Sep 2016 - Cadet College Hasan Abdal


Sep 2016 - Cadet College Hasan Abdal
Cadet College Hasan Abdal
September 2015
Issue 1
In this issue
CCH Academia
Syed Isfand Yar Bukhari
National Engineering Robotics Contest
Renovation of Swimming Pool
Renovation of Faculty Houses
Trip to China
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Maj. Gen. (R) Najeeb Tariq HI(M)
Cadel Osama Zeeshan
Upcoming Events
Entry Test 2015
Sports Fixtures
Inter Wing Debates
Bi-Lingual Declamation
CCH Newsletter
Issue 1 September 2015
CCH Academia
Osama Zeeshan, XII
The new term has started!
Cadets are back after long
summer break and all set to
face the busiest term. CCH
has got its life back. There
have been a lot many events
during this summer break.
We will give a brief of all in
this issue of Newsletter. From
the renovations to
outstanding academic results
and from trips to Inter Wing
Competition; we will give you
a rundown of all. CCH is
progressing in multiple fields
at a tremendous pace. New
developments are taking
place every day. A lot of
exciting achievements by
Abdalians at national and
international level will make
you proud of them. This issue
is especially dedicated to Ex
Cadet Capt. Isfand Yar
Bukhari, who sacrificed his
life for his sacred mother
land. I can see his smiling
face in every word of this
The results of the various board examinations have arrived and
they are just wonderful! Abdalians have outdone everyone else
in their SSC, HSSC, O and A Level exams. For SSC I, perhaps it
is sufficient to say that the average percentage was 93.8%.
And this is just marvellous! Such brilliance has not been shown
in years. Cadet Muthammir of Liaqat Wing grabbed the top
position in the College by securing 536 marks out of 550 and
Cadet Muhammad Sameed stood second by scoring 533 marks
out of 550.
In SSC II the performance was also at par: Cadet Talha Abdullah
of Aurangzeb Wing bagged first position in board among boys
and overall 3rd position with 1064 marks out of 1100 and
Cadet Taimur Malik scored second position among boys and
4th overall with 1063 marks out of 1100. Both of them have
excelled in academics and helped CCH gain repute and
ranking.The result of the class as a whole is also
The Cambridge counterparts of these bright performers
are no less capable. In O Level Examinations, majority of
the Cadets secured 10 and 9 As. Cadet Muhammad
Salaar, Cadet Ameer Hamza and cadet Tayyab Altaf all secured 8A*s and 1A.
Such a good performance!
In A-Levels, cadets of AS-Level(A-level 1st year) really proved their mettle as
well, bringing in the best A-level result to date. Cadet Muhammad Alamgir
secured 1A*,4As and 1B and Cadet Osama Zeeshan secured 5As. The A2
class also secured good grades with Cadet Behzad scoring 2A*S and an A.
In HSSC Part II Cadet Sheraz Ali scored 993/1100 and stood first in the College
in Medical Group while Cadet Khalil scored 985/1100 and stood second in
the College. In Engineering Group, Cadet Ibrahim Malik scored 985/1100
and stood first in the College while Cadet Farhad Ali scored 979/1100 and
remained second in the College.
The wonderful list of results this year makes this year a very important one in the
history of CCH. It will be remembered as the time when Abdalians proved once
again that they are second to none!
Syed Isfand Yar Bukhari
Ex- Cadet Syed Isfand Yar Bukhari, Kit No. 5261, 48th Entry,
Wing Commander Jinnah Wing and recipient of “Sword of
Honour” 118 Long Course makes all of us proud of him by
sacrificing his life for the defence of his motherland against
miscreants. He was martyred during an attack on PAF Camp
Badaber Peshawwar. He led his forces from the front. His
father said, “The first thing I checked was that where did he
receive the bullet and I was very happy to know that he
received it on his chest.” The glory, brought by you to your
alma mater will always keep the Abdalina flag high and act
as a guiding star for generations to come to follow your
CCH Newsletter
Issue 1 September 2015
National Engineering Robotics
Competition (NERC) 2015
Huzefah Umer, XI
With the world modernizing at an accelerating pace, it was very important
for our esteemed institution to cope up with it. Thanks to the Old Abdalians
from 9th Entry as our college entered the world of robotics, with the
donation of 5 LEGO EV3 kits by them. The robotics club was initiated on
April 25, 2015.
This year, a delegation of six cadets from our college went to EME-NUST in
Islamabad to participate in NERC 2015. Osama Zeeshan, Ali Zahid,
Abdul Saboor, Waliullah, Huzefah Omer and Abdullah Waris had set their eyes high for achieving a name for themselves and their
College. The team took part in the modular category. It is worth mentioning that despite being the only team from a college against
university students, we reached the finals! Unluckily, we failed to win it and ended as Runners up. It could not have been possible to
reach here without the tireless efforts of Sir Amir Rauf and Sir Anwar Khan and we are grateful to them.
Renovation of Swimming Pool
Osama Zeeshan, XII
Renovation of Faculty Houses
Hamza Zafar, XII
CCH has had a good swimming pool for a long time now for training
swimming to young boys. However, it had been quite some time that it
was renovated. The tiles were starting to crack, not all showers were
functional and there was no sort of canopy over the pool.
Due to these reasons the renovation of the swimming pool has been
undertaken and successfully completed as well. New tiles have been
set, the floor has been renewed, new showers have been fixed and a
fabric canopy has been installed as well. Furthermore, LED lights have
been put in place so that the pool remains function not only during
daytime but also at night. Perhaps the most important feature is the
water filtration plant that will supply clean and clear water to the pool.
The renovation started during the summer vacation and was completed
within a week of the reopening of CCH after the summer break. The
response of present and old Abdalians as well as the faculty has been
very positive and appreciative.
For the past two years the College has been undergoing a
process of renovation. Wings, Mess, Cafeteria and the
Academics Block have all been renewed. During these
summer vacation the renovation of the
faculty's houses has also started. The
floors are being tiled again, walls are
being reinforced and new doors and
windows are being installed. The roofs
will be layered to make them stronger
and sturdier and further leak-proof. The
work is currently midway and is
expected to complete soon. This will
provide excellently designed homes for
the faculty with very good living
CCH Newsletter
Issue 1 September 2015
Trip to China
Sohaib Ishaq, XII
“The world is a book and if you don't travel, you read only a page”
After the hectic and tiresome routine of the whole year, the Cadets of Second Year
class were given an opportunity to travel outside their homeland to China.9 of the
Cadets grabbed this one-time golden opportunity .Mr. Amir Rauf (an ex-Abdalian
himself) was the overall coordinator of the trip and along with “Oasis Travels”
organized this trip.
The cadets reported to CCH on the eve of 8th August,2015. The actual trip started
early the next day. We went to China by road through the Khunjrab Pass and returned
by air. The group travelled through the whole beautiful Northern areas of Pakistan
and reached the border on 14th of August at noon, having stopped at Naran, Gilgit,
Hunza and Sost for the night-stays. After clearance from customs, first stop in China
was the Tashkurgan city. After that it was Kashgar and the last stop was the Urumqi city.
The whole group flew back to Islamabad Airport on the morning of 20th August.
This whole trip enriched overall experience of the cadets as they visited a lot of places
(e.g. Attabad lake, Baltit Fort and heavenly lake). Along with that they met a lot of
foreigners in Pakistan and in China and this experience gave them a head start in their
professional lives. It is hoped that such excursional as well as educational trips will be
continued by CCH admin in future as well.
Abdalinas have never let their alma mater
down. They have worked hard for the
uplifting of their institution by all means
and the College administration, faculty
and Cadets highly acknowledge their
efforts. This time Mr. M. Fahim Siddiqi &
Mr. Salman Ahmad Khan (25th Entry)
donated Rs. 5052489 in Tied Donation
through Hasan Abdal US Alumni Fund of
the Philadelphia Foundation” for the
F lash
Cadet Alamgir Khan brings laurels to his
alma mater by winning Bronze Medal in
International Biology Olympiad.
renovation of the faculty houses. Abdalian
Association of North America donated US
$ 25,000 in Tied Donation for renovation
of Vice Principal's house through Dr.Syed
Iman Ali of 19th Entry. Dr.Shoaib Shafi of
17th Entry funded for the renovation of the
Mosque. Mr. Tariq Mehmood Ch. (17th
Entry) gifted 35 new Lenovo i5 computers
for Computer Lab. 11th Entry fulfilled their
promise and donated LED Lights for all the
CCH goes Google as the admin, faculty
and cadets have been provided with
official E-Mail I.Ds to use google
educational services for free by signing
Due to the courtesy of Ex-Chairman
Board of Governors Chaudhery
Muhammad Sarwar (Ex- Governor
Punjab), a water purification plant has
been installed in the College.
wings. 12th Entry has donated a generous
amount of 3.46 Million for installation of
sound system and purchase of printing
equipment. Cadet Muhammad Umar
Farooq of 62nd Entry donated 10,000
Rupee in General Endowment and
becomes the Youngest Abdalian to
contribute. College appreciates and
acknowledges love and care of Abdalian
fraternity for their alma mater.
Almost after two decades the golden
tradition to write “Welcome To CCH” on
hill top has been revived by 58th Entry.
In the gallery of Ayub Block a 50 inch
plasma has been set for digital news
display. Important announcements,
results etc. are displayed through it.
Cadet Amir Zaryab represented Pakistan
at Asian Science Camp 2015 which was
held in Thailand.
9 cadets, out of 10, win TOEFL
Scholarship in Golden and Silver
categories. Some of them won Special
Scholarship for the entire Session.

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