“Poke Berry Basket” Supply List


“Poke Berry Basket” Supply List
“Poke Berry Basket” Supply List
©2013 Cindy Blackberg
The Poke Berry is a bush that blooms
in the Smoky Mountains. The dark
color of the berries were used for
dying and the leaves sometimes cooked
several times to make a “poke salat”
Cindy’s most popular design from all
her handwork seminars has beautiful
hand embroidery enhanced with hand
pieced baskets. While working on one
block in class, learn Cindy’s techniques
on embroidery and piecing. Pattern is
free to class participants.
Class Fabric
1 - fat
quarter light background for embroidery and piecing around the baskets. (Cut one
9” block from this fabric BEFORE class, and bring the rest of the fabric with you from
the fat quarter.) Make sure this is quality fabric, so your stitching will not show through.
1 - 9” square medium or dark print for the large basket bottom
Other Supplies
5 or 6 balls of Valdani perle cotton size 12 (available in class for purchase)
5” no slip hoop (available in class for purchase)
Good quality fabric cutting scissors
Ott light or battery light with extension cord (optional)
You will receive needles and few of my favorite pins, plus use of my own supply of thread.