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F R A U N H O F E R P O LY M E R S U R F A C E S A L L I A N C E P O L O ®
1 OLED encapsulation
with ultra-barrier film.
2 Metallized polyolefin films.
3 Cell culture dishes
with antimicrobial films.
4 Packaging films with
Our Service
Your Benefit
PET bottle for reduced adhesion.
The Fraunhofer Polymer Surfaces Alliance
Fraunhofer POLO ® can help you to design
6 Surface coating by plasma treatment
POLO is your one-stop-shop for new
and to produce new innovative products
at atmospheric pressure.
technologies and materials for the surface
which will provide you with
functionalization of polymers. We offer
–– unique selling points
our extensive experience and know-how for
–– high quality standards
developing new concepts, innovative pro-
–– cutting-edge materials
cesses, and modern materials based on the
–– efficient processes
surfaces of polymers. Our services include:
–– competitive advantage
Fraunhofer Polymer Surfaces
–– concept development
–– reduced production costs
Alliance POLO®
–– feasibility studies
transparent barrier coatings.
5 Plasma coating of a
–– development of processes and materials
–– plant planning and design
Our Products
–– introduction of new processes
Dr. Andreas Holländer
Phone +49 331 568 -1404
andreas.hollaender @ iap.fraunhofer.de
Dr. Christian Oehr
and materials into production
–– process monitoring
and quality assurance
The development activities of Fraunhofer POLO®
focus on technologies and materials for the
functionalization of surfaces, in particular
–– troubleshooting
polymer surfaces. By altering, enriching,
–– analysis and testing
modifying, and coating materials we create
Phone +49 711 970- 4137
multifunctional surfaces and intelligent systems.
christian.oehr @ igb.fraunhofer.de
The development and the application of energysaving and sustainable processes enables our
customers to assure the quality of products.
Some examples are described below.
Cutting edge ultra-high barrier films
Clean and safe – antimicrobial layers
are available as roll material on pilot scale.
Making surfaces not only self-cleaning
The flexible, transparent, high and ultra-
but also resistant to microorganisms and
high barrier films developed by Fraunhofer
biofilm formation helps to set hygiene stan-
Fraunhofer FEP | Dr. John Fahlteich
POLO belong to the best that are available
dards and avoid precarious “dirty corners”
john.fahlteich @ fep.fraunhofer.de
on the market today. With extremely low
and contamination on and in buildings,
vacuum deposition, scale-up of equipment
gas permeability (water vapour transmission
technical plants, etc.
Expertise for customer’s benefit
Fraunhofer IAP | Dr. Andreas Holländer
rate of 5 x 10-5 g / (m2 d) and below at ambient
condition) they are suitable for the encapsu­
Metallization of plastics
andreas.hollaender @ iap.fraunhofer.de
la­tion of flexible and organic electronics
Fraunhofer POLO ® develops technologies
polymer science and processing, surface
(e. g. OLED and thin-film photovoltaics), for
for improving the adhesion of metals to
chemistry, plasma and wet processing
vacuum insulating panels and many other
plastics which are compatible with PVD
high-performance applications.
processes or alternatively with galvanic
Fraunhofer IFAM | Dr. Uwe Lommatzsch
wet processing. Typical materials include
uwe.lommatzsch @ ifam.fraunhofer.de
ABS , ABS / P C , polyimide, and polyolefins.
adhesive bonding, plasma deposition,
Protection for sensitive surfaces
pilot-scale coating
Scratch-resistant and abrasion-resistant coating make displays and other touch-sensitive
Counterfeit protection
coatings suitable for daily life by protecting
The application of fluorescence dyes was
Fraunhofer IGB | Dr. Christian Oehr
the sensitive surfaces. Fraunhofer POLO
found to be helpful as an aid for process
christian.oehr @ igb.fraunhofer.de
is involved in the develop­ment of new
control in thin film coating of lacquers in
plasma deposition, CVD , nanoparticles,
applications for plastics, glasses, ceramics,
order to monitor the thickness and the
biofunctional surfaces
metals, and electronic components.
curing state. Moreover, the unique spectral
features which evolve from the interaction
Fraunhofer IPA | Dipl.-Ing. Dominik Nemec
Quality assurance via intelligent layers
of the dye with the material can also serve
dominik.nemec @ ipa.fraunhofer.de
Indicators incorporated into packaging
as a label for materials to fight product
scale-up and automation, functional
films allow, for example, the early detection
materials, dispersion techniques
which are sensitive against the oxidative
Troubleshooting and analytical services
Fraunhofer ISC | Dr. Sabine Amberg-Schwab
degradation or they can detect the spoilage
For our research and development work we
sabine.amberg-schwab @ isc.fraunhofer.de
of food. The indicator films developed by
use a wide range of analytical and testing
inorganic-organic hybrid polymers
the Fraunhofer POLO help to enhance
techniques including surface and thin film
product safety and to protect companies
analysis, materials analysis and testing,
and customers.
as well as permeation measurements
Fraunhofer IVV | Dr. Klaus Noller
and modelling. We offer most of these
klaus.noller @ ivv.fraunhofer.de
techniques as services to our customers.
wet coating, lamination, permeation
of oxygen inside the package of products
measurement and modeling

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