This multiplatform station promotion embedded Garnier Pure Active



This multiplatform station promotion embedded Garnier Pure Active
pure active
& kiss
This multiplatform station promotion embedded Garnier
Pure Active into the fabric of KISS’ output
Brand awareness/engagement • generate buzz • new launch
Our young
audience were
always fully
engaged with
the Garnier Pure
Active messaging
Almost 1,000
of listeners and readers
in the core 25-54 age range
agreed that ‘EE is always
the first with new ideas’, Over 420,000 total footfall
compared to just 37% among at Westfield shopping
non-listeners and readers
centres during events
Over 70 social
media posts
Some 46% of listeners and
readers in the same age range
agreed that EE ‘offers good
for money’
against 28%
Online researchvalue
400 KISS
of non-listeners and readers
listeners aged 16-24 showed
Prompted awareness
for Garnier:
Bauer Media’s ‘love to
share’ campaign also raised
Garnier brand
of the specific
around the shared
data plan
Garnier Pure Active
future purchase intent:
Among the core 25-54 age
Brand attributes:
group, 56% of radio listeners
recalled the brand message
and 76% of magazine readers
remembered the ‘Love to
Share’ campaign
To increase awareness and sales of Garnier Pure Active’s new product range among
its core target audience of 15-24 year olds.
To build maximum awareness among this audience, we wanted to use a high-impact
station-led promotion that linked well with Garnier Pure Active. KISS Chosen One
was the perfect fit. It’s the search for new KISS presenter talent and offers listeners
the chance to win a presenter contract with KISS FM UK. The Garnier Pure Active
mantra of ‘Free your Skin, Free your Mind’ really reflects what the KISS Chosen One
is all about. It’s about having the confidence and individuality to stand out, not only
as a radio presenter, but also in front of the camera and on stage at some of the
UK’s biggest events. Together with Garner Pure Active we asked our listeners to ‘get
camera ready’ and show us that they had the confidence to be our Chosen One!
The KISS Chosen One is our search for fresh, new, young talent, so aligning the
Garnier Pure Active messaging with the event was a natural fit. We were able to
encourage our listeners to enter to become the ‘Fresh Face of KISS with Garnier
Pure Active’ with a multiplatform, fully integrated nine-week campaign.
Garnier Pure Active had co-branding across all elements of the two-month campaign,
including on-air trails and sponsorship on It also had integrated
branding at the live auditions and at the ‘Presenter Academy’ event, where the top 25
entrants went head-to- head. Our young audience were always fully engaged with the
Garnier Pure Active messaging, whether it be the on-air co-branded trails and digital
activity encouraging listeners to have the confidence to audition, or Garnier makeup artists giving products and advice to the final 10 contestants to help inspire the
confidence they needed to prove their winning potential. The campaign was heavily
supported across social media, and it really resonated with our listeners with many
Facebook likes, comments, re-tweets and favourites.
Our winner, Charlie Tee, has now joined us on our newest, youngest station – KISS
FRESH. This has given Charlie the chance to show her confident personality and love
of music through a specialist show, and also linked in well with the Garnier Pure
Active ‘fresh’ partnership.