CISA Year in Review 3024



CISA Year in Review 3024
Year in Review
CISA – Year in Review – 3024 is © 3024 by the Centre for Interstellar Strategic Analysis. Any comments should be directed to your nearest CISA office, located on most major worlds. Making sense of that which is not readily apparent NOTE TO THE READER This is a background document to the fan fiction story The Other Option – Kapteyn’s First Strike. You can find the story on the fan fiction boards of the BattleTech site or at I started the story in 2009 and found the need to sort out all the background material, so that I did not start contradicting myself as I wrote the story. This is the result of that effort and one for each year of story time will follow, with Year in Review 3023 having already been completed. This is not BattleTech canon material in any way, shape or form, it is part of an Alternate Universe setting for the purpose of gaming out and writing a What If th
scenario for the 4 Succession War. If you have serious issues with the events described here, I don’t care, it’s an Alternate Universe, things are different here, if you want canon, read canon, if not, I really hope you enjoy this. If, on the other hand, you find general errors, or have ideas, or thoughts about the work, I am more than happy to chat away over email and answer your questions and discuss ideas. I can be reached at [email protected]
SPECIAL THANKS Special thanks must go to both Josh Kessler (Knightmare), Bruce Jensen (Kwic) and Jason Weiser (Panzerfaust150) for their efforts in helping with what we call the Kapteyn Universe. Knightmare has been of massive help in getting the website up and setting up the forums. Jason has taken on the mantle of co‐
GM and back up story/background guy and Bruce has been labouring along creating game aids to simplify our jobs. All three have been monumentally helpful. Thanks must also go to my new Fiancé, Andrea, who puts up with the combination of BattleTech and Rugby ruling much of my time. Additionally, thanks to anyone reading this or the story and to those who have taken the time to write a few words of encouragement on the boards as the story progresses. The following people have been of invaluable assistance in getting this game up and going and have assisted greatly in improving the system and the methods of implementing it. Website Development Joshua Kessler, “Knightmare” Rules and Technical Assistance Jason Wiser, “Panzerfaust150”, Bruce Jensen, “Kwic” Although all the players have made suggestion here and there, the input of Jason and Bruce has been invaluable in the ongoing improvement and refining of the SL system. Jason’s step up to co‐GM was also a life saver and allowed me to again partake in a normal life. Bruce has also been pottering away with game aids, such as the excellent repair function amongst, hopefully, other automated functions. Play Testing Jason Wiser, “Panzerfaust150”, Nathan Baxter “Valles”, Jason Fraser, “VhenRa”, Michael Brown, “Drakensis”, Dan Waugh, “Coriendal”, Chris Marti "Alex Knight", Glen Millar “Rainbow 6”, Robert Johnson, “Chaosextreme”, Eugene Klopper, “Centurion03”, Xavier Lugherini, “Ice Hellion”, Andrea Hamann “Magestrix Artbitch”, Glenn Miller, “Rainbow 6”, Bruce Jensen, “Kwic”, John Almond, “Col. Chiang”, Joshua Kessler, “Knightmare”, Marcus “Marlin”, Joe Camper, Christopher Damour and Tony Crum. Thanks Again ‐ Matt CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Table of Contents THE YEAR IN REVIEW 3024......... 6
Introduction .............................................................6
The Inner Sphere ......................................................6
The Periphery ...........................................................6
The March to War ....................................................7
THE STATES OF 3024 ..................... 7
Lyran Commonwealth ............................................10
Major Changes.................................................................. 10
Interstellar Relations ........................................................ 10
Economics ........................................................................ 10
Military ............................................................................ 11
Conclusions ...................................................................... 11
Draconis Combine ..................................................13
Major Changes.................................................................. 13
Interstellar Relations ........................................................ 13
Economics ........................................................................ 13
Military ............................................................................ 13
Conclusions ...................................................................... 14
Federated Suns.......................................................16
Major Changes.................................................................. 16
Interstellar Relations ........................................................ 16
Economics ........................................................................ 16
Military ............................................................................ 16
Conclusions ...................................................................... 17
Capellan Confederation ..........................................19
Major Changes.................................................................. 19
Interstellar Relations ........................................................ 19
Economics ........................................................................ 19
Military ............................................................................ 19
Conclusions ...................................................................... 20
Free Worlds League ................................................22
Major Changes.................................................................. 22
Interstellar Relations ........................................................ 22
Economics ........................................................................ 22
Military ............................................................................ 22
Conclusions ...................................................................... 23
Major Changes.................................................................. 25
Interstellar Relations ........................................................ 25
Economics ........................................................................ 25
Conclusions ...................................................................... 28
Taurian Concordat ..................................................30
Major Changes.................................................................. 30
Economics ........................................................................ 30
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Military ............................................................................ 30
Conclusions ...................................................................... 31
Magistracy of Canopus ...........................................33
Major Changes.................................................................. 33
Interstellar Relations ........................................................ 33
Economics ........................................................................ 33
Military ............................................................................ 33
Conclusions ...................................................................... 33
Outworlds Alliance .................................................35
Major Changes.................................................................. 35
Interstellar Relations ........................................................ 35
Economics ........................................................................ 35
Military ............................................................................ 35
Conclusions ...................................................................... 35
Oberon Confederation............................................37
Major Changes.................................................................. 37
Interstellar Relations ........................................................ 37
Economics ........................................................................ 37
Military ............................................................................ 38
Conclusions ...................................................................... 38
Marian Hegemony..................................................41
Major Changes.................................................................. 41
Interstellar Relations ........................................................ 41
Economics ........................................................................ 41
Military ............................................................................ 41
Conclusions ...................................................................... 42
Major Changes.................................................................. 44
Interstellar Relations ........................................................ 44
Economics ........................................................................ 44
Military ............................................................................ 44
Conclusions ...................................................................... 44
Lothian League and Illyrian Palatinate ....................44
Major Changes.................................................................. 44
Economics ........................................................................ 45
Military ............................................................................ 45
Conclusions ...................................................................... 45
Rim Collection ........................................................45
Mica Majority.........................................................45
MERCENARY REVIEW................. 48
New, Lost and Changed Units .................................48
2nd Lacedaemon Lancers ................................................... 48
Gabhardt’s Carabineers .................................................... 48
Bolan Scouts ..................................................................... 48
Black Tigers ...................................................................... 48
Wolf’s Dragoons – Special Recon Regiment ....................... 48
McBride’s Maulers............................................................ 48
The Black Earth Carabineers.............................................. 48
Waldheim Dragoons ......................................................... 48
The Leprechauns (Unit Destroyed) .................................... 48
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Current Contract Listings ........................................49
INDUSTRIES REVIEW ................... 52
CAPELLAN CONFEDERATION...................................52
CAPELLAN COMMONALITY................................................ 52
SARNA COMMONALITY..................................................... 52
TIKONOV COMMONALITY................................................. 53
SIAN COMMONALITY ........................................................ 54
ST.IVES COMMONALITY .................................................... 54
THE DRACONIS COMBINE .......................................56
BENJAMIN MILITARY DISTRICT.......................................... 56
DIERON MILITARY DISTRICT .............................................. 56
GALEDON MILITARY DISTRICT ........................................... 57
PESHT MILITARY DISTRICT................................................. 57
RASALHAGUE MILITARY DISTRICT ..................................... 58
THE FEDERATED SUNS ............................................60
CAPELLAN MARCH ............................................................ 60
CRUCIS MARCH................................................................. 60
DRACONIS MARCH............................................................ 62
PERIPERY MARCH ............................................................. 62
THE FREE WORLDS LEAGUE ....................................63
DIEUDONNE COMMAND................................................... 63
GRANERA COMMAND....................................................... 64
HOLT COMMAND.............................................................. 64
KENDALL COMMAND........................................................ 65
STERLING COMMAND ....................................................... 66
THE LYRAN COMMONWEALTH ...............................67
ALARION PROVINCE.......................................................... 67
BOLAN PROVINCE ............................................................. 67
COVENTRY PROVINCE ....................................................... 68
DONEGAL PROVINCE......................................................... 68
FEDERATION OF SKYE ....................................................... 69
TAMAR PACT .................................................................... 70
THE MAGISTRACY OF CANOPUS .............................71
THE OUTWORLDS ALLIANCE ...................................72
THE TAURIAN CONCORDAT ....................................73
MARIAN HEGEMONY..............................................74
CIRCINUS FEDERATION ...........................................75
OBERON CONFEDERATION .....................................76
ILLYRIAN PALITINATE..............................................78
MICA MAJORITY .....................................................79
BattleMechs ...........................................................80
FRB‐2A FIREBEE ................................................................ 81
MON‐67 MONGOOSE........................................................ 82
YM‐1A YUMI..................................................................... 83
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 GRF‐1M Griffin.................................................................. 84
KGC‐1L King Crab .............................................................. 85
Armoured Vehicles .................................................86
COR‐1B Corbie VTOL ......................................................... 87
MOH‐1C Mohican ............................................................. 88
SML‐2A Smilodon IFV........................................................ 89
3024 COMBAT BRIEFS .................. 90
CHAINLAINE WAR...................................................90
JANUARY 3024.................................................................. 90
MARCH 3024 .................................................................... 90
APRIL 3024 ....................................................................... 90
MAY 3024......................................................................... 90
JUNE 3024 ........................................................................ 91
JULY 3024 ......................................................................... 91
JANUARY 3024.................................................................. 91
FEBRUARY 3024 ................................................................ 91
MARCH 3024 .................................................................... 92
APRIL 3024 ....................................................................... 92
REDFIELD’S RUN .....................................................92
JANUARY 3024.................................................................. 92
FEBRUARY 3024 ................................................................ 92
MARCH 3024 .................................................................... 92
APRIL 3024 ....................................................................... 93
AUGUST 3024 ................................................................... 93
THE MARIAN WAR..................................................93
FEBRUARY 3024 ................................................................ 93
MARCH 3024 .................................................................... 93
APRIL 3024 ....................................................................... 94
MAY 3024......................................................................... 95
JUNE 3024 ........................................................................ 96
CIRCINIAN EXPANSION ...........................................96
FEBRUARY 3024 ................................................................ 96
MAGISTRACY COLONIAL CAMPAIGN ......................96
FEBRUARY 3024 ................................................................ 96
MAY 3024......................................................................... 97
JUNE 3024 ........................................................................ 97
AUGUST 3024 ................................................................... 97
SEPTEMBER 3024 .............................................................. 97
FREE WORLDS – LYRAN FRONT ...............................97
APRIL 3024 ....................................................................... 97
MAY 3024......................................................................... 97
JULY 3024 ......................................................................... 98
AUGUST 3024 ................................................................... 98
SEPTEMBER 3024 .............................................................. 99
OCTOBER 3024.................................................................. 99
NOVEMBER 3024 .............................................................100
DECEMBER 3024 ..............................................................100
LYRAN – COMBINE FRONT ....................................101
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 MARCH 3024 ...................................................................101
APRIL 3024 ......................................................................101
MAY 3024........................................................................102
JUNE 3024 .......................................................................102
AUGUST 3024 ..................................................................102
SEPTEMBER 3024 .............................................................103
OCTOBER 3024.................................................................103
DECEMBER 3024 ..............................................................104
COMBINE – FEDSUNS FRONT ................................105
APRIL 3024 ......................................................................105
MAY 3024........................................................................105
JUNE 3024 .......................................................................105
JULY 3024 ........................................................................105
AUGUST 3024 ..................................................................106
SEPTEMBER 3024 .............................................................106
OCTOBER 3024.................................................................107
NOVEMBER 3024 .............................................................108
FEDSUNS – CAPELLAN FRONT ...............................108
FERUARY 3024 .................................................................108
MARCH 3024 ...................................................................108
APRIL 3024 ......................................................................109
JUNE 3024 .......................................................................109
JULY 3024 ........................................................................109
AUGUST 3024 ..................................................................110
SEPTEMBER 3024 .............................................................110
OCTOBER 3024.................................................................111
NOVEMBER 3024 .............................................................112
PIRATE AND ANTI‐PIRATE ACTIONS ......................112
FEBRUARY 3024 ...............................................................112
MARCH 3024 ...................................................................113
APRIL 3024 ......................................................................114
JUNE 3024 .......................................................................114
JULY 3024 ........................................................................114
AUGUST 3024 ..................................................................115
SEPTEMBER 3024 .............................................................115
OCTOBER 3024.................................................................116
NOVEMBER 3024 .............................................................116
DECEMBER 3024 ..............................................................117
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 The Free worlds League continued its tit for tat battles with the Lyran Commonwealth, managing to take and hold Loric at years end. The League also managed to raise the ire of most of the Periphery, when Duncan Marik ham‐handily tried to dictate peace terms that suited himself and few others over the Marians’ War with ORCA. THE YEAR IN REVIEW 3024 Welcome to the summary of the CISA Year in Review for 3024. Clients who wish to access the full review should contact their local CISA representative to organise a premium membership. This review can be reproduced free of charge as long as references to CISA are maintained. The Periphery Introduction The wars for colonial possessions had largely ended by mid‐year, with the states of the Periphery coming ever closer towards a grand union of the rim. Based on the original grouping of Circinus, Lothia and Illyria, the wake of the Marian’s War has seen nearly every Periphery State try and join together in a peaceful alliance, known as the Outer Rim Coalition Agreement (ORCA). The greatest element of this vision is the new Periphery Guards formations, raised by the AMF, TDF and MAF, as multi‐
national Periphery peacekeepers. 3024 saw a noticeable rise in tensions within both the Inner Sphere and the Periphery. Most borders came alive with large scale raiding and planetary denial campaigns, which sought to damage the enemy’s military strength, whilst not attempting to get bogged down in a play for entire worlds. This situation was most prevalent along the Davion/Liao border, although such campaigns were launched by all parties. The Combine’s long border saw several such incidents, but most were much smaller affairs than those on the Davion/Liao border. The Taurians seemed to loose interest in flogging colonists, with most of their forces in the colonial worlds halting their assaults. However, talk has emerged that the TDF will soon undergo a major restructuring. The formation of several Periphery Guards formations by the TDF was a clear indicator of their intension to take a leading role in ORCA. Meanwhile, along the Marik/Steiner border, large scale raids, some the size of full planetary invasions were fought, with several notable victories gained by both the LCAF and FWLM. Meanwhile, the Periphery was a frenzy of activity during the first half of the year, with the entire region becoming very quiet by the years end, ending two years of heightened activity. The Magistracy, although not building the MAF up to the extent of the TDF, was able to use its muscle in an effort to force the Marians to fight a two front war. By taking three worlds in rapid succession, the MAF forced the new Caesar to sue for peace. Since their withdrawal from Marian space, the Canopians have become one of the loudest voices for Periphery unity, as well as taking a very wary tone with the Free Worlds. The Inner Sphere The Inner Sphere saw several notable changes, as each state sought out advantages over its long time opponents. In the Lyran Commonwealth, the Archon managed to banish two of her most influential opponents, Frederick Steiner and Ryan Steiner, whilst at the same time managing to strengthen relations with Oberon, New Avalon and Early Dawn. The Outworlds Alliance suffered a devastating attack on Alpheratz by pirates equipped with Star League era technology, but was able to contract a new Wolf Dragoons regiment to aid them. The defeat of this band of rouges has led to the Outworlds gaining access to several high tech databases, allowing the small nation to trade that knowledge for whatever it wants. In the Draconis Combine, the Rasalhague District continued to evidence growing tension as her Warlord and Governor were ousted. However, the debut of the DCMS’s answer to the Valkyrie light BattleMech, the Yumi, was heralded as a major event. However, opposition from the Black Dragon Society has limited the Dragon’s flexibility. The Oberon Confederation has managed to complete its conquest of Chainlaine, but was no sooner done, before sending the OCAF off on numerous pirate hunting expeditions. Further industrial and economic expansion has made Oberon one of the leading Periphery realms and an eager trader, as well a vocal ORCA member. The Federated Suns was hit with several surprises, most negative, following a successful year in 3023. The events surrounding the Redfield Renegades and their rouge run across Federation space had many talking. These events were then overshadowed by several stinging losses to Capellan troops. The Marians were on the verge of a resounding victory over Lothia and Illyria, until a combination of an assassinated Caesar, along with FWLM and MAF intervention drove them from Lothian space. However, the new Caesar has shown his diplomatic skills in managing to rescue the Hegemony from certain dismemberment. As part of the expanded ORCA, the Hegemony was able to face down the Free Worlds and be welcomed into the alliance as a wayward child. The Capellan Confederation had a successful year, embarrassing Davion and seemingly managing to make great strides in interstellar diplomacy. Rumours abound of a technological breakthrough, which was the basis for new trade deals, but no information has been forthcoming. More importantly still, has been the accession of Candace Liao to the Chancellorship, now aided by her brother Tormana, as chief of the military. Tormana has wasted little time in commissioning a swath of new tank and ‘Mech models for the invigorated CCAF. The smaller states of the Periphery have all gained in strength over the last year, whilst the predatation of pirates has also been on the increase. 6
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 The March to War The last twelve months have seen a gradual heightening of tensions between the major powers, with the chance of war in 3025 now greatly enhanced. CISA believes that the large battles of July‐December are the prelude to the opening of what will become a Fourth Succession War. However, due to low stocks of parts and supplies – no nation has yet fully recovered from the Third Succession War – this war will likely be short and to the point. THE STATES OF 3024 Currently CISA looks at the fortunes of sixteen nation states, a larger number than many other analysts. We believe that the strategic balance is more than that of just the Great Houses, allowing CISA to provide a better balanced and more accurate evaluation of the state of known space. 7
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Lyran Commonwealth “If the actions of the 101st Panzergrenadier are any indication of the abilities of an integrated RCT, then this system will do us well.” LYRAN COMMONWEALTH (January 3025) Worlds State Revenue Merchant Ships ‘Mech Regiments Tank Brigades Aero Wings Assault DropShip Wings Civilian Industrial Output Military Industrial Output ‐ Colonel, the Duke Frederick Steiner, Commander of the 10th Lyran Guards. Major Changes The Lyran Commonwealth did not change in any major way when viewed on a map, apart from the capture of Skokie and loss of Loric, yet changes within the Commonwealth, which were not visible on the surface, were of great importance to the realm. The first of these was in the realm of interstellar relations, where the Lyran Diplomatic Corps scored several notable successes and was able to improve border security along the Periphery. The Oberon Confederation and Rim Commonality are now well within the Lyran sphere of influence and tensions with Circinus have been mellowed. Interstellar Relations The Lyrans have begun to tie up the small states along their borders with economic deals, whilst they are also to trying to spread their net deeper into the Periphery. Lyran deals and joint military actions with Oberon and the Rim Collection have made the two nations de facto allies, going a long way to curbing pirate activities in the region. The second area was in the de‐fanging of the main opposition to the Archon’s rule, through a single inspired move. This one action has secured Katrina Steiner a lot of room for action within the realm and marginalised her main opponents. The Archon has also tried to mend fences with Circinus, going as far as offering elections to the people of conquered Andrion, to see if they wish to rejoin the Federation, remain Lyran or go their own way. Additional trade deals with Alpheratz, Alphard and Taurus have seen the Lyrans stock in the Periphery climb dramatically, a far cry from their initial poor efforts in 3023. Both Ryan Steiner and Frederick Steiner were dispatched, along with the 10th Lyran Guards, to the Federated Suns as ambassadors in late 3024. This action robbed Alessandro Steiner and Aldo Lestrade of their protégés, limiting the actions both could take against the Archon. Furthermore, Frederick Steiner seems to have begun to distance himself from Aldo Lestrade following the action on Thorin, seemingly willing to oppose the Archon politically, but to do so as part of the regime, not from outside it. This action has crippled Aldo Lestrade’s efforts to be the puppet master of a potential Archon, and set his agenda back years. Relations with the Davions continue to improve as their relations with Kurita, Marik and Capella continue to spiral down, due to another war seeming to approach ever closer. Additionally, the continued and improving strength of the Kroner is causing ComStar no small amount of discomfort. Economics Of the major regions of the Commonwealth, the Protectorate of Donegal saw moderate development and was largely spared from any major action, apart from the Bolan Province, where the FWLM struck heavily on several occasions, also taking the world of Loric. The bite of equipping fourteen conventional brigades for the Lyran Guard RCT’s took its toll on the Lyran finances early in the year, with the effects reducing later, as the smaller aero units were established. This was necessary to have the Lyran Guards at full RCT strength by the end of 3024 as planned. Other Corps will be upgraded at a far slower rate; one or two units per year at most. The Tamar Pact was the setting for a see‐saw battle across the frontiers with the DCMS, gaining the world of Skokie from the Combine, but seeing the ancient capital of Arcturus hit in a heavy raid. Despite these disturbances, the effect of the Oberon Confederation’s anti‐Pirate War has been of great benefit to the Tamar Pact. A $48 billion C‐Bill growth in industrial output, along with the addition of over 130 ships to the merchant fleet saw the commonwealth economy surge by 23% over the course of 3024, an unprecedented growth, but one long expected as the Commonwealth leads the charge out of the low point of the Third succession War. However, this growth could turn around if war begins, with most economists forecasting a 5% drop in the realms economy in the first half of 3025. Skye saw a similar series of raids and counter‐raids to those of the other major Commonwealth regions, but no worlds changed hands in this area. Despite that, the Battle of Wyatt demonstrated what sort of force the FWLM was willing to throw about in the Terran Corridor. 10
7,975 Billion
3,476 Billion
674 Billion
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Katrina also sought to apply more pressure on Aldo Lestrade by authorising large government subsidies for industries in both the Isle of Skye and Rhaneshire. Funding for the LIC and other expenses, such planned renewing of mercenary contracts and upkeep funds for the LCAF were kept up through slowing allocation for new military factories. The one world to continue to see increased spending was Australia, where TharHes opened a new facility for the production of the new Lyran Wolfhound. Supporting the ground forces are a total of 144 Aerospace Wings consisting of 68 light, 14 medium, 26 heavy, 26 assault and 19 DropShip Wings. The military industry of the Lyran Commonwealth produced 1,920 Tanks, 312 Aerospace Fighters, 768 BattleMechs and 234 Transports of various kinds in 3024. The 303 Panzer Brigade lasted less than a month on the rolls of the LCAF. Formed on Bolan January 3024, the unit moved to Timbiqui almost immediately to assist in fighting on the world, st
where it was destroyed by the 1 Fusiliers of Oriente. New and Lost Units The LCAF raised fourteen conventional Brigades early in the year: the 294th through to the 307th and followed this with the formation of fifteen Aerospace wings: the 200th to the 214th. rd
Military The formation of the first Lyran RCT’s did not come without a little pain and anger. The first of the two extra Brigades of conventional forces for the Guards had been raised for that purpose; the second were to be absorbed from the few free conventional brigades of the LCAF. Although fourteen replacements were being raised, the best of the free units were being taken up, and this caused great uproar in these forces. Therefore, following the uptake of these units into the Guards, additional forces would be raised from scratch for future RCT’s. Additionally, the units taken up into the Guards were allowed to keep their Panzer Brigade numbers, designations and colours. In July, the same problem was encountered as the limited Lyran Aerospace forces were denuded of 14 Wings and then given 14 green replacements. The same arguments and assurances were given, but by the end of the process, the image of the Lyran Guards among the conventional Lyran forces was quite low. Training Battalions The LCAF has continued to follow the AFFS pattern, begun with the RCT program, by beginning the use of training battalions. Although expected to suffer from the stigma that many AFFS battalions have, the fact that they were raised from the realms premiere schools has done much to mitigate any backlash. Nagelring Training Battalion The Nagelring Battalion was raised on Tharkad and equipped with heavy Mechs, to provide the next generation of Lyran commanders with the skills necessary to lead troops in battle. Positions in the battalion are few, being fought over by all Nagelring MechWarrior cadets, as a years posting here assures the graduate a lance command. Sanglamore Training Battalion The LCAF was engaged is several notable engagements during 3024 and was able to acquit itself well on both the Draconis and Free Worlds fronts. The LCAF undertook several raids in force and planetary denial campaigns that were generally successful. Where the LCAF seemed lacking was in larger campaigns, such as Loric, the Cavanaugh raids and Thorin, where the best the LCAF could manage were bloody draws, or outright defeats. This lack of success at the strategic level must be of some concern to the LCAF High Command. Despite this, the actions of the Blacknovas mercenary regiment were enough to secure the world of Skokie for the Commonwealth. As of December 3024, the Lyran BattleMech forces stood 90 regiments and six independent battalions, with 60 regiments and 3 battalions of these being line forces and 30 regiments and 3 battalions of hired mercenary troops. The make up of these forces are 7 light regiments (6 regular and 1 mercenary), 28 medium regiments and 2 battalions (13 regular regiments and 1 battalion and 15 mercenary regiments and 1 battalion), 29 heavy regiments and 4 battalions (19 regular regiments and 2 battalions and 10 mercenary regiments and 2 battalions) and 26 assault regiments (22 regular and 4 mercenary). The Sanglamore Battalion was raised on Skye to st
continue the process begun with the 1 and 2 Skye Rangers in 3023. Cadets with potential and loyalty to the Commonwealth first and Skye second, are given preference for positions in the unit. The unit is a mixed medium/heavy unit, specialising in cavalry tactics. Tamar War College Training Battalion The War College was deeply honoured to be selected as the home of the third of the training battalions to be formed. Cadets trained on the heavy Mechs of the battalion have gone on to serve in several notable Tamar Pact commands. Conclusions All in all, the Lyran Commonwealth has ridden out 3024 with little loss and an improved economic and diplomatic standing. However, the lack of success in large scale operations does leave some with cause for concern regarding the LCAF’s overall abilities. The conventional forces currently number 173 conventional Brigades assigned to BattleMech units, Panzer Divisions or independently. They consist of 86 light, 21 medium, 15 heavy and 16 assault units. 11
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Draconis Combine DRACONIS COMBINE “There are those who refuse the new ways. They will face not only their own end, but more importantly, the loss of their honour.” (January 3025) Worlds State Revenue Merchant Ships ‘Mech Regiments Tank Brigades Aero Wings Assault DropShip Wings Civilian Industrial Output Military Industrial Output ‐ Warlord of Galedon Minobu Tetsuhara Major Changes 3024 was an interesting year for the Combine, as the people of the Dragon’s realm and more importantly, the DCMS, came to terms with Theodore’s reforms. In 3023, a new opposition sprung up, the Black Dragon Society, which has gained in strength and consolidated its place in 3024. It was this force that hampered many of the Dragon’s actions in 3024. The one highlight for the Combine was the opening of the New Samarkand Metals Mech plant on New Samarkand, where the DCMS’s new partner for the Panther series of light Mechs, the Yumi, started production. Theodore Kurita has been able to prepare his realm for the coming storm, with many units taking up new duty stations, and several having dropped off the charts just prior to this publication went to print. It would seem that the young leader of the Combine is ready to strike. The military industry of the Draconis Combine saw no other additions other than the Yumi, over the course of 3024. In 3024 the Draconis Combine military industry produced 1,048 Tanks, 240 Aerospace Fighters, 432 BattleMechs and 196 Transports of various kinds. The commander of the Rasalhague District, Ivan Sorensen and his ally, Mies Kurita have finally been relieved of their posts, as their ongoing inability to deal with the ever increasing unrest in Rasalhague was seen as too important to remain entrusted to them. Hassad Ricol is the new Warlord of Rasalhague, with Hogo Manati taking over a District Governor. With war looming and the DCMS not likely to give up the transports taken from the merchant sector any time soon, there is little real chance for economic recovery in the Combine, unless war brings new resources and the means to transport them into the Combine. In fact, should war break out, CISA expects the Combine economy to contract by up to 8% by mid‐year. There was little change in the borders of the Dragon, with only the loss of Skokie to the LCAF’s Blacknova Mercenary Regiment causing any concern. However, the DCMS’s restraint in striking back indicates that something large is on the horizon. Military Interstellar Relations Despite the economic doom and gloom, the DCMS remains potent and the real chance for the economy to recover, for two reasons. Firstly, through the acquisition of new territories and industry and secondly, one the campaigns are concluded, in returning vitally needed ships to the merchant fleet. The Combine, looking inwards over 3024 was not able to maintain its connections to the other Kapteyn powers in ways that gave much confidence. The defeat of the DCMS/FWLM task force and the lack of communication from the Coordinator’s office have left both allies and enemies wondering as to the Combine’s planned actions. The DCMS has most of its power forward focused on the borders of the Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns, with troops concentrations observed near An Ting, Iruzun, Prospernia and Tamar. A major reserve has also been seen near Yamarovka, but it is not clear as to where or how this force would be employed. Economics The Combine’s economy actually contracted during 3024, even if only by a fraction of a percent, with income falling by about $11 Billion C‐Bills. This contraction can be placed at the foot of a short sighted policy of investing in short term gains and ignoring the long term development of the Combine. Industrial output grew by $5 Billion, but the withdrawal of 102 Merchant Vessels for use by the DCMS crippeled any chance the economy had for benifiting from the growing industrial base. Loss of trade with allies and the inability to move goods about the Combine have only added to this burden. The DCMS is a huge force, able to out muscle its opponents over the long term. The addition of powerful mercenary units, like Wolf’s Dragoons, only adds the massive power that DCMS offensives can bring to bear. The DCMS consists of 92 Mech Regiments and Four Mech Battalions, of which 74 are House Regiments and the remainder mercenary. The weight distribution is evenly spread in the house units, with only the assault category ignored, with hard hitting mercenaries the preferred type. The DCMS has 19 light 13
3,966 Billion
1,590 Billion
384 Billion
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 regiments (17 Regular, 2 Mercenary), 26 medium regiments (24 Regular, 2 Mercenary), 44 heavy regiments and 2 Battalions (31 Regular, 31 Mercenary and 2 Mercenary Battalion) and 3 assault regiments and 2 Battalions (2 Regular, 1 Mercenary and 2 Mercenary Battalions). These BattleMech forces are backed by 197 conventional brigades, of which 117 are deployed separately from other formations, one of the largest such independent conventional arms in the Inner Sphere. There are 79 light, 24 medium, 50 heavy and 44 assault units. 175 aerospace wings, 100 of them independent, support the ground forces. Unlike other armies, the DCMS does not form its conventional and aerospace forces into larger units, assigning them independently to the various Military Districts. There are 53 light, 35 medium, 53 heavy and 34 assault Aerospace Wings units, back by 12 Assault DropShip Wings. New and Lost Units The DCMS lost four units from its rolls in 3024: •
The 21 Benjamin Armoured Brigade was destroyed on Matar whilst fighting against the 1st Chisholm’s Raiders in June; •
The 32 Benjamin Armoured Brigade was also destroyed by 1st Chisholm’s RCT, but in July on Sadalbari; •
The 22nd Draconis Aerospace Wing was destroyed by a combination of Crucis Lancer, Robinson Ranger and Independent Air units over Ludwig in May; and •
32 Rasalhague Armoured Brigade was destroyed on Skokie by Blacknovas in September, prior to the mercenaries taking control of the world. st
Strategic Outlook Should the coming war see all three Kapteyn power strike together, then the Combine has a fair to good chance of taking up to twenty worlds from its foes. Should these worlds include important border centres like Marduk and Suk II, the Combine will benefit greatly. Conclusions The Combine is at a moment in its history where its current action will shape its course for the coming century, with failure leading to its defeat and success giving it the time it needs to recover from centuries of economic decline. 14
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Federated Suns “The Capellans are starting to get out of hand, so I think it might be high time to slap them down again.” Federated Suns (January 3025) ‐ First Prince Hanse Davion, Personal Journal. Worlds State Revenue Merchant Ships ‘Mech Regiments Tank Brigades Aero Wings Assault DropShip Wings Civilian Industrial Output Military Industrial Output Major Changes The Federated Suns remained largely stable over the course of 3024, with the integration of Tortuga proceeding apace and relations with the Lyrans continuing to be more and more profitable. The major concern for the Davions realm was the rouge actions of the government of Demeter, which sent Redfield’s Renegades on a rampage across the Federated Suns and the intensifying war of raid and counter‐raid across both frontiers. last thing that New Avalon needs is a poor March agitating for separation due to neglect. The Capellan March continued to settle, as Morgan Hasek‐
Davion’s calm manner and cool hand began to have its desired effect on the people of the March. Morgan has been most diligent in removing the more rabid of his father’s supporters, going so far as to appoint one to the Periphery March, much to the new provinces dismay and by nominating the 6th Syrtis Fusiliers for exchange with the Lyran Commonwealth. The military industry of the Federated Suns was not added to over the course of 3024, but plans do exist for expansion over the coming decade, in tune with aid from the Lyran Commonwealth. In 3024 the Federated Suns military industry produced 1,112 Tanks, 204 Aerospace Fighters, 408 BattleMechs and 186 Transports of various kinds. The other Marches have been largely stable over the past year, despite pirate and border raids, with the Periphery and Crucis Marches seeing some economic development and the Draconis March seeing moderate success from its efforts against the DCMS. It is expected that the Federated Suns will see growth over the coming year of not more than five percent, due to New Avalon’s focus on the potential war and their limited investment in the economy and merchant fleet. Military Interstellar Relations 3024 was a year of mixed success for the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. New units were added to the rolls, yet one of the more famous independent units of the AFFS, the Kittery Borderers were shattered and disbanded. The AFFS had several notable victories, but suffered some notable defeats as well, both at the hands of the DCMS and CCAF, but also from pirates. The Federated Suns spent 3024 continuing to focus on its alliance with the Lyran Commonwealth, but unlike 3022 and 3023, also looked to other realms as well. Relations with the Outworlds and Oberon improved, whilst Taurus was, as always, ignored. Many of the other small states saw improved relations with the Suns, but relations with the Combine and Confederation went from bad to terrible, skipping worse altogether. The AFFS has begun forward deploying many units as fighting on both borders increases in intensity, with units in the interior, especially BattleMech forces, moving towards the front. Additionally, the chase of Redfield’s Renegades has left many Crucis March formations strung out across much of the Crucis/Draconis March border area. Economics The Federated Suns economy grew in 3024 by a little under 5%, a disappointing number, considering the effort that was put into the development of the economy over the course of 3023 and 3024. With industry having expanded by 1.22%, the Suns should have seen a larger jump in revenue, but instead, due to the needs of the military, shipping that could have otherwise added to the economic expansion was used elsewhere. In fact, merchant fleet hull numbers dropped by nearly 12% over the course of the year. The AFFS has a massive number of regiments to call upon, many part of the AFFS’s effective RCT system. This disguises the real strength of the AFFS, as the listed strength of 82 or so units, hides the fact that March Militias and RCT’s carry extra ‘Mech Battalions. The real strength of the AFFS is somewhere closer to 100 or more regiments of BattleMechs, which concentrated they way they are, give the AFFS potent offensive capabilities. Industrial development was mainly focused on the outlying regions of the Periphery March, in order to provide greater stimulus to the new region and enable it to gain in strength. The The BattleMech arm of the AFFS consists of 143 named units, of which 85 are house regulars and 58 are mercenary. The mercenary forces of the AFFS represent the largest concentration 16
5,341 Billion
81 + 4 Bat’s
2,152 Billion
461 Billion
7 Syrtis Fusiliers: The Lions of Davion of mercenary troops in the Inner Sphere. The force breakdown is 26 light units (14 regular, 12 mercenary), 67 medium units (51 regular, 16 mercenary), 33 heavy units (13 regular, 20 mercenary) and 16 assault regiments (6 regular, 10 mercenary), For most of Hanse Davion's reign, the Syrtis Fusiliers have been a breeding ground for opposition to his rule and allegiance towards his brother‐in‐law, the late Michael Hasek‐Davion. However, when reforming the one of the Corp’s lost regiments, Morgan Hasek‐Davion set loyalty to the ruling house of the Federated Suns as its guiding virtue, rather than to the Capellan March. While many of the MechWarriors recruited into the regiment are from the Warrior's Hall, Morgan also arranged for the rehabilitation of several officers who had been out of favour with his father to staff the new Fusiliers. With the recent terrible th
losses taken by the 5 Fusiliers on Kittery, the 7 are clamouring to leave their current ceremonial role on New Syrtis and avenge the senior regiment. The AFFS also maintains an enormous conventional force of 239 brigades, 149 light, 13 medium, 49 heavy and 28 assault. Covering the ground forces are 167 Aerospace Wings, 3 of which are mercenary (2 medium and 1 heavy), of which 21 are light, 47 are medium, 51 are heavy and 49 are assault, backed by 16 Assault DropShip Wings. New and Lost Units The AFFS undertook a smaller build up than during 3023, with several units formed mid‐year. The Independent Aerospace st
Wings were greatly pleased to see the 1 , 3 and 8 Wings, some of the oldest and most storied units on their long rolls retuned to service. The major loss during 3024 was the Kittery Borderers. Malagrotta PMM: Watching Taurus The Malagrotta PMM are one of the first new March Militias to have been raised in many years. The unit has been formed in response to the MALAGROTTA actions of the TDF across the border and are tasked with observing and reporting on the campaign against the Taurian Colonies. Stationed on the historic world of Malagrotta, the PMM are keen to make a name for themselves. Kittery Borderers (Disbanded August 3024) The Kittery Borderers were created as response to heavy raiding from Capellan Confederation. When the unit was first formed, it was pattered after the st
1 Aragon Borderers, as a combined‐arms regiment, with its third battalion consisting of mix Infantry and Armoured units. The purpose of the Borderers formation was to provide military formations strong enough to withstand heavy raiding from the House Liao. During the Battle of Kittery in August of 3024, the Borderers were reduced to less than 2 companies of Mechs, a short battalion of conventional forces a a few aerospace fighters. The AFFS decided to merge the survivors th
into the 5 Syrtis Fusiliers RCT in order to bring the Fusiliers, less damaged in the battle, up to strength. Hanse’s World PMM: For the Prince Very few of the troops of the new PMM are actually from Hanse’s World (formally Tortuga Prime), with much of their memberships coming HANSE’S WORLD
from other Tortugan Worlds or the Periphery March. The main task of the new formation is to ensure that the integration of the Tortuga dominions into the Federated Suns continues apace and that no external or internal threats arise, which could drive the region back into banditry. nd
2 Avalon Hussars: The New Model Army Strategic Outlook The revived 2nd Hussars have large shoes to fill: before it was destroyed, the original RCT was one of the most renowned regiments in the AFFS. Thus far the regiment remains unblooded and understrength, most of its ranks filled out by soldiers fresh out of academies and training camps. The aerospace wing attached drew many of its pilots from the NAIS training cadres however, granting the unit a slight advantage in experience in that area. Although forming up on Kestrel in the Crucis March, the Hussars are expected to be deployed forward to the Draconis March, their traditional theatre in the future. In honour of their service nd
on Robinson in the 2 Succession War, the unit flies its own banner in preference to the standard Avalon Hussars crest. The Federated Suns has a hard year ahead, but its strengths should be enough to enable it to halt any major advances by its enemies and move forward plans, which are no doubt being prepared by Prince Davion, which will bring his opponents great anguish. Although the brewing war on the Federated Suns borders seems threatening, the strategic depth and large forces that the AFFS commands should be enough to halt any ambitious assaults. However, should New Avalon’s enemies all strike at once, the Federated Suns would be hard pressed to contain their attacks. Conclusions 17
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Capellan Confederation “People of the Confederation, today we enter a new era of rebirth and rebuilding. Today we begin our first steps in restoring the old glories of the Capellan State.” Capellan Confederation (January 3025) Worlds State Revenue Merchant Ships ‘Mech Regiments Tank Brigades Aero Wings Assault DropShip Wings Civilian Industrial Output Military Industrial Output ‐ Chancellor Candace Liao – Address to the Confederation. Major Changes The Confederation has seen its fortunes rise considerably over the past year, as changes in its leadership have engendered a real change in its dealings with other states and the internal workings of the state. The elevation of Candace Liao to the post of Chancellor, though a surprise, has placed the most balanced and capable mind of several generations of house Liao on the throne. Military industry in the Confederation was reorganised under the auspices of Mandarin Liao, who saw the need for a more varied production base to serve the CCAF’s need for greater battlefield flexibility. The following lines were retooled late in the year to begin production of new models for the CCAF’s new flexible battlefield approach in January of 3025: The deaths of Maximillian and Romano, as well as Pavel Ridzik, though shrouded in mystery and claimed to be the work of deranged Romano Liao, are likely not that simple. The fact that these deaths removed any real opposition to Candace within the family, apart from her brother, who was her ally, seems to point at the current Chancellor as the culprit. Whatever the real events which led to the deaths of her opposition, Candace wasted little time once enthroned on Sian. •
Candace moved quickly to make changes within the Confederation and the CCAF. Firstly she appointed her brother, Mandarin Tormana Liao, as Strategios, commander of the entire CCAF. Additionally, ranks above that of colonel have been re‐instated for the first time in centuries. Furthermore, the Confederation’s old internal boundaries of many small duchies, has been eliminated, replaced by Cantons. These Cantons split all but the St. Ives Commonality in two. Ares: Locust line to produce the Mongoose 67; •
Ares: All four Scorpion Tank lines to the Corbie VTOL; •
Tikonov: Longbow line to the King Crab‐1L; •
Grand Base: Stinger to Firebee; •
Sian: 4 of the 8 Scorpion Tank lines to produce the Mohican VTOL; •
Indicas: 4 of the 9 Hetzer lines to produce the Smilidon IFV; •
St. Ives: Guardian line to Sabre; and •
St. Ives: Thrush line to Sabre. It is expected that should war break out and the CCAF be force to take into service additional transports, that much of the growth of 3024 will be lost. However, a successful war would mitigate against this. Interstellar Relations The Confederation has continued to improve its relations with the Draconis Combine as well as with many powers in the Periphery. It would seem that the Confederation has managed to gain a good standing with Oberon, Alpheratz, Taurus and Canopus, no mean feat, leading many to wonder at what the Confederation’s bargaining chip is. Military The CCAF did not undergo any additional expansion during 3024, instead it worked to bring the new Chancellor’s Own Grenadiers up to strength and integrated into the CCAF properly. Economics Over 3024 the CCAF undertook the largest movement of forces since the opening of the 2nd Succession War. The CCAF managed to move the majority of its units on the border with the Free Worlds League to the Federated Suns front by December. This massive shifting of forces can only be a prelude to war. The economy of the Confederation is not all that far behind that of the Combine, due to the more pragmatic view the Confederation has taken in its need for trade and industrial support. This was demonstrated in 3024, as the Capellan economy grew at a staggering 18%, fueled mainly by the Capellans re‐tasking of many ships to the merchant fleet. The CCAF normally has just enough force to maintain its borders against the FWLM and AFFS, not to embark on adventurism. However, the alliance with the Mariks and Kuritans has allowed the Capellans to dare to dream that they may be able to redress some of the losses that they have suffered at the hands of the Federated Suns over the centuries. Capellan Civilian Industry grew by only 1% in 3024, but this modest growth was more than offset by the expansion of the merchant fleet. However, future growth will be predicated on an expansion of the civilian industrial sector. 19
3,876 Billion
Approx. 53
Approx. 110
1,373 Billion
358 Billion
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 The BattleMech arm of the CCAF consists of 75 regiments of which 16 Regiments, 9 Battalions are mercenary. The force breakdown is 13 light regiments (8.6 regular, 4.3 mercenary), 29.6 medium regiments (22.3 regular, 7.3 mercenary), 24 heavy regiments (17 regular, 7 mercenary) and 8.3 assault regiments (5 regular, 3.3 mercenary). This represents a 19% expansion on 3023 force levels, mainly due to the hiring of many additional mercenary units. The CCAF also maintains a strong conventional force of 158 brigades of which 56 are light, 36 medium, 26 heavy and 40 assault. Covering the ground forces are 120 aerospace wings, of which only 14 are independent, a tiny number compared to other states. However, these 14 units are maintained and triple the strength of other realms independent wings. 41 are light, 53 are medium and 16 are assault weight in composition with 13 Assault DropShip Wings backing them up. New and Lost Units The following units were lost in 3024: •
The 66 Capellan Reserve Brigade was destroyed by the 2nd Federated Suns Light Cavalry RCT on Foochow in Feb 3024; •
The 3 Death Commando Strike Team was lost on Kittery when wiped out attacking the 5th Syrtis Fusiliers; and •
The Leprechauns mercenary unit was lost over Ziliang in a JumpShip accident. th
Strategic Outlook Conclusions, other than an imminent invasion of the Federated Suns, are hard to justify, given the CCAF’s expansion by using mercenaries and their positioning of their main line forces along the Capellan March border. The Capellans are well placed to retake worlds which have been lost to the Federated Suns in numbers not imaginable even a few short months ago. Conclusions The Confederation stands at a new and bright crossroads, where a rebirth of national pride and strength is in the offering that could well lead to a new era of prosperity and power for the Confederation. Should the Chancellor not over reach in her coming campaigns, the CCAF may well be able to bring much of what was once lost back into the Capellan fold. 20
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Free Worlds League “With our victory on Loric today, we begin a new era in the History of the Free Worlds League, one of strength, unity and growth.” Free Worlds League (January 3025) Worlds State Revenue Merchant Ships ‘Mech Regiments Tank Brigades Aero Wings Assault DropShip Wings Civilian Industrial Output Military Industrial Output ‐ Captain General Janos Marik. Major Changes Following the massive changes in the Free Worlds in 3023, Janos Marik took a far more low key approach to matters in 3024, letting Parliament take the lead on several major issues, including the Responsible Military Services Act. That Act, introduced by Andurien, has added to the LCCC’s ability to control the Free Worlds League and stripped much of the remaining military opposition of the Provinces away. 335
7,246 Billion
1,700 Billion
588 Billion
Economics Though Janos may not have been as inwardly focused in 3024, he was certainly not unfocused, as his actions on the Lyran and Marian frontiers showed. An escalating series of cross‐border raids and attacks culminated in the Leagues eventual occupation of Loric. However, several assaults, like that on Wyatt and others near Poulsbo, were less successful and raised the ire of several provincial delegations in Parliament, who saw this as evidence of the Captain General abusing his new powers. The economy of the League has continued to improve over the last year, as new industries and shipping have added to the powerful base of the existing League economy. The League economy grew at a rate of 2.3%, a more modest growth then most other states, but one that is far more maintainable, especially considering the looming war. League Civilian Industry also grew by nearly 2% in 3024, with this modest growth more than sustainable as the League continues its rd
recovery from the 3 Succession War. The actions in Marian space enhanced the image of the Captain General, but tarnished those of Duncan Marik, whose failed assault on Niops and later heavy handed attempts at diplomacy, showed the man’s shortcomings for all to see. The major military industrial project in the League was the technological and industrial trade and assistance pack between the Marik Commonwealth and the world of Iran. IBU agreed to build a plant for the Victor assault Mech on Marik, whilst Imstar Aerospace agreed to build a new Corsair Aerofighter plant on Irian. Janos Marik has continued to go from strength to strength, as the support from his son and heir, Thomas, continues to provide such great benefits to both the Marik family and the League. Although Duncan and Thomas’s brother Duggan are still vying for favour, there seems little either can do, short of assassination, to change the succession plan now. Military The opposition to the Mariks, from both within the family and from their opponents in the League, has now been thoroughly crushed, with the Provinces defanged and the Marik family members either towing the line or risking being sidelined. Should the coming war benefit the League, the Mariks position will be almost unassailable. Interstellar Relations The Free Worlds League Military was assisted by the Andurians and the Responsible Military Services Act, which allows the LCCC access to 40% of non‐threatened Province’s militaries at all times and 80% during times of duress. The FWLM has just completed a massive redeployment and is currently engaged in an escalating series of battles with the Lyran Commonwealth, which seem likely to spiral into all out war. The BattleMech arm of the FLWM consists of 80 regiments/4 Battalions of which 63 are Federal or Provincial Regiments and 17 Regiment/4 Battalions are mercenary. The force breakdown is 18 light regiments (17 Regular, 1 Mercenary), 32 medium regiments/2 Battalions (23 regular, 9/2 mercenary), 24 heavy regiments/1 Battalion (19 regular, 5/1 mercenary) and 6 assault regiments/1 Battalion (4 regular, 2/1 mercenary), The League has not seen any real change to its interstellar relations, despite the change brought on by the Concord of Kapteyn. The major foreign policy issue at the present time is that regarding the rapid expansion of the Marian Hegemony, an expansion that could conceivably threaten the Periphery border. The FWLM also maintains a conventional force of 179 brigades of which 109 are light, 33 medium, 25 heavy and 12 assault. Covering the ground forces are a massive force of 228 aerospace 22
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 wings, of which 82 are light, 76 are heavy and 70 are assault weight in composition with 20 Assault DropShip Wings backing them up. New and Lost Units No units were lost or formed during 3024. Strategic Outlook The FWLM military is now strengthened and mobile, ready to assault any neighbour with great force. Any coming war will likely feature the FWLM prominently and successfully as the Captain General begins to wield the unified power of his military. Conclusions The Free Worlds League has now completed its internal reorganisation and is poised to strike heavily in its own interest. By 3026, the borders of the League should have expanded considerably. 23
ComStar We have now increased surveillance of this CISA
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 organisation. They are too good at their job. Their
conclusions regarding our Order now and last year are of
immediate concern ROM and the First Circuit. We must
deal with them permanently.
“My Primacy will bring a new era of understanding, guided by Blake’s Blessed Vision.” ComStar (January 3025) ‐ Precentor Dieron, Myndo Waterly. Stations State Revenue Merchant Ships ‘Mech Regiments Tank Brigades Aero Wings Assault DropShip Wings WarShips Civilian Industrial Output Military Industrial Output
Major Changes ComStar has continued to present a major challenge to outsiders peering in over 3024, but that is to be expected for such a shadowy organisation. However, certain changes in 3024 were more than obvious to the outside world. The first was the ever tightening controls over access to the Terran System, especially Earth. What this increased security for the Terran system portends is not currently clear, but it is something that bears watching. That the C‐Bill can decline and recover so randomly is worrying to many financial analysts, but the cause still remains a mystery. Some are hinting that the closure of large parts of the Terran system hint at a disaster or major infrastructure initiative that is drawing large amounts of funding from the ComStar budget. Secondly is the increasing instability in the ComStar letter of credit, the C‐Bill, which continued to decline in 3023 suddenly rebounded in 3024, despite no reason for its movements apparent. With the growing storms on all the borders of the Inner Sphere, this strange behaviour in the C‐Bill is causing immense concern in the financial markets across the Inner Sphere. Military The ComGuards expansion, started in 3023, has continued apace, with many new formations and WarShips being joined by an ever expanding Terran Security Force and the newly formed Specail Air Services units (SAS). Crews for the new WarShips and the new soldiers for the Combat Brigade Groups have continued to pour from the newly recommisioned training facilities all across the Terran System. Interstellar Relations ComStar continues to outwardly maintain friendly relations with all the powers of the Inner Sphere. Despite this, Primus Waterly’s comments would indicate otherwise, as she has singled out both the Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns for their recent actions, whilst remaining relatively benign in her comments regarding the other three major powers. Additionally, ComStar seems to being willing to deal with the Periphery in far more substantial ways than before, as HPG construction in several realms has picked up pace and ComStar has begun an active Pr campaign on many worlds. The ComGuards ground forces have now abandoned the experiment with the base six formations and have adopted a cut down version of the Federated Suns RCT. Each gathering of a BattleMech Regiment, Conventional Brigade and Aerospace Wing is designated a Combat Brigade Group (CBG). Combat Brigade Groups: A New Way of Thinking CISA has proven their ability to see through some of our plans;
we must act for more cautiously.
The new Brigade groups are becoming more and more a concern for Waterly’s faction of the First Circuit, due to the motivation for the units coming from Terra, rather than ComStar. Although this allows for the rapid training of many units and their quick progression to readiness, their lack of indoctrination is becoming a real issue for the Order. The C‐Bill and its support are as always a difficult picture to interpret, especially now as the C‐Bill continues to erratically move up and down against the major currencies. Once only eclipsed in value by the Lyran Kroner, then only fractionally, the C‐Bill has recovered from 3023s lows but is still only buying can now only buy 0.73 Lyran Kroner, 1.34 Combine Ryu, 1.03 Davion Pounds, 1.74 Capellan Yuan and 0.80 Marik Eagles. It is good that CISA do not yet realise the real reasons for our economic
vagaries and it should remain so.
I have appended the following information from the Precentor Martial in order to
provide a complete picture as to our capabilities and their current relationship to
those of the other powers.
The small ComStar Guards and Militia and the Terran Security Forces are an area where no information is forthcoming. What they command and where they are stationed remains a mystery. However, as always, CISA is of the opinion that this shadow force remains a dangerous unknown at the heart of the Inner Sphere. The third major change in ComStar was the appointment of the young and outspoken Myndo Waterly as the new Primus of the Order. The youngest to ever hold the office, Waterly is seen as a traditionalist in the mould of Conrad Toyama and has made several telling comments regarding her views on the various powers of the Inner Sphere and Periphery. It would seem that ComStar, under Waterly, is embarking on a new and more aggressive policy of interstellar relations. Economics 2,154
6,301 Billion
556 Billion
598 Billion
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 The CBGs insignia takes the form of a disc, upon which three triangles are set, their points meeting in the centre of the disc. The symbol represents the meeting of Mech, Aerospace and Conventional forces as one. Every CBG fills each of the triangles in a different colour, with each badge becoming a distictive mark for the Brigade. The insignia is awarded to each CBG upon its official activation. The colour scheme used on CBG vehicles for parades is white with highlights and accents in the colours of the unit’s triangles. 78th Combat Brigade Group: Guardians of the Circuit th
79th Combat Brigade Group: Zulu Warriors th
48 Combat Brigade Group: Swiss Guards th
The 48 have become the nominal garrison of Geneva, seat of the Terran Government, and have adopted their duties with a deep sense of pride. With many locals from France, Switzerland and th
other nearby regions in the ranks, the 48 are rapidly becoming champions of the Terran people, st
becoming almost as well known as the 31 CBG. 50th Combat Brigade Group: Men of Mars 7
Recently formed, the 79 have received a large number of former Zulu recruits, which has led to th
their stationing in southern Africa. The 79 have 9
taken to heart the Zulu ways and totems and have become fiercely dedicated warriors who obey orders without question. This has led to some embarrassing defeats in training, but has the High Command completely satisfied with their loyalty. th
The 50 CBG were the first unit to be permanently th
assigned off Terra as a full formation. The 50 5
have worked hard with ComGuard engineers to 0
bring parts of the once massive War Academy of Mars back on line to assist other CBGs in low th
gravity and hostile environment training. The 50 work closely with the SAS, becoming their rides into battle and mates in the numerous bar fights that have erupted with the Martian miners. 81st Combat Brigade Group: The Wet Cats st
The 81 are currently something of an abject failure. The unit cannot seem to come together 8
and is routinely annihilated in exercises. The 1
Precentor Martial has now relieved the former commanding officer and sent Precentor Millray himself to sort out the mess. If his efforts as the Terror of Sandhurst are any indication of his abilities, st
Precentor Millray will have the 81 up to combat readiness in no time. 56th Combat Brigade Group: The Ghurkhas 82nd Combat Brigade Group: Marine Brigade th
Stationed in the Himalayan foothills, the 56 have been exposed to the ancient warrior code of the local Ghurkha people. Since their formation, they have also been able to accept several dozen of the local people into their ranks, further deepening th
the bond. The 56 , in line with this philosophy, is rapidly gaining a reputation as a fierce and aggressive unit. nd
The 82 have had the pleasure, or displeasure 2
according to some in their ranks, of becoming the test unit for the coordination of orbital fire support from ComGuards Warships. This experiment has proven the viability of the practice and ironed out some of the initial issues. However, several errors in the exercises have caused the deaths of seventeen nd
soldiers from the 82 . 8
66th Combat Brigade Group: Hamilton’s Heavies th
but The assault weight 66 is commanded by the second cousin of the current Precentor Martial, Ryan Hamilton, and is endeavouring to become the 6
best assault unit in the ComGuards. Time will tell weather this drive will pay off as the unit is still rated as green, despite its efforts. Some believe that the commanding officer is not up to the task, are willing to wait, given his connections. 8
The first of Precentor Patrick Millray’s “Honour” th
Brigades, the 77 is home to the most fanatical of the former ComGuards, who found the secularisation of their ranks a point of great contention. The grouping of these men and women together and their assignment to protect the Primus, has instilled an almost fanatical devotion 8
85th Combat Brigade Group: Demons of Disorder th
The 85 formed out of troops from Sandhurst and have gained notoriety for being a rather undisciplined group. This has not affected their performance, but has got them under the eye of the Primus and First Circuit, who see them as an example of the negatives of the current program. in their ranks. 26
83rd Combat Brigade Group: The Light Brigade The 83 are the lightest combat formation in the entire ComGuards, something that they have embraced, taking to wearing all sorts of outlandish light cavalry outfits, much to the dismay of the rd
higher ups. Their antics aside, the 83 are developing as a unit well, showing promise in open field fighting and raiding, as would be expected of such a unit. 77th Combat Brigade Group: The Primus’s Shield 7
Similar in composition, spirit and belief to the 77 , the th
78 CBG has been assigned the task of security for th
the First Circuit. As such, the 78 has become more adept at security and small unit deployments, suffering hideously when forced to fight full scale training engagements. Nevertheless, assignment to this formation is seen as a high honour by those of the old guard CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3024
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 87th Combat Brigade Group: Singapore Slingers 111th Combat Brigade Group: 1st Belters th
The 87 formed out of troops from the Ecole Militare and mainly drawn from the south‐east Asian region of Terra, take their name from the habit of their unit in melee combat. The heavy th
Mechs of the 87 have been slinging their opponents into charging lance mates in a tag team style, which has proven devastating to both sides. 7
90th Combat Brigade Group: Zeus’s Lightning 116th Combat Brigade Group: 2nd Belters th
The 90 have adopted the mentality of the assault Mech in all its forms, valuing raw firepower and gunnery over any other skill or advantage. When th
they can bring their guns to bear, the 90 can do immense damage, however, their inexperience has hampered their ability to do so. 0
91st Combat Brigade Group: Lisa’s Light Horse The new 116 CBG is the second to be formed primarily using Belter soldiers. Not as settled as th
their sister unit, the 116 has a grudge against them, not being main belt Belters, instead coming mainly from the Trojans and Ooort Belter areas. th
Neverthrless, like the 111 , they have a strong and compotent aerospace wing. Lisa Orlov is one of the Precentor Martial’s former comrades in the Eridani Light Horse and has st
shaped the 91 into a fine image of her old st
command. The 91 has embraced the mentality of the Eridani and their respect for the former SLDF, displeasing the ComStar hardliners no end. 1
Initially, the Belters were not sure what to make of the ComGuard’s expansion, but once the effects of the naval expansion became aparent, the Belters embraced the expansion and the economic benefits they accrued from it. Many young Belters have joined the ComGuard recently and th
the 111 is the first unit to be formed primarily with Belter recruits and offciers. Ships of the Line: The Ultimate Defence ComGuard
102 Combat Brigade Group: Centurions 1
The ComGuard Warship fleet ComGuard Fleet, under Precentor Naval Grahame Neville has continued to grow, now numbering 32 vessels. Although the rate of expansion has slowed, the new ships are on average larger and more powerful then the earlier recommissioned vessels. As the first of what they call the hundred club, the nd
102 have taken their role as first centurions seriously. Their mascot Mech, a Centurion painted in full Roman regalia, has been a popular target in training exercises, but no other CBG has nd
managed to take it down, the 102 rallying to its defence every time. The experiment with the new classes, though still used for the ship’s coat of arms, has been abandoned under pressure from the Naval traditionalists and each class now has its original designation. 103rd Combat Brigade Group: The Vikings rd
The 103 is composed of many troops from the Scandinavian region of Terra, taking to heart their traditions and customs from ancient times, both those from on the battlefield and off it. This has led the unit to have seen more of its soldiers arrested than any other CBG, a record that only the unit itself is proud of. Blake's Sword ‐ McKenna Battleship Blake’s sword
The new flagship of the fleet is the McKenna class Battleship CSS Blake’s Sword. The reactivation of the Sword was a massive undertaking that was only completed in late 3024. Immediately upon commissioning, Precentor Naval, Graham Neville, transferred his flag from the Invisible Truth. The ship still has a long way to go before the particular little naval man is happy with his crew’s performance. The ship is also somewhat of a mystery, as its pre‐ComGuard name was SLS Zughoffer Weir, a ship that apparently left the Inner Sphere with Kerensky. However, records from that time are often patchy and the ship was renamed to ensure the wrong name was not applied to the hull. th
104 Combat Brigade Group: Logan’s Lunatics 1
Raised from the people of Luna, Terra’s satellite, Precentor Logan Athout’s CBG is one of the better practitioners of low‐G combat in the ComGuards. Their ability to bound across the Luna landscape like Terran Gazelle has earned the unit its nickname, as few other formations can match their apart lack of regard for their own safety in such environments. 27
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Nelson ‐ Black Lion Battlecruiser Caesar ‐ Naga Destroyer nelson
Black lion
Recovered from its long term orbit in the Castor system, the former SLS Nelson has retained its original name. The new CSS Nelson is the third active Black Lion in the fleet and its refit was completed in late 3024. The ship has only just completed post fit out trials and is slated for assignment to the Lyuten naval base. Second of the Nagas to re‐enter service, the CSS Caesar had its refit completed in late 3024. This has left little time for the crew to come up to speed, but continual work ups with the other two Naga class vessels is speeding the process along. Calamity ‐ Naga Destroyer Herald of Justice ‐ Aegis Heavy Cruiser calamity
Herald of justice
Conclusions ComStar continues to keep its plans shrouded from view and the activities in the Terran System, in economis and interstallar politics have many wondering what is really going on inside the order. CISA will, as always, attempt to maintin a close watch on the order, but only so much can be done. Cleansing Fire ‐ Congress Frigate Cleansing fire
The CSS Cleansing Fire has rejoined the fleet and been to guard duty over the main Belter refit yards, where the vessel also doubles as a ComStar recruiting base. Many in the 111th and th
116 CBG’s signed up aboard the vessel, as have many new naval cadets. Guarded Knowledge ‐ Lola Destroyer Guarded
Lola iii
Only just re‐entering service, the Lola III class CSS Guarded Knowledge has had little time to come up to speed. The crew have begun a race with the Essex class Hammer Strike to see which ship will be certified combat ready first. Hammer Strike ‐ Essex Destroyer Hammer strike
The CSS Hammerstrike is the most recent Essex class Destroyer to enter the fleet, finishing its refit in late 3024. The ship is currently one week ahead of the Guarded Knowledge on crew certification and plans to keep matters that way. Oslo ‐ Essex Destroyer Oslo
The CSS Oslo is the second most recent Essex class Destroyer to enter the fleet, finishing its refit in early 3024. The ship was taken out of the Elgin system, with the Capellans none the wiser. 28
The CSS Calamity is the last of the three Nagas to re‐enter service, being refitted at the same time as the Caesar. The Herald has had a dream work up, with few systems experiencing problems and the crew settling in quickly and efficiently. The ship’s refit process and work up are now being used as a model for other recommissioning ships. congress
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Taurian Concordat Taurian Concordat (January 3025) “Auri sacra fames/O sacred hunger of pernicious gold!” Worlds State Revenue Merchant Ships ‘Mech Regiments Tank Brigades Aero Wings Assault DropShip Wings Civilian Industrial Output Military Industrial Output ‐ Virgil Major Changes The Colonial campaign, begun in early 3023 was halted by the Protector in early to mid‐3024, due to “…all necessary objectives…” having been met. However, with the taking of Mirfak, apart from the fighting on Pirates Haven, there still remains ten worlds, colonised by Taurians, outside of Taurian control. Whether these worlds will be annexed is not currently clear, as the Protectors interest now seems to lie Coreward. 67
1,364 Billion
248 Billion
138 Billion
regiments and 3 mercenary regiments), 4 heavy regiments (3 regular regiments and 1 mercenary regiment) and 1 assault regiment (1 regular). Several worlds along the Periphery border have been raided by pirates forces, which prompted the Taurian Defence Forces to launch a recon in force to find and eliminate pirates, resulting in the ongoing and heated battle on Pirate’s Haven. Although success seems assured, the damage suffered by the TDF has been heavy. The conventional forces currently number 28 conventional brigades assigned to BattleMech units or independently. They consist of 19 light and 9 medium units. Supporting the ground forces are a total of 38 aerospace wings consisting of 15 light, 6 heavy, 7 assault and 9 DropShip wings. Relations with the Magistracy of Canopus have cooled down and become friendly, resulting in the formation of the Periphery Guards together with the Outworlds Alliance, all following the spat over the Detroit region and the Canopians war with the Marians. Relations with the Oberon Confederation have commenced and the Taurian Concordat has joined the ORCA agreement as one of the leading Periphery powers. New Units Periphery Guards Relations are also going well with the Federated Suns – Lyran Commonwealth Alliance, or as well as any relations with the Federated Suns can. The only problem is the fight with unknown ships disguised as Taurian, striking along the Davion border, which also struck at ComStar before disappearing. Raised as a part of the new improved relationships between the Taurian Concordat, the Magistracy of Canopus and the Outworlds Alliance, this multinational unit is dedicated to the protection of the worlds of these three States, the fighting against pirate groups and the protection of the Periphery as a whole. Economics Periphery Grenadiers The Taurian economy followed the path of the several previous years, with an increase in the number of merchant hulls, desperately needed to supply the far flung colonies and their deployment through the whole Inner Sphere on trading missions as well. This heavy 'Mech regiment is the main striking power of the rd
Periphery Guards. The 3 Battalion is a Medium unit used both as a recon unit and to pursue defeated opponents. Periphery Tirailleurs This flexible unit is meant to be the training regiment for all the 'Mech units of the Periphery Guards and as such is open to applicants of the 3 States. The industrial output did not rise again in 3024 due to a focus on bringing the Taurian Defence Force back to its normal strength, but it is expected that the coming years will see a boom with the development of the new colonies and the development of Taurian civilian industry. st
Periphery Guards ‐ 1 Armoured Brigade This Medium Conventional Brigade was created to act either as the anvil of the 'Mech units fighting alongside it. However, in several war games fought since its creation, the Brigade has surprised its opponents by having a hammer approach and surprise its opponents by a quick strike. Military As of December 3024 the Taurian Concordat BattleMech forces stood 3 regiments and 40 independent battalions, with 32 battalions of these being line forces and 3 regiments and 8 battalions of hired mercenary troops. The make up of these forces are 3 light regiments (1 regular and 2 mercenary), 9 medium regiments (6 regular Periphery Guards ‐ Defence Wings Getting on the ground quickly without harm and preventing the opponents from leaving a planet is a vital tactic when fighting against pirates. This is why 3 Defence 30
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Wings have been created, giving the right tool to any Periphery Guards commander to achieve his mission successfully. Conclusions The Taurian Concordat is focusing on improving its Periphery relations and destroying pirates and as such has not been heavily involved in actions beyond its immediate borders, a set of circumstances that are not likely to change. Additionally, with the economic managers of the Concordat focusing on its new colonised worlds, this should allow the Concordat to slowly increase its industrial and economical strength without the burden of large foreign wars. If the Concordat keeps its focus for a couple of years, it should be able to slowly decrease the gap with the Capellan Confederation and perhaps get ahead, by taking advantage of the problems that might arise in the coming war for House Liao. 31
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Magistracy of Canopus Magistracy of Canopus “Today we have untied with our sisters and brothers from across the Periphery, showing those of the Inner Sphere what true ideals and trust can bring.” (January 3025) Worlds State Revenue Merchant Ships ‘Mech Regiments Tank Brigades Aero Wings Assault DropShip Wings Civilian Industrial Output Military Industrial Output ‐ Magestrix Kyalla Centrella announcing the Magistracies signing of the ORCA Agreement. Major Changes The Magistracy was able ti complete its own plans for 3.024 with little fuss and involve itself in the affairs of the wider universe, all the while emerging a stronger and more respected power by years end. The Magistracies Colonial Campaign drew to a close with the integration of Herotitus and the suppression of independence movements on Spencer and Independence. The campaign provided valuable experience for the MAF, especially in logistics and transport, lessons that were put to use against the Marian Hegemony. Military The MAF is feelong the positive effects of two successful campaigns and several weel learnt lessons, creating a confidence in the ranks that has not been seen for many years. The MAF has also added a new battalion to the rolls, as part of the Periphery Guards program and seems well placed to project power in the Magistracies interests. When Lothia and Illyria called for help against the Marians, Canopus was willing to help. Although openly stating that help was being provided to assist the free peoples of ORCA, more pragmatic politics were at work. A Marian Hegemony with control over Lothia, Illyria and potentially Circinus, would be a powerful enemy for the Canopians, forcing their hand. The BattleMech arm of the MAF consists of 10 1/3 regiments and 8 mercenary battalions. The force breakdown is 4 light regiments, 4 1/3 medium regiments and 5 mercenary battalions, 2 heavy regiments and 1 mercenary battalion and 1 assault regiment and 1 mercenary battalion. The MAF also maintains a conventional force of 27 brigades and 18 aerospace wings. The invasion of Marian space tipped the balance in the war, with Islington, Ballalaba and Baccalieu falling to units of the Canopian Light Horse in two months. The occupation forced the Marians to the negotiating table and their agreement to join ORCA. As part of the agreement, the MAF vacated the three worlds, their mission complete and highly successful. The MAF has been able to master the skills needed for long range planetary assault and the logistics requirements that go hand in hand with such actions, making the MAF the most proficient Periphery military after the OCAF. Conclusions Interstellar Relations The Magistracy has emerged as a leading voice in Periphery affairs and is set to lead the outer reaches from a position of strength and stability. However, that strength lies on a thin foundation, something the Magestrix is desperately trying to address. As part of the ORCA Agreement, Canopus is now tightly bound to the other Periphery states, especially so with Taurus and Alpheratz, as the continued cooperation over the Periphery Guards improves. Relations with the Free Worlds League have cooled again, however, the Duchy of Andurien remains a close friend to the Canopians, partly due to historic ties and partly as a snub to the Mariks. Economics The Canopian economy is in a period of extended rebuilding, one that is expected to take many years. With so little industry and a small merchant fleet, the Canopians are facing a long haul back to the heights of prosperity that they once enjoyed. Canopian industry has been slowly regrowing, with the Magestrix seeing industrial growth as the key to pulling Canopus out of its backwards existence of the last two centuries. Despite her best efforts, the Magestrix has seen little real success to date. 33
862 Billion
70 Billion
93 Billion
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Outworlds Alliance “First we rooted them out in their dens, now we crush them on out soil. The Outworlds will be forever safe from pirates should we continue our current vigilance against them.” Outworlds Alliance (January 3025) Worlds State Revenue Merchant Ships ‘Mech Regiments Tank Brigades Aero Wings Assault DropShip Wings Civilian Industrial Output Military Industrial Output ‐ Neil Avellar following the Battle for Alpheratz. Major Changes The Alliance has had a successful year over the course of 3024. With the destruction of the Antallos Pirate bases the year before, pirate raids in the Alliance have dropped off markedly, despite the strike on Alpheratz and the people have begun to look to a better future. More importantly, the major attack on Alpheratz by a large force of pirates was smashed, with the assistance of Wolfs Dragoons, netting the Alliance a wealth of technical knowledge. The pirates had managed to find an old Star League Depot, which was later located by the AMF. The depot and its technical information has allowed the Alliance to trade for numerous industrial investments from across the Inner Sphere and jump start its own technical programs. 3012, allowing the AMF to access Banshees, Thunderbolts, Warhammers and Griffins, whilst selling many in the mercenary market. The MAF also maintains a conventional force of 8 brigades and 15 aerospace wings. Conclusions The Outworlds Alliance is now in a strong position from which to grow the nation over the coming years. With the two major pirate forces in the region destroyed and a vigorously growing industrial base, the Outworlds seems set for a prosperous future. Interstellar Relations The Outworlds has continued to improve relations with its neighbours, as well as becoming part of the ORCA Agreement and adding its voice to those of the rest of the Periphery. Economics The benefits of the haul from Reydon’s Rorin Rangers and their depot has allowed the Alliance to trade for industrial aid and expertise, with several new industrial areas under construction and a new facility for hover tanks, Slipstream Armour, preparing to start production in 3025. What is most exiting to many in the Alliance Military Forces, are the rumours of a new fighter design which is undergoing testing and evaluation. This new fighter is rumoured to be the new face of the AMF, though additional word on its capabilities are a closely guarded secret. Military The experience on Antallos in 3023 has enabled the AMF to improve its combined arms doctrine and make more effective use of all available tools in its arsenal. This was ably demonstrated on Alpheratz, as the AMF was able to hold the line and prevent the pirates from making any headway. The coordination with Wolfs Dragoons was also of a good standard, with the AMF acting as the anvil to the Dragoon’s hammer. The BattleMech arm of the AMF consists of 10 Battalions. The force breakdown is 1 light Battalion, 3 medium Battalions, 3 heavy Battalions and 3 assault Battalions. This increase in weight classes has been due to the investment by a Defiance/Olivetti joint venture in, Alliance Defenders Unlimited, on Alpheratz in 35
1,097 Billion
60 Billion
70 Billion
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Oberon Confederation “If that mongrel basted Valesek thinks he can raid wherever he pleases, I’ll show him how wrong he is when I nail his arse to the hull of an inbound DropShip.” Oberon Confederation (January 3025) Worlds State Revenue Merchant Ships ‘Mech Regiments Tank Brigades Aero Wings Assault DropShip Wings Civilian Industrial Output Military Industrial Output ‐ Prince Hendrik of Oberon Major Changes Following the elimination of major pirate influences through out the central area of the Coreward periphery, 3024 marked the successful conclusion of a major offensive to bring the Chainlaine region under the influence of the Oberon Confederation. Subsequently to this growth in populated worlds claimed by the Oberon Confederation, numerous abandoned worlds of the former Rim Worlds Republic have been peacefully annexed, with the presumed intent of returning these worlds to productive homes for the expanding population of the Confederation, or as homes for the growing number of refugees seeking asylum in the safety of the Confederation. attempts made by the Oberon Confederation to work together with the DCMS to put an end to pirate predations on the peoples of the Rasalhague District were rebuked, to the ongoing detriment of the peoples of Rasalhague. Economics Prince Hendrik Grimm IV’s efforts to develop and diversify the Oberon Confederation Armed Forces (OCAF) are turning his army into an effective and very loyal fighting force. Recently, the young Prince has been seen escorting a stunning young lady to numerous fund raising events around the Confederation, all aimed at providing humanitarian aid to the victims of the atrocities within the Rasalhague District of the Draconis Combine. The Prince’s influence is growing, even though the realm is still officially run by King Hendrik Grimm III. Together, the two Grimms seem to have an excellent working relationship, focusing on the betterment of the people of the Oberon Confederation and the Coreward Inner Sphere. Slow and steady growth has marked the economic revolution of the Coreward Periphery, despite a reported depletion of the lanthanum and germanium deposits at Star’s End, which has resulted in a significant exodus from that asteroid belt, as the miners search for other deposits. Jolly Rogers Shiplines denies financial difficulty, but continued rumours of relocation of manufacturing facilities further from the borders have persisted throughout the second half of 3024. Other major industries around the Confederation are showing marginal profits and in many cases expansions, or additional factory lines, have been considered. The military supply industry has been steadily expanding, with new lines coming on stream and strategic retooling to eliminate the need to import required units, and to increase the fighting capability of the armed forces. Rumours of additional provincial or district capitals surfaced near the end of the year, in response to the recent expansion and growth of the Confederation. These rumours have yet to materialize however, and the existing districts administrations are coping with the additional burden quite well. Interstellar Relations The Oberon Confederation continues to have close ties with the industrial might and merchants of the Lyran Commonwealth. Improved trade levels with nearly all periphery nations have resulted in increased demand for imports and exports, fuelling a minor industrial surge. Trade talks with the majority of other great houses and periphery nations are typically gaining positive results, despite some talks having appeared to have stalled. Although communication and relations with the people and individual world governments of the Rasalhague District of the Draconis Combine had been improving over recent years, the Coordinator himself, as well as the new Warlord and District Governors of the region, continue to be unresponsive. Many The military planners of the Oberon Confederation have been actively working with the military arms suppliers of the rest of the Inner Sphere to broker deals that will allow them to manufacture of a number of additional designs within the facilities of the Confederation. So far, the additional Aerospace Fighter lines on Star’s End and the conversions of 2 production lines on Oberon are the only evidence that these negotiations have come to fruition. It has yet to be determined if the rumours of a research and development think tank, of the leading technical and engineering minds of the Coreward Periphery, will materialize or if this is just another example of the Periphery thinking beyond its capabilities. When asked about the new manufacturing lines and new designs coming off the assembly lines at Red Eye Heavy Industries, Prince Hendrik Grimm IV had this to say: 37
938 Billion
95 Billion
48 Billion
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 “Recently we have been seeking to broaden our manufacturing capabilities, to include more robust designs than what were previously available. With the help of some independent arms companies, we were able to procure licenses and designs to begin producing Warhammer WHM‐6D models using the same manufacturing lines that used to supply our forces with the Rifleman design. We are pleased that this venerable heavy Mech will be the cornerstone of our future heavy formations. A landmark trade of aerospace designs to the Lyran Commonwealth has resulted in a license to manufacture the new Lyran Wolfhound out of our former Locust BattleMech lines, with our recon and light BattleMech companies are eagerly anticipating this new production capability. We had attempted to make similarly mutually beneficial arrangements with our other neighbour the Draconis Combine, however the Coordinator has been less than communicative or responsive to our correspondences and overtures to date. ground forces are 9 Aerospace Wings, of which 1 is light, 7 are medium and 1 is heavy. The Mercenary Employment Arm currently consists of the Regulators, an Elite Regiment, whose long and loyal service with the Confederation has been the key to the recent pacification of Chainlaine. The green Wannamaker’s Widowmakers and Regular Wolverton’s Highlanders had been serving garrison and antipiracy defensive actions for a few months until mid‐ to late‐
3024. Since then, they have been unavailable and their current location is not known. With contracts coming due soon, military analysts wonder if the expense of these units has been worth the cost for their limited time on station. The possibility of the units going rogue has been brought up, and declined by OCAF officials with the following statement: “Both the Wannamaker’s Widowmakers and Wolverton’s Highlanders are on an extended Garrison contract and are serving the Confederation faithfully and with the utmost professionalism, we are pleased with the performances of these units and this will be reflected in our official evaluation and further recommendations for future employers of both units.” Recent additions of Stingray and Eagle Aerospace Fighter lines have been enhanced by the ancient, yet still very capable, Sabre light interceptor line, rounding out the faster side of our Aerospace Fighter capabilities. Conventional forces are also not forgotten, and within the next year new production lines will be allocated to allow the manufacturing of some heavier vehicles. In the near future we will be looking at increasing our overall force capabilities with forays into the Assault class of all aspects of our manufacturing.” Another recent, lucrative acquisition is the 51st Dark Panzer Jaegers, an elite reinforced Regiment. Both the Regulators and the Dark Panzer Jaegers have been operating between Oberon and Star’s End recently, although their official mission statement is not known, one common analysis is that their cadre duties are the explanation to the recent improvements in the qualities and capabilities of the newer line regiments. Military 3024 involved much of the OCAF in ongoing fighting against pirates and in the campaign to bring the Chainlaine worlds into peaceful coexistence. Although this ongoing fighting was draining on reserves, it has netted the Confederation a wealth of new territory, as well as making the OCAF one of the most experienced militaries in the Inner Sphere. With new manufacturing lines, new regiments being deployed in defensive roles, in addition to the mobile task forces continuing to track down pirate bands, and with the experience gained by decades of constant piracy defence and a successful consolidation campaign, the OCAF is positioning itself to ensure the survival and independence of the newly expanded nation well into the next century. The constant action highlighted several shortcomings in the organisation, supply of and support for the OCAF, issues that were resolved towards the end of the Chainlaine War and then applied to the OCAF as a whole. The first of these measures was the renaming of the armed forces from The Oberon Guards to the Oberon Confederation Armed Forces, an action which reflects the greater size and greater diversity in the realms forces. Strategic Outlook The OCAF has rapidly expanded to become one of the top four militaries of the Periphery and due to its high level of experience, is more than a match for equal forces from most other realms. This knowledge of their abilities, coupled with two years of continued success, has resulted in a high level of pride and respect for the OCAF. The BattleMech arm of the OCAF consists of 9 Regiments, five regular and four mercenary. The force breakdown is 1 light mercenary unit, 3 medium regular units, 4 heavy units split evenly between regulars and mercenaries and 1 mercenary assault regiment. With the conclusion of the Chainlaine campaign midyear and the elimination of the Damocleans by the years end, the only remaining threat to peace in the Coreward periphery remains the pirate band Santander’s Killers based out of Santander V. It remains to be seen if the OCAF will act against this relatively distant band, due to their recent actions impersonating the Oberon Guards as they raided Rasalhague. Consolidation of the new expansions, with the addition of garrison troops, appears to be the goal of the OCAF, in obvious preparations for a colonial and industrial expansion in the very near future. Conclusions The Oberon Confederation is staging itself to emerge as a Periphery powerhouse. Recent trade deals throughout the rest of the Inner Sphere and remainder of the periphery have resulted in an influx of trade goods and a voracious appetite for Oberon’s uniquely suitable industrial wares. The safety and security of the people of the Confederation remains a primary focus of the current government and military arm. By reuniting the Coreward Periphery, reducing or eliminating the pirate The OCAF also maintains an strong conventional force of 14 brigades, 12 of them light and 2 being medium. Covering the 38
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 presence in the region and through the political gains that have been made in recent months, much has been done to ensure the long term independence and prosperity of the region. 39
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Marian Hegemony “My father reached too far, nearly destroying us. I will reach as well, but not for vainglorious conquest, instead I will reach out in friendship to those we so recently wounded.” MARIAN HEGEMONY (January 3025) Worlds State Revenue Merchant Ships ‘Mech Regiments Tank Brigades Aero Wings Assault DropShip Wings Civilian Industrial Output Military Industrial Output ‐ Caesar Sean O’Rielly in his inaugural address to the Hegemony. Major Changes The Marians upped the ante in the war of conquest in 3024, as they struck in full force against the world of Logan Prime in the Lothian League. However, the actions of the Caesar had galvanised his enemies, with Lothia and Illyria prepared to meet the Legions and with Circinus on the way to assist. More troubling for the Hegemony was the second front opened by the Magistracy and the assistance provide to ORCA by the Free Worlds League. Despite this, the young Caesar has managed to cultivate relations with both the Lyran Commonwealth and the Oberon Confederation. The Lyrans are happy to trade with the Hegemony, as well as operate together against the League, whilst Oberon’s friendship is based on their recent rhetoric in defence of the Hegemony and Periphery freedom from the Free Worlds. Both nations have exchanged ambassadors and seem well on the road to a strong and beneficial relationship. The eventual defeat of the Legions on Logan Prime, the death of Caesar Marius, the Free Worlds strike on Niops and the Canopian annexation of three Marian worlds all drove the new Caesar, Sean O’Rielly, to call for peace. Many expected his offer to be rejected, however, his offers, outright bribes and immediate acts of military stand down and goodwill, quickly gained peace on the Lothian front. Economics However, it was Magestrix Kyalla Centrella who ultimately saved the Hegemony. Unwilling to see the Free Worlds, under Duncan Marik, annex the Marian worlds, she united the voices of protest coming from many Periphery realms and with Dam Logan’s help, forced the Captain‐
General to recall his nephew. The Marian Hegemony’s economy has gown, due mainly to the occupation of Niops, despite the ravages of war and all its attendant costs. The Marian GDP has grown 13.7% on the back of Niopian output and the integration of Niops and the other colonies the Marians acquired in 3023. The merchant fleet has grown by 24 ships, up to 129, allowing the produce of Niops to be spread about the realm and interstellar trade to be increased following the end of the war. Industrial output in the civilian sector is up over 10%, again due to Niops influence, although military output is still at pre‐war levels, something that will limit the recovery of the Legions. Since then, the Hegemony has stood down and begun the payment of reparations to its former foes, as well as releasing many mercenary units from contract. However, the road to recovery for the Marians will be a long one, as they lost much in their war, not least of which was the good will of their neighbours. Caesar Sean O’Rielly has led from the front since taking command of the Hegemony following his father’s death. The young man has shown a penchant for skilful diplomacy and a shrewd understanding of his neighbours goals and motivations. Had any other person been in charge during the crisis of 3024, the Hegemony would likely have faltered and fallen. Despite his success, there still remains much to do, as the Senate is still in chaos, following the loss of many of its members on Logan Prime and the Legions are still well below strength, something that will not be remedied before 3026. Military The BattleMech arm of the Legions consists of 2 assault and 1 medium legion (approximately 3 regiments) and the Blackstone Highlanders mercenaries. The Legions also maintain a conventional force of 3 brigades and 3 aerospace wings. However, this strength has been badly denuded in the recent fighting, with the total force down to 87.4% of its total establishment and the Mech forces down to 68% of their establishment. However, there are rumours that the old storehouses on Niops are being used to form two Niopian Legions, which will come into service in the first half of 3025. Should these two Legions be real and not a propaganda play by the Hegemony, they will be a critical element in the ongoing protection of the Hegemony’s territories. Interstellar Relations The Marian’s are viewed dimly by Lothia, Illyria, Circinus and Canopus, but have managed to ally these realms fears by joining the Periphery wide ORCA group. Relations with the Free Worlds League are poor, with the personal animosity between the Caesar and Duncan Marik not helping matters. 41
481 Billion
89 Billion
68 Billion
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Strategic Outlook The Marian Legions have dispersed to various postings on all three borders and do not present the threat that they did just six months ago. The Hegemony will need all of 3025 to recover from the war and few suspect that the new Caesar has any plans for war in the next five years. Conclusions The Hegemony is wounded, but has survived a desperate hour, finding a leader who has the potential to greatly improve the lot of the Hegemony and set on a path that does not involve war. 42
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Circinus’s new path is at odds with its past and may well cause problems for the relationship between the Black Warriors and the President. However, the progress so far, much more than raiding could bring, has left the Black Warriors with little choice for now. Circinus Federation “The Marians are a greater threat than the Lyrans, or the Free Worlds, we must act to stop them now or look forwards to their domination of our worlds.” ‐ President McIntyre, in an address to the people of the Circinus Federation. Lothian League and Illyrian Palatinate Major Changes “This has been a great victory, but me must not be short sighted and spoil this moment with vengeance. We have the opportunity now to forge a new union that will be to the benefit of all. With the arrival of Marian forces on Logan Prime, the Circinus Federation faced a choice, fight now and perhaps tip the balance or wait, husbanding its strength and face a stronger Hegemony later. President McIntyre chose the former, but also acted in other ways to secure the Federation’s future. The Federation, whilst sending troops to Lothia, also managed to dispatch forces to take and hold the worlds of New St. Andrews and Valerius, greatly increasing the President’s standing amongst his people. ‐ Dame Logan, following the victory on Logan Prime. Major Changes The fierce battle on Logan Prime was the catalyst for many of the benefits now enjoyed by the people of Lothia and Illyria, benefits that were only realised under the guidance of Dame Logan. As the Marians hammered at the ORCA lines on that world, both realms sent industry and citizens to new worlds in an effort to preserve something of their realms should their forces fail to prevent a Marian victory. These three worlds and the new industry that was generated in all the rush, is now bringing added prosperity to both realms. However, not all went as planned as the Circinian forces suffered heavy losses on Logan Prime, but were enough to give time for the effects of the Free Worlds influence to be felt. Although acting in ways that seemed more concerned with gaining dominance over Lothia and Illyria, the actions of Dame Logan of Lothia have caused a change in the Federation’s views of its neighbours. Once the Marian forces on Logan Prime were defeated, many thought of vengeance, however, Dame Logan saw the truth. The ORCA forces were in no position to pursue, gravely weakened as they were and the Free Worlds was now poised menacingly over all the states of its Periphery border. When the new Caesar offered reparations, foreign garrisons on his own soil and the disbandment of part of his military, Dame Logan was quick to Council her allies to accept. She was even more driven when the Caesar offered to join ORCA and spread it across the Periphery, following the old adage, if you can’t beat them, join them. Interstellar Relations Circinus first looked to dominate Lothia and Illyria, using them as a buffer against the Marians. However, the power the two small nations displayed when united and the benefits they accrued from working together has changed the Federation’s position from dominating neighbour, to the lesser power in the two part alliance. With the signing of the Periphery wide ORCA pact and the coming vote over Andrion’s future, the Federation is on good terms with most neighbours, something not seen in many years. Economics The loss of Andrion in 3023 was offset by the acquisition of Valerius and New St. Andrews in 3024 and the growth in the civilian industrial sector. The Circinian economy is pushing at $400 Billion C‐Bills GDP and should break that barrier within a year, as the ongoing industrial growth and the Presidents lack of adventurism stabilising the state economy. Dame Logan’s actions in keeping the Free worlds out of the situation, whilst maintaining their friendship, her acceptance by Illyria as their representative and Circinus’s move to align closely with Lothia, has led to her being seen as one of the foremost leaders of the current era. Military The Circinian military consists of the Black Warriors, a heavy Mech Regiment, an Aerospace Wing and the Circinian Home Guard of 2 Conventional brigades. The Black Warriors have seen heavy action recently, with the 1st Battalion having been involved in the Andrion confrontation in 3023 and the 2nd and 3rd Battalions, along with their air support, taking Valerius and New St. Andrews and then joining the battle on Logan Prime. Lothia and Illyria now enjoy friendly relations with all of the Periphery, even if they are cautious over Marian and Circinian ambitions. The Lyrans and Free Worlds are on good terms and there are no apparent troubles on the horizon for the foreseeable future. The major trading families of Illyria are happy to have Lisa Logan as a nominal head of state should any future merger occur, as long as they are given strong positions of authority and their voices heard in the privy Council. Dame Lisa is cautiously Conclusions 44
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 optimistic about the Illyrian offers of alliance, but does not wish to see either realms unique character absorbed by the other’s. Mica Majority Economics “Our past actions are now bearing fruit, as our realm grows prosperous.” The growth of the two economies has been largely driven by the measures that were taken to preserve the two states in the face of Marian aggression. The new industry and three newly colonised worlds are adding greatly to the revenue base and output of both realms and made the cooperation between both states has also given them a noticeable advantage in the market. ‐ Arminius Lahr, chairman of the Mican Council. The acquisition of Novo Franklin and the settlement of the world of Uki, between Mica and Novo Franklin, was the first step in a gradual improvement of the Mican economy. The second step was the removal of Senior Director Vito Michales and his replacement with a new leader, Arminius Lahr, named chairman of a restructured Ruling Council. There was little hope for Michaels, as Lahr had the support of Gale Entamac, commander of the Mican Military. Military The combined military consists of a BattleMech Battalion, a Conventional Brigade and an Air Wing from the League and 2 BattleMech Battalions, a Conventional Brigade and an Air Wing from the Palatinate. Following the change of power, the Micans declared themselves a virtual tax haven and open market for investment. The rush of Inner Sphere firms to take advantage of the Mican offer was almost unseemly, but had the effect of driving the Mican economy forward faster than ever before. Conclusions With Circinus now firmly in the Lothian/Illyrian sphere, Alphard humbled and the other nearby states all viewing both realms in a positive light, talk is again turning to a possible federal union, that may now even include Circinus, creating a strong and stable nation that would soon grow to become a first tier periphery realm. However, the influx of foreigners and the accumulation of wealth by the Council may sow the seeds for civil unrest, unless a way can be found to more evenly distribute the economic benefits that the Mican state is now enjoying. Rim Collection “A hard road has been walked, but with friendship we have found our way.” st
‐ Gregor Althing, 1 President of the Collective, addressing LCAF forces. The Rim Collection’s survival depended on the elimination of the Red Corsair in 3024, for without this victory the union would not have lasted. The battle on the world of Sidon, from December 3023 until April 3024, was the defining moments for the small nation. Had they faltered they would have been lost, but their dogged persistence allowed time for the President to call for assistance. th
The arrival of the 11 Arcturan Guards on Sidon in April tipped the balance on that world decisively, which along with later joint pirate hunting actions, has firmly placed the Collection in the Lyran sphere. Purchase of military hardware and the potential for JumpShip purchases has further tied this small realm to the Lyran state. This Lyran influence has caused no small amount of opposition to the President, as many see it as limiting the small nation’s freedom of action. However, President Althing had little choice, as any other path would have led to destruction. President pro‐tem Gregor Althing will hold power until December 3028, as the pre‐election polling for a more permanent body politic in the January 3025 elections seem to indicate that his support is still strong. The Ghost Dogs mercenary Battalion, hired to assist in hunting down pirate bands in the near vicinity, has remained with the Collection, lauded as saviours and model soldiers following Sidon. 45
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 McBride’s Maulers MERCENARY REVIEW Formed in the wake of the Third Succession War by Angus McBride, a survivor of 1st Battalion/17th Avalon Hussars (the 1‐17th had been badly mauled in the fighting on Ashio), the Maulers started off with a medium weight company and a Union class Dropship that had seen better days and 10 techs. Following the great mercenary expansion of 3023, driven by the effects of the minimums movement, the mercenary market of 3024 returned to a more normalised state. Several commands added to their rosters, with only a small number of new commands forming. The only major loss to the mercenary market was The Leprechauns, who were wiped out in JumpShip accident. The unit is made up of a collection of survivors of the 17th’s fight on Ashio, other AFFS retirees and second sons that did not inherit the family Battlemech. McBride managed to secure a small consignment from the nascent Robinson Battleworks (with a few loans from like minded rich industrialists from across the March, and some common folk who’d like to see more direct solutions to the “Drac problem”) and the unit is something of a “show unit” for them. Thus far, the unit is green and untested, but keen to start on their first contract, however the unit is leavened with a good officer and NCO corps and competent techs, even if many of the ‘Mechs look as if they’d seen better days. New, Lost and Changed Units This section outlines the major changes in the larger commands within the mercenary market. 2nd Lacedaemon Lancers A high paying contract, continued success in recruiting and already large war chest, enabled the Lancers to form a 2nd Regiment in 3024, making the Lancers THE most successful of the Minimum Movement units. Recruiting continues, but we do rd
not believe that a 3 regiment is likely. The Black Earth Carabineers Gabhardt’s Carabineers The Black Earth Carbineers are a privately funded enterprise of the Lyran world of Black Earth. Formed with the assistance of Cameron’s Legion, the unit is seen as a means to help economically develop Black Earth, develop the experience base of the local militia and improve the reputation of the Lyran periphery. The unit formed in December 3024 and has a mix of Wolfhounds and Commandos, newly purchased from DefHesp and TharHes. The unit isn’t burdened by the usual LCAF prejudices against lighter designs and they are eager to train to better use the equipment they have. This old unit continues to go from strength to strength, managing to secure itself permanent transport for the entire unit and sufficient reserve Mechs to equip two companies. Bolan Scouts In an effort to secure their return home following their Capellan contract, the Duk of Bolan has provided transport for the unit. However, CISA sources indicate that this may not be a bribe to come home, but payment of a debt owed by the Duke. Waldheim Dragoons Formed from several noble houses, planetary militias and some smaller mercenary units, the Dragoons are named after their commander, Force Commander (now Lt. Colonel) Xavier Waldheim, late of the 6th Marik Militia. Waldheim formed the unit because he was disgusted with both the bickering of the provinces with the federal government of the League, but also because he was concerned with the unprecedented increase in the powers of the Captain‐General. Black Tigers Utilising their strong financil position, the Black Tigers have been purchasing many Mechs in the second hand market, securing enough to form another Battalion. Sources close to the Tigers state that no new units will be raised. Wolf’s Dragoons – Special Recon Regiment The Special Recon Regiment was formed under the command of the notorious Natasha Kerensky and sent to Alpheratz for reasons that are still not clear. Despite the mysteries of the unit, its skills are readily apparent, formed as it was from the best of all the Dragoon Regiments. The Leprechauns (Unit Destroyed) Formed as part of the Minimums Movement, the Leprechauns were noted for extreme eccentricity. This is to be expected, as they were founded by a former battalion commander of the Mad Hatters, along with several other members of the 8th Lyran Regulars. The unit signed with the CCAF in January of 3023, being stationed for an uneventful year on Victoria. The unit re‐signed with the CCAF in January of 3024 for another year, anticipating more easy duty. The regiment was sent as part of a large CCAF Planetary Denial campaign against Ziliang in October of 3024, where the entire regiment was lost in freak accident during the jump to planet. 48
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Current Contract Listings The following table lists the current mercenary units of Battlaion size or larger and their employers. Units with UH are unhired and UH‐XXXX, are coming of contract in the next six months. Regiment Employer 12th Vegan Rangers ‐ Alpha Regiment AFFS 12th Vegan Rangers ‐ Beta Regiment AFFS 12th Vegan Rangers ‐ Delta Regiment AFFS 12th Vegan Rangers ‐ Gamma Regiment AFFS Beaufort's Cossacks ‐ 1st Regiment AFFS Beaufort's Cossacks ‐ 2nd Regiment AFFS Black Lion Co‐op AFFS Black Omen AFFS Blue Star Irregulars ‐ 1894th Light Horse AFFS Blue Star Irregulars ‐ 21st Rim Worlds AFFS Blue Star Irregulars ‐ Avatar's of Painful Death AFFS Crater Cobras ‐ 789th Striker Regiment AFFS Crater Cobras ‐ Black Cobras AFFS Dismal Disinherited ‐ Hostile LAM's AFFS Dismal Disinherited ‐ Krypt Kickers AFFS Dismal Disinherited ‐ Plague of Locusts AFFS Eridani Light Horse ‐ 151st Light Horse AFFS Eridani Light Horse ‐ 21st Striker AFFS Eridani Light Horse ‐ 71st Light Horse AFFS Fist of Mokal AFFS Greenburg's Godzillas AFFS Grey Death Legion AFFS Grim Determination AFFS Hangmen (co) AFFS Harlock's Warriors AFFS Icillian Lancers ‐ 21st Rangers AFFS Icillian Lancers ‐ 4th Rangers AFFS Icillian Lancers ‐ 59th Striker AFFS Icillian Lancers ‐ 9th Rangers AFFS Killer Bees AFFS Lexington Combat Group ‐ 32nd Recon AFFS Lexington Combat Group ‐ Gazelles AFFS Lexington Combat Group ‐ Golden Hammers AFFS Lindon's Battalion AFFS Lone Wolves AFFS Markson's Marauders AFFS McBride's Maulers AFFS Mechmasters AFFS Michael's Men AFFS Miller's Marauders AFFS Olson's Rangers AFFS Screaming Eagles ‐ 101st Airborne AFFS Screaming Eagles ‐ 81st Airborne AFFS 49
Swann's Cavaliers AFFS Team Banzai AFFS The Black Cats AFFS The Black Lions (co) AFFS The Black Tigers AFFS The Co‐op AFFS The Dioscuri ‐ Castor Regiment AFFS The Dioscuri ‐ Pollux Regiment AFFS The Fighting Urak‐hai ‐ 8th Striker AFFS The Fighting Urak‐hai ‐ Bar Hounds AFFS The Fighting Urak‐hai ‐ Sluggers AFFS The Furies AFFS Warbirds AFFS Wylie's Coyotes AFFS Ambermarle's Highlanders CCAF Bullard's Armoured Cavalry CCAF Chaos Inc CCAF Hamptons Hessens ‐ 1st Regiment CCAF Hamptons Hessens ‐ 2nd Regiment CCAF Hamptons Hessens ‐ 3rd Regiment CCAF Khrosakov's Kossacks ‐ 1st Regiment CCAF Khrosakov's Kossacks ‐ 2nd Regiment CCAF Lockhardt's Ironsides CCAF Marshigama's Legionnaires CCAF McCarron's Armoured Cavalry ‐ Baxter's Brawlers CCAF McCarron's Armoured Cavalry ‐ Nightriders CCAF McCarron's Armoured Cavalry ‐ Renegades CCAF McCarron's Armoured Cavalry ‐ The Cavaliers CCAF McCarron's Armoured Cavalry ‐ The Regiment CCAF McCarron's Armoured Cavalry ‐ The Wild Ones CCAF Moroushi's Independent Assault Battalion CCAF Redfield's Revenge CCAF Rivaldi's Hussars CCAF St. Cyr's Armoured Grenadiers CCAF The Black Hills Regiment CCAF The Dispossessed Co‐op CCAF Wilson's Hussars CCAF Bullson's Hussars CG Cady's Regiment CG Camancho's Cabarellos CG Fallen Stars CG Masters of Disaster CG Pathfinders CG Renegades (co) CG Sandoval's Slashers CG Terrible Treads CG The Hangmen Co‐op CG The Infernals CG Waystars CG CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Weymouths Warriors CG Hsien Hotheads Brion's Legion DCMS Insect Brigade LCAF Cunningham's Commandos DCMS Kell Hounds ‐ 1st Regiment LCAF Helmut's Hermits DCMS Knights of St. Cameron ‐ 1st Regiment LCAF Kingston's Cabarellos DCMS Knights of St. Cameron ‐ 2nd Regiment LCAF Lone Star Regiment DCMS Little Richard's Panzer Brigade LCAF McGhee's Cutthroats DCMS Mobile Fire LCAF St. Cyr Heavy Assault Group DCMS Narhal's Raiders ‐ 1st Regiment LCAF Tooth of Ymir DCMS Narhal's Raiders ‐ 2nd Regiment LCAF Vandeley's Valkyries DCMS Stealthy Tigers LCAF Wolf's Dragoons ‐ Alpha Regiment DCMS The Jolly Rogers LCAF Wolf's Dragoons ‐ Beta Regiment DCMS Waco Rangers LCAF Wolf's Dragoons ‐ Black Widow's DCMS Canopian Highlanders MAF Wolf's Dragoons ‐ Delta Regiment DCMS Harcourt's Destructors MAF Wolf's Dragoons ‐ Epsilon Regiment DCMS Hudson's Red Devils MAF Wolf's Dragoons ‐ Gamma Regiment DCMS Ramillie's Raiders MAF Wolf's Dragoons ‐ Zeta Battalion DCMS Vinson's Vigilantes MAF Caesar's Cohorts FWLM Blackstone Highlanders MH Carson's Renegades FWLM 51st Dark Panzer Jaegers OG Dinsdale's Desperados FWLM Regulators OG Fuchida's Fusiliers FWLM Wolverton's Highlanders OG Ghosts of Tortuga FWLM Ghost Dogs RC Head Hunters FWLM Bannockburn’s Bandits TDF Langendorf Lancers FWLM Gordon's Armoured Cavalry TDF Martian Cuirassiers FWLM Longwood's Bluecoats TDF Smithson's Chinese Bandits FWLM Gabhardt's Carabiniers UH‐AFFS Snowcats FWLM Hell's Black Aces UH‐AFFS The Lost Legion FWLM SOAR UH‐AFFS The Thumpers FWLM The Dragonslayers UH‐AFFS Warwalkers FWLM The Green Machine UH‐AFFS 12th Star Guards ‐ 1st Regiment LCAF 15th Dracon UH‐CCAF 12th Star Guards ‐ 2nd Regiment LCAF 4th Tau Ceti Rangers UH‐CCAF 12th Star Guards ‐ 3rd Regiment LCAF Bolan Scouts UH‐CCAF 12th Star Guards ‐ 7th Regiment LCAF Fighting Shamrocks UH‐CCAF Always Faithful LCAF Laurel's Legion UH‐CCAF Bad Dream LCAF The Paragons UH‐CCAF Barrett's Fusiliers LCAF Sathen's Snipers UH‐CF Black Hearts LCAF Red Guard UH‐CG Blacknovas LCAF Burrow's Crashing Thunder Regiment UH‐DCMS Cranston Snord's Irregulars LCAF Legion of the Rising Sun UH‐DCMS Dragon's Breath LCAF Quint's Quartet UH‐DCMS Filthy Lucre LCAF The Ronin UH‐DCMS Freelancers ‐ 1st Regiment LCAF 21st Centauri Lancers UH‐FWLM Freelancers ‐ 2nd Regiment LCAF Bromley's Eagles UH‐FWLM Freelancers ‐ 3rd Regiment LCAF Bronson's Horde UH‐FWLM Grave Walkers ‐ 1st Regiment LCAF Clifton's Rangers UH‐FWLM Grave Walkers ‐ 2nd Regiment LCAF Lacedaemon Lancers ‐ 1st Regiment UH‐FWLM Gregg's Long Striders LCAF Lacedaemon Lancers ‐ 2nd Regiment UH‐FWLM Hansen's Roughriders LCAF League of Tigers UH‐FWLM 50
LCAF CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 The Wild Geese UH‐FWLM Gotterdammerung Society UH‐IP The Renegades Co‐op UH‐IP Cameron’s Legion UH‐LCAF Dedrickson's Devils UH‐LL The Sentinels UH‐LL Hellfire Hussars UH‐MAF Turin Light Cavalry UH‐MAF Wannamaker’s Widowmakers UH‐OG Free Radicals UH‐TDF Meriadoc's Malcontents UH‐TDF The Foreign Legion UH‐TDF The Packrats UH‐TDF Bordon's Blood Drinkers XUH The Black Earth Carabineers XUH Waldheim Dragoons XUH 51
INDUSTRIES REVIEW CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 BERGAN INDUSTRIES Locust Light Mech The military industries of each of the great powers are the back bone of their military’s strength, as well as being the yard stick by which their future potential can be measured. CISA prepares this briefing once a year, to assist our readers in gaining an accurate understanding of the structure of each nation’s industries, as well as the development across the entire sector over the past year. Stinger Light Mech – RETOOLING to Mongoose 67 (January 3025) EARTHWERKS LTD. Union class Dropship Overlord class Dropship QUICKSCELL COMPANY CISA is proud to present our latest edition of this volume, which tracks the ever accelerating industrial recovery and the massive changes in the Periphery. Scorpion Tank Light Vehicle – RETOOLING to Corbie VTOL (January 3025) Bulldog Tank Medium Vehicle – 6 Lines CAPELLAN CONFEDERATION LRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 6 Lines The Capellan Confederation has seen an increase in production of military items that has steadily increased, like all the powers, since 3000. Currently the CCAF is receiving 60 Light Mechs, 84 Medium Mechs, 108 Heavy Mechs and 48 Assault Mechs per year, for a total of 300 Mechs per year. Additionally, 84 Light Aerospace Fighters, 72 Medium Aerospace Fighters, 12 Heavy Aerospace Fighters and 0 Assault Aerospace Fighters are produced for a total of 168 Aerospace Fighters per year and 324 Light Tanks, 300 Medium Tanks, 288 Heavy Tanks and 348 Assault Tanks per year, for a total of 1,260 Tanks per year are produced to support the Mech formations. 84 DropShips and 27 JumpShips are also produced. SRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 6 Lines Manticore Tank Heavy Vehicle – 6 Lines CAPELLA CERES METALS INDUSTRIES Vindicator Medium Mech Transit Medium Aerospace Fighter RASHPUR‐OWENS INC. Merchant class JumpShip – 3 Lines CAPELLAN COMMONALITY Invader class JumpShip – 3 Lines ARES Monolith class JumpShip – 3 Lines The facilities on Ares have been upgraded over the last few years, with production at Bergan Industries doubling and the new Earthworks shipyards starting operations in 3022. Funded by Earthworks Periphery ventures, as well as the Capellan Government, the new shipyards will be critical to the CCAF. Achilles class Dropship Triumph class Dropship – 2 Lines Excalibur class Dropship – 2 Lines Avenger class Dropship Under Tormana Liao’s guidance, as directed by the new Chancellor Candace Liao, both Bergan Industries and Quickscell began the implementation of the Mandarin’s Military Production Restructuring Program (MPRP) in July of 3024. This program involved the retooling of Confederation military production lines to provide a better balance of forces for the CCAF. SARNA COMMONALITY COREY Bergan began retooling their Stinger line to produce the Mongoose‐67, armed with 3 medium lasers and 1 small laser, all travelling at 130km/h. Meanwhile, Quickscell closed its Scorpion production line and began tooling up to produce the new Corbie VTOL. The Corbie is a 25 ton VTOL that can achieve speeds of 162km/h and is armed with an LRM5 and 2 machine guns. Additionally, the Corbie’s 3 ton infantry bay makes it a fast insertion VTOL, with enough armour to shrug of a PPC strike to any facing. HOLLIS INCORPORATED Catapult Heavy Mech 52
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 TIKONOV SARNA TENGO AEROSPACE Tikonov has largely been passed over for industrial development in recent times, being seen as too exposed for major expansion to be viable. Only a slight increase in aerospace fighter production has been authorised. Thrush Aerospace Fighter Cheetah Aerospace Fighter As part of the MPRP, Earthworks began the retooling of the Longbow line on Tikonov, to the KGC‐1L King Crab. House Liao needed a new assault ‘Mech and was provided the plans by the Northwind Highlanders, who had long held specifications gained from the Corsara plant on Northwind, in order to repair their aging KGC’s. Lightning Aerospace Fighter Seeker class Dropship Mule class Dropship Mammoth class Dropship Realizing that the AC 20's range and general lack of endurance, due to ammo constrictions, crippled the original model, Liao engineers redesigned it. A decision was quickly made to replace the AC 20's with AC 10's. With the 4 tons of weight saved, MPRP designers were able to give the new AC 10's two tons of ammo each and increase the LRM 15 ammo to two tons as well. STYK TAO ‘MECHWORKS Victor Assault Mech This simple modification vastly increased endurance, by giving the AC 10's twenty volleys each, versus the five from the old AC 20's, also doubling the LRM 15’s capacity to 16 volleys. The remaining ton was given over to more armour protection, since an assault ‘Mech can never have to much armour. TIKONOV COMMONALITY BRYANT Desperate for new Mech lines, the Confederation finally bit the bullet and began the slow process of doming Bryant’s deactivated but intact Grasshopper line. Now in operation, the facility is seen as a useful penal posting, effecting product quality somewhat. Where the old King Crab had to hope it could close to use its AC 20's, the new ‐1L version could lay heavy and effective fire at almost double the range and continue to fight for much longer. Once introduced to the Capellan military, the ‐1L looks to be a great addition. Only time and combat will tell if the designers were correct. LANTREN CORPORATION Grasshopper Heavy Mech EARTHWERKS INCORPORATED Cataphract Heavy Mech – 3 lines NANKING Thunderbolt Heavy Mech ‐ 2 Lines Tengo Aerospace was given subsidies by the Capellan Government in 3017 to enable it to expand its operations through the construction of facilities over Nanking. Now in operation for 18 months, the new facilities are contributing greatly to alleviating the growing unemployment that had been threatening Nanking’s stability. Thug Assault Mech Longbow Assault Mech – RETOOLING to KGC‐1L King Crab (January 3025) Thrush Light Aerospace Fighter KALLON INDUSTRIES Transit Medium Aerospace Fighter Wolverine Medium Mech CERES METALS INDUSTRIES Partisan Assault Tank – 9 Lines Vindicator Medium Mech – 2 Lines Ontos Assault Tank – 8 Lines RASHPUR‐OWENS INC. TENGO AEROSPACE Leopard class Dropship Cheetah Light Aerospace Fighter Union class Dropship Lightning Medium Aerospace Fighter Mule class Dropship 53
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 HELLESPONT ‘MECH‐WORKS SIAN COMMONALITY BETELGEUSE Wasp Light Mech ALDIS INDUSTRIES Raven Light Mech Demolisher Assault Tank – 4 Lines SAROYAN SPECIAL PRODUCTIONS Schrek Assault PPC Carrier – 4 Lines Transgressor Heavy Aerospace Fighter Behemoth Assault Tank – 4 Lines ST.IVES COMMONALITY GRAND BASE The Hetzer is a limited, if somewhat powerful vehicle, but the CCAF does not need all 108 produced by Ceres every year. Therefore, Mandarin Liao asked Ceres to come up with a new IFV design to complement the new VTOLs going into production on Sian and Ares, to help round out the new infantry support vehicle complement of the MPRP. Five of the Hetzer’s lines are being retooled to produce the Smilidon IFV, a 40 ton infantry carrier with a top speed of 65km/h. Although slow, the IFV carries a massive 11 tons of armour, a large laser, LRM5 and SRM2 ensuring that CCAF soldiers will be delivered alive and supported throughout their engagement. The old Firebee, one of the Confederations earliest ‘Mechs, fell out of service after the Capellan Defence Corporation factory on Exedor was destroyed in the First Succession War. However, seeing the chance to revive a symbol of CCAF might from the past, Mandarin Tormana jumped at the chance to bring the Firebee back as part of his MPRP. With the CDC and their plants on Exedor just a memory, Earthworks were told in no uncertain terms, to ensure the Firebee was back in service by January of 3025 and so began the retooling of their Stinger line as quickly as possible. INDICASS EARTHWERKS INCORPORATED CERES METALS INDUSTRIES Stinger Light Mech ‐– RETOOLING to Firebee (January 3025) Swift Wind Light Scout Car – 4 Lines Shadow Hawk Medium Mech Galleon Light Tank – 3 Lines Cataphract Heavy Mech Hetzer Medium Wheeled Assault Gun – 9 Lines – 5 lines RETOOLING to Smilidon IFV (January 3025) Archer Heavy Mech SIAN Part of Mandarin Tormana’s MPRP was to ensure that CCAF infantry formations had the best tools for their trade. The Corbie and Mohican VTOLS were the new tools for those dangerous trades. Where the Corbie is the transport, the Mohican is the escort. With an SRM6, 2 SRM2 launchers and a speed of 162km/h, the Mohican can lay down heavy suppression fire for the following Corbie’s. Not willing to entrust all the production of these two new VTOL’s to the sometime unreliable Quickscell, and not wanting to completely end Scorpion tank production, Mandarin Liao chose Hellespont to manufacture the new Mohican. HELLESPONT INDUSTRIALS Vedette Light Tank – 8 Lines Scorpion Light Tank – 8 Lines – 4 lines RETOOLING for Mohican VTOL (January 3025) Pegasus Light Scout Tank – 8 Lines Maxim Medium Hover Transport – 8 Lines 54
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 ST.IVES Although the Guardian is a useful aircraft, it is not up to the standard of an Aerospace fighter, so Tormana Liao saw the need to replace it as part of the MPRP. The simple expedient of retooling to Sabre production was seen as the quickest and easiest method, as parts and jigs for the Sabre are readily available. Additionally, with the Thrush and Cheetah on production on Sarna, Tikonov and Nanking, the decision was made to also retool Tengo’s Thrush line to produce Sabres as well. Rumours are that Tengo will acquire Mujika soon and combine production. CERES METALS INDUSTRIES Vindicator Medium Mech– 2 Lines HILDCO INTERPLANETARY Victor Assault Mech MUJIKA AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES Guardian Light Fighter – RETOOLING to Sabre Light Fighter (January 3025) TENGO AEROSPACE Thrush Light Aerospace Fighter – RETOOLING to Sabre Light Fighter (January 3025) Cheetah Light Aerospace Fighter Lightning Medium Aerospace Fighter TEXLOS HILDCO INTERPLANETARY Lightning Medium Aerospace Fighter 55
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 THE DRACONIS COMBINE DIERON MILITARY DISTRICT The Draconis Combine did not expand production in 3024, apart from the introduction of the new Yumi class light BattleMech on New Samarkand. Currently the DCMS is receiving 122 Light Mechs, 60 Medium Mechs, 168 Heavy Mechs and 72 Assault Mechs per year, for a total of 422 Mechs per year. Additionally, 72 Light Aerospace Fighters, 48 Medium Aerospace Fighters, 72 Heavy Aerospace Fighters and 48 Assault Aerospace Fighters are produced for a total of 240 Aerospace Fighters per year and 452 Light Tanks, 156 Medium Tanks, 324 Heavy Tanks and 312 Assault Tanks per year, for a total of 1,244 Tanks per year are produced to support the Mech formations. 60 DropShips and 45 JumpShips are also produced. AL NA’IR Maxim Light Hover Transport – 2 Lines BENJAMIN MILITARY DISTRICT Hover APC Light Vehicle – 2 Lines YORII ‘MECH WORKS Atlas Assault Mech – 4 Lines SCARBOROUGH MANUFACTURERS Pegasus Light Scout Hover Tank – 2 Lines Saracen Light Hover Tank – 2 Lines Saladin Light Hover Tank – 2 Lines Scimitar Light Hover Tank – 2 Line Heavy Hover APC Light Vehicle DOVER WAKAZASHI ENTERPRISES ALTAIR Slayer Assault Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines KURITA COMBINE MUNITIONS CORPORATION HINSDALE ELEC Riever Assault Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines Condor class Dropship KESSEL LAPIDA II “TEMATAGI MINOR” Kessel was chosen as the site for the new, government sponsored aerospace fighter, which was surprisingly given to KCMC to put into production. Rumours are still flying about how and why this happened, in addition to the worlds new armour factory. One of the benefits of the Kapteyn alliance has been the flow of trade between the Combine and League. The most prominent offshoot of this has been the commencement of production of the Spider on Lapidia II. NIMAKACHI FUSION PRODUCTS LTD. KURITA COMBINE MUNITIONS CORPORATION Spider – 2 Lines Samurai Medium Aerospace Fighter – 4 Lines SCARBOROUGH MANUFACTURERS PROSERPINA Pegasus Light Scout Hover Tank BULLDOG ENTERPRISES Saracen Light Hover Tank Bulldog Medium Tank – 3 Lines Saladin Light Hover Tank Tokugawa Heavy Tank – 3 Lines Scimitar Light Hover Tank Manticore Heavy Tank – 2 Lines Maxim Light Hover Transport 56
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 NIRASAKI PESHT MILITARY DISTRICT Why the DCMS chose to produce the Whitworth, of all mediums, to test the classes viability is beyond knowing. Perhaps the DCMS wishes to show the entire class as a waste and so chose the mediocre Whitworth as the test vehicle. Whatever the case, WSM have jumped at the chance to expand to production, from just servicing and are making a handsome profit already. AVON WHITWORTH SPECIALITY MANUFACTURING Whitworth Medium Mech – 2 Lines CHATHAM GALEDON MILITARY DISTRICT With the Aerospace facilities at Schulyer working at maximum capacity, the lines at Chatham have been expanded to take up the inflow of resources into this sector. MIDWAY WAKAZASHI ENTERPRISES One of the most important new facilities in the Combine, the shipyards over Midway are slated for ongoing expansion over the next decade. Shilone Heavy Aerospace Fighter– 3 Lines MIDWAY SHIPYARDS INC. STELLAR TREK Invader class JumpShip – 3 Lines Merchant class JumpShip – 3 Lines NEW SAMARKAND Invader class JumpShip – 3 Lines New Samarkand Metals has been able to use DCMS funding to increase output by 50% over the last five years. Monolith class JumpShip – 3 Lines Additionally, the construction of a new light Mech plant on the planet came as a surprise to many in July of 3024. Talk within the DCMS had been that a new plant was planned for Arkab, with the selection of New Samarkand angering the Azami leaders. The official reasoning was greater distance from the border, but many believe that it was “cultural” reasons which saw the factory set up on New Samarkand and not Arkab. With the first prototype finishing assembly in July 3024, the Yumi is the latest BattleMech design to enter service with the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery. Vengeance class Dropship MATABUSHI, INC. Union class Dropship Overlord class Dropship Lucifer II Heavy Aerospace Fighter– 3 Lines TOMORI TRANS INDUSTRIAL IRECE Long the only source of LAM parts, Lexatech took the gamble to bring both the Wasp and Phoenix Hawk LAMs back into production. The gamble has paid off, with orders now received that cannot be filled until the end of 3027. LEXATECH INDUSTRIES NEW SAMARKAND METALS Wasp Light LAM Demolisher Assault Tank – 4 Lines Stinger Light LAM Schrek Assault PPC Carrier – 4 Lines Phoenix Hawk Medium LAM Behemoth Assault Tank – 4 Lines NEW SAMARKAND ARMOUR WORKS Yumi Light Mech 57
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 LUTHIEN RASALHAGUE MILITARY DISTRICT LAW, as the primary manufacturer of BattleMechs for the DCMS, was able to secure funding to increase production of the Grand Dragon, as well as open lines for a variant of the Charger. Additional and unconfirmed reports also indicate that a radically altered version of the Charger may be in development. Buda Imperial Vehicles has also expanded production of its armoured vehicles, benefitting from its proximity to the throne. ALSHAIN LUTHIEN ARMOR WORKS GORTON, KINGSLEY & THORPE ENTERPRISES Jenner Light Mech Panther Light Mech – 2 Lines Wolf Trap Medium Mech JOINT EQUIPMENT SYSTEMS Grand Dragon – 8 Lines Skulker Light Scout Tank – 2 Lines Quickdraw – 3 Lines Scorpion Light Tank – 2 Lines Charger (LRM variant) – 2 Lines Hetzer Medium Wheeled Assault Gun – 4 Lines BBP INDUSTRIES LRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 4 Lines Triumph class Dropship SRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 4 Lines Excalibur class Dropship Intruder class Dropship KRENICE BUDA IMPERIAL VEHICLES Daimyo Medium Headquarters Unit – 5 Lines Producers from across the Combine were told to produce schematics for their vehicles for production at the new SHI plant on Krenice. The new facility is producing nearly 150 tanks a year for the DCMS, with many going to units in the Rasalhague and Benjamin Districts. SWEDENBORG HEAVY INDUSTRIES SCHUYLER Scorpion Light Tank – 2 Lines WAKAZASHI ENTERPRISES Vedette Light Tank– 2 Lines Shologar Light Aerospace Fighter ‐ 6 Lines Skulker Light Scout Tank – 2 Lines GALILEO INSTRUMENTS Scorpion Light Tank Achilles class Dropship Hetzer Medium Wheeled Assault Gun Monarch class Dropship Demolisher Assault Tank Behemoth class Dropship Schrek Assault PPC Carrier – 2 Lines DHARMA HYPERSPACE Behemoth Assault Tank – 2 Lines Scout class JumpShip – 3 Lines NEW OSLO GORTON, KINGSLEY & THORPE ENTERPRISES Panther Light Mech Phoenix Hawk Medium Mech Archer Heavy Mech Lifesaver Light Coolant Truck – 5 Lines Tokugawa Heavy Tank – 5 Lines ALSHAIN BATTLWORX Grand Dragon Heavy Mech – 2 Lines BERGAN INDUSTRIES Locust Light Mech 58
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 JARRETT GORTON, KINGSLEY & THORPE ENTERPRISES Panther Light Mech RASLAHAGUE JOINT EQUIPMENT SYSTEMS Hetzer Medium Wheeled Assault Gun – 3 Lines LRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 3 Lines SRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 3 Lines SPITTAL BENSON & BJORN Tracked APC Light Vehicle – 3 Lines Scorpion Light Tank – 3 Lines Vedette Light Tank – 2 Lines TRONDHIEM SWEDENBORG HEAVY INDUSTRIES Demolisher Assault Tank – 2 Lines Schrek Assault PPC Carrier – 2 Lines Behemoth Assault Tank– 2 Lines 59
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 NEW SYRTIS THE FEDERATED SUNS JOHNSTON INDUSTRIES The Federated Suns limited itself to minor increments in production, focusing more on new formations and civilian industry. Currently the AFFS is receiving 60 Light Mechs, 180 Medium Mechs, 96 Heavy Mechs and 72 Assault Mechs per year, for a total of 408 Mechs per year. Additionally, 72 Light Aerospace Fighters, 60 Medium Aerospace Fighters, 60 Heavy Aerospace Fighters and 60 Assault Aerospace Fighters are produced for a total of 252 Aerospace Fighters per year and 816 Light Tanks, 96 Medium Tanks, 288 Heavy Tanks and 156 Assault Tanks per year, for a total of 1,356 Tanks per year are produced to support the Mech formations. 60 DropShips and 63 JumpShips are also produced. Goblin Medium Tank – 4 Lines NEW SYRTIS SHIPYARDS Gazelle class Dropship Monarch class Dropship Mammoth class Dropship TALON AXTON Kallon have used strong sales to mercenary forces to gather the funds required for an expansion of the JagerMech lines. This expansion has mainly been used to bolster Capellan March formations who, like many in the AFFS, appreciated the JagerMechs abilities. WANGKER AEROSPACE KALLON INDUSTRIES Corsair Medium Aerospace Fighter – 3 Lines Hornet Light Mech Eagle Medium Aerospace Fighter – 3 Lines Enforcer Medium Mech Thunderbird Assault Aerospace Fighter – 3 Lines Wolverine Medium Mech Rifleman Heavy Mech KATHIL JagerMech Heavy Mech – 2 Lines Kathil has seen GM begin an expansion of their APC facilities, producing a plethora of variants, machines that are always welcome in the combined arms minded AFFS. Union class Dropship – 2 Lines GENERAL MOTORS CRUCIS MARCH Marauder Heavy Mech – 3 Lines BELLADONNA GENERAL MOTORS OF KATHIL CAL‐BOEING OF DORWINION Darter Light Scout Car – 5 Lines Ferret VTOL – 6 Lines APC Light Vehicle – 10 Lines Wild Weasel VTOL – 6 Lines MCKENNA SHIPYARDS, KATHIL SHIPWORKS Marten VTOL – 6 Lines Mule class Dropship Seeker class Dropship DELAVAN Mammoth class Dropship The facilities above Delevan were in a poor state of repair and able to produce only limited numbers of ships. The last decade has seen the yards completely restored and back to full production. UNIVERSAL AIR Invader class JumpShip – 3 Lines Star Lord class JumpShip – 3 Lines DYNAMICO LTD. Avenger class Dropship Buccaneer class Dropship CAPELLAN MARCH Invader class JumpShip – 3 Lines 60
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 NEW AVALON GALAX FEDERATED‐BOEING INTERSTELLAR, POINT SIMON YARDS Leopard class Dropship Both Achernar and Corean have been using government funds to increase production of their Medium Mech models, as these are the most versatile and prized products for the AFFS from these facilities. Leopard CV class Dropship ACHERNAR BATTLEMECHS Union class Dropship Locust Light Mech Overlord class Dropship – 2 Lines Wasp Light Mech Mule class Dropship Phoenix Hawk Medium Mech Seeker class Dropship Enforcer Medium Mech Mammoth class Dropship Dervish Medium Mech COREAN ENTERPRISES GULKANA Valkyrie Light Mech ‐ 2 Lines QUICKSCELL COMPANY Centurion Medium Mech LRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 2 Lines LYCOMB‐DAVION INTRATECH SRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 2 Lines Stuka Assault Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines Scorpion Light Tank – 2 Lines Lightning Heavy Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines Hellcat Medium Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines JOHNSONDALE VALIANT VEHICLES POINT BARROW Pegasus Light Hovertank – 4 Lines KALLON WEAPONS INDUSTRIES As part of the ongoing exchange between the Commonwealth and the Federated Suns, Lockheed CBM and Jalstar led the way in starting joint ventures for the LCAF and AFFS. LJA flight systems will open its new plant on Point Barrow in January of 3025, beginning production of light fighters, in order to get the facility producing as quickly as possible. Partisan Assault Tank – 4 Lines LJA FLIGHT SYSTEMS Sparrowhawk Light Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines LAYOVER Centurion Light Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines QUICKSCELL COMPANY LRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 6 Lines SALEM SRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 6 Lines GENERAL MOTORS Scorpion Light Tank – 4 Lines Wheeled APC Light Vehicle – 2 Lines Vedette Light Tank – 4 Lines Heavy Wheeled APC Light Vehicle – 2 Lines SALVATORE, INC. Seeker class Dropship TALCOTT GENERAL MOTORS SP Artillery Assault Vehicle – 9 Lines Gazelle class Dropship KIRKLIN 61
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 PANPOUR DRACONIS MARCH OZAWA JALASTAR AEROSPACE A secret project, started in 3011 and completed in 3021, has seen the severely damaged facilities on Ozawa brought back into use. The Star League era Mechs produced, although using current technology, are a great boon for AFFS forces in the Draconis March. Centurion Medium Mech – 3 Lines Sparrowhawk Light Aerospace Fighter Sabre Light Aerospace Fighter Manticore Heavy Tank – 8 Lines MALTEX CORPORATION CHALLENGE SYSTEMS Wyvern Medium Mech Monolith class JumpShip – 3 Lines Thug Assault Mech – 2 Lines MARDUK NORSE BATTLEMECH WORKS Griffin Medium Mech – 2 Lines Wolverine Medium Mech – 3 Lines QUENTIN Independence has been able to slightly increase production over the last five years without any government assistance. Future growth will, however, need such assistance as the coffers of the company are nearly dry. INDEPENDENCE WEAPONRY JagerMech Heavy Mech Marauder Heavy Mech Victor Assault Mech Atlas Assault Mech ROBINSON In order to assist in the reequipping of RCT’s in the Draconis March, RSB was founded to produce APC’s and IFV’s. The large facility is capable of producing over 200 vehicles a year. ROBINSON STANDARD BATTLEWORKS APC and IFV Light Vehicles – 17 Lines PERIPERY MARCH CROFTON STARCORPS INDUSTRIES Longbow Assault Mech – 2 Lines 62
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 THE FREE WORLDS LEAGUE IRIAN The Free Worlds saw the reopening of the Karachi plant of Brigadier Corporation, the centre piece of the League’s industrial works over 3024. Unfortunately, like many League designs, the Griffins produced at Karachi are equipped with large lasers and not PPC’s. Currently the FWLM is receiving 156 Light Mechs, 288 Medium Mechs, 168 Heavy Mechs and 120 Assault Mechs per year, for a total of 732 Mechs per year. Additionally, 156 Light Aerospace Fighters, 36 Medium Aerospace Fighters, 144 Heavy Aerospace Fighters and 132 Assault Aerospace Fighters are produced for a total of 468 Aerospace Fighters per year and 552 Light Tanks, 168 Medium Tanks, 132 Heavy Tanks and 60 Assault Tanks per year, for a total of 912 Tanks per year are produced to support the Mech formations. 150 DropShips and 36 JumpShips are also produced. IRIAN BATTLEMECHS UNLIMITED Hermes Light Mech – 2 Lines Hermes II Medium Mech – 2 Lines Trebuchet Medium Mech Awesome Assault Mech BROOKS INCORPORATED Galleon Light Tank – 5 Lines Harasser Light Missile Platform – 5 Lines IMSTAR AEROSPACE Corsair Medium Aerospace Fighter – 3 Lines DIEUDONNE COMMAND AMITY KALIDASA IMSTAR AEROSPACE KALI YAMA WEAPONS INDUSTRIES INC. Cheetah Light Aerospace Fighter – 4 Lines Wasp Light Mech Trebuchet Medium Mech ATREUS Hunchback Medium Mech IMSTAR AEROSPACE Orion Heavy Mech Cheetah Light Aerospace Fighter – 5 Lines QUIKSCELL COMPANY DELLER, BINGHAM, & FOUTS Hetzer Wheeled Medium Assault Gun – 14 Lines Gazelle class Dropship – 3 Lines Scorpion Light Tank – 13 Lines Mammoth class Dropship – 2 Lines KEYSTONE CONNAUGHT Due to it position at the centre of the League, the Earthworks facility at Keystone was selected to receive a massive injection of government funding. This has enabled the facility to double output to 120 Mechs per year. The League government has assisted Kong Interstellar in getting the production facilities back in working order. Additional funding is expected to assist is bring both the Ostroc and Ostsol back into production as well. EARTHWERKS INCORPORATED KONG INTERSTELLAR CORPORATION Stinger Light Mech – 2 Lines Ostsol Heavy Mech Phoenix Hawk Medium Mech – 2 Lines Griffin Medium Mech – 2 Lines Thunderbolt Heavy Mech – 2 Lines Battlemaster Assault Mech – 2 Lines EXETER ORGANIZATION Pegasus Light Scout Tank – 6 Lines 63
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 DALTON MARIK Following the LCCC’s complete disgust with its ability to open assault ‘Mech production in other states, Iran was finally persuaded to open a victor line on Marik in 3024. NIMAKACHI FUSION PRODUCTS LTD. Condor class Dropship – 2 Lines IMSTAR AEROSPACE LOPEZ Cheetah Light Aerospace Fighter ‐ 2 Lines ANDURIEN AEROTECH (A DIVISION OF FREE WORLDS DEFENSE INDUSTRIES) MAGNA METALS Planetlifter Light Air Transport ‐ 2 Lines IRIAN BATTLEMECHS UNLIMITED Stingray Heavy Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines Victor Assault Mech Riever Assault Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines OLIVER SHIRO III BRIGADIER CORPORATION Desperate to increase Assault Mech production, the League was more than willing to throw money at Andurien, if it meant more Stalkers in the ranks. Griffin Medium Mech Crusader Heavy Mech IRIAN BATTLEMECHS UNLIMITED QUIKSCELL COMPANY Wasp Light Mech LRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 3 Lines Hermes II Medium Mech SRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 3 Lines Stalker Assault Mech ‐ 2 Lines SAVANNAH GRUMMAN AMALGAMATED TECHNICRON MANUFACTURING Ontos Assault Tank – 5 Lines Quickdraw Heavy Mech Awesome Assault Mech TEMATAGI NIMAKACHI FUSION PRODUCTS STEWART Spider Light Mech – 2 Lines COREAN ENTERPRISES, MACADAMS‐SUHARNO Vulcan Medium Mech Locust Light Mech Trebuchet Medium Mech WALLIS Goliath Assault Mech RONIN, INC. Warhammer Heavy Mech GRANERA COMMAND Marauder Heavy Mech ANDURIEN ANDURIEN AEROTECH (A DIVISION OF FREE WORLDS DEFENSE INDUSTRIES) HOLT COMMAND Stingray Heavy Aerospace Fighter – 3 Lines ASUNCION Riever Assault Aerospace Fighter – 6 Lines KALLON INDUSTRIES Intruder class Dropship – 2 Lines Crusader Heavy Mech BROOKS INCORPORATED EARTHWERKS INCORPORATED Galleon Light Tank – 6 Lines Flea Light Mech Harasser Light Missile Platform – 6 Lines 64
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 GIBSON BERNARDO KALLON INDUSTRIES Production of both the Cicada and Wolverine has doubled over the past few years, with most of the funding coming from Regulan interests. Crusader Heavy Mech EARTHWERKS INCORPORATED Flea Light Mech GIBSON FEDERATED BATTLEMECHS (A DIVISION OF FREE WORLDS DEFENSE INDUSTRIES) Locust Light Mech CALLOWAY VI Cicada Medium Mech – 2 Lines EARTHWERKS INCORPORATED Wolverine Medium Mech Stinger Light Mech Marauder Heavy Mech Shadow Hawk Medium Mech BRIGADIER CORPORATION Archer Heavy Mech Fury class Dropship – 2 Lines Buccaneer class Dropship – 2 Lines EMRIS IV Monarch class Dropship – 3 Lines StarCorps successes in the Periphery allowed the company to fund, with government assistance, the expansion of the Emris IV facility in early 3024. The highly successful sales of the Highlander in the Lyran Commonwealth made this Mech the obvious choice for production KARACHI Brigadier has been trying to resurrect its once proud business empire and until recently has meet with little success. Hoarding its small profits over the years, the company has finally succeeded in bringing one of its wrecked BattleMech plants back to life. Although only producing 12 Griffins a year, this first step in recover has done wonders for the companies share price and morale. The Griffin version produced here, the 1M, trades out the PPC for a Large Laser and 2 tons more armour, which is also better placed. The plant opened in early 3024. STARCORPS INDUSTRIES Longbow Assault Mech Highlander Assault Mech KENDALL COMMAND BRIGADIER CORPORATION CLIPPERTON Griffin Medium Mech IRIAN TECHNOLOGIES Leopard class Dropship – 2 Lines KENDALL Leopard‐CV class Dropship KALI YAMA/ALPHARD TRADING CORP. Union class Dropship – 2 Lines Orion Heavy Mech Scout class JumpShip – 6 Lines BROOKS INCORPORATED Galleon Light Tank – 5 Lines LOYALTY KALLON INDUSTRIES Partisan Assault Tank – 5 Lines Vengeance class Dropship – 2 Lines SELASYS INC. Star Lord class JumpShip – 3 Lines 65
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 MACKENZIE BRIGADIER CORPORATION Behemoth class Dropship ‐ 2 Lines WESTOVER ANDURIEN AEROTECH (A DIVISION OF FREE WORLDS DEFENSE INDUSTRIES) Stingray Heavy Aerospace Fighter – 3 Lines Riever Assault Aerospace Fighter – 3 Lines STERLING COMMAND TAMARIND Increases in efficiencies have seen the yards over Tamarind now able to produce 3, instead of 2, ships per year. TECHNICRON MANUFACTURING/FORERUNNER A.G. Invader class JumpShip – 3 Lines THERMOPOLIS KALLON INDUSTRIES Wolverine Medium Mech Rifleman Heavy Mech TRELLISANE GUTIERREZ AEROSPACE Stingray Heavy Aerospace Fighter – 4 Lines 66
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 THE LYRAN COMMONWEALTH BOLAN PROVINCE The Lyran Commonwealth has made sure that both civilian and military industry has continued to expand at a moderate rate, ensuring that each sector is well looked after. Currently the LCAF is receiving 132 Light Mechs, 108 Medium Mechs, 228 Heavy Mechs and 300 Assault Mechs per year, for a total of 768 Mechs per year. Additionally, 144 Light Aerospace Fighters, 36 Medium Aerospace Fighters, 60 Heavy Aerospace Fighters and 72 Assault Aerospace Fighters are produced for a total of 312 Aerospace Fighters per year and 936 Light Tanks, 240 Medium Tanks, 564 Heavy Tanks and 180 Assault Tanks per year, for a total of 1,920 Tanks per year are produced to support the Mech formations. 108 DropShips and 63 JumpShips are also produced. CHUKCHI III Part of the Archons massive upgrade plan for the under represented conventional forces, was to expand production of the new Rommel and Patton tanks, who effectiveness is readily apparent. DEFIANCE INDUSTRIES OF HESPERUS II Rommel Tank – 1.5 Lines Patton Tank – 1.5 Lines FURILLO DEFIANCE INDUSTRIES OF HESPERUS II ALARION PROVINCE Locust Light Mech ALARION Wasp Light Mech IOTO GALACTIC ENTERPRISES Zeus Heavy Mech Scout class JumpShip – 6 Lines LOCKHEED/CBM CORP. Invader class JumpShip – 6 Lines Warrior Light Attack VTOL – 5 Lines Monolith class JumpShip – 3 Lines BOWIE INDUSTRIES GALLERY Archer Heavy Mech Leopard class Dropship As part of the Steiner land hold, Gallery found securing a place in the new industries plan quite easy. However, in order to limit public displeasure, no new designs will be produced here. Leopard CV class Dropship DEFIANCE INDUSTRIES OF HESPERUS II Union class DropShip – 2 Lines Hunter Light Tank Manticore Heavy Tank CARLISLE Bowie Industries have used funds gained in the periphery to expand Mech production on Carlisle. GIENAH BOWIE INDUSTRIES Wheeled APC Light Vehicle – 4 Lines Archer Heavy Mech Heavy Wheeled APC Light Vehicle – 4 Lines Marauder Heavy Mech Centipede Light Scout Car – 4 Lines Pack Rat Light Long Range Recon Vehicle – 5 Lines Pack Rat Light Long Range Patrol Vehicle – 3 Lines S. L. LEWIS INCORPORATED Savannah Master Light Hovercraft – 5 Lines SON HOA STARCORPS INDUSTRIES Longbow Assault Mech – 2 Lines Highlander Assault Mech Chippewa Assault Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines GIENAH COMBAT VEHICLES 67
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 DONEGAL COVENTRY PROVINCE AUSTRALIA One of the few Archons to pay this difficult to deal with (at least from a Lyran point of view) world any attention, Katrina is seen as the greatest of the Archons by allowing the new facilities to be built on the world. Members of the planetary nobility and Estates General membership are now knocking on Coventry Metalwork’s doors to drum up interest in a Mech factory. However, it was TharHes who came to the party, setting up a Wolfhound production facility in July of 3024. As the heart of the Aerofighter industry of the Commonwealth, Donegal was always going to get funds. What it did not expect was the opening of the new IOTO yards. LOCKHEED/CBM CORPORATION Lucifer Heavy Aerospace Fighter – 3 Lines Sabre Light Aerospace Fighter – 3 Lines Centurion Light Aerospace Fighter – 3 Lines Corsair Medium Aerospace Fighter BOWIE INDUSTRIES IOTO GALACTIC ENTERPRISES Chippewa Assault Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines Invader class JumpShip – 3 Lines DEFIANCE INDUSTRIES OF HESPERUS II Mule class Dropship Rommel Heavy Tank – 1.5 Lines Patton Heavy Tank – 1.5 Lines GIBBS THARHES INDUSTRIES LOCKHEED/CBM CORPORATION Wolfhound Light Mech Eagle Heavy Aerospace Fighter Thunderbird Assault Aerospace Fighter COVENTRY IOTO GALACTIC ENTERPRISES COVENTRY METAL WORKS Merchant class JumpShip – 3 Lines Stinger Light Mech – 2 Lines Commando Light Mech – 2 Lines Firestarter Light Mech – 2 Lines Vulcan Medium Mech – 2 Lines Phoenix Medium Mech – 2 Lines DONEGAL PROVINCE AUR Gienah Combat Vehicles was not initially looked at for the new program, but their persistence paid off when the new facility on Aur was authorised. GIENAH COMBAT VEHICLES Tracked APC Light Vehicle Heavy Tracked APC Light Vehicle Hover APC Light Vehicle Heavy Hover APC Light Vehicle 68
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 HESPERUS II THARKAD As the capital of the Commonwealth, Tharkad had the inside running for any new programs. Using its influence, the Tharkad Industries Group was able to see upgrades to its orbital facilities realised. With massive expansion going on in their conventional armament lines, and with money flowing in from investment in the Periphery, Defiance was able to put the new Hatchetman into production and licence the Valkyrie and Enforcer models from the Federated Suns. THARKAD AEROSPACE GROUP (TAG) DEFIANCE INDUSTRIES OF HESPERUS II Intruder class Dropship Valkyrie Light Mech Fortress class Dropship Hatchetman Medium Mech Behemoth class Dropship Enforcer Medium Mech THARHES INDUSTRIES Griffin Medium Mech – 2 Lines Wolfhound Light Mech – 2 Lines Archer Heavy Mech – 8 Lines Crusader Heavy Mech – 2 Lines Zeus Assault Mech – 8 Lines LOCKHEED/CBM CORPORATION Banshee Assault Mech – 4 Lines Lightning Medium Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines Atlas Assault Mech – 6 Lines Hellcat Heavy Aerospace Fighter Hunter Light Tank – 4 Lines Monarch class Dropship Manticore Heavy Tank – 4 Lines SEMIER DATA TRON Rommel Heavy Tank – 5 Lines Seeker class Dropship Patton Heavy Tank – 5 Lines Fortress class Dropship Demolisher Assault Tank – 4 Lines Excalibur class Dropship Avenger class DropShip FEDERATION OF SKYE NEW EARTH EDASICH NEW EARTH TRADING COMPANY Edasich lobbied long and hard to get the Defiance Demolisher line built on the world, starting a feud with nearby Nekkar. Karnov Light UR Transport – 5 Lines DEFIANCE INDUSTRIES OF HESPERUS II Vedette Medium Tank – 5 Lines Demolisher Assault Tank Manticore Heavy Tank – 5 Lines NEW KYOTO The largest of Defiance’s new facilities, the New Kyoto plant is almost able to rival Hesperus II in numbers of vehicles produced. DEFIANCE INDUSTRIES OF HESPERUS II Hunter Light Tank – 2 Lines Manticore Heavy Tank – 2 Lines Rommel Heavy Tank – 2 Lines Patton Heavy Tank – 2 Lines 69
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 SKYE Shipl got in early on the new facilities program and managed to secure funding to double production, not hard considering the cheapness of the Seydlitz fighter. TWYCROSS TRELLSHIRE HEAVY INDUSTRIES Rifleman Heavy Mech – 2 Lines SHIPIL COMPANY BattleMaster Assault Mech Seydlitz Aerospace Fighter – 6 Lines Stalker Assault Mech Overlord class Dropship – 5 Lines CYCLOPS INCORPORATED Drillson Medium Hovertank – 8 Lines Maxim Medium Hover Transport – 7 Lines WYATT BOWIE INDUSTRIES Archer Heavy Mech Chippewa Assault Aerospace Fighter TAMAR PACT PANDORA RED DEVIL INDUSTRIES Rifleman Heavy Mech BattleMaster Assault Mech Pegasus Light Hovertank – 5 Lines Condor Medium Hovertank – 5 Lines Centipede Light Scout Car – 5 Lines QUICKSCELL COMPANY Scorpion Light Tank – 5 Lines LRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 8 Lines SRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 7 Lines SUDETEN OLIVETTI WEAPONRY Thunderbolt Heavy Mech Warhammer Heavy Mech Hunter Light Tank – 5 Lines J. Edgar Light Hovertank – 5 Lines TRELLSHIRE HEAVY INDUSTRIES Sturmfeur Assault Tank – 5 Lines Demolisher Assault Tank – 5 Lines 70
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 THE MAGISTRACY OF CANOPUS DUNIANSHIRE The Magistracy of Canopus has not seen any real expansion of military industry due to the Magestrix’s focus on improving the lot of the Canopian citizen. Currently the MAF is receiving 36 Light Mechs, 12 Medium Mechs, 24 Heavy Mechs and 12 Assault Mechs per year, for a total of 84 Mechs per year. Additionally, 24 Light Aerospace Fighters, 24 Medium Aerospace Fighters, 0 Heavy Aerospace Fighters and 24 Assault Aerospace Fighters are produced for a total of 72 Aerospace Fighters per year and 0 Light Tanks, 0 Medium Tanks, 192 Heavy Tanks and 0 Assault Tanks per year, for a total of 192 Tanks per year are produced to support the Mech formations. 36 DropShips and 0 JumpShips are also produced. MMM was forced to loose part of its aerospace facilities to allow LDI the space to start operations. Investments from Bowie, Rashpur‐Owens and Federated Bowing have seen the Mule and Union begin production as well. The new LDI facility is now at full production, with the StarCorps facility to reach full production by years end. In January of 3024, SCI will begin producing limited numbers of the San Andreas under exclusive licence to the MAF, cutting production of the Longbow in half. CANOPUS IV SRM Carrier Heavy Vehicle – 6 Lines MMM has managed to use funds from the Royal Purse to begin production of the Marauder, with the plans purchased from Bowie Industries. Pike Heavy Support Vehicle – 5 Lines MAJESTY METALS & MANUFACTURING Leopard class Dropship – 2 Lines (down 1) Locust Light Mech Mule class Dropship – 2 Lines Stinger Light Mech Union class Dropship – 2 Lines Wasp Light Mech STARCORPS INDUSTRIES Marauder Heavy Mech Warhammer Heavy Mech Longbow Assault Mech San Andreas Assault Mech LYCOMB‐DAVION INTRATECH Lightning Medium Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines Stuka Assault Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines MAJESTY METALS & MANUFACTURING Shadow Hawk Medium Mech Sabre Light Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines Manticore Heavy Tank – 5 Lines 71
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 THE OUTWORLDS ALLIANCE The Alliance Military Forces have benefited from the Outworlds Governments new plan for strengthening the military. Following the attack on Alpheratz, there was little opposition to the opening of the new Slipstream Armour factory on Ramora. There is also talk that the AMF is investigating, and possibly testing a new Aerofighter, wholly designed within the Outworlds, for deployment some time in 3025. Currently the AMF is receiving 36 Light Mechs, 24 Medium Mechs, 24 Heavy Mechs and 12 Assault Mechs per year, for a total of 96 Mechs per year. Additionally, 48 Light Aerospace Fighters, 60 Medium Aerospace Fighters, 24 Heavy Aerospace Fighters and 24 Assault Aerospace Fighters are produced for a total of 156 Aerospace Fighters per year 84 Light Tanks, 96 Medium Tanks, 36 Heavy Tanks and 12 Assault Tanks per year, for a total of 228 Tanks per year are produced to support the Mech formations. 0 DropShips and 9 JumpShips are also produced. MITCHELLA The Outworlds government has improved productivity at the Mitchella plant by 30%. UNITED OUTWORLDERS CORPORATION Hunter Light Tank Vedette Medium Tank PRAXTON UNITED OUTWORLDERS CORPORATION Shilone Heavy Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines Slayer Assault Aerospace Fighter – 2 Lines UNITED OUTWORLDERS CORPORATION Manticore Heavy Tank ALPHERATZ Defiance‐Olivetti Industrials new Alpheratz facility is not only vital to the AMF, but is forcing the local industrial sector to upgrade to meet the needs of the new facility. This is having a large knock on effect in the rest of the Outworlds economy. RAMORA Stinger Light Mech Production of the Lightning now matches the Seydlitz in numbers. The benefits of the trading of the technology captured from the attack on Alpheratz, allowed the Outworlds to trade for the design specifications for five Hovertank designs that were immediately put into production at the recently completed Slipstream Armour factory in July of 3024. Wasp Light Mech UNITED OUTWORLDERS CORPORATION DEFIANCE‐OLIVETTI INDUSTRIALS Seydlitz Light Aerospace Fighter – 4 Lines Griffin Medium Mech Lightning Medium Aerospace Fighter – 5 Lines Thunderbolt Heavy Mech SLIPSTREAM ARMOUR Warhammer Heavy Mech Drillson Medium Hover Tank Banshee Assault Mech Maxim Medium Hover Transport MOUNTAIN WOLF BATTLEMECHS Pegasus Light Scout Hover Tank Merlin Heavy Mech Condor Medium Hover Tank J. Edgar Light Hover Tank ALLIANCE DEFENDERS LIMITED Locust Light Mech CERBERUS Federated Boeing and Ioto Galactic Industries have been instrumental in getting the old yards working, albeit if it is only a small portion of the once large facilities. However, many locals are unhappy at the influence the two companies now wield in local affairs. ALLIANCE DEFENDERS LIMITED Scout class JumpShip – 3 Lines 72
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 THE TAURIAN CONCORDAT PERDITION The Taurian Defence Force has always been well supported by the industry of the Concordat. The Taurian Government has not opted to expand production in 3024, but is rumoured to be looking into upgrading several DropShip production facilities to be enable them to produce JumpShips. Currently the TDF is receiving 108 Light Mechs, 24 Medium Mechs, 96 Heavy Mechs and 0 Assault Mechs per year, for a total of 228 Mechs per year. Additionally, 60 Light Aerospace Fighters, 0 Medium Aerospace Fighters, 24 Heavy Aerospace Fighters and 24 Assault Aerospace Fighters are produced for a total of 108 Aerospace Fighters per year 288 Light Tanks, 132 Medium Tanks, 0 Heavy Tanks and 0 Assault Tanks per year, for a total of 420 Tanks per year are produced to support the Mech formations. 48 DropShips and 0 JumpShips are also produced. PINARD PROTECTORATES LIMITED Wasp Light Mech – 3 Lines Thunderbird Assault Aerospace Fighter J. Edgar Light Hovertank – 5 Lines Light SRM Carrier Medium Vehicle – 4 Lines Vedette Medium Tank – 4 Lines PINARD VANDENBURG MECHANIZED INDUSTRIES Thunderbolt Heavy Mech Warhammer Heavy Mech ILLIUSHIN Vedette Medium Tank – 3 Lines Coventry Metalworks invested in a 30% share of VMI and saw to it that the Lyran Commando Mech would start production. Additionally, Far Lookers funds saw a tripling of DropShip production from the companies orbiting facilities. VANDENBURG MECHANIZED INDUSTRIES Heavy Hover APC Light Vehicle – 2 Lines PINARD PROTECTORATES LIMITED Marauder Heavy Mech Commando Light Mech STEROPE Griffin Medium Mech TAURUS TERRITORIAL INDUSTRIES Union class Dropship – 3 Lines Seydlitz Light Aerospace Fighter – 2 lines Hunter Light Tank – 5 Lines MACLEOD’S LAND Tracked APC Light Vehicle – 5 Lines PINARD PROTECTORATES LIMITED Union class Dropship – 2 Lines Locust Light Mech Stinger Light Mech TAURUS TAURUS TERRITORIAL INDUSTRIES NEW VANDENBURG Locust Light Mech The only other plant to see production increase in the last few years, VMI has started production of the successful Hunter Tank. Wasp Light Mech VANDENBURG MECHANIZED INDUSTRIES Hatchetman Medium Mech Stinger Light Mech Thunderbolt Heavy Mech Archer Heavy Mech Warhammer Heavy Mech Marauder Heavy Mech Marauder Heavy Mech Chippewa Assault Aerospace Fighter Lightning Heavy Aerospace Fighter – 2 lines Hunter Light Tank Leopard class Dropship – 3 lines ORGANO PINARD PROTECTORATES LIMITED Sabre Light Aerospace Fighter – 3 Lines 73
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 MARIAN HEGEMONY Although the Legions benefited from expanded production in 3023, 3024 saw a halt in new facilities as all efforts were directed towards the war with ORCA and the following recovery. Word from Alpheratz is that 3025 and 3026 will see an ongoing expansion in Marian military manufacturing. Currently the Legions are receiving 0 Light Mechs, 36 Medium Mechs, 24 Heavy Mechs and 36 Assault Mechs per year, for a total of 96 Mechs per year. Additionally, 12 Light Aerospace Fighters, 0 Medium Aerospace Fighters, 12 Heavy Aerospace Fighters and 0 Assault Aerospace Fighters are produced for a total of 24 Aerospace Fighters per year 72 Light Tanks, 0 Medium Tanks, 0 Heavy Tanks and 0 Assault Tanks per year, for a total of 72 Tanks per year are produced to support the Mech formations. 6 DropShips and 9 JumpShips are also produced. ALPHARD The FWLM military has its nose somewhat out of joint; over the fact the IBU can jump start Assault Mech production on Alphard, but not at its facilities in the League. Irian’s answer was simple – Show us the Money! IRIAN BATTLEMECHS UNLIMITED Hermes II Medium Mech Warhammer Heavy Mech Orion Heavy Mech Awesome Assault Mech Stalker Assault Mech Goliath Assault Mech Tracked APC Light Vehicle – 3 Lines J. Edgar Light Hovertank – Lines NIOPS IRB has been given exclusive access to recovered technology from Niops on the condition that it first improves production from the old factories and shares any finds with the Hegemony. NIOPS FEDERAL ARMAMENTS Wyvern Medium Mech Kintaro Medium Mech Spad Aerospace Fighter Gotha Aerospace Fighter Union class DropShip Scout class JumpShip – 3 Lines 74
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 CIRCINUS FEDERATION Circinus was able to recover fairly quickly from the ORCA‐Marian War, as it was involved he least of all. However, although most Circinian formations are back up to strength, reserves are low. The one grave weakness in the Circinian supply chain, that of no aerospace fighter production, was remedied in 3024, when a line, 20 years in the making, was opened to produce the Transit. Circinus The new facility is the crown jewel of Circinus and shaping up as the centre point of the rivalry between the President and the Black Warriors. The new facility for McIntyre Machinery has been fifteen years in the making. The new facility for McIntyre Machinery has been fifteen years in the making. The Transit line was opened in July 3024, with specifications obtained during raiding decades ago. EARTHWERKS INCORPORATED Flea Light Mech Griffin Medium Mech Thunderbolt Heavy Mech Marauder Assault Mech Galleon Light Tank – 4 Lines Hunter Light Tank – 4 Lines MCINTYRE MACHINERY Transit Medium Aerospace Fighter 75
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 OBERON CONFEDERATION STAR’S END 3024 saw Oberon shore up the military through the opening of the Aerospace fighter facility on Stars End. Financed by Lyran money, the facility ensures a stream of new fighters for the OCAF, and cuts the needs for constant importation from the Outworlds Alliance. Currently the OCAF is receiving 24 Light Mechs, 24 Medium Mechs, 24 Heavy Mechs and 0 Assault Mechs per year, for a total of 72 Mechs per year. Additionally, 0 Light Aerospace Fighters, 12 Medium Aerospace Fighters, 12 Heavy Aerospace Fighters and 0 Assault Aerospace Fighters are produced for a total of 24 Aerospace Fighters per year 168 Light Tanks, 0 Medium Tanks, 12 Heavy Tanks and 0 Assault Tanks per year, for a total of 180 Tanks per year are produced to support the Mech formations. 0 DropShips and 9 JumpShips are also produced. Far more extensive than once believed, the yards in the Star’s End asteroid field are proving a boon to the Oberon military and economy. In July of 3024, King Grimm, with the assistance of Lockheed/CBM, finalised the last of his major industry plans. The opening of aerospace fighter production would free Oberon of the need for imports from other realms and give Grimm more flexibility in his forces. ERIN (Von Strang’s World) OBERON VI This ancient facility, several centuries old, still produces a few tanks a year for whoever owns the facility at the time. JOLLY ROGER SHIPPING Merchant class JumpShip Stingray Medium Aerospace Fighter Eagle Heavy Aerospace Fighter The new company is owned 60/40 between the Grimm family and Olivetti Weaponry. As the heart of the Oberon military, the facility is well guarded. RIM WORLDS MANUFACTURING Von Luckner Heavy Tank RED EYE HEAVY INDUSTRIES Locust Light Mech – 2 Lines Wolverine Medium Mech – 2 Lines Rifleman Heavy Mech – 2 Lines Galleon Light Tank – 2 Lines Scorpion Light Tank – 2 Lines Tracked APC Light Vehicle – 2 Lines Wheeled APC Light Vehicle – 2 Lines Hover APC Light Vehicle – 2 Lines ELISSA Only recently opening, the new facility is not popular with the local pacifists. RED EYE HEAVY INDUSTRIES Galleon Light Tank – 2 Lines Scorpion Light Tank – 2 Lines 76
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 LOTHIAN LEAGUE The limited production of the Lothian League has been insufficient to enable a swift recovery from the recent war. LOTHARIO LOTHIAN – WALLIS Inc Clint Medium Mech Hellcat Heavy Aerospace Fighter Striker Light Tank – 3 Lines 77
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 ILLYRIAN PALITINATE Much like Lothia, Illyria is lacking in the material production which would enable it to rapidly recover from the Marian War. ILLYRIA THOR’S BATTLE TECHNOLOGY Stalker Assault Mech BattleMaster Assault Mech Sabre Light Aerospace Fighter Harasser Light Missile Platform – 3 Lines 78
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 MICA MAJORITY Mica actually closed down production for much of 3024, to provide funding for other areas of the economy, with new tanks expected to start rolling off the lines in 3025. MICA V MICA FEDERAL ARMAMENTS Galleon Tank – 3 Lines 79
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 3024 TECHNICAL ADDENDUM CISA has not had much chance over the course of the last few decades to undertake work for the Technical Addendums, sections of the review that were once well populated. However, we are proud to present the first new battlefield unit to see service since the Outworlds Merlin ‘Mech entered service. BattleMechs BattleMechs have always been the preferred unit for use on the modern battlefield, and it is fitting that the first new ‘Mech in many years is likely to become one of the kings of the class, the 100 ton San Andreas, product of the recently built StarCorps facility on Dunianshire .
FRB‐2A FIREBEE Mass: 35 Tons Cruising Speed: 54 kph Maximum Speed: 86 kph Jump Capacity: 150 meters Armament: 1 Star Cutter 80cm Laser 4 Harvester‐2K Deployed By: CCAF Designer: Earthworks Inc. Entered Service: 3025 (expected) Primary Factories: Grand Base Variants: None current CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 operational, have shown the new configuration to be effective in trials. OVERVIEW The Confederation’s first BattleMech was lost to the CCAF, following the destruction of its factory on Exedor during the Succession Wars. By the 30th Century, the Firebee was little more than a notable museum piece. With the ascension of Candace Liao to the Chancellorship and her appointment of her brother Tormana Liao as the effective head of the Capellan military, plans were set in motion to bring the Firebee back into production. With the Capellan Defence Conglomerate and their plants on Exedor just a memory, Earthworks Ltd. were told in no uncertain terms, to ensure the Firebee was back in service by January of 3025 and so began the retooling of their Stinger line as quickly as possible. DEPLOYMENT First a shock unit, the Firebee was the core of many armour‐hunting units. As the BattleMech became more popular, the Firebee shifted to a recon role, then back to a shock role providing firepower against light units. It filled this role well until the destruction of the Exedor plant at the onset of the First Succession War. The aggressive role that the Firebee filled led to its quick extinction on the battlefield by the 30th century. A few remained as museum pieces or curios, but none has seen combat in many generations. The initial four refitted models are in the hands of the Protectorate Guard on Sian, where they have been put through their paces. Though the old frames have been prone to breakdown, they have been able to provide enough data to ensure the first production run of 6 Firebees in January 3025 will be fully functional and battlefield effective. This BattleMech is expected to be distributed widely throughout the CCAF. VARIANTS The original 1E used a primitive cockpit and engine. This limited the weaponry to five long‐ranged and six short ranged missile tubes. The six‐and‐a‐half tons of armour were not nearly as efficient as modern armour, and the 1E did not possess jump jets. NOTABLE PILOTS CAPABILITIES Several design evolutions worked out the kinks in the Firebee, leading to the Firebee 2E, which was put into mass production in 2524 during the reign of Kalvin Liao. With a top speed of over 80 kph, it had good speed for the day and could keep up with its predecessors. However, the new plant on Grand Base was not able to resurrect all the jigs for the Firebee and so stripped out the battery of SRM 2 launchers for a single SRM 4, located in the left torso. The current Firebee is otherwise a mirror for the 2E and although it is yet to see full scale production, museum pieces refitted and made Captain Ipsen Chang The pilot of the first ‐2E Firebee off the production lines, Chang racked up dozens of tank and infantry unit kills and felled a half dozen ’Mechs. The most celebrated first generation ’MechWarrior of the Confederation, he was quick to embrace the life of fame and excess, but it eventually resulted in his death. After finding Chang with one of his wives (some assert that Chang was unaware of the woman’s marital status; others disagree), Kalvin Liao had him executed by immolation with Inferno gel. MechWarrior Alice Ng the Protectorate Guard, 81
Model: FRB‐2A FIREBEE Technology Base: Inner Sphere Tonnage: 30 Equipment Internal Structure: Engine: Walking MPs: Running MPs: Jumping MPs: Heat Sinks: Gyro: Cockpit: Armour Factor: Head Centre Torso Centre Torso (Rear) L/R Torso L/R Torso (Rear) L/R Arm L/R Leg Weapons and Ammo Large Laser SRM 2 SRM 2 SRM 2 SRM 2 Ammo (SRM 2) One of the test pilots for MechWarrior Ng has managed to wreck her refitted Firebee on six separate occasions. However, as she is willing to push the machine further than her contemporaries, she has provided valuable data that has been used to protect production machines from future joint and limb failures. 175 5 8 5 10 96 Internal Structure 3 10 7 5 7 Location RA RT CT LT LA LT Armour Value 8 11 5 10 3 10 13 Critical 2 1 1 1 1 2 Mass 3 5.5 0 2 3 6 Mass 5 1 1 1 1 2 MON‐67 MONGOOSE Mass: 25 Tons Cruising Speed: 86 kph Maximum Speed: 130 kph Jump Capacity: None Armament: 3 Starflash Medium Lasers 1 Starflash Small Lasers Deployed By: CCAF Designer: Diplan Mechyards of Ozawa Entered Service: 2660 Primary Factories: Ares Variants: None CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 for use by the CCAF, replacing the Locust in production on Ares. OVERVIEW Introduced in the spring of 2660, the quick, agile Mongoose soon became popular with Star League light lance commanders. Equipped with the Beagle active probe, which combined thermal and magnetic passive sensors with an active, millimetre‐wavelength phased‐
array radar, the Mongoose rendered all attempts at concealment useless. Though the 'Mech was originally designed for deep reconnaissance, commanders began to adapt it for command and control duties as soon as they discovered that the Mongoose's advanced sensor array and associated central processing units would allow them to easily coordinate the activities of an entire light company. Demand for this new vehicle was high, and by 2668, the design had become the standard command 'Mech for all light and recon lances. The First and Second Succession Wars devastated the Inner Sphere's industrial might. As was the case for the MechWarriors of many advanced BattleMech designs dependent on a constant flow of replacement parts, Mongoose pilots found themselves patching and jury‐
rigging together their "state‐of‐the‐art" electronics and weaponry. The first item to suffer was the sensor array, and today, none of the few operational Mongooses have a functioning Beagle probe. However, as part of Mandarin Liao’s Military Production Restructuring Program, the Mongoose was resurrected model and a rumoured SLDF Royal model were one the pinnacle of the designs Star League era modifications. CAPABILITIES NOTABLE PILOTS The Mongoose was designed to replace the venerable Locust, with ground speed, rather than jumping ability, as the key to the 'Mech's manoeuvrability. An instant success with field commanders, the 'Mech is considered an outstanding design. The 'Mech's armament is based entirely on energy weapons, freeing it from an undue reliance on resupply. This makes the Mongoose an ideal deep‐recon 'Mech or raider. No current notable pilots are currently in service. The Mongoose carries a heavy load of armour for its size, and it can withstand a direct PPC blast to the chest without suffering internal damage. If necessary, the Mongoose can engage medium 'Mechs with some chance of success. The laser systems are tried and dependable, with excellent heat dissipation provided by the primary cooling collars located just above the 'Mech's elbows. Secondary heat sinks, located in the back of the torso, funnel heat toward the waist. The lasers mounted in the centre torso and head are very accurate, employing internal compensatory systems that allow the Mongoose to aim precisely when at a full run. The only drawback to the weapon system is the cooling jacket for the centre torso laser, which rests on top of the engine compartment and tends to deteriorate rapidly. Replacement is not difficult, but studies show the jacket is virtually useless after only 100 firings. The additional heat does not impair the Mongoose's performance, but it makes the cockpit uncomfortable for the pilot and sometimes interferes with the sensor array. Model: MON‐67 Mongoose Technology Base: Inner Sphere Tonnage: 25 Equipment Internal Structure: Engine: Walking MPs: Running MPs: Jumping MPs: Heat Sinks: Gyro: Cockpit: Armour Factor: Head Centre Torso Centre Torso (Rear) L/R Torso L/R Torso (Rear) L/R Arm L/R Leg Weapons and Ammo Medium Laser Medium Laser Medium Laser Small Laser DEPLOYMENT The first new build Mongoose is expected to enter service with the CCAF in early 3025. It is not clear if any one unit will be slated to receive the Mechs, but rumours persist that the Chancellor’s Own Grenadiers will be the first to receive the Mongoose. VARIANTS No variants are currently in service. However, the original CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3024
200 8 12 0 10 88 Internal Structure 3 8 6 4 6 Location RA LA CT H Armour Value 9 12 3 10 2 8 12 Critical 1 1 14 14 Mass 2.5 8.5 0 3 3 5.5 Mass 1 1 1 1 CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 metres. The frame is protected by six tons of armour, allowing it to absorb some amount of punishment before critical systems are endangered. Although the speed and armour are not ideal in a ‘Mech this size, the fact that it is meant to support other light Mech formations from afar, should mitigate these issues if the ‘Mech is used properly. YM‐1A YUMI Mass: Cruising Speed: Maximum Speed: Jump Capacity: Armament: 35 Tons 53 kph 86 kph 150 meters 1 Magna Longbow‐15 Missile Launcher 2 Diverse Optics Type 20 Medium Lasers Deployed By: DCMS Designer: New Samarkand Armour Works Entered Service: 3025 Primary Factories: New Samarkand Variants: None OVERVIEW With the first prototype finishing assembly in July 3024, the Yumi is the latest BattleMech design to enter service with the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery. Very nearly built on Arkab, the production site was moved to New Samarkand for security reasons, both from nearby Lyran forces and Arkab's population itself. Designed to allow the DCMS to provide mobile fire support to light ‘Mech formations and to allow those units to compete with the Federated Suns Valkyrie. Although not acknowledging that the AFFS ‘Mech may have been the inspiration for the design, the DCMS has nonetheless shown its respect for the Davion unit it their latest ‘Mech model. CAPABILITIES Built around a fifteen tube long range missile launcher, the Yumi is one of the rare light 'Mechs to have the ability to engage the enemy at long range. The launcher is fed by two tons of ammunition, providing ample supplies in any typical combat situation. The launcher is backed up by two medium lasers, giving it short range weaponry with no ammunition concerns. One of the Yumi’s more notable weaknesses, is the 'Mech’s speed, which at 86km/h, is more normally seen on Medium designs. However, mobility is improved by five jump jets, providing the Yumi the ability to jump 150 The electronics are modified versions of the equipment used on the ubiquitous Panther series, modified for the Yumi's armament and differing speed profile and which has allowed the development process to be speeded up considerably. The Yumi has also been noted as easy to rearm by technicians servicing the prototype, with reload time half that of other Mechs with similar armament. DEPLOYMENT With the factory having completed only six initial run models and the four pre‐production prototypes, many are eagerly awaiting the second run in mid‐3025 and a wider distribution of the ‘Mech. The last pre‐production units have been retained by the factory to assist in mass production readiness. Production has reached frontline units through the assignment of the first six Yumi’s to the th
8 Sword of Light on An Ting. The Yumi has only encountered combat once since th
deployment, when an 8 Sword lance of Yumi’s was on route to a range for a live fire weapon's test. The four ‘Mechs came under attack by elements of the 11th Avalon Hussars on a recon raid. The prototype preformed as expected when the Yumi pilots destroyed three of the Davion ‘Mechs, including both Valkyries that were present in the attacking lance, for the loss of one Yumi. was finished off at close range with the Yumi’s medium lasers. Model: YM‐1A‐ YUMI Technology Base: Inner Sphere Tonnage: 35 Equipment Internal Structure: Engine: Walking MPs: Running MPs: Jumping MPs: Heat Sinks: Gyro: Cockpit: Armour Factor: Head Centre Torso Centre Torso (Rear) L/R Torso L/R Torso (Rear) L/R Arm L/R Leg Weapons and Ammo LRM 15 Medium Laser Medium Laser Ammo (LRM 15) VARIANTS Currently no variants of the Yumi exist or are planned in the foreseeable future. NOTABLE PILOTS Sho‐sa Liesha Trodan Sho‐sa Trodan was responsible for taking out both Valkyries that were destroyed on An Ting early in the year. One was eliminated at long range, whilst the other CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3024
175 5 8 5 10 96 Internal Structure 3 11 8 6 8 Location RT CT H RT Armour Value 9 13 4 13 3 8 11 Critical 3 1 1 2 Mass 3.5 7 0 3 3 6 Mass 7 1 1 2 GRF‐1M Griffin Mass: 55 Tons Cruising Speed: 32.4 kph Maximum Speed: 54 kph Jump Capacity: none Armament: 1 Doombud LRM‐15 1 Magna Mk III Large Laser 2 SarLon MaxiCannon Type 10
Deployed By: CCAF Designer: Earthworks Inc. Entered Service: 3025 (expected) Primary Factories: Tikonov Variants: KGC‐0000 CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 jump jets, the Griffin can outdistance any heavier 'Mechs that might do it harm. It is the CoreTek 275 fusion engine that allows the 'Mech to achieve such speeds. More massive and efficient than many heavier 'Mech engines, the CoreTek 275 is the real reason for the Griffin's long and successful career. OVERVIEW By medium 'Mech standards, the Griffin's defensive armor is substantial. However, it must often confront heavier 'Mechs (in support of other medium vehicles). Because of this, two false armor baffles have been added to the shoulder assemblies of each arm on most Griffins. These baffles give additional, yet limited, protection to the long‐
range missile drum and the head/cockpit area. Two other small armor baffles are located on the legs, protecting the knee joint actuator assembly areas. As with many other early 'Mechs, the Griffin has a serious problem with overheating. Because the 'Mech is fitted with too few heat sinks for its large‐caliber armament, a Griffin pilot is usually faced with the choice of either firing or fleeing. In most cases, he cannot do both without risking dangerous levels of heat build‐up. The GRF‐1N Griffin was first put into production in 2492. Considered a heavy 'Mech early in its career, the Griffin was superseded by heavier and better‐armored vehicles within a century. The design was popular, however, and so the Griffin was kept in production but downgraded to medium status. This 'Mech may currently be found in almost every unit of the Successor States. Though the Griffin was initially designed as an assault 'Mech, its capacity was soon surpassed by more advanced weapons technology. For this reason, the Griffin was given a new specialty, that of long‐range support in medium lances, a role for which it is well suited. The plant opened in early 3024 and so far most production has gone to units in the Kendall Command, where the model was given its baptism of fire on Niops. Of the six deployed in that debacle, 3 were lost, but all performed well, ensuring the models continued production. CAPABILITIES VARIANTS Brigadier has been trying to resurrect its once proud business empire and until recently has meet with little success. Hoarding its small profits over the years, the company has finally succeeded in bringing one of its wrecked BattleMech plants back to life. Although only producing 12 Griffins a year, this first step in recover has done wonders for the companies share price and morale. The Griffin version produced on Karchi, the 1M, trades out the PPC for a Large Laser and 2 tons more armor, which is also better placed. The House Steiner modification is the only major variant on the basic Griffin design. Steiner has replaced the Fusigon PPC with one large laser and two medium lasers, and replaced the standard LRM ten‐rack with a five‐rack This new arrangement does not help the Griffin's inherent heat problems, but it does provide for less random damage because laser damage is more constant than missile spreads. One of the Griffin's special advantages is its high maneuverability relative to its tonnage. With a maximum speed of more than 80 kph and the use of its Rawlings 55 DEPLOYMENT Equipment Internal Structure: Engine: Walking MPs: Running MPs: Jumping MPs: Heat Sinks: Gyro: Cockpit: Armour Factor: Head Centre Torso Centre Torso (Rear) L/R Torso L/R Torso (Rear) L/R Arm L/R Leg Weapons and Ammo Large Laser LRM‐10 Ammo (LRM 15) NOTABLE PILOTS No notable pilots for the new model Griffin have arisen yet. CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3024
Model: KGC‐1L King Crab Technology Base: 3025 Tonnage: 100 84
300 3 5 0 15 288 Internal Structure 3 18 13 9 13 Location Ra RT RT Armour Value 9 30 6 20 6 18 22 Critical 2 2 2 Mass 5.5 19 5 3 3 18 Mass 5 5 2 CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 CAPABILITIES KGC‐1L King Crab Mass: 100 Tons Cruising Speed: 32.4 kph Maximum Speed: 54 kph Jump Capacity: none Armament: 1 Doombud LRM‐15 1 Magna Mk III Large Laser 2 SarLon MaxiCannon Type 10
Deployed By: CCAF Designer: Earthworks Inc. Entered Service: 3025 (expected) Primary Factories: Tikonov Variants: KGC‐0000 OVERVIEW As part of the MPRP, Earthworks began the retooling of the Longbow line on Tikonov to that of the KGC‐1L King Crab, in order to provide the CCAF with a powerful direct fire assault Mech. House Liao needed more diversity in its assault Mech inventory and was able to convince the Northwind Highlanders to provide the plans. The Highlanders had long held the specifications, gained from the Corsara plant on Northwind, in order to repair their own aging KGC’s. Realizing that the AC‐20's and general lack of endurance, due to ammo constrictions, crippled the original model, Liao engineers have redesigned it. A decision was quickly made to replace the AC‐20's with AC‐10's and using the 4 tons of weight saved, MPRP designers were able to give the new AC‐10's two tons of ammo each and increase the LRM‐15 ammo to two tons as well. Where the old King Crab had to hope it could close to use its AC‐20's, the new ‐1L version could lay heavy and effective fire, at almost double the range of the older model, and continue to fight for much longer. Once introduced to the Capellan military, the ‐1L looks to be a great addition, with only time and combat telling if the designers were correct. DEPLOYMENT The first six models are slated for delivery to the Northwind Highlanders, where they will be put through an exhaustive series of field tests and combat trials. Following the six month trial period, should the model prove as effective as hoped, it will see full scale production. VARIANTS The only variant currently in service is the KCG‐0000. It uses the Autocannon‐20 in place of the Autocannon‐10. Although it is very dangerous at close range it suffers from a severe ammunition shortage requiring good resupply to remain combat effective. NOTABLE PILOTS No notable pilots for the new model King Crab have arisen yet. Head Centre Torso Centre Torso (Rear) L/R Torso L/R Torso (Rear) L/R Arm L/R Leg Weapons and Ammo Autocannon 10 Ammo (AC10) Autocannon 10 Ammo (AC10) Large Laser LRM‐15 Ammo (LRM 15) 85
Equipment Internal Structure: Engine: Walking MPs: Running MPs: Jumping MPs: Heat Sinks: Gyro: Cockpit: Armour Factor: This simple modification vastly increased the KGC’s endurance by giving the AC‐10's twenty volleys each, versus the five from the old AC‐20's and also doubling the LRM‐15’s capacity to 16 volleys. The remaining ton was given over to more amour protection, since, in the CCAF’s view, an assault BattleMech can never have too much amour. Model: KGC‐1L King Crab Technology Base: 3025 Tonnage: 100 300 3 5 0 15 288 Internal Structure 3 31 21 17 21 Location RA RT LA LT RT LT LT Armour Value 9 45 14 31 10 30 39 Critical 7 2 7 2 2 3 2 Mass 10 19 5 3 3 18 Mass 12 2 12 2 5 7 2 CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Armoured Vehicles Armoured vehicles serve their own important place on the modern battlefield, as evidenced by the huge number produced and deployed every year. However, 3024 saw the introduction of three new vehicles, all of Capellan design, each of which was created with the sole purpose of infantry support and transport. These three units will soon see combat, with many expecting them to perform well against the AFFS. .
COR‐1B Corbie VTOL Mass: 25 Tons Cruising Speed: 108 kph Maximum Speed: 162 kph Armament 1 Longfire Light 2 Mydron MiniGun Deployed By: CCAF Designer: Quickcell Entered Service: 3025 Primary Factories: Ares Variants: None currently CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 suppression fire from a distance, whilst the machine guns provide covering fire for disembarking troops. Additionally, with the amour to shrug of a PPC strike to any facing, further enhancing the Corbie’s survivability, the VTOL’s 3 ton complement of infantry have a high chance of making it to the battlefield alive. DEPLOYMENT OVERVIEW When Tormana Liao came to power in mid‐3024, as Strategios for the CCAF, he was able to implement plans he had long supported, yet which were given short thrift by his father. Tormano had long been a believer in the premise that all arms of the CCAF were of value to the state and deserved the tools and resources to ensure their best possible service. With his ascension to the head of the CCAF in 3024, Tormano was able to realize his ambitions and plans for the CCAF. The Corbie is the first of the new Strategios’s platforms for improving the CCAF’s infantry arm. Not willing to entrust all the production of the two new Capellan VTOL’s to the sometime unreliable Quickscell Company and not wanting to completely end Scorpion tank production, Mandarin Liao chose Hellespont on Sian to manufacture the new Mohican using half of the old Scorpion tank lines, whilst the Corbie began production on Ares. The first 24 Corbie’s will be entering service in th
January of 3025, likely with the 225 and 303 Capellan Reserve Brigades in honour of their performance on Kittery. VARIANTS None NOTABLE PILOTS None to date Part of Mandarin Tormana’s MPRP was to ensure that CCAF infantry formations have the best tools for their trade and the Corbie and Mohican VTOLS were the new tools for those dangerous trades. Where the Corbie is the transport, the Mohican is the escort. With and SRM6, 2 SRM2 launchers and a speed of 162km/h, the Mohican can lay down heavy suppression fire for the following Corbie’s. Equipment Internal Structure: Engine: Cruising MPs: Flanking MPs: Heat Sinks: Control Equipment: Lift Equipment: Armour Factor: Nose Left Right Rear Rotor Weapons and Ammo LRM 5 Ammo (LRM 5) MG MG Ammo (MG) Infantry Bay The Corbie is a 25 ton VTOL that can achieve speeds of 162km/h , enabling it to move across battlefields quickly and deliver its cargo of soldiers with the minimum possible exposure to enemy fire. The Corbie is armed with an LRM‐5 and 2 machine guns, with the former allowing for the Corbie to lay down 87
Technology Base: 3025 Tonnage: 25 CAPABILITIES Model: COR‐1B Corbie VTOL 110 ICE 10 15 0 64 Internal Structure 3 3 3 3 3 Location Nose Body Nose Nose Body Body Armour Value 24 15 15 8 2 Critical 2 1 3 3 1 1 Mass 2.5 7 0 1.5 2.5 4 Mass 2 1 0.5 0.5 0.5 3 MOH‐1C Mohican Mass: 25 Tons Cruising Speed: 108 kph Maximum Speed: 162 kph Armament: 1 Sian/Ceres Harpoon‐6 2Sian/Ceres Lynx Deployed By: CCAF Designer: Hellespont Industrials Entered Service: 3025 (estimated) Primary Factories: Sian Variants: None CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 still prone to high loss rates and may not prove as useful as the Corbie over time, due to its lack of flexibility. OVERVIEW DEPLOYMENT Not willing to entrust all the production of the two new Capellan VTOL’s to the sometime unreliable Quickscell Company and not wanting to completely end Scorpion tank production, Mandarin Liao chose Hellespont on Sian to manufacture the new Mohican using half of the old Scorpion tank lines, whilst the Corbie began production on Ares. The first 24 Corbie’s will be entering service in January of 3025, likely with the 225th and 303rd Capellan Reserve Brigades in honour of their performance on Kittery. Model: MOH‐1C Mohican Technology Base: 3025 Tonnage: 25 Equipment Internal Structure: Engine: Cruising MPs: Flank MPs: Heat Sinks: Heat Sinks: Control Equipment: Lift Equipment: Armour Factor: VARIANTS The Mohican was designed as the VTOL escort counterpart to the CCAF’s new Corbie infantry transport, as part of Mandarin Liao’s plans to improve the conventional forces of the CCAF, in line with improvements for the other elements of the CCAF. Nose Left Right Rear Rotor Weapons and Ammo SRM 6 Ammo (SRM 6) SRM 2 SRM 2 Ammo (SRM 2) None NOTABLE PILOTS None to date The Mohican is designed to get across a battlefield quickly, in advance of the Corbie and to lay down a heavy and concentrated barrage of missiles, prior to the landing of the escorted infantry. CAPABILITIES The Mohican is a fast attack VTOL, designed to escort the Corbie Troop Transport VTOL onto the battlefield. The Mohican is equipped with short range missiles to soften up opposition before the Corbie insert troops onto the battlefield. Armed with 10 short range s missile tubes, the Mohican is able to lay down devastating barrages, especially when deployed as a lance and can be especially deadly against infantry and Mechs when using inferno rounds. As with many other VTOL’s, the Mohican suffers from weak armour, especially the rotors and can be brought down easily. Some Capellan pilots, off the record of course, have shown some reservation in piloting a craft with light armour, designed as a close assault unit. Despite the Mohicans’s ability to take a PPC to any facing and its high speed, making it difficult to hit, the VTOL is 88
110 ICE 10 15 0 0 72 Internal Structure 3 3 3 3 3 Location Nose Body RS LS Body Armour Value 24 18 18 10 2 Critical 10 2 3 3 1 Mass 2.5 19 0 0 1.5 2.5 4.5 Mass 14 2 7 7 1 SML‐2A Smilodon IFV Mass: 40 Tons Cruising Speed: 43 kph Maximum Speed: 64 kph Armament: 1 Firmir MaxiLase 2 Longfire Light 1 Sian/Ceres Lynx Deployed By: CCAF Designer: Ceres Metals Entered Service: 3025 (estimated) Primary Factories: Indicas Variants: None CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 power at short to medium ranges and a long range harassment ability. Most importantly, the IFV can lay down covering fore all the way from contact to insertion, with a lance able to even suppress single BattleMechs, ensuring that CCAF soldiers will be delivered alive and supported throughout their engagement. DEPLOYMENT Five of the Hetzer’s lines are being retooled to produce the Smilidon IFV on Indicas, allowing for a production of 60 vehicles per year. The first 30 Smilodon’s are slated for th
deployment in January of 3025, likely with the 225 and rd
303 Capellan Reserve Brigades in honour of their performance on Kittery. OVERVIEW The Hetzer wheeled assault gun, long a favorite for CCAF Home Guard formations is a limited, if somewhat powerful vehicle, but the CCAF does not need all 108 produced by Ceres every year on Indicas. Therefore Mandarin Liao, as part of the MPRP, asked Ceres to come up with a new IFV design to complement the new VTOLs going into production on Sian and Ares. Mandarin Liao undertook the IFV program in order to round out the new infantry support vehicle complement of the MPRP. None NOTABLE PILOTS None to date The Smilidon is a 40 ton infantry carrier with a top speed of 65km/h, designed to transport 21 soldiers and their equipment into battle, with a lance of 4 IFV’s able to accommodate a company of infantry and provide them with heavy fire support. Equipment Internal Structure: Engine: Cruising MPs: Flanking MPs: Heat Sinks: Control Equipment: Turret: Armour Factor: Although slow, this tracked IFV carries a massive 11 tons of armor on its large 45 tons frame, allowing the IFV to absorb multiple heavy strikes and still get its passengers to their destination safely. Although by no means a fast vehicle, the Smilidon’s low profile gives it some additional protection, offsetting its lack of maneuverability somewhat. The Smilidon is equipped with a turret mounted large laser as its main, direct fire battery, supported by 2 LRM5’s and 1 SRM2, giving the Smilidon a respectable fire 89
Front Left Right Rear Turret Weapons and Ammo Large Laser LRM 5 LRM 5 Ammo (LRM 5) SRM 2 Ammo (SRM 2) Infantry Bay VARIANTS CAPABILITIES Model: SML‐2A Smilodan IFV Technology Base: 3025 Tonnage: 40 160 4 6 10 176 Internal Structure 4 4 4 4 4 Location TU TU FR Body TU Body Body Armour Value 42 30 30 30 44 Critical 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 Mass 4 6 0 2 1 11 Mass 5 2 2 2 1 1 3 CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 put the entire invasion behind schedule and caused the fighting to continue into April. 3024 COMBAT BRIEFS CISA provides the following summaries of the major conflicts of the past year, in order to assist out readers in examining the trends and results of the actions of the major militaries. WORLD: VENDOMME st
ATTACKER: 1 Oberon Guards, 4 Oberon Air Guards The briefs are broken down by front, and month, with each world being listed in each month that combat occurred. DEFENDER: Duchy of Vendome Armed Forces (Armour Brigade, 56 Mechs and 2 fighters) RESULTS: The elite and powerful Oberon force stuck Vendome with great strength and within a week had virtually eliminated all resistance. The few remaining defenders surrendered. CHAINLAINE WAR The Oberon Confederation continued to push deeper into the Chainlaine worlds, seeking to cut off the more developed worlds from each other and shatter the solidarity of the anti‐Oberon faction. APRIL 3024 WORLD: CAVELLAR st
ATTACKER: 1 and 2 Oberon Cavaliers and 5 Oberon Air nd
Guards, 2 Chainlaine Falcons (April). JANUARY 3024 DEFENDER: County of Cavellar Armed Forces (Armour Regiment, 5 Mech Companies and 32 Fighters) WORLD: RHINELAND nd
ATTACKER: Regulators, 2 Chainlaine Falcons RESULTS: The Oberon ground units held back as the two Air Wings put on a display of ground attack that completely crushed the will of the defenders who surrendered what little force they had remaining by months end. DEFENDER: Army of Rhineland – 1 Armoured Brigade, 20 Mechs and 10 Aerospace Fighters RESULTS: The OCAF looked to eliminate the weak state of the Rhineland Palatinate in their rear areas before moving on the stronger Chainlaine powers. The in run and initial fighting saw the locals badly handled and their air units fleeing for the safety of the planets far side. Further fighting shattered the remains of Rhineland’s army, which promptly surrendered. The 2nd Falcons gained their regular status and the captured materials were sent to OCAF forward depots. MAY 3024 WORLD: NEW CALEDONIA ATTACKER: 1st Chainlaine Guards, 1st Chainlaine Falcons DEFENDER: Duchy of New Caledonia Armed Forces (5 Armour Regiments, 5 Mech Companies and 26 Fighters) RESULTS: In the most difficult of Oberon’s attacks in May, the two newly recruited Chainlaine units were hard pressed to take control of the battle. Both sides lack of experience saw the fighting limited to stand up fights, with little movement but plenty of damage. MARCH 3024 In an effort to prevent the Chainlaine Alliance from disrupting their supply lines and to strike before all the leaders of the anti Oberon Chainlaine Alliance could return home and strike out, the Oberon forces looked to take the three worlds that lay closest to Normandy. WORLD: ALSACE th
ATTACKER: The Regulators, 5 Oberon Air Guards, 2 Chainlaine Falcons WORLD: BURGUNDY nd
ATTACKER: The Regulators, 2 Chainlaine Falcons DEFENDER: Principality of Alsace Armed Forces (Armour Brigade, 2 Mech Battalions and 38 Fighters) DEFENDER: Duchy of Burgundy Armed Forces (Armour battalion, Mech lance and half a fighter wing) RESULTS: The Regulators showed why they were one of Oberon’s premiere units, as they cut the defenders of Alsace to pieces within eight days of landing. With complete mastery of the skies, the mercenaries were able to dominate the battlefield and completely wiped out the defenders. RESULTS: The Regulators were sent from Rhineland to quickly take Burgundy and make the world into a staging area for future assaults. The Oberon forces landed quickly and once the defenders had lost half their force, gained their surrender. The remaining forces were taken as spoils. WORLD: CALAIS WORLD: CAVELLAR ATTACKER: 1st Oberon Guards, 4th Oberon Air Guards st
ATTACKER: 1 and 2 Oberon Cavaliers and 5 Oberon Air Guards DEFENDER: County of Calais Armed Forces (Armour Regiment, 2 Mech Companies and 36 Fighters) DEFENDER: County of Cavellar Armed Forces (Armour Regiment, 5 Mech Companies and 32 Fighters) st
RESULTS: The 1 Guards, with CAS provided by the 4 , mounted a steady, by the numbers campaign on Calais. This approach RESULTS: The Oberon forces made the mistake of grounding in an area of fens that, in a phrase, bogged down the assault. This 90
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 wore the defenders down over the course of seven heavy engagements and saw their surrender on the 26th. their Falcon support. The major coup of this battle, similar to that which would occur over New Marseilles, was the capture of a large portion of the Chainlaine merchant fleet, shipping that would be added to the military fleet in the short term, but form the backbone of a surging Oberon merchant marine in the future. JUNE 3024 WORLD: NEW CALEDONIA st
st ATTACKER: 1 Chainlaine Guards, 1 Chainlaine Falcons WORLD: NEW MARSEILLES DEFENDER: Duchy of New Caledonia Armed Forces (5 Armour Regiments, 5 Mech Companies and 26 Fighters) nd
ATTACKER: Regulators, 2 Chainlaine Falcons, 1 Oberon th
Guards (mid‐July), 4 Oberon Air Guards (mid‐July) RESULTS: The continued face off and its associated slugfest continued in June, with the only advantage being that of the Oberon Mechs and their fresh supplies. DEFENDER: County of New Marseilles Armed Forces (1 Armour Regiment, 5 Mech Companies and 26 Fighters) RESULTS: In a carbon copy of the battle on Caledonia, the CNMAF folded before Oberon reinforcements could arrive. The remainder of the Chainlaine fleet and many of the world’s fleeing leaders were finally caught and taken into custody. WORLD: NAVARRE st
ATTACKER: 1 Oberon Cavaliers, 3 Chainlaine Regulars, 5 Oberon Air Guards DEFENDER: County of Navarre Armed Forces (1 Armour Battalion, 4 Mech Companies and 4 Fighters) RIM COLLECTION FOUNDATION CAMPAIGN The nascent Rim collection continued to fight desperately for its survival against the forces of the Red Corsair, as the survival of this band of marauders, at the heart of the new realm, would see its dissolution before its could properly establish itself. RESULTS: Although facing a weak opponent, the two armoured units sent to take Navarre were hard pressed to complete the assault at first, with the dedicated defenders refusing to bow down, but managed to swarm the defenders under late in the month. JANUARY 3024 WORLD: NEW MARSEILLES WORLD: SIDON nd
ATTACKER: Regulators, 2 Chainlaine Falcons st
ATTACKER: Ghost Dogs, 1 Rim Federal Guards, 1 Rim Reserve st
Regiment, 1 Rim Wing DEFENDER: County of New Marseilles Armed Forces (1 Armour Regiment, 5 Mech Companies and 26 Fighters) DEFENDER: Red Corsair (108 Mechs and 72 Fighters) RESULTS: The Regulators knew that the world would be well defended and therefore the initial fighting was limited until the opposition’s true strength was determined. By months end however, the battle was well in hand, with the defenders having taken heavy losses for little in return. RESULTS: Although able to put up a strong aerial defence, the Corsair was not able to stop the Rim Forces from landing. The eschewing battle saw losses mount for the Pirates, as their unfamiliarity with large operations became apparent. Inexperience cost the Rim forces their chances to capitalise and the battle ground down with both sides suffering over 20% losses by months end. WORLD: TRANSFER st
ATTACKER: 1 Oberon Guards, 4 Oberon Air Guards FEBRUARY 3024 DEFENDER: Transfer Militia WORLD: SIDON RESULTS: The spirited and strong early resistance of the militia led to their utter destruction in the follow up engagement. st
ATTACKER: Ghost Dogs, 1 Rim Federal Guards, 1 Rim Reserve st
Regiment, 1 Rim Wing JULY 3024 DEFENDER: Red Corsair (108 Mechs and 72 Fighters) The war for Chainlaine entered its final phase in July, as the last pockets of resistance were hunted down and eliminated, netting the Confederation a wealth of new assets. RESULTS: February began badly for the Rim forces, being lured out of their positions by a Pirate feint, which caused moderate causalities to the Rim troops. Despite this setback, the Rim units managed to regroup and stave off disaster. However, both forces had now suffered heavy losses over the two months and were both beginning to suffer morale problems and accumulating battle drain on supplies. WORLD: NEW CALEDONIA st
st th
ATTACKER: 1 Chainlaine Guards, 1 Chainlaine Falcons, 5 th
Oberon Air Guards (mid‐July), 4 Chainlaine Regulars (mid‐July) DEFENDER: Duchy of New Caledonia Armed Forces (5 Armour Regiments, 5 Mech Companies and 26 Fighters) th
RESULTS: Before the reinforcing 5 Air Guards and 4 Regulars could even bring their weight to bear, the NCAF folded and surrendered after continued pressure from the 1st Guards and 91
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 The Renegades could not take the chance that the 1st would remain neutral and so moved suddenly against the unit. MARCH 3024 WORLD: SIDON st
Striking initially against the 1 Wing, who had stayed out of the bickering, the Renegades destroyed thirty four fighters on the ground and captured six others. To all intents and purposes, the st
much famed 1 Wing has ceased to exist. st
ATTACKER: Ghost Dogs, 1 Rim Federal Guards, 1 Rim Reserve st
Regiment, 1 Rim Wing DEFENDER: Red Corsair (108 Mechs and 72 Fighters) RESULTS: The ongoing battle on Sidon continued to grind on, with little gained by either side, except more blood and loss. However, with losses for both sides at, or over 50%, the buckling of one side or the other was imminent. APRIL 3024 WORLD: SIDON The Renegades then turned on the militia and in a very one sided engagement, smashed the local forces and destroyed over a third of the world’s defenders. The militia were only able to deal out light damage in return before the Renegades commandeered st
their assigned transport, that of the 1 Wing and one other in the system at the time and jumped out. FEBRUARY 3024 st
ATTACKER: RIM COLLECTION: Ghost Dogs, 1 Rim Federal Guards, 1st Rim Reserve Regiment, 1st Rim Wing WORLD: KENTARES IV ATTACKER: Redfield’s Renegades th
LYRAN COMMONWEALTH: 11 Arcturan Guards – All Units (April – mid‐month) DEFENDER: Kentares DMM, Kentares Militia (equivalent to 5 Tank Battalions) DEFENDER: Red Corsair (108 Mechs and 72 Fighters) RESULTS: Needing supplies to keep their flight a reality and not a pipe dream, the Renegades struck out towards the Draconis March and the supply node on Kentares IV. Using their stolen civilian transports, the Renegades landed uncontested and hit the defenders hard in an attempt to put them off balance long enough to loot the depots. RESULTS: The LCAF’s response to the Rim Collection’s request for th
help was decisive, with the entire 11 Arcturan Guards upping stumps from Timbuktu and arriving over Sidon mid‐month. With the battle in April fairly desultory and limited to light skirmishing, the Red Corsair’s forces were not ready for a full scale planetary th
assault. The arrival of the 11 Arcturans shattered the Corsair’s forces and took the surrender of the remainder for little loss. In a generous gesture, and one that may have killed his career in the LCAF, Colonel Herbert Timmons gifted all the salvage to the Rim forces to help them repair. The plan was a smashing success, with the Renegades striking at barracks across the depot area and inflicting severe losses on nearby units. Although these losses equated to only 10% of forces on planet, they were 60% of those within range of the depot, the remainder being scattered. REDFIELD’S RUN The Renegades managed to take 31 Medium Mechs from the depot for the loss of 7 of their own, before rejoining their JumpShips at a nearby pirate point and jumping out system. In what would turn into an epic saga, ending on far off Mica, in a way few foresaw, the long serving Redfield’s Renegades mercenary regiment was thrown into a war with the Federated Suns through the machinations of the politicians of Demeter. MARCH 3024 WORLD: JOHNSONDALE JANUARY 3024 ATTACKER: Redfield’s Renegades, Red Air WORLD: DEMETER th
DEFENDER: 65 Independent Air Wing, 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 Johnsondale Militia Divisions, Johnsondale Air Wing ATTACKER: Redfield’s Renegades st
DEFENDER: Demeter Militia, 1 Federated Suns Independent Aerospace Wing (ostensibly neutral) RESULTS: It seems that the leaders of Demeter had been able to severely corrupt the chain of supply and payment to the Redfield Renegades and had been using the funds and supplies to strengthen their own militia’s position on the world. Unfortunately, they have also made it appear that these problems were orchestrated from New Avalon, turning the Renegades against both Demeter and the Federated Suns. The Renegades, out of funds (their financial position was weak to begin with), desperate for parts and increasingly harassed by local militia formations, struck out against both the Demeter st
Militia and the airbase of the 1 Independent Aerospace Wing. RESULTS: Making the quick and calculated risk of jumping into another well settled system, the Renegades had banked on the AFFS thinking that they may go to ground. However, the th
defenders of Johnsondale were ready and waiting, with the 65 st
Aero ready to avenge its fallen brothers in the 1 Wing, which the Renegades destroyed on Demeter. Despite these lofty goals, the defenders were outclassed, loosing 23 aircraft to the Renegades 3, despite outnumbering the raiders over 5:1. With the skies safe, the Renegade Mech Regiment landed and struck straight at the Valiant Systems facility, where the defenders were massed. Seeing the force arrayed against them, the Renegades quickly realised they could not bull their way through and so bloodied 92
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 the defenders, especially the 3rd and 4th Divisions and then pulled off world. st
ILLYRIAN FORCES: 1 Aero Wing, Arms of Thor, Illyrian Armoured Brigade, Woden’s Guard, Gotterdammerung Society (Feb end of month), The Renegades Co‐op (Feb end of month). APRIL 3024 RESULTS: The initial in run by the Marian Transports was well protected by their aerospace assets, hardened by the combat they saw over Niops. The Marian fighters were able to claim 20 defending fighters for the loss of eight of their own and no damage to the transports. As the month wore on the Marians began to establish air superiority as they brought down 16 more defenders for only four of their own falling. WORLD: CROYDON ATTACKER: Redfield’s Renegades, Red Air DEFENDER: Croydon Militia. 53rd Independent Aero Wing (mid‐
month), Miller's Marauders (mid‐month), The Black Tigers (mid‐
month), The Black Lions (co) (end of month) RESULTS: Croydon was next on the Renegades list of targets, with the regiment quickly securing what it wanted ($20 million in goods) with light losses. As the unit was heading out system, several AFFS units materialised and a fierce air battle ensued as the Red Air unit desperately tried to defend the retreating DropShips. Although the defenders scored a few kills, one of the Renegades five Transports was destroyed and with it 31 BattleMechs. Although Redfield’s remaining four transports jumped away, they had been given one hell of a scare. The Marian ground forces split into three separate groups to launch their assaults, with the Highlanders, Legions and Auxilla all landing separately and moving out on different targets. The Blackstone Highlanders were tasked with securing the left flank of the advance on the Capital of Loganville by taking the narrow Breton Pass. Arrayed against them were the forces of the Lothian League, the Legers, Lancers and Commando Brigade. The Lothian Commandos were the ultimate force equaliser in the narrow confines of the pass, establishing a set of horrid ambushes which, backed by Mechs and Armour, caused grievous losses to the Mercenaries’ advance. With their advantage holding, the Lothians sent their late arriving mercenaries to intercept the Marian Legions in the crumbling centre. The Renegades disappeared after this raid, avoiding contact and running from the massing AFFS. AUGUST 3024 WORLD: STURGIS In the centre, on the plains before Loganville, the Illyrians bore the full brunt of the Marian assault by Legio I and II. The experienced Legions brutalised the defenders, smashing their formations and striking for the heart of the allied line and the HQ in the city. Only the combat drop of The Sentinels in front of the Legions allowed the Illyrian line to stabilise. However, the continued pressure of two Mech regiments was too much for the Illyrian Armoured Brigade and Woden’s Guard, who were driven from the field. Late in the month, the Lothian’s mercenaries dropped in behind the Sentinels and again allowed a stabilisation of the Centre. ATTACKER: Redfield Renegades DEFENDER: Dismal Disinherited (Plague of Locusts and Krypt Kickers Regiments), Sturgis Militia (5 Brigades and 1 Aero Wing) RESULTS: Although dealing out damage at a rate of 2:1, the Renegades were unable to put a dent in the world’s defences. A strong and steadfast militia, backed by a pair of seasoned Mercenary Regiments, was too much for the Renegades to handle on their own. THE MARIAN WAR The right flank, held by the tiny planetary militia against the Marian Auxilla, was not expected to hold. However, the initial battles were not a complete disaster, as the small formation traded space for time. Knowing that they could not call for reinforcement the small militia force hung on, hoping for relief at some stage. The next step in Caesar Marius O’Rielly’s plan was to move into the Lothian League and crush its forces, before annexing the small realm and moving onto Illyria. However, Lothia and Illyria were ready and waiting, having allied under the Outer Rim Coalition Agreement (ORCA), which included the Circinus Federation, which was already rushing troops to the front. More concerning, though unknown to the Marians at the time, was that the Free Worlds League considered the survival of ORCA as critical to its national interests. MARCH 3024 WORLD: LOGAN PRIME ATTACKER: I Legio Martia Vitrix, II Legio Cataphracti, Blackstone Highlanders, I Ala Albus, II Ala Atra, I Auxilla Martia Vitrix. III Legio Limitanei (End of March), III Ala Rufus (End of March). FEBRUARY 3024 WORLD: LOGAN PRIME DEFENDER: LOTHIAN FORCES: Lothian Commando Brigade, st
Lothian Lancers, 1 Lothian Leaguers Armoured Brigade, Lothian Lighting Air Wing, Logan Prime Militia, The Sentinels (Feb mid‐
month). ATTACKER: I Legio Martia Vitrix, II Legio Cataphracti, Blackstone Highlanders, I Ala Albus, II Ala Atra, I Auxilla Martia Vitrix. DEFENDER: LOTHIAN FORCES: Lothian Commando Brigade, st
Lothian Lancers, 1 Lothian Leaguers Armoured Brigade, Lothian Lighting Air Wing, Logan Prime Militia, The Sentinels (Feb mid‐
month). st
ILLYRIAN FORCES: 1 Aero Wing, Arms of Thor, Illyrian Armoured Brigade, Woden’s Guard, Gotterdammerung Society (Feb end of month), The Renegades Co‐op (Feb end of month). 93
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 CIRCINIAN FORCES: Black Warriors 2nd Battalion (End of March), Black Warriors Air Wing (End of March). As the Free Worlds began to weigh into the Marian War, first with aid to the forces on Logan Prime with material and then on Niops with the 2nd Atrean Dragoons, the true situation for the Marians began to unfold. With rumours of Canopian forces over Islington and that Janos Marik himself may be looking to command the war personally, the young Caesar was being forced to learn quickly. RESULTS: Both side poured reinforcements for their engaged formations onto Logan Prime as additional full units arrived over the world from both sides late in the month. Knowing that the disruption of the Marian centre and their powerful Legions was the key, the Lothian Commandos were taken from Bremer Pass and sent to kill Caesar Marius O’Rielly and the Legion’s command elements. Although dogged by Marian patrols and suffering heavy losses in their retreat, the members of the Lothian Commando Brigade killed the Caesar and many of the Legions Command, creating havoc for the forces in the central region of the battlefield. WORLD: LOGAN PRIME ATTACKER: I Legio Martia Vitrix, II Legio Cataphracti, Blackstone Highlanders, I Ala Albus, II Ala Atra, I Auxilla Martia Vitrix. III Legio Limitanei (End of March), III Ala Rufus (End of March). Operationes Abscondites (Start of April) All was not well in the skies however, as the green replacements for the defenders air wings were sent to their graves in masses. 32 more aircraft were lost for only 4 Marian craft and by mid‐
month the morale of the two air wings was becoming critical. However, the weather gods smiled on the ORCA pilots and flight operations were severely curtailed for the rest of the month as howling storms moved in, driven by a series of intense low pressure systems. The Left flank around Bremer Pass, without the heroic Commando Bde, still managed to keep the Blackstone Highlanders at bay, with both sides undertaking rapid strikes and feints, whilst trying not to expose themselves. Without the Commandos as their eyes, the Lothian forces were finally drawn out late in the month and badly bloodied, allowing the mercenaries to gain their first true foothold in the pass and prepare to push through in April. DEFENDER: LOTHIAN FORCES: Lothian Commando Brigade, st
Lothian Lancers, 1 Lothian Leaguers Armoured Brigade, Lothian Lighting Air Wing, Logan Prime Militia, The Sentinels (Feb mid‐
month). Dedrickson's Devils (Mid‐April) st
ILLYRIAN FORCES: 1 Aero Wing, Arms of Thor, Illyrian Armoured Brigade, Woden’s Guard, Gotterdammerung Society (Feb end of month), The Renegades Co‐op (Feb end of month). nd
CIRCINIAN FORCES: Black Warriors 2 Battalion (End of March), Black Warriors Air Wing (End of March). RESULTS: Continued re‐enforcement in late march and early April continued to up the intensity of the battle on Logan Prime. However, the Marians, despite their sudden loss of their leader the previous month, re‐established their discipline and line and were more then willing to use their greater material resources to bury the defenders in metal. The arrival of the Black Warriors Air Wing enabled the defenders to almost balance the situation in the air, which was timely, as losses in the Lothian and Illyrian Wings had taken away much of both units experience. The Circinians proved the difference, as they helped bring down 16 Marian fighters for the loss of only six defenders during their arrival. However, the Marians managed to regain some measure of pay back over the rest of the month, downing 25 defenders for the loss of 10 of their own. In the centre, a well timed strike by the massed mercenaries and the Illyrians drove Legio I and Legio II before them. However, the elite Marian troops were able to maintain unit cohesion and order and simply passed back over the ground they had won the month before. Despite their efforts, they could not anchor on any one position for long, as the ORCA forces maintained heavy pressure. It was this pressure which finally told on the 25th, when constant bickering over chain of command, led the Marian troops to split slightly. The Sentinels, awake to the opportunity, poured into the Gap, with the Gotterdammerung Society not far behind. Within days, the two Legions were driven past their hastily evacuated LZ’s and were only stabilised by the arrival of Legio III, dropping to their rear and providing a shield to rally behind as III Ala Rufus began CAS missions over the battlefield’s centre. This arrival was balanced by the Circinians, who reinforced the assault whilst their Air Wing joined the battle with the Lothians and Illyrians. In the Bremer Pass, the Blackstone Highlands continued their bloody advance early in the month, destroying a quarter of the defenders strength. However, the arrival of Dedrickson’s Devils brought the advance to a crashing halt as the pass again turned into a meat grinder, driving both forces down to around 60% strength. Additionally, the numbers of the defenders were beginning to tell, with the Highlanders finding their lines stretched ever thinner. On the right, the Militia continued to slowly give ground, but were at the point where they were running out of manpower. One successful attack would open the ORCA right flank up in its entirety. In an effort to stabilise the right, the two Special Forces units and rejuvenated Illyrian Armour Brigade joined the fray, allowing the militia some respite and halting the advance of the Marian left flank. APRIL 3024 In the centre, the Legions seemed to get their act back together and were punishing the defenders, until a blunder by the young Caesar exposed the flank of Legio I to The Renegades Co‐op and saw the Legion driven from the field. The defenders were not able to capitalise properly on their advantage as Legio I recovered and allowed Legio II to retire before being cut off and destroyed. The battle in the centre, though still in the balance, was falling ever more in the Marians favour, the longer it lasted. On the right, the arrival of the Marian Special Forces seemed to turn the battle in their favour, as they quickly broke the morale 94
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Lighting Air Wing, Logan Prime Militia, The Sentinels (Feb mid‐
month). Dedrickson's Devils (Mid‐April) of the Logan Militia. However, this freed up the defenders line forces from covering the militia and allowed them to go on the full offensive. The battle intensified, but the Marians, although suffering heavier causalities, managed to hold their ground. The militia were not returned to the line, but were held back as a reserve. st
ILLYRIAN FORCES: 1 Aero Wing, Arms of Thor, Illyrian Armoured Brigade, Woden’s Guard, Gotterdammerung Society (Feb end of month), The Renegades Co‐op (Feb end of month). nd
CIRCINIAN FORCES: Black Warriors 2 Battalion (End of March), Black Warriors Air Wing (End of March), Sathen’s Snipers (Early May), Black Warriors 3rd Battalion (middle of May). WORLD: NIOPS nd
ATTACKER: 2 Atrean Dragoons (all units), Free Niopian Regiment DEFENDER: II Auxilla Cataphracti, III Auxilla Limitanei, Niops Militia Centuries (Equivalent to nearly 6 conventional brigades) and Niops Militia Air Cohorts (nearly two wings) RESULTS: The LCCC already had dim views regarding the newly nd
formed 2 Dragoons, a unit that believed that its reformation was not done in keeping with the old regimental traditions. However, when the order to strike into the Marian Hegemony was given, the 2nd’s soldiers jumped at the chance to prove themselves. However, unknown to outsiders, the Marian attack on Niops had freed the long suffering underclass of Niopian society. Taking advantage of this, the now dead Marius O’Rielly had begun recruiting from the population and turning Niops into an armed camp. He planned to protect this valuable new addition to the realm, and a large local and fanatical militia was the way to do it. This freed up offensive forces and kept the few unruly ex‐rulers as a well controlled minority. However, the old ruler’s did come out to play as well, fielding a surprisingly strong force. The training of the League pilots got the invasion force through to its meeting point with the rebel forces on planet, loosing 2 aircraft, but bringing down 10 defenders who tried to interfere. The rest of the month saw the air battle stagnate with 8 more League and 4 more Marian fighters fall. On the ground, the League units and their new allies were horribly outnumbered and the green troops of the FLWM unit lacked the seasoning to take the fight to the enemy. By the 19th the League forces, little more than 2 companies of Mechs and two mixed infantry/armour Battalions, abandoned Niops under the cover of their fighters and jumped back to Romita. Suffice to say the massacre of the Niopian Rebels by the Marian Militia was bloody, brutal and effective. RESULTS: The influx of FWLM equipment and supplies, as well as the arrival of another regiments worth of defenders, was all that kept the ORCA forces alive in May. However, news of League strikes on Niops, Canopian strikes on Islington and of a large League military force over Lordinax, made May the Marians month to win or loose the war. The air battle swung decidedly in the defenders favour in May when they launched a highly successful strike on the main Legion airbase, south of the main battlefields. For the loss of 5 aircraft, 10 Legion fighters were destroyed on the ground and another 5 in the air. However, the ORCA pilots were unable to capitalise on this advantage and the air battle for the rest of the month was a series of small and indecisive clashes. In the Bremer Pass, the resupplied Blackstone Highlanders continued to smash away at their opponents, continuing their month’s long effort to break through. Although losses were similar at first, the greater numbers of the defenders enabled them to absorb losses that were concerning for the mercenaries. Further losses and a strike by the ORCA forces late on the night rd
of the 23 , broke the mercenaries and opened up the right flank of the central battlefield to a devastating flaking assault. In the centre, the battle continued to ebb and flow, with neither side able to gain any real advantage. By the middle of the month, both sides committed their limited reserves, Legio II and the 3rd Battalion of the Black Warriors. This added little to the fight, except more bodies, but with the failure of the right flank of the Marian line, the centre was suddenly in peril. On the right the ORCA forces were finally able to strike a heavy blow against the Auxilla, where over a regiment of the conventional brigade was wiped out. There was little the Marian Special forces could do, and with the reserves committed to the centre, the right looked in desperate peril. Although beaten down to less than 20% strength, the Marian forces held, by pure virtue of the swampy terrain. MAY 3024 May saw the new Caesar realise that the game was up, not just due to losses on Logan Prime, or the advent of aid from the Free Worlds League to ORCA, but the arrival of Canopian forces over the world of Islington. With the writing clearly on the wall and the news that FLWM forces had struck Niops and may be in Lothian space, and with one flank collapsed and the other a force in name only, the young Sean O’Rielly called for a retreat from the world. The ORCA forces, exhausted from months of fighting, let the Marian forces boost off world without further combat. WORLD: LOGAN PRIME ATTACKER: I Legio Martia Vitrix, II Legio Cataphracti, Blackstone Highlanders, I Ala Albus, II Ala Atra, I Auxilla Martia Vitrix. III Legio Limitanei (End of March), III Ala Rufus (End of March). Operationes Abscondites (Start of April) DEFENDER: LOTHIAN FORCES: Lothian Commando Brigade, st
Lothian Lancers, 1 Lothian Leaguers Armoured Brigade, Lothian 95
ATTACKER: 1 Canopian Fusiliers, 14 Canopian Fighter Group, 15th Canopian Armoured Brigade RESULTS: The MAF forces finished off the defenders with little fuss. DEFENDER: Islington Militia Century, Islington Militia Air Maniple RESULTS: Following a cautious approach, after hearing of the debacle on Niops the month before, the Canopians were pleased to find only the standard reserve Marian Militia component on world. After initial sparring determined the Marian strength, the Canopians struck out hard and brutalised the defending forces. Following the missive sent by Caesar Sean, the remaining Legionnaires refused to surrender, however, there would be little chance of surviving past June. CIRCINIAN EXPANSION As Circinus sent forces to aid its new ORCA allies, it was not averse to first using those forces to pick up a little bit of cheap territory along the way. FEBRUARY 3024 WORLD: VALERIUS nd
JUNE 3024 ATTACKER: Black Warriors ‐ 2 Battalion, Black Warriors ‐ Aero Wing, 2nd Circinian Home Guards ‐ 3rd Regiment In June, the Canopian assault into the Marian Hegemony expanded, with the three worlds under attack putting MAF regiments in range of Alphard. The Marians reacted quickly, as the young Caesar called for peace. DEFENDER: Valerius Militia RESULTS: Within days of landing, half the Valerius militia was gone, and by the end of the first week little remained of the other half. The Home Guards remained as a garrison as the Mech and Aerospace units prepared to move into Lothian space to engage the Marians. WORLD: ISLINGTON st
ATTACKER: 1 Canopian Fusiliers, 14 Canopian Fighter Group, th
15 Canopian Armoured Brigade WORLD: NEW ST. ANDREWS DEFENDER: Islington Militia Century, Islington Militia Air Maniple rd
ATTACKER: Black Warriors – 3 Battalion, Black Warriors ‐ Aero Wing, 1st Circinian Home Guards – 1st Regiment RESULTS: The dedicated militia of Islington fought to the bitter end, demonstrating true loyalty to the Caesar. The tally of 33 armoured vehicles, 4 fighters and 11 Mechs destroyed, was a superb effort from the small militia. DEFENDER: New St. Andrews Militia RESULTS: The locals on New St. Andrews were in no mood to receive overlords and put on a brave but futile resistance. Their first attempt at a stand up battle saw their forces reduced by two thirds and the remainder surrender after a token fight. The battles were not without cost for the invaders either, with 8 Mechs and 24 tanks lost. WORLD: BALLALABA ATTACKER: 2nd Canopian Fusiliers, 16th Canopian Armoured Brigade, 15th Canopian Fighter Group DEFENDER: Ballalaba Militia MAGISTRACY COLONIAL CAMPAIGN RESULTS: Landing late in the month, the MAF forces were able to force the militia to surrender within 3 days of landing. The Magestrix continued to extend the sphere of influence of the Canopian realm as she sought to pre‐empt any other power from gaining too much influence in the Detroit region. WORLD: BACCALIEU rd
ATTACKER: 3 Canopian Fusiliers, 19 Canopian Armoured th
Brigade, 20 Canopian Fighter Group FEBRUARY 3024 DEFENDER: Baccalieu Militia WORLD: DETROIT RESULTS: Also arriving mid‐month, the MAF group at Baccalieu was unable to force the militia into surrender, despite destroying half of its forces. st
ATTACKER: Harcourt's Destructors ‐ 1 Battalion, 41 Canopian th
Fighter Group, 38 Canopian Armoured Brigade DEFENDER: Detroit Militia JULY 3024 RESULTS: The Battlegroup assigned to Detroit continued to display the growing MAF familiarity and expertise in combined operations, overrunning the defending militia in mere hours with no appreciable losses. July was the last month of the war, with the Marians desperately seeking a negotiated settlement and the Free Worlds League beginning to throw its diplomatic weight around. Additionally, the ORCA nations were keen to see a settlement that assured their security. WORLD: SPENCER th
ATTACKER: Novo Sinclair Volunteers, 26 Canopian Fighter th
Group, 47 Canopian Armoured Brigade WORLD: BACCALIEU rd
ATTACKER: 3 Canopian Fusiliers, 19 Canopian Armoured th
Brigade, 20 Canopian Fighter Group DEFENDER: Spencer Militia 96
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 RESULTS: After a slow start, the MAF battlegroup swung into high gear, totally destroying the militia and suffering light losses for a demonstration of Canopian firepower. RESULTS: Well versed in subduing militia, the MAF forces ended the world’s short lived second attempt at freedom, when the militia surrendered. MAY 3024 SEPTEMBER 3024 WORLD: HEROTITUS WORLD: ER CRUINNE st
ATTACKER: 1 Battalion/Harcourt’s Destructors, 41 Canopian th
Fighter Group, 38 Canopian Armoured Brigade st
ATTACKER: Harcourt’s Destructors – 1 Battalion, 41 Canopian Aero Wing DEFENDER: Herotitus Militia, Herotitus Games Warriors DEFENDER: Militia RESULTS: The world of Herotitus, a late target for MAF troops in their ongoing Colonial Campaign, was a potential well of bad publicity for its long held place as an independent world, acknowledged as such by all major powers. However, with the major movements by the great powers of late, the Magestrix saw Herotitus as a Canopian holding as the best result for the world, better by far than a Capellan holding and closer to Canopus than Taurus. RESULTS: The Canopians made short work of the small militia on world. FREE WORLDS – LYRAN FRONT The border between the Lyran Commonwealth and the Free Worlds League began to see cross border raiding in force restart in 3024. The campaigns on both sides continued to escalate, resulting in the loss of Loric and Dixie by the Lyran Commonwealth late in the year. As such, the MAF group assigned to the world went in with one hand tied behind their backs, attempting to minmise civilian causalities and complete the takeover with as little fuss as possible. Although the MAF group was able to do significant damage to both the militia and the warriors of the small games circuit on world, the gently, gently policy saw the games warriors able to inflict some damage on their attackers. However, by months end, it was apparent the MAF would get their way, as well as ensuring that there was limited damage to the planets infrastructure. APRIL 3024 WORLD: BORDEN th
ATTACKER: 11 Lyran Guards (less 79 Panzer Brigade), 25 Independent Aerospace Wing DEFENDER: 60th Free Worlds Armoured Brigade, 50th Free Worlds Aerowing, Borden Militia RESULTS: Despite having the superior aerospace force, the LCAF air wings did little more than embarrass themselves over Borden, loosing 22 precious fighters for only 13 League aero units shot down. Despite the lacklustre display in the air, the LCAF ground forces drove the defenders out of Borden’s major cites, but could not completely destroy them. The LCAF had a difficult decision to make – stay and deny the League the world and risk strong counter‐attacks or leave the job unfinished, but whatever their choice the League forces had been severely damaged. WORLD: INDEPENDENCE th
ATTACKER: Novo Sinclair Volunteers, 26 Canopian Fighter th
Group, 47 Canopian Armoured Brigade DEFENDER: Independence Militia RESULTS: Returning to bring the world of Independence back into the Canopian fold again, the MAF battlegroup was, like that group at Herotitus, remarkably light handed. Not with the militia however, who were pounced on and quickly torn apart. MAY 3024 JUNE 3024 WORLD: WYATT WORLD: HEROTITUS th
ATTACKER: 30 Marik Militia (all units), Falcons Regiment ‐ Silver Hawk Irregulars, 1st Silver Hawks Armoured th
Brigade/Falcons Regiment ‐ Silver Hawk Irregulars, 5 Silver th
Hawks Aerowing, 4 Borderer Aerowing, Smithson's Chinese Bandits, The Jolly Rogers. st
ATTACKER: 1 Battalion/Harcourt’s Destructors, 41 Canopian th
Fighter Group, 38 Canopian Armoured Brigade DEFENDER: Herotitus Militia, Herotitus Games Warriors th
DEFENDER: 17 Arcturan Guards (all units), 79 Panzer th
Brigade/11 Lyran Guards, Lohengrin Team 7, 14th Panzer Division (165th, 235th and 283rd Panzer Brigades), Bowie Industries Security Detachments, Wyatt Militia RESULTS: The MAF forces were finally able to lure the defenders out into the open fields, where they all but wiped them out. AUGUST 3024 WORLD: MCEVAN’S SACRIFICE RESULTS: The FWLM planned to teach the LCAF a lesson on Wyatt for their raid on Borden, by striking the planet hard and taking what they could. However, the presence of so many Lyran units made the battle an even handed struggle from the outset. The massive Free Worlds fleet, brought along to take captured th
ATTACKER: Novo Sinclair Volunteers, 47 Canopian Armoured th
Brigade, 26 Canopian Fighter Group DEFENDER: Militia 97
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Lyrans, as the confusion generated by the Lyran Guards withdrawal and the defenders continuing lethargy, allowed the FWLM to push the defenders from the depot and take whatever they could cram into their DropShips. materials, was equivalent to 94 transport groups and would be able to take the entire planets output and much of its industry should time and circumstance permit. The initial in run saw both air groups inflict light losses on each other as they endeavoured to not do damage to the huge number of merchant and military JumpShips present. In the chaos, the FWLM forces were able to ground relatively unmolested. The air battle intensified during the rest of the month with the FWLM air wings slowly, but assuredly, establishing their control of the skies over Wyatt. WORLD: PECANDER ATTACKER: 38th Free Worlds Armoured Brigade, 25th and 63rd Free Worlds Aerowings DEFENDER: 304th Panzer Brigade, Pecander Militia The events of the ground battle were largely in the balance until the Margrave of the Wyatt Theatre, General Victor Joss, unleashed the Lohengrin in the FWLM rear areas. The confusion that this caused allowed the LCAF forces, led by the 17th Arcturans, to inflict moderate losses on the invaders over the course of four weeks, whilst suffering only light losses in return. Despite their limited success, the FWLM saw that Wyatt would become more costly than any value gained by the raid and pulled its forces off world in the first days of June. JULY 3024 Following the strike on Wyatt, the FWLM launched a heavy series of strikes along the Cavanaugh Theatres anti‐spinward edge. Large forces would clash on five worlds, setting a scare into local Lyran commanders, who saw the strikes as a prelude to an invasion. WORLD: CAVANAUGH II th
RESULTS: Lacking any real fighter cover, the 304 was brutalised th
as the 38 took what it wanted from the world. WORLD: PENOBSCOT ATTACKER: Caesar’s Cohort, Clifton’s Rangers th
DEFENDER: 10 Lyran Regulars, Penobscot Militia RESULTS: The two inexperienced mercenary units made a hash of their attack on Penobscot and provided little more than an th
opposed training run for the 10 Regulars. By the time the mercenaries extricated themselves, there were less than half of them remaining. WORLD: POULSBO th
ATTACKER: 6 Free Worlds Guards (less 2 Conventional Brigade) DEFENDER: Narhal’s Raiders (both Regiments), Poulsbo Militia nd
ATTACKER: 2 Free Worlds Guards, 3 Fusiliers of Oriente, 45 th
Free Worlds Armoured Brigade, 35 Free Worlds Aerowing th
DEFENDER: 36 Lyran Guards, 16 Panzer Division, 202 nd
Independent Aero Wing, 2 Lohengrin, Cavanaugh Militia RESULTS: The Lyran defenders of Cavanaugh II were caught napping, not expecting another FWLM military strike on a Theatre Command Centre, like the failed assault on Wyatt. This surprise turned out to be a valuable advantage, as the LCAF units on world possessed greater combat power than the FWLM units. This led to the LCAF air wings flying gunnery practice for their Free Worlds counterparts, whilst the two League assault groups th
landed uncomfortably close to the main bases of the 16 Panzer th
and 36 Guards. The aerial mugging only got worse when Emily Stevens recalled the 36th Guards Air Wing. RESULTS: The 6 Guards baptism of fire was an unmitigated disaster as they walked into a mercenary ambush which cost them 40% of their strength. The only mitigating factor in the attack was the capture of one of the mercenaries transport groups. WORLD: TIMBIQUI st
ATTACKER: 1 Fusiliers of Oriente, 70 Free Worlds Aerowing rd
DEFENDER: 303 Panzer Brigade, Timbiqui Militia st
RESULTS: The power of the 1 Fusiliers was too much for a lone Panzer Brigade, with the unit and its supporting militia wiped out. AUGUST 3024 th
WORLD: MILTON The 16 Panzer, aided by 2 Militia Divisions and the Lohengrin rd
Team was assaulted by the 3 Fusiliers of Oriente and 45 Armoured. The initial fighting was not as severe as expected, as the Lohengrin team created havoc in the Fusiliers rear areas. ATTACKER: Jolly Rogers th
Without Lohengrin support, the Lyran Guards were subjected to nd
a rough handling by the 2 Free Worlds Guards, who inflicted moderate to heavy damage on the Lyran unit. Under standing orders from the LCAF High Command to avoid heavy losses, the Guards withdrew, exposing the 16th Panzer and the Cavanaugh Theatre depot to the full weight of the FWLM assault. RESULTS: The forces on Milton were on a state of alert, following the recent FWLM strikes and the LCAF High Commands dismissal of senior officers the month before. The Jolly Rogers took a rough handling from their future employer and returned to Marik space in a foul humour, threatening to abandon their current contract if the League abused them again. th
The final battle for the world’s depots, between the 16 Panzer, the militia and the entire FWLM force, was a total route for the 98
DEFENDER: 205 Panzer Brigade (8 Panzer Division), Milton Militia (16 Regiments and a Fighter Wing). CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3024
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 the 17th, saw heavy damage dealt to the defenders. The LCAF forces pulled off at months end satisfied that they had hurt the defence. WORLD: WING OCTOBER 3024 th
ATTACKER: 10 Lyran Guards RCT, Cranston Snord’s Irregulars, 79th Independent Aero Wing, 7th Lohengrin, 17th Skye Rangers (reserve) WORLD: CONNAUGHT th
ATTACKER: 17 Arcturan Guards Mech Regiment, 17 Arcturan th
Guards Aerospace, 25 Independent Aerospace Wing, 165th Panzer Brigade‐14th Panzer Division DEFENDER: 30th Marik Militia, Wing Militia th
RESULTS: The elite 10 made short work of the already under strength 30th, taking what they wanted as the Lohengrin stole an orbiting JumpShip. The LCAF suffered so little in the assault that th
the commander of the 30 Militia is facing a court martial for the battle. The reserve force, the 17th Skye, did little more than support the Lohengrin in their capture of the JumpShip. DEFENDER: Kong Interstellar Security, Connaught Militia RESULTS: The raid on Connaught was unexpected, as it seemed the Lyrans had contented themselves to hitting targets close to the border. The Lyran force caught the Marik defenders flatfooted, with most of the defenders never even getting a chance to get out of their barracks and the few that did being gunned down by a Lyran force that remembered the mud and blood of Wyatt. The Lyrans captured a transport group in orbit, 12 billion M‐bills worth of finished industrial goods and 6 Heavy Mechs newly produced from the Kong Interstellar plant. SEPTEMBER 3024 WORLD: DUBHE th
ATTACKER: 11 Lyran Guards RCT, 79 Independent Air Wing th
DEFENDER: 46 Free Worlds Armoured Brigade, 36 Free World Aerowing, Dubhe WORLD: TRELLISANE th
ATTACKER: 36 Lyran Guards Mech Regiment, 7 Lyran Regulars th
Aerospace Wing, 127 Independent Aerospace Wing, 202nd Independent Aerospace Wing RESULTS: The in run to the world saw some limited skirmishing, th
with the 11 able to dictate the pace of the battle on the ground. However, they were unable to inflict enough damage on the defenders to allow them to take any materials with them when the left the world. DEFENDER: 7th Oriente Aerowing‐1st Hussars, 1st Oriente Armoured Brigade‐1st Hussars, Gutierrez Aerospace Defence, Trellisane Militia WORLD: MARCUS RESULTS: Like the raid on Connaught, the Lyran action was unexpected, but not all luck was with the Lyrans as a bad LZ beacon scattered the 36th up to 80km from the Guttierez Aerospace plant. However, due to the unexpected nature of the raid, many of the League units were caught in a stand down mode and were mauled by the Lyran aerospace fighters. th
Meanwhile, the 36 coalesced and drove on the Aerospace plant, gunning down any Marik who so much looked at them funny. The Lyrans took the plant intact, and took 10 billion M‐
Bills in finished industrial goods, 24 Heavy Aerospace fighters, and 1 transport group in orbit. th
ATTACKER: 10 Lyran Guards RCT, 7 Lohengrin th
DEFENDER: 5 Silver Hawks Armoured Brigade, 5 Silver Hawks Air Wing, Marcus Militia RESULTS: The air battle for entry was savage, with several Guards transports taking a mauling, despite the losses inflicted on the th
defenders. The 10 was able to redress this early loss by inflicting losses that drove the 5th Wing off and then proceeded to reduce the defence significantly. Should the battle have continued, the defenders would have suffered severe losses in th
the coming months, but the 10 pulled off world before they could finish off the FWLM forces. WORLD: LAUNAM st
ATTACKER: 21 Centauri Lancers, The Wild Geese, 20 Heavy th
Assault Wing, 44 Heavy Assault Wing WORLD: SHILOH th
ATTACKER: 17 Skye Rangers, Cranston Snord’s Irregulars th
DEFENDER: 91 Independent Aerospace Wing, Launam Militia th
DEFENDER: 4 Silver Hawks Armoured Brigade, 4 Silver Hawks Air Wing, Marcus Militia RESULTS: The in run went smoothly for the Lyrans, who dealt heavy damage to the defending aero units of the Silver Hawks. The initial fighting favoured the defenders on the ground, as the th
17 Mech unit, ignored the Irregulars and their own support and moved into tight urban areas. The battle to rescue them cost both sides 10% of their forces. Once freed of the city, the Irregulars flanked the defence and combined with a drive from RESULTS: The raid on Launam was expected, but the defenders of Launam were outclassed, outgunned and outnumbered. The Lyran garrison tried to put up some measure of resistance, but they were shoved aside by the elite mercenary units. The planet was looted to the tune of 12 billion S‐Bills worth of goods and a transport group in orbit. 99
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 Seeing that they could purse and annihilate the Lyran forces leaving Loric, the FWLM pushed up the start time for their assault into the Commonwealth. Additional forces were sent to pacify Loric, whilst those units that took Loric jumped to Dixie. Additional raids were also sent into the Commonwealth to further destabilise the border. The Lyrans also struck, hitting targets deep within the Free Worlds League. WORLD: SHILOH th
ATTACKER: 17 Skye Rangers, Cranston Snord’s Irregulars WORLD: DIXIE th
DEFENDER: 4 Silver Hawks Aerowing, 4 Silver Hawks Armoured Brigade, Shiloh Militia nd
ATTACKER: 2 Atrean Hussars‐Aerospace Wing, 3 Free Worlds nd
Aerowing‐2 Guards, 5 Free Worlds Aerowing‐2nd Guards, 4th Oriente Aerowing‐3rd Fusiliers, 2nd Atrean Hussars, 2nd Free rd
Worlds Guards, 3 Fusiliers of Oriente, 2 Atrean Hussars‐
Conventional Brigade, 2 Free Worlds Armoured Brigade‐2nd Guards, 6th Free Worlds Armoured Brigade‐2nd Guards, 5th rd
Oriente Armoured Brigade‐3 Fusiliers RESULTS: As the fighting went into its second month, the Lyran forces penned the Marik forces into the confines of the planetary capital. Wary of a siege, Cranston Snord and the commander of th
the 17 Skye conducted a series of “thunder runs” into the capital to goad the Marik defenders out, which after two weeks, did exactly that as the Marik forces tried to break out along a weak part of the 17th Skye’s perimeter. This didn’t go as intended as the Silver Hawks and the Militia took moderate losses and were forced back into the capital, the Marik aerospace breaking and running for dispersal airfields away from the combat area. Not long after, the Lyrans sent a fighter sweep to draw the remaining Marik fighters up, after two fighters were shot down, the remainder surrendered to the Lyrans with 32 light fighters seized. Meanwhile, the Lyrans began to constrict the perimeter and force the rest of the planet’s defenders to surrender, but the casualties amongst the Lyran forces began to mount in the urban confines of the capital. NOVEMBER 3024 WORLD: LORIC nd
ATTACKER: 2 Free Worlds Guards, 3 Fusiliers of Oriente, 2 Atrean Hussars th
DEFENDER: 7 Lyran Regulars, Stealthy Tigers Mercenary Regiment, Loric Militia RESULTS: The Marik landing overpowered the hapless defenders of Loric from the start, with interception attempts by the militia and Stealthy Tigers aerospace fighters taking moderate casualties after several runs against the Marik task force. Once th
the Mariks grounded, they badly damaged the 7 Lyran Regulars and Stealthy Tigers, with any attempt at resistance doomed before it began, as the Mariks were simply too strong and too experienced. It was not long until the Stealthy Tigers and militia light armour units broke and ran. By the middle of the month, the Lyran and mercenary commanders hatched a desperate plan to escape. They caught nd
the transport group of the 2 Free Worlds Guards unawares, by quickly skirting the flank of the FWLM formations, and used it for th
the 7 Lyran Regular’s and the surviving elements of the Stealthy Tigers to escape to Dixie. The militia surrendered soon after. DECEMBER 3024 th
DEFENDERS: 7 Lyran Regulars (less aerospace wing), Stealthy Tigers, Dixie Militia RESULTS: The Lyrans did their level best to stop the Marik invasion force, but their aerospace intercept had been stymied by the sheer number of Marik fighters. The Mariks grounded and used this aerospace cover to smash any Lyran counterattack, shattering each assault on their LZ. A Marik attack then broke th
apart the 7 Lyran Regulars and Stealthy Tigers, forcing their surrender. The militia withdrew into the hills. WORLD: GINEAH th
ATTACKERS: 44 Heavy Assault Wing, 5 Regulan Aerowing‐9 th
Hussars, 10 Regulan Aerowing‐9 Hussars, 21 Centauri Lancers, 9th Regulan Hussars, The Wild Geese, 5th Regulan Armoured Brigade‐9th Hussars, 10th Regulan Armoured Brigade‐
9th Hussars, Eagle Corps. nd
DEFENDERS: 2 Donegal Guards (all units), Gienah Combat Vehicles Regiment, Gienah Militia. RESULTS: The Lyrans had no luck getting through the massive Marik fighter cover and were badly cut up during the landings. This aerial superiority hammered the Lyran attempts to defend Gienah, with the Lyrans taking heavy casualties every time they massed for a counterattack in the early part of the month. But strangely, the Marik forces became passive and soon settled into a semi‐static posture, which allowed the Lyrans to make a back‐
handed counter‐attack, which bought them some breathing room. WORLD: HOLT th
ATTACKER: 17 Arcturan Guards (less Conventional) and 25 Independent Aerospace Wing DEFENDER: Holt Militia RESULTS: The Lyran raid on Holt started off well, with the Lyrans easily holding off the Marik attempts to intercept the drop. But, upon landing, the Holt Militia and the 17th tore into each other during a meeting engagement short of the planetary capital. Surprisingly, the militia came off better than the Lyrans, but both 100
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 sides backed off and were content to spend the rest of the month probing each other. RESULTS: The massive force employed by the new RCT formation was too much for a single training regiment to handle. The RCT landed and with Loki support and air supremacy, proceeded to belt the Cadre and militia about the ears. Despite their attempts, the Lyrans could not completely master the new RCT doctrines and the remnants of the Cadre managed to escape. The Lyrans pulled off once they had finished off the militia and left a chaotic state of affairs for the DCMS to clean up. WORLD: HYDE th
ATTACKER: 16 Free Worlds Aerowing‐12 Dragoons, League of th
Tigers, 16 Free Worlds Armoured Brigade‐12th Dragoons, 12th Atrean Dragoons WORLD: KARBALA th
ATTACKER: 10 Lyran Guards RCT, 3 Donegal Guards DEFENDER: Vandeley’s Valkyries, Karbala Militia DEFENDER: Gregg’s Long Striders, Hyde Militia ATTACKER: 36th Lyran Guards, 7th Lyran Regulars Aerospace, 127th Independent Aerospace Wing, 202nd Independent Aerospace Wing. RESULTS: In what can only be described as the epitome of Lyran th
overkill, the elite 10 Lyran Guards and equally well regarded 3 Donegal Guards, launched a strike on the world of Karbala. Vandeley’s Valkyries were most definitely questioning their contract upon the large forces arrival in system, but faced the music anyway. Due to their sudden arrival at a nearby pirate point, the LCAF force was able to land with only light opposition in the air. No Lyran fighters were lost, but the four defenders that came out were quickly dealt with. After a token fight, which cost them more than two companies of Mechs, the Mercenaries decided that they were not Samurai enough for suicide and left the world for Grumium. DEFENDER: Midkiff Militia APRIL 3024 RESULTS: The Lyrans started off their campaign somewhat badly, as the Marik fighters jumped the Lyran task force during the in‐
run and caused moderate casualties before disengaging. However, Lyran numbers begin to tell as their units began grounding. Additionally, the Lyrans used their aerial superiority to perform an avalanche drop right on top of the militia barracks, with the Lyrans in little mood to give quarter. The 202nd Lyran Aerospace was forced to disengage from the fighting, due to casualties, but had done the job that was required of it. Continued hammering scattered the Marik forces and sent them running, with the Lyrans forced to scatter to catch them, and taking some casualties as a result. WORLD: SABIK RESULTS: The fight for Hyde was one of moving and struggling th
for position for most of the month, but on the 17 , Gregg’s Long th
Striders found a weak point in the 12 Armoured Brigade’s perimeter and attacked, causing moderate casualties before returning to their assembly area. The Marik forces, under orders to avoid heavy casualties, prepared to withdraw off‐world. WORLD: MIDKIFF LYRAN – COMBINE FRONT The LCAF and DCMS had the same idea at the same time: Disrupt their opponent through heavy raiding and see what could be gained along the way. By the end of the year, one thing had become apparent: the LCAF was far more skilled than ever before in this style of warfare, taking the honours for the year, something that had not happened often in the past. st
ATTACKER: 1 and 4 Skye Rangers (all units), Barrett’s Fusiliers, Loki Team 5 DEFENDER: Kingston’s Cabarellos, Sabik Militia RESULTS: The initial air defence of Sabik was better than expected, with the attackers being bounced by the mercenary fighters. By the time the Lyran forces made landfall, 11 of their fighters had fallen and the Loki transport had suffered moderate damage, all for the loss of 5 defending fighters. However, by the middle of the month, the defenders fighters had been driven off allowing the LCAF air superiority over the battlefield. This superiority was never needed, as the two Skye Ranger regiments and the mercenaries made short work of the defenders, shattering them and driving the remaining mercenary company from the world. Loki Team 5, in the mean time, ensured that there would be a strong resistance to the DCMS when they returned. The Lyran forces pulled off world and returned to Skondia, with the retreating mercenaries jumping to Kessel. WORLD: MORITZ MARCH 3024 WORLD: WEINGARTEN th
ATTACKER: 8 Donegal Guards (all units), Tamar Tigers (all rd
units), 3 Air Regiment/151st Aerospace Wing th
ATTACKER: 26 Lyran Guards RCT (less 52 Panzer Bde), 8 and rd
33 Independent Aero Wings and Loki Team 12 th
DEFENDER: 5 Sun Zhang Academy Cadre, Moritz Militia st
DEFENDER: 1 Sun Zhang Academy Cadre, Weingarten Militia RESULTS: The assault on Moritz was a text book in and out assault. After a safe arrival and strong air attack, the LCAF forces 101
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 drove the Cadre off world with 25% losses within 2 weeks and quickly departed for their original postings on Tamar and Sevren. The DCMS forces jumped to Kandis. WORLD: SABIK th
ATTACKER: 12 Sun Zhang Academy Cadre (all units) DEFENDER: Sabik Militia WORLD: SKOKIE RESULTS: The battle to retake Sabik was short and sharp, with th
the 12 breaking the militia’s resolve over the course of four stand up battles fought over twelve days. th
ATTACKER: 25 Arcturan Guards (all units) nd
DEFENDER: 32 Rasalhague Armoured Brigade, Skokie Militia th
RESULTS: After wiping out the militia, the 25 could not bring the 32nd to its end, despite hammering the unit and driving it underground. The DCMS armoured unit, little more than a battalion in strength, continued to resist, hoping for reinforcement. WORLD: PLANTING th
ATTACKER: 17 Rasalhague Regulars (all units), 119 Draconis Aerospace Wing, DEST Team 28. rd
DEFENDER: 3 Lyran Regulars (all units), Planting Militia. RESULTS: Although the defenders air units fought above their weight, the same could not be said for the ground forces. By the rd
middle of the month, the 3 were at mandated withdrawal levels, but due to lack of transport were forced to fight on. The defenders air units continued a valiant fight and were well ahead rd
in tallied kills, with the 3 ’s ground units continuing to suffer. rd
Despite having done heavy damage to the 3 Regulars, the 17 and their support forces boarded their transports and were preparing to leave the system at months end. Although they won the fighting, the 17th was unable to accomplish the objective of complete planetary denial. WORLD: MORNINGSIDE st
ATTACKER: 1 Prospernia Hussars (all units) st
DEFENDER: 251 Panzer Brigade, Morningside Militia st
RESULTS: The 1 Prospernia made life for the defenders of Morningside a living hell, as they displayed the speed, precision and skill which are the hallmarks of the Hussars style of warfare. By months end, the 251st saw no chance of relief before destruction and the remaining regiment surrendered the field, as did the militia. The Hussars proceeded to take what they could and boosted off world. JUNE 3024 WORLD: MORITZ st
ATTACKER: 1 Night Stalkers (all units) DEFENDER: Moritz Militia ATTACKER: 1st Prospernia Hussars (all units) RESULTS: The Night Stalkers brought the full wrath of the DCMS upon the militia of Moritz. Within days, the pitiful remnants of the militia surrendered, with the world returning to the Draconis fold. DEFENDER: Arcturan Militia AUGUST 3024 RESULTS: As part of their revenge for the LCAF strikes into the Combine, the DCMS struck at the former Lyran Capital and spiritual home of the Arcturan Guards. Although the leavening of former Arcturan Guardsmen was a force stiffener for the defenders, the skill of the Hussars eventually won out. By the time the Hussars left, they had looted 20 Million Kroner from the former capital and considered the raid a success. After a pause of several months to digest the lessons learned, the LCAF and DCMS returned to their raiding and counter‐raiding in August. WORLD: ARCTURUS WORLD: KARBALA ATTACKER: 24th Arcturan Guards, 4th Donegal Guards, 3rd Lyran Regulars nd
DEFENDER: 2 Amphigean Light Assault Group, Helmut’s Hermits, Harvest Militia ATTACKER: Vandeley’s Valkyries DEFENDER: Royal Karbala Freedom Army RESULTS: The Freedom Army lasted just three hours against the vengeful Valkyries. WORLD: WEINGARTEN st
ATTACKER: 1 Sun Zhang Cadre DEFENDER: Weingarten Peoples Army RESULTS: The in run by the LCAF forces was well contested by the defenders, despite the fact that they were outnumbered. In spite of this, the ground units suffered at the hands of the three strong LCAF units and after loosing a quarter of their force, the DCMS line forces pulled off world, seeing the defence as hopeless in the face of overwhelming strength. The LCAF quickly finished off the militia and then pulled off world. WORLD: ATRIA RESULTS: The Cadre took all month to retake the world, but were thorough in their work, decimating the rebellious defenders. MAY 3024 WORLD: HARVEST st
ATTACKER: 1 and 4 Skye Rangers, Barrett’s Fusiliers, 5 Loki st
DEFENDER: 41 Dieron Armoured, Atria Militia 102
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 RESULTS: Despite the vigour of the defenders, they could not face the combined strength of the two Skye Ranger units on their own and lost all the world had to offer, despite not suffering too severely at the LCAF’s hands. claimed Skokie for the Lyran Commonwealth. When they called for garrison forces, the LCAF HQ demanded their immediate return to the Commonwealth. The Blacknova’s commander, Iggy Melhuish, told the LCAF “You’d better send a couple of units to stay here for a few years to make sure we leave and don’t come back. We’ll wait till they get here before leaving.” The issue is currently before the Archon. WORLD: WEINGARTEN WORLD: MORITZ th
ATTACKER: 25 Arcturan Guards, 26 Lyran Guards RCT, Blacknovas, 12th Loki th
ATTACKER: 26 Lyran Guards RCT st
DEFENDER: 1 Sun Zhang Academy Cadre, Weingarten Militia st
DEFENDER: 1 Night Stalkers, Moritz Militia th
SEPTEMBER 3024 RESULTS: Still not fully repaired from their clash with the 26 in April, the 1st Cadre nevertheless faced up to another daunting challenge. The Cadre tried to even the score by belting into the 26th on landing, inflicting moderate losses, but lacking the numbers to exploit the holes they created. The 26th was not able to recover sufficiently well from the battle, and although further damaging the Cadre, was unable to force their surrender. The Cadre called to Radsdat, Rasalhague and Luthien for assistance, th
believing that the 26 could be defeated if additional forces could be sent. WORLD: PORT MOESBY OCTOBER 3024 RESULTS: The Night Stalkers initially completely out manoeuvred rd
the LCAF forces, until the Blacknova’s grabbed hold of their 3 Battalion and called in the Arcturans. After a fierce battle, the Night Stalkers, when they saw that they had no real chance of defeating the LCAF troops, boarded their transports and pulled off world, readying themselves to return and recapture the world, as they had done once already. nd
ATTACKER: 2 Sword of Light th
DEFENDER: 20 Arcturan Guards, Moesby Militia RESULTS: The 2nd Sword of Light was sick of the lack of support being provided to DCMS units and the lack of counter‐strikes being undertaken against AFFS and LCAF incursions. Taking matters into their own hands, the 2nd announced to the Inner Sphere that they would take Port Moesby to redress the issue. nd
Ploughing through the air defence, the 2 seemed to be ready to th
make good on their promise, handily beating back the 20 ’s nd
attempt to hold them in the landing zone. However, as the 2 , in their heavy machines, moved out from their LZ, the light units of the 20th Arcturan came into their own, harrying and harassing nd
the 2 . By the end of the month, there was no clear advantage to either side and both high commands were in the same predicament – escalate or let the battle play out? However, the Blacknovas actions on Skokie, in response to the 2nd’s announcement, only made matters more volatile. WORLD: SKOKIE th
ATTACKER: Blacknovas, 12 Loki nd
DEFENDER: 32 Rasalhague Armoured Brigade nd
RESULTS: The Blacknovas went easy on the 32 , or what remained of it (little more than wrecked armour/infantry nd
battalion), until word arrived of the 2 Sword of Light’s planetary campaign on Port Moesby. Seeing a unique opportunity, and not to be outdone by the DCMS – ever, the Blacknovas quickly finished off the DCMS forces on world and The DCMS upped the ante in October, by launching a joint operation with the FWLM on Thorin. Though the assault itself was no picture of military cooperation, it did signal a foreboding lesson for the LCAF and AFFS. WORLD: THORIN ATTACKER: Burrow’s Crashing Thunder Regiment (DCMS), st
Cunningham’s Commandos (DCMS), 1 Orloff Grenadiers, 6 th
Orloff Grenadiers, 5 Heavy Assault Wing, 29 Heavy Assault rd
Wing, 33 Heavy Assault Wing, 67 Free Worlds Aerowing‐4 th
Regiment, 74 Free Worlds Aerowing‐4 Regiment, 4 Marik st
Armoured Division (consisting of the 51 , 58 and 65 Free th
Worlds Armoured Brigades), 6 Marik Militia, 16 Marik Militia th
DEFENDER: 10 Lyran Guards RCT, 5 Lyran Regulars, Thorin th
Militia, 7 Lohengrin. RESULTS: The in run by the Kapteyn forces was well contested by the defenders, despite the fact that they were outnumbered, achieving modest results for moderate casualties, but they let the Kapteyn forces know they were in for a fight. Once the Kapteyn force grounded, they drove like a blunt instrument on the planetary capital, but were frustrated by Lyran rearguards st
from the militia and the 101 Panzergrenadier Brigade of the 10 Lyran Guards RCT. Fortune smiled upon the Lyrans when a Lohengrin patrol ambushed a small Marik convoy along a side road in the Kapteyn rear. Inside the centre vehicle of the three vehicle convoy was documents and maps that allowed Fredrick Steiner to get a jump on the Kapteyn forces and counterattack. 103
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 A week later, the counterattack kicked off and hit the seam of the organizational boundary between the 1st and 6th Orloff Grenadiers, with the 10th Lyran Guards using the entire RCT to slam into the weakly held boundary, nearly driving off the 6th th
before the 65 Free Worlds Armoured Brigade counterattacked, and saved both units, as well as forcing the 10th to disengage. Whilst the attack was proceeding, the Kuritan mercenaries were pinned in place by spoiling attacks by both the Militia and the 5th Lyran Guards. These events lead to some tensions developing between both the Marik and Kuritan forces on planet. Orders from both nation’s high commands saw all forces withdraw from Thorin early in December, ostensibly for “consultations”. DECEMBER 3024 The Blacknovas commenced Operation PEST, an operation to “greet” the new ruler and Warlord of the Rasalhague Military District. It was conducted in true Blacknova style and caused no small measure of consternation in both Rasalhague and Luthien. The mercenary regiment broke into several small task forces and hit the Provincial Capital and all five Prefecture Capitals simultaneously, “borrowing” LOKI Team 12 along the way. WORLD: RADSTADT th
ATTACKER: Blacknovas SF4, 12 Loki SF4 st
DEFENDER: 121 Draconis Aerospace Wing, 216 Draconis nd
Aerospace Wing, 122 Rasalhague Armoured Brigade, Radstadt Militia RESULTS: The raid by the Blacknovas on Radstadt was a near‐run thing. The garrison mobilized faster than expected, with 2 ‘Mechs lost before the Blacknovas could drub the militia and loot whatever wasn’t nailed down. The final tally amounted to 24 Million C‐bills in finished industrial goods and 2 merchant JumpShips taken. holiday message to the people of Rasalhague was an added bonus, the planetary airwaves replacing his speech with the “Blacknovas music mix” (starting with the ancient AC/DC song, “Smash and Grab”). This did much to hinder coordination and cause confusion amongst the Kurita defenders. The Blacknovas grounded near the planetary capital’s main airfield and spaceport, shooting up a number of DropShips and Aerospace Fighters on the ground; th
they then proceeded to swat aside elements of the 8 Rasalhague Regulars and the militia. Once they were done there, they advanced on the main industrial district and grabbed a respectable haul of 20 Million C‐Bills in goods, 9 Heavy Tanks from the local factory and 2 merchant JumpShips in orbit before leaving a humiliated DCMS and local government in the Blacknovas wake. WORLD: KIRCHBACH th
ATTACKER: Blacknovas SF 3, 12 Loki SF 3 nd
DEFENDER: Kirchbach Militia, 2 Amphigean Light Assault Group th
(all units), 28 DEST, 119 Draconis Aerospace Wing, 205 th
Draconis Aerospace Wing, 311 Draconis Aerospace Wing, Herman’s Hermits, 17th Rasalhague Regulars RESULTS: The Blacknovas arrived on planet just at the time the militia was recruiting heavily in the wake of the “Oberon Pirate” raid earlier in the year on several worlds in the province. It didn’t help much, as the militia and the regular units on world weren’t part of the same command structure, thus coordination was non‐
existent. The Blacknovas took shameless advantage, misdirecting and fooling DCMS forces at every turn, even fooling units of the nd
2 ALAG and the 17 Rasalhague Regulars to fire on each other. The Blacknovas looted the planet blind, stealing 20 Million C‐bills worth of finished industrial tools and 2 merchant JumpShips. WORLD: ALASHAIN WORLD: TRONDHEIM th
ATTACKER: Blacknovas SF 5, 12 Loki SF 5 th
ATTACKER: Blacknovas SF2 and 12 Loki SF2 th
DEFENDER: 29 DEST, Trondheim Militia RESULTS: The Blacknovas raid on Trondheim was more successful than their efforts on Radstadt. The Blacknovas toyed with the garrison, even ambushing the DEST team and generally making them jump at shadows whilst losing only one Crusader. The Blacknovas seized 24 Million in goods, 2 Merchant Jumpships and 6 Assault Tanks from the local factory. WORLD: RASALHAGUE th
ATTACKER: Blacknovas SF 1 and 12 Loki SF 1 DEFENDER: Rasalhague Militia, Joint Equipment Systems th
Regiment, 11 Assault Squadron, 12 Assault Squadron, 18 th
Assault Squadron, 20 Assault Squadron, 6 DEST, 123 Draconis Aerospace Wing, 158th Draconis Aerospace Wing, 191st Draconis Aerospace Wing, 107th Rasalhague Armoured Brigade, 8th Rasalhague Regulars (all units) RESULTS: The raid on Rasalhague was somewhat costly for the Blacknovas, but also lucrative from a material standpoint. The fact that it caught the new Governor of Rasalhague during his DEFENDER: Alshain Militia, Alshain Battleworx Security Detachment, Bergen Industries Security Detachment, GTK th
Security Detachment, JES Security Detachment, 30 DEST, 235 th
Draconis Aerospace Wing, 327 Draconis Aerospace Wing, 113 th
Rasalhague Armoured Brigade, 13 Rasalhague Regulars (all units) RESULTS: The Blacknova raid on Alshain was an example of the sheer military insanity one found in the unit on a regular basis. Though the raid didn’t cause much in the way of casualties or damage on either side (other than the DEST detachment seizing a Blacknova JumpShip), the Blacknovas fought a mobile campaign that was a masterpiece of misdirection. They managed to seize 22 Million C‐Bills in materials and a JumpShip on the way out to get home. Needless to say, the garrison commander of Alshain had a lot of explaining to, regarding about how he had let the Blacknovas escape a sure defeat. WORLD: RUBIGEN th
ATTACKER: Blacknovas SF 6, 12 Loki SF 6 104
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 DEFENDER: Rubigen Militia, 31st DEST, 137th Draconis Aerospace Wing, 246th Draconis Aerospace Wing RESULTS: The Blacknovas went in hard, shocking the unprepared Kuritan defenders as they came down in amongst the barracks of the military forces on planet and proceeded to fire seemingly randomly at targets amongst them (admittedly causing more mayhem and chaos than actual damage). The mercenaries then moved out for the industrial sectors of the planetary capital, where they seized 16 Million C‐Bills worth of precious metals and 2 Merchant DropShips. WORLD: NEW MENDHAM st
ATTACKER: 1 Chisholm’s Raiders RCT (all units) th
DEFENDER: 28 Draconis Aerospace Wing, New Mendham Militia st
RESULTS: The 1 used the operation to test methods and tactics and were on planet for less than 11 days. In that time they dealt very heavy losses to the defenders before pulling off world with only light losses. JUNE 3024 COMBINE – FEDSUNS FRONT WORLD: RAMAN The Combine‐FedSuns front slowly built up from a series of small raids towards the middle of 3024 to a campaign by the AFFS to shatter isolated DCMS formations. However, movements by the DCMS, in preparation for Operation SHIRO, saw several Davion commands badly handled when encountering forces that were not meant to be on their target worlds. APRIL 3024 WORLD: ROWE nd
ATTACKER: 2 Prospernia Hussars – 2 Battalion DEFENDER: Rowe Militia th
ATTACKER: 9 Benjamin Regulars (all units), 13 and 179 Draconis Aerospace Wings DEFENDER: Raman Draconis March Militia (all units), Raman Militia RESULTS: The Benjamin Regulars assigned the separate air wings to fly cover, as their own wing flew close air support over the battlefield. This meant that the independent wings lost 12 fighters protecting the transport, while only bringing down six of the defenders. By the end of the month, once free of their escort duties, the Independent Wings had evened the score. RESULTS: Although the initial assault was only average in execution, the Hussars managed to eventually get away with 10 Million C‐Bills and deal out more damage than they took. The ground battle was much like the air battle, neither side possessing the strength to decisively damage the other. By months end, little of consequence had occurred on the battlefield except for the loss of hundreds on both sides. MAY 3024 WORLD: ANNAPOLIS WORLD: FAIRFAX ATTACKER: Cunningham’s Commandos (AFFS) nd
ATTACKER: 2 Prospernia Hussars – 2 Battalion DEFENDER: Annapolis Militia DEFENDER: Fairfax Militia RESULTS: The militia could do little to halt the Commandos from taking what they wanted and the worlds easy to carry materials were much was taken, to a value of 12 million C‐Bills. RESULTS: Despite avoiding the Militia air units during their in run, nd
the lack of Aerospace support for the 2 allowed the militia to nd
deny them anything from the planet. By the time the 2 had lifted off world, nearly two lances had been destroyed, for no gain. WORLD: MATAR st
ATTACKER: 1 Chisholm’s Raiders RCT (all units) DEFENDER: 21st Benjamin Armoured Brigade, Matar Militia WORLD: LUDWIG nd
ATTACKER: 2 Robinson Rangers, Alpha Wing/2 Robinson th
Rangers, Beta Wing/4 Crucis Lancers, 125 Independent Aerospace Wing DEFENDER: 22nd Draconis Aerospace Wing, Ludwig Militia RESULTS: Single conventional formations should not face full RCT’s. Period. JULY 3024 WORLD: TETSUNO RESULTS: After driving every single defending fighter from the sky (or more correctly shooting them up on the ground), the nd
surprised militia proved easy picking for the 2 Robinson and nd
their massive air support. By months end, both the 22 Draconis Wing and the militia ceased to exist. What made matters worse was the almost complete lack of damage sustained by AFFS forces. Several DCMS officers were “invited onwards”, following the debacle. ATTACKER: Cunningham’s Commandos DEFENDER: Tetsuno Militia RESULTS: As their contract expired the Commandos found themselves deep in the Combine striking the world of Tetsuno. Ravaging the world, the unit moved off world as its contract expired. 105
ATTACKER: 1 Chisholm’s Raiders RCT (all units) th
ATTACKER: 9 Benjamin Regulars, 13 Draconis Aerospace Wing nd
DEFENDER: 32 Benjamin Armoured Brigade, Sadalbari Militia DEFENDER: Sadalbari Freedom Militia RESULTS: The Raiders made short work of the defenders, leaving the planet liberated from Combine rule, but not as part of the Federated Suns. RESULTS: The DCMS forces returned to Sadalbari in full force, driving the Freedom Army into rapid submission. WORLD: DENEB ALGEDI WORLD: TELOS IV th
ATTACKER: 5 Deneb Light Cavalry RCT th
ATTACKER: 5 Deneb Light Cavalry RCT (all units) th
DEFENDER: 10 Dieron Armoured Brigade, Deneb Militia th
DEFENDER: 15 Dieron Armoured Brigade, Deneb Algedi Militia th
RESULTS: The militia and 15 Brigade put up a valiant effort over the first ten days of the campaign, but the loss of their command assets in a Deneb air strike saw the complete collapse of the defence. When the Light Cavalry departed, nearly 90% of the defenders were gone. WORLD: MALLORY’S WOLRD th
ATTACKER: 9 Dieron Regulars th
DEFENDER: Mallory’s Militia, Alpha Regiment – 12 Vegan Rangers (mid‐month), Swann’s Cavaliers (mid‐month), 8th Deneb Light Cavalry Mech Regiment (mid‐month) th
RESULTS: The 9 had the objective of wiping out any forces on world and set the militia with a vengeance. By the time reserve stationed units reacted and jumped in system, the DCMS forces were on their way home. RESULTS: It is a rare world which can face an entire RCT and hope to match it numbers, but Telos IV is one of those. The 5th DLC knew that to make the attack effective, they would have to strike a decisive blow within a week of landing, before DCMS reinforcements could arrive from off world. However, the plan of the DLC fell apart on landing as the militia, led by the 10th Armoured, made the world seem like a bad dream to the attacking AFFS forces. Not only were they facing a stand up fight, but they also faced bombings, poisoned supplies, murder and a complete shut out by the population. When a 25 storey building, next to Beta Combat Commands main camp, was demolished by militia engineers and made to fall on their camp, the DLC decided enough was enough and pulled off world as the militia began to face them in force. WORLD: DENEB ALGEDI ATTACKER: Grey Death Legion th
ATTACKER: 9 Benjamin Regulars, 13 Draconis Aerospace Wing DEFENDER: 15 Dieron Armoured Brigade (1 Battalion), Deneb Algedi Militia (1/3 strength) RESULTS: The 9th were unable to bring the militia to heal in their attempts to emulate the 9th Dieron on Mallory’s World. Despite their best efforts, troops remained as the Vegan Rangers approached the world at months end. RESULTS: The defenders of Deneb Algedi, shattered the month th
before by the 5 Deneb Light Cavalry, had barely begun the process of recovery, when the elite Grey Death Legion appeared in system, sent to loot the now poorly defended world of its goods. After one battle, where the GDL dominated, the defenders retreated, allowing the mercenaries to take all of the worlds readily available high tech materials. AUGUST 3024 SEPTEMBER 3024 WORLD: ELBAR WORLD: ATHERNY th
DEFENDER: Mara Militia, Beta Regiment – 12 Vegan Rangers, th
104 Independent Aero wing ATTACKER: 9 Dieron Regulars th
ATTACKER: 5 Deneb Light Cavalry RCT DEFENDER: Elbar Militia, 12th Vegan Rangers – Delta Regiment th
DEFENDER: 19 Dieron Armoured Brigade, Atherny Militia RESULTS: The unexpected arrival of the Vegan Rangers off their th
reserve posting was not enough to stop the 9 Dieron doing almost as they pleased. Over the course of two battles, the defenders lost over half their strength, as the Dieron unit used a highly successful hit and fade strategy to wear the defenders out. Both sides though, were more than capable of fighting on and could call in reinforcements, should they so wish. th
RESULTS: Despite carrying 20% losses into the battle, the 5 th
were able to easily land on Atherny and strike out at the 19 and the main militia concentrations. However, the Light Cavalry were caught between the guns of the 19th and the guile and local knowledge of the militia. The local forces gave better than they th
got forcing the 5 to leave the planet with another third of its force, as well as it reputation, ruined. th
ATTACKER: 1 Chisholm Raiders RCT DEFENDER: Nashira Militia th
DEFENDER: 9 Dieron Regulars, Fellanin II Militia RESULTS: Despite outmatching their foe, the Legion found it difficult to pin them down and eliminate them, showing that the Legion was not the only proficient infantry force going around. However, the GDL was able to take the 1 million C‐Bills of loot on offer on world. By month’s end, the Legion left, with a deep appreciation for the defenders skill. RESULTS: The approach to the planet turned ugly as both the 9 and Militia fighters got in amongst the Davion fighter screen and wrought havoc amongst the Davion transports and fighters. Able and Baker Brigade aborted their drops and returned to Davion space due to casualties, as the rest of the RCT pressed on. th Immediately upon grounding, the 9 pinned the RCT to it’s LZ and launched an attack, causing moderate damage and forcing the Mech regiment and the aerospace wings to retreat off‐world, leaving Charlie Brigade to fight as the rearguard and retreat in good order in the middle of the month. WORLD: PARIS st
ATTACKER: 41 Avalon Hussars RCT nd
DEFENDER: 332 Draconis Aerospace Wing, 10 Benjamin Armoured Brigade, Paris Militia st
RESULTS: The 41 , although outmatching the defenders, were never really able to make their numbers count. After a month of stand up battles, with no real victor, the RCT pulled off world. WORLD: SCHEAT st
ATTACKER: 1 Chisholm’s Raiders RCT DEFENDER: 9th Dieron Regulars, 16th Benjamin Armoured Brigade, Scheat Militia st
RESULTS: Scheat was planned to be an easy assault for the 1 th
Raiders, but the arrival of the 9 Dieron, following several months of action in the Federated Suns, saved the 16th Benjamin from a serious handling. A botched approached and landing did nothing to help the 41st, who were up against a seasoned DCMS unit and near parity in operational strength. By the time the AFFS pulled off world, a third of the RCT was out of action and the DCMS claimed a well deserved victory. OCTOBER 3024 WORLD: BARLOWS FOLLY st ATTACKER: 41 Avalon Hussars RCT st
DEFENDER: 1 Amphigean Light Assault Group, 3 Amphigean Light Assault Group, Barlow’s Folly Militia. RESULTS: Both ALAG regiments arrived at the same time as the Davion RCT, only they scattered to cover potential Davion RCT landing zones, and the Davion fighters took full opportunity, causing moderate casualties amongst them on the in‐run. As both sides grounded, the Davions moved first, trying to destroy st
the 1 and 3 ALAG piecemeal, but failing as the swift Amphigean units linked up and the Davions broke contact, facing a unified and numerically superior enemy. For the rest of the month, the Davions and Kuritans probed each other with raids and patrols, until the Kuritans launched an attack against what st
they thought was a weak part of the 41 RCT’s perimeter, it was st
an attempt by the 41 to inflict a Cannae‐like envelopment on st
the Draconis regiments, and the 1 ALAG was almost caught out by it, but a swift counter‐attack by the 3rd and elements of the militia saved the 1st. th
ATTACKER: 5 Deneb Light Cavalry RCT th
DEFENDER: 20 Dieron Armoured Brigade, Styx Militia th
RESULTS: The 5 Deneb Light Cavalry RCT was cursed from the beginning or their invasion of Styx, with the approach to the planet and insertion almost picture perfect, but as the drop th
commenced, the militia fighters, all 2 of them, caught the 5 in high atmosphere and kamikazed into two large transports. Most of the RCT broke off the landing at this point, with only Able Brigade and Alpha Wing pressing on towards the planet. After some desultory skirmishing with the militia however, it was felt by the RCT commander that little more was to be gained, and the unit withdrew back to Davion space by the middle of October. WORLD: BIHAM ATTACKER: Grey Death Legion DEFENDER: 8th Dieron Armoured Brigade, Biham Militia RESULTS: The Grey Death Legion got off to a rocky start, with high winds in the atmosphere scattering the drop to an extent and putting the Grey Death a bit behind the 8‐Ball, but as Lt. Colonel McCall put it “Th’ wee poor bastards, they got us at their mercy again!” and the Grey Death turned and smacked the numerically superior defenders. The mercenaries then led the th
militia and the 8 Dieron Armoured Brigade on a merry chase where they administered a few bloody noses to the Kuritans th
along the way, usually raiding the 8 Dieron Armoured when they laagered up for the night. 107
ATTACKER: Icillian Lancers – 9 and 21 Rangers st
ATTACKER: 41 Avalon Hussars RCT th
DEFENDER: 97 Confederation Reserve Brigade, Tallin Militia st
DEFENDER: 1 Amphigean Light Assault Group, 3 Amphigean th
Light Assault Group, 26 Draconis Aerospace Wing, New Mendham Militia RESULTS: Sent on a Recon‐in‐Force mission that was “officially” tied to the Renegades campaign, the two Icillian Lancer regiments struck hard and fast on Tallin. However, unfamiliarity with the terrain and lack of experience saw the two units suffer similar losses to their opponents, a mere Tank Bde and militia force, before pulling off world, their job done. st
RESULT: The 41 arrived a bit scattered at the nadir jump point, st
at the same time that the 1 and 3 ALAG arrived to reinforce the planet. Both units were intertwined and spent more time trying to unsnarl their formations and prevent accidents than trying to fight each other. In the confusion, the 41st seized the transport of the 3rd ALAG’s Aerospace Wing. Once sorted out, all three units dropped within a dozen kilometres of each other, with the Kuritans re‐organizing and hitting the scattered Davions first. They inflicted moderate casualties on the AFFS forces, routing Beta Wing, before the Davions managed to restore some sort of order and break contact. Within two weeks, the Davions turned and counterattacked the leading Kuritan elements, starting to chase them, but they failed to do much damage before the trailing elements of the Kuritan force caught the Davions and mauled Baker Brigade, sending it st
fleeing in disarray. A spoiling attack to gain time for the 41 , however, pulled off a minor coup, killing the regimental commander of the 3rd ALAG, sending it running from the field in confusion, with the aerospace wing covering its withdrawal. WORLD: FOOCHOW nd
ATTACKER: 2 Federated Suns Light Cavalry RCT th
DEFENDER: 66 Confederation Reserve Brigade, Foochow Militia RESULTS: Taking the meaning of the term Recon‐in‐Force to a whole different level in their search for the Redfield Renegades, the AFFS dispatched three entire RCT’s I order to make their feelings know to the Renegades and any who may provide safe nd
harbour. The first unit over the border was the newly formed 2 Light Cavalry, who proceeded to have a live fire drill session against the defending armour and militia. The RCT left no unit active and shattered the world’s militia within a week of landing. A further week of fruitless searching for evidence of the Renegades saw no joy, and the unit pulled off world. WORLD: KANSU – Capellan Confederation nd
ATTACKER: 2 Crucis Lancers RCT FEDSUNS – CAPELLAN FRONT The Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation sparred with reserve for the first half of 3024. However, the rise to power of the new Chancellor, Candace Liao, saw the CCAF go on the offensive and hand the AFFS several hard lessons in warfare. FERUARY 3024 WORLD: DEMETER rd
DEFENDER: 173 Confederation Reserve Brigade, Kansu Militia RESULTS: Another instance of searching for evidence in the archives with a flame thrower, the “recon” to Kansu saw one of nd
the AFFS’s best facing token forces of the CCAF. The 2 never rd
gave the 173 a chance, belting them when they felt like it and ignoring them otherwise. No link to the Renegades was found. WORLD: MENKAR th
ATTACKER: Hell's Black Aces, 7 Independent Aero Wing, Valexa CMM ‐ Baker Brigade DEFENDER: Demeter Militia RESULTS: To say that the AFFS assaulted Demeter with a blunt th
instrument was something of an understatement. The 7 Wing led the assault from the air, with the Aces hitting secondary targets across the planet. The air campaign was brutal, with the attackers using heavy bomb loads to flatten resistance and pave the way for Baker Bde’s advance. When they could finally engage a target they could see, the Demeter militia showed no reserve or mercy towards Baker, destroying over 40 tanks and APC’s. However, their death before dishonour style stand saw fewer than two companies of militia survive the battle. th
ATTACKER: 6 Crucis Lancers RCT th
DEFENDER: 29 Confederation Reserve Brigade, Menkar Militia RESULTS: Showing less bloodlust and more restraint than the th
other AFFS RCT’s looking for the Redfield Renegades, the 6 left th
the 29 Reserve and planetary militia alone unless challenged. The few times the militia came forward, they were on the receiving end of some severe handlings and got the message quickly. Again, no trace of the Renegades was found. MARCH 3024 WORLD: AMBERGIEST th
ATTACKER: Icillian Lancers – 9 Rangers and 21 Rangers nd
DEFENDER: Preston’s Lancers – 2 Battalion, Ambergiest Militia RESULTS: The weak militia air cover was no hindrance to the incoming Lancer Regiments, who landed quickly and went after the militia and Preston’s Lancers hard and fast. Barely half a company of Preston’s Lancers survived the onslaught, before the mercenaries pulled off world, their job done. 108
ATTACKER: Icillian Lancers – 9 Rangers and 21 Rangers ATTACKER: Illician Lancers (all four Regiments), Davion Assault Guards th
DEFENDER: 145 Capellan Reserve Brigade, Ambergiest Militia RESULTS: The Illicians landed hard, as they had on previous attacks and did severe damage, before lifting off and preparing to leave the system. JUNE 3024 WORLD: JACSON ATTACKER: Davion Assault Guards RCT (all units), Illician Lancers (all 4 Regiments) st
DEFENDER: 1 , 2 and 3 Chancellor’s Own Grenadiers (all units), 174th Confederation Reserve Brigade, Jacson Militia RESULTS: The AFFS sent its most powerful RCT, along with some of its best mercenaries, to deliver a very clear message to Chancellor Liao. Eight Mech Regiments, seven Aerospace Wings and eighteen conventional regiments would clash on Jacson, in the largest AFFS/CCAF battle in decades. Unfortunately for the AFFS forces, Maskirovka agents had infiltrated the transport assets of the fleet and were able to wreak havoc on the AFFS forces, as the Maskirovka was able to provide the defenders with all the radio frequencies of the attackers. This evened out what would otherwise have been a battle hugely weighted in the AFFS’s favour. DEFENDER: McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry (all five Regiments), st
Warrior House Didachi (all units), 1 , 2 and 3 Chancellor’s st
Own Grenadiers, 171 Capellan Reserve Brigade, 53rd Capellan Aero Wing, Mitchell Militia RESULTS: The Davion Assault Guards and Illician Lancers departed Jacson early in July, making for the planet Mitchell, fully intent on hammering the other 3 Regiments of the Chancellor’s Grenadiers. However, newly appointed Sian/St. Ives Military Director Tormana Liao planned to end Davion incursions with a display of strength. Arriving from Menke, as the AFFS units were departing, all five Regiments of McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry and Warrior House Didachi, the three Chancellor’s Grenadiers from Mitchell, a Reserve Brigade and Air Wing were somewhat annoyed about the turn of events, but planned to chase the AFFS units to their staging base on Fraser. Before they could jump to Fraser, word arrived of the AFFS group arriving at Mitchell and plans were changed to pursue the Davion forces there. The AFFS units had grounded away from the Mitchell Militia as they hunted for the Chancellor’s Grenadiers, who they believed had gone to ground. This idea rapidly changed, when the huge CCAF fleet materialised at the Mitchell L1 point and began their run into the world. This interference was readily apparent on the in run as 32 AFFS fighters fell for only six Capellan aircraft lost. Additionally, one of th
the 59 Strikers Union DropShips was badly damaged. By months end, only three more Capellan aircraft fell, for another 36 blind and isolated AFFS fighters. Two battles immediately looked to shape up, both in the air and on the ground. McCarron’s Regiments made for the large, arid, southern continent, where the Illicians were based, with the line forces of the CCAF dropping onto the cold Antarctic continent to face the Assault Guards. Despite the damage sustained in the air, the AFFS forces on the ground were able to better coordinate, with their sheer power and skill simply too much for the Grenadiers to match. The initial fighting saw the AFFS forces only take light losses, with the th
Grenadiers suffered moderate losses. With the infantry and 59 Strikers Mechs acting as runners, the AFFS, under Marshal Winston Ashley, was able to competently control the battlefield. Despite the advantage that they held in the air, the CCAF was unable to deal with four well trained, assault weight regiments, who were able to nullify the radio problems by the end of the month. By the 28th, the Capellan forces had collapsed into a final defensive cordon, with barely a Mech Regiment and four Conventional Regiments remaining. The air battle over McCarron’s drop site was a vicious affair with forty aircraft falling from the sky. The Assault Guards aircraft were caught frozen on the ground by CCAF fighter wings and over 20 aircraft were lost for no gain to the AFFS. Within days, the CCAF had established a strong aerospace superiority prior to the ground battle, where the 53rd CAW had been tasked to Close Air Support. The continuing air battle saw McCarron’s units slowly gain ascendancy over the Illicians, with the CCAF detaching House Didachi’s Wing from the air battle to assist the rd
53 with CAS. The three Chancellor’s Wings managed to keep the Assault Guard’s Wings well contained. WORLD: CARVER V th
ATTACKER: 11 Lyran Guards (less the 79 Panzer Bde), 25 Independent Aero Wing th
DEFENDER: 335 Confederation Reserve Brigade, Carver Militia RESULTS: The elite Lyran Guards arrived, belted the defenders and took all they could carry off (12 million C‐Bills worth) before departing at the end of the month. The battle between the mercenaries pitted two very evenly matched forces against each other, with results showing it early, with neither side able to accomplish more than a bloody nose. This continued until the end of month recall order, where AFFS forces left the world to the celebrating Capellans. Although loosing material at a rate of over 2:1, the main line Capellan forces were able to deal out enough damage to the huge machines of the Assault Guards to keep the battle within their reach. However, the Assault Guards had made several ominous pushes, which had severely strained part of the Capellan lines. The addition of the Didachi Air Wing made the 109
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 difference though, with the Capellans forcing the Davion Guards into a tight defensive perimeter by months end. Nevertheless, both sides had plenty of combat potential when the AFFS pulled off world, its mission of Recon‐in‐Force concluded. Kincaid’s Rangers arrived too late too see battle and could well have caused the collapse of either main fight had the AFFS remained on world. WORLD: HORSHAM ATTACKER: Bullard’s Armoured Cavalry DEFENDER: Horsham Militia RESULTS: The Armoured Cavalry was in and out of Horsham quickly, taking the 1 million C‐Bills of the world’s income with them. AUGUST 3024 WORLD: COURCELLETE ATTACKER: Bullard’s Armoured Cavalry DEFENDER: Courcellete Militia, Wylie’s Coyotes RESULTS: The reserve status of Wylie’s Coyotes allowed them to jump into Courcellete on the heels of Bullard’s Armoured Cavalry and quickly run them off world. WORLD: KANSU th
ATTACKER: 6 Syrtis Fusiliers RCT rd
DEFENDER: 173 Capellan Reserve Brigade, Kansu Militia RESULTS: Having only just recovered from the severe damage nd
they had suffered in April from the 2 Crucis Lancers, the 173 and the militia put the lessons of those hard days to good use. Although they suffered heavy losses against the 6th, they managed to avoid getting pined down. Even more importantly, they inflicted losses of a level which the pride of the Capellan March’s most famous unit could not accept. The 6th pulled off world late in the month, highly displeased with its own performance. WORLD: KITTERY st
ATTACKER: 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 Death Commando Teams, St. Ives th
Cheveau Legers, 225 and 303 Reserve Brigades, 30 , 36 , th
39 , 49 and 55 Capellan Aero Wings, Marshigama’s Legionnaires, Hampton’s Hessens – 3rd Regiment, 15th Dracon – 2nd Battalion, The Leprechauns st
DEFENDER: 1 Light Cavalry RCT, Kittery Borderers, 5 Syrtis th
Fusiliers RCT, 20 Independent Aero Wing, Kittery Militia RESULTS: Emboldened by their success on Mitchell the month before, the commanders of the CCAF in St. Ives wished for their own great victory. With the blessing of Tormano Liao, the CCAF’s St. Ives command sent an enormous force to Kittery, with the sole intent of damaging the forces stationed there. The enormous escort force that the CCAF provided, 700 fighters strong, not even including the mercenary air wings which would provide ground cover, bulldozed through the massed fighter units of the defenders, shooting down over 50, for the loss of 16. With complete aerospace superiority, the CCAF splint into two task groups, one to deal with the 5th Syrtis and militia and the other to take on the Light Cavalry and Borderers. Despite a valiant showing for the rest of the month, the AFFS fighters could do little to change the face of the air battle loosing another 69 aircraft for 32 Capellans shot down. Preceding the main attack were the three Death Commando rd
teams, two (3 and 4 ) tasked to eliminate the HQ of the Syrtis st
Fusiliers, with the 1 having the same mission against the Light Cavalry and the 2nd against the Borderers. The attack on the Syrtis Fusiliers was a failure, as alert units intercepted and wiped rd
out one team, the 3 , with the 4 being forced to break off without loss. The Light Cavalry were not so lucky, with their HQ taking a heavy hit and the Commandos slipping away unharmed. The strike on the Borderers was also foiled, with the Commandos taking 50% losses. th
The forces arrayed against the 5 Syrtis and militia, including the th
elite 225 and 303 Reserve Brigades, with their heavy and assault tanks, supported by large numbers of CAS missions, were able to use the chaos of the failed head hunter strikes to inflict moderate losses on the 5th and drive them back 100km over the first three days of the battle before the line stabilised. The stabilised line lasted for two days, before immense air attacks and a drive from the 33rd broke the Fusiliers. By months end, the 5th was following the lead of the Borderers and scattering to the hills to avoid destruction. The story on the other side of the planet was similar, but far worse for the AFFS. The successful strike on the Light Cavalry HQ, led to chaos in the defence and the Davion units were routed off the field with severe losses. The two units went to ground by the middle of the month, forcing the Capellan units to draw the campaign out. However, there was little force remaining in either unit. SEPTEMBER 3024 WORLD: KANSU nd
ATTACKER: 2 Crucis Lancers RCT rd
DEFENDER: Bolan Scouts, 173 Capellan Reserve Brigade, Kansu Militia RESULTS: The defenders of Kansu had now wised up to the approach methods of the AFFS and were able to inflict some losses on the approaching troops. However, despite not being particularly overly matched on the ground, the CCAF defenders were unable to bring the assault Mechs of the Bolan Scouts into proper play. Although not seriously defeated, the CCAF felt that nd
it had let itself down by allowing the 2 to leave Kansu, felling it had gotten the better of the exchange. 110
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 RESULTS: The AFFS units were in Necromo for, what seemed, little more than target practice against the militia fighters. Little was accomplished, apart from wrecking a few fighters. aerospace units tried to intervene, they were caught in a Davion “flak trap” and the surviving Davion aerospace fighters bounced them from above. While the victory wasn’t total, it was a blow to the reputation of the MAC, which had been beaten by a force of nd
“mere armour, militia and 2 rate Mercs”. Overall, the MAC had lost almost a regiment’s worth of Mechs in the campaign and it was rumoured Archibald McCarron had a few choice words for the Stratigos back on Sian. WORLD: KITTERY WORLD: ZILANG WORLD: NECROMO th
ATTACKER: 15 and 20 Independent Aero Wings DEFENDER: Necromo Militia Air Wing nd
ATTACKER: Capellan Hussars ‐ Red Lancers, 2 Capellan Aerospace Wing th
DEFENDER: 5 Syrtis Fusiliers RCT (80% strength in air wings, 35% strength in ground arm), Kittery Militia ATTACKER: The Leprechauns, 30th Capellan Aero Wing, 55th Capellan Aero Wing, 15th Dracon‐2nd Battalion, Hampton’s Hessen’s‐3rd Regiment, Marshagima’s Legionnaires. st
DEFENDER: 1 Federated Sun Armoured Cavalry, Ziliang Militia th
RESULTS: The 5 Syrtis had barely recovered from the assault of the previous month, following the departure of the large CCAF battlegroups, when the Red Lancers arrived, intent as they were in taking what the world had to offer. What was worse for the th
Fusiliers was that the Light Cavalry and 20 Aero had departed and the Kittery Borderers had been disbanded, with the survivors now part of the 5th. However, the 5th seemed to be more than it was, as it struck out in rage against the Red Lancers, doing damage to the Capellan Force out of all proportion to its strength. By the end of the month, the CCAF lifted off world, without anything to show for its efforts, except a battered command. OCTOBER 3024 WORLD: MENDHAM rd
ATTACKER: McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry (all 5 regiments), 53 Capellan Aero Wing st
DEFENDER: Michael’s Men, 41 Independent Aero Wing, 139 Federation Armoured Brigade, 140th Federation Armoured Brigade, 146th Federation Armoured Brigade, 158th Federation Armoured Brigade, 172nd Federation Armoured Brigade, Mendham Militia RESULTS: Both the Capellan invasion force and Michael’s Men arrived at the same time, allowing a measure of confusion that both sides took advantage of, with the Davion fighters getting amongst the MAC transports and causing some casualties before the MAC fighters shredded them and then proceeded to kill almost a third of Michael’s Men before the unit hit the ground. After the MAC grounded, the unit was seemingly content to toy with the Davion defenders, expecting this would be another in the recent string of Capellan victories. The sparring was inconclusive and allowed Michael’s Men to get their feet under them after the rude introduction to Mendham. Around the second half of the month, Michael’s Men and the militia launched a moderately successful raid on a Nightrider’s Regiment Forward Rearming Point (FRAP) and led the Nightriders and Wild Ones on a merry chase straight into a Davion ambush by all 5 tank brigades, mauling them. This forced the rest of the MAC to come and extricate them in heavy fighting, where the Davions gave better than they got. Worse, when the Capellan RESULTS: The Capellan campaign for Ziliang started off on a horrific note, as the JumpShips carrying the Leprechauns emerged too close to each other at the pirate point, trigging a catastrophic explosive chain reaction that consumed 3 JumpShips and the attached dropships with the entire Leprechauns command aboard. There were no survivors. The Capellan forces were, at first, convinced the Davions had nuked the task force and tore into the Davion fighters with a will, forcing their way through to the planet. Once the Capellans st
made planet fall, the 1 FSAC hit them hard on the LZ’s, with neither side backing off and both sides inflicting moderate casualties on the other, until the middle of the month, when a lull finally came. The rest of the month, the Capellans, still in a measure of shock over the Leprechauns and their fate, were content to probe the FSAC, who returned the gesture, with neither side gaining much of an advantage. WORLD: POZNAN nd
ATTACKER: 2 Crucis Lancers RCT DEFENDER: Poznan Militia nd
RESULTS: The 2 Crucis Lancers dominated the militia from their arrival, which was made worse by the Maskirovka adviser’s insistence that the militia stand and fight, which ended catastrophically. The survivors tried to make a last stand in the planet’s capital, but even though they caused some casualties nd
amongst the 2 , they were still wiped out, the survivors scattering amongst the civilian population. WORLD: ARES th
ATTACKER: 15 Independent Aerospace Wing, 20 Independent Aerospace Wing th
DEFENDER: 29 Capellan Aero Wing, Ares Militia (air elements only) RESULTS: The Davion Capellan March Command ordered two under strength aerospace wings to launch a snap raid to probe the defences of Ares, a major industrial world of the Confederation. The fight upon emergence was short and sharp at the nadir point. Both sides lost fighters, with the Davions scoring th
more kills but the 20 was forced to break off due to losses, with th
the 15 covering their retreat, then leaving the system themselves. 111
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 NOVEMBER 3024 PIRATE AND ANTI‐PIRATE ACTIONS WORLD: MENDHAM Pirate activity picked up in 3024, especially towards the end of the year, when many groups hit multiple targets across the sphere. This caused several states to re‐start and active pirate hunting campaigns, some of which saw success. ATTACKER: McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry (all 5 Regiments) and rd
53 Capellan Aero Wing th
DEFENDER: 139 , 140 , 146 158 and 172 Federation st
Armoured Brigades, 41 Independent Aero Wing, Mendham Militia RESULT: Archibald McCarron decided that he had had enough, as did the Capellan Command Council, sending a Withdraw Off th
World order on the 5 of November. As McCarron went to leave, he struck out hard and fast and the now over confident AFFS forces, before withdrawing into the LZ. The attack destroyed nearly a third of the AFFS strength on world, regaining the MAC some measure of self respect and putting the fear of the large mercenary unit back into the AFFS. FEBRUARY 3024 WORLD: YLEMELKE st
ATTACKER: Grave Walkers – 1 Regiment, 19 Lohengrin DEFENDER: The Spartans Pirate Band Security Detachment RESULTS: With intelligence that The Spartans were about to hit Black Earth, the LCAF struck at the pirates base world in a revenge assault, much to the outrage of the citizens of Black Earth, who were facing the threat alone. ATTACKER: 2nd Crucis Lancers RCT Unfortunately for the LCAF, all that was on world was a small security detachment, wiped out, 100 slaves, now free and a limited amount of supplies and parts, now captured. DEFENDER: Tsitsang Militia WORLD: ALPHERATZ RESULT: The Tsitsang planetary governor recruited heavily amongst the populace to augment the militia, and swelled the ranks with a mixture of grandfathers and their grandchildren. This development horrified the commander of the militia, a rd
recently invalided veteran of the 3 Succession War, who was under pressure to put up some kind of defence for the world. ATTACKER: Reydon’s Rorin’ Rangers (3 Aero Wings and 4 Mech Battalions) WORLD: TSITSANG Upon the Davion orbital insertion, the only two aerospace fighters the militia had, made a single pass on the Davion DropShip formation, shooting up a Valkyrie in its cocoon and damaging a Gazelle before breaking off and running for the surface, with half the 2nd Crucis Lancers behind them. The rest of the regiment grounded without incident and marched on the planetary capital. There they found the rest of the militia, formed into ranks and having grounded arms, ready to surrender. When the militia commander was asked as to why he had yielded from further resistance, he said, “I did what I was duty bound to do, put up some sort of defence and save the lives and property of this world. I wasn’t going to put my kids and grandfathers up against your people, knowing the outcome was going to wreck this world and kill my people.” The Davions took all the military equipment, but made a formal surrender ceremony for the militia, stating that the commander of the militia had brought honor to a tough situation. st
DEFENDER: The Avellar Guards ‐ 1 and 2 Battalions, (3 rd
Battalion arrives mid‐month), Alliance Borderers – 3 Battalion st
(arrive‐mid‐month), 1 Regiment ‐ 6 Alliance Reserve Brigade, nd
2 Air Regiment – 2 Wing (arrives mid‐month), 4th Air Regiment – 1st Wing (arrives end of month), 5th Air Regiment – 1st Wing (arrives end of month); Alpheratz Militia – 3 Ground Divisions and an Air Wing (54 fighters); and Alliance Defenders Security Force (3 Light Mech Companies), Defiance‐Olivetti Security Force (1 Medium, 2 Heavy and 1 Assault Mech Company), Mountain Wolf Security Force (1 Medium Mech Company) RESULTS: The Defenders of Alpheratz knew that support would be coming throughout the month of February, with rumours that elite mercenaries were also on the way, to arrive in March. However, the initial defence of the world would be limited at best. Defending the skies were the Militia Air Wing, the largest of its kind in the Alliance, but limited in what support it could provide, considering it was outnumbered nearly four to one. With three high value targets on world, the AMF was forced to split its forces to defend multiple targets. Defending the planetary capital of Famindas were the 1st Militia Division and the 1st Battalion of the Avellar Guards. Defending the Royal Palace, the nd
Avellar family and the city of Algomarle were the 2 Division and the 1st Regiment of the 6th Alliance Reserve Brigade. Defending the vitally important city of Carolinas and its factories were the 3rd Division, the 2nd Battalion of the Avellar Guards and the three corporate security forces. The attackers, planning on material superiority and skill, came down on several locations, hoping to crush all resistance on the 112
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 planet quickly. One of their four aero wings was sent to occupy the defending fighters as the other two provided Close Air Support to Carolinas and Famindas. A single Battalion of Mechs was sent against Famindas and Algomarle, whilst two were sent against the prize of Carolinas. This dispersion of strength would be the pirate’s greatest mistake, as they lacked a knockout punch over any of their opponents. The baptism of fire for the militia fighters was less traumatic than expected, with the defenders loosing only 5 fighters and bringing down 3 raider aircraft. Despite their relative success, they were still unable to interfere with the oncoming ships. As additional air support arrived, the militia were left with the task of preventing the raider air wing from joining the battle and despite loosing another 8 fighters to one, managed to keep them tied up. th
The assault on the capital of Famindas saw the Raiders 4 rd
Battalion and 3 Wing in action. Despite dealing out twice the losses they received, the attackers could gain no real advantage over the defenders, whose knowledge of the local terrain was a rd
great leveller. The 3 Battalion of the Alliance Borderers dropped on the Famindas battle mid‐month, covered by the 2nd Wing of the 2nd Air Regiment. The battle for Famindas heated up substantially with the new arrivals and by the month’s end both sides were badly bloodied, but with little advantage either way. rd
In Algomarle, lack of CAS forced the raiders 3 Battalion into a slow crawl, one which suited the defender’s armour assets well. Losses were approximate and the attackers made no real headway. With no reinforcements forthcoming, the defenders of Algomarle were slowly worn down by their attackers and were beginning to feel the pinch by the end of the month. Despite this, they still held most of the city and were maintaining unit morale and cohesion. Although dealing out damage of nearly 2‐1, the assault on Carolinas was again hampered by local knowledge and a lack of complete superiority over the defenders in numbers and fire power. The raiders made no real headway before the arrival of the 3rd Battalion of the Avellar Guards and the 4th Regiments, 1st Air Wing. The battle, like that at Famindas, got bloody over the th
last week in February, with the arrival late in the month of the 5 st
Air Regiments, 1 Wing looking to make an effect early in March. WORLD: BLACK EARTH ATTACKER: The Spartans (48 Mechs, 24 Fighters) DEFENDER: Black Earth Militia (equivalent to 5 Tank Battalions) RESULTS: The Spartans dropped out of the sky on a world unawares, hammering the militia and escaping with 15 million C‐
Bills in booty without loss. The fact that a relief force was engaging an empty pirate base was somewhat of a red rag to the people of Black Earth. MARCH 3024 WORLD: ALPHERATZ ATTACKER: Reydon’s Rorin’ Rangers (3 Aero Wings and 4 Mech Battalions) st
DEFENDER: The Avellar Guards ‐ 1 and 2 Battalions, (3 rd
Battalion arrives mid‐month), Alliance Borderers – 3 Battalion (arrive‐mid‐month), 1st Regiment ‐ 6th Alliance Reserve Brigade, nd
2 Air Regiment – 2 Wing (arrives mid‐month), 4 Air st
Regiment – 1 Wing (arrives end of month), 5 Air Regiment – 1st Wing (arrives end of month); Alpheratz Militia – 3 Ground Divisions and an Air Wing (54 fighters); and Alliance Defenders Security Force (3 Light Mech Companies), Defiance‐Olivetti Security Force (1 Medium, 2 Heavy and 1 Assault Mech Company), Mountain Wolf Security Force (1 Medium Mech Company) Wolf’s Dragoons Special Reconnaissance Regiment (12 Mech Companies and Air Support) – Arrive late March RESULTS: Both sides used a lull in early March to bring in reinforcements, something that the Outworlders were able to do in much greater numbers than the Raiders. Although all of the AMF line units were brought back up to their establishment strengths, the number of replacements greatly reduced the efficiency of the units in question. The lighter losses of the pirates did not cause their own forces to suffer from this dilution of experience. The main battle for control of the approaches to Alpheratz was rd
settled by the 3 Pirate Air Wing as they whittled the militia Air Wing down to under 40% strength. There was little now that the militia could do to oppose the 3rd, should it switch to ground assault, and the AMF prepared to detach another unit from the ground battle when Wolf’s Dragoons Special Reconnaissance Regiment arrived in system and prepared to send their air support into the fray over the planet. The fight for Famindas seemed destined to draw out in length as raiders continued to have difficulty with the terrain. However, they were able to drive the 1st Militia Division off the field and seemed poised to take the city when the 3rd Battalion of Wolf Dragoon SRR arrived to stabilise the situation. Although they had the tactical advantage, the raiders were facing superior firepower and stalled on the city’s outskirts. rd
The raiders 3 Battalion at Algomarle continued their slow advance, with the defenders giving as good as they got and despite taking heavy losses, did not break. The bravery of the nd
defenders was rewarded when the 2 Battalion of Wolfs Dragoons landed to assist and allow the AMF to go on the offensive. Carolinas saw some of the hardest fighting, as the raiders pressed desperately against the defenders in an effort to gain the factory complexes. The pressure was too much for the Mountain Wolf Security Company, despite the damage the defenders dealt to their opponents. Units of the 2nd Battalion – Avellar Guards, covered the gap left as the MWSC broke and ran. 113
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 The defenders were driven to new heights of determination when word of Wolf’s Dragoons arrival over the planet was announced. The addition of six Companies of elite Mechs signed the death knell of the raiders, who were now suffering from severe pressure all across the planet. th
ATTACKER: Knights of St. Cameron (both regiments), 98 LCAF Independent Aerospace Wing APRIL 3024 DEFENDER: Lima’s Renegades WORLD: ALPHERATZ RESULTS: Lima’s force was not prepared for the ruthless attack by the LCAF mercs who, as avatars of honour, looked on the pirates as the worst from of evil. Within a week, the pirates had suffered severe losses, but on fleeing the system, managed to storm and capture the transports of the 98th Aero Wing. ATTACKER: Reydon’s Rorin’ Rangers (3 Aero Wings and 4 Mech Battalions) st
DEFENDER: The Avellar Guards ‐ 1 and 2 Battalions, (3 rd
Battalion arrives mid‐month), Alliance Borderers – 3 Battalion (arrive‐mid‐month), 1st Regiment ‐ 6th Alliance Reserve Brigade, nd
2 Air Regiment – 2 Wing (arrives mid‐month), 4 Air Regiment – 1st Wing (arrives end of month), 5th Air Regiment – 1st Wing (arrives end of month); Alpheratz Militia – 3 Ground Divisions and an Air Wing (54 fighters); and Alliance Defenders Security Force (3 Light Mech Companies), Defiance‐Olivetti Security Force (1 Medium, 2 Heavy and 1 Assault Mech Company), Mountain Wolf Security Force (1 Medium Mech Company) Wolf’s Dragoons Special Reconnaissance Regiment (12 Mech Companies and Air Support) – Arrive late March RESULTS: The air battle stagnated, until the Raiders drove off the militia air wing, which had suffered heavy losses. This advantage was not what it seemed as it freed the Dragoons from having to cover the less experienced militia fighters. The fight for Famindas saw the battle heat up, with the biggest rd
gain being the fear that the AAA defence of the Dragoons 3 Battalion was putting up. This AAA, along with a 2:1 air advantage over the city, effectively put the pirate’s 3rd Air Wing rd
out of the fight for a period. With the 3 Wing out of the way, the Dragoons and AMF forces harried the Rangers 4th Battalion until the last few Mechs surrendered. Algomarle’s battle finally began to turn in April as the mercenaries strength allowed a concerted push to begin, which saw the pirates begin a rapid back pedal away from the city. The back pedal turned into a rout as the Dragoons held the 3rd Rangers in place whilst the AMF forced them to surrender. JUNE 3024 WORLD: FALLEN STARS WORLD: RENREN th
ATTACKER: Grave Walkers (both Regiments), 19 Lohengrin DEFENDER: The Spartans RESULTS: As the LCAF units jumped into Renren, they were witness to The Spartans leaving the system 6 hours later. This highly displeased the two units, who had already missed The Spartans once before. WORLD: DICALLUS ATTACKER: Federated Freebooters DEFENDER: Dicallus Militia RESULTS: The Freebooters were in and gone with 24 million C‐
Bills in goods before the militia even knew what was happening. WORLD: TURIN ATTACKER: Free Reavers th
DEFENDER: 214 Capellan Reserve Brigade, Turin Militia RESULTS: The pirates arrived very late in the month and were preparing to assault the world in July. WORLD: BLACK EARTH ATTACKER: The Spartans DEFENDER: Cameron’s Legion, Black Earth Militia RESULTS: Escaping the Grave Walkers, the Spartans returned to the scene of their last crime, where the militia had the assistance of a mercenary battalion. The pirates were quickly disabused of the notion of a second easy win and left the world quickly. st
Carolinas saw further damage done to the pirates and their 1 and 2nd Battalions broke and ran. Colonel Randy Reydon tried to call for a general retreat, but none of his forces could detach themselves from Wolf’s Dragoons in any of the world’s locations. Eventually, the end came, as Reydon saw the Dragoons were not th
going to let him go. He surrendered his command on April 26 , officially ending the battle for Alpheratz. JULY 3024 WORLD: LOGAN’S WORLD ATTACKER: Federated Freebooters th
DEFENDER: 18 and 60 Taurian Armoured Brigades, Logan Militia RESULTS: The Freebooters were able to loot the world’s depots, despite loosing a company of troops. 114
DEFENDER: 214 Capellan Reserve Brigade, Turin Militia, 3rd Battalion/Preston’s Lancers (mid‐July), Ishara’s Grenadiers (all units, mid‐July)) RESULTS: The pirates arrived very late in July and were able to th
push aside the 214 and the militia and take what they wanted before the CCAF reinforcements arrived. DEFENDER: Verthandi Militia RESULTS: Despite being clearly outmatched, the defenders of Verthandi did not succumb to the overwhelming strength of their opponent and the battle raged on past the end of the month. WORLD: MADUIN ATTACKER: Black Skulls WORLD: WINFIELD th
DEFENDER: Maduin Militia, 94 Independent Wing ATTACKER: The Spartans th
DEFENDER: 1 and 2 Winfield’s Brigades, Winfield’s Militia RESULTS: The Spartans finally bit off more than they could chew when descending into the teeth of both Winfield’s Brigades and the large planetary militia. Within days the pirates fled the system, with severe damage and no gain. RESULTS: The Maduin Militia and the 94 were able to give the Black Skulls a rough handling, driving them off before they could take anything of value. WORLD: TEYVAREB ATTACKER: Black Skulls WORLD: BRUBEN DEFENDER: Teyvareb Militia ATTACKER: Oberon’s Guards RESULTS: Jumping in quickly from Maduin, the Black Skulls month only got worse as the militia held firm, not allowing the Pirates to get anything. The month ended with a standoff on world. th
DEFENDER: 144 Draconis Aero Wing, Bruben Militia RESULTS: The Oberon unit, similar in name to the main line Oberon Guards, smashed the defenders of Bruben, looting the world’s warehouses and taking two merchant ships over the world before departing. WORLD: BALTAZZAR III WORLD: CROFTON ATTACKER: Ballard’s Bully Boys DEFENDER: Crofton Militia, StarCorps Security Force ATTACKER: Black Skulls RESULTS: The Black Skulls got in quickly and took much of the world’s readily available cash, before jumping out to their next target, Andrion. RESULTS: With only the militia and two dozen Longbows with which to defend the world, the defenders of Crofton were going to be up against it. The Bully Boys made short work of the defence to such an extent that they were able to strip the world of valuables, a dozen Assault Mechs awaiting shipment, a set of DropShips at the local starport and about of sixth of the worlds most valuable industrial machinery. WORLD: ANDRION SEPTEMBER 3024 ATTACKER: Black Skulls WORLD: PANPOUR st
DEFENDER: 1 Circinian Home Guards/2 Regiment, Balthazar Militia th
DEFENDER: 7 Donegal Guards (all units), Andrion Militia ATTACKER: Federated Freebooters RESULTS: The poor world of Andrion saw the Black Skulls surprise th
the 7 Donegal, where the LCAF unit was concentrating on election preparation. The world lost some materials and the LCAF unit took some surprisingly heavy losses before the pirates left. This defeat left a poor impression of the LCAF on Andrion, something not to be taken lightly considering the upcoming election. DEFENDER: Islamabad PMM – Mech Regiment and Alpha Wing, Jalstar Aero Wing, Jalstar Mech Battalion, Jalstar Armour Regiment, Panpour Militia AUGUST 3024 WORLD: VENARIA RESULTS: The Freebooters were able to get in and out relatively quickly and take 18 finished Centurion Mechs with them, for the loss of 5 Mechs and 6 Fighters. ATTACKER: Lima’s Renegades WORLD: BARRAS DEFENDER: Venaria Militia ATTACKER: Free Reavers DEFENDER: Barras Militia RESULTS: The pirates were able to push the militia out of the way and quickly take what they wanted. RESULTS: With the Renegades needing a victory, they turned to Venaria, where their now reduced size allowed them to sneak onto the world and raid its storehouses, without great loss to themselves. 115
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 WORLD: NEW CALEDONIA forces, causing casualties to slowly escalate amongst the Taurian forces. ATTACKER: Oberon’s Guards NOVEMBER 3024 nd
DEFENDER: 2 An Ting Legion, Caledonia Militia nd
RESULTS: Despite their best attempts, the 2 were unable to prevent the highly skilled raiders from taking what they wanted. Although 6 Mechs and 2 fighters were lost by the raiders, three times this was lost by the defenders, who had little chance against the elite unit. WORLD: RENTZ WORLD: MELVILLE rd
ATTACKER: Oberon – 3 Oberon Air Guards, 3 Oberon Guards, th
4 Oberon Cavaliers th
LCAF – Grave Walkers (both regiments), Bad Dream, 19 Lohengrin DEFENDER: Damocleans Pirate Band ATTACKER: Ballard’s Bully Boys DEFENDER: Rentz Militia RESULTS: The Bully Boys were far too strong and skilled for a small periphery border militia and wiped them out before looting the world. RESULTS: The combined Lyran‐Oberon force’s fortunes started badly, with a pre‐invasion decapitation raid failing, due to a bad drop, much equipment being lost and more than a few jump th
injuries. After an epic exfiltration, it was calculated that the 19 Lohengrin would be out of action recovering for five months. As the combined task force burned their way in, the Damocleans aerospace wing caught them in an ambush at the Lagrange jump point, causing moderate casualties amongst the task force for the loss of three fighters. WORLD: SADURNI ATTACKER: Free Reivers st
DEFENDER: 31 Defenders Armoured Brigade, Sadurni Militia RESULTS: The Free Reivers, with 2 Mech Battalions and an aero wing for cover, were too much for a single, militia backed, armoured brigade. There was little the defenders could do to stop the pirates taking what they wanted. OCTOBER 3024 WORLD: CRYTON ATTACKER: Federated Freebooters DEFENDER: 19th Taurian Armoured Brigade, Cryton Militia RESULTS: The Federated Freebooters couldn’t have picked a worse time to raid Cryton, as the garrison and militia were involved in annual exercises. The Freebooters dropped right into the middle of this, getting mauled. The Freebooters ended up running for their lives from an enraged planet and considered themselves lucky when they managed to overrun a minor industrial park and get away with 6 million C‐Bills in goods. WORLD: PIRATES HAVEN th
ATTACKER: 20 Taurian Space Defence Wing, Concordat nd
Cuirassiers‐ 2 Battalion, 21 Taurian Armoured Brigade DEFENDER: Pirates Haven RESULTS: The Taurians decided that Pirates Haven was becoming a security risk to the Concordat and ridding the Inner Sphere of another pirate band was a good idea in general. At first, the operation went well, until the pirates ambushed the Taurians in the edges of the planet’s atmosphere and savaged both the escorts and the transports, with the Taurians only shooting down two pirate fighters in return. It was a dark omen for the operation to come, which would stretch out into 3025. Even though the Taurians were outnumbered, the Pirates didn’t seek a direct engagement, seeking to lead the Taurians on a chase across the planet, and stinging outlying elements of the TDF The task force grounded with the Damocleans attacking into the teeth of the landings, taking moderate casualties and inflicting minor casualties in return, due to the sheer numbers of the Lyran and Oberon invaders. The Damocleans were, at this point, considering surrender, some hearing of the offers of fair treatment in return for ceasing resistance, but the leaders of the Damocleans didn’t trust such offers. They instead retreated to an old Rim World’s fortress, known locally as Grimlock Tower. There they figured they could try and outlast the Oberon and Lyran mercenaries. The fight settled into a pattern of a siege, with the Lyran and Oberon forces probing the perimeter of the old fortress, trying to find a way in. WORLD: PIRATE’S HAVEN th
ATTACKERS: 20 Taurian Space Defence Wing, Concordat Cuirassiers ‐ 2nd Battalion, 21st Taurian Armoured Brigade DEFENDERS: Pirates Haven Band RESULTS: Reinforced and repaired, the Taurian troops finally managed to run down the Pirates near the Sacros mountain range, as the pirates were trying to clear the passes before the onset of winter. A pitched battle erupted, where both sides took moderate casualties, but the pirates manage to break contact into the upland plains beyond, returning to the mobile campaigning that had thus far frustrated the Taurian commander. 116
ATTACKER: 20 Taurian Space Defence Wing, 2 Battalion, Concordat Cuirassiers, 21st Taurian Armoured Brigade DEFENDER: Pirates Haven Pirate Band RESULTS: As the campaign dragged into the third month, the pirates turned on the scattered Taurian forces, strung out from trying to bring the pirates to battle. The pirate counterattack caught the Taurians looking the other way, but they recovered quickly and drove off the pirates, who returned to the mobile campaign of months previous. DEFENDER: Mararn Militia RESULTS: Although the Mararn militia was caught completely by surprise, they managed to get away from the pirates with only light casualties, but they quickly reorganized and counterattacked, catching the pirates by surprise, wrecking two of their ‘Mech lances and downing four fighters. The pirates considered themselves lucky after getting away with a several million C‐Bills worth of goods. WORLD: RALDAMAX WORLD: MELVILLE ATTACKER: Dragon Skinners rd
ATTACKER: 3rd Oberon Air Guards, 3 Oberon Guards, 4 Oberon Cavaliers, Bad Dream Mercenary Regiment, Grave Walkers Mercenary Brigade (both regiments) th
DEFENDER: 5 Alliance Reserve Brigade‐2 Regiment, Raldamax Militia DEFENDER: Damocleans Pirate Band RESULTS: The campaign for Melville seemed as if it would drag on, as an Oberon parley was met with refusal and the Oberon/Lyran force settled into a siege of Grimlock Tower. Both sides engaged in a series of probes and small raids. Yet it seemed that sooner or later the allied forces would have to take the fortress by storm. However, on the 18th of December, white flags broke out all over the fortress and the remaining garrison surrendered, after a short and bloody mutiny, when the food and medical supplies gave out. WORLD: SHERWOOD ATTACKER: Ballard’s Bully Boys RESULTS: The pirates landed without too much trouble, but the nd
2 Regiment and the militia dogged the pirates at every turn. The Dragon Skinners counted themselves lucky to get 6 Million C‐
Bills in exotic wares and left soon after. WORLD: NOWHERE ATTACKER: Farstar Pirate Band th
DEFENDER: 6 Pesht Regulars, Nowhere Militia RESULTS: The pirates executed a flawless raid that could have been used as a textbook example of how to conduct one. They th
embarrassed the 6 Pesht, wiping out almost two lances in an ambush and then stealing tons of agricultural goods before leaving. WORLD: DICALLUS DEFENDER: Sherwood Militia RESULTS: Ballard’s Bully Boys shattered the militia in a short sharp fight and then proceeded to smash the planetary capital, razing to the ground every building over two stories. They left the planet’s capital in flames and the planet looted of Billions in industrial goods. ATTACKER: Federated Freebooters DEFENDER: Dicallus Militia RESULTS: The Risin militia fought skilfully against the pirates, leading them away from populated areas, but the pirates still managed to seize a many C‐Bills in goods from a series of warehouses on the outskirts of the spaceport. RESULTS: With the TDF bogged down in the fight for Pirate’s Haven, it was a chance for other pirate bands to raid the Concordat’s spinward frontier. The Federated Freebooters arrived in the system by pirate point, achieving complete surprise and taking advantage of the situation immediately. The Freebooters executed an avalanche drop on the militia barracks, but lacking the coordination and training of a regular unit, let much of the militia get away, whilst getting bogged down in inconclusive fire fights. The militia managed to break contact with the pirates, chastened by what could have been a much worse disaster, helped themselves to whatever was not riveted to the ground. WORLD: RISIN ATTACKER: Dante’s Legion DEFENDER: Risin Militia 117
DEFENDER: 13 Mercenary Brigade, New Roland Militia th
DEFENDER: 8 Lyran Regulars (all units), New India Militia RESULTS: New Roland was defended by a brand new Mercenary th
brigade, the 13 , consisting of a BattleMech Regiment, a Cavalry Regiment and a Aerospace wing and it seemed that the Capellans had paid good coin to get the 13th. Sadly, that coin wasn’t seemingly well spent. The Free Reivers had gotten to know Capellan doctrine from their actions along the border, and used their knowledge well at New Roland, suckering the militia out with raids on outlying towns after grounding. This pulled the militia out where the Free Reivers cut them off along a sunken th
road and forced the 13 to come to their rescue, which exposed the spaceport warehouses. The Free Reivers then proceeded to quickly grab, after dealing with the small force the 13th left behind, as much as they could carry. RESULTS: Lima’s Renegades continued their vendetta against the Lyran Commonwealth, daring to raid the major industrial world th
of New India. After administering a minor drubbing to the 8 Lyran Regulars and the militia, the pirates helped themselves to 18 million C‐Bills in high end computer wares and 2 merchant Jumpships, leaving behind a very embarrassed LCAF. WORLD: WARD ATTACKERS: Herotitus Pirate Band, Ward Freedom League DEFENDERS: Ward Militia RESULTS: Ward’s rulers had become increasingly unpopular with the citizenry, due to the increased taxes needed to fund the expansion of the CCAF. Lord Ricardo Whitt’s lack of charisma and near‐total alienation from his people didn’t help. Furthermore, a resurgent interest in the ideals and goals of the original utopian settlers and their Constitution became fashionable amongst the people, leading to a sea of discontent. The raid by the Herotitus pirate band inadvertently touched off a revolt. This, of course, left the pirates at a loss as to what to do. Pirates, as a rule, didn’t get involved in local politics, and were mostly confused as to why the armed elements on planet spent more time shooting at each other than at them. The pirates shrugged, and helped themselves to what they wanted and left. WORLD: BALLAD II DEFENDER: Flynn Militia RESULTS: The people of this rough and ready world had little of worth, or much to protect it with. As the usual pirate band in residence was absent raiding the neighbours, Rance’s Ravagers saw what they thought was an opportunity. What they hadn’t counted on was that the militia was familiar with how pirates fought; being more than game to fight for what was theirs. While they couldn’t prevent the pirates from taking what they wanted, they did kill a lance worth of pirate ‘Mechs and an aerospace fighter for no casualties amongst the militia. WORLD: MICA I ATTACKER: Redfield Renegades DEFENDER: 1st Mican Armoured Regiment, Mica I Militia RESULTS: The Renegades made very short work of the Mican defenders, and simply went wild. They looted the planet almost to the bedrock, seizing 14 million C‐bills worth of finished ores, 1 Merchant JumpShip and 50 Billion C‐Bills worth of refined metals and dyes. WORLD: IDELWIND DEFENDER: Idelwind Militia DEFENDER: Ballad II Militia RESULTS: The pirate raid on Ballad II went pretty well for the pirates, as they shoved the militia out of the way with few losses and took hundreds of newly built luxury hover cars. WORLD: AEA RESULTS: The DCMS militia did well under fire, and while they couldn’t prevent the pirates from taking what they wanted, they did inflict casualties on the pirates for no loss in return. WORLD: BRIXTANA ATTACKER: Rim Worlds Revenge ATTACKER: LeSalle’s Corsairs st
DEFENDER: Canopian Highlanders‐1 Battalion, 34 Canopian th
Armoured Brigade, 35 Canopian Fighter Group DEFENDER: Aea Militia RESULTS: The raid on Aea was devastating, with the pirates smacking the militia out of the way in a single fight and then looted the planet of everything of value. The fact that pirates had raided a planet within a jump of New Vandenberg caused consternation amongst both the higher echelons of the TDF and the members of the Privy Council. ATTACKER: Rance’s Ravagers ATTACKER: Riker’s Raiders ATTACKER: Legio Superstisio WORLD: FLYNN RESULTS: The deep raid by the Rim Worlds Revenge pirate band caught the MAF defenders of Brixtana flat‐footed and out of practise. The pirates handily out–manoeuvred the defenders and looted the planet of 2 million C‐Bills in finished industrial goods and another 25 million C‐Bills in high grade steel, which constituted the entire industrial output for a month on Brixtana. When news of the raid reached the Magestrix, she flew into an apoplectic rage that she took twenty minutes to calm down from. 118
CISA – YEAR IN REVIEW 3023 WORLD: CORAINES WORLD: STEROPE ATTACKER: Star Reavers ATTACKER: Vicious Times DEFENDER: Coraines Militia DEFENDER: 66th Taurian Armoured Brigade, Taurian Territorial Industries Security (1 Armour Brigade, 1 Aerospace Demi‐Wing and 1 Assault Dropship Demi‐Wing), Sterope Militia RESULTS: The Star Reavers first raid as a unit proved they still had much to learn, as the militia counterattacked as soon as the pirates landed, mauling the raiders for only moderate losses of their own. But the Star Reavers managed to loot the world for 6 million in goods and a Merchant JumpShip. WORLD: NIOPS VII ATTACKER: Star Vipers st
DEFENDER: 1 Corvus Assault Wing, II Auxilla Cataphracti, III Ala Rufus, III Auxilla Limitanei, III Legio Limitanei, Niops Militia RESULTS: The Star Vipers entered the Niops system at a pirate point, and landed running. They fought a mobile battle all the way to one of the largest industrial centres on the planet, with their speed and determination being the only factors in not allowing the unit to share the fate of previous invaders. The Star Vipers managed to take 34 million C‐Bills in high technology items, 3 transports and 6 Medium Mechs. RESULTS: Vicious Times lived up to their name, catching the world unprepared a week before Christmas in the midst of celebrations. The pirates dropped directly on the industrial district while their aerospace forces seized the DropShip yards, destroying more than a few ships either in space dock or on the ground. The rest of the defenders were brushed aside in a short, brutal engagement, and the pirates went wild, seizing from the warehouses 20 million C‐Bills in DropShip parts, 5 transports (2 of them being brand new), 60 new Light tanks as well as 12 light fighters. The pirates then conducted a “thunder run” through the planetary capital, leaving it burning in their wake as they withdrew. WORLD: ABAGNAR ATTACKER: The Hole DEFENDER: Abagnar Militia RESULTS: After a short sharp fight, where the militia lost a Stinger for two Scorpions, the pirates proceeded to loot the starport for 1 million C‐Bills in materials and got away before the rest of the militia could react. WORLD: GRAVENHAGE ATTACKER: The Killers th
DEFENDER: 10 Pesht Regulars, Gravenhage Militia RESULTS: The Killers landed with no notice and had a couple of th
short fights against the 10 Pesht Regulars with no clear winners, but the pirates managed to eventually outmanoeuvre the inexperienced DCMS forces and take some loot from the world. WORLD: HEDNESFORD ATTACKER: The Longboatmen th
DEFENDER: 78 Free Worlds Aerowing, 61 Free Worlds Armoured Brigade, Hednesford Militia RESULTS: The Longboatmen hit the world fast, getting into a short fight with a patrol of the 61st and shattering it, before making off with a million C‐Bills worth of finished goods from an outlying warehouse. 119

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