Sofa Pocket
Size of motif: about 12 x 10.5 cm
Finished size: about 106 x 42 cm
Yarn quantity/colour: Anchor Stranded
Cotton, worked with 3 strands, 1 skein each
#856 and 945
Stitch technique: cross stitch over 2 fabric
threads each way
Fabric: approx. 20 x 20 cm white 25#
evenweave fabric, e.g “Lugana” from
Zweigart & Sawitzki, 140 x 146 cm linen
fabric (110 x 46 cm for the back panel and
30 x 46 cm for the pocket) and 12.5 x 46
cm checked cotton fabric
Notions: matching Coats sewing thread
All you need to do: Positioning the three
flowers as you wish, embroider them on to
the pocket, working over the evenweave
fabric. When the embroidery is complete,
carefully pull out the threads of the
evenweave fabric.
Turn under a 2 cm hem around the fabric
for the back panel. For the pocket, stitch
the checked fabric to the linen fabric
following the diagram, press under a 1 cm
turning all around and stitch the pocket to
the back panel close to the edge.

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