We invite you on a culinary journey:
A trip where all senses
enjoy a world of aromas,
a world of colors,
and a world of flavors…
brought to you all the way from Israel.
The Israeli Food Pavilion brings you a
unique variety of products with
a unique variety of advantages…
Exclusive innovative products
Melting pot effect – unique combinations
Ideal for worldwide trends: health, organic, etc.
Suitable for premium and ethnic demands
Range of industrial production and hand-made
 Perfect for "private label" products
 Flexible in tailoring flavor and packaging for local
 Wide range of gluten-free and lactose-free products
 Advanced, high-end technology
 Based on leading-edge research
 Comply with international standards - HACCP, BRC, etc.
 Free-trade zone with the European Union
 High quality ingredients
 State-of-the-art production processes
Let’s taste each Israeli product
one by one.
Let’s experience each product
waiting for you at the Israeli Pavilion…
Hall 2P 016
Products: Fresh micro leaves - gourmet vegetable confetti
Why visit 2BFRESH:
2BFRESH introduces micro leaves, healthy greens used by top
chefs serving the consumer market around the world. With
intense flavor, these young leaves come ready to serve and
have a long shelf life.
Al Arz
Products: Premium tahini paste and halva
Why visit Al Arz:
Considered one of the best quality tahini and halva producers
in Israel, Al Arz uses only premium ingredients. The Nazarethbased Al Arz manufacturing process recreates traditional quality
methods from centuries ago.
Barth Ltd.
Product: Gourmet crackers
Why visit Barth:
Barth crackers are paper-thin with a crispy texture. They
come in a variety of addictive exotic flavors that appeal to
both sophisticated and simple palates.
Beth El
Products: 100%-fruit-based jellies and sauces
Why visit Beth El:
Beth El’s select jams and preserves, branded under Aunt
Berta’s, are produced from 100% fresh choice fruit. Orchardfreshness and top quality are preserved with Beth El’s
immediate pick-to-prep process.
Beth El (continued)
Products: Hand-made cookies and baked goods
Why visit Beth El:
Aunt Berta's delicate, hand-made cookies and baked goods
carry on the family tradition of quality and unique taste. They
are produced with loving care using the family’s secret heritage
Carmit Candy Industries
Products: Manufacturer of confectionery products
Why visit Carmit:
Carmit is a major international exporter of chocolate coins and
gluten free confectionary products. They are the number one
supplier of chocolate coins to the US market, and offer great
qualify and service.
Products: Frozen pastry products
Why visit Cohen-Or:
Cohen-Or’s frozen pastries are a melting pot of ingredients
fashioned from original blends of regional cuisine – Balkan,
Arabic, and Mediterranean. What emerges are unique pastry
varieties not found anywhere else—pastries that promote the
healthful food trend.
Products: Natural, healthful food: granola, snacks, snack bars,
salad toppings, and rice seasonings
Why visit Effectiveat:
Effectiveat presents natural, healthful products bursting with
flavor. The company’s exclusive snack bars, granola, and
snacks, as well as its unique lines of salad toppings and rice
seasonings prove that food can be tasty and healthy.
El Viento
Products: Ready-to-drink, all natural fruity margarita
Why visit El Viento:
El Viento is the world's first ready-to-drink, all-natural frozen
margarita for automatic frozen smoothie makers.
Elsa’s Story
Products: Premium cookies and baked goods
Why visit Elsa’s Story:
Elsa’s Story cookie brand is considered one of the market’s
best by a former Harrods and Selfridges buyer. With
professional product development and unique commercial
quantity cookie- and cake-baking skills, Elsa’s Story preserves
all the authentic elements of home-made baked goods.
Kvuzat Yavne
Products: Pickles and olive products
Why visit Kvuzat Yavne:
Kvuzat Yavne features a wide variety of unique pickled
items such as mini aubergines (eggplants) as well as
salt-cured products, a surprisingly refreshing culinary
twist on traditional pickled products.
Lin’s Farm
Products: Energy gels & sports drinks
Why visit Lin’s Farm :
Lin’s Farm features a truly exclusive, innovative line of natural
and tasty energy gels and sports drinks targeted to the broad
and growing athletic and ―power boost‖ market.
Lin’s Farm (continued)
Products: Honey & honey spreads
Why visit Lin’s Farm:
Lin’s Farm offers branded honey and honey products
naturally sourced from Israel’s fertile regions and diverse
terroirs, climate, and landscape: Jerusalem Hills, Negev Desert,
the Galilee (Nazareth).
Mahroum Sweets
Products: Ethnic Middle Eastern sweets and baked goods
Why visit Mahroum:
Mahroum’s delectable ethnic candies and bakery products are
all handmade in Nazareth by gourmet artisans. The Mahroum
family has earned its outstanding reputation for quality for 4
generations—since 1890.
Nina Bakery
Products: Premium pita bread
Why visit Nina Bakery:
Nina Bakery’s pita breads come in all sizes, including exclusive
mini bite size. Thick and fluffy, they taste outstanding and hold
up well when filled with a variety of gourmet delicacies—truly in
a different league than European competitors’ products.
Products: Highest quality olive oil and olive products
Why visit Olia:
Olia olive products are made and branded by olive variety, from
throughout Israel: Nabali, Souri, Barnea and Askal. They are
produced by people from a range of cultures and religions:
Arabs, Jews, Druze, and Circassians, whose traditions and
native terroir inspire Olia’s products.
Roy Chocolate
Products: Artisan chocolates
Why visit Roy Chocolate:
Roy Chocolate creates handmade gourmet chocolate
masterpieces. Crafted from the highest quality ingredients, Roy
Chocolate offers signature chocolate collections for
international holidays and special occasions.
Products: Prepared fruit, vegetable and tomato products
Why visit Sanlakol:
Sanlakol offers innovative food packaging, such as personal
single-serving sizes. Sanlakol products such as tomatoes
can be merchandised on canned-food shelves, not just in
the chilled-food section.
Actual size: 9/6 cm
Ta’am Vareach
Products: Spices, herbs, and Mediterranean blends
Why visit Ta’am Vareach:
Ta'am Vareach produces and distributes herbs,
spices and special blends to enhance and enrich the full
range of cooking traditions
Subhi Nakhleh & Sons
Products: Arabic black coffee
Why visit Subhi Nakhleh:
Subhi Nakhleh and Sons features strong, aromatic, flavorful
coffee roasted in the heart of Nazareth using an authentic 500year-old Bedouin technique.
Yamit Industries
Products: Dead Sea salt
Why visit Yamit Industries:
Nowhere else in the world can you find sea salt from the Dead
Sea, the sea known for its minerals and healing properties.
Product lines include natural salt and flavored products, as well
as products with 50% less sodium than other salt on the
Fine Sea Salt
Low-Sodium Sea Salt
Sea Salt with Pepper
Herbal Sea Salt
Meet us in Sial
Hall 2P 016
Other Israeli companies in Sial:
Blu Drinks International – Energy drink - Hall 4 S 062
Gan Shmuel Group – Citrus, fruit & vegetables juice – Hall 4 Q 024
Gat Foods – Citrus, fruit & vegetables juice – Hall 5a K 001
Prince Tahina – Natural tahini paste – Hall 5A P 241
Vita Pri Hagalil – Frozen vegetables – Hall 4 T 023
Wissotzky Tea – Tea products – Hall 8 A 112
Contact info:
Kenji Ayao
Embassy of Israel in Tokyo, Economic Department
Email: [email protected]
Tel:+81 (0)3-3264-0398

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