ARGENTINE M1891 "ENGINEER`S CARBINE" Caliber 7.5 Argentine



ARGENTINE M1891 "ENGINEER`S CARBINE" Caliber 7.5 Argentine
Caliber 7.5 Argentine. Length-37", Weight 7.2 Lbs
Identifier's are: Manufactured turned-down bolt handle, side mounted sling,
carbine sights graduated to 1,400 meters, early style National Crest on the
receiver, top. Crest is often faintly stamped. Most parts are serial numbered to
the receiver, including the stock. The pictured specimen was arsenal
The 5-shot column magazine projects below the stock. Action is the early Mauser
"cock on closing" design. The bolt is also an early Mauser (pre-1898) design,
with front locking lugs and no guide rib.
A bayonet mount was added to the original 1891 carbine, for issue to Engineer's
units. The bayonet was made for the Rolling Block Rifle, which was the previous
standard infantry weapon of the Argentines. It is slightly modified by cutting and
re-welding the muzzle ring.