Newsletter 28: 22 May 2013


Newsletter 28: 22 May 2013
MAY 2013
Regular events
These games are played every week. Just pitch up when you can.
Friday 19:00: Friday night magic
Saturday 11:00: World of Warcraft 12:00: EDH/Commander
Sunday 11:00: Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! 12:30 Heroclix
Tuesday: 19:00 Magic tournament and Heroclix
Wednesday 19:00: Board game evening
Thursday: 19:00: Warhammer some weeks. Role playing
Coming up
TUES - THURSDAY: 18:00-21:00
FRIDAY: 18:00-23:00
SATURDAY- SUNDAY: 10:00-18:00
The Unseen Shoppe
Salamanca Center
39 Maryvale road
[email protected]
083 280 6227
25 May: Yu-Gi-Oh! Nationals in Durban: This will not be in the Shoppe.
25 May: Dragon’s Maze Games Day
26 May: Heroclix No Man’s Land 5! Sealed 2 x Teen Titans boosters R370
17 June: National Board Game Day
No Man’s Land 5 is the last chance to qualify for the NML 6 event!
At the moment the leader board looks like this
Kureshan Pather with 43 points for team Joker
Riaan Gayer with 30 points for team Black Mask
Martyn Ras with 30 points for team GCPD
Brandon Govender with 30 points for team Two Face
Krishin Pillay with 27 points for team Batman
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Our favourite facebook post
Magic the Gathering: Dragon’s Maze
The third set of the Return to Ravnica block
has been released. Dragon’s Maze consists
of 156 cards and contains all ten the guilds.
The game day will be on 25 May in the
This set focuses on multicolour cards. The
basic land slot in each booster pack has
been filled with a non-basic land. Each
booster contains either a "Guildgate" –
a common dual land with the type "Gate";
a "Shockland" - a rare dual land with two
basic land types, from the original Ravnica
block; or a mythic rare land from Dragon's
Maze in the appropriate ratio of the
These are our contenders for the best
card in the set. What do you think?
Boardgames – a large selection
Sleeves, albums, individual magic cards
Graphic novels, paints and all gaming paraphernalia
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