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fls microjet features fls microjet features - BD
A key feature of the FLS Microjet is its
avionics package and solid state
electrical system. Our effort in
integration design and component
selection has paid off by providing
extensive capabilities in a clean
format, thus enhancing cockpit
resource management. The various
avionic components were selected for
size, reliability, operating features, and
systems integration along strict design
and performance criteria. The result
rivals capabilities found in commercial
All Digital Dual EFIS Display Instrument Panel
Following a multi-year development and modernization program, we are proud to
introduce our next generation FLS Microjet. In this development effort, objectives
focused on providing a high level of quality, with an emphasis on safety and
reliability. This newest version of the FLS Microjet has come a long way, as
evidenced by a comprehensive high-end features list. Highlights include a
modern turbine powerplant system, all glass panel, solid state electrical system,
HOTAS controls, GPS navigation, systems redundancy, and more. The following
lists highlight many of the features included with the all new FLS Microjet.
1 Complete Advanced Kit Including Powerplant System,
Avionics and Builder Assist Program.
1 Automatic Flap Positioning System With EFIS Position
1 Technology Integration With Focus On Systems Reliability
and Reduced Pilot Workload.
1 Electrically Actuated Two Speed Anti-Servo Tab (Trim
Tab) With EFIS Position Display.
1 Compound Curved Aluminum Monocoque Construction.
1 Removable Wings With Indexed Flap & Aileron Controls.
1 Capacitance Fuel Level Indication System (3 Channel
With EFIS Display).
1 Improved Wing Design Dramatically Improves Stall
1 Audio Gear Up Warning System.
1 Low Drag Self-Contained Led Synchronized Strobe and
1 Strengthened Wing Spar to Reduce Airframe Fatigue and
Maintain Airfoil Integrity.
1 Inverted Fuel System for Aerobatic Maneuvers.
1 Fuselage Stretch Enhances CG And Isolates Main Gear
Retract Mechanism From Cockpit for Safety.
1 Detachable Horizontal Stabilators (All Flying Tail).
1 NACA Style Jet Engine Intake Scoops With Back Flow
1 Attenuator (Thrust Reverser) With Throttle Lever Lockout.
1 Wrist Action Side Stick Control (As In Modern Day
Position Lights.
1 Angle-Of-Attack Vane Mounted On Extended Pitot Tube.
1 3 Position Hartwell Canopy Latch System.
Grand Rapid Technologies Horizon System Features:
1 Primary Flight Data, Moving Map, and Graphical Engine Data.
1 Sunlight-Readable, Wide-Temperature Range Display.
1 XM Satellite Weather option.
1 HSI, Arc View, and Weather Maps.
1 Highway-in-the-Sky Integrated Navigation/Attitude Display.
1 Multiple Display Units provide Redundancy and Functionality.
1 Dual AHRS and Dual Magnetometers.
1 Convenient USB Memory Stick for Software Loading.
Integrated Equipment/Features
1 Trig Mode S Transponder (Built-In Encoder).
1 Garmin SL-30 Nav/Com.
1 GPS, ILS, VOR Navigation.
1 10 Channel Audio Mixer.
1 Tone Annunciator.
1 Dimmable LED Indicator, Warning, and Annunciator Lights.
1 AOA Featuring Military Style Chevron Display.
1 Solid-State Triple Bus Redundant Electrical System (No
Mechanical Circuit Breakers).
1 Database Updates and Data Logging.
1 Split Screens, customizable to pilot preferance.
1 HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) Controls.
1 Complete 24 vdc Electrical System.
1 Operating Temperature -15° to +160° F.
1 Ability to Save Flight and Engine Performance Data to USB.
Memory Sticks. Xfer to Spreadsheet For Trend Analysis.
Attitude Sensor Package (AHRS) Features:
1 Attitude Solution Independent of GPS or Pitot/Static.
1 Suitable for IFR Primary Attitude Reference.
1 Microcontrolled Throttle Unit With Independant Graphical
Display for Engine Prestart Systems Check, Engine Operating
Mode and Status.
1 Dedicated Processor for Reliability.
1 Fully Functional During Aerobatics.
1 Secondary Throttle Control Capability In Case Of Primary
Throttle Failure.
1 Continuous Self-Test.
1 Gyro-Stabilized Slaved Magnetic Heading.
1 Alternate Stand Alone Engine Display for % RPM and EGT.
1 All axis 200°/sec; Pitch and Roll Range Unlimited.
1 Airspeed Range 50 to 580 mph.
1 IFR Accuracy -1,000 to +35,000 ft.
1 Fuel No-Drip Quick Connects Aid Wing Removal.
1 Several Items for Ease of Maintainance and Enhanced
1 Professional Grade Features in a Clean and Tightly
Integrated Package.
1 Optional Smoke System for Airshow Performances.
1 Optional Extended Range Internal Fuselage Fuel Tank.
1 Optional Integrated 2 Axis Autopilot.
1 Retractable Landing Gear (One Second Cycle Time).
1 Oleo Nose Strut.
BD-Micro Technologies, Inc. ▪ 541-444-1343 ▪ www.BD-Micro.com
Max Thrust
265 lbs
1.10 lbs/lbt/hr
Start Time
< 35 sec
Acceleration 75% To 95%
< 6 sec
Oil Consumption
150 ml/hr max
The Quantum Turbine Powerplant System
for the FLS Microjet was designed around
the PBS TJ100 turbojet engine. This hightech engine features a compact and
lightweight design, a modern FADEC
control, and a high thrust to weight ratio.
BD-Micro worked directly with PBS to further
develop several engine safety features for
this application.
Turbine Oil Type
Jet Fuel Type
Jet A, JP4
In developing the Quantum Turbine
Powerplant System for the FLS Microjet,
primary goals were safety and reliability. To
that end, extensive resources were
dedicated to design and testing. Several
rounds of revision were completed before
we were satisfied with the results.
Initial Cycle Life
600 starts
Power Output To Battery
720w (25a)
Max Re-light Altitude
26,000 ft
T.O. Distance
Landing Distance
Rate of Climb @ Sea Level
Rate of Climb @ 12,500 ft
Stall Speed (flaps @ gross wt)
Endurance (no reserve)
Top Speed Vne
Cruise Speed (N1 @ 85%)
Wing Span
Wing Area
w/o Wings
Horiz. Stab. Span
Cabin Length
Cabin Width
Cabin Height
Empty Weight
Gross Weight
Useful Load
Fuel Capacity
1,500 ft
1,000 ft
2,750 ft/m
1,400 ft/m
1.5 to 2.5* hrs
250 KIAS**
159 KIAS
270° /sec
+/ - 6.0 (@ 720 lbs)
+/ - 9.0
Max Roll
Limit "G"
Ultimate "G"
* with Aux Fuel Tank
** Prelim Spec- Higher Speeds Capable
17.0 ft
13.33/14.25 ft
6.0 ft
37.8 sq ft
4.0 ft
7.3 ft
64 in
23.5 in
36 in
416 lbs
860 lbs
444 lbs
30/46* U.S. Gal
* with Aux Fuel Tank
1FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control).
1Fuel & Lubrication Systems Fully Self-Contained.
1Brushless Induction Starter/Generator.
1Fully Automatic Start-Up/Shut-Down Operation.
1No Outside Power Source Required For Startup.
1High Thrust To Weight Ratio.
1Dual Fuel Pumps (Dual Feed @ >96% RPM).
1Manual Emergency Fuel Shutoff.
1Inverted Fuel System.
1Microcontrolled Throttle Unit- Emer Backup Control.
1Dedicated Electrical Bus.
1More Features Too Numerous To List.
BD-Micro Technologies, Inc.
1260 Wade Rd
Siletz, OR 97380 USA
Tel/Fax 541-444-1343
Email: [email protected]

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