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Wedding Favors - Joy Kawai Consulting
Destination Weddings in Hawaii: Wedding Favors for your Reception
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Hi I'm Loren with Joy Kawai Consulting to give you today's quick tip of the day.
Hi I'm here with Sarah Aoyama of Engaging Moments with today's quick tip of the day.
The most popular question asked by destination couples is about favors because everybody is coming from
different places a lot of them like to have something with a Hawaiian flavor. One of the favors that I
recommend are using these lauhala boxes. As you can see it comes in different sizes and shapes and lauhala
weaving is a traditional Hawaiian craft, so it really gives the Hawaiian touch.
I’d like to show you a few samples, and these boxes could be decorated based on your theme and colors. One
example: hibiscus flower with pink and orange, and I have another sample with a beach theme. Putting
together these type of favors is something that I offer as a service.
And inside the favor boxes I normally suggest Honolulu Cookie Company cookies. They come in the
pineapple shaped cookies, and it comes in tropical flavors such as lilikoi, kona coffee and pineapple. So it’s
perfect--the guests will enjoy these Hawaiian flavored cookies and take these lauhala boxes for them to
remind them of their trip in Hawaii
Thanks for tuning in and if you have any questions on destination weddings in Hawaii, please leave it the
comment section below, and I'll be sure to follow up. Until next time, aloha and mahalo!