Newsletter - WATCH, Inc.



Newsletter - WATCH, Inc.
Volume 16
November, 2015
Stocking stuffers and small gifts for Santa bags; craft supplies
(construction paper, buttons, popsicle sticks, floral wire, string,
washable paint, tempera paint, burlap, googly eyes, mod podge);
Cleaning supplies; paper products (Kleenex, paper towels, plates,
cups and utensils); Office supplies; Wii games;
DVD movies;
Walmart, Kroger or Office Depot gift cards; hand sanitizer; pens
and pencils; jigsaw puzzles; aluminum cans for recycling; coffee,
creamer and sugar; headphones; aluminum foil; AA batteries; new
or used ipads, new or used (under 5 years old) computers.
Peggy Williams, Executive Director
Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Phone: (270) 759-1965 Ext. 100 Fax: (270) 761-1453
email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: Type "Murray Watch" in the search bar
Mission Statement: WATCH, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization that assists
people with disabilities in becoming fully integrated into the community.
Fifty-eight individuals and 17 staff members at the Murray WATCH Center (WATCH Inc.) look forward to each day of
working together as they continue to work and explore community involvement opportunities and participation. WATCH
is located in beautiful, downtown Murray which makes shopping, banking, medical care, using the library, or eating at local
restaurants convenient and within walking distance, if desired.
Community support provides funding for special activities and expansion at WATCH. Monthly donations from Gary and
Becca Howorka, Sugar Creek Baptist Church, and Kirksey Baptist Church allow us to provide events such as the Fall
Carnival, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, Christmas party and Valentine’s Dance at Jitterbug'z. Terry Humphrey (The
Piano Man) performed at Christmas and the real "Sanny Claus" (Doug Mullins) visited along with John and Noreen
Thompson (balloon tying clowns).
Sinking Spring Baptist Church conducted their 31st annual Shopping Spree for
individuals to choose gifts for their caregivers.
Can you guess who these staff members and individuals are?
Other community activities included "Fall on the Farm" sponsored by Murray State's Hutson School of Agriculture and
gardening at the Arboretum with the assistance of the Murray State University Horticulture Department. WATCH was
asked to help with making centerpieces made at the arboretum for MSU 2015 homecoming.
Eating out is a favorite at Patti's Restaurant in Grand Rivers, as well as Pagliai's, Mr. Gatti's, Sirloin Stockade, August Moon,
Los Portales and Dairy Queen in Murray. They also visited Belew's Dairy Bar in Aurora, and Blue & White Grill in Hazel, to
name a few. Browsing and shopping at local yard sales are looked
forward to, as well as volunteering at the animal shelter and
Angel's Attic. They attended a movie, "Alexander and the Terrible
Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" at the public library, and
attended events at the Carson Center in Paducah and Murray
Theatres. Trips to the Woodland's Nature Station, LBL Planetarium
and Bison Range were enjoyed as was Maggie's Jungle Golf.
Touring the Petting Zoo in golf carts was a big hit as well. Richie
Travis visited the WFGE Radio Station. Everyone at WATCH visited
the Calloway County Sheriff's Department for a demonstration by
Sheriff Sam Steger, on what can happen when a person doesn't
wear a seatbelt.
Hosting the Purchase Area Senior Games is looked forward to each year as everyone cheers for the participating teams.
Art and Cooking classes are also offered each month as well as classes in budgeting, health, nutrition, exercise, home and
community safety, etiquette, and academics.
WATCH participants and staff proudly displayed blue ribbons at the Main Street entrance to "Back the Badge" in support
of our law enforcement officials. WATCH support was also given to little 21 month old Zoey Smith who was recently
diagnosed with leukemia at a fund raiser held at Yogurt Your Weigh. Our prayers are with Zoey and her family as well as
our friend, Bill Adams and his family.
Woodmen Life Chapter #592 representatives Barry Newsome, Rachael
Foley and Sheila Crouse presented WATCH with a new American flag
and removed our old, tattered flag to be respectfully destroyed.
Accepting the new flag are Peggy Williams, Stephen Norsworthy, Sonny
Proctor, Richie Travis, Crystal Estes and Joey McCall.
Ice and snow forced WATCH to be closed 12 days in February and
The thawing of an ice dam on the Annex roof caused
considerable water damage to Gina and Connie's office. Thanks to the
quick action of staff in removing the furniture, files and standing water,
and the assistance of our friend, John Williams of Peel & Holland,
everything was back in order within a few days.
We regretfully report that accidents and health related problems forced two full-time staff members, Debbie York and
Josh Abell, to resign. However, we are happy to announce that Rebecka Scott and Sam Layton have joined our team.
WATCH received two grants in 2015. The Kentucky Colonels awarded $4,942.08 for the purchase of 152 padded folding
chairs to be used in our gym for parties and special occasions. A stackable washer and dryer was also purchased for the
The second grant was announced by Governor Steve Beshear for a Community Development Block Grant in the amount of
$182,000 to cover the cost of renovating the restrooms and kitchen area in the original Main Street facility, and installing
new heating/air units in the Main Street building and Annex. Constructing a 1,000 square foot warehouse on the west
side of the driveway where the pavilion once was will also be included, as well as paving the parking lot across from the
Annex and gym on North 7th Street.
The new warehouse will provide much needed space for work contracts provided by Briggs & Stratton and Pella
Corporations. Working and earning a paycheck is a choice provided by WATCH to each individual attending our center.
Work opportunities are also provided at community businesses, with training provided by a WATCH Job Specialist who
stays on the job as long as necessary, gradually fading assistance.
Dr. Brady Harris, M.D. (pictured at left) was welcomed as a new member on the WATCH Inc. Board of
Our friend, Dwain McIntosh, celebrated his 80th birthday on February 21, 2015. He requested no gifts,
but asked for donations to his favorite charity, the Murray WATCH Center. Thank you Dwain! We wish
you many more happy birthdays!
Theft and property destruction happens at WATCH from time to time. We work very hard to keep our property attractive
for everyone to enjoy, including our community members. Please report any suspicious or destructive
activity to our local police department.
As most of you know, there was a shooting incident that occurred on WATCH property in July. I want to
commend our staff for quick thinking and directing our individuals to their safe place. As terrifying as it
was, we are thankful that no staff or individuals were harmed, and everyone worked together to do
what was necessary, only to emerge as a stronger unit with a deeper love and respect for each other.
Noting the loss of several friends of WATCH this year, sympathy is sincerely extended to the families of: Marilyn Walton
Pat Dale Orr
Todd Walker
Udell Duffy
Bobby Hack
John Emerson
Elizabeth Thomas
Ronnie England
Shirley Carpenter
Ruth Cole (2014)
David Harrington (2014)
Don't forget to save and drop off your aluminum cans in our can wagon 24/7. It is parked in our parking lot located
between Main and Olive Streets. Recycling aluminum is one of our major fund raisers along with this newsletter. Thank
you for helping WATCH!
Also, thank you for your continued support of our program for developmentally and intellectually disabled adults. As
members of our community, you make a difference in many lives that otherwise might not be given the opportunity to be
productive and happy.
We wish you a happy holiday season and the best that life has to offer in 2016!
WATCH, Inc. Survey of Services
Services Received at WATCH
Supported Employment Services
Staff Helpfulness
Timely response to questions
Explanations in changes of services
Environment where services are provided
Does Not Apply
Not Satisfied
Just keep up the great work you all are doing and have done so L-O-N-G!
I like to work on different things.
Very compassionate staff! We are so blessed to have this organization in this area!
We are so thankful for WATCH! There are several special people on the staff. D. loves her friends and
"teachers"!! WATCH is a blessing for our family and our community.
I would like to do more outings.
Like the gym.
Staff helps me with disability. They are good to me.
I have really enjoyed working here at WATCH: My boss, staff and peers are the best. May there be many more
years to come with the most wonderful people. You guys and girls are like family to me.
K. enjoys going there. The whole mood is so much better. Being able to work at WATCH with her peers is a
great program.
I would like to know when there is a change in staff.
So happy my child is a part of WATCH. The best thing to happen to her. She has improved so much since she
has been attending WATCH. Thanks to all the staff and Peggy Williams.
Excellent staff and personal help. Caring, friendly atmosphere. Home away from home.
This is a wonderful organization and we are lucky to have it in our area.
Scenes Around the Center
Richie Travis visited “Jumping Jack”
at Froggy 103.7 radio station.
Preparing our raised beds for spring planting at
Pullen Farm.
Fall wreaths made in one of the arts &
crafts classes.
Thank you
to Gary and Becca Howorka, whose
generous donation each month
provides funding for our parties and
community outings.
Mayor Jack Rose paid a visit to
the center during his campaign.
Lunch at Patti's Restaurant at Grand Rivers.
Fall Carnival in the WATCH Gym
Valentine' s Day Party at Jitterbug'z
Dance Club & Arcade
Floyd Mendoza assembled
131,622 parts in the month
of August, which was an all
time record for one month
in the history of WATCH.
Rebecka Scott and Sam Layton are
our most recent staff hires.
Lining up for annual flu vaccinations

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