21 Annual American Cancer Society Relay For Life



21 Annual American Cancer Society Relay For Life
21st Annual American Cancer Society
Relay For Life of Murray County
Let’s Paint Murray County Purple
August 13th 2016
Murray County Fairgrounds
Sponsored by:
Welcome to the 2016 Murray County Relay For Life
As Co-chairs this year we want to thank everyone that helped to “Paint Murray County Purple”. It takes many
hands to make the work load light. We are very pleased with the support from our great 2016 Murray County
Relay For Life Event Leadership Team (aka Committee).
2016 is the year of the Cancer Survivor in Murray County. Purple is the survivor color. We appreciate all the
great support from everyone who helped paint Murray County purple in honor of all cancer survivors. We were
honored this year to work with 5 returning honorary cancer survivors who are the perfect example of
survivorship. They all are active members in our community and they all step up to the plate to do what they can
for other cancer survivors in Murray County. These 5 individuals represent ALL the survivors in Murray County.
We are truly blessed to have every cancer survivor in Murray County. When we see all the purple T-shirts our
survivors wear we need to realize that the Relay For Life is making a difference. Our sea of purple is growing and
for that we are thankful.
Thank you for joining us in this movement. We are honored to be part of your celebration! We truly believe what
we are doing today will make a difference in the lives of many.
The support shown by the community is very evident with the number of luminaria bags that were sold this year to
honor or memorialize someone special. Murray County is a very caring community and we are proud to have
served as this year’s Co-Chairs.
~ Janet Voges and Linda Tobias
2016 Relay For Life of Murray County Event Leadership Team
Co-Chairs: Janet Voges, Linda Tobias
American Cancer Society Staff Partner: Jennifer Evans
Team Ambassador, T-Shirts, Fact Signs: Leslie Wajer
Programs: Linda Tobias, Jennifer Evans
Survivorship: Helen Brinks, Gary Brinks, Linda Tobias, Louise Biegler
Social Media: Kathy Schreiber, Kim Schreier , Jessica Doeden
Secretary: Dorothy Jensen, Helen Brinks
Accounting: Missy Danneman, Kim Schreier, Melanie Vander Schaaf
Food & Beverage: Trish Dysthe, Linda Tobias
Ceremonies & Entertainment: Co-chairs
Team Activities: Kraig Winzenburg, Cody Anderson
Logistics: Jim Voges, Howard Konkol, Justin Hoffman
Luminaria: Sandy Holinka, Barry Holinka, Russ Winter, Jim Voges, Deb Penoyer, Amy Hoffmann, Andrea
Silent Auction: Barb Bangasser
Sponsorship: Kim Konkol
Day of Event Support: Shelly Bassett, Patrick LeTendre, Carol Veldhuisen, Dustin Veldhuisen, Sue Zins,
Paul Holbrook, Penny Boock, Janelle Veldhuisen, Nicolle Paulson, Scott Rasmussen, Roxi Dumos, Toni
Galvin, Jan Kunselman, Sharon McClure, Tom Pryor, Linda Nelson, Dale Nelson, Amber Duhoux, Judy
Busman, Andy Busman, Megan Busman, Jessy Schaap, Galen Jensen, Lorie Kruse, Bobbi Jo Atwood, Connie
Relay For Life Schedule of Events
“It’s about being a community that takes up the fight!”
We are here. We can help.
3:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
Team Captains’ Meeting
Survivor Banquet (4H-Building)
Laps Start
Pork Burger & Malt Feed – Coordinated by the Murray County Pork Producers and the Murray
County American Dairy Association
“Silent Auction” – Auction will end at 9:00 p.m.
Concessions –Relay Teams at Campsites
Minute To Win It Games All Teams
Relay Program & Ceremonies
6:00 p.m.
Opening Ceremonies
Survivor Lap
o Ribbon Cutting
o Survivor Photo
o Survivor Lap
 National Anthem
 Invocation
 Butterfly Release
6:30 p.m.
Entertainment - Bruce Dysthe
7:15 p.m.
 Painting the County Purple
 Major Sponsor Thank You
 Key Note Address Honorary Chairs
 Live Auction – Auctioneer –
 Luminaria Lighting Ceremony
 Silent Lap
 Teams will be lighting luminaries as they proceed on the path.
 Minute to Win It Games and Laps
12:30 a.m.
Fight Back Ceremony
 Closing Lap
 Team Fundraising Recognition
 Announce Event Totals
Meet our 2016 Honorary Chairs: This year the Relay For Life of Murray County would
like to introduce you to 5 special Murray County Cancer Survivors. We are pleased and
honored that they have agreed to represent all Murray County cancer survivors.
Gary Brinks
“Having to live with a cancer diagnosis make you look at
life differently.”
I am proud and honored to be part of the Relay for Life of Murray
County. The Relay for Life is the world’s largest fundraising event to
raise money to end cancer. The money raised by more than 4 million
relays participants in 24 countries, helps the American Cancer Society
save lives by supporting education and prevention, fund cancer research
and providing free information and services for people fighting cancer.
My cancer journey started 19 years ago with a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in my throat and chest
area. After 10 months of chemotherapy and radiation the tumor was gone. During that time they discovered
from the cat scans that I had a tumor on my kidney. In November of 1997, I had my kidney removed and the
cancer was contained. I also had melanoma removed in 1997 and need to continue to watch because I have had
a reoccurrence. The effects of the chemo and radiation still are causing problems that have changed my life. I
have congestive heart failure and neuropathy caused by the chemo, but I am cancer free.
I became involved with the Relay in Murray County in 1998 and continue to serve on the Survivorship
Committee as well as being on the Schaap Sanitation Relay Team.
When you are a survivor or know somebody that is, your outlook on life is changed. We need to spread hope
in our community by supporting the American Cancer Society with our time and helping raise funds for
research, informing people about the help that is available, reminding them about early detection, working with
lawmakers to pass laws to fund more research, and by rallying communities worldwide to join the fight to save
more lives. Having to live with a cancer diagnosis, makes you look at life differently. You realize life is short
so enjoy every day. Thank you for all the prayers and support from my family, church and friends. With this
support I have been able to go on no matter what happens.
Betty Palmer
“Have you had yours this year?”
I have been a cancer survivor for eleven years. My story is a simple one. I have
always been faithful about having a yearly mammogram. A few times I would
have an abnormal screening so I would have to go to Sioux Falls to be rechecked.
When it happened again I thought Oh no – not again: I wondered if it was
necessary to go to Sioux Falls again. But with my mother being a two-time cancer
survivor I thought I better. This time was different. I had cancer. Since the tumor
was only detected by a mammogram I did not need chemo or radiation.
My family history of breast cancer keeps growing so I am a very big advocate of mammograms. I’m sure my
family is tired of hearing me ask “Have you had yours this year?” Even if you have no family history a yearly
mammogram is so important. Early detection can be a life saver.
Thank you to the Relay for Life for all the work they do so soon a cure will be found.
Chuck Vasgaard
“Clinical trials are such an important part in the fight
against cancer.”
My story begins back in 2004, when after several regular doctor
appointments my PSA kept going up a little and not decreasing. My family
doctor recommended I see a urologist and one was coming in later in the
month for a regular visit. I agreed and met with a doctor from the urology
clinic in Sioux Falls. After the exam, he said he wanted to take some
samples from my prostate to determine if I had cancer or not. It needed to
be done in Sioux Falls, so it was.
At around this time, we found out that our son, Joel, had pancreatic cancer. While we were in the Twin Cities
staying with Joel as he was having tough treatments, I got a call that I also had cancer. My cancer was slow
growing, so I could have watchful waiting checkups, as we worked through Joel’s cancer issues and treatments.
During that time, my PSA was checked quarterly.
After 7 or 8 months Joel told me, “If you can get rid of it, do it!” Prior to deciding on what treatment I should
take, my wife and I had spent time at the urologist’s office discussing the many options I had for treatment. At
that time, some of the procedures were still new and outcomes not fully known. Since I was rather young, the
complete removal seemed the best to us. Our son, Dr. Joel, agreed with our decision. I was fortunate that I did
not need further treatment after surgery. We learned a lot about clinical trials, though, as Joel was on several.
Funding for cancer research and clinical trials is such an important part in the fight against cancer. We urge you
to support our Relay For Life and help to bring hope to others.
Rosemary LeTendre
is Thankful for community behind Relay for Life.
It’s hard to believe that it’s been twenty years since I received the news that I
had breast cancer. As all survivors probably experienced, my first reaction
was the realization that this could be terminal. But then I looked around me
at all the people I knew who had breast cancer and were still alive, and that
gave me the hope I needed at that time. I can think of three others who were
diagnosed at approximately the same time (and there may have been more).
The three that I can think of are still with us and that certainly is an
encouraging sign.
The grandbabies that were born that fall are almost twenty years old and I have lived to be part of their lives, as
well as the lives of nine more grandchildren and one more great-grandchild. What a blessing!
I have been here to support Joe through heart surgery and other hospitalizations—and share his excitement
about fishing trips and entertainment dates—and to proof read his articles for “The Sailor”.
I went through six months of chemo after my surgery. After that I came across articles that informed me that
the extreme fatigue I was experiencing was to be expected and I shared that information with others who were
dealing with the after effects of chemo.
Every year when the Relay for Life comes around, I am edified by the people who walk tirelessly and
enthusiastically fighting against cancer. They are to be thanked and honored for their years of hard work and
dedication. Thanks you to all in the community who so loyally support this worthy cause every year.
I want to acknowledge our daughter Beth who raises the funds to make it possible for our family to be corporate
My purple petunia in the kitchen didn’t fare so well, but the purple ones in front of the house are helping to
“Paint our world purple”.
Thomas E. Pryor
sees cancer as an opportunity
Cancer: Danger or opportunity?
In Chinese; the word for crisis is composed of two characters. One
represents danger and the other opportunity. This could be said of cancer
as well; one represents danger and the other represents opportunity.
It may be hard to find a silver lining during a cancer diagnosis, but it is
there. If you look for it, you will find it. Danger or opportunity.
Cancer survivor: How do we define that term? Living beyond expectations, to outlast, to outlive. How!
Stuart Scott said, “You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live.
What! What gives someone the strength to survive? Is it luck, chance, early detection, research? I think it is
in all of those things plus a great deal of faith in our creator. When confronted with cancer possibilities I had
to be honest with my savior and ask Him to give me strength to face whatever the outcome. If it was bad
(danger) give me the strength to deal with the results. If it was good (opportunity) I will give Him all the
praise. I am thankful for each cancer free day (opportunity) that I have. None of us can control what
happens to us, be we can control how we handle it.
Each day gives me an opportunity to encourage someone who might be going through the danger of cancer.
We have to support each other on our life’s journey. I use to tell my basketball team to be positive. We use
the acronym P A C E. Positive Attitudes Change Everything. I had cancer of the bladder, cancer never had
me. Never give up or give in.
So, each cancer free day is a blessing. I give thanks to God and I put many others in my prayers. Remember
the opposition is cancer, but the opportunity to beat cancer is all around us. That is why Relay for Life and
cancer research is so important. We can and we will find a cure for cancer. Cancer used to start with a big
C, but now the big C is for a Cure and a little c is for cancer.
Special Thank
You to the
Totzke Funeral
for sponsoring the
beautiful butterfly
release to honor
all cancer
Our Teams
*Denotes Co-captain
+Denotes Cancer Survivor
Welcome 2016 NEW Teams
2015 Fundraising Club Teams
Rising Star Level: $1,000
Bronze Level: $2,500
Gold Level: $5,000
Silver Level: $3,500
Platinum Level: $7,500
Jade Level: $10,000
Join the Club!
Encourage your team members to go above and beyond this year! By reaching one of
the above levels, your team can join the Relay For Life Team Fundraising Club.
Qualifying teams will be given a campsite sign signifying the level achieved.
Beckering Family
“A Decade of Fighting for A Cure”
Team Members:
*Travis Vandersteen, *Trish Dysthe, Dan Dysthe, Becky Menning, Kari Joldersma, Jack Joldersma,
Beth Vander Steen, Alicia Winzenburg, Pam Winzenburg, Deb Winzenburg, Bre Winzenburg, Kathy
Menning, Phil Menning, Ken Weber, Kelsey Weber, Emma Weber, Logan Mihin
Team Dedication:
Campsite Activities:
Special Thank You
In Honor of our parents Ray and Harriet Beckering and Phil
Menning and in Memory of Ron Vander Steen
Malts and Water Wars
Murray Co. American Dairy Assoc., Taylor Moline
Currie City Slickers
“Let’s Rain on Cancers’ Parade”
Team Members
*Shelly Bassett, *+Dorothy Jensen, +Dale Carlson, Roxanne Dumos, Toni Galvin, Shirley Hames,
+Jan Kunselman, Sharon McClure, Jessica Rykhus, Kathy Walters
Team Dedication:
Theme Basket:
Special Thank You:
To our family & friends affected by cancer.
Garden Stones, Fishing Bucket, Bird Feeder & House, Rest and
Relax Basket
Currie State Bank, Currie Town and Country, Murrayland Agency,
JBS Swift, Bob Gorman, Currie Sons of the American Legion and
all our Family and Friends who made our team a success.
Hanson Family
“I Do Not Like Cancer Here or There – I Do
Not Like Cancer Anywhere!”
Team Members
*Megan Hanson, *Kristin Deacon, Alan Mathern, Mindi Mathern, Dana Deacon, Kyler Deacon, Jaden
Deacon, Ava Deacon, Jon Hanson, Sue Hanson, Madison Hanson, Carter Hanson, Noah Hanson, Dan
Blankenship, Kristi Blankenship, Danny Blankenship, Dawson Blankenship, Kate Blankenship, Darin
Wajer, Spencer Wajer, Cooper Wajer, Reese Wajer
Team Dedication:
Campsite Activities:
Theme Basket:
In Memory of Jake Hanson
One Fish-Two Fish-Red Fish-Blue Fish, Gatorade
Bean Bag Boards
MCC Student Council
“Knock Cancer Out of the Park”
Team Members
*Jack Erickson, *Noah Slettum, Paul Mesner, Tate Meyer, Clayton Hartle, Wes Biren, Rose Otto,
Kellan Johnson, Mason Whitehead, Maggie Heezen, Tori Wieneke, Cameron Kresko, Rachel
Siedschlag, Justin Clarke, Brooke Engbarth, Jaden Aamodt, Dawson Tutt, Mary Beech
Team Dedication:
Campsite Activities:
Theme Basket:
Special Thank You:
Team Sponsors:
John Beech and all MCC Cancer Survivors
Hidden Gold Coins, Baseball Toss
Hotdogs, Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, Bottled Water, Gatorade
MCC Class of 2016, MCC Softball and Basketball Teams, MCC
Students, Staff and Administration and all who supported our
“Coaches vs Cancer” Event, B&K Designs, Corner Salon, Slayton
Beauty Shop
MCC FFA, Hadley Steel, MCC Rebel Cards
Murray County Medical Center
“Vikings Purple-Tackle for a Cure or Touch
down for Cancer”
Team Members
*Barb Breberg, *Taunya Kohls, Colleen Bose, Ann Lubben, Molly Lenhart, Alyssa Overman, Kendra
Michaleau, Gayle Miller, Brittany Breberg, Brailynn Breberg, Robyn Moger, Sharon Lais, Carrie
Team Dedication:
Campsite Activities:
Theme Basket:
Special Thank You
In Memory of Brian Breberg and in Honor of Bill Quade
Football throw
Vikings, Back Pack (Boy and Girl)
MCMC Staff and the Slayton Community
Minnwest & Friends
“Cancer is Despicable”
*Kimberly Schreier, *Kim Konkol, Sarah Dahlgren, Vanessa Dahlgren, Jonathan Danneman, Missy
Danneman, Jessica Doeden, Dane Hanson, Kayla VanderSchaaf, Melanie VanderSchaaf, Raegen
VanderSchaaf, +Chuck Vasgaard, Janet Voges, Sam Wynia
Team Dedication:
Campsite Activities:
Theme Basket:
Major Sponsors:
Special Thank You
In Honor of Chuck Vasgaard, Betty Palmer, Skip Larson, Arlys
Post, Patty LeClaire, Melvin Schreier, Heidi Schroer, Jennifer
Charlebois, Larry Byers, Bill Lundy, Margaret Konkol.
In Memory of Mary Ruiter, Johnny Palmer, Joel Vasgaard & Lori
Bangasser, John Post
Minion Photo Op
Casino Packages, Assorted Silent Auction Baskets
Minnwest Bank, Minnwest Insurance, Ag VS, Jim’s Carpet Outlet,
Jake & Margaret Konkol
Prairieland EDC, Thrifty White Pharmacy
Schaap Sanitation
“Raining Purple in Murray County”
*+Linda Tobias, *Kathy Schreiber, +Helen Brinks, +Gary Brinks, +Jean Kottom, +Nicole Konz, Ella
Larson, Ardy Tamburro, Janice Paulson, Pam Mailander, Ali Joens
Team Dedication:
Campsite Activities:
Theme Basket:
Special Thank You
Michael Trom (Pam Mailander’s Brother)
Plinko with prizes, Grab Bags
Wind Creations choice, Murray Photo, Cooking, Cooler Express,
Mop EM Up, Reading galore, Mid Summers Swing, Spice it up,
M&Ms, Let’s Party, Doll Bed, Cover it up
Monogram Meats, Wind Creations II, Slayton Pizza Ranch, Schaap
Sanitation, Tammy Grubbs, Scott Rasmussen, Kevin Thorud and
Donna Cooper
Team Fulda
Team Members
*Sandy Holinka,, Shannon Bakke, Sherri Boehnke, Stephanie Culham, Chelsie Koopman, +Jeanne
Koopman, Kim Kremer, Barb Krueger, Donna Lenards, Drew Oakland, Brenda Schweigert, Susan
Team Dedication:
Silent Auction:
Team Sponsors:
Special Thank Yous:
To all of our family members and friends who have survived,
currently fighting, have passed, or are care givers due to cancer.
Quilt from St Gabriel’s, furniture from Carvings Done Right from
Randy and Ted Dierks.
Jon & Sheila Beeck, Beeck’s Gravel, Fulda American Legion Post 318
Gambling Fund Fulda, Fulda Lions, Casey’s, First National Bank Fulda,
NW Gas
Sue Gunderman, Ann Witzel, Murray County Dairy Producers, Fulda
Public Schools, Town & Country Golf
Team Sellman
Welcome NEW Team!
“Glowing for A Cure”
Team Members
*Stacey Overgaauw, Jason Overgaauw, Ashley Overgaauw, Amanda Overgaauw, Rick Sellman,
Diane Sellman, Michelle Carlson, Leah Carlson
Team Dedication:
Campsite Activities:
Special Thank You
In Honor of Rick and Diane Sellman
Sellings T’s, Glow Sticks, Can Koozie, and Horse Shoe Glow Stick
Rick and Diane Sellman Mom & Dad, Grandma and Grandpa it’s
all about YOU BOTH why we are here tonight.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
If your name/business was inadvertently missed, we sincerely apologize and gratefully thank you.
Food Services:
Murray County Pork Producers, Pepsi of Pipestone, Culligan, Subway
Slayton Police Department, Kraig Winzenburg/Tim Orth Foundation, Murray County Commissioners, Justin
Hoffman & Murray County Park Crew, City of Slayton, Murray County Ambulance Association, Slayton Fire
Department, Russ Winter, Schaap Sanitation, Slayton Electric-Doug Brinks, Dierks Trailers, Judy
Bloemendaal and the Slayton Girl Scouts, Slayton Country Club, Pastor Ted Kunze, Pastor Dave Hollis
A&B Business Solutions
Fulda Senior Center, Ramerth Hardware, Bomgaars Supply, Midwest Supply, Thrifty White, ACE of SW
MN, Maple Lawn Senior Care, Miller Sellner, Ron Behrends
Survivor Picnic & Reception:
Murray County Central Faculty & Staff, Murray County Pork Producers, Bruce Dysthe, LaVonne Hulstein,
Justin Hoffman and the Murray County Park Crew
Event & Team Services:
Pizza Ranch, Bruce Dysthe, LaVonne Hulstein, Murray County Pork Producers
Painting the County Purple on Murray County Business Windows
How did you paint Murray County Purple? For Carisa Clarke that is an easy question to answer. She has
been busy designing and painting windows in Murray County with Relay Themes to support the Paint the
County Purple Theme for Relay for Life 2016.
The windows of Minnwest Bank, Minnwest Insurance and the Wheel Herald, First National Bank, Jerry
Moline Office, Loopys, The Hut, Pizza Ranch, MNRAAA, MCMC, Shetek Dental, Muldoon Chiropractic and
the most awesome painting was at Hospice. Carisa starts with an idea and freehands the drawing backwards
on to the window and the painting begins after that. Carisa has a passion for painting and art and she states
“She is enjoying every minute of it”. The Relay is lucky to have her talent. Carisa’s understudies were
Destinee Miranowski, Payton Braun and Janet Voges. Thank You Carisa and crew for the beautiful
paintings, they truly got Murray County in the “Relay Mood”.