impressa x7



impressa x7
Coffee Culture for Professionals
2 separate heating systems
The IMPRESSA X7 distinguishes itself both by its state of the art
technology and its user-friendly control functions. With its
A second, separate heating system ensures permanent steam and hot
outstanding price / performance ratio and multiple possibilities of use,
water readiness. This time saving feature is particularly helpful when
it sets completely new standards. The IMPRESSA X7 is different in
preparing Cappuccino.
every respect from other machines for the office and food service
Individual drink options
areas: it is simple to install, easy to maintain a even easier to
operate. It may well be the first ‘Plug-and-Play’ machine in the
Each drink can be programmed; not only for the coffee strength, but
market. Once it has been connected to the mains, you only have
also for water quantity and temperature.
to follow the clear instructions on the display panel and start making
2 performance grinders
perfect Espresso, great Cafè Latte, typically Italian Cappuccino or finest
Macchiato at the push of a button. Thanks to ultra-modern
The IMPRESSA X7 comes equipped with two high-precision
technology, the IMPRESSA X7 prepares coffee specialities just like a
conical grinders with separate bean tanks. With this feature you can
genuine Barista or a large, expensive gastronomy machine. Always
assign drinks to pull from one or the other bean hopper, or even
fresh and always topped by a splendid, smooth crema. And – put your
create a mixture from both, making it perfect for decaffeinated
hand on your heart – isn’t the atmosphere much more relaxed if you
drink options.
can enjoy a coffee?
Programming panel
Display dialog system
A flip-down panel provides access to the programming buttons. Here,
The large display dialog system (2 lines of 12 characters) gives
you can quickly and easily make adjustments to suit your individual
operation-supporting and user-friendly information; optional in seven
tastes and cup volumes. Connection possibilities for external token
different languages. This makes operation easy and understandable.
and smart card units are also available.
Automatic Cappuccino
Care programs
The patented Auto-Cappuccino draws milk directly from the
The IMPRESSA X7 comes with three different integrated cleaning
container, then heats and froths it up. Perfect milk foam for the
programs; one for the coffee section, one for the Cappuccino section,
ultimate experience is guaranteed.
and a combination cleaning for both.
Height-adjustable coffee spout
The height of the coffee spout for drawing off one or two cups
of coffee, or a cappuccino can be continuously adjusted between
3” - 6” (75 - 155mm). This way you can adjust the spout to a variety of
different cup sizes.
Display dialog system
Automatic Cappuccino
2 performance grinders
Programming panel
Technical data
Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©)
Volume of Bean Container
Extendable to 500 g each
Two Cups in One Brewing Process
Volume of Grounds Container
Pot of Coffee in Espresso Quality
Volume of Water Tank
Height-adjustable Coffee and Cappuccino Spout
3” ~ 6” (75 ~ 155mm)
Automatic Filling Device
10 oz. (280 g) each
approx. 40 portions
1.3 gallons (5.0 liters)
Two Separate Heating Systems
Volume of Residual Water Container
Daily Capacity
Two High-performance Pumps, 15 bar
Hot Water Output
7-language Display Dialogue System
Two Spherical Grinders
Preparation times
Two Bean Containers
1 Espresso (60 ml)
approx. 30 sec.
2 Espressos
approx. 45 sec.
1 Coffee (120 ml)
approx. 40 sec.
2 Coffees
approx. 65 sec.
1 Cappuccino (60 ml of Coffee)
approx. 40 sec.
Programmable Coffee Mixture
Programmable Power Quantity
0.2 ~ 0.7 oz. (5 ~ 19 g)
Integrated Rinsing Program
Integrated Cleaning Program
Integrated De-scaling Program
MDB Interface
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Adjustable Automatic Switch-off
Connection Output
Adjustable Automatic Switch-on Time
Programmable Brewing Temperature
Recognition of De-scaling
Article Number
Adjustable Water Hardness
0.4 gallons (1.5 liters)
approx. 100 cups
approx. 2.5 gallons (10 l/h)
37 lbs. (17.3 kg)
17” x 20½” x 20” (43 x 52 x 51 cm)
120 V / 1500 W
220 V / 2200 W
9413118 (120V / UL)
9413149 (220V / UL / NSF)
Swiss Made
The Total Solution For All Your Coffee Brewing Needs
20333 South Normandie Avenue ■ Torrance, CA 90502-1215
Phone (800) 421-6860 ■ Fax (310) 787-5412 ■ [email protected] ■

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