Development in a paté production special edition



Development in a paté production special edition
special edition - Farm Food, Poland
Development in a paté production
E nglish translation of a Polish article published in "Gospodarka Miesna" (December 2007) written by Mr. Adam Olszewski
The author describes a paté production
STEPAN Cooking Mixer is a key machine
105 °C, d) heating and cooling walls of bowl
line offered by Stephan Machinery GmbH as
for the processing line and it includes: a)
e) use of vacuum, f) automatic control). The
the most progressive solution in comparison
bowl with mixing arm b) special steam jets in
cooking mixer is shown on picture 2. The
to currently used equipment and processes
a floor of bowl directly injecting steam into a
volume of charge depends on type of
of paté production.
product (temp. max 110 °C), c), a bowl
cooking mixer and it is: for type KM 450 -
Pluck meat products and in particular
which may be placed in three positions:
volume of charge (l) 300.
patés constitute a big proportion of all meat
charging, working, discharging - angle
products, which can be find on a market.
In the traditional technologies of paté
Pic. 1 Paté production line STEPHAN
production the most production lines are
quite complicated and in need of such
additional equipment as cookers for
pretreatment of raw materials - that is meat,
fat, skins, meat grinder for coarse grinding
and cutter (with the heated and cooled bowl)
for fine grinding of the livers and producing
homogenous mass from added materials
which are defined in recipe. These lines, from
economic point of view, are very capital
intensive and quite hard to manage from the
point of view of production organization.
Therefore I would like to present a modern
line for the paté production solving in a same
1- STEPHAN Cooking Mixer, 2 - STEPHAN Microcut ®, 3- buffer tank, 4 - pump,
5 - controller, 6 - controller
time three different aspects: economical
aspect, organizational aspect and quality
Pic. 2 STEPHAN Cooking Mixer
aspect. This line is Stephan Machinery
GmbH production line - the machines for
food processing including patés.
The paté production line STEPHAN
are consisting of following machines; a)
STEPHAN Cooking Mixer b) horizontal cutter
STEPHAN Microcut ® c) buffer tank with
pump d) pipes for pumping paté.
On the picture 1, you can see diagram
of a line for production of whole range of
patés from fine ground to coarse ground.
To acquaint a reader with this line, I think
it is necessary to discuss separate pieces of
equipment taking parts in a production cycle
with pointing to their advantages and
comparing with a traditional system of pate
1- controller, 2 - opened bowl, 3 - mixing arm with blades, 4 - lid of a bowl.
special edition - Farm Food, Poland
Characteristics of STEPHAN
Microcut ® is given below:
Pic. 3 STEPHAN Microcut ®
• type MCH - D 150/18
• capacity (l/h) 4500/600
(depends on product)
• capacity of hopper (l) 150/250
• double cutting system
• cutting (mm) 0.05: 3.0
• speed (rpm) 3000
• power supply (KW) 45 to 75
1- hopper, 2 - double cutting system, 3 - pipes taking out emulsified pate, 4 - compact casing
Horizontal STEPHAN Microcut ® is presented
type KM 800 - volume of charge (l) 800
type KM 1200 - volume of charge (l) 1200
on picture 3. It is a device, which assures the
best possible process of emulsification,
keeps it stabile and is equipped with double
The main operation
advantages of
STEPHAN Cooking Mixer
cutting system. The unique cutting system in
configuration Rotor - Stator assures uniform
speed of cutting on the whole circumference
of the cutting tools. Apart of that, these tools
work without any contact with each other,
which leads to elimination of metal dust in
1. Automatic control, which makes
programming of the technological
products and besides of that it causes that
Practical advantages of
using STEPHAN Microcut ®
for production of patés are
as follow:
• efficient grinding of paté mass
• uniformity of homogenous
• optimal granulation
• stabile emulsion
• product with same quality for all
batches of finished production
• convenient operating
• hygienic conditions because of
compact casing
there is no need to adjust the tools.
processes possible .
2. Keeping steady parameters for whole
This new technology of the paté production
from a cutter and for pumping it to next
length of production - quality, stability of
very much improves production cycle, which
production stage, that is filling the
emulsion, aroma, and color.
involves few production stages.
moulds (picture 5). The production of patés
3. Gentle mixing and effective heat
executed in STEPHAN production line
dispersion eliminating local burning,
The buffer tank with a pump and piping is
because of direct steam injection to
used for collecting finished paté product
4. Precise dosage of steam inside
hermetic system, gives: saving energy,
shorter time of production cycle, and
lower cost of paté production.
5. Low consumption of electricity because
of installation of smaller motors.
6. Lower costs of maintenance - longer live
of the wearing out mechanical elements.
7. Easy charging and discharging from a
8. Smooth surfaces, which make keeping
hygienic standard easy.
Pic. 4
involves eight stages, such as:
special edition - Farm Food, Poland
Stage VIII
Pic. 5
directing the finished paté from the cutter to
buffer tank with pump and from here with the
help of pipes, pumping it to packing machine
or to a stuffer with the funnel ends of various
The given parameters (grinding, temperature
of heat treatment and time) are approximate
parameters and they are in need of
technological adjusting for each kind of paté.
I would like to use a bar chart to specify final
conclusions resulting from use of the new
technologies of pate production, what should
allow to see the differences between
traditional systems of making paté and
described here system.
Stage I
Stage III) for 10 to 15 minutes (time of final
grinding in a meat grinder all components
heat treatment and temperature depends on
included in recipe (meat, fat, skins) -
The analysis of the presented tasks in both
technologies of paté production should lead
to conclusions concerning feasibility of
granulation of paté)
introducing STEPHAN's new technology of the
granulation between 3 to 7 mm
paté production. This technology fulfills three
Stage VII
discharging paté from Cooking Mixer and
Stage II
charging grinded components to STEPHAN
directing it to the cutter in order to achieve
Cooking Mixer and boiling in vacuum - boiling
homogenous mass
conditions: organizational condition (limiting
separate action to minimum), quality condition
(gives product with stable emulsion, aroma
and color, repeatable), economic condition
parameters depends on a type of
(bigger capacity of production, limiting
components and they are approximately:
number of capital intensive machines).
temperature 70 - 90 °C, time of processing
Picture 6. Bar chart of paté production technology
20 - 30 minutes
Bar Chart
Stage III
cooling mass, which is made in stage II, to
Traditional technology
Technology STEPHAN
temperature of app. 50 °C with the help of
1. Selection of raw material acc. to recipe
1. Selection of raw material acc. to recipe
cooling in double walls of bowl; cooling can
2. Heat pretreatment of the raw materials
and cooling
2. Preliminary grinding of the raw materials
(meat, fat, skins) and charging to
Cooking Mixer - heat treatment and cooling
3. Grinding (meat, fat, skins) in grinder
3. Cutting in a cutter the livers with seasonings
and adding the rest of components - mixing
and short heat treatment
4. Processing in cutter of above listed
components and loading to carts
4. Homogenizing treatment of paté in a cutter
usually in this stage seasoning are added
Stage V
5. Cutting in a same cutter the livers with
5. Transport of paté from the cutter to buffer
tank and further by pump to packing
(pouring into moulds)
be helped by adding ice
Stage IV
cutting raw livers can be made alternatively
in STEPHAN Microcut ® or other cutter;
charging cut liver to Cooking Mixer in which
6. Adding to cutter with liver inside rest of
the grinded components
according to recipe
7. Pouring patés into carts
Stage VI
8. Packing (pouring into forms)
heat treatment of all components in Cooking
mixer in vacuum conditions, in temperature
of 45 to 50 °C (it is temperature applied in
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