Newsletter 43: 11 September 2013



Newsletter 43: 11 September 2013
Regular events
These games are played every week. Just pitch up when you can.
Friday 19:00: Friday Night Magic
Saturday 11:00: World of Warcraft 12:00: EDH/Commander
Sunday 11:00: Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic the Gathering
EDH/Commander 12:30 Heroclix
Tuesday: 19:00 Magic tournament and Heroclix
Wednesday 19:00: Board game evening, Pathfinder Society
Thursday: 19:00: Warhammer some weeks. Role playing, Star Wars: Xwing
Coming up
TUES - THURSDAY: 18:00-21:00
FRIDAY: 18:00-23:00
SATURDAY- SUNDAY: 10:00-18:00
The Unseen Shoppe
Salamanca Center
39 Maryvale road
[email protected]
083 280 6227
14 September: Heroclix - What would you play at rAge 2013 (800 points).
21 September: Theros (new magic set) pre-release.
28/29 November: Hero Clix Fear Itself #4
19 October: Theros Game Day
2/3 November: Magic the Gathering South Africa Invitational
News: Magic Invitational Qualifiers:
Congratulation to the following players who qualified for the biggest
event in SA Magic:
Andrew Cullen
Warren Roberts
Timothy Lawrance
Carina Jacob
Byron Frankish
Nathan Craig
Gregory Craig
Guventhiran Govender
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Our favourite facebook post
Celebrate Magic
One of the first events we held in the Shoppe was the
Magic Celebration in September 2012. It was
therefore a nice reminder that we have been around
for one year when we got to host the second Magic
Celebration on 7 September 2013. The picture on the
front page is of our birthday cake.
The Magic Celebration is an annual special format
event. The event is completely free and sponsored by
Wizards of the Coast. Each player received a 2014 core
set booster pack and chose a 2014 core set sample
deck to add cards from his booster pack to. Using
these decks players played 3 rounds.
We had a very good turnout. The first game was to
start at 10:00 and we had players already lining up in
front of the Shoppe half an hour before we opened.
Shortly after 10 the 40 seats for the first game were
filled. We managed to squeeze in an additional table
and two more players.
The second
started at 14:00
and had 22
players. This
means that we had 64 players playing in the store on
Saturday. The most we have ever had and truly an
Boosters were handed out to all players after the event
and Matthew van Rensburg also donated some foily
cards to the top 5 players in each of the tournaments.
Renwick won
the first 42
We hope to
everyone had
Boardgames – a large selection
Sleeves, albums, individual magic cards
Graphic novels, paints and all gaming paraphernalia
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