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Dukes Diary - Worldwide Discipleship Association
Dukes Diary
Summer/Fall 2014
Dear Friends and Family,
Student: "So, what you are saying is, this will
cost me my life?"
Staff: "Absolutely, placing your trust in Jesus
will cost you everything. But please let me add
that you will receive back a life that has been
remarkably changed; you will become exactly
who you were created to be. The Bible describes
this transformation by using the word
Fayetteville, GA
most were reluctant to speak with them. Only 1
out of 10 would venture to let them ask the
survey questions. But that one conversation was
often incredibly meaningful – and made a great
connection with students who rarely, if ever, hear
the gospel.
Western Europe left its spiritual heritage long
ago, even Germany with such deep roots in the
truth of the gospel. And, in spite of WWII, they
still didn’t see their need for a Savior.
Student: "I never knew that this is what the
gospel is about. Thank you so much for talking
with me about this."
Student after student at the University of
Heidelberg expressed warm THANKS to the
team that shared Jesus with them on a mission
trip this summer. Many accepted a 21 Day
Challenge to seek a personal God. For WDA
Associate, Jon Deans, THIS gospel conversation
and others like it, was a humbling experience.
But after several generations, the mission team
discovered there’s a new work of the Holy Spirit
going on in the lives of many young people!
As the team attempted to interview students,
Jon says, “There is a German word for longing,
"sensucht," that describes what we encountered
with young people even there. It is one of the
marks I use to describe a reason for God. In the
heart/soul of every human there is a discontent
with this world, a knowing that everything is not
right, a sense that I am disconnected from
something that I long to enter into.”
New Hope is joining WDA in a strategic
partnership to reach India by working with our
associate, E.A. Abraham.
Students everywhere have that longing, and
thanks to you, they also have the opportunity to
hear the good news…
God’s Not Dead, the flyer read, and students at
DePauw University were invited to watch the
movie of the same name one evening on campus.
WDA Staff couple, Greg and Shannon
Hammonds took a big step of faith and borrowed
the University’s expensive movie equipment
(inflatable screen, movie projector and speakers)
to show the film outdoors to the students who
responded. Thirty minutes into the movie, the
Hammonds saw lightning in the distance and
began to quietly discuss moving the equipment
inside when they suddenly started to get wet—
but it wasn’t coming from the sky!!
To their horror, they realized the lawn sprinkler
system had come on and everyone went running
for cover!! Greg and Shannon dove on the
equipment to keep it dry, and were able to move
it to a building they’d reserved in case of rain!
In the mayhem, the students stayed while the
equipment was moved and finished the movie.
Afterward, there was a great discussion
concerning apologetics and what it looks like to
be a Christian on a secular campus.
One third indicated they want to meet for Bible
Study and discipleship! Praise the Lord - it
turned out to be a fruitful and memorable
evening (and no equipment was damaged in the
making of this memorable night)!!
Later this month, Bob will have the opportunity
to talk with students, educators, and
businesspeople in Patna, India. He travels there
with two pastors from New Hope, and Mike and
Angela Wolf, who went with us last year.
Bob, Mike Wolf, Pastor Rhys Stenner, and Associate Pastor Tim
Woodruff surround Abraham
The team will celebrate 30 years of Abraham’s
amazing ministry in an area of India know as the
“graveyard of missionaries”. Many abandoned
the ministry after experiencing mistreatment,
serious hardship and very little, if any,
fruitfulness. Even Abraham, who is from India,
ministered for 10 long years without a single
convert, but now oversees over 1500 churches!
Thank you so very much for being such an
integral part of our life and ministry! We are
so very aware of our need for prayer in these
days!! Please pray for many conversions among
the families of the Muslim children. They attend
the ministry’s schools to get a good education,
but don’t know Jesus. Pray for the team to hear
God’s voice on how to bring others back to
minister to these precious people. And please
ask the Lord if He wants you to be a part of our
support team for India this year. I’ll be staying
home with Elena, but leading the prayer effort
from this side of the world. Join me!! Please use
the link below for online giving to India.
M uch love from B ob. L inda, E lena & E ri n