Cougar Paws



Cougar Paws
Cinco Ranch High School
Katy Independent School District
Cinco Ranch High School
23440 Cinco Ranch Blvd.
Katy, TX 77494
Phone: 281-237-7000
Fax: 281-644-1734
A Publication of CRHS PTSA
Cinco Ranch High School
Alma Mater
(To the tune of “I Vow to Thee, My Country”)
CRHS we pledge to honor and be
faithful to you.
Your colors and your spirit will lead
us with pride.
We proudly wear maroon!
We proudly wear white!
CRHS Colors
Maroon and White
Fight Song
Our best effort is our goal.
O Cinco here’s our pledge:
To stay firm and strong for years to
Uphold values that we prize.
Victory, victory is our cry
For the Cougars of Cinco High
O CRHS our Alma Mater,
Hail Cinco Ranch!
It’s COUGARS do or die!
Through thick and thin
We’ll not give in
We will fight with all our might
For the colors maroon and white
We’ll fight to win,
We’ll not give in!
We Cougars will Fight, Fight, Fight!
Table of Contents
Welcome Letters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-3
Bell Schedules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Calendar Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Campus Layout - Main Campus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Campus Layout - 9th Grade Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Communicating with Attendance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Communicating with Faculty and Administrators . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Communicating with Students at School / Delivering Forgotten Items . . . . . . . . 9
Cougar Express . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
CRHS Curriculum Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
CRHS Fine Arts, Athletics and Clubs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
eNews / KISD Parent Information Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Information: How to Find It / Lunch with the Principal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Information: Useful Web Sites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Managing the 1st Day of School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Parking and Transportation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
PTSA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17-18
School Dances . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Special Needs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Visiting the Campus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
VIPS - Volunteer Options for Parents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Volunteer Options for Students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Safety Net . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
From the Desk of Principal James Cross
August 2012
Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to Cinco Ranch High School and our outstanding Professional Learning
Community. Katy Independent School District and CRHS teachers have developed a ‘top
notch’ curriculum that is delivered by excellent instructors. We also have award winning
athletic and fine arts programs and facilities.
At Cinco Ranch, we value an environment that encourages creativity and risk-taking on
the part of faculty, staff, students and parents. Our school’s core values statement
addresses these principles:
“We will treat all people - students, staff, administration, parents, and community
members - with fairness, and operate in an environment of harmony, cooperation,
courtesy, humility and excellence, always striving for betterment.”
Our values provide an effective foundation for our strong academic and neighborhood
community. As chief administrator, I firmly believe these principles:
• Every member of CRHS has a valued role to play.
• Success at CRHS depends on every member.
• Trust in one another creates community.
• Open communication fosters productivity.
• Shared information empowers us.
• We choose win-win solutions and take the time to develop them.
• We share commitment to excellence in all our ‘products’ – academic, athletics,
fine arts, and more.
I am fortunate to lead a team of very skilled and talented administrators who share my
vision of a school where students and faculty can aspire to excellence and succeed. Our
leadership style moves decision-making to the individual responsible, so you should find
our service excellent. When you call or come into the school, the front office staff, student
aides and school volunteers will ensure you are connected to the person who can provide
the most effective assistance.
The fundamental strength of any community is in its people. At CRHS, the students,
faculty, staff, parents and volunteers make up a remarkable school. We are striving
together to be active, contributing, valued and consulted partners in an educational
community that encourages innovation and shared decision-making.
Once again, welcome to our community.
We’re very happy to meet you!
Dear New Students and Families,
The Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)
welcomes you to Katy, to Katy Independent
School District (KISD), and to Cinco Ranch
High School (CRHS).
In conjunction with the CRHS office staff,
PTSA members have compiled this booklet to
familiarize you with the way CRHS works. We
are very happy you are part of our school
community, and we hope the information in
this guide will make your transition easier.
If you are a parent or guardian, please come to
the Welcome Coffee on September 11! The
Welcome Coffee is a casual event where you
can meet CRHS administrators and veteran
CRHS parents and ask questions about our
school. There’s no pressure to sign up for
anything, but you can also chat with
representatives from various booster clubs and
campus organizations about fine arts groups
and clubs that might interest your student.
If you want to be actively involved here at
CRHS, PTSA knows lots of things you can do
to support your child’s education. Check page
21 in this book or the PTSA website at for volunteer opportunities.
You are cordially
invited to the
Welcome Back
Tuesday, September 11
10 am - 11:30 am
Meet principals, talk with
Booster Club reps and other
parents, ask questions. No
pressure to join or volunteer.
Just a chance to get the scoop
on what’s happening at CRHS
this year!
*Directions to the LGI on page 6
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.
And again, welcome to Cinco Ranch High School!
Cindy Beyer
CRHS PTSA President
[email protected]
Julia Miller
CRHS PTSA Newcomers Committee
[email protected]
Bell Schedules
Bell Schedule (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)
7:30 - 8:19
8:26 - 9:15
9:15 - 9:20
9:27 - 10:16
A Lunch
B Lunch
Lunch 10:16 - 10:46
4 10:53 - 11:44
5 11:51 - 12:41
4 10:23 - 11:13
Lunch 11:13 - 11:44
5 11:51 - 12:41
12:48 - 1:38
1:45 - 2:35
49 min
49 min
5 min
49 min
C Lunch
4 10:23 - 11:13
5 11:20 - 12:11
Lunch 12:11 - 12:41
50 min
50 min
Period 2.5 Bell Schedule (Monday and Thursday)
A Lunch
7:30 - 8:16
8:23 - 9:09
9:09 - 9:41
9:48 - 10:34
B Lunch
Lunch 10:34 - 11:04
4 11:11 - 11:57
5 12:04 - 12:50
4 10:41 - 11:27
Lunch 11:27 - 11:57
5 12:04 - 12:50
12:57 - 1:43
1:50 - 2:35
46 min
46 min
32 min
46 min
C Lunch
4 10:41 - 11:27
5 11:34 - 12:20
Lunch 12:20 - 12:50
46 min
45 min
Pep Rally / Special Events
Bell Schedule
A Lunch
Lunch 10:01 - 10:31
4 10:38 - 11:28
5 11:35 - 12:25
Pep Rally
7:30 - 8:15
8:22 - 9:09
9:16 - 10:01
B Lunch
4 10:08 - 10:58
Lunch 10:58 - 11:28
5 11:35 - 12:25
12:32 - 1:15
1:22 - 2:05
2:05 - 2:35
Early Dismissal
Bell Schedule
(no lunches)
45 min
47 min
45 min
C Lunch
4 10:08 - 10:58
5 11:05 - 11:55
Lunch 11:55 - 12:25
43 min
43 min
30 min
7:30 - 7:59
29 min
8:06 - 8:35
29 min
8:42 - 9:11
29 min
9:18 - 9:47
29 min
9:54 - 10:23
29 min
10:30 - 10:59
29 min
11:06 - 11:35
29 min
Calendar Notes
CRHS is a very busy place! The following is a partial list of annual events of general
interest in our school community.
• Early Registration Aug 15, 16, 21-23
• Fish Camp and Round Up (9th Grade)
Aug 13
• Round Up (Grades 10-12 ) Aug 13-14
• First Day of School Aug 27
• School-wide Spirit Night Aug 29
• Course Selection Night for parents of
all grades
• Sadie Hawkins Dance Feb 2
• Lunch With the Principal Feb 12
• 8th Grade Parent Night
• Spring Break Mar 11-15
• Spring Community Garage Sale
Mar 23
• PTSA General Meeting Mar 26
• Open House for parents Sept 5
• Freshman Parent Night Sept 6
• Welcome Coffee for parents Sept 11
• Lunch With the Principal Sept 11
• Senior Parent Night Sept 11
• PSAT Parent Information Night
• PTSA General Meeting Sept 18
• Lunch With the Principal Apr 9
• Welcome Coffee for parents of
incoming freshmen class Apr 16
• CRHS Volunteer Appreciation
• VIPS University
• Katy ISD College Night
• Fall Community Garage Sale Oct 6
• Homecoming Dance Oct 20
• PTSA General Meeting May 14
• Senior Prom May 18
• Katy ISD Volunteer Appreciation
• Graduation and Project Grad June 8
• Junior Parent Night Nov 3
• Lunch with the Principal Nov 6
• PTSA General Meeting Dec 11
• Winter Break Dec 24-Jan 7
For exact dates and all the events NOT listed above, find information from these sources
throughout the school year:
✓ CRHS E-news (see page 12)
✓ CRHS web site and department links, especially announcements and calendars
pages, at (see page 14)
✓ PTSA web site at (see page 14)
✓ Katy ISD website at for district-wide dates (see page 14)
✓ booster club web sites (see page 14)
✓ Stars Drill Team calendar Pride of the Ranch (purchase info in 1st Day Packet)
✓ CRHS electronic marquee
Campus Layout - Main Campus
CRHS Main Building (not to scale)
9th Grade Center Entrance /
Performing Arts Center (PAC)
Gyms / Pool
Parking Lots
Visitor Parking in designated spaces ONLY
Visitor Parking in designated spaces ONLY
Main Campus Rotunda Interior (not to scale)
Main Commons
Stairs to
2nd floor/
←To 9th Grade/
To Gyms→
The Nurse’s Clinic and the Attendance
Office for grades 10-12 are just beyond
the office on the entrance hall.
Around the corner, again to the right, are
the Registrar’s Office and the
Counseling Office for grades 10-12.
East ➜
Cougar Den
The CRHS Main Campus Office is
located at the main campus entrance, at
the end of the U-shaped driveway with
the traffic lights and the electronic
marquee. Visitors MUST sign in at the
office when they arrive.
Cinco Ranch Blvd.
Traffic Light
Parking Lots
Cinco Ranch Junior High
Grand Parkway/TX 99
Parking Lot
NO Visitor
North ➜
Cinco Ranch High School is BIG, encompassing some 433,000 square feet in a footprint
that stretches nearly a quarter-mile from the competition gyms to the ninth grade center.
Athletic contests, fine arts performances and many other activities take place all year in a
variety of locations.
The Rotunda is the large, two-story
Main Campus
space at the end of the entrance hall.
The Main Commons, the cafeteria for
Front Doors
grades 10-12, lies behind its curved
walls. The school store Cougar Den is
just outside the Commons. Run by FBLA
(Future Business Leaders of America), the Cougar Den sells school supplies, spirit items
and snacks at lunches.
Many meetings occur in the LGI (Large Group Instruction) room on the upper floor of the
rotunda. Stairs to the upper level are somewhat hidden behind the curved wall of the
Rotunda in front of the cafeteria serving lines.
Campus Layout - 9th Grade Center
9th Grade / PAC Entrance Interior (not to scale)
The Freshman (9th graders) Office,
Attendance and Counselors and the
9th Grade Commons (cafeteria) are
located at the far west end of the
building, where they share an
entrance with the CRHS Performing
Arts Center (PAC).
9th Grade
To Main Campus→
9th Grade
9th Grade Office /
Attendance /
PAC Doors
Many, though not all, 9th grade
classes are conducted in classrooms
near the freshman office.
9th Grade / PAC
Entrance Doors
Communicating with Attendance
If your student is absent, call the appropriate Attendance Office to report the
circumstances. You can call the main campus number and follow the voice prompts or
call the direct line of the attendance clerk who handles your student’s records:
Attendance, Grades 10-12, Last Names A-K
Attendance, Grades 10-12, Last Names L-Z
9th Grade Attendance, all names
Checking Students Out of School
If your student needs to leave school in the middle of the day for an appointment, please
send a note to school, stating the time the student needs to leave class. The student should
take the note to the appropriate Attendance Office before school and get a pass from the
Attendance Clerk, so that he/she can leave class at the stated time and return to the
Attendance Office to sign out.
Parents must come into school and go through the Raptor system in order to sign students
out at the Attendance Office. Students who drive themselves to school must sign
themselves out at the main campus Attendance Office before leaving campus.
Note that Katy ISD policy allows ONLY parents and guardians to take students out of
school. Students who leave campus at any time without parental permission and
administrative approval are subject to disciplinary action.
Communicating with Faculty and Administrators
By Phone (automated system)
The main campus number is 281-237-7000.
Follow the prompts of the system to reach
the desired office or person. A receptionist
assists callers during regular office hours,
7:00 am - 3:00 pm on school days.
Attendance A-K
Attendance L-Z
9th Grade Attendance
CRHS Athletics
Katy ISD Administration
Katy ISD West Transportation
By Phone (individual extensions)
Each CRHS teacher, administrator or staff
member has a direct phone line in his or
her classroom or office. To find the direct
number of the employee you’d like to talk to, visit the CRHS web site at Click “School Staff” on the menu on the left side of
the home page for a list of all CRHS faculty and staff names AND phone numbers.
Calls do NOT go through to classrooms during instruction hours, 7:30 am - 2:35 pm. You
will be directed to the voicemail system to leave a message instead.
By Email
The overwhelming majority of CRHS teachers prefer emails for most communications.
Emails often get quicker responses than calls since teachers use their computers all day.
To send email, visit the CRHS web site at Click
“School Staff” on the menu on the left side of the home page, locate the teacher/staff name
on the list and click the  icon next to the name to compose your message.
In Person
To visit the school, you must sign in during regular business hours from 7:00 am to 3:00
pm at either the Main Campus Office or the 9th Grade Office at the west end of the
building. Photo identification is required by our electronic Raptor system. Please make
an appointment before you visit if you want to speak to a particular teacher or
administrator or visit a class. See page 20 for the full Katy ISD policy on campus visits.
It’s a pleasure for CRHS administrators and teachers to talk with
parents, volunteers and students, and communication is one of the
core values of our school. Our goal is to be available to you as
much as possible, which means the
daily volume of phone calls and
emails can be ENORMOUS! Please
be understanding and allow up to 24
hours for a reply, unless you have a
genuine emergency.
Communicating with Students at School
Cell Phone Policy
KISD policy allows students to carry wireless-enabled devices during the school day. High
school students may check messages during passing periods between classes and at lunch.
(See Bell Schedules on page 4.) Students may NOT check devices during class times.
You can download the full Katy ISD policy on wireless devices from the district web site at Click “Parents” near the top of the homepage, then find and click
“Public Wi-Fi: A Guide for Parents” on the list of “Frequently Viewed Pages & Documents.”
The KISD Discipline Management Plan and Code of Student Conduct for 2012-2013 in the
student’s 1st Day Packet also has detailed guidelines concerning use of mobile devices.
Delivery of Forgotten / Necessary Items
If a student forgets something at home (books, homework, lunch,
change of clothes for competition, etc.) and you want to bring the
item to school, CRHS staff in the Main Office and in the 9th Grade
Office will accept these items and hold them for student pickup.
During lunches in the 9th grade commons, teachers call out the
names of students who need to pick things up in the 9th Grade
Office. In the main commons, names of students with items to
collect from the Main Office are listed on the marquee screen.
Students MUST come to the appropriate office and show their
CRHS IDs to retrieve their property. Students may not leave class
to pick things up, and no deliveries are made to classrooms, study halls
or athletic facilities.
The Cougar Express is the Cinco Ranch High School on-line newsletter produced jointly
by CRHS administration and the PTSA. It contains information and news from the
administration, the counselors’ office, the registrar’s office, student clubs and
organizations, booster clubs and the PTSA. The Cougar Express is published 4 times each
school year, and is available on-line at the CRHS PTSA website at
CRHS Curriculum Notes
Graduation Requirements
The state of Texas, through the Texas Education Agency (TEA), sets graduation requirements
for all students in Texas public high schools. Students earn 1 credit for each full-year
course (August-June) that they complete. Students earn 1/2 credit for each one-semester
course (either August-December or January-June). Currently, students must have 26 credits
to graduate, most of them in subject areas mandated by the state:
4x4 (“Four by Four”)
Required Core Curriculum
Additional Required Credits
4 credits in math
1 credit in physical education (PE)
4 credits in science
1 credit in fine arts
4 credits in English
2 credits in a language other than English (LOTE)
4 credits in social studies
/2 credit in Health
1/2 credit in Communications Applications
(history, geography, etc.)
Transfer Credits
Many students entering CRHS already
have some of the required credits.
Incoming freshmen (9th graders) may have
earned high school credits at their Katy
ISD junior highs. Students transferring
from out-of-state or overseas receive credit
for classes they have taken that meet Texas
curriculum requirements. The Registrar
has many years of experience working
with transfer students to assign credits
wherever possible.
Other Courses and Summer School
Katy ISD offers additional options to
students, including some after-school
classes, professional/technical preparatory
courses at Miller Career Center (juniors
and seniors only), and dual-credit courses
through area community colleges. The
Katy ISD Course Catalog and Planning
Guide can be found on the Katy ISD web
site at
Summer school is offered in two sessions
of three weeks each; each session
represents one semester of instruction.
Students may take summer school classes
for original credit or to make up a failing
grade from the previous school year.
Academic and Pre AP/AP Courses
Many CRHS courses are offered in two
formats: Academic and pre-AP/AP. Both
formats prepare students for college. The
pre-AP/AP curriculum specifically ties to
the College Board’s Advanced Placement
Tests, which offer students the chance to
earn college credits while in high school.
Students who excel in pre-AP/AP courses
often have higher grade point averages
(GPAs), since grades for these classes are
weighted more heavily than grades for
Academic classes.
Exams and Exemptions
Semester exams occur at the end of each
semester of instruction and determine 15%
of the student’s overall grade for the
course. Ordinarily, students with good
grades and good attendance may exempt
(not take) certain exams. (9th graders may
exempt 1 exam per semester; older
students may exempt more.) CRHS
publishes a full exemption policy on the
campus web site. In addition, the state of
Texas mandates the STAAR EOC Exams in
the spring. These exams are in a period of
transition, and CRHS will keep parents
informed as the process continues.
Most students take a mix of Academic and
pre-AP/AP classes. Counselors work with
students and parents to determine which
format best fits the student’s needs and
interests on a course by course basis.
CRHS Fine Arts, Athletics and Clubs
CRHS encourages students to participate enthusiastically in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The list of options* is long - we’ve had to use small type to get them
all on the page! All campus organizations have a sponsor you can email for information.
Find the list of club and fine arts sponsors on the PTSA web site, Contact
the CRHS Main Office or Athletic Office for athletics coaches and sponsors.
Fine Arts at CRHS**
Art Club
Color Guard
Jazz Ensemble
Athletics at CRHS**
Cross Country
Drill Team Cougar Stars
Swimming / Diving
Academics at CRHS**
Academic Challenge/
Quiz Bowl
Academic Decathlon
Academic Octathlon
American Sign Language (ASL)
ASL Honor Society
Art Honor Society
Chinese Club
Competitive Speaking Team
Computer Science Club
Cougar Culinary Club
County Line School Newspaper
Creative Writing Club
CRyptonite Robotics Team
Delta Epsilon Phi
(German Honor Society)
Destination Imagination
FBLA (Future Business Leaders
of America)
French Club
German Club
HOSA (Health Occupation
Students of America)
Japanese Club
Junior Achievement
Korean Club
Literary/Art Magazine
Model UN
Mu Alpha Theta
(Math Honor Society)
National English Honor Society
NHS (National Honor Society)
Pan American Student Forum
(Spanish Club)
Panorama Yearbook
Reader’s Society
Science National Honor Society
Science Olympiad
Spanish Honor Society
TAFE (Texas Association of
Future Educators)
UIL Spelling
Non-Curricular Clubs
Anime and Manga Club
Balla Babes
Bowling (intramural)
CRHS Gay-Straight Alliance
Cinco Ranch LaCrosse Club
Diamond Dolls
Dumbledore’s Army
Electronic Dance Music Club
Hip Hop Culture Club
Ice Cougars (hockey)
Junior Girls
My Little Pony Friendship Is
Magic Club
Philosopher’s Society
Ping Pong Club
Rubik’s Cube Club
See You at the Pole
World Awareness Society
V.I.T. (Visionaries and Inventors
of Tomorrow)
Service Groups**
Best Buddies
CATS (Cougars Achieving
Through Service)
Good Sportsmanship League
Interact Club
Key Club
PALS (Peer Assistance
Leadership Skills)
Ranch Hands
Student Council
*This list shows groups active in 2011-2012. The list for 2012-2013 was not ready when this booklet went to print.
**IMPORTANT NOTE! Participation in fine arts, athletics and academic groups is often determined by audition, tryouts, formal application, enrollment in specific classes and/or grades. Membership in service groups may require
application, election, interviews and/or recommendations. Contact sponsors for full details.
HEADS UP, PARENTS! For a list of booster clubs you can join to support your student’s
activities, see page 21.
eNews and the Katy ISD Parent Information Center
CRHS eNews Subscription for Parents!
Parents can get all the latest CRHS
campus news by subscribing to Katy ISD
eNews. eNews subscribers receive email
announcements, updates and notices of
upcoming events directly from CRHS.
Parents need to subscribe only one time,
even with students in multiple grades or
at different campuses. You can include
more than one email address. Best of all,
you need to update your subscription
only if your email address changes.
Otherwise, your eNews subscription
follows your child as long as he or she is
enrolled in Katy schools, from grade to
grade and campus to campus.
To subscribe, visit
You will need to provide the following
information* so eNews can match your
email address with your child’s campus
and grade:
*Important Note: The information you
provide for the eNews system must
match exactly the information on your
child’s Katy ISD enrollment card. Please
contact the Main Office if you have
Student’s ID number (easily
located on your student’s photo
ID badge, report card or progress
report, or enrollment form).
Student’s date of birth.
Last four digits of student’s Social
Security number or State ID
number (for verification purposes
only; the number will not be
retained in the system).
eNews is just one of the helpful tools in the on-line Katy ISD Parent
Information Center at Other tools include:
MealPayPlus With MealPayPlus, pre-pay your student’s lunch
money account using a credit or debit card. Your student simply
swipes his or her ID card to pay for lunch in one of the school
cafeterias. The system sends low-balance reminder emails when it’s
time to add more funds.
On-Line Gradebook The on-line gradebook gives you access to your student’s grades for
assignments and tests as soon as teachers record them - no need to wait for report cards.
As this booklet went to press, Katy ISD was in the process of upgrading the
Parent Information Center to the eSchoolPLUS Home Access Center.
Check your student’s 1st Day Packet on August 27, 2012 for the latest
information about on-line tools for parents!
Information: How to Find It / Lunch with the Principal
In a school the size of CRHS, communication is an ongoing challenge! To help you keep
up with the the things that interest your family (without being overwhelmed by the volume
of stuff out there), CRHS PTSA offers these tips:
✓ Sign up for eNews. (See page 12.) The most reliable and pertinent information is
✓ Join the PTSA. Anyone can be a member - including all CRHS students - and PTSA
exists to support ALL students and ALL families. The 1st Day Packet includes a PTSA
membership form and other sign-ups that connect you with information about
CRHS. Membership does not obligate you to come to meetings or join committees!
✓ Sign up for VIPS emails. Fill out the “Volunteer Registration 2012-13” column of
the PTSA/VIPS 1st Day Form with your name and circle your email address to get
notices of many activities. This is just FYI - no one will pressure you to volunteer!
✓ Take advantage of “Useful Web Sites” listed on page 14 and check them often.
✓ Watch the CRHS electronic marquee - while you’re waiting on the traffic light, of
course, not while driving! The marquee scrolls information about coming events.
✓ Keep this booklet and your 1st Day Packet handy. It’s amazing how many answers
you can find in these sources if you review them thoroughly! Return required forms
ASAP but take time later to get familiar with everything in all the handbooks and
✓ Attend Open House on September 5, 2012. You will follow your student’s
schedule, meet his or her teachers, and get valuable information about course
content, grading and communicating with CRHS faculty.
✓ Join a booster club if one exists for your student’s activity. The club will send out
calendars, contact information and emails about events to its members. Find a list
of booster club contacts on page 21 or on the PTSA web site.
✓ Have Lunch with the Principal.
Lunch events are informal, bring-yourown-brown-bag-lunch chat meetings
with Principal James Cross.
They are great opportunities
to get to know the
administration, ask
questions, and learn more
about CRHS and its policies.
PTSA sponsors the Lunches,
but you don’t have to be a
PTSA member to attend.
Lunches with the Principal
11:30 am in the LGI*
September 11,
November 6,
February 12,
April 9,
*Don’t know what the
LGI is or how to get to it? See page 6.
Information: Useful Web Sites
Cinco Ranch High School
Daily and weekly announcements
Email links and phone numbers for all CRHS teachers, administrators and staff
Important forms and documents to download
Links to the websites of student organizations, athletic teams and fine arts programs
CRHS PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association)
Contact information for booster clubs
List of student clubs and fine arts sponsors
Contact information for PTSA officers and chairmen
Important forms and documents to download
CRHS Athletic Booster Club
CRHS Band Booster Club
CRHS Choir Booster Club
CRHS Cougar Stars Booster Club
CRHS Orchestra Booster Club
Katy ISD
Katy ISD Parent Info Center/eNews Sign Up
VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools)
College Board
Free Application for Federal Student Aid
University Interscholastic League (UIL)
Katy ISD Council of PTAs
Texas PTA
National PTA
Contact PTSA!
President Cindy Beyer, VIPS Vice-President Terri Bray,
Newcomers Chairman Julia Miller or any board member
will be happy to point you in the right direction!
Find the full board list on page 18 and on the PTSA web site.
Managing the First Day of School
A Guide for the Frazzled Student
Attend Round-Up before school begins.
Figure out what you need. At the high
Round Up allows students to handle
administrative matters so their first day runs
smoothly. At Round Up, students will:
• verify course selections for the year
• meet with counselors to correct errors
in course assignments
• pick up textbooks
• locate their assigned lockers
• take yearbook pictures (grades 9-11)
• take ID photos (if needed)
• register for parking permits
Students who register during New Student
Registration should attend make-up
Round-Up on Friday, August 24.
school level, students don’t get specific school
supplies lists until the first day of class. All
students should take their own notes about
supplies, as teacher requirements vary.
Learn your daily routine. Students have 7
minutes to move from one class to the next.
A warning bell rings 2 minutes before the bell
that signals the beginning of a class period.
Teachers usually don’t mark students tardy
(late to class) the first week. After this grace
period, students will receive tardies if they
aren’t in their seats when the final bell rings.
Attendance counts 3 tardies as an absence.
Prepay for lunch using the MealPayPlus
program. (See page 12.)
Take care of textbooks! Specific textbooks
are assigned to specific students. CRHS tracks
these assignments, and failure to present
textbooks for book checks will result in fines
and loss of exam exemptions. Fees are also
assessed for damaged books, so note any
existing damage on the textbook card you sign
when you first receive a book. That way you
won’t be held responsible for that damage
later. State law requires that all books be
covered; the book room provides free paper
covers to all students.
Allow plenty of extra time to get to school
on August 27.
Arrive early at the bus stop; leave very early if
you will travel to school in a personal vehicle.
Traffic is always heavy from 7:00-7:30 am
since Cinco Ranch High School and Cinco
Ranch Junior High sit next to each other on the
same street. On the first day, expect a traffic
nightmare! Drive carefully, remember that
many other drivers are inexperienced, and be
patient with long wait times at traffic lights.
Review the 1st Day Packet and return
required forms ASAP. There is a LOT of stuff
in 1st Day Packets, and most of it really, really
matters to someone! Labels on the packet
envelopes tell you what needs to come back to
school, and - NEW FOR THIS YEAR - every
classroom has a collection box where students
can return their envelopes. Do take time
when things calm down after the 1st Day rush
to review all 1st Day paperwork carefully.
1st Day Packets are the single most
comprehensive and important source of
CRHS information, and probably also the
source most often underrated or overlooked!
Find your homeroom. Homeroom lists are
posted near school entrances and throughout
the halls. Lists are color-coded by grade level.
Find your grade level, then locate your name
and homeroom number on the list.
Classrooms beginning with a “1” are on the
ground floor; classrooms beginning with a “2”
are upstairs. Plaques on the walls of the main
hallway show the numbers of nearby
Students receive their class schedules in
homerooms on the first day of school.
Parking and Transportation
Bus Tansportation
Katy ISD offers bus transportation to all students. The Katy ISD web site
provides a tool to identify your student’s bus number, route, daily pick-up
time and estimated drop-off time. Click “Bus Schedule” at the top of the
Katy ISD homepage and follow the prompts.
Be aware that bus schedules vary on half-days and during exams.
On-Campus Parking Restrictions
On-campus parking is strictly regulated. Many spaces are reserved for
specific users, and no one may park in named or numbered spaces
without a parking permit. Students who drive their own cars to school
must register for parking permits during Round-Up or in the course of
the school year. Katy ISD police closely monitor the parking lots; they
will ticket and/or immobilize improperly parked vehicles.
Student Drop-Off
If you drive students to school, you must drop them off in front of the school, either in the
main U-shaped driveway or at the 9th Grade Center doors. Morning drop-off and
afternoon pick-up at the 9th grade center follow the same one-way system as main
campus drop-off and pick-up: enter from the east side and exit to the west. Please be
respectful of prevailing traffic patterns.
There is NO student drop-off in the parking lot at the west end of the building or in the
parking lot behind the school.
Traffic is VERY heavy before school from 7:00 - 7:30 am and after
school from 2:35 - 3:05 pm. Allow plenty of time for dropping off
students in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon. Be
patient! You will not get into or out of the parking lot quickly at these
times, and remember that other drivers are likely to be inexperienced
Visitor and Volunteer Parking
Campus volunteers and visitors must park in spaces designated for
visitor use. Visitor spaces in the tiny parking areas on either side of
the main entrance are marked by signs. Additional visitor spaces,
designated by the word “VISITOR” painted on the pavement, can
be found in the row of parking spaces nearest the building in the
two main front parking lots and in the first row of spaces in front of
the 9th Grade Center/PAC doors. If all designated spaces are full,
volunteers and visitors may park in UNMARKED spaces at the 9th
grade center. Never park in a numbered or named space, or you
will be ticketed!
PTSA - Parent / Teacher / Student Association
Cinco Ranch High School Parent Student Teacher Association (CRHS PTSA) is a volunteer
organization composed of and committed to the parents, teachers and students of CRHS.
We value communication, parent and student involvement, and positive schoolcommunity relationships. We pledge to support CRHS through volunteer service, financial
assistance, teacher appreciation, student programs, and student scholarships. CRHS PTSA: What’s in it for me?
‣ Parents — Connect with the CRHS community
Reach out to students and teachers
Hear what’s going on
Speak out on behalf of your kids
Connect with volunteers
Receive financial support and extra resources
Have fun at appreciation events
See benefits for your students
Students — Connect with administrators and teachers
Reflections art program
Help with school events
Scholarships for graduating seniors
Association — Parents, teachers and students act together
PTA Vision
Every child's
potential is a
PTA Mission
Engaging and
families and
communities to
advocate for all
as “Education’s Booster Club” to support
each other and our school
Join PTSA!
*** PTSA Scholarship Eligibility ***
Membership forms come
home in 1st Day Packets.
To apply for a PTSA scholarship, the student
and at least one parent must be CRHS PTSA
members during the student’s junior AND
senior years. Four years of membership is
appreciated and participation in PTSAsponsored volunteer opportunities and/or
programs is required for scholarship
PTSA membership and service
projects help student members
build their resumes for
NHS, job, college and
scholarship applications.
PTSA - Parent / Teacher / Student Association
PTSA benefits to CRHS:
PTSA benefits for members:
Curriculum support, instructional
materials and school equipment (about
$20,000 in each of the last three years)
Volunteer coordination for the KISD
Volunteers in Public Schools [VIPS]
Environmental initiatives
Reflections arts program
Junior Achievement coordination
Campus beautification & landscaping
Staff appreciation events and teacher
Student involvement opportunities
Parent involvement opportunities
Legislative advocacy opportunities
Scholarships to CRHS seniors funded by
member dues
“Lunch with the Principal” sessions where
parents talk face-to-face with Mr. Cross
Communication via the PTSA web site,
member and volunteer e-mails, Cougar
Express on-line newsletter, and Cougar
Paws welcome packet for new families
Networking with other parents
Opportunities to meet CRHS faculty and
staff at hospitality events
Welcome Coffees to help new families
connect at CRHS
Two community Garage Sales each year
Discounts and freebies through Texas PTA
(See for more information.)
PTSA Officers & Chairmen 2012-2013
Carol Campbell
Executive Offices
Cindy Beyer
1st Vice President, Programs
Jane Smith
Legislative Liaison
Janine Gorell
Susan Banks
Julia Miller
2nd Vice President,
3rd Vice President,
LeeAnn Rinderknecht
Special Projects
Marla Ward
Laura Peddicord
- open -
Student Involvement
Jenny Goodwin
Web Site
Deb Hagan
Special Committees
Booster Club Liaison
- open -
4th Vice President, VIPS
Terri Bray
Wendy Schiele
Theresa Wilkinson
Julie Haddix
Maria Sobarzo
James Cross
Standing Committees
Arts in Education
Student Representative
Cris Bowden
Welcome Coffees
Sue Sorg
Campus Beautification
Andrea Moore
VIPS Subcommittees
Marie Miglin
Green School
1st Day Packets
- open -
- open -
Bonda Snyder
Kelly Little
Textbook Room
Sofia Peruzzi
Marla Ward
--- various ---
School Dances
The color of a student’s mum or garter signifies
his or her class rank. Freshmen and
sophomores wear mums and garters in the
CRHS colors of maroon and white; junior
mums are predominantly silver; and seniors
wear gold colors around their mums.
Every Katy ISD high school celebrates a
Homecoming weekend some time in the fall.
(Dates vary from year to year.) The weekend
includes a football game and a school-wide
dance. Student Council sponsors the CRHS
Homecoming Dance, which takes place in the
main CRHS commons and will be held this
year on Saturday evening, October 20, after
the Homecoming football game in the early
Dates or groups of students usually go out to
dinner prior to the Homecoming dance. If they
do not drive, parents chauffeur them. The
dance is “formal.” Young ladies usually wear
tea or formal length dresses, and young men
should wear a suit or at least a shirt and tie.
Ladies purchase boutonnières and men
purchase corsages for their dates to wear at the
dance. (Mums aren’t worn.) Students
must adhere to appropriate dress code
when choosing dance dresses. Bare
midriffs, midriff cutouts, low or cut-out
backs, or skirts that are too short are
not allowed.
Students may attend the dance with a partner
(a “date”) or as part of a larger, more informal
group. If students attend the dance with a
“date,” then a number of
conventions and traditions apply:
• The young man purchases
tickets for himself and his
date at lunch the week
before the dance. Note: If
tickets are sold at the
door, they are VERY
• The young lady purchases
pictures from the
photographer at the dance
and shares the photos with her date.
• The young man purchases a
homecoming “mum” for the young
• The young lady purchases a
homecoming “garter” for the young
There is security and a check-in
process at the door to the dance, and
students will not be re-admitted once
they leave. All students attending must
show their student IDs, so remind your
child to take his or her ID!
Sadie Hawkins
The Sadie Hawkins Dance is held in the
commons on a Saturday in the early spring
and is sponsored by the Cougar Stars Drill
Team. Girls ask guys to the dance, but students
may attend in groups if they wish. The girls
purchase dance tickets during lunchtime. This
is an informal dance where couples wear
jeans and matching T-shirts. Couples usually
go out shopping together to pick out the Tshirts, which the girls purchase. The boys pay
for pictures at the dance. Couples or groups
may choose to go out together for dinner
before the dance begins.
The CRHS Band makes custom “mums” and
“garters” as a fundraiser; the “mum moms”
take student orders in the main and 9th grade
commons during lunches several weeks before
the dance. Many area grocers and other
businesses also sell mums, and some “crafty”
students - or their parents - make their own
mums by hand. Students show off their mums
by wearing them to school on Homecoming
Friday and to the football game. Girls usually
wear overalls and pin their mums on the straps
because the mums are so heavy!
Prom is a formal, off-campus dance in the late
spring. Only seniors are invited to prom, but
seniors may bring underclassmen as dates.
Special Needs
CRHS houses a number of programs for students with special needs and circumstances,
and all CRHS students will occasionally encounter differently-enabled peers. Students in
programs adapted for their physical, developmental and behavioral challenges are an
integral and valued part of our CRHS community. Many CRHS organizations offer
students and volunteers the opportunity to serve the special needs community, and special
needs students and parents are encouraged to participate in campus and volunteer
activities to the extent that their circumstances allow.
Because of the wide variety of needs, and the complexity of state and federal legislation
regarding accommodations, parents and guardians should contact the special education
department at CRHS with issues and concerns specific to their students.
Visiting the Campus
Volunteers are always welcome at CRHS, and you will find information about volunteering
on the next page. For campus visits that don’t involve a volunteer assignment, CRHS
follows the Katy ISD visitors policy, reprinted below from the KISD web site:
Parents and others are welcome to visit Katy ISD
schools. For the safety of those within the school
setting, all visitors are expected to demonstrate the
highest standards of courtesy and conduct.
Disruptive behavior will not be permitted. All
visitors to a campus must report to the front office
to sign in and receive a visitor pass to wear while
on campus.
become involved in discussions or classroom
activities unless invited to do so by the teacher. If
there is a need for a discussion with the teacher, a
conference must be scheduled outside of
instructional time.
To maintain an orderly educational environment,
parents/guardians should not bring siblings or
other children with them for classroom
observations. Cell phones and paging devices
must be turned off while in instructional settings.
Lunch Visitors
All lunch visitors must follow established check-in
and check-out procedures. Due to space and
safety concerns, lunch visitors are restricted to the
Secondary: Lunch visitors will be restricted to
parents/guardians, grandparents (with written
permission), and campus mentors. *Students
whose parents have filed written permission may
have lunch with a person who is approved for a
Limited Public Forum (LPF) on campus. LPF
visitors should ask for Donna Moss in the main
campus office before signing in.*
Raptor Visitor Tracking System
For the safety and security of your child, Katy ISD
has implemented a visitor tracking system in all of
its schools. The purpose of this system is to ensure
that adult visitors on campus do not pose a threat
to any students.
Upon entering you child’s campus, you will be
asked to present one of the following forms of
identification in order to move beyond the front
Valid Drivers License (any state)
State-Issued I.D. Card
Work Visa
Green Card
Your license or identification card will be
scanned. Once cleared you will be issued a
visitor’s badge, which must be worn while you are
on campus. Upon your departure the visitor’s
badge must be returned to the front office.
Classroom Observations
Parents/Guardians who wish to visit their child’s
classroom must make arrangements at least one
day in advance with the principal, principal’s
designee, and/or the teacher. Parents/Guardians in
classrooms are there as observers and should not
VIPS - Volunteer Options for Parents
The Katy ISD VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools) has
received state and national recognition, and is very
active here at Cinco Ranch High School. In 2011-2012,
we reported close to 40,000 hours of volunteer service.
Please take time to fill out and return the “Volunteer
Registration 2012-2013” column of the PTSA/VIPS 1st
Day Form and return it to school. Even if you aren’t able
to sign up for any particular role, registering yourself as a
volunteer contributes to the volunteer program and helps
CRHS students qualify for awards and grants.
If you write your email address on the Volunteer
Registration form and circle it (see form for instructions),
you can receive emails notifying you of volunteer
service opportunities. Many CRHS volunteer roles are
ideal for working parents, since they involve after-school
or weekend activities. If you are interested in a particular
job, please circle the job on the registration form or write
a note in the comment section at the bottom.
Often parents of high school students channel their
volunteer energies through the parent-run booster clubs
that support various student activities. If you’d like to
know more about one of the CRHS booster groups,
contact the person listed for that group at right. Some
booster clubs maintain their own web sites; see the
“Useful Web Sites” list on page 14 or find links to
booster clubs on the CRHS homepage.
Even if all you can do this year is to fill out and return
the volunteer registration, we encourage you to
participate in the CRHS VIPS program! If you have any
questions about volunteering at CRHS, please contact
the campus VIPS Coordinator, PTSA 4th Vice-PresidentVolunteers Terri Bray at [email protected]
CRHS Booster Club
Kevin Johnson
[email protected]
Kelli Penick
[email protected]
Angie Kons
[email protected]
John Bryan
[email protected]
Jody Lee
[email protected]
Carol Rodriguez
[email protected]
Simon Lin
[email protected]
Project Graduation
Terri Bray
[email protected]
Jan Gros
[email protected]
The Stars
Kim Martin
[email protected]
Debbie Russell
[email protected]
Volunteer Options for Students
CATS Program
Cougars Achieving Through Service (CATS) is a
voluntary service program that recognizes
participating students for their contributions to the
community. Each participant must document
service activities in a notebook, secure
appropriate verification and signatures, and
accumulate the hours required for his or her
grade level: freshmen – 10 hours, sophomores –
20 hours, juniors – 40 hours, seniors – 60 hours.
Hours accumulate from April 1 through March 31
of the next year. Participating underclassmen
receive award certificates. Seniors are eligible to earn a white honor cord to wear at
graduation if they record the requisite 60 hours between April 1 of their junior year and March
31 of their senior year and turn in completed notebooks containing all necessary
documentation and signatures in April of the senior year.
Additional information and CATS guidelines are available on the CRHS website at Click “Student Zone,” then click “CATS Guidelines” on
the page that appears. (Note that you must click on the “Student Zone” heading itself; none
of the sub-headings that appear when you move your cursor over the “Student Zone” title
contain the information.)
Contact your grade-level principal’s office if you want to participate in the CATS program.
Service Groups and Clubs
The CRHS Fine Arts, Athletics and Clubs section of this booklet (page 11) lists service
organizations active on campus. In addition, many academic clubs and fine arts groups
schedule projects throughout the year that make it easy for students to perform service while
enjoying time with their peers and teacher sponsors. We encourage students to join and to be
active in group meetings and activities.
The PTSA/VIPS 1st Day Packet contains a “Student Volunteer Sign-Up 2012-13” form that
students can complete and return to school in the PTSA/Booster Clubs envelope. Students
who submit these forms to the PTSA Student Involvement Committee receive emails
periodically, notifying them of upcoming events where they can earn service hours for CATS,
NHS, PTSA scholarship qualification and other purposes.
Volunteer Link
Students can check the CRHS webpage at for more
opportunities to serve. Click “Student Zone,” then click “check this link” under the heading
“Volunteer Opportunities.”
Safety Net
What is the Katy ISD Safety Net?
This plan is a proactive measure to help reduce the risk of school violence, teen suicide, gang
involvement, and drug or alcohol use. Through Safety Net, students can anonymously report a
concern or “tip” about themselves or another student. Students may submit reports in two
ways – in writing at the campus, or by phone to the Crimestoppers’ Hotline at 713-221-TIPS.
Remember, however, that anonymous tips limit the school’s ability to act.
How do students report a tip?
Students fill out a written form and turn it in to a teacher, counselor or administrator. Safety Net
forms are available in all classrooms and in central locations such as the library, gym,
counselors’ or principals’ offices, or you can use or copy the form below. Students may leave
the completed form on a teacher’s desk or place it in one of the locked drop boxes on the
campus. The boxes are located in the counselors’ office or in the Assistant Principals’ offices.
Can parents turn in anonymous tips?
Yes, parents and community members may submit concerns or tips. Adults should keep in
mind, though, that anonymous tips limit the school’s ability to act. In-person reports to
responsible personnel empower school responses.
What happens when a tip is turned in?
All reports are taken seriously and are thoroughly checked out by a counselor or campus
administrator. Parents will be notified when their student is identified as needing assistance or
is the subject of a safety net. Counselors and administrators will consider the situation and the
age and maturity of the student in determining how to take action. Disciplinary infractions will
be handled in accordance with the Katy ISD Discipline Management Code.
I am concerned about ______________________________________ who is in the _______ grade,
because I believe they are:
_____ Fighting or planning to fight.
_____Carrying a weapon.
_____Threatening another.
_____Threatening to hurt him/herself.
_____Involved in a gang.
_____Using or selling drugs or alcohol.
_____I think he/she needs to talk to an adult about other problems. Explain _______________________
Long before Texas became a republic, the seeds of
Cinco Ranch were sown. Its history began in the
early 1820s when the Spanish government
authorized Moses Austin to settle 300 families in
the valleys of the Brazos and Colorado rivers.
Cinco Ranch High School opened its
doors with freshmen and sophomores in
the fall of 1999 under the leadership of
principal Dr. Lowell Strike. The school is
expansive not only in size, but also in its
commitment to partner with parents and
community to challenge, nurture, and
empower students to build strong
character and to reach academic
excellence through thinking logically,
independently and creatively in our
rapidly changing world. The students of
the Class of 2002 comprised the first
graduating class. In the fall of 2004 we
welcomed our second principal Mrs.
Bonnie Brasic, and in the fall of 2009 our
third Principal, James Cross, joined the
CRHS family.
After Austin’s death in 1821, his son Stephen
confirmed the original Spanish grants with the
newly established Mexican government. Austin
established a colony at Fort Bend and each of its
300 families received a league (4,000+ acres) of
land. The land granted to Randolph Foster was an
expanse of open range roamed by buffalo, deer,
and wild horses, spread over what are now Fort
Bend and Waller counties.
Foster’s daughter married Thomas Blakeley, a
pioneer cattleman and later Sheriff of Fort Bend
County. Their son, Bassett, began driving cattle as
a small boy and became a notable Texas cowboy
and cattleman after inheriting his grandfather
Foster’s rangeland and the Blakeley holdings.
Known as the Blakeley Ranch, Bassett Blakeley’s
immense Katy property comprised some 15,000
acres in several counties and supported 14,000
head of Brahma cattle. Each year, his cowhands
drove 10,000 head of cattle to the railheads in
An optimally broad range of programs,
resources and support systems are offered
to support the unique needs of individual
students and their families.
populations students, including gifted
and talented, special education, Career
and Technology Education, English for
Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL),
Advanced Placement and Pre-AP, all have
access to a full range of course offerings
and services.
The school is similarly
proud to offer extra-curricular and cocurricular programs including band,
choir, orchestra, speech, drama, visual
arts, drill team, cheerleading, athletics,
and more than sixty clubs and
organizations. Technology and its
applications are laced throughout the
campus facility and culture.
In 1937, Blakeley sold the working ranch to
William Wheless, who encouraged his close
friends, J.S. Abercrombie, W.B. Pryon, H.G.
Nelms and L.M. Josey to become partners. The
five notable oil families named their joint venture
Cinco Ranch. The Wheless family lived on the
ranch and sent their children to Katy schools. All
the families used the property as a holiday and
weekend retreat, complete with a huge clubhouse
with two bedroom wings. Cinco Ranch was a
cattle ranch with several acres in rice and peanut
production. Neighbors recall that the Cinco
Ranch bulls often visited the nearby Ernstes dairy
farm and were quite adept at jumping tall fences.
In the winter, the property was a haven for
migratory geese and wildlife. In February 1984,
the largest raw land transaction in the history of
Houston took place when Cinco Ranch Venture
purchased Cinco Ranch for a 5,000-acre masterplanned development.
Cinco Ranch High School Seal
Seal Symbol
What it Represents
Torch and Open Book
Learning and education
Clasped Hands
Friendship, sportsmanship, fair play
and volunteerism
Mask, Lyre and Paintbrushes
Fine arts
Olympic Rings
Laurel Branch
Oak Branch
Satellite and Stars
Science and progress into the future
Circle of Unbroken Rope
School and community unity
School mascot
Five Pointed Star in Center
Excellence and the five original
families for whom Cinco Ranch
is named

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