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NEWSLETTER - Catholic College Bendigo
From our Principal
Audacity and Hope
I am sure that all in our community
have followed with horror the events
unfolding in Egypt over recent days.
Conservative figures approximate over
800 people killed and countless more
injured. Let us all pray for peace and
calm to return to the people of Egypt. As
this democracy has fallen apart, I have
been in various conversations about these events but one
has stayed in my mind. It included a comment perhaps
we have all heard: “We are so lucky that our elections can
be held without bloodshed and violence”. At the time I
agreed that we are indeed fortunate that the big issues in
our election are seemingly minor in comparison. However,
since that conversation I have found myself unsettled by
my complacency towards our Federal Election. Whilst I
certainly do not compare our current situation to that of
Egypt I have found myself challenging my own premise
that our election is safe and free of violence.
“In this election we need audacity and hope”
Whilst the above quote by François Hollande, the Prime
Minister of France was not referring to our current election
I would like to call on us all to adopt his call for audacity
and hope. The Oxford dictionary describes audacity as a
“willingness to take a bold risk” and hope as “a desire for a
particular thing to happen”.
Where am I going with all this?
For Catholics this Sunday is the 99th World Day of Migrants
and Refugees. It is a time for us to celebrate the diversity
in our community brought about by Migrants and Refugees.
In our community we have a growing number of refugee
families and they certainly have brought great gifts of
culture and knowledge to each of us.
In celebrating the beauty of diversity we should also
use this day to stand with those who are seeking a safer
place to live. For Catholics the World Day of Migrants and
Refugees was initiated by Pope Pius X in 1914 when, like
now our world was gripped with war and violence. How
many people do you know who have migrated since 1914?
Our National Anthem contains the line:
“For those who’ve come across the seas we’ve boundless
plains to share”
I do not see this in the conversations of the 2013 Federal
So what can we do?
We can visit and download this
year’s Refugee Information Kit to inform us. Or we can
visit Alternatively we can
be the voice for those who our Federal politicians of both
major parties wish to silence and cause to vanish. All the
polls seems to indicate that both major parties have gained
support in our country by taking the inhumane stand they
both currently profess. We can stand up and say no to this
mistreatment of refugees. On Tuesday evening another
boat capsized near Christmas Island. The 100 passengers
were rescued from the ocean and will be sent to PNG for
processing. They are not welcome on our shores. They are
not welcome to share our boundless plains.
As we celebrate our wonderful democracy at this election
we know there will not be the horrendous violence we have
seen in Egypt. However let us not be too proud. I will not
be threatened with violence before or after the polls but I
will also not hear the voice of the thousands of refugees
our major political parties have shunned from our shores.
Let us enter this election with
audacity and hope to challenge
our politicians to find a humane
approach to those who have fled
persecution and come across the
Let us Live the Good News,
Mr Darren McGregor, Principal
Right: Mr Darren McGregor with
Sr Veronica Lawson rsm at the
Marian Lecture lon Thusrday 15
August. See article on Page 5.
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 1 Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 |
SUNDAY: details page 3
>> Annual Marian Lecture
>> Mercy Works Family Golf Day
>> To the heart of Mercy
>> Life Choices Program
>> Migrant and Refugee Week
>> English Matters: Year 10 Poetry
>> Investigating Outdoor Environments
>> Basketball
>> Trapshooting goes off with a bang!
>> Art in Architecture studio visit
>> Years 8 & 9 Advanced Mathematics
>> Mathematics Help
>> Indigenous Homework Centre
>> Alumni
>> Canteen volunteers needed
La Valla: Years 7-9
McIvor Highway
Junortoun 3551
(03) 5449 3466
(03) 5449 3560
Coolock: Years 10-12
Barkly Street
Bendigo 3550
(03) 5445 9100
(03) 5443 7137
Finance Office
Barkly Street
Bendigo 3550
(03) 5445 9191
(03) 5441 3767
[email protected]
Mercy Education
ACN 154 531 870
Catholic Parishes Mass Times
SACRED HEART CATHEDRAL Wattle Street, Bendigo:
Sun 8.30am, 11am
ST KILIAN’S McCrae Street, Bendigo:
Sat 6.30pm, Sun 7am, 10am, 6pm
Friday 23 August
Pupil Free Day
Staff Spirituality Day
Tuesday 27 August
Instrumental Music Recital:
7.30pm in the La Valla Drama
Year 10 Encounter Day
ST MARY’S High Street, Golden Square: Sat 6pm
Mercy ‘Frayne Speech Festival’
HOLY ROSARY Hamelin Street, White Hills: Sat 6pm,
Sun 10am
Sunday 1 September
Father’s Day
Youth Mass - St Kilian’s
ST FRANCIS XAVIER Strickland Rd, East Bendigo: Sun
Wednesday 4
Spirituality at Work
Thursday 5 September
Year 9 Encounter Day
ST THERESE’S Albion St, Kennington: Sat 6pm, Sun
Friday 6 September
Musician of the Year
Tuesday 10 September
P/S/T Interviews Coolock 4.008.00pm in Marian Gym
Catholic College Bendigo
Advisory Council
Canteen Roster La Valla
Wednesday 11
Pupil Free Day
P/S/T Interviews La Valla &
Coolock 3.00-7.00pm
Tuesday 27 August: Michelle Bieleny
Thursday 12
P/S/T Interviews La Valla 4.008.00pm
Tuesday 17 September
Year 12 Drama Solos
Friday 20 September
Founders’ Day
Casual Clothes Day
Term 3 ends 2.30pm
Friday 30 August
Tuesday 24 September
Mercy Day
Friday 27 September
Feast of St Vincent de Paul
Sunday 6 October
Daylight saving begins
Youth Mass - St Kilian’s
Monday 7 October
Term 4 commences
ST MONICA’S High Street, Kangaroo Flat: Sun 9am
ST JOSEPH’S Russell Street, Quarry Hill: Sat 6pm
ST LIBORIUS Eaglehawk Rd: Sat 6pm. Sun 10.30am
Monday 26 August: Kerrry Smith
Come one, Come all, to the
Come celebrate!
Meet parents of new families!
Have a laugh!
Have some fun!
Wednesday 28 August: Stacey Mirls
Thursday 29 August: Jenny Clarke and Yvonne Gregor
Friday 30 August: Debbie Aicken
cnr View & Barkly Sts, Bendigo
Phone 5441 4469
[email protected]
Tuesdays 12.30 – 5.00pm
Fridays 11.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday opening times:
In Term 3, the uniform shop will open only on the first
Saturday of the month: 7 September
Discontinued stock clearance – limited sizes of
sports polos, spray jackets, skirts and dresses are now
selling at half price.
Staff members Mr Paolo Tarquinio and Ms Maria O’Donnell with
Sr Veronica Lawson rsm at the Marian Lecture.
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 2 Who: VINCENT house parents
What: VINCENT house dinner
When: Wednesday 18 September
Where: Rising Sun Hotel
Why: To catch up with and meet
VINCENT house parents
R.S.V.P: Sunday 15 September
Maree O’Connor: 0427557061
[email protected]
Annual Marian Lecture
Over the past six years our College
has been blessed to have welcomed
well-regarded presenters to lead our
annual Marian Lecture. Last Thursday
evening, Sr Veronica Lawson rsm led
an inspiring presentation titled “Mary of
Nazareth, Spirit-filled Woman of Mercy
and Justice”. Sr Veronica explored
a Lukan interpretation of Mary with
exceptional depth and skill.
Veronica provided a wonderfully researched presentation
that explored the significant connection that our College
has always held with Mary of Nazareth. From the early
St Mary’s College, to the arrivals of the Marist Brothers
in 1893, to the ongoing work of the Sisters of Mercy, the
Marist Brothers and the staff and students of Catholic
College Bendigo. She raised this in the context of “what we
bring to the text, informs our reading of the text”, making
the point that, our own experiences will influence the way
that we interpret the text. She went on to explore Mary
as a woman who ‘lived mercy’ throughout her life and
continues to play a special part in the lives of many. Sr
Veronica earthed the conversation nearing the end of her
presentation by exploring the work of Mary in the current
times, citing young Pakistani woman Malala Yousafzai,
“who leads the dance of liberation for young women in our
Following the presentation, our Principal, Mr McGregor
facilitated a brief question and answer session from the
floor. During this time, Sr Veronica was asked to discuss
her views on Mary as a woman both in her early years
and later in her life (around the time of Jesus’ crucifixion).
Speaking on the latter, Veronica referred to occasions
where Mary may have wanted to call on Jesus to ‘settle
down a bit’ or ‘stay out of trouble’ or ‘have a good rest’.
Instead, she had trust in God and courage to let it happen.
Since the lecture, I have thought about this as a parent, a
teacher and as a friend. When should we have the courage
to let things happen? How often do we ‘jump in’ before
anything ‘bad’ happens? Will people learn if we ‘jump in’
too soon?
This year’s script and visual presentation is available
on our College website under the Catholic Identity tab,
or follow this link
php?id=20. Thank you to Sr Veronica for a brilliant
presentation and for generously providing us with these
Mr Tim Edwards, Director of Catholic Identity
Inaugural Mercy Works
Family Golf Day
This Sunday will see our first Mercy Works Family Golf
Day take place at the Bendigo Golf Club. Please refer to
the flyer attached to this newsletter. We still have spaces
for teams, or single players to join us - register at http://
We would like to acknowledge the amazing support that
we have had from our local community. These wonderful
contributions will ensure that we will raise in excess of
$11,000 for Mercy Works on this day. A reminder that
all money raised will support the operation of an Early
Childhood Learning Centre in Timor-Leste.
• Y2 Architecture, Interior Design, Urban
• Central Victorian Office Supplies (CVOS)
• Provincial Home Loans – Contact Peter Kelly
0412 374 894
• Terraco Pty Ltd
• Great Ideas, Awards and Gifts www.
• The Axedale Tavern
• Ellinghaus Weill Lawyers and Consultants
(Daryl Giles)
Teams and single players welcome:
The following businesses have also thrown their support behind what we hope will be a wonderful event:
• Gejay Automotive
• Mulqueen Family
• Arthur Reed Photos
• Bob Stewarts Uniform
• Power Audio Visual
• Elders Real Estate
• MGR Accountants
• Bendigo Modern Press
• Glen Loddon Homes
• Bendigo Bank
• Sandhurst FootballNetball Club
• Subway Strath Village
• National Australia Bank
• Strategem Financial
• City Central Newsagency
• Jools for Jim
• All Seasons Quality
Resort Bendigo
• Sports Power
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 3 • Bicknells Independent
• Skin Ski & Surf
Hargreaves Street
• Honeyeater, Pall Mall
• BUFS, Hargreaves St
• Tweed Sutherland Real
• Debbie’s Deli
• Coca-Cola Bendigo
• Bolton’s Office National
Campbells Cash & Carry
The Boundary Hotel
Max Bakery & Cafe
La Piazza Wine Bar &
Verbeek Plumbing
Harro’s Carwash
Drummond Golf
Sim’r Café Hargreaves
Table Talk Catering
grow in mercy
To the heart of Mercy
From July 12-25 we were fortunate to
be the four Catholic College Bendigo
representatives among twenty-seven
students from Mercy Schools around
Australia who attended the Young Mercy
Leaders Pilgrimage. This involved a trip
to Ireland and Italy, from the heart
of Mercy to the Heart of Catholicism.
Whilst in Dublin we attended the Young
Mercy Leaders Conference in Catherine
McAuley’s Baggot Street house, now
the Mercy International Centre. Before
attending the Young Mercy Leaders Conference,
we went sightseeing around Dublin and County Wicklow.
The conference began on 16 July, and there were people
from America, England, Belize (in the Caribbean) and
Ireland in attendance. It was very exciting to meet all
these like-minded young people. At the conference we
had keynote speakers, all Sisters of Mercy, such as Sister
Karen and Sister Áine. Sister Karen is a paediatric
surgeon, who volunteers her skills in various impoverished
communities around the world. She volunteered to provide
health assistance in Haiti, arriving the day after the
earthquake in 2010. It was a very inspirational speech.
We also participated in workshops, which made us think
about the different ways in which we can help make a
difference by living the Mercy values.
The main purpose of the conference was to inspire and
teach us, as Mercy students, about the life, goals and
history of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy. On
top of that, we learnt about what the Sisters are doing
right now, all over the world, and how their work relates
back to the Mercy values. Because of this, the conference
had a major theme of Social Justice to it. We discussed
not just things such as people in third-world countries,
refugees and war victims; but also issues closer to home,
such as mental illnesses, bullying, alcoholism and drug
abuse. The Sisters demonstrated all six Mercy education
values to us personally, offering amazing hospitality and
service, giving us their full respect and compassion, and
inspiring in us justice and courage.
We then travelled to Rome for four days, where we visited
significant historical places such as St Peter’s Basilica in
Vatican City, saw the Sistine Chapel, the Roman Forum,
the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, and also a one day
trip to Florence. On the last day, we were very privileged
to have our own private Mass in the Irish Chapel beneath
St Peter’s Basilica, before heading home to Australia.
A massive thanks to the staff who came with us and their
expertise, particularly Miss O’Dwyer from our College we’ve certainly taken some tips away from the experience
(one coin for a return to Rome, two for true love, three
to get married!). Thank you also to Mr Edwards and
Catholic College Bendigo for making it possible for us to go
on this pilgrimage.
It was an incredible, life-changing experience, and one
that none of us will ever forget.
Courtney Gee VT9, Charlotte Hurst VT12, Matthew
Killick VT8 & Liam McGregor MY8, Mercy Pilgrims 2013
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 4 Prayer for Faith and Hope
God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, Father of our Lord Jesus
Christ and Father to us all,
We, pilgrims of faith and hope, entrust our prayer to you.
Look upon those who travel in search of a better future for
themselves and their loved ones.
Look upon those who are forced to flee away from their home
because of hatred and persecution.
Look upon your pilgrim people in whose hearts “faith and hope
are inseparable”.
Hear the cry of the people who “lack essential goods, are victims
of natural disasters, wars and social unrest”.
Hear the cry of those whose journey has become an ordeal
undertaken for the sake of survival.
Empower our Nation to be a land of welcome and love, a place
where ‘faith and hope” find true meaning.
Mary, Mother of migrants, “star of the new evangelization”
accompany us in our pilgrimage towards the encounter with
our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reign forever and ever.
(From 99th Migrant & Refugee Kit available at www.acmro.
Migrant and Refugee Week
19-25 August 2013
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI chose to dedicate the
2013 World Day of Migrants and Refugees to the theme
“Migrations: pilgrimage of faith and hope”. In his
message he explains:
“Faith and hope are inseparable in the hearts of many
migrants, who deeply desire a better life and not
infrequently try to leave behind the “hopelessness” of
an unpromising future. During their journey many of
them are sustained by the deep trust that God never
abandons his children; this certainty makes the pain
of their uprooting and separation more tolerable and
even gives them the hop of eventually returning to their
country of origin. Faith and hope are often among the
possessions which emigrants carry with them . . .”
After detailing his thoughts on suitable responses
from the Church and world governments, His Holiness
“Dear brothers and sisters who yourselves are migrants,
may this World Day help you renew your trust and hope
in the Lord who is always at our side.”
The full message and other articles can be accessed at
Life Choices Program
On Friday 9 August, Catholic College Bendigo was extremely fortunate to host the pilot of a new and
innovative program, Life Choices. This pilot was attended by twenty Year 11 students from each of
Catholic College Bendigo, Bendigo Senior Secondary College and Girton Grammar School.
The Life Choices pilot was developed by local man and ex-St Vincent’s College student, Mr Kevin
McGrath. It proved to be a dynamic educational program comprising four sessions aimed at assisting
students to make informed and positive choices now and into the future. The first session related
to the area of health, in particular mental health, nutrition, alcohol and other substance use. This
session was most ably facilitated by Jennifer Hurrell and Sam Johnson from Headspace, Bendigo. The
second session was presented by Georgina Rhodes from Victoria Legal Aid, Bendigo and centred on the legal rights and
responsibilities of young people. Following this was a thought-provoking session on relationships presented by Angela
Casey, a Social Worker with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) and Kelvin Curnow
a local School Chaplain. The final session on Finance was a most energetic and entertaining presentation given by Lisa
Simpson, a Financial Counsellor with Bendigo Community Health Services.
The morning was most ably hosted by Ally Curnow MY12 and Michael Pemberton JR11 from Catholic College
Bendigo, Sarah Bibby and Lucas Kiel from Bendigo Senior Secondary College and Brooke Jennings and Stuart Crickmore
from Girton Grammar School. Thank you to the school staff and other interested adults who attended with the students.
The biggest thank you to the sixty-odd Year 11 students who attended: you were engaged, asked fabulous questions and
were very much a testament to the ‘Goodness of Young People’.
The program concluded with the following ‘Words of Wisdom’:
• It’s OK to ask a mate R U OK
• All actions have consequences
• It’s OK to say I am not OK
• It’s OK to drop into Headspace Bendigo
• Once images and words are uploaded on the internet,
they are there forever
• Treat others as you would like to be treated
• Pay yourself 1st rule
• Respect in relationships with other people must go
both ways
• Knowledge is power
• “You have a choice to be right or be kind, I choose
kind”(Wayne Dyer)
• Relationships with other people are essential for your
growth and sense of wellbeing in life, so choose wisely.
Mrs Vicki Moro, Director of Student Services
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 5 • Think of your future, not just your present
• Choose a SMART goal
Love animals? Consider Zookeeping!
Year 10 Work Experience
The final Work Experience block for 2012 is 14 - 18
October. Students from all houses who have not completed
Work Experience or Structured Workplace Learning this
year are expected to do so during this time. In order
to facilitate placements that comply with government
regulations all completed paperwork must be submitted
to the Careers Office, in person, prior to Thursday
19 September. Please be aware that the paperwork
comprises a blue registration form and then a signed Work
Experience Arrangement Form.
If students require assistance they are encouraged to visit
the Careers Office on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
and speak with Mrs Dickson or Mrs Fee.
Year 10 Reminder
Year 10 Champagnat, MacKillop and Jaara students are
reminded to submit their Work Experience Log Books to
the Careers Office prior to 27 August in order to receive
their certificate in their end of year report.
Bendigo Bank/Bendigo Flying Club
Anthony Gobel Flying Scholarship
The scholarship is valued at $5000 and has been
designed to afford eligible young people the opportunity
to explore the sport of recreational aviation and obtain
their recreational Aviation Australia’s Pilot Certificate.
Applicants must be between 15 – 23. For more information
collect a flyer from the Careers Office or visit www.
[email protected]
Mr Ben Goode (b
Careers Practition
ckson (mdickson
ay and
Mrs Mehgan Di
actitioner: Tues
nings at
ck and Friday mor
Thursday at Coolo
e ([email protected]
Mrs Lauryne Fe
and Thursday
: Wed
Careers Administration
Zoo Keeper for a Day, Healesville Sanctuary: 24 & 25
September and 1 & 2 October
2014 Industry IT Cadetship Program
Information Evening
There is a public information
session being held on Monday 26
August at 7.00pm at the Visual
Arts Centre in View St. This
session will cover all Information for the 2014 Industry
Integrated IT Cadetship Program. There are four cadet
places on offer in 2014 across three Industry Partners. For
more information, please contact the Careers Office.
Flight Training Open Day:
Sunday 25 August, RMIT
This day is for students who would like
to study to be a professional airline pilot. You will be able
to speak to flight instructors and school staff and have a
guided tour of the RMIT Flight Training Point Cook Base
and sit in one of the fleet planes. For more information
and to register, go to
Would you like to become
a psychologist?
You will need to start your education
by studying a bachelor degree with an
in psychology. Not all psychology
majors are approved by APAC, so you will need
to contact the institution you would like to study at to
double check. For more information, go to http://www.
Love animals? Consider Zoology!
The University of Melbourne offers Zoology as a major
in the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science. The
major has a strong focus on research. To view some of the
research students are undertaking, go to
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 6 Vet for a Day, Healesville Sanctuary: 25 & 26
September and 2 & 3 October
Zoo Keeper for a Day, Werribee Open Range Zoo: 24,
26 & 30 September and 2 October,
Sports at La Trobe University
La Trobe has the ambitious aim of become Australia’s
leading university for studying sports courses, elite
athletes and sports research. To find the latest courses,
initiatives and news:
Considering teaching after you
complete an undergraduate degree?
Currently you can complete a one year Graduate Diploma
of Education at most universities. From 2016, you will
have to undertake the two year Master of Education as the
one year program is being phased out by the Australian
Institute for Teaching and School Leadership.
Important Dates
25: Australian Catho
lic University Open
Day, Ballarat
25: University of Tas
mania Open Day,
25: La Trobe Universi
ty Open Day, Melbo
25: Deakin Universi
ty Open Day, Burwoo
25: University of Ba
llarat Open Day
25: Grendadi School
of Design Open Day,
25: Victoria Universi
ty Open Day, Foots
cray Park
25: Photography Stu
dies College Open Da
y, Melbourne
25: William Angliss
Institute, Melbourn
25: Australian Mariti
ne College, Tasmania
25: University of Tas
mania Open Day
30: La Trobe Universi
ty Open Evening, Alb
31: SAE Institute Op
en Day, Melbourne
31: Qantm College
Open Day, Melbourn
31: O
pen Day, Universi
ty of Canberra, http:/
31: O
pen Day, Australian
National University,
31: O
pen Day, Australian
Defence Force Acad
(ADFA), Canberra,
Mercy Works
Funds raised will go to to run an
g Centre
Early Childhood Learnin
in Timor Leste
Proudly supported by
our Gold Sponsors:
4. Aim for responsible parenting, not good parenting: Responsible
parents practice nonchalance. They don’t take personal responsibility
for children’s problems and challenges. Example: A school lunch left at
home is a child’s problem, not a parent’s problem. A responsible parent
realises that a forgotten lunch presents an opportunity for a child to be
resourceful; a good parent takes the lunch to school robbing a child of a
learning opportunity.
Baker 5445 9113
Enquiries: Mrs Alison
[email protected]
Bendigo Golf Club
1. Balance two approaches: Parents need to have two sides to their
game. You need a firm side and you need a compassionate side. You
also need the wisdom to know when to use each. Many parents default
to either firm or compassionate with particular children. If this is you
then you need to develop your ‘other’ side.
3. Learn from others: It helps to take a sticky beak at what other parents
are doing. Not so much to benchmark your children’s progress, but to
gain an impression of how others go about their everyday parenting.
Parents don’t parent well in isolation. Social connection is as important
to parents as it is to children.
11.00 am BBQ for 12
Some thoughts on the challenges of parenting
2. Take time to review & reflect on your practice: Lack of time
stops us from being the type of parents we want to be. For instance,
busyness makes us do things for kids, rather than teaching them to be
independent. Also most parents are too busy parenting to reflect on your
practice – that is, to think about what’s working and what’s not. As the
saying goes: “The trouble with being a parent is that it takes all your
time being a parent.”
4 ball Ambrose event
All players welcome
(Handicap or not)
$30 per person
d BBQ)
(includes the round an
Online bookings: http:/
5. Develop a family focus: In an era where parenting is very much
an individual activity your ability to develop a family-focus is harder
than ever. However it’s vital that you develop this focus for those
times when things go wrong. Your ability to draw your family together
when challenges arise will impact on the resilience of each child. Make
‘putting yourself out for others’ part of your family culture or way of
doing things. That starts with children ‘putting themselves out’ for their
parents and their siblings.
WELLBEING TEAM: Ms Amanda Leonard (Team Leader), Sr Kathy Ryan,
Br Kevin Langley, Mr Mark Lees, Ms Karli Price, Mrs Michelle Smith and
Ms Jan Nelson
noon star t
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 7 LEARNING & TEACHING
ENGLISH: Year 10 Poetry
He was a nothing in particular,
just a small part of the universe.
He walked
and he ran.
He spoke and he yelled
but he was nothing special;
he was not important,
not to anyone. Not that anyone knew
that he was there.
He was two inches tall;
Black hair fell over his dark eyes.
In the shadows where he thrived,
his pixelated mass
and dived; it twisted
and it turned.
The world around him buzzed with life
but no one noticed him;
not once.
He stuck to the shadows his home staying away from the lights of the city
and the terror that it held.
You see, the life of
a pixelated, two inch boy
is a dangerous one, laced
with shoes of the giants
that crunch
whatever stands in their way;
the blinding beams that seek
through the darkness.
Early this term, the three Unit 2
Outdoor and Environmental Studies
classes participated in a 3-day crosscountry skiing experience through
the Bogong High Plains in the
Alpine National Park. After picking up our skiing
equipment at Mount Beauty we drove to Falls Creek Resort
where we set off on our educational adventure.
Living and camping over 1500m above sea level, the Outdoor
‘Edders’ braved the sub-zero climates for two nights and three
days while learning to cross-country ski (very fun) and looking
at the characteristics of the alpine environment including
the hydro-electricity scheme that dominates the region. We
also gained practical outdoor skills with an emphasis on how
humans impact this fragile area through recreational and
commercial activities, thus necessitating our involvement in
minimal-impact camping. The many management strategies
that are in place to conserve the environment for future
generations were discussed and witnessed first-hand.
Students also learnt about the various modes by which people
experience the Alpine environment and the myriad of motives
that individuals express for participating in outdoor activities. The hands-on nature of this activity served to crystalize our
personal and academic development in a way that could
only occur in the field. Bumps, falls, crashes and stacks were
commonplace, and were generally hilarious for all involved.
Over the course of the three weeks, many different weather
conditions were encountered from blue skies and sunshine to
windy white-outs. The third class were lucky enough to wake
up to thirty centimetres of fresh snow on their first morning
in tents. Overall the trip was a fantastic experience for all
Benjamin McLean (CH9)
He was nothing in particular,
just a small part of the universe,
living a difficult life in the shadows
in which he thrived.
Ainsley O’Connor CH9
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 8 SCHOOL SPORT VICTORIA - SANDHURST DIVISION
On Thursday 15 August, four junior teams competed in
the School Sport Victoria Sandhurst Division Basketball
tournament held at the Bendigo Stadium. Competition was
against all the local schools with the winners progressing
through to the Loddon Mallee Regional Finals in Term 4.
Year 7 Girls
The Catholic College Bendigo (CCB) Year 7 girls played four
games for the day and came away with four wins. A top effort!
Game 1: CCB 66 defeated Weeroona College 4.
Game 2: CCB 56 defeated Eaglehawk Secondary College 2.
Semi Final: CCB 28 to Bendigo South East 16.
Grand Final: CCB 27 to Crusoe College 13.
with under a minute to go . . . Brodie Fry grabbed an offensive
rebound and put it straight back up . . . and was fouled! The
buzzer went off for the end of the game, with Brodie having
two free-throws. A large crowd had formed around our court;
Brodie stepped up and missed the first. After composing
himself, he stepped up to take the second . . . and bang, into
the backboard and in! We had won!
It was a great performance by all the boys. Special thanks to
the parents who supported the boys, stopped the blood noses
and did the scoring. Onward to the next round in October.
Mr Daniel Arnott, Coach
All girls represented the College with pride and played some
excellent basketball. We now look forward to the regional day
here in Bendigo on 25 October.
Year 8 Girls: Back Row L-R: Gum Deng (MY3), Lucinda
Smythe (MK3), Anneliese Spear (MK4), Madeline Sexton
(MK3), Keisha Tonzing (MKA), Miss Eleanor Haring (Coach).
Front Row L-R: Anna Meade (JR3), Rosie Neylon (BK3), Abby
McCarthy (VT3), Isabella Pearse (MK4), Meg Williams (CH4).
Mrs Rachel Winfield, Coach
Year 8 Boys
Year 7 Girls : Back Row L-R: Mrs Rachel Winfield (coach)
Maxine Peel (JR1), Jessie Rennie (MK2), Phoebe Kane (MY2),
Lily Pridham (MY1), Hayley Harrington (MY1), Miss Nerrilie
Dunn (Manager).
Front Row L-R: Teagan Moon-Manning (BK2), Mia Nally (CH1),
Tayla Lindrea (CH1), Tess Kelly (MY1), Lily McNair (CH2)
Year 7 Boys
The first game for the Year 7 boys was against Weeroona
College and proved to be a tougher than expected battle, with
the scores close at half time. In the second half our team
started to gel and eventually came out winners 27-17. Our
second opponent Eaglehawk College proved less challenging,
with our boys winning 46-0. Then came the finals - in the
semi-final we played Crusoe College. Applying a full-court
press, our boys had a great start and cruised to victory, 4517. The final loomed against Bendigo South East College.
Without a break between games, we were up against a team
that has been training since Term 1. After a shaky start and
being down at half time, the boys showed great sprit to draw
level early in the second half. For the rest of the game the
lead regularly swapped between the teams, until it was level
Year 7 Boys: Back Row L-R: Hunter Lawrence (BK1), Connor
Hicks (CH2), Joshua Abbott (CH2), Brody Brown (VT2),
Zachary Fitzpatrick (MY1), Brodie Fry (JR2), Daniel Arnott
Front Row L-R: Griffin Hicks (MK2), Jye Caldwell (MK1), Kyle
Symons (VT1), Lachlan Morley (JR1).
The Year 8 boys had a great tournament, winning their pool
matches against Weeroona College and Eaglehawk College
convincingly. Their hot form continued into the finals. In the
semi-finals they defeated Bendigo South East College and then
went on to win the final against Eaglehawk and qualify for the
Loddon Mallee Regional Day next term. Congratulations to all
players on your exceptional display of skill and sportsmanship
and good luck for the regional finals.
Year 8 Girls
Game 1 vs Weeroona College: Catholic College Bendigo got
off to a flying start, running the lanes really well, boxing out
on rebounds and our shooting was a highlight. Final score of
Game 2 vs Eaglehawk College: We had a bumpy start with
Eaglehawk scoring the first goal, but we regrouped and took
off from there on to a winning score of 55-8.
Game 3 Semi-Final vs Crusoe College: Great start with
winning the tap and getting a layup. We played great defence
and scored a lot off fast breaks. We finished with a smashing
score of 36-10 to finish off.
Game 4 Final vs Bendigo South East College: Amazing effort
by all the girls to win the final. After a tough start we took off
and started passing the ball around and playing like a team.
We finished well and had a great win with a score of 36-11.
Madeline Sexton (MK3) and Meg Williams (CH4)
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 9 Year 8 Boys: Back Row L-R: Dylan Slender (JR4), Dylan
Lloyd (CH3), Jacob Murphy (JR4), Jordan Waldron (JR4), Jack
Bouwmeester (MK3), Mr Damian Driscoll (Coach).
Front Row L-R: Jordan Ross (CH3), Jackson Davie (VT3), Ben
Dalton (VT4), Rhys Brown (MY3), Oscar Perez (MKA).
Trapshooting goes off with
a bang!
On Thursday 8 August, staff were greeted with the
alarming sight of some smiley, happy boys brandishing
shotguns in bags, ready to board the bus to Echuca to take
on the district’s best shooters at the Clay Target Shooting
Thirty boys from both La Valla and Coolock made the trip
(some with parents in tow) to shoot in some of the best
weather conditions the competition has seen in years.
Leading the junior boys were Josh Knight and Aaron
Knight, both on 14, followed by Nathan Zoch (9), Alex
Kabalan (8), Vaughan Gray (7) and Cooper Borserio
The senior boys had a strong team presence, with some
great shooting all round.
Jordy Garland took out the Senior Boys title with an
outstanding and unchallenged effort of eighteen out of
a possible twenty shots. His efforts have earned him a
place to compete for the State Title at the Winchester
School Students Clay Target Championships, being held in
Bendigo on 2 September.
Braedyn Woodhatch, Zac Alford and Devin Barker
were all close behind on 15, followed by Mitch Penn on
14, Jayden Baber on 13, Nathan Granger on 12, Matt
Fitzgerald, Ben Moyle, Tom Chaplin and Jacob Evans
all on 11, Anthony Bigham and Harrison Hartley on
10, Lachlan Murray-Major, Corey Mylon and Patrick
Slavin on 9, Tom Colvin and Josh Hopkins on 7,
Nathan Styles and Rowan Douglass on 6, Jared Wilkie
5 and rounding out the competition on 3 were Joseph
Manton and Nick Colvin.
Back Row L-R: Alex Kabalan CH6, Nicholas Colvin MY6, Jacob Evans BK10, Rohan Douglass CH5, Anthony Bigham MK12, Nathan
Granger CH12, Zachary Alford MY10, Jarod Wilkie MK9, Lachlan Murray-Major CH7, Joshua Knight BK3, Joseph Manton VT6.
Middle Row L-R: Devin Barker JR5, Jordy Garland BK8, Braedyn Woodhatch MY12, Aaron Knight MK2.
Front Row L-R: Cooper Borserio JRA, Patrick Slavin CH11, Thomas Colvin MY11, Thomas Chaplin MK12, Vaughan Gray JR1,
Jayden Baber BK8, Nathan Styles BK11, Corey Mylon JR10, Harrison Hartley JR5, Benjamin Moyle CH12.
As the last of the games ended this past weekend,
Flynn Hartigan (BK1) has emerged as the winner
of the Golden Boot award in the Bendigo Amateur
Soccer League, Under 12A competition with
twenty-five goals for the season.
Overall, it was a tough shoot with excellent competition
from the other schools attending. The support from the
parents that attended the shoot was very welcome and the
students all demonstrated a high level of gun safety, had
a great deal of fun and were a credit to our College. We
encourage some female shooters to join the team for next
year, as the girls championship has not been won since
the departure of former girls champion, Kim Moroni a few
years ago.
Playing as a striker for Spring Gully White in his
sixth season for the club, Flynn completed his best
individual performance eclipsing his fourteen goals
from last season. Well done Flynn.
Ms Barbara Slee, BK1 Housegroup teacher
Mrs Sally Spark & Mr Wayne Blakeley
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 10 Music News
Tuesday 27 August, 7.30pm
Students of our Instrumental Music Program are called to
put their names forward to perform in the Instrumental
Music Recital. Application forms are available from the
La Valla General Office or your instrumental teacher.
Enquiries: Ms Denise Halliday (La Valla).
Cross’, which is to be installed in the grounds of our Sacred
Heart Cathedral before February 2014.
Our students were mesmerised by the range of skills that
Steiner has used to produce her piece. These included
using industrial-strength structural glass and melting it
in a ‘slump’ technique. Students were also shown the
processes used to make moulds and casting templates
which are used to turn sculpted clay, silicone, plaster
and fibreglass into the various components of the final
The annual Musician of the Year takes place on Friday 6
September in the Marian Theatre at 7.30pm. Students
are encouraged to enter this prestigious event. Application
forms are available from the General Offices.
Visual Arts News
VCE Art General and VCE Studio Arts students visited artist
Jenny Steiner’s workshop to view the St Mary of the Cross
– Mary MacKillop sculpture.
‘What a difference a day can make! – Inspiration from one
artist to another.
2009. Jenny Steiner.
Detail – star ceiling detail - stained glass, ‘In Memory we Live’.
2009. Jenny Steiner.
I am so please to be able to share this story with our
College community relating to a recent excursion to the
workshop/studio of artist Mrs Jenny Steiner. Our VCE Art
General and VCE Studio Arts – General Unit 2 students had
this opportunity to meet the artists in their working space.
This occurred on the Feast of the Assumption, 15 August
Students saw the process and artistic techniques that
Steiner has used to create the sculpture ‘Mary of the
It was empowering for our art students to hear Mrs Steiner
using everyday art terms. This gave value to the content
of what we teach in the classroom.
Students were treated to a guided tour of one of Steiner’s
completed works ‘We Live in Memory’ (2009). This piece
is a memorial sculpture that is a part of the Children’s
Cemetery and the Springvale Botanical Cemetery.
Following this excursion, a number of our students are
now able to see the role of the artist in our community
and empowered to gain understanding of the value and
importance of the arts. The Year 11 students are now able
to apply this experience to their own artworks, to complete
folio pieces and also develop ideas for their piece in Units 3
and 4, 2014.
Students are looking forward to seeing this work installed
and hope to be part of the installation when Steiner’s work
arrives in its home.
Mr Peter Hughes, Head of Arts & Rebecca Cook BK12,
Visual Arts Leader
MacKillop Art Exhibition ends Sunday 25 August
University of Ballarat Art & Design Workshops
Wednesday 25 September: this is an excellent opportunity
for Years 11 and 12 students to attend a one-day intensive
workshop, creating works in a university environment. The
cost of this workshop is approximately $80 (to be finalised
closer to the date). If interested please contact: Mr Jimmy
Pasakos, Lecturer, School of Education and Arts, University
of Ballarat (03) 5327 8620; [email protected] or
Above: Detail – part of the
drapery of the Mary of the
Cross sculpture – Jenny Steiner
Left: Steiner and Rebecca Cook
– study detail of slump glass
panel for sculpture – St Mary of
the Cross 2013
Right: Students at Springvale
Botanical Cemetery – Children’s
Cemetery in front of Memorial
Sculpture, ‘In Memory we Live’.
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 11 ARTS NEWS continued
VOICE CHOIR: Wednesdays after school in the Coolock Drama Hall
Information regarding lessons for Instrumental Music Tuition can be obtained via the
General Office through Mrs Denise Halliday (La Valla) and Mrs Catherine Moore
CONCERT BAND: Monday Afternoons 3.45-5.00pm in the Music Room at La Valla. Mr
Simon Darlow
STAGE BAND: Tuesday afternoons 3.45-5.00pm at Coolock Mrs Catherine Moore
SAXOPHONE ENSEMBLE: Tuesday lunchtimes at Coolock. Mrs Catherine Moore
COOLOCK CHOIR: Wednesday lunchtimes and Thursdays after school 3.30–4.40pm.
Mrs Catherine Moore
LA VALLA CHOIR: Miss Rhiannon Hercus. Check the Bulletin for times.
STUDIO TIME: Coolock arts students have access to the Arts Studio Mr Peter Hughes
and Miss Michelle Brannagan will supervise these sessions. Students are advised to
consult the Bulletin.
Local arts events
Sacred Heart Cathedral: Annual MacKillop
Art Exhibition. 9 – 25 August.
Bendigo Art Gallery: Arthur Guy Memorial
Painting Prize 3 August – 6 October.
Bendigo Art Gallery: Shaun Tan: the real
and the imaginary 9 August – 1 September.
La Trobe University VAC – 121 View
Street: The Facade Project. Julia Rrap. 22
August , 6.00pm Launch.
Phyllis Palmer Gallery, La Trobe
University, Visual Art & Design, Gate 8
Sharon Street, Bendigo: Frieze. Donna
Fearne. 17 July – 11 August.
City of Greater Bendigo: Students are
reminded to continually look at the www. for local events.
The 10th Bayside Film Festival: is on
28-31 August at the Palace Brighton Bay.
This might interest students, staff and
parents. Features include world premiere
of ‘An IceBerger with the Lot – from Bury
to Brighton’ directed by George Giampietri.
Youth Documentary screenings 29 August;
Jump Cut Program on 30-31 August which
is a series of various short films; and then
the best of the BRITS – Tim Marlow on
Damien Hirst among others; On 31 August,
3.00pm there will be a special event to help
those interested in pitching completions
for filmmakers. For more information, visit or call 9599
Drama News
Year 10 and Unit 2 Drama students attended a riveting performance of the play Foxfinder
at the ensemble theatre company Red Stitch. We also had a tour and Q&A with one of the
actors and we spent time before the show doing improvisation together as a group. It was
a lot of fun!
Ms Trina Wilson, Drama teacher
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 12 Years 8 & 9 Advanced
Mathematics Classes 2014
Expressions of Interest letters for our 2014, Years 8
and 9 Advanced Mathematics classes are currently
being distributed. If your child is interested in being part
of the selection process, please encourage them to obtain
an Expression of Interest letter from their Mathematics
teacher. Reply slips are to be returned to Mathematics
teachers by Thursday 22 August. If you would like
further information about the Advanced Mathematics
program, or the selection process, please contact myself or
your child’s Mathematics teacher.
Mrs Angela McIntosh, Head of Mathematics
Give BMX a try!
This year any child that enters the Victorian Schools
Cycling Championships who doesn’t already have a
licence will receive a free Bendigo BMX Club 4-month
licence. For more info go to
Eaglehawk Cricket Club
is holding its junior registration day on Sunday 25
August, between 10.00am and 12.00 noon at the
Canterbury Park clubrooms.
Registrations are being accepted for u/9, u/11, u/13,
u/15 & u/17s. New players of all ages welcome, with all
levels of ability catered for.
Business Network
Fees are $70 and playing shirts are available at $25.
EFTPOS available. For further details contact Craig
Gaffee on 0438 109953 or email: [email protected]
Mathematics Help
Maths help classes are available each week and
students of all abilities are more than welcome to
attend. Assistance with homework, assignments or
general class work is provided by Maths staff.
La Valla: Thursdays during lunchtime in Room W3.
Coolock: Tuesdays and Fridays during lunchtime in BG
5/6. Maths help continues into Periods 6 and 7 for Year
12 students who have study at this time.
Mrs Angela McIntosh, Head of Mathematics and Mr
Richard Graham, Mathematics Facilitator
Bendigo Indigenous
Homework Centre
For indigenous secondary school students
and their friends.
Wednesdays 3.30-5.30pm
Bendigo Senior Secondary College, Multicultural
Language Centre.
Get help with homework, applications for scholarships
or jobs, make new friends. Learn more about your
culture and keep in touch with Community. Open for all
For more Information:
Rosaly McNamara (BIHC Coordinator): 5443 1222
Suzanne Janssen at BSSC. 54431222
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 13 A great opportunity
to hear insights in
marketing small to
medium businesses for
growth and network
with other local
business owners and
Strathfieldsaye Cricket
& Football Club Rooms,
Tannery Lane.
your Business
Friday August 30
7.00 - 8.30am
Guest Speakers:
Sue Opie
Bendigo Advertiser
Carolyn Stanford
Stanford Marketing
To Bianca Rinaldi C/-:
[email protected]
0413 231 258
or fill out the form overleaf
and return it to Strath
Timber & Hardware, 39
Blucher Street.
Free breakfast catered
by Lions Club of
Catholic College Bendigo Alumni
Calendar of Coming Events 2013
5 October 2013Catholic College Bendigo Class of 1993. Tickets on sale now
26 October 2013St Mary’s College Class of 1973. Includes anyone in
that group starting from Pre. 1961 through to Matric. 1973
regardless of when you left. Reunion includes a tour of the
2 November 2013Marist Brothers’ College HSC Class of 1983. Tickets on sale
7 September 2013 St Mary’s College Class of 1983 (including anyone starting
from Year 7, 1978). From 7.00pm at the Rifle Brigade Hotel, 137
View Street Bendigo.
St Mary’s College Class of 1981
(delayed until further notice)
Catholic College Bendig
o Coolock (Barkly Street
) Canteen has a full-tim
e and a par
In order to run efficiently
the canteen also depend
s on volunteers to ass
lunch order processing,
ist with recess and
food preparation, servin
g of students and other
There is a roster for can
related duties.
teen duty and everyone
is welcome to put their
usually from about 10.
name on the roster,
00 am until 2.00 pm.
We would also welcome
volunteers for smaller
iods of time when they
are available.
If you are available to
help out please contac
t Ms Jill Southcombe or
5445 9127 or fill in form
Mrs Debbie Hughes on
below and email to jso
[email protected]
Please note that:
• Volunteers are no
longer required to han
dle money.
• All volunteers mu
st complete a Workin
h Children Check bef
work in the canteen.
ore they can
Forms are available at
each Catholic College
you can collect one from
Bendigo office or
the Post Office.
Thank you and we rea
lly look forward to meetin
g som
Contact the Alumni Office on 5445 9100 or [email protected]
au to register your interest in any of these events and to receive
direct updates. If you are a past student of the College, please
make sure you are on our database to receive Alumni information
and news of coming events.
The latest copy of the Alumni Newsletter is now available online:
Ms Jill Southcombe
Coolock Canteen Manag
Palms Australia
is a Catholic organisation that has been sending volunteers to
developing countries for over fifty years.
Pope Francis calls Catholics back to Core Values. Volunteering to
share your skills is a great place to start. Palms global volunteers
mentor and exchange skills in countries across Asia, Africa and
the Pacific. Positions exist in education, health, administration,
agriculture/farming, trades and other areas.
[email protected] |
Phone: Home . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wo
rk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . Mobile . . . . . . .
Email Address: . . . . .
Child’s Name: . . . . . .
. . . . . . Housegroup: .
How often are you able
to help? (Please tick):
 Once a week
Day / or Dates you wis
 Monday
 Once a fortnight
h to volunteer (Please
 Tuesday
Times available (betwe
Mrs Debbie Hughes
Coolock Canteen Ass
Name: . . . . . . . . . . . .
Ms Barbara Lomas, Alumni Office
ENQUIRIES: Sarah Torcasio | 02 9518 9551 |
e new parents at the Ca
 Once a month
 Once a term
tick day and note if par
 Wednesday
en 10.00am and 2.00pm
Live the Good News | Edition 25 | 22 August 2013 | Page 14 ticular dates suit you):
 Thursday
): . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 Friday

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