How It All Began by Dianna Cabello



How It All Began by Dianna Cabello
Winter 2007
Vol. 5 Issue 4
Mission Statement
Disabled Crime Victims
Assistance, Inc. is committed
to assisting the disabled crime
victim and their families and
promoting awareness of their
specialized needs to those
who serve victims and the
Board of Directors
Wanda Page
Terry Vernon
Elizabeth Page
John Page
Dub Gillum
Debra Simons
Becky Gibbs
Dianne Hengst
Editor Dianna Cabello
We have been blessed with a
faithful Board of Directors and
we appreciate their consistent
involvement in this mission.
We appreciate so much our faithful
volunteers. We are so grateful for
your assistance.
DCVA has been honored to have a
dedicated dinner planning committee,
golf tournament committee and
volunteers who not only made the
events successful but are a group of
wonderful DCVA friends.
Our thanks also goes to
NIXIN Printing for donating
their time & the cost of
producing this newsletter.
How It All Began
by Dianna Cabello
This issue’s feature story is on
She literally had to relearn how to do
our very own Elizabeth Page and her
everything like that of a child. She
extraordinary experience that led to the
relearned how to dress, shower, and
origination of Disabled Crime Victims
drive. A crime victim that becomes
Assistance, Inc. Elizabeth graduated
disabled is usually faced with long
ten days prior with her Bachelor’s
term hospital stays, changes in career,
degree with honors from Southwestern
changes in family roles and last but
Adventist (College) University when
not least physical disabilities. And
she was injured in May of 1988. She
yet amazingly, just nine months post
had already begun her career as a Social
injury, she applied and was accepted
Worker at Johnson County Mental
to the Social Work Masters Program
Health and Mental Retardation. She
at the University of Texas in Arlington
assisted the clients in the day program
and began that January. She continued
to acquire better
until she graduated
daily living and
in May of 1991.
job skills. Then
It was during
while at work one
this time that her
day, Elizabeth had
mother Wanda Page,
been outside with
brother John, and
a number of clients
Elizabeth began to
when a psychiatric
study victims’ rights
patient came and
and laws. In order to
began shooting.
prepare sufficiently
for upcoming court
Elizabeth’s Graduation on May 1st, only
and another Social
10 days before she was shot.
Worker ran into
also researched and
the building. As she ran to the phone
learned the judicial process. They did
and attempted to call the police when
not have help through the criminal
the assailant came up behind her and
justice system and were unaware of
tragically shot her 3 or 4 times. She
any disability resources. In addition
and her family were devastated! Both
to learning more about the judicial
of Elizabeth’s lungs had collapsed,
system, they had to acquire information
suffered a tremendous loss of blood, and
about spinal cord injuries, side effects,
her family had been told to prepare for
medical terminology, and adapting to
the worst. But God had a different plan
a new disability. Their hardships had
for her and she miraculously survived
began to avalanche.
numerous wounds.
Unknowingly at that time,
She spent six long weeks at
Wanda, John and Elizabeth were laying
Harris Hospital and another four months
the ground work for the creation of
in a rehabilitation program learning
DCVA. They began to develop a keen
the daily activities of a paraplegic.
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Paul Burge
DCVA serves two
types of crime victims
• Those who become
disabled as a result
of crime crime injury.
• Those who are already
disabled and become a
crime victim.
DCVA was founded by the Page
family in 1999. Elizabeth Page
was a victim of a crime in 1988
and was paralyzed from the
chest down as a result. As the
Pages began the long journey
of recovery, they realized that
they were not the only family
that had faced a tragedy of this
magnitude. Thus, Disabled
Crime Victims Assistance, Inc.
was formed. DCVA is a nonprofit organization that assists
crime victims who become
disabled as a result of the
crime, as well as those that are
already disabled and become a
crime victim.
We wish to thank each
of you that have provided
support to DCVA. It is
because of you that we
are able to serve
disabled crime victims.
by Dianna Cabello
Paul is the volunteer we are
honoring this issue. He turned 86 this
summer and until recently volunteered
at five different places including DCVA.
Paul owned and ran the family Burge
Hardware store for 40 years until he
retired in 2000. Throughout his life he was a world traveler and
has been on over 26 cruises to various locations. He shares with
us his funny stories and life wisdom. He likes to stay busy and
keeps us busy as a result. He has nicknamed DCVA the “Crime
Lab” when telling his friends where he has been that day. Paul
is recovering from a fall, he still manages to devote some of his
time to our “crime lab”. He is an inspiration to all of us.
Tree of
Program 2006
by Dianna Cabello
This past year we
celebrated our 3rd annual
DCVA Tree of Peace
sponsored by Park Plaza
and Finley Resources.
Through the generosity
of the tenants of Park Plaza building, Houston Building,
Vickery Building and Finley Resources Office, we were able to
donate Christmas gifts to eleven families that DCVA has been
working with. We would like to extend a special thanks to JEL
Management for donating a substantial amount of gifts and gift
cards. Also, Charlotte Finley was especially charitable in giving
our families monogrammed quilts and stockings stuffed to the
brim with wonderful goodies and gift cards.
– Thank you Park Plaza and Finley Resources for your
participation in this tradition you have so graciously formed!
DCVA Benef it Dinner
with Cindi Broaddus
by Dianna Cabello
This year DCVA hosted our first annual
Benefit Dinner/Silent Auction featuring Cindi
Broaddus at the prestigious Fort Worth Club. We
began this tradition by having it during National
Crime Victims Rights Week. Cindi Broaddus is
the author of “A Random Act”. She is a survivor
and an over-comer of a heinous crime. Cindi was
severely injured when an unknown assailant threw
acid off a bridge and through the windshield of her
car. During her lecture, she shared that she was able
to find purpose and meaning through this “random
act” by helping other acid burned survivors. Cindi
was also the inspiration for the Oklahoma law “The
Cindi Broaddus Act”, which makes it a felony to
throw anything from a bridge or an overpass in
Oklahoma. Cindi serves on her brother-in-law’s
foundation, The Dr. Phil Foundation. Her story
is uplifting and gives us all hope. Sleepy Reed
Terry Vernon Presenting to Wanda
The Fort Worth Mayor’s Proclamation
Wanda Page
Traci Wood-Sanford, Linda Votaw, Debbie
McLeland, Julie Fuller and Charlotte Finley
John Page
Guest of Honor Cindy Broaddus
donated a painting in the silent auction and Jeff
Gottfried donated the exquisite sculpture. In the
end, our dinner and auction were a success through
your participation and generosity! Please, don’t
forget to save the date! Our next Benefit Dinner
is scheduled for Tuesday, April 15, 2008 featuring
Suzie Humphreys, an inspirational speaker.
Texas State Trooper Dub Gillum, (Master Of Ceremonies),
Cindi Broaddus and Elizabeth Page
Save the date
for the next DCVA
Benefit Dinner
April 15, 2008
Tom and Andi McGrath with Terry and
Aileen McGrath
Dr. Karin Anderson, Dr. Michelle Hall and Dr.
Angela Straface with Questcare Medical Services
DCVA Benefit Dinner Sponsors
Park Plaza - Finley Real Estate
Mayor Mike and Rosie Moncrief
Questcare Medical Services
Terry and Vickie Vernon
NIXIN Printing OnSite Video Pac A/V Sound
Danny and Nina Ballenger Wanda Bell Jennifer Heil Velez Family in Memory of Arnold Velez
Mac and Janice Russell Cheneweth and Trevino Family Burge Hardware
Bio Na Braza Brazilian Steakhouse
In Kind Sponsors
Sleepy Read Jeff Gottfried Signs of Success Centerpieces by Tom and Andi McGrath
Dinner Committee
Tom McGrath Terrry Vernon Barb Oliver Jeanne Barron
Devonna Powell Elizabeth Page Wanda Page
and Numerous Volunteers
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passion for other crime victims and their
They understood the heartache and what
resources were available for these crime victims.
They wanted to make a difference in the lives
of the other crime victims. “This experience has
significantly impacted my life and that of my
family’s” says Elizabeth. During Wanda’s quest
to locate services for her, they discovered the lack
of services for disabled crime victims. So in 1999
DCVA, a non-profit 501(c)(3), was founded by
the Page family in their home. And in 2002 they
moved to an office in the Park Plaza building in
Fort Worth.
Elizabeth’s offender was initially found
incompetent to stand trial due to mental illness.
He stood trial three years later and was sentenced
to twenty years in prison with a $10,000 fine. His
sentence is the maximum for attempted murder
with a deadly weapon. He is scheduled to complete
his sentence and be released in May of 2008.
Elizabeth’s bravery in overcoming these
obstacles is to be highly respected. Her positive
outlook on life and congenial attitude should be
an encouragement to us all. She and her family
have not only survived the unthinkable, but have
reached out to other crime victims by assisting
them through DCVA. Through Elizabeth’s tragedy,
their mission has given others hope where there
was despair and light where there was darkness.
This is the incredible story of how it all began.
When the ripple effect hit our family, we had to
find information on the best medcal care, deal with the
financial strain on the family, adjust to Elizabeth’s life
changing disability caused by this crime, and learn
how the criminal justice system worked. All of this
was on top of dealing with the grief of the tragedy
of what happened to Elizabeth. DCVA is a pioneer
in the field of assisting disabled crime victims, and
wants to be there to help victims and families deal
with this ripple effect. We want to serve people at the
time of one of the greatest needs in their life.
–John Page - Elizabeth’s brother and
Co-founder DCVA, Inc.
I knew that we must help other crime victims.
We had learned so much and we knew and understood
their needs.
–Wanda Page - Elizabeth’s mother and
Co-founder DCVA, Inc.
June 4, 2007
Elizabeth Page, Kelsey and
Lisa Ramsey
Euless, Texas
Golf Committee
Honorary Chairs
Mike Doocy
Cindi Broaddus
Tom McGrath
Linda Votaw
Lisa Ramsey
Brenda Griffin
Charlotte Finley
David Hasenzahl
Helen Hatley
A. Lee Head, III
Debbie Jansen
Ken Schilling
Elizabeth Page
Wanda Page
by Dianna Cabello
Once again DCVA’s loyal supporters gathered at the
magnificently manicured golf course of Texas Star in Euless.
Despite this summer’s strange rainy season, we were blessed
with a beautiful day! Lisa Ramsey’s contribution to DCVA from
this golf tournament has made this our biggest fundraising event
of the year. As you may recall, Lisa Ramsey is a Fort Worth
Police officer who was shot in the line of duty in 2003.
Our chairperson this year was Tom McGrath, who went above
and beyond the call of duty. Each committee member’s role
and hard work made this event successful. The honorary chairs
were held by Mike Doocy, sports reporter for FOX 4 News and
Cindi Broaddus, author of “A Random Act”. Our extraordinary
sponsors were Leo Potishman Foundation, JPMorgan Trustee,
Finley Resources, Park Plaza, and many others.
The success of this golf tournament would not be possible
without the support of our sponsors, golfers and volunteers! Be
sure to save the date for next year, June 2nd, for an even bigger
and better golf tournament benefiting our beloved DCVA.
This would not have been possible without Lisa Ramsey, Park
Plaza, Finley Resources, our Sponsors, volunteers, and our Golf
Planning Committee.
Elizabeth Page, Debbie McLeland,
Angela McLeland, Dianna Cabelo,
Wendy Trevino, Charlotte Finley, and
Sheila Hemphill
Wanda Page, James and
Helen Hatley, and Linda Votaw (Co-Chair)
Lisa Ramsey
Brenda Griffin and Tom McGrath, Chairman
Many of Our Hard Working Volunteers
Wanda and Elizabeth Page with Cindi Broaddus
Lisa and Kelsey Ramsey with Lari Barager
Cindi Broaddus and Mike Doocy, Honorary Chairs
Charlotte Finley, Sheila Hemphill, Elizabeth Page,
and Cindi Broaddus
Benefiting Disabled Crime Victims Assistance Inc.
Lisa Ramsey
ous S
Leo Potishman Foundation
JP Morgan Trustee
One Armed Bandit Sponsorship
Count of Chisolm Trail Sponsorship
Gary and Judi Martin Charitable Fund of the
Community Foundation of North Texas
Baron of Barnett Shale Sponsorship
2501 Parkview, Suite 111
Fort Worth, Texas 76102
817-338-0291 Fax
[email protected]
se y
June 2, 2008
Euless, Texas
Come Join the Competition Benefiting
Disabled Crime Victims Assistance, Inc.
2501 Parkview, Suite 111, Fort Worth, TX 76102 • 817/338-0220 • Fax 817/338-0291 • [email protected]