Welcome to Moorlands Summer Camps



Welcome to Moorlands Summer Camps
Welcome to Moorlands
Summer Camps
Bring along sheets, blankets, pillow and case, towel, sweater, unbreakable mug, swim suit, Bible, writing material,
flashlight, one roll toilet paper, insect repellant, soap, tooth brush and paste and other items suitable for camping.
Strong shoes and raincoat would be useful. PLEASE INCLUDE SOME WARM CLOTHING. Please mark everything
with camper’s name. Campers are not allowed to share suitcases. If your child has special dietary requirements,
please send along special food items. Also, please let us know of any food allergies your child may have.
Please DO NOT bring: radios, cellular phones, personal electronic equipment (eg. iPods, computers etc.), and
valuables such as jewelry. These are NOT allowed at camp. In addition, any camper found with illicit drugs, alcohol
or cigarettes will be immediately sent home.
Check-in will start at 12:00 PM at MICHI SUPER CENTER.
All campers must check-in at the desk before boarding the bus on the first day of camp with marked
personal effects, completed health forms, and confirmation slip received by email at time of
registration. Campers will return to the same venue by NOON on the last day of camp. If you are
providing your own transportation, plan to leave your child at camp no earlier than 3:00p.m. on the first
day of camp. Your child must be collected from Moorlands by 9:00 a.m. on the last day of camp. No
reduction of the fee will be made for campers who use private transportation.
Please Note:
A modest dress code will be enforced at Camp. Failure on the part of the camper to comply with
camp rules may result in your child being sent home.
Remember to bring this completed health form, all your personal effects and any special medical
aids you need with you to the bus.
Come early- don’t be left behind.
Remember to mark all clothes with camper’s name.
** Please
print and complete the health form below. You must return this form with the
camper on the first day of Camp.

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