By Owen - Mercer Island School District


By Owen - Mercer Island School District
By Owen
Mr. Henshaw
sean 1: Leigh Botts diary
This sean is meaningful because it is
the start of a diary and it gives a lot
of info on him like he likes to write
and his inside life. I like the quote "I
wish I had a grandfather like Mr.
Fridley. He is so nice and kind of
baggy and comfortable." I like this
quote because that quote because
the author used words that you
wouldn't really use like baggy and
comfortable. He started a diary
because Mr. Henshaw
recommended to right a diary to
practise writing because he likes to
write. He is a new kid at school so I
think that he is frustrated and
Sean 2: Leigh's dad loses Leigh's
I think this sean is meaningful
because Leigh has mixed feelings
and he is not mad at his dad. Their
is a quote that I think is meaningful
because it has a lot of dialog ."Did
you leave the door open for him ?"I
asked. Big pause. I could have
sworn I did, witch meant he
didn't.then he said I whistled and
whistled but he didn't come."
another part of the sean I liked was
when he heard his mom drive up
and he rushed to the bathroom and
quickly washed his face so his mom
wouldn't see he was crying, but his
mom knew better.
Sean 3: Leigh's dad comes back with
his dog
I like this sean because it had a part
where Leigh and his dad were
standing apart from each other, not
talking and here is a quote from that
part that I like."Dad and I just stood
their until I said, seen any shoes on
the highway lately?"the resin I
picked that sean is because his dad
used to come home more often and
told Leigh he saw shoes on the
I think this is 3 and 1
haft because it was
just letters but I
liked the way the
author made those
letters meaningful
like all that detail
she put in the