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Småland is a natural playground for kids and adults. Here you will meet the stories of Astrid Lindgren,
the great adventures in our forests, the artwork of glassblowers and the mysteries at Kalmar Castle.
Our playground is full of shining seas, glimmering lakes, deep woods and open meadows. This tour
offers a dinner inside a glass hut, a zipline adventure, a visit to Kalmar Castle, a tour of Astrid
Lindgren’s world and her hometown Vimmerby and a final stop in Mariannelund.
Accommodation, meals, guides and local transports are included in the price.
Each participant are responsible for their own flights to/from Sweden.
Participants: 2 – 15.
Price: 100 Euro
Arrival to Kosta in the Kingdom of Crystal where handblown glass has been
made since 1742. Still today, they craft both everyday glass objects and worldclass art pieces. And you are welcome to a close-up experience, feel the heat
from the glass furnace and witness the glass being created.
Check in at Kosta Lodge
The red and white cottage is a true Småland icon. The Holiday Village in Kosta
offers 24 newly built cottages, idyllically situated by a small lake. Here you will get
to spend the night in your very own cottage.
An optional guided tour of The Kingdom of Chrystal including visits to glass huts
and a demonstration of glass production.
Photo: Alexander Hall, Nick Scheurs, Hans Runesson
Photo: Conny Fridh/
Guided tour of Kosta Boda Art Hotel
A hotel exploding in color, shape and joy for glass – of course all manufactured in
Kosta glassworks nearby and designed by their world famous designers.
A welcome-drink at the glass bar.
Departure for Målerås Glass Factory.
Hot shop herring at Målerås Glass Factory. An old tradition in the Kingdom of
Crystal which goes back to the times when the glassworks was the district's focal
point. You are invited to an evening of genuine Småland food cooked in the glass
ovens, drinks, entertainment and a glassblowing show.
Photo: Kosta Boda Art Hotel, Hans Runesson. Glasriket AB
Arrival Little Rock Lake Zipline.
The zipline is the longest in Northern Europe and is a
thrilling adventure. Connected to a wire between towers,
platforms and tree tops you travel in a harness at a
maximum speed of 70 km/h between 10 and 52 metres
above the ground. This zipline has quickly become an
internationally known attraction. A tour of the park will be
provided for those who do not wish to experience the
Lunch at Fine Forest Restaurant, by the Zipline, serving
the specialty Wild boar burger.
Departure for Kalmar.
Photo: Sofia Ernerot
Arrival in the historic city of Kalmar by the Baltic sea. Historic structures,
cobblestone streets and lovely parks give the city charm and character. At the
same time there is a broad range of restaurants, pubs, shops and galleries.
Kalmar is also where the bridge connects Småland to the island of Öland.
Check in at Best Western Plus Kalmarsund Hotel. A pleasant 4 Star hotel with a
personal and friendly atmosphere located in the city center, close to shopping
and interesting sights.
A city walking tour in Kalmar for about one hour will provide you with an
interesting experience through the town’s history.
Dinner at Kalmar Castle Restaurant Explore the royal apartments, visit the
dungeon and absorb yourself in the Kalmar War. There are various exhibitions
and guided tours for visitors. Special activities for kids.
Photo: Ulf Selander, Marcus Funke, Marcus Funke
Departure for Vimmerby
Arrival to the charming town of Vimmerby in northern
Småland which is a truly playful destination. Astrid
Lindgren, one of the world’s most loved children’s authors,
was born here.
Guided tour at Astrid Lindgrens World
Astrid Lindgren's World is Sweden's largest open air
theatre with its many stages where specially written plays,
based on her stories, are performed daily. It's a great
experience to meet and play with Pippi, Karlsson, Emil or
any of the other characters.
Lunch and a guided tour at Astrid Lindgren´s Näs. Astrid
Anna Emilia Ericsson was born here on the farm at Näs,
in Vimmerby, over 100 years ago. Today, the area
consists of a Culture centre with Astrid's childhood home,
museum, exhibitions and gardens.
Arrival at Barnfilmbyn in Mariannelund.
Astrid Lindgren's World stands for storytelling, Astrid Lindgren's Näs for
authorship and Barnfilmbyn is about Astrid Lindgren’s movies. They are opening
a new analogue and interactive museum the summer of 2017. It will contain an
exhibition and an interactive department where kids can record their own film.
The exhibition tells the story of how Emil, Pippi Longstocking, Ronja and other
Astrid Lindgren books became movies.
Swedish ”fika” (coffee breake with homemade cookies).
Arrival Jönköping.
Photo: Astrid Lindgrens Näs, Astrid Lindgrens Värld, Göran Assner