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Cadet College Hasan Abdal
Cadet College Hasan Abdal
December 2015
Issue 2
In this issue
Capt. Asfandyar Bukhari Shaheed Declamation
Appointment Holders
Career-counseling events of LUMS and USEFP
English Debating
Inter-collegiate Declamation Contests
Inter Wing Obstacles Course Competition
Roboracer competition at FAST NUCES Islamabad
Shuhadas' Corner
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Professor Muhammad Nasim Aadil
Cadet Osama Zeeshan
Upcoming Events
SSC Full Dress Rehearsal
Dinner Nights & Social Evenings
Inter Wing Basketball Competition
Inter Wing Cricket Competition
Spring Vacation
CCH Newsletter
lot has been going on at the
College since our last
edition. From Championship
to Sports Fixtures and from CareerCounselling to athletics
competition, all the events have
taken place. This term has been full
of curricular and co-curricular
activities. And we will highlight each
one in this newsletter. The year-long
Championship has ended, with
Omar Wing as Champions and
Liaqat Wing as Runners Up.
Debates, Morning Assembly,
Athletics, Cleanliness, Obstacles
Course and Drill Competitions have
all gradually led towards the end of
this Championship. The College
has performed spectacularly well in
Inter-Collegiate competitions, both
in Declamations and Sports. Most
importantly, CCH has seen a lot of
historic change in this short term:
debating societies have been
established, and for the first time
ever CCH has hosted
Capt.Isfandyar Bukhari Shaheed
Bilingual Declamation Contest!
Indeed, all this is clearly very
exciting. So, without further ado,
read on!
Issue 2 December 2015
Capt. Asfandyar Bukhari Shaheed
Declamation Contest
(Cadet Sulaiman, H/W)
Cadet College Hasanabdal has always upheld a
resolve of glorious traditions and practiced the
method of setting ideals for other institutions to
follow. In commemoration and remembrance of
the heroic captain Isfandyar, who gave his life
defending Pakistan, a bilingual declamation
contest was organized by the CCH debating
society. It included speakers from 8 institutions
a r o u n d Pa k i s t a n i n c l u d i n g r e c o g n i z e d
establishments like Cadet College Petaro, Military
College Jehlum and Abbottabad Public School.
The session of English debates was presided over
by Cadet Sulaiman Pirzada whereas Cadet
Nauman Bashir undertook the same responsibility
for the Urdu
declamation round. The competition saw a round
of heated speeches and ended with MCJ grabbing
the intercollegiate trophy. The competition is the
predecessor for the years to follow and the
beginning of yet another great Abdalian tradition.
Appointment Holders
(Ahmed Shehryar, J/W)
Appointments! This is a distinctive award given to four cadets
from each wing. These cadets are a direct link from the
students to the administration and a tradition in the college.
In each wing, there is Wing Commander, Senior Section
commander and two Section Commanders. The
appointment holders of the year 2015-2016 from Jinnah
Wing are Cadet Ahmad Bajwa, Cadet Nauman Bashir,
Cadet Osama Zeeshan and Cadet Sohaib Ishaq. Similarly
from Haider Wing: Cadet Saim Ahsan, Cadet Yasir Surani,
Cadet Umar Abdullah and Cadet Ammar. Iqbal Wing's
appointment holders are Cadet Rao
Maaz, Cadet Ahmed Anwar, Cadet
Sanaullah and Cadet Abaid-urRehman. From Omer Wing: Cadet
Qasim Sudais, Cadet Aaraiz Rizwan,
Cadet Khizer Salar and Cadet Abubaker Ehsan. From
Liaqat Wing, it is Cadet Sibtain Asif, Cadet Yasir Hayat,
Cadet Usama and Cadet Akif Haider. Cadet Muhammad
Ali, Cadet Abdullah Arif, Cadet Sarmad and Cadet Amir
Zaryab are the appointments for Aurangzeb Wing.
Theses cadets are wholeheartedly congratulated and we
wish them the best of luck with the hope that they fulfill their
duties efficiently.
CCH Newsletter
Issue 2 December 2015
Career-counseling events
(Aqeel Ahmad, H/W)
Cadet College Hasan Abdal has introduced an era of technology by
establishing new labs and introducing LMS (Learning Management
System).Having been familiar with better communities, the Cadets
have become more mindful of choosing their careers. Favoring the
circumstances, the College organized career counseling events for
cadets. College invited guest speakers from LUMS (Lahore University
of Management Sciences).This event covered information about
schools of LUMS, tuition fees and the admission process. A second event was of USEFP (United States Education for Pakistan).The
guest speaker gave complete guidance to the Cadets about studying in USA. Both the events were very informative and educating.
Cadets are grateful to the College administration for organizing such events.
English Debating Society
(Cadet Saad, I/W)
“It's not what you speak, it's how you speak”. Public speaking is an art. To make a good impression
wherever you go, one must be a good speaker. To speak on-stage with countless eyes gazing at you is a
daunting task that requires confidence and talent. Public speaking is a part of our grooming here at
Cadet College Hasan Abdal. This year the worthy vice principal formulated an English debating society
with Mr.Mueen Akhter Tahir as In charge and Mr.Sohail Afteb as Co-in charge. Six cadets from each
wing, who possessed the flair for public speaking, were nominated by their respective Housemasters for
the society. Cadet Suleman Pirzada was elected as President, Cadet Asad-ur-Rehman as Vice President
and Cadet Bayazid ur Rehman as General Secretary. The objective of this society is to polish the cadets'
talent of public speaking and prepare them for upcoming debates, speeches and inter-collegiate declamations. It also aims at
developing the confidence of Cadets on-stage. We are hopeful that this society will prove very helpful in grooming the speakers of
CCH. Members of the society organized 1st Isfandyar Bokhari Shaheed Bilingual Declamation this year.
Inter-collegiate Declamation Contests
Cadet College Hasan Abdal is not only known for its excellent academics and sports but also for its cocurricular activities like declamations and quiz competitions etc.
CCH has managed to have its name stay on top for a lot of years in All Pakistan Declamation Contests. This
year our Cadets participated in three contests. Cadets Asad and Nauman Bashir went to Cadet College
Batrasi in which Cadet Nauman Bashir won 3rd position and Cadet Asad received consolation prize. Overall,
the College stood 3rd. Cadets Hataf Khalil and Cadet Suleman Pirzada represented CCH at Cadet College
Palandri. They performed spectacularly, both grabbing the 3rd position and the College over-all got 2nd.
Then, on 20th November, 2015, Cadet Nauman Bashir and Cadet Aizaz Hashmi went to APS and in this
event both won the consolation prize. Overall, it was a wonderful endeavor and it has been a successful year
in declamations for Abdalians.
CCH is full of love. All those who come, fall in love with this institution. It was the love for this
place which made our Ex-Principal Major General (R) Najeeb Tariq HI(M) to transform the
College according to the modern needs. They say, “Days to part with are pre-written.” Major
General (R) Najeeb Tariq HI(M) has successfully completed his three years stay in the College.
The faculty, Cadets and this College bid farewell to Sir Najeeb and wish him luck for his future
endeavours. Till the appointment of new principal, Professor Muhammad Nasim Aadil is
looking after the College affairs as Acting Principal.
CCH Newsletter
Issue 2 December 2015
Inter Wing Obstacles Course Competition
(Cadet Hamza, O/W)
Inter-wing obstacles
course competition
2015 was held on
29th October. Obstacles course, despite
being just a
very short run,
requires a lot of
skills as it tests
both the body
and the mind.
It is a display of focus, balance,
determination and above all good speed to
remain dominant over others. This year
there was a tough competition among all
the Cadets as everyone had set his eyes for
the trophy. However, Iqbal wing emerged
the victor and Haider wing raised the
runners-up trophy. Among juniors, Best
and 2nd Best shooters are Cadet Ali
Hassan (J/W ) and Cadet Sharjeel Haider
(I/W). Among
seniors, Best
is Cadet
and Cadet
Yasir Surani
(H/W) remained 2nd Best shooter for 3rd
consecutive year. Well done Yasir!
Roboracer competition at FAST NUCES Islamabad
This year Cadet College Hasan Abdal sent the members of its newly established Robotics Club to
FAST NUCES Islamabad to attend a competition named Roboracer. This year two of our teams took
part in this competition namely: “horizon” headed by Osama Zeeshan and “mechanics” headed by
Talha Khan. Both of our teams clinched the top positions in this competition by defeating top
universities such as FAST, NUST, PAF Risalpur and earned pride for themselves and their alma mater.
This is a great achievement for our Cadets and our institution as this club is only a year old. We
congratulate the teams and hope that these events are carried on in the future as well.
Shuhadas' Corner
e started a series to pay tribute to the martyrs of this
alma mater. This time we have a brave hero of 1965
War, Lieutenant Hussain Shah who remained in this
College from 1955-61 in Jinnah and Iqbal Wings. He received
'Sitara-e-Jurat' for his valour during the war in North of
Chawinda, Sialkot Sector on September 11, 1965. It is the result
of the martyrdom of such sons of the soil that we are living in a
peaceful country.
Abdalians love their alma mater a lot and the list of
acknowledgment is a testimony to this. Total donations
received between 28th August to December 2015 are of
39.98 Million. In tied donations, Abdalina Association of
North America contributed Rs. 3.5 Million for the
renovation of Vice Principal's house. Rs. 2.5 Million for 35
Computers for CCH IT lab and Rs. 12.2 Million for recarpeting of the College roads were given and their
identities are withheld. For the construction of Services
Block, Admiral M. Zakaullah HI(M), SI(M), TI(M) of 17th
Entry donated Rs. 10 Million and Mr. Musadaq Zulqarnain
also from 17th Entry donated Rs. 1 Million for the project
and Rs. 5 Million for General Endowment. Mr. Navid Fazil
of 25th Entry also donated Rs. 5 Million in General
Endowment. CCH is thankful for their love and