November 2012 - Tasmanian Conference of the Seventh


November 2012 - Tasmanian Conference of the Seventh
Loving like God....
Living like Jesus
Pathfinder Fair Day
Moments before it was time to
start a familiar sound hit the
airways, “Wet weather warning for
southern Tasmania.” This time it
was even more of a test of faith as
we then heard “Tornado Warning
for Hobart!” Well all I can say is that
you can’t have a Pathfinder event
and not expect some sort of natural
On the weekend of 9-11 of November, five Pathfinder clubs
travelled from around Tasmania up the hill to Hilliard Christian
School and prepared for the Pathfinder Fair Weekend. The
Sabbath saw us all combine in the worship area behind the
school among bushes where an opening saw our vision cast
over Hobart water front. With our weekend theme based
on the book of Revelation our clubs broke into groups and
expressed through drama and song different ways in which
Jesus Christ has been revealed to us. This saw Zaccheus
fall out of a tree and a pregnant woman (Marcus Moore)
giving birth while the tormenting dragon endeavoured to
get his horns untangled from the nearby bushes. There was
a sing-a-long battle with clubs singing God’s praises like
those gathering on the sea of glass that nearly went all day.
A drama about how we sometimes approach the King of
Kings as the Burger King and just make orders rather than
celebrate the great things He has done. Pr Deveron spoke on
how Revelation reveals Jesus to us, that the images should
not be scary but rather encourage us to know the Lamb that
has defeated the devil and that we too can stand strong as
children of the God against satan’s attacks because Christ has
already overcome.
In the afternoon the Pathfinders
headed out to find the lost scroll
as buses toured the groups around
Hobart, up to the summit of Mt
Wellington, before walking across
the Tasman bridge to enjoy the
sights of the city.
During closing Sabbath clubs gave
reports sharing pictures of camps that
they have been on throughout the year
before we got the opportunity to pray
for each club and the ministry they do
in the local churches. We saw amazing
photos of beach hikes, mountains,
waterfalls, and some clubs choosing
more luxurious accommodations by
pitching tents in backyards. All in all
it was great to see how these leaders
are getting our children active and how parents are making
time to support the growth and nurture of their children. The
evening ended with good old family games where groups
got to do over under relays, play Countries, run in Captain’s
Coming, and a dragon balloon popping crash and smash fest!
Sunday morning saw the fair in action. The Pathfinders
were on display. All the skills they had learnt this year
were displayed for the judges. Douglas McKay was the
parade marshal for the Pathfinders, directing clubs as they
presented their flags with style in the march past in front of
the conference president and State pathfinder director. The
120 Club award has gone to Burnie for 2012 for outstanding
excellence in reporting and pathfinder club programming.
Burnie club presented the national flag at the command of
their colour guard while Hobart’s own Grace sung the national
The activities came alive as pathfinders prepared their fires
and pancake mixtures to flip and present before the King.
This was followed by lashing together dragons before an all
out lasso chase to bring the dragons down to earth. Water
and patience poured out as groups aimed to bring their water
pales across the field during problem solving. Navigation sent
our compasses in all directions. Before finally constructing the
horse for the White Rider to be faithful and true.
It was a fantastic weekend and all churches should be very
proud of their children and the skills they have displayed.
Thank you leaders for your hard work this year and thank
you Lord for the sunshine we had. If your church is interested
in starting a Pathfinder ministry please contact the youth
department for 2013 Pathfinder Clubs.
Newsletter: Tasmanian Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
November 2012
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Sunset Times
Spring Beach
Tasda is a publication of the Communication
Department of the Seventh-day Adventist
Church in the Tasmanian Conference,
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Please send any news and photos
for the next Tasda by 15th February
2013, we would love to include your
Church happenings.
Six days of epic fun, 60 tweens, awesome
worships, amazing activities and a circus
banquet and what do you get? You get,
“Up & Go With God”!
As the Tweens arrived at the beautiful
Spring Beach youth centre on 11
September, they were presented with
a Sanitarium Up & Go that represented
the message and theme throughout the
Pr Rangi Eiao presented worships on
Bible Heroes such as Esther and David,
who thought they were weak but
overcame through their mighty and
powerful God. The messages were such
that the Tweens remembered them long
after the camp ended, messages that
bear fruit in their lives. Cabin worships
were along the same lines challenging
the kids to live their relationship with
God by reaching out to others in their
world through helping when a need
is seen, changing their attitudes, and
committing to Jesus.
Physical needs were met with absolutely
wonderful and bounteous food, so
noone was left hungry after seconds....
and thirds.....and fourths! Thanks to the
Bocchino family who catered. A Circus
banquet brought out the performers in
everyone, clowns, ringmasters, lions,
mimes etc all turned up to show off
their talents. The night ended with
the disappearing mattress mystery,
but it wasn’t too long before all were
snuggled down resting for the big beach
day. Water sports were on the agenda
and a few brave souls braved the chilly
weather and the even chillier water to
go on the hot dog for a spin around the
water. Others enjoyed beach volleyball,
and wrestling in sumo suits until the rain
stopped play.
Afternoon activities had all the tweens
involved in abseiling, kayaking, archery,
Page 2
laser tag, flying fox, low ropes and the
favourite of all, buggies! The Teens were
treated to special night activities like
capture the flag with glow sticks and a
very dark night walk, following a rope.
Fun, friends, laughter, activities, Christ
centred message, what more could you
want for your kids? Tween camp will be
on again in the September holidays next
year. Keep an eye out for the application
forms and get in early so you don’t miss
Thanks to the staff who volunteer
their time and energy. Without you we
would not be able to run Tween camp
at all. Your dedication to serving the
young people of our church is greatly
This year’s Tween camp was awesome.
The theme was “Up and Go for God!”
We received ‘Up and Go’s’ on entry into
the building. We got great quality food
every day and the activities were endless.
We did abseiling, kayaking, buggies,
laser tag, beach activities, flying fox and
I loved the daily morning cabin worship
and the night worship services. One
of my most favourite times was when
we had the Tween Camp banquet, we
got special food and decorations in the
banquet and we got to dress up as things
to do with the circus. - Tom Menzie
Big Camp
Revival and Resurrection
Big Camp will be held from the 18th -26th January 2013 at the
Devonport Pine Springs Campground.
Dave Caukill from ICC will be organising the annual Fun Run
on Sunday morning. Start training now!
The early bird rate ends on the 2nd December, so if you don’t
want to pay full price, get your application form in before
then. I will give the early bird rate to any forms that are
emailed, faxed or postmarked on the 2nd Dec. Camp sites
are filling fast, so don’t be disappointed by leaving it too late.
There are still sites available, but get in soon.
Sanitarium are sponsoring breakfast on Sunday morning
too. Bring your bowls, plates, cups and cutlery and taste the
Sanitarium products. Then stay to hear the update on what
Sanitarium are doing, new products and the opportunity to
win a prize.
Registration will be open Thursday 17th January between
1pm and 6pm and again on Friday 18th January between
9am and 9pm. This camp is filled with great speakers that
will challenge and inspire you to live the Christian life in all
your spheres of influence and prepare a people to meet Jesus
when He comes again.
Our keynote speakers are:
Big Tent -
Pr Bill Knott, Editor of the Adventist Review
Youth Tent - Pr Wade Forde, District Pastor South Eastern Californian Conference
Jets - Dr Jessica Trevithick, Creative gospel preacher
Primary -
Hayden Peterson, Chaplain Lilydale Adventist Academy
Morning worships, Family Time with Pr Wade Forde, Bible
Study Time with Bill Knott, afternoon seminars, and evening
meetings will make this camp a spiritual feast.
The first Sabbath is a special event with Pr Andrew Kingston
hosting a Gaither style sing-a-long. This promises to be a
memory making experience.
The last Sabbath of Camp will be a high day with the General
Conference President, Pr Ted Wilson and his wife Nancy at
Camp. Pr Wilson will be taking the church service and all
divisions will combine for that event.
The Mission program will be held on the second Sabbath
afternoon with the special Mission offering being taken
up, save up your coins to give to the children as they come
around collecting the Mission offering in their cups. This is a
highlight for the children and it is wonderful to hear and see
how the Lord is working throughout the world and especially
in the South Pacific Division. Tasmania has a reputation
of being wonderful givers for the mission offering. so lets
maintain that reputation!
The ABC Bookhour will follow the Sanitarium presentation.
See the ad on the next page.
The Prayer Tent will be open during Camp.
• If you have had answers to prayer, write them on a
piece of paper and place them in the folder in the
Prayer Tent - they can be prayed over with thanks.
• If you have a prayer request - write it down and
put it in the request box in the Prayer Tent. Your
request will be prayed for.
• Anyone who would like to uphold and intercede
for others in prayer can meet at the Prayer Tent
are running a playgroup and
craft session every weekday
between 2:30-4:30pm.
If you enjoy craft, this is the spot
for you, and there will be a spot
for your children to be involved in
activites while you lose yourself in
various crafts.
Page 3
Youth Activities
Activity cost – pay at the Camp Office
$10 for the week - activities
$5 per day or $20 week - Bus
JETS Activities
$70 for the week (includes activity, bus and craft)
Primary Activities $30
Kindy Craft
Family Fun day will
be a bit different this
year with the Youth
Tent running the day.
There will be stalls
selling food for your
lunch and games for
all ages.
Come along for the
activities, to chat and
catch up with friends,
enjoy fellowship and
fun together as a
church family.
Page 4
The ABC will be in attendance all of camp.
Drop in to pick up your Sanitarium order,
browse the books, DVD’s, CD’s, childrens
activity books, etc. You can pre-order items
and have the ABC bring them down to save on
postage. Also the ABC are taking Sanitarium
orders to be delivered at Camp. See your
bulletin secretary or call the conference office
for an order form.
Book hour
The time for the book hour has been moved to Sunday starting at 11am in the Big
Tent, after the Sanitarium presentation. This is so that Sabbath hours are observed.
Mark this date in your diary and plan to attend to get the specials that will be on offer.
Trust Services
Come and see
what we see
- What does a water project look
- How does a community garden
really feed the hungry?
- How does ICC help trafficked
- How does my money really
benefit a sponsor child?
- What would I do each day
on an ICC Australia overseas
“Voluntour” trip?
Wills are an important part of life. If you have not
made a will yet, or need to update your will, Steve
Whitson will be at Camp. Make an appointment
through the Conference office. Steve will also be
available for appointments one day in Hobart and
one day in Launceston.
This service is free
Join ICC friends and
supporters for a special
afternoon tea. Hear lifechanging stories and
slides from the coal face
Suite 205, 16 Hunter Street, Hornsby, NSW, 2077 Telephone +61 2 9987 1136
email: [email protected] | | ABN 57 146 287 274
Sunday 20th January
Sanitarium Big Breakfast 8:30am
(Please bring your own bowl, plate, utensils and tray)
Then join us in the Big Tent as we share some exciting news and plans
Page 5
NWCS is the ABC Giving Tree drop off point
This year the North West Christian School has been invited to be a collection point for Penguin
for the 25th year of the ABC Giving Tree. This project gives Tasmanians an opportunity to donate
to charities and to help families in need at Christmas time. Gifts are to be new, unwrapped,
except for bicycles (a man in Hobart renovates the old bikes and has them ready for Christmas
Day for the children in needy families). We would love the churches to be involved with us in
sharing some happiness to those less fortunate. Collection personnel in the churches are: Devonport - Tamika Spaulding,
Ulverstone - Cheryl Purton and Wendy McKay, Burnie - Natalie Winchcombe, Wynyard - Cheryl Walsh. Collection date: 4th
December. Items can be balls, dolls, puzzles, clothes, food, any toys etc.......for young and old.
Farm Visit
This year, we were privileged enough to gain a number of new students in the upper primary room. Two of these new students
live on a wonderful farm in the area. Their mum asked us whether we would like to have a visit to their farm to learn some
things. We gladly accepted and the upper primary class visited on a Thursday and the middle and lower primary classes visited
on the following Wednesday. When we were at the farm we were able to watch a cow get milked, we got to separate the
cream and the milk and make butter from the cream. We also met the sheep, a couple of bulls, some horses, 4 sows, 1 boar,
36 piglets, a cat, and a dog. Our hostess was able to show us some old farm implements, demonstrating how technology has
changed throughout the years.
Athletics Carnival
Thursday, the 15th of November, our school had our Athletics Carnival. There was much celebration when the day finally
happened as we had to postpone the carnival 2 weeks due to rain. Students came with
great excitement and anticipation as to who would win races, who would beat previous
records and which house (Bruny or Swan) would
win. There was a great number of field and track
records broken, as well as much encouragement for
those trying their absolute best. God blessed us with
amazing weather and no major injuries.
The Friday after our Athletics Carnival, the whole school participated in the walk-a-thon to
raise money for three projects. These projects are Asian Aid Sponsor Child, International
Children’s Care Sponsor Child and Operation Christmas Box freight. We hope to raise the
$700 required for these three projects. Grades 4-10 walked Dial Range and encountered
some scratchy plants and some rocky paths. Grades K-3 walked Romaine Park,
encountering some other schools doing their Cross Country race and picnic day. We all had a great time walking through God’s nature and appreciating the beauty He has given to us.
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Moonah-Lisa Wins Award
Luke Cowan with the Gumboot award
Hilliard Christian School have had a great month preparing our lifesize fibre-glass cow to attend the Picasso Cow-Art Show. Years 4, 5
& 6 have been extremely busy painting, decorating, drilling, fitting
and finalising the details for our theme ‘Unbeatable-Bones’. They
have built her to resemble an old ‘run-down’ milk factory.
As part of the Project, Mr Prentice’s class had to
‘adopt’ a Dairy Farmer in order to learn more about the production of milk.
We visited ‘Farmer Ben’ at his Dairy at Broadmarsh and had a great time
feeding the calves, drinking ice-cold milk from a special fridge and learning
how much milk each cow can make each day.
We were also invited to take part in the Glenview Retirement Homes
inaugural Garden Art show which had the theme ‘Back to the Farm’. So,
Pattie, the “Moonah Lisa” became part of our exhibit. The Year 8 Art boys
and the Year 9 & 10 Art students quickly put together an amazing display of
handmade flowers and we were very surprised and delighted to discover that we had won two prizes, ‘Best
School Display” and the coveted “Golden Gumboot” Trophy.
A select group of students attended the Glenview Retirement Home last Friday to accept our Awards and Trophy. We had such
a great time and the Management of the Retirement Home asked if we could leave Pattie the “Moonah Lisa” with them while
we finished the final touches to her before she ‘goes to the show’. - Lee Menzie
Fun Run
On Friday, 5th of October, the Hilliard Christian School students participated in our annual fun run at
Risdon Brook Dam. This year we had the opportunity to fundraise money for the Christmas Wishing
Tree held at the end of the year. Students were able to raise funds to support their 4.2 km run
around the dam. Followed by a fundraising BBQ after the event we raised nearly $600!
Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast
Elise Archer MP with School Captains Lucy
de Vries and Sarah Perry
Graeme Base Launch
The Tasmanian Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast is held for all Christian Churches and their
schools to attend. This Prayer Breakfast contained many people saying prayers for the
community, the churches themselves, and of course the Parliamentarians that were invited
along. Elise Archer MP sat at the same table as our representatives from Hilliard Christian
School and our churches from around Hobart.
2011 Australian of the Year, Simon McKeon AO, spoke of how he was only an ordinary guy, and
that he never thought that he should ever win such a commendable honour. He also spoke
about how he would never have gotten to where he was without the support and care of him
team members. This was his main point, that no matter how good we think we are, we only get
to where we are with the help of those around us, and also by the help of God. - Lucy de Vries
On Tuesday the 9th of October the Prep class along with the Year 8’s and 10’s went along to see
Graeme Base’s launch of his new picture book ‘Little Elephants’. As part of this event the Prep
students entered into a colouring competition where students were invited to colour and decorate a
picture of a circus elephant. Two and a half thousand students across the Southern part of Tasmania
attended the event. We were very proud of Danika Robertson who was one of the lucky winners and
won a free signed copy of his latest picture book.
Business & Marketing
An excursion to Toyworld in Argyle Street was on the agenda for the 12 November. The 7/8 class
has been learning about how to manage business and marketing. Sam, the manager of Toyworld
delightedly showed how he runs the business, all the cool computer systems he uses for the store and
how he manages the staff. He also showed us his underground storage room. The class also helped out
with some customer service in marking the labels and helping the customers. Sam also informed them
about the world wide business and how to run a successful business. Altogether it was a fantastic visit
and the class have all learned cool and amazing new facts.
-Samson Thomas and Kyle Young
Page 7
Guide Falls Wedding
Narls Samarasinghe (Burnie) & Josie Chapman (Smithton) were married
by Pastor Darren Slade on the 4th October 2012 at Guide Falls, Ridgley surrounded
by many family and friends. God answered all our prayers by providing a perfect,
sunny wedding day as well as snow the next day at Cradle Mountain for all the
family to enjoy! A beautiful reception was followed at the Cradle Mountain
Chateau, immensely enjoyed by all. Narls & Josie are currently serving God in the
North-West, based in Smithton. They would like to thank all their family and friends
for making their day so special and a BIG thank you to our God for blessing them so
Women’s Retreat - By Beholding We Become Changed
On the first weekend in October Women’s Ministries Tasmania held
their annual Women’s retreat at the Spring Beach Youth Convention
Centre. ‘By Beholding Jesus We Become Changed’ was the theme for
the retreat with Beryl Landers being the guest speaker. Beryl inspired
every woman to be changed by experiencing Jesus and to be the
change. On Sabbath women shared how God was leading in their
ministry with stories about what was happening in their churches
and community. An afternoon workshop ‘Demystifying Women’s
Ministries’ facilitated by Beryl helped women to prioritise goals and
plan for 2013. Craft was facilitated by Maggie Ballew with women
creating Encouragement books that are given to people to help them through difficult times and to let them know that God
cares for them. The Youth Bible project was the beneficiary of the offering, trade table and ADRA clothing sales. Highlights of
the retreat were early morning outdoor worship, prayer groups, great food and lots of talk.
Sunset Times
Friday Sabbath
Nov 30 Dec 1
Dec 7, 8
Dec 14, 15
Dec 21, 22
Dec 28, 29
Jan 4, 5
Jan 11, 12
Jan 18, 19
Jan 25, 26
The Spring Beach Committee
is taking enquiries for a relief
caretaker for occasional relief
duties throughout the year.
Some training will be provided
and remuneration discussed.
Interested persons please contact Colin Fehre 0427121676
Page 8
Three month discipleship training program
Guest presenters include
David Asscherick Ty Gibson Jeffrey Rosario
February 25 - May 18 2013
For more information contact
or visit or email
(02) 4951 8088