Skill is just the tip of the iceberg.


Skill is just the tip of the iceberg.
Skill is just the tip
of the iceberg.
The Phoenix Ensemble
Educating the whole musician
with world-class faculty in a
nurturing, noncompetitive setting.
P.O. Box 2768
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-2768
The Phoenix Ensemble
Chamber Music Education
Suzuki Programs
NEW! Jazz Workshop
Advanced Teacher Training
Special Guest Simon Fischer
PhoenixPhest May 22–24
PhoenixPhest Grande July 27–31
at Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti MI
Gabriel Bolkosky, Executive Director
2015 Faculty
Andrew Bishop
Jerry Blackstone
Gabriel Bolkosky
Miriam Bolkosky
Elizabeth Cantrell
Tatjana Mead Chamis
Carey Cheney
Elliott Cheney
Ronda Cole
Jeremy Dittus
Andrew Duckles
Terry Durbin
Rodney Farrar
Simon Fischer
Stephanie Flack
Avi Friedlander
Annie Fullard
Diana Gannett
Nancy Hair
Christian Howes
Nancy Jackson
Paul Keller
Melissa Kraut
Ed Kreitman
Anthea Kreston
Meg Lanfear
Mark Mutter
Rachel Noyes
Nurit Pacht
Vera Parkin
Peter Salaff
Mari Sato
Pete Siers
Jack Wagner
Tom Wermuth
Diane Winder
Why chamber music?
Suzuki Programs
Chamber music is significantly different from orchestral or solo playing. Chamber musicians play in
small groups, one to a part, with no conductor. Each
person’s part, whether it is the melody, an inner
voice, or bass line, is unique and indispensable to
the whole. Because of this, each individual is accountable to the group in the most profound way.
PhoenixPhest Suzuki Workshop
Sunday, May 24
• Group classes with guest clinicians Terry Durbin
(violin) and Avi Friedlander (cello)
• NEW! Dalcroze with special guest Jeremy Dittus
• Optional private lessons with Terry Durbin
• Base tuition $60
As a deep and intricate group activity, chamber
music has the power to teach the highest level of
cooperation, collaboration, compassion, mutual
respect, and kindness. It is the perfect training for
a life led with self-esteem, integrity, accountability
and a deep respect for the larger perspective.
PhoenixPhest Grande Suzuki Institute
July 27–31
• Traditional Suzuki curriculum for violin, viola and
cello, all ages and levels
• Half-day pretwinkle program
• Many electives, including chamber music with
Phest faculty
• Requests to study with particular teachers are
• Base tuition $550
What makes our programs unique?
No auditions. It is central to our vision that everyone can benefit from studying chamber music. Registration is first-come, first-served and there is no
minimum age or playing level. Participants include
students from top music conservatories, as well as
hobbyists and beginners of all ages.
Nurturing, world-class faculty. The Phest faculty is composed of some of the finest chamber musicians and
teachers in the country. What they all have in common is their dedication to the idea that chamber music is not
just for the elite few; that everyone has something to learn and something to offer; that the important thing is
not where you start but how far you progress.
Emphasis on the collaborative process. All participants attend classes in Score Study and The Rehearsal Process. These allow for in-depth examination of how individual parts fit together musically, and provide opportunities to discuss and practice the art of respectful, creative collaboration.
Individualized scheduling. We take great care to tailor every student’s schedule to their specific needs. We
encourage requests to study with particular faculty, and consult with private teachers to make sure every aspect
of the program will be a good fit.
PhoenixPhest May 22–24
PhoenixPhest Grande July 27–31
• Daily chamber coachings
• Private lessons up to 1 hour daily
• Enrichment classes including Score Study, The
Rehearsal Process, and a wide variety of electives
• Base tuition $600
2–3 chamber group coachings per day
Classes in Score Study and The Rehearsal Process
Daily yoga, choir and Dalcroze
Faculty and student concerts
Base tuition $385
Registration, housing and financial aid info at
Suzuki Teacher Training
July 25–Aug 2
Every Child Can with Ed Kreitman
Violin Unit 1 with Ed Kreitman
Violin Unit 2 with Mark Mutter
Violin Unit 3 with Nancy Jackson
Cello Unit 1 with Nancy Hair
Cello Unit 2 with Carey Cheney
Cello Unit 3 with Elizabeth Cantrell
Supplemental Courses:
Overview/Review Violin Books 1–4 with Ronda Cole
The Human Energy Field with Tom Wermuth
The Phoenix Ensemble is a 501c3 nonprofit. Our programs are
made possible by generous support from individual donors as well
as government and corporate grants.
NEW! Jazz Workshop @
PhoenixPhest Grande
July 27–31, 2015
Phest director Gabe Bolkosky has long dreamed of
adding a comprehensive jazz program to the Phest,
and now it is a reality!
Curriculum includes coachings & masterclasses;
classes in Theory and Arranging/Composition, daily
faculty performances, and more. Come work with
our dream team!
Jazz faculty: Andrew Bishop, Christian Howes, Paul
Keller, Pete Siers, Jack Wagner
Simon Fischer is coming
to PhoenixPhest!
Violin Pedagogy Workshop: Masterclasses & Lectures with Simon Fischer
July 27–31, 2015
Simon Fischer is perhaps the most celebrated violin
pedagogue of our time. Author of Basics, Practice,
Scales, and more, he has demystified the study of
string playing, and brought to thousands of players
around the world a level of help and training that
had previously been the privilege of only the few.
Mr. Fischer’s workshop will include a mix of masterclasses and lecture. The course is open to anyone
who is interested.

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