Anti-Flutter Tabs
Small velcro tabs on upper sleeve
that adjust sleeve size. Darien only.
#234 $30.00*
Fleece Jacket Sleeve
Add or shorten sleeves by up to 5".
#254 $30.00**
Sleeve Pen/Pencil
For holding a pen, grease pencil or tire
gauge. Color matching Cordura fabric.
Seam sealed behind. Specify location:
right upper sleeve, left upper sleeve, or
left forearm. Upper sleeve not available
on Darien.
#230 $35.00*
*Add $30.00 for alterations to
existing garments.
**New construction only.
Police Roadcrafter
Darien Liner Sleeve
Add or shorten sleeves by up to 4".
Modified to serve and protect law
enforcement motor officers. Call for
additional ordering and sizing information. Browse on web at (Available to police only.)
Jacket and Pant $950.00
#251 $40.00**
11 AES
800 222 1994
∏Custom Abrasion Ballistic Colors
Call for availability and samples, as color selections vary. We usually offer about a dozen choices in addition to the five standard colors. Call for free swatches. Ballistics are sold in complete sets only. (See all color combinations at our website
#204 $50.00
Crash Repairs
Between 20 and 50 miles per hour, Roadcrafter suits usually sustain less than $250 of damage; between 40-70 miles per hour, $250$500 of damage; 70-100 miles per hour, $500 or more. These figures are estimates—the actual amount of damage varies depending on the circumstances of each accident. A suit is ‘totalled’ and cannot be repaired if the cost of the repairs exceeds half of the
price of a new suit. You will be contacted with an itemized estimate of repairs needed, based on time and materials, before work
is begun. Garment should be cleaned and pads removed before returning. Cleaning service available (see below). Garments are
usually completed and shipped within 2 weeks.
Other Repairs
Broken zippers, torn linings, melted ballistics and other repairs are estimated based on the materials and labor involved. Replacing
a zipper or some Velcro is usually between $30 and $60, but we will contact you with an estimate before performing any work.
Garment should be cleaned and pads removed before returning for repair. Cleaning service available (see below). Garments are
usually completed and shipped within 2 weeks.
∏ Cleaning, Inspection and Water Repellent Service
Complete washing, general inspection, and water repellent service for Roadcrafter and Darien suits. A detailed inspection of the
velcro, zippers, stitching, fabric, and laundering with NikWax wash-in water repellent. (Two bottles for one piece, one for jacket,
one for pants.) Stain removal is not guaranteed, but suits will smell nicer and will work better in the rain. Pad replacement additional. If sewing repairs are needed you will be contacted with an estimate.
One Piece #255 $45.00
Jacket #256 $30.00
Pants #257 $25.00
∏Repair Pack - Expedition/Tour
The essentials for emergencies on long vacation trips or multi-month expeditions. Contains five sliders, six stops and four snap parts (one snap). Illustrated repair instructions. The minimum, lightweight
kit, but still enough for global travels.
#380 $10.00
∏Repair Pack - Complete
Every type of snap and zipper slider used on the entire range of Aerostich garments from fleece to
Roadcrafter and Darien. Contains nine different zipper sliders (top and bottom types), fifteen zipper
stops (three types), eight snap parts (two snaps: socket, stud, cap, post) and illustrated repair instructions.
#381 $15.00
Gore-Tex® Fabric Repair Kit
Road rash first aid for your riding suit. This kit makes fast and easy factory authorized repairs possible
for any Gore-Tex® garment. Can be applied in extreme cold to -25°F. Pressure sensitive patches with
a high strength adhesive backing that are washer and dryer safe. These stick like nothing you have
ever seen, and keep water out. Contains four black Cordura® patches, two 3" round and two 2" x 4"
#348 $15.00
800 222 1994
AES 12
Crash and Abrasion Considerations?
Compared to leather of the same weight and thickness, Cordura nylon is a stronger material. But hides are thicker and heavier
so they offer greater abrasion resistance. We repair about twenty or thirty Aerostich garments a month. About a third of these
were in crashes that produced some abrasion damage. Several common themes have emerged. Though Aerostich suits are not
as abrasion resistant as racing leathers, they offer significant and useful protection, especially at typical street speeds.
Aerostich wearers often think of their suit as ‘sacrificial’ in the same way a car's airbag gets used up by its deployment. These
garments are lighter, cooler and easier to use in bad weather (etc...), but less crash-durable than leathers. On average, street riders seem to crash only at infrequent intervals. How gear feels and works during the intervening years of use and the tens of thousands of miles of riding is very important. Most street crashes occur between 20 and 50 mph, not between 50 and 100. For each
Roadcrafter suit that was in a 100 mph crash, we get dozens that need smaller repairs because the rider fell down at 35 mph . For
these kinds of everyday spills, even the fanciest leathers do not offer protective advantages. We make gear to help you use a
motorcycle more and be better protected. It has to be safe, easy to use, and comfortable for everyday riding.
Nylon and Friction?
Although we have not conducted tests comparing the friction coefficients of cordura suits and leathers on various pavement surfaces, we have collected a significant amount of relevant information. We repair many Aerostich suits every year, and most of
these are damaged by sliding on all kinds of pavements. Many of the wearers (testers....?) had previous crash experiences with
leathers. Post-crash wearers typically comment that their Aerostich was 'slipperier' than their old leathers. The consensus is that
Cordura slides a little better and tends to roll and tumble the wearer somewhat less than leather. After studying hundreds of accidents, former Motorcyclist magazine editor and professional accident reconstructionist Gordon Jennings believed that more
crash injuries (broken shoulders, etc..) were caused by tumbling than by the incrementally increased chances of hitting something due to sliding farther.
'CE Approved' Labels?
CE impact standards involve both energy absorption capability and pad shape and size. Aerostich TF2 pads do not match these
European standards because of their shapes, not their energy absorption capabilities. In hard-shelled areas, TF2 armor tested
significantly better than most other CE approved armor. Around the softer edges, it tests lower. TF2 armor was tested at a CE lab
in England and using a duplicate of the test apparatus here. TF2 pads were developed (years before CE standards existed) to
provide effective protection when fitted into the oversuit designs of Roadcrafters and Dariens. Because of this, TF2 pads allow
comfort with various combinations of street clothing better than CE shapes. Roadcrafter suits were the first riders garments to
use removable armor pad systems,and to use an advanced energy absorbing material like TF2. When we introduced TF2 armor,
all protective garments, including road racing suits, featured sewn-in paddings made from felt, foam rubber or other less effective
Legal Notice: These garments are not considered to be “personal protective equipment” as defined in or
within the scope of, the personal protective equipment (EC Directive) regulations 1992 (S.I.1992/3139) and
no liability will be accepted arising out of these garments non-compliance with such regulations.
Tested On The Rack
We made 20 lb. sandbags out of denim, regular nylon, leather, and our Cordura material, and dragged them
down the road behind a truck just to see them wear through. Repeated testing showed the superiority of
Cordura Nylon over other materials.
Does this fast make my rip look butt?
Brent Nielsen, still a little jangled...
Life is not about how fast you ride, or how far go you, but how well you bounce.
- Anon
13 AES
800 222 1994
High performance, all-weather, all-purpose riding tools for ‘no
limit’ touring, dual sport, and off-road riding. In atrocious
weather this gear will outperform whatever you now wear.
Designed for extreme temperature variances with a
longer, looser cut and wider comfort range,
the Dariens year ‘round versatility and
advanced design features will impress
you on and off your bike, wherever
you travel.
∏Darien Jacket
For more comfort in hot weather, the functional Darien jacket comes with
a removable 2 fleece liner inside an unlined, waterproof outer
parka. Exclusive features include 500 Denier Cordura Gore Tex® outer
fabric, removable hard shell 5 foam elbow and shoulder pads,
and generous 3M Scotchlite reflective areas. The fully lined,
reversible 22 (200 wt. Fleece) insulating jacket is perfect
for cool mornings. It folds into its own compact zippered pocket
which can be attached to your bike or worn on a belt like a fanny
pac. Both liner and shell feature underarm vent zips and
plenty of pockets (nine in the outer jacket, six in the liner
jacket!). An optional back protector attaches to pre-installed Velcro.
Red, black, grey, hi-viz lime yellow, or cobalt blue (Darien jackets come with black
details). S, M, L, XL, XXL. Made in USA and Imported.
w/Standard Liner (22) #150 $497.00
w/Lightweight Liner (21) #1501 $497.00
w/Electric Liner #145 $557.00
w/Windblock Electric Liner #1518 $587.00
Outer Jacket Only #148 $367.00
Standard Liner (22)
#149 $157.00
Ltwgt. Liner (21)
#1500 $157.00
800 222 1994
AES 14
∏ DarienLight Jacket
An ultralight Darien would make a great urban riding tool
(we said to ourselves). We build it just this way, with a
tough, 160 denier Cordura Gore Tex® fabric.
Although it offers less crash and abrasion
resistance, it’s so much lighter that it’s great
for camping, skiing, touring, commuting,
and general wear. The DarienLight retains
every feature of the standard Darien
jacket. More comfortable in high and
low temps (+90, -30) than the regular
Darien. Black, Tan, Hi-Viz, or Grey.
S, M, L, XL, XXL.
w/Standard Liner
#156 $497.00
w/Lightweight Liner
#1506 $497.00
w/Electric Liner
#159 $557.00
w/Windblock Electric Liner #1524 $587.00
Outer Jacket Only #158 $367.00
If you fancy THE classic traditional biker stuff but demand
modern venting, 5 technical armor and Scotchlite
reflective areas, then the Falstaff ought to do it, mate...
The Falstaff’s authentic fabric is exactly the same
English waxed cotton as the original gear uses. It is
highly durable and exceptionally comfortable.
We’ve added a full sewn-in cotton lining with two
huge inside pockets, a soft ultrasuede faced
collar, and an oversized cargo pocket behind
the back reflective. Helping it to be more
comfortable to wear in hot summers are the
Darien’s underarm and back vents. The
5 armor helps provide crash performance, and the abrasion resistance
of waxed cotton (when compared to
the Darien’s 500 denier Cordura) is
better than you’d think. Each
Falstaff jacket accepts the zipin Darien fleece liner jacket,
velcro-in back pad, and
the zip-in Kanetsu
Electric Liner. These
options are available separately. One year warranty. (100 wgt., 200 wgt and electric liners sold separately.) Black or brown. S, M, L, XL, XXL.
#170 $327.00
22 Liner #149 $157.00
21 Liner #1500 $157.00
Color Wax
A specialized spray
compound that restores
the water repellency
and revitalizes the color
and character of waxed
cotton fabric. Essential
for routine maintenance. Water based formula in a non-aerosol
pump spray. 10 fl. oz.
(Specify brown or
Refinishing Wax
Waxed-cotton and oilskin clothing need the
occasional re-treatment to enhance the fabric’s
water shedding properties. Goes on easily and
with no mess. Once applied, it cures to a smooth,
non-sticky water repellent coating that will not
attract dirt. More durable than other treatments
and doesn’t rub off. 6.75 oz. tin.
#1331 $9.00
#1362 $12.00
15 AES
800 222 1994
∏Darien Pants
Cut like jeans, these conventional looking, unlined overpants are the perfect match for a Darien jacket. Two front pockets, one
back pocket, a flapped front fly, and a waistband with belt loops containing a removable Aerostich belt are all practical details. Full
length side zips with inner and outer flaps insure easy on-and-off convenience and severe weather protection. Bent knees, large
3M Scotchlite reflective ankle adjustment tabs, and shaped, removable 5 knee pads complete the specifications. 500 Denier
Cordura Gore Tex® fabric is fully seam taped for comfort and strength. In even waist sizes 30 through 46 regular and long. Available
in standard black, or as a special order in hi-viz or grey. Made in USA and Imported.
Black, hi-viz, or grey #155 $297.00
Hold-Up Suspenders #1815 $20.00
8.5" x 6.5"
#143 $23.00
8.5" x 9.5"
#153 $23.00
800 222 1994
AES 16
∏DarienLight Pants
Same idea and specifications as DarienLight
jacket. Black, hi-viz, tan, or grey 160 denier
Cordura® fabric. Perfect for summer street or
dual sport riding. In even waist sizes 30
through 46 regular and long.
#157 $297.00
Roads today are twice as crowded as they were twenty or thirty years ago. Since 1970
the number of cars being driven has doubled but roadway mileage has hardly
changed. Automobile design has advanced and drivers are now more isolated
from their surroundings. They also enjoy hugely reduced risks of a crash
injury. Driving is now more affordable to a larger range of people. The
social broadening of automobile use is an important reason why
traffic has doubled in less than thirty years. (As a society we
became less tolerant of drunk drivers partly because roads became
more crowded.)
Because cars are better capsules and driving is now widely distributed across
social classes, most roads are more crowded, and street riding is relatively more dangerous. Experienced riders have long worn black leather jackets to provide protection from
weather and spills. Being conspicuous was once less important than being protected.
Roadways were comparatively empty so the chance of getting hit by someone was a lot less than
the chance of simply falling or crashing as a result of one’s own creative riding techniques. In some of
today's denser urban traffic corridors these risk factors may be reversed. The chance of being hit by an inexperienced or inattentive driver can be a larger risk. Wearing Hi-Viz Lime Yellow is a good way to reduce this risk
and take back a piece-of-road for yourself... and for motorcycling.
Today, everyday riding is sometimes seen as excessively risky or dumb. In response
many riders have re-discovered cruisers (and narrowly focused sport
bikes). These artistically designed machines are especially fun on
quiet roads where they can evoke some of motorcycling's oldest
sensations and traditions. In contrast, motorcycle commuting via
today’s overcrowded arterials can become almost a gladiatorial contest against a dangerous mix of both drivers and vehicles. Wearing Hi-Viz Lime Yellow is about riding everywhere,
every day, all of the time. Hi-Viz Lime Yellow will not reset the
clock to 1970, but it does reset the odds for everyday riding on today's crowded roads.
Intended to serve the special needs of
the urban and bad-weather commuter
and others who value visibility and recognition
for safety purposes, Aerostich Roadcrafters
and Darien Jackets are now available in Hi-Viz Lime Yellow (Fed.
Spec. #595-13671). This garment option will assure that the rider is highly conspicuous in trafficdense, overcast, or low light environments. Developed for use in municipal safety applications,
it was found that fire trucks this color were 300% less likely to be involved in accidents. Hi-Viz
Lime Yellow ‘jumps out’ on a primal level because it is not naturally occurring, and because the
human eye is most sensitive to light in this part of the spectrum. (The eye is least receptive to
red & black). The brightest color possible under visible light, Hi-Viz Lime Yellow is more effective than fluorescent colors which, because of their chemical makeup are dependent on the uv
radiation in sunlight to ‘glow’, making them less effective at night and in vehicle headlights. The piercing Hi-Viz Lime
Yellow carries plenty of visual ‘punch’ even under incandescent and low-light conditions. The well-known Hurt
report contains data indicating that most drivers colliding with motorcyclists list “not seeing the rider” as a primary
cause of car/motorcycle accidents. As another weapon in the arsenal of the urban commuter, these garments are
unmatched. (Photographs and printed images may not fully show the visual impact of Hi-Viz Lime Yellow.)
Philosophically, "decent looking" colors are in the eye of the beholder. Fireman wear hi
viz that is filthy with soot and smoke because even dirty it is more visible than other colors. Some riders feel that being more easily seen by others on the road cancels any concerns non-riders have over decent appearances. Other riders revel in the gritty visceralness of motorcycling and seek ways to display this to non-riders. It’s possible to identify
with both of these perspectives. - Mr Subjective 9/03
17 AES
800 222 1994
∏Triple Digit Rain Cover
It is possible to enjoy warm, dry hands while being
plastered and hammered and hosed. The ripstop
nylon laminated fabric breathes enough during rain
conditions so your skin won’t become clammy.
Breathability also makes them useful as a colder
weather over-glove. They allow a secure grip
when used over your regular (crash protective) gloves. Gloved hands slide easily in so
you are not fighting to stretch them on. They
pack very small, so you’ll always have them
ready. The ripstop nylon fabric is thin and won’t
cramp your hands. The Velcro wrist cinches are
ergonomically reversed and easier to use. Oversize gauntlets feature an elastic drawcord which cinches with tethered cordlocks. There's Scotchlite
reflective on the outside of the gauntlets for nighttime hand signaling.
The three digit design keeps your hands warmer, provides good finger
control for clutch and brake levers, and lets you be polite to Vulcans
(always). Black. Two sizes: over armored or winter gloves use the size XL,
over regular gloves, the size L.
#442 $47.00
∏ Ultralight Rain Pants
These waterproof nylon pants pack away small yet are strong enough to thwart
rain and road spray. If you ride in jeans and a jacket and the weather changes during the day, they’ll get you home dry. Ultralight Rain Pants self-store in a 4" x 5" x 1.5"
integral zippered pocket. Long waterproof side and fly zips make them easy to get
on and off over footwear. Fully seam sealed. An elastic drawstring waist keeps
them up. Not intended for hard everyday use, but perfect to stash in a courier bag,
fairing pocket or wherever you might need them when it decides to rain. Never
worry about where to find garbage bags and duct tape. M (32-34), L (36-38),
XL (40-42). Black.
#409 $87.00
∏ Emergency Boot Raincovers
Seam sealed black ripstop nylon raincovers that are strong enough to stop rain and
road spray, but pack small enough to carry along and are ready when you need
them. A reversed waterproof zipper makes them fast and easy to put on and
remove. They are all that’s needed to get home with dry feet and
boots if the weather changes unexpectedly. Each
cover neatly stores into a built-in Velcro closed
pouch that’s only 3" x 4" x 1.3".
M (7-9), L(10-12), XL(13-14)
#407 $57.00
Waterproof Cell Phone Holder
Dustproof, shock resistant, and of course, waterproof, this cell holster has an audio
membrane that allows use of the phone while it is protected therein, and has a belt
clip as well. Ruggedly made of high-tech plastics, this well-made container will protect your phone from the environmental conditions we all encounter when riding
#9032 $27.00
800 222 1994
AES 18
“These are the days that must happen to you.”
-Dan Walsh, tattooed on inside of left forearm. From
Walt Whitman's "The Song of the Open Road"
Jerry-rigging and emergency repairs: on a long trip when you carry only one, Aqua
Seal is the most versatile…They are ranked here from the thinnest to the thickest
in terms of viscosity. For some jobs the thinner products work better and for others the thicker ones are better.
Seam Grip
Thin for sealing stitched seams and is also ideal for repairing tents and leathers
because of its excellent adhesive properties. It will wick deeply into seams and zipper tapes and drys fully in only a couple of hours. (Urethane base.) 1 oz. tube. Syringe
applicator included (not shown).
#362 $7.00
This medium viscosity sealant also works as an aggressive adhesive which forms a
tough, elastic waterproof seal. It glues permanently to fabrics like neoprene, hypalon,
vinyl, cordura and heavier leathers. As powerful as the familiar silicone based
sealants but drys somewhat firmer. Also can be used to glue motorcycle body panels, luggage, tents, boots, etc... Drys overnight. (Urethane base.) 1 oz. tube.
#335 $6.00
Highest viscosity sealant. Forms a thick, tough scab when dried and is best for high
abrasion areas like shoe soles, footrests, aluminum or fiber panels, and other wear
areas. Fairly strong adhesive qualities. Drys in 24 hours. (Urethane base.) 1.5 oz. tube.
#1336 $6.00
A thinner (Toluene) specifically formulated for AquaSeal but effective with all urethane-based sealants and adhesives
including Freesole and Seam Grip. Shortens drying time. 1/2 fl. oz.
#340 $4.00
TX Direct Wash-In Repellent
Effective wash-in re-waterproofing treatment for all breathable/waterproof
clothing. It saturates the stitching, fabric, and zippers making a noticeable difference. Can be hand or machine washed in. 10 fl oz. Darien Pants: One container. Darien
Outer Jackets: 1.5 containers. Roadcrafter’s : 2-3 containers. Three containers are recommended for 'full' wash loads.
#332 $10.00
Tech Wash Liquid Soap
A non-detergent liquid soap for laundering waterproof clothing. Cleans and doubles the life
of DWR and other impregnated water repellents. It also protects the finish on water repellent gear like tank bags, duffels, and tents. Good for sleeping bags, too. Works when machine
or hand-washed. 10 fl oz. Darien Pants: One container. Darien Outer Jackets: 1.5 containers.
Roadcrafter’s: 2-3 containers. These are estimates. Three containers are recommended for ‘full
wash’ loads.
#333 $8.00
TX Direct Spray-On Repellent
This product restores the durable water-repellent finish to all types of waterproof/breathable fabrics. Ideal
for garments or single-wall tents, bivy sacks and synthetic sleeping bag shells. Suitable for 3, GoreTex®, Ultrex®, Entrant®, Triple Point®, and microfiber fabrics. 10 oz. Best when sprayed on damp, but not too
wet, material.
#1360 $13.00
∏ Waterwerks Kit
For extended exposures in severe conditions. Contents: one can of HD
Scotchgard, or two bottles of wash-in NikWax TX Direct, one tube of Seam Grip
Seam Sealer and instructions for upgrading or extending the water repellency of
breathable/waterproof fabrics, and improving Roadcrafter main zippers water
ScotchGard #1333 $17.00
NikWax #1334 $25.00
“Speed not only abrogates pleasure; it is a pleasure in itself. As soon as man learned to
run he began to imagine his own divinity.”
-World Enough and Time, Garret Keizer, Harpers Magazine, Oct 03
19 AES
800 222 1994
Heavy Duty Scotchgard
Scotchgard For Leather
For outdoor fabrics: increases the waterproof qualities of an Aerostich suit without interfering with the
breathability of the fabric. One 10 oz. can is required
to completely protect a suit from stains, grease, and
surface water absorption. Recommended annually
or after washing for maximum performance.
Enhances leathers ability to shed water.
Easiest way to beef up your favorite riding
boots weather protection. Great for gloves,
too. Just spray on and ride away. 6 oz.
#326 $6.00
#327 $9.00
Case of 6 #1357 $45.00
Tectron DWR
Water Repellent
Tectron Pro Wash
A non-detergent soap specially formulated for the
laundering of outdoor fabrics, as it does not interfere with the waterproof/breathable qualities of
laminated fabrics, as conventional liquid detergents can. Also preps the fibers of whatever it is
you’re washing to accept Tectron’s Wash-In
Waterproofer (see below). Biodegradable and
comes in an 8 oz. bottle.
A CFC-free aerosol spray for renewing
the durable water repellent characteristics of synthetic breathable/waterproof fabrics. The most effective and
convenient stuff you can spray on your
breathable/waterproof gear. 11 oz.
#1343 $7.00
Case of 6 #1348 $35.00
#1341 $7.00
Tectron DWR Wash-In
Used during the wash cycle when laundering
high performance waterproof/breathable synthetic outdoor gear, this material renews the
waterproof treatment of the fabric to prevent
wicking and enhance water repellency. An
easy and convenient way to maintain your
#1344 $9.00
ReviveX® Water &
Stain Repellent
Specifically developed by the Gore company, ReviveX is a safe, non-toxic treatment that enhances the water and stainrepellency of garments constructed using
Gore-Tex® laminated fabric. Because the
original DWR (durable water repellent)
wears off over time, the performance breathability of the fabric
during rain soakings eventually
degrades. The formulation in
this product combines with the
outer fabric to restore it's water
repellency and stain resistance.
#1345 $15.00
UV Tech
This UV stabilizer works like a sunscreen but is formulated specifically for use on fabrics. It can help reduce
color fading and slow the damaging effects of long exposure to sunlight and harmful atmospheric chemicals.
One 8-ounce pump bottle will treat an Aerostich suit. UV Tech can help all nylon cordura fabric gear last
longer, stay brighter and function better. UV stabilizers must be periodically re-applied (like a water-repellent
treatment) because they work by sacrificing themselves to UV radiation to slow the molecular deterioration
that occurs in synthetic fibers and dyes. Daily commuters, long distance riders, and those with red garments
will benefit most from these treatments. 16 fl oz.
#331 $14.00
∏ Authentikrud
A stained 'stich is a badge of honor. Your personal 3-D signpost of rides,
experiences, and events past. A piece of gear that says seasoned, serious
rider. Like stonewashed jeans. Each Authentikrud stain kit is scientifically
formulated to put legitimate looking stains, dirt and assorted other ‘road
wear’ on your suit. Say goodbye to the embarassing newby look.
Developed by Bob, Cole and Mark from IBMWR labs. (Thanks fellas...)
Specify your suit color and ‘Plains Dust’, ‘Northern Slimy Bugs’, ‘IronButt
Finisher’, or ‘Urban-Metro Grit’ filth palette.
#NOTH $10.00
800 222 1994
AES 20
Tectron DWR Boot
Camp Dry Silicone Water
Made to enhance and renew the
water repellent coating of footgear incorporating leather and
synthetic performance fabrics.
Ideal for all leather boots and
shoes. Makes tennies suddenly
start singing in the rain. 4.25 oz.
One of the strongest water repellents
available. Contains a heavy duty silicone water repellent and other ingredients that prevent water from being
absorbed into the surface fibers of
nylon. Great on all cordura nylon soft
luggage, bike covers, courier bags,
etc…. Slight initial odor. Not recommended for use on Roadcrafters or
#1342 $5.00
#330 $5.00
Repellents: Wash-in or spray-on?
We generally encourage Nikwax (or Tectron wash-in) over ScotchGard spray-on. Nikwax is easier. It is one less thing to do,
since it goes in while the suit is being washed. With ScotchGard the suit needs to be hung up somewhere and sprayed. It takes
a while to do this correctly because a good job involves flipping open the various flaps and spraying into the underarm zippers
and around all the folds and hidden places. Nikwax goes everywhere during the wash. Few people take the time to hand seal
the knit zipper tapes and stitching where water can enter in the lap area, and that it is easy to overlook getting ScotchGard into
and around these areas. Nikwax saturates all the zipper tapes and helps prevent leaks in these areas. Nikwax is not as durable
as hand seam sealing with a urethane seam sealant, but it still makes a noticeable difference in how much water will wick
through a zipper's knit tape. Even a little drip leaves a big wet spot.
Mr. Subjective 9/03
Pecard Motorcycle Leather Lotion
For colored and other smooth leathers. This lotion is safe for all colors of leather and cleans, polishes, and restores
suppleness. Not for use on suede. 4 oz. bottle. Made in Green Bay, WI (you Packer fans). Lots of animal packing
plants there.
#1339 $5.00
Aquaseal Leather Waterproofing
An extremely viscous silicone combined with a proprietary blend of waxes helps this stuff stay in the
leather of your boots and resist 70 mph rain and roadspray. Also contains special oils (similar to those
used in the tanning process) that condition leather and keep it breathable. Does not leave a sticky
residue. With a little prep you won’t have to don rain boots for every shower.
#336 $5.00
Nikwax Aqueous Wax Leather Waterproofing
Footwear waterproofing with a difference. Ideal for use on boots that are subjected to wet and abrasive
conditions (sounds like motorcycling so far). Aqueous Wax, as the name suggests, uses water as a carrier to deliver the high wax content conditioner into the leather. An added benefit is that this material can
be used on wet leather with increased efficiency due to capillary action pulling the waterproofing to
areas where it is most needed. Buffs to a nice sheen and can be used on oil or chrome-tanned leathers.
#1338 $7.00
Chelsea Leather Food
Right then, this is Proper Boot Dubbin from England, where they know a thing or two about preserving leather in the face of damp weather and dank conditions. Consisting of all natural
waxes and oils, this product is aptly labeled 'food' as it replaces the waxes and oils found
in leather that are depleted by the tanning process itself, as well as by general wear and
climate. In production for over 100 years, it was used by Sir Edmund Hilary on all his
Everest assaults. We know it works quite well on riding boots. The black is especially beneficial as it fills chips and cracks on black leather. Specify Black or Natural.
#1346 $8.00
21 AES
800 222 1994
∏ Lightweight Suit Storage Bag
Folds small enough to carry in one of your suit’s pockets, this zippered
nylon envelope also unfolds into a neat pillow shape when packing your
suit. Also a wonderful organizer and packing tool for use inside hard saddlebags. Not water repellent. Black. 24"x 6"x 11".
#371 $25.00
∏ Suit Storage Bag
Same as above, except constructed of black Cordura® nylon with two full length
web straps attached at intervals across one side to provide secure tie-down
attachment points. Water resistant. Black. 24"x 6"x 11".
#373 $30.00
∏ Zipper Pulls
Durable, lightweight nylon tape with logo
woven on both sides. Easy to install. Makes
working zippers easier, especially with gloves
on. Black/white, pack of 6.
#317 $4.00
Yankeez Zipper Pulls
Perfect for your tank bag, soft luggage or riding clothing. Use these zipper pulls on
Roadcrafter and Darien garments. You’ll be able to grab zippers better, and they
prevent zippers from scratching your bike. They slip on easily, lock and never pull
loose. Made of a tough rubber silicone elastomer that provides a great grip, even
when wet. Black/white, pack of 6.
#347 $5.00
∏ Forward Lean Ellipse
This lined Cordura panel quickly zips into place using the existing jacket-to-pant connection zippers on two piece Roadcrafter suits.
The result allows greater forward lean and a more comfortable fit on some
sport bikes. Increases the suit’s torso length by about 1.5". Black only.
#124 $30.00
∏ Hip Pads
For maximum protection. Two full-sized TF2 hip pads in shaped
pockets that attach with Velcro® to the lining of any Darien pant
and Roadcrafter one or two piece suit.
#123 $30.00
∏ Back Pad
Contour cut for total freedom of movement and constructed of TF2 with
multi-layer polypropylene shell. It attaches to any 1989 or newer
Roadcrafter or Darien jacket with Velcro closure or can be worn with
the included, but detachable, belt in another garment Specify suit
size. S, M, L. (for sizing applications, see chart on p.192)
#129 $60.00
800 222 1994
AES 22
"A clever man commits no minor blunders."
∏ Sleeve Map Pocket
This zippered window pocket attaches with Velcro to the
left sleeve of all Darien jackets and Roadcrafter suits. The
pocket is perfect for a mini door remote or parking pass.
It’ll also keep a compass easy to see and well away from
nearby metals. 6.5" x 4.5".
#152 $20.00
∏ Zippered Sleeve
Velcros on and is perfect for toll or parking ramp
change. Fabric matches Roadcrafter and Darien. (Red,
black, grey, hi-viz lime yellow, or cobalt blue.) Also available in black or brown waxed cotton and 160 Denier tan or
black Cordura. 6.5" x 4.5".
500 Cordura #1330 $20.00
160 Cordura #1380 $20.00
Waxed Cotton #1382 $20.00
∏ HD Sleeve
Window Pocket
Keep your phone, GPS, or radar
detector handy on your left or right
forearm inside this water resistant
and zippered pocket that both straps
and velcros in place to give you a
stable and secure platform.
Depending on your equipment, some controls may be
workable through the top window without opening the
pocket. Black Cordura. 6.5" x 3.75".
#1332 $25.00
Shoulder Saver Hanger
The Shoulder Saver is designed to evenly distribute pressure on the inside of garment shoulders, helping to
retain the shape of the garment. This is ideal for riding suits or leather jackets. In addition, the larger size
of these hangers allow things to dry out faster, which helps keep mildew and odors away.
#1364 $15.00
∏ Left Leg Map Pocket
A clear pocket attaches with Velcro to the left leg of all Darien pants and
Roadcrafter suits. Great for holding maps or directions when you’re not
using a tank bag. Includes adhesive Velcro loop for easy installation on
other garments or your bike’s fuel tank. The Map Case Tank Harness is
an arrangement of Velcro, buckles and straps that allows you to attach
a window pocket directly to the top of your bike’s gas tank. Magnetic
version does the same thing without straps. Narrow version best for
small and medium suits/pants.
Standard 8.5" x 9.5" #153 $23.00
Narrow 8.5" x 6.5" #143 $23.00
Strap-On Gas Tank Adapter (not shown) #193 $22.00
Magnetic Gas Tank Adapter (not shown) #194 $27.00
∏ Bib Pants Converter
The Bib Pants Converter allows two piece Roadcrafter pants to be worn as
bib-style pants. Wide, adjustable elastic shoulder straps and deep side
cutouts permit good fit and free movement. Although the jacket can’t be
attached to the pants when using the Bib Converter, a unique arrangement
still allows easy on and off of the bib pants combination. Even sizes 34-48.
Fabric and colors will match Roadcrafter suits. Specify suit pant size and
color. Red, black, grey, hi-viz lime yellow, or cobalt blue. Fully lined.
#126 $57.00
23 AES
800 222 1994
∏ Soft 6
Replacement Pad Set
The six shaped TF2 pads for one and two piece Roadcrafter
suits, and Darien jackets and pants knee, elbow, and shoulder pads are constructed of 5/8” thick TF2. This special viscoelastic foam is flexible and comfortable, but instantly stiffens on impact to absorb energy better than conventional
pad materials. Specify suit or Darien size when ordering.
S, M, L.
#122 $60.00 per set
$11.00 each
(specify pad needed)
∏Darien Replacement 6
Pads & Pad Set
The Velcro-attached nylon pockets and TF2 impact pads used in our Darien jackets and pants are available separately to increase the protection of your favorite
gear. Each pad comes with matching pieces of adhesive Velcro loop for fast and
secure installation. Pocket is faced with our black Supernyl lining fabric. Specify
elbow, left shoulder, right shoulder or knee.
#151 $93.00 per set
$17.00 each (specify pad needed)
∏ Hard Shell 6
Replacement Pad Set
All six 5/8" thick TF2 pads are bonded to shaped
Volara energy absorbing resin shells for additional impact and penetration protection. Specify suit
or Darien size when ordering. S, M, L.
#154 $70.00 per set
$13.00 each (specify pad needed)
∏ TF1 (Cold Weather)
Pad Set
Two shoulder, knee, and elbow pads of 1/4 inch
TF1 foam cut and shaped to fit the pockets of
the Roadcrafter and Darien. Less sensitive to
temperature than TF2, but also less energy
and impact absorbing. Thinner for more layering room. (Adds about half a size more
room.) Specify suit or Darien size when
ordering. S, M, L.
#171 $60.00 per set
$11.00 each (specify pad needed)
TF1 w/o Hard Shell #121 $45.00
$9.00 each (specify pad
Synthetic Knee Slider
Genuine plastic, formulated for low friction, good feel and long wear.
Pucks are sold as sets. Black.
#131 $32.00
Asphalt & Gas Leather
This specially formulated superbike size leather puck offers a superior feel, and
has a better rate of wear. Quieter sliding, too. Proverbially, it is better to have
leather pucks on your synthetic suit than to have synthetic pucks on a leather
suit. (Why be normal?) Individually hand made by Jeff Lee, a rider who spent
years developing this better functioning slider. Requires a velcro mount; see
Custom Alterations Section for this option. Pucks are sold as sets. Black.
#127 $47.00
800 222 1994
AES 24
“The race does not always go to the swift, but that’s where the smart money is.”
-Ed Hertfelder, Unaware in Delaware, Cycle, Feb 74

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