Frank`s Services Celebrating 25 Years



Frank`s Services Celebrating 25 Years
Frank’s Services Celebrating 25 Years
When you first meet business
owner, Frank DiMaria, and
become acquainted with any of
his companies, Frank’s Landscaping – Drainage – Basement
Waterproofing – Foundation
Specialists, Mr. Plumber and
Frank’s Basement Systems, it’s
hard to imagine the humble
beginnings. This is because
the operation which has nearly
Frank DiMaria 100 employees runs so smoothOwner
ly and has grown into such a
thriving company.
One of the things I first noticed about Frank was that
he is still very passionate about the company he started
building 25 years ago. His story is a remarkable one
that begins in Frank’s teenage years getting the business started out of his parent’s home with a simple lawn
cutting service. If you travel through the halls of his 90
Pearce Avenue, Tonawanda complex, you can follow the
well chronicled timeline of the company beautifully outlined on the walls. It’s worth the trip and definitely an
Even though Frank started cutting lawns at an early
age, his company officially began when he was 18. By
then he had built the lawn service to include 60 clients,
3 employees and one truck and soon decided to expand
into drainage. By 1995 his fleet of trucks expanded to
10 and he had 40 to 50 employees. The business has
been growing and adding services and employees ever
since. Utilizing the basic principles that made the
business so successful, Frank formed a parent company
that branched off into separate divisions. These divisions specialize in the skills learned throughout the
years. Frank’s Basement Systems, Franks Landscaping
and Mr. Plumber Heating and Cooling run as separate
entities but are under one roof. Collectively, you can
count on them to handle landscaping, plumbing, heating and air conditioning installation, indoor and outdoor drainage, basement repair, boiler installation, duct
cleaning and more with the skill and expertise that only
years of experience can bring. There is also preparation
to expand into insulation and electrical work with Frank
sending his employees for EnergyStar training. Frank’s
response to our inquiry about the company’s future
growth was “You never know how far you can fly until
you spread your wings.”
We asked Frank what he thought his recipe for success is. He credits good old fashioned customer service,
the support of his family, great employees and God.
Frank takes pride in providing his customers with the
best and honest services. He and his team work hard to
do the best job for their clients.
The way we see it, Frank himself is definitely in the
equation for the reason his company is so successful. It
takes a good man to make a good company. We invite
you to check them out on the web at www.franksser- or give them a call at 716-877-3008.
Tournament of the Tonawandas Charity Golf Tourney
Seeks Golfers, Sponsors and Auction Donations
Sept .
Whether you’re a pro or amateur or just want to try your swing on the golf course,
join the fun at the Annual Charity Golf Tournament of the Tonawandas on Monday,
September 13, 2010 at Tan Tara Golf Club. Open to the general public.
The agency provides day programming, employment and training, residential services, service coordination (for any age), clinical services, recreation (youth and adult)
and supportive services to more than 800 families annually.
We are currently seeking golfers, sponsors and donations for the charity auction.
This event starts at 11:00 a.m. at the driving range followed by lunch and a shotgun
start. There will be 4-person scrambles with team and individual prizes. Cocktails
and an Open Bar begin at 6:00 p.m. followed by dinner and Live Auction.
We’ll be looking for you, so don’t miss this event and help build a healthier community while having a good time. Please see the flyer inside this newsletter or visit to download and print a registration form which includes both
golfer and sponsorship opportunities and prices.
Our Live Auction helps the Chamber raise the funds it requires to maintain its programs on behalf of the business community and contribute to local charities. We are
pleased to announce that a portion of this year’s proceeds will be donated to Opportunities Unlimited of Niagara, which is a non- profit organization providing programs and services to people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.
If you would like to donate an item or gift card for the charity auction or if you have
any questions about this event, please do not hesitate to contact Joyce Santiago at
(716) 692-5120 or Tracey Lukasik at (716) 874-1202 between the hours of 8:30 am –
4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
Message from the Executive Director
3411 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore, NY 14217
[email protected]
fax: 716-874-3151
Thank you to our Chamber Benefactors:
NRG Huntley Power LLC
Thank you to our Gold Star Sponsors:
NOCO Energy, Univera Healthcare
M&T Bank
Thank you to our Silver Star Sponsors:
Ciminelli Development
Dengler & Roberts Funeral Home
Kenmore Mercy Hospital
Premier Group
Mission Statement:
The Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Chamber of Commerce is a group of businesses, industrial, and civic leaders whose purpose is to promote the growth of the business environment and enhance the quality of life within
our community.
Executive Board:
Catherine Piciulo, President
Get Noticed Promotions
Tim Malchow, President Elect
Ciminelli Development Corp
Kelly Oldenberg, Secretary
Greg Urban, Treasurer
Dopkins & Company, LLP
Robert Gilmour, Past-President
John W. Danforth
Board of Directors:
John Brundo, The Tonawanda News
Ruth Cody, The Metro Group
Dawn Cwierly, Kenmore Mercy Hospital
Pat Gadley, Blue Wonder Cleaning Cloths
Mike Ham, Kenwood Photography
John Hunt, Rural Metro
Robert Kates, Buffalo Bisons
Nicholas Kelly, AXA Advisors
Gary Link, Evans Bank
Joseph Marguccio, Tax Masters
Mark Mondanaro, KT School Superintendent
RaeAnn Tamberelli, Ken-Ton Bee
Norm Zindle, Buffalo Telecom
Tracey M. Lukasik, Executive Director
[email protected]
Christina Perez, Member Services Director
[email protected]
Michael Ham, Kenwood Photography
Chamber Board Meetings are held the 3rd
Wednesday of each month in the Chamber
conference room at 4:30pm.
Executive Committee Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8:00am.
The Business Journal, the official newsletter of the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Chamber of Commerce, is published throughout the year to keep members informed of
specific news about Chamber activities and actions, community events, educational opportunities and issues of
importance to business - locally and statewide.
KEN-TON: 874-1202
2 — Ken-Ton Business Journal
Thank You and Good Luck Kim…
Welcome Christina!
Kimberly Giesing, the chambers Membership Services
Director of 5 years, has accepted a new position at Liazon
Benefits, Inc. Though we will miss her tremendously around
the office, she will remain the health insurance contact for our
members and she can be reached directly by calling Liazon.
Kim was an integral part of day-to-day operations and special
event planning and she has left some big shoes to fill, but we
are hopeful that our new Membership Services Director,
Christina Perez, will fit right in. Please extend a warm
welcome to her next time you call the office, stop in or attend
a chamber function.
Christina Perez
Membership Services
Model Transition Program
The MTP (Model Transition Program) has been in
existence for three years in the Kenmore-Town of
Tonawanda School District. It is designed to help our
work study students attain job skills and independence
on a job site. A key component is the internship program that targets juniors and seniors getting ready to
graduate. The goal is for the students to gain a sense of what working life is like beyond the doors of
high school. Approximately 18
students from Kenmore West and
Kenmore East high schools have
gained work experience and
learned many different tasks and
skills. Some of these tasks include
preparing and portioning food,
folding boxes, making pizzas, bagging groceries, processing items,
housekeeping and laundry, hostessing bussing tables,
and conditioning the store. Social skills learned
include: proper dress on the job, dealing with conflicts, providing excellent customer service, maintaining a positive attitude and gaining experience in a field
of their interest among many other skills. The businesses, managers, and employees have been a pleasure
to work with and have really reached out to make the
experience great for our students.
In past years, some of the students have been
employed by their internship site and continue to
thrive in their positions. For that we are very proud
and grateful to assist these students as they transition
from the world of high school into the world of work.
On behalf of People Incorporated
and the Ken-Ton School District, I
would like to extend my gratitude
to the following businesses that
have helped us enable our students
to realize so much potential this
year. Special thanks are extended
to AJ Wright (University Plaza and
Delaware Ave), TJ Maxx (Niagara
Falls Blvd), Budweys (Kenmore
Ave), The Royal Family Restaurant
(Sheridan Dr), Pizza Hut (Delaware
Ave), Manhattan Bagel (Delaware Ave), Paddock
Chevrolet (Delaware Ave), and the Holiday Inn (Niagara Falls Blvd).
If your business is interested in partnering with our
program and providing future students with the
opportunity to learn valuable vocational and social
skills please contact Renee Mack, Transition Specialist
for People Inc at 817-5734.
July 2010
Message from the Board of Directors
What a great word… gets your attention doesn’t it?
As business owners and managers, we work on marketing plans to stimulate additional income all the time.
In the thirty-plus years I’ve been in the publishing
industry, all focused on advertising and marketing, I’ve
seen a lot of different ways to attract business, many of
them using the word “Free.” Sometimes “Free” isn’t all
One resource, which is indeed free, or no extra charge,
or value-added if you prefer, are the services that your
media consultants can offer.
If you have been in your industry for a while, chances
are you have a pretty good idea of who your customer base
is. Perhaps, however, you’re new and don’t quite have
such a good handle on it.
We can help.
In this age of information, there are sources everywhere.
You can go to your computer and through the internet,
i.e., “just Google it.” Zap! Everything you’ve always wanted to know, plus 40%!
You can simplify the process by tapping into your local
media account executive or salesperson to find out lots of
specifics to help you target your message and attract new
customers. Your media representative will have access to
information to assist you.
Questions such as:
Who is a typical customer for my type of business?
What demographic should I be targeting?
Where do they live?
What is the household income of my customers?
What is the family dynamic of my customers?
Do they own rent or own their own homes?
What other interests do they have?
What phrases appeal to them and will catch their eye?
Once the target customer has been identified, how do I
present the information in a way that will attract them to
my message?
Since each media has its own strengths and weaknesses,
the representative should be prepared to discuss the features offered by their business and the specific benefits
they offer you.
Most will be able to translate that specific information
into an attractive format aimed directly at your customers
(current and potential.)
If you don’t have an advertising budget, or don’t know
July/August 2010
how to set one up, there is help for that as well. Information regarding what percentage of sales is typical for your
type of business is available for the Buffalo-Niagara market
Short on funds? Many product retailers get 30-40% of
their advertising budgets back in supportive funds available from their manufacturers/vendors. These funds are
called Co-Op advertising, short for cooperative advertising
and designed to help you move the products off the shelves
(so you can re-order). Most media reps can tap into a
resource to determine if you have funds available to you.
In my company, we have a Co-Op Advertising Director,
who, with her team, will do the research for you, provide
layouts, pre-approval if necessary, and send the paperwork
in to the manufacturer for reimbursement directly to you.
It’s actually your money. If you’re not using it, your competition will be. If you don’t use it, it will go away – a lost
As smart business people, we have the ability to ask
questions. If your rep is your contact for print, what other
services does the company offer?
Many media providers have diversified products and services. Our company, The Metro Group, Inc., publishes
360,000 locally distributed Source and Retailer newspapers
weekly. In addition, Metro publishes two niche quarterly
publications – WNY Woman and WNY Health, which speak
to their individual audiences. We have a commercial print
operation which produces everything from one to two colored menus, sales flyers, numbered tickets, multi-page
forms, letterheads, envelopes and business cards. We host
internet web sites and can even help you develop yours.
Reliable Mailing is a division of our business that can help
target customers with direct mail services.
The bottom line is that the media reps are trained to be
consultants. They are information providers and problem
solvers. While you shouldn’t have to, sometimes you just
need to ask what they can do for you. You really can get
something for “Free.”
Check it out – we can help build your business!
Save the Date!
When your business needs to borrow money, do
you worry about the reception you’ll get from your
bank? Does it seem to take forever to receive an
answer? Would you like to improve your likelihood of a loan approval? Then join us for 2
hours on Thursday, September 30 and we’ll
George Gardner and Nancy La Tulip from Lake
Shore Savings Bank are hosting this seminar, in
conjunction with the Ken-Ton Chamber of Commerce, at their branch at 3438 Delaware
Avenue beginning at 5:30 PM. They will be
joined by Sue McCartney, executive director of the
Small Business Development Center at Buffalo
State College. They will review the information a
bank requires and how that information is used in
underwriting your request. You’ll learn what you
can do to present the best possible information
and answer questions before they are asked. Come
prepared with your questions about loan types,
interest rates, collateral and personal guarantees.
Learn when projections are essential to your loan
request and why a business plan may be needed.
You can also find out about all the help that is
available for your business at the Small Business
Development Center – at no charge! Save the date
and join us. RSVP to 874-1202.
1914 Colvin Blvd.
Tonawanda, N.Y. 14150
Your Neighborhood Computer Repair Shop
3343 Sheridan Drive • Amherst, NY
(at the corner of Millersport and Sheridan)
Mon., Wed., Fri. 10am-7pm • Tues. & Thurs. 10am-5pm • Sat. 10am-3pm
Specializing in Repairs of Desktop and Laptop Computers
¥ Repair ¥ Service ¥ Upgrades
¥ Virus and Spyware Removal
Must mention this ad to receive discount
[email protected]
40th Anniversary Celebration
Quality Products and Unparalled Service
• Fleet Vehicle Locating Systems
• Two-Way Radio Systems
• Surveillance Camera Equipment
• Antenna Systems
• Emergency Vehicle Equipment
Ken-Ton Business Journal — 3
REWIND: Ken-Ton Showcase
The 29th annual SHOWCASE kicked off
with it’s signature VIP extravaganza on Friday April 30,
where local dignitaries, showcase exhibitors and chamber staff
sampled goodies from area restaurants and eateries. The show officially
opened on Saturday May 1, and drew an eager crowd of attendees who
mingled with vendors inside the Lincoln Arena throughout the weekend.
Many valuable prizes, donated by area businesses and show participants,
were won at the chambers charity prize wheel booth.
The chamber also gave a way a Weber gas grill, donated by National Fuel and a complete home
office package donated by members of the Chambers ‘SuccessNet’ networking group and their participating
vendors. Hunt Real Estate won first place for the best decorated booth, as their booth contained vinyl
records, a pinball machine and other “groovy” décor that played on this year’s 70’s theme!
Many thank-you’s are in order, so with out further adieu:
NRG Huntley, NOCO Energy Corp., Univera HealthCare,
M&T Bank, The Tonawanda News, Kenmore Mercy Hospital,
Dengler, Roberts, Perna Funeral Home, The Premier Group,
Ciminelli Real Estate Corp. and Praxair
VIP Party In-Kind Donations:
Amazon Vending
Brighton-Eggert Florist
Buffalo Roadhouse Grill
Daddio’s Pizza
Dunkin’ Donuts
Johnny V’s Deli
Lorbeers Florist
O’Connell’s Restaurant
Paula’s Donuts
P& R Bakery
Try-it Distributing
With sincere gratitude to:
Showcase co-chairs: Guy Centola and Patti Freling
All Showcase Committee Members
& Event Coordinator, Kim Giesing
Jeff Ehlers and staff of the Lincoln Park arena
Det. Robert Goetz, Chief Palombo,
Det. Bill Miller (and the Explorers)
and Det. Nick Bado,
Town of Tonawnada Police Dept.
4 — Ken-Ton Business Journal
Prize Wheel Donations:
Adrian’s Precision Cuts
Adventure Landing
American Commodore
Andersons Ice Cream
Best Fitness (Eggert Rd)
Blue Buffalo Pet Food
Bobby McGee’s
Buffalo Roadhouse Grill
Caputi Liquors
Cardinal O’Hara
High School
Classic Lanes
(Kenmore @ Elmwood)
Dairy Queen
(Brighton Rd.)
David Photo Service
Franco’s Pizza
Gino’s Pizza Place
Kenwood Liquors
Kingdom of Animals Inn
& Day Spa
La Hacienda (Brighton)
Laundry Basket Two
Longo’s Pizza & Subs
Marotto’s Restaurant
Midnight Liquors
On the Rox Liquors
Opportunities Unlimited
Paula’s Donuts
Rob’s Comedy Playhouse
Snyder Ridge
Landscaping & Garden
Texas Roadhouse
Total Automotive
Univera HealthCare
UPS Store
(Delaware Ave.)Mary
July/August 2010
REWIND: Ken-Ton Showcase
More pictures from the event,
courtesy of
Kenwood Photography
can be viewed on the picture
page at
Thank you to all our
booth participants and
food vendors
July/August 2010
Ken-Ton Business Journal — 5
Thank You to Kenwell Adult Living
for Sponsoring the June Luncheon!
Paladino speaks at Chamber luncheon
Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino spoke at the
June 25th member’s luncheon to a room full of eager
listeners. Mr. Paladino touched on many of the
changes he plans to implement should he be elected
governor, including a minimum residency requirement for those applying for public assistance in NY
Chamber luncheons are a great place to network,
meet other members and they often provide an opportunity for you to ask questions directly to the “movers
and shakers” of WNY. Monthly luncheons resume in
Kenwell is a DePaul Senior Living Community located in 3456 Delaware Avenue in Kenmore, New York
that offers the comforts of home, a commitment to enhancing quality of life, and personal care services in a
supportive environment that promotes independence. Staff work closely with residents and family members
to appropriately meet their needs.
Kenwell is licensed as an adult home by the New York State Department of Health. The welcoming community offers a full range of amenities and quality services in a home-like environment. Prices are affordable and inclusive and there is no entrance fee. Residents enjoy inviting living areas and a cheerful dining
room, fully-furnished private and semi-private rooms with fully equipped bathrooms, and pleasantly-landscaped grounds. They receive nutritious meals, 24-hour access to staff, assistance with medication management, assistance with the activities of daily living, housekeeping and laundry services, on-site physician, podiatry, and pharmacy delivery services, and a full schedule of activities, social events, outings, and worship services, among others.
Kenwell also has an assisted living program (ALP) for residents who require additional support services.
These services are provided by DePaul Home Care and are based on a care plan developed by the resident’s
physician and the home care nurse, in conjunction with the resident and their family.
Kenwell staff strive to provide high-quality services and to consistently meet each resident’s individualized
needs. Family participation and involvement is welcomed and encouraged. Call (716) 877-7171 to learn
more or visit Kenwell on the Web at
Kenmore - Town of Tonawanda
Garden Walk
James V. Ryan Paramedic Foundation
accepts check from Chamber
Chamber Director, Tracey Lukasik, was thrilled to
present a check for $400 to the James V. Ryan Paramedic Foundation to the organizations treasurer,
Karen Ginanne, site manager at Praxair. A portion of
the proceeds from the chambers Sonoma/Napa Winery
Tour raffle was the source of the donation. Thank you
to all who purchased a ticket and a special thank you
to The Premier Group for their generous contribution
in organizing and providing accommodations for the
6 — Ken-Ton Business Journal
The 2010 Ken-Ton Garden Tour
will be held rain or shine
on Saturday & Sunday, August 7th & 8th
from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
For more information and a detailed map of the tour
please visit
If you need additional information, please call 876-0457.
July/August 2010
New Members
Aflac New York
Pier-Propeller Inc.
1404 Sweet Home Rd.
Tonawanda, NY 14150
4444 River Rd.
Tonawanda, NY 14150
Insurance Services
Marine Sales
Play N Trade
46 Pebble Creek
Cheektowaga, NY 14227
45 Wimbledon Lane
West Seneca, NY 14224
(716) 835-1768
Retail - Video Games
Express Medical Care
of Western New York
Riverview Chiropractic Health
2944 Elmwood Avenue
Suite 203
Kenmore, NY 14217
(716) 447-8868
12 Paradise Road
East Amherst, NY 14051
(716) 877-0676
Chiropractic Care
Medical Services
Taylor - Magen Merchandise
Kenwell Adult Care
359 West Girard Blvd.
Tonawanda, NY 14150
(716) 875-2597
3456 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore, NY 14217
Adult Care
Retail - Jewlery/Purses
Twenty 20 Eyecare & Aesthetic
766 Auburn Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14222
Health Insurance
Just a reminder, all chamber
members with policies through Univera and MetLife should be receiving monthly billing directly from
Liazon Benefits, Inc. Payments
should be made payable to Liazon,
not the Chamber and should be
remitted (by the due date) to the
Liazon lockbox address stated on
the invoice. The chamber can no
longer accept insurance payments at
the office or by mail.
Liazon can be reached by dialing
716-803-6190 (press 1) for customer service, (press 4) for billing.
July/August 2010
Opthomology & Aesthetics
Wellcare, Inc.
360 Delaware Ave. 1st Flr. Sth.
Buffalo, NY 14202
Health Insurance Providers
Woodmark, Window & Door
50 Ranslet Dr.
West Seneca, NY 14224
Windows/Doors Service & Sales
Monthly Membership Email Reminder
As you know, the Chamber likes to send out monthly reminders of the upcoming events
to our membership. This is also an opportunity for you to reach out to the members, as
well, since we feature the Member News & Notes section. The monthly email is scheduled to go out on the first of each month, so we need your material submitted to [email protected] at least a week prior.
We cannot guarantee that your information will be included, as space is limited, however
we always try our best to help our members whenever we are given the opportunity.
Please make sure your event is pertinent for member businesses.
Ken-Ton Business Journal — 7
Ken-Ton Chamber of Commerce
All events will be held at the Ken-Ton Chamber office, 3411 Delaware Ave., unless otherwise noted. 3411 Delaware Ave.
Kenmore, NY 14217
-SuccessNet Networking ......................................8:00 am
-Biz LINKT Networking..........................................8:00 am -Biz LINKT Networking..........................................8:00 am
-SuccessNet Networking ......................................8:00 am
-AAA Defensive Driving Course ....9:00 am – 3:00 pm
-Biz LINKT Networking..........................................8:00 am
-Board Meeting ......................................................4:30 pm
-Tn of Ton Development Corp Meeting ............8:00 am
-SuccessNet Networking ......................................8:00 am
Board Meeting ........................................................4:30 pm
-Biz LINKT Networking..........................................8:00 am
-Biz LINKT Networking..........................................8:00 am -SuccessNet Networking ......................................8:00 am
Executive Board Meeting........................................8:00am -Biz LINKT Networking..........................................8:00 am
Accsellerate, Inc.
Adema Heating & Air Conditioning
Ajax Smith, Inc.
Norman Ammerer
Anderson's Frozen Custard
Janet Balloch - Voice Instructor
Bavisotto Construction Inc.
Bison Automotive & Detail, Inc.
Brookdale Senior Living, Inc.
Buffalo Computers
Carroll Financial Services
Casullo's Automotive Service Inc.
Clinton Welding & Fabricating
Phillip C. Culliton DPM
Diane Curthoys
Customer Information Technology
dMc Hardware Consulting
Dodge Boarding Kennels
Vera Dujovic
Dunkin Donuts
Dunn Tire
Ed's Auto
Ellicott Creek Chiropractic Centre
Erie Community College Workforce
Evans Bank
First Interstate Bancorp
Kenneth C. Foit
Frank Brown Towing, Inc.
Frank's Landscaping, Drainage &
Basement Waterproofing
8 — Ken-Ton Business Journal
Fuzzy's Auto & Truck Repair
Galloway Hardwood Floors
Jayne D. Gifford
GMZEE Business Relations LLC
Greco Funeral Home
Mary Gross
Hagner Industries, Inc.
The Healthy Co.
Holiday Inn Grand Island Resort
& Conference Center
Imperial Masonry Restoration, Inc.
Insurance Associates Marketplace
Agency Inc.
Integrys Energy Svcs. of NY, Inc.
Interior Design Resources
Margaret Izzo
J.P. Heating & Cooling, LLC
James V. Ryan Paramedic Foundation
JB's Landscaping
John W. Danforth Company
Judy's Landscaping
Kadish & Fiordaliso
Ken-Ton Jaycees
Ken-Ton Republican Committee
Kenilworth Electronics
Kenmore Cab Dispatch
Kenmore Teachers FCU
Kenwood Photography
Brian H. Krauss CPA, P.C.
Lamar Advertising
Larry Wojno Consulting
Luba's Place
John Lucchese, Jr., DDS
Mary Kay/ Richelle S. Kelly
Master Khechen School
of Taekwon-Do, Inc.
MDEV Software Developers, Inc.
Meadow Family Medicine
Metlife Employee Benefits:
Upstate New York
The Metro Group, Inc.
Mitchell's Sheridan Restaurant
Mountain Valley Water Co.
Salvatore C. Muscarella
North State Supply Co. Inc.
Northeast Group
Onyx Advisors LLC
P & G Construction
Performance Restyling
Pizza Hut
Kevin L. Pohle, CPA, PLLC
Practical Type LLC
Preferred Services, Co.
Quantum Asset Recovery, LLC
Realty USA.Com
Reliant Transportation Company
Right-On Printing
Romeo's Bakery Cafe Inc.
RTR Services Inc. Transmission Specialists
Paul Rybarczyk, LMT
S & S Auto Body
Sawyer Creek Hotel
Scott Jahren Custom Paint
Sharp General Contracting, Inc.
Shivm Express
Sparkle Car Wash & Detail Shop Inc.
Specialized Geriatric Services, Inc.
SS Diesel Supply
Stephens Associates
Steven's Art Shoppe & Framery
The Stock Exchange
Stutzman Cranes
Super 8 Motel
Martin Tiedemann
Tonawanda Community FCU
Town Of Tonawanda Development Corp.
Tuscarora Roofing & Siding Co. Inc.
United Roofing & Siding
Village of Kenmore
Vince's Pizza Plus, Inc.
Vogt Sprinkler Service Inc.
William C. Rott & Son, Inc.
The Ken-Ton Chamber currently has
2 furnished offices for rent. First floor,
approx. 12x14. Rent and lease
agreement negotiable. Please call
Tracey at 716-874-1202 for more info.
July/August 2010