May 2015 - Eastern Museum Of Motor Racing



May 2015 - Eastern Museum Of Motor Racing
A quarterly publication of the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing
Located at 100 Baltimore Road, York Springs, PA
2015 Issue No. 2 • published in mid-May 2015
31st Latimore Valley Fair to be held
A Country Festival and Antique
Race Car, Drag Race Car, &
June 26 to 28, 2015
Muscle Car Exhibit
Summer just wouldn’t be summer without the annual Latimore Valley Fair— a true country festival
with antique car, race car, drag car, hot rod and muscle car exhibits. Of course, the Latimore Valley Gas
and Steam Association will be on hand with their
wonderful display of tractors along with parades, pulls
and other events. We will have fair events all weekend, which include: games, good food, entertainment
every day, live bands, Sunday church service, crafts,
Chinese raffle, duck race, and flea markets.
Please bring your soda can tab collections for the
Ronald McDonald House. We will have jars located at
the info booth and museum for soda can tabs to be
dropped off.
Track time for the antique race car exhibition will
be on Saturday from 1-4 PM. There’s no track time on
Sunday, but we hope owners and drivers stay at the
fair to display your race car to our Sunday visitors.
Sunday we will be having a car show including
race cars, dragsters, classic cars, hot rods, etc. It’s not
your usual boring car show—lots will be happening
including firing-up a dragster for a cackle fest.
We will be selling sodas and merchandise from our
EMMR stand in the green building in the infield.
Bricker’s, the Lion’s club, the Pretzel Lady and ice
cream trucks inside and outside the track are a few
concessions that will be present at the Fair.
We are having Bingo this year at the fair. The Ackerman family donated a bingo cage, balls and cards.
We have our Bingo license we just need some adults
to run it. Let us know if we can sign you up.
Don’t forget: if you’re planning to camp at the fair,
2015 Issue No. 2 • published in mid-May 2015
“Where the
old mingles
with the new”
you need to have
an assigned camping space, plus YOU
HAVE TO HAVE A CURRENT EMMR MEMBERSHIP which is $20.00. To reserve a space, contact Grace Bell at 717-939-4486,
but please call before 8:00 p.m.
Vendor space rental is $30.00 per space for the
weekend. We will have a car-related flea market this
year in addition to our crafts and racecar items. Anyone interested in a vendor space should contact Toni
Winslow at 717-796-1698 or
[email protected]
The Latimore Valley Fairground committee and
our volunteers work very hard getting ready for the
fair. If you would like to help prepare for the fair, or if
you happen to be one of our members who is camping during the days prior to and during the fair and
looking for something to do, please contact Amy
Kelly at (717) 630-0776 or [email protected]
Our members who camp at the fair have been
doing their required service hours and more. The fair
does run much smoother and everyone gets a chance
to enjoy it if we all take a turn—please volunteer to
help out with various jobs throughout the fair.
PLEASE fill out the VOLUNTEER Form on page
12. The volunteer sign-up book can be found at the
museum until the Sunday before the fair.
We will be getting ready for the fair starting
Sunday, June 21st. If you’re unsure how you can contribute, please meet with us at 5pm Sunday June 21st
for information about signing up for a duty. Also,
listen for the announcements for urgent help during
the fair.
The EMMR Times
continued on page 2
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One of our biggest moneymakers and popular attractions at the fair is our nightly raffle. If you have
an item to donate please contact Amy Kelly and let
her know, drop it off at the museum on a weekend, or
just bring it to the fair. Perhaps you can solicit your
local businesses for items, create a themed gift basket, or donate a racing collectable. See the Raffle donation form on page 12.
The Eastern Museum of Motor Racing (EMMR) is
always extremely busy during the fair because of the
free shuttle bus ride from the track infield to the museum. The museum is open until 9 pm Friday and
Saturday nights. If you can help at the museum during the fair or any other time, please contact Amanda
Chmiola Eshenour at: [email protected]
For any other information on the fair, contact Amy
Kelly at (717) 630-0776 or [email protected]
—Amy Kelly [email protected] 717-630-0776
Join !
P Annual is $20. P Lifetime is $200.
P New or P Renewal
Name ______________________________________________
Spouse name ________________________________________
City__________________________ State_____ Zip _________
I hope everyone is as excited
as I am for the start of the
many great summer events at
Craig Agan
the Eastern Museum of Motor
Racing and the Latimore Valley
Fairgrounds. In an earlier column I shared
that I wasn’t able to travel to the EMMR as
much in 2014 as I wanted to, but hoped to
change that in 2015. Well, those plans are in place
and by the time you read this I will have already
joined everyone at Latimore for the Gary Wolford
Fish Fry and Silver Spring Reunion on that was held
on May 3rd. The fish fry is one of the many great
community events at Latimore Valley. Supported by
Gary Wolford and Friends together with the Kreitzer
Family, this reunion honors the all the great drivers,
crews, and fans that were at Silver Spring Speedway
from 1953 to 2005. In recent years many special
events including the blindfolded driver race have
added to the fun day.
The engine will hardly be cooled off in my truck
back in Iowa from the trip to the fish fry before we
will be heading out again to be a part of the Larry &
Kim Garland promoted Jalopy Showdown on May 16
at the Latimore Valley Fairgrounds. I can’t tell you
how excited I am to see this event for the first time. A
long-time gear-head friend is joining me for this
quick return trip to the Keystone State. He, too,
wants to experience what has become a nationally
known hot-rod meet. Please come and enjoy the
many great events and give generously. Refer to the
Schedule of events in this newsletter. Many, many volunteers work very hard to make them happen for the
benefit of the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing and
Latimore Valley Fairgrounds. We’re looking forward
to seeing all of you in the next few weeks for a great
time—see you then!
— Craig Agan [email protected]
Phone___________________ Cell phone _________________
P by email as a PDF which is in full-color and fastest delivery.
P by U.S. Postal Service, prints in all black ink, slower delivery.
P I have a vintage or antique race vehicle, contact me.
P I might be interested in volunteering, contact me.
P I might have something to donate, contact me.
Please make checks payable to “EMMR” and mail to:
EMMR, Attn: Membership
PO Box 688, Mechanicsburg PA 17055-0688
Museum phone:
717 528-8279
Correction to page 1 Photo from last issue
Several EMMR volunteers check over the newsletter before it is published, however errors still occur
sometimes. On page one of the last issue this photo
had an incorrect
name listed for
the person second from left.
This caption is
now correct with
the name of
Tony Marcunis. Denny Shaffer, Tony Marcunis, Rich Hoffman, Lynn Paxton
E-mail address _______________________________________
I prefer to receive the EMMR newsletter via:
Latimore Valley Fair to be held
The EMMR Times
2015 Issue No. 2 • published in mid-May 2015
EMMR Museum
Gift Shop
Lots of new items in the gift
shop for the new season! We
have a whole new
line of items featuring our oldstyle post card art,
with more to come. We are
working on a new t-shirt design
which will feature Bill
“Grumpy” Jenkins.
Also several new books are on their way such as
Total Performers—Ford
Drag Racing in the 1960s
and Stock Car Racing in the
’50’s—Pictures and Memories From Western New
York and Northwestern
There are also seven or
eight other new titles we
have never had in stock before plus a restock of several
of the Buzz Rose and Dick
Wallen titles.
—Larry Garland [email protected]
Gettysburg Region
Wow what a winter. The Antique
Auto hobby really slows down with
cold and nasty weather but spring is
finally here. The Gettysburg Region’s
Spring Tour will be history when you read this. The
spring tour this year was an overnight tour visiting
the abandoned PA turnpike tunnels and continuing
on to the Swigart Auto Museum in Huntingdon PA.
There were several other stops along the way and as
always we eat a lot.
June 13th is the date for our annual Car Show in
the infield at Latimore Valley Fairgrounds. This is our
40th annual show and our 15th year at Latimore Valley
Fairgrounds—we have enjoyed our shows at Latimore
but weather can be a problem as it was last year.
This year we are featuring all rear-engine and midengine vehicles through 2015. All antique vehicles
2015 Issue No. 2 • published in mid-May 2015
Racing Around
the Museum
Volunteers are very important to
the daily operation of the Museum. I
sound like a broken record always
asking for volunteers but it’s true, it’s
very important to keep bringing on
Admin. Coordinator.,
new faces. I have a core group of
members that volunteer on a monthly basis year after
year. I don’t want to burn them out.
Please check your calendars and let me know if
you could fill in a Saturday or Sunday here or there. I
can guarantee that you will meet some very interesting people from all over the world. Last year we had
visitors from 17 different countries!
I can be reached at [email protected] or at the
Museum 717-528-8279.
—Amanda [email protected]
you are interested in using one of the pavilions on the
grounds please contact Amanda to schedule your date
and time. We do rent out the pavilions to the
public that pay for using it. There has
been some issues in the past where
members have had to move a
gathering because it was going to
interfere with a rental. Amanda
Eshenour, [email protected] or at
the Museum 717-528-8279
are welcome along with race cars. There
will not be a registration fee for race
cars and tractors. Registration forms
are available in the Museum along
with info on the flea market for the
show. You can also visit our web site for complete info and registration forms. Hope to
see you there.
Don’t forget the Latimore Valley Fair on June 2628. This a Country Festival with many things to do
and see. There will be a car show on Saturday in the
upper end of the grounds near the tractor show and
flea market. There will be vintage race car track time
Saturday afternoon. There will also be a big car show
and cruise-in in the infield on Sunday. This a familyoriented event and everyone will enjoy what is offered, and it is FREE.
Please visit our Gettysburg Region website at or the AACA’s
museum website at
—Bob Shultz
The EMMR Times
May 3
9-5 pm at EMMR / LVFG, Alan Kreitzer (717) 766-7215
May 9
Circle M Race Track, EMMR Static Display - Ken J. (610) 562-4425
May 10
Mothers’ Day - EMMR Closed
May 15
EMMR OPEN FRIDAY 10-9 pm for Jalopy Visitors
May 16
Larry Garland (717) 428-0110 - Adm. $10 Also: Metal Shapers & Inliners
May 17
3rd Sunday Roundtable: 1-3 pm, Topic: Gas Stations by Bob Shultz
May 22
Mechanicsburg, PA. EMMR Static Display - Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837
May 31
Wheels for Brooklyn, Auto/Bike Show & Auction - Benefits cancer
families and military families in need. Diz Dean (410) 374-6765
Jun. 5
PORT ROYAL SPEEDWAY, PA, EMMR Display/Track Time Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837
Jun. 13
ANTIQUE CAR SHOW at EMMR / LVFG, by Gettysburg Region,
Antique Automobile Club of America, Rick Engle (717) 632-2792 Chairman,
Dale Geiman (717)637-0591 Registration
Jun. 20
Mechanicsburg, PA. EMMR Static Display - Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837
Jun. 21
3rd Sunday Roundtable: 1-3 pm, Topic - Afternoon with Bud
Garvey - Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837
Jun. 26-28 LATIMORE VALLEY FAIR - A Country Festival, Arts & Crafts /
Music / Entertainment - Nightly. Track Time at Williams Grove Speedway
on Friday Evening. Vintage Racecar Track Time - Sat Afternoon only. Car
Show Sunday. Latimore Valley Gas & Steam Engine Display. Fair Contact:
Amy Kelly (717) 630-0776. Gas & Steam Contact: Jason Frey (717) 629-1847
July 1
HAGERSTOWN SPEEDWAY, MD (Weds. Night - Speedweek).
EMMR Display/Track Time - Rick Mandelson (410) 802-1333
July 10-11 YORK REUNION & NOSTALGIA NATIONALS, Darwin Doll (717)
757-2720 Alan Kreitzer (717) 766-7215. (Please support this non-EMMR event)
July 18
Motorcycle and Car Show to Benefit Veterans, Ben F. (717) 554-1093
July 19
3rd Sunday Roundtable: 1-3 pm. Topic - York County Racing Club
July 19
Racers Reunion. EMMR Display/Track Time - Rick M. (410) 802-1333
July 24-25 2nd Annual Community Yard Sale, Latimore Valley Fairgrounds.
$5 per space per day - Judy Freels (717) 580-6083
July 25
Bud Garvey’s Reunion, Osceola Mills, PA. Bud Garvey (814) 2685073 (Please support this Non-EMMR event)
July 25
WINCHESTER SPEEDWAY, VA. EMMR Display/Track Time Stocks and Modifieds only. Mickey Duncan (301) 471-7879
July 31
Mechanicsburg, PA. EMMR Static Display - Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837
Aug. 14
Display/Track Time - Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837
Aug. 15
LINCOLN SPEEDWAY, Abbottstown, PA, EMMR Display/Track
Time - Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837. Auction - Don R. (717) 456-7124
Aug. 21-23 EMMR/WGOT CONVENTION - at EMMR / LVFG. Honoring Kenny
Miller, Grand Marshall Gary Wolford and Silver Spring Speedway. Fri, Sat
& Sun - Daytime Events at EMMR. Fri. pm Cruisin’ at Museum 3 to 8 pm.
Fri pm Track Time at Williams Grove Speedway. Sat. & Sun. aftn Track
Time at Latimore Valley. Sat. pm Rain Date for Cruisin’ at Museum. Sun.
Roundtable: Silver Spring Speedway by Alan Kreitzer 1-3 pm. Inliners
International at Large Pavilion - Steve (215) 547-0866
Schedule as of 5/1/2015. Watch or call (717) 528-8279.
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Emailing newsletters saves print and postage
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The EMMR Times
2015 Issue No. 2 • published in mid-May 2015
Aug. 27-28 VINTAGE CELEBRATION - Loudon, NH. Al Novotnik (203) 8477478 (Please support this non-EMMR event)
Sept. 1-30 Matchbox Month at EMMR, Darwin Doll (717) 757-2720
Sept. 5-6 PICNIC / WORK PARTY at EMMR / LVFG. Lynn Paxton
(717) 432-8188 (Rain Date 9/12 &13)
Sept. 5
Time - Rick Mandelson (410) 802-1333
Sept. 6
Track Time Rain Date. Amanda Eshenour (717) 528-8279
Sept. 11 Photo Opportunity at WILLIAMS GROVE SPEEDWAY,
Mechanicsburg, PA. EMMR Static Display - Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837
Sept. 18 Path Valley Speedway Park, Spring Run, PA. EMMR Track Time Paul Gutshall (717) 243-6009
Sept. 20 3rd Annual Toy & Racing Memorabilia Buy-Sell Trade Show,
Darwin Doll (717) 757-2720
Sept. 20 3rd Sunday Roundtable: 1-3 pm. Topic - Afternoon with Mike
Heffner, Car Owner of Greg Hodnett
Sept. 26 Shenandoah Speedway, Shenandoah, VA - Asphalt Track. EMMR
Display/Track Time - Mike Nickle (540) 538-7468
Oct. 3
EMMR / National Sprint Car Hall of Fame AUCTION, will also
benefit the York County Racing Club and the National Open Benefit for
Injured Drivers. Held at WILLIAMS GROVE SPEEDWAY, Mechanicsburg,
PA. Don Robinson (717) 456-7124 and Kolten Gouse (717) 275-6827
Oct. 4
EMMR’s 4th Annual Car Show, Car Corral & Flea Market at
Museum. John Marks (717) 645-0440 [email protected] and Junior Kelly
(717) 630-0776 [email protected]
Oct. 8
MUSEUM OPEN Thurs 6 to 9 pm for Hershey show visitors.
Refreshments, Movies - Larry Stoner (717) 258-4695
Oct. 9
Mechanicsburg, PA. EMMR Static Display - Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837
Oct. 18
3rd Sunday Roundtable: 1-3 pm. Topic: Lost Race Tracks of
Pennsylvania by Stephen Bubb
Oct. 24
TRACTOR TROT at Latimore Valley. Register 10:30, Ride 11:00 Jason Frey (717) 629-1847
Oct. 25
MUSEUM CLOSES ON WEEKENDS for 2015, BUT we will be
open EVERY FRIDAY weather permitting.
Nov. 8
Paxton (717) 432-8188
Nov. 22
3rd Sunday Roundtable: 1-3 pm, Topic - History of South
Mountain Raceway by Mike Natoli (347) 522-6466
Dec. 5-6 HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE at EMMR from 10-4 pm - Auction /
Refreshments / Roundtable.
Drag Racing Exhibit News
Drag Racing Exhibit volunteers introduced new displays at the Spring Open
House on March 28th with the addition
of the Stahl & Jenkins Competition displays and the new display honoring Sox
& Martin and Malcolm Durham. We
Darwin Doll
Drag Racing Exhibits have received very positive feedback on
all of them.
There are great reviews on the Bruce Shaw, Esq.
presentation on Collector Car Fraud—a very informative seminar that will be repeated sometime in the
not-too-distant future.
Our thoughts now turn to the Car Show on Sunday, June 28th the final day of the Latimore Valley
Fair. Allen Mark Brittell Allstate Agency in York will
be sponsoring and present- “Great Expectations”
ing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
drag racing car will
place awards at 2 p.m. A fa- “cackle” on June 28.
vorite feature of the car
show is the “cackle” that
will be presented with the
start-up of one of Bruce
Larson’s Fuel Funny Cars
plus a Top Fuel Dragster
and other entries that will
be appearing as well. Activities begin at 10 a.m. Each
entry to the car show will receive a $5.00 off coupon
good for admission to the Cruisin’ Into Summer
cruise-in at the 14th Annual Musclecar Madness at
the York Reunion, York Fairgrounds on Saturday,
July 11th.
Volunteers will be adding small updates to all of
the drag racing displays during the course of the
summer and we are working on confirming another
new and exciting display for 2016. The beauty of
EMMR and our display is that it is a “Project in
Progress,” always adding history that needs to be told.
The Third Toy & Racing Memorabilia Show will be
tied with a Car Show on Sunday, September 20th.
Lots of activity that day with the third Sunday Roundtable being held with car owner of Greg Hodnetts
sprint car Mike Heffner. Stay “out front” by enjoying
your day with us at EMMR. Awards will be presented
for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the car show, food and refreshments will be available, including ice cream to
highlight your visit. Mark your calendar and join us
for a fun day at EMMR.
—Darwin Doll [email protected]
2015 Issue No. 2 • published in mid-May 2015
Collector Car Fraud presentation by Bruce Shaw,
Esq. may be presented again in the future.
Bryon (l) and Bernard (r)
Durham, sons of Malcolm
Durham, stand in front of
the new display honoring
their father’s racing
Two drag racing entities
in the 1960s and 1970s
that made an indelible
impression in drag racing
were the team of Sox &
Martin and Malcolm
Barbara Faubel admires
the Bud Faubel drag
racing car display during
EMMR’s Spring Open
House held at the end of
March. The car features a
large painting of a duck
and the name
“The Honker.”
The Ammon R. Smith Auto
Co. began sponsoring a
string of “Old Reliable”
Chevrolet’s of Dave
Strickler. The first Old
Reliable” is featured in
the Drag Racing section of
the museum this year.
The Stahl & Jenkins
Competition display
is featured
this year.
The EMMR Times
The Ted Brine car will
participate in the “cackle” on
Sunday June 28 during the
Latimore Valley Fair.
When I saw the news that they are going to try to
identify the remains of the men that were on the USS
Oklahoma battleship that was sunk on Dec. 7, 1941, I
was pleased as the remains of those men are now at
The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (informally known as Punchbowl Cemetery) in Honolulu
and I had an opportunity to see both sites thanks to
my daughter and son-in-law Trudy and John Salitis
when they were stationed at Pearl Harbor. What a
wonderful piece of history.
Our history continues here at EMMR due to the
donations you have all made throughout the years.
Your contributions are an investment of the past,
present, and future of this museum.
We want to thank Carmen Perigo and John Marks
for the van they fixed up for Gary Wolford and Gary
thanks them very much. Gary was busy working on
the program for the Fish Fry on May3rd.
A big thanks to Scott Gobrecht of Golf Cart Services for the donation of a very nice golf cart for
EMMR. The Monroe Muffler Co. deserves our thanks
for the donation of a pick-up truck for use through-
• High-fence “dog run” that is 10' x 10' or
bigger, so we can lock up firewood that we
sell on the grounds.
• Donations of Raffle items for the three
separate raffles during Latimore Valley Fair.
• Used 3- to 5-Ton Dump Truck or Trailer,
will not be used on the road, just for
fairground use.
• Donations for the Yard Sale on July 24
and 25. Contact Judy Freels at 717-580-6083
• Ice Machine
• Painting supplies, soft drinks, toilet tissue
• Display Cases for Museum
• Pull tabs from Soda Cans for Ronald
McDonald House
Thanks for the Donations…
Don Bricker – large refrigerated soda cabinet
Bob Munshower – Garden Hose, 50ft, with two
Greg Cook – Filing Cabinet, 2-drawer with lock
Ben Leas – Game wheels for Latimore V. Fair
Anonymous – Overhead Projector for movies
out the Fairgrounds. Both very much
I want to thank everyone for making the Thursday night work parties
a fun success and to Dottie Schultz
for keeping us all on our toes.
The March Open House was a
great success as was our first car outNancy Miller ing at Path Valley, with 13 cars in atPresident, EMMR
tendance. It was a great Sunday
afternoon. John MacKichan and his
wife from The Smith Museum in Lincoln Neb.
stopped by and had a nice evening with Lynn Paxton.
The Tommy Hinnershitz Memorial Spring Classic
race was held April 17 at Williams Grove with Carol
Hinnershitz in attendance to hand out trophies. On
display was the John Gerber car that Tommy drove to
the first motor racing main event at Williams Grove
Speedway back in 1939.
And now I leave you with this thought: the most
precious jewels you will ever have around your neck
are the arms of your children. Till next time.
— Nancy Miller [email protected]
Friday July 24 and
Saturday July 25, 2015
at Eastern Museum of Motor Racing
100 Baltimore Road, York Springs, PA 17372
SELLERS: Set-up your own table
at the Latimore Valley Fairgrounds,
down the hill from the museum.
per spot
per day
Coming to
shop or buy?
Bring your
hubby so he can
tour FREE Motor
Racing Museum
while you shop!
The Museum will accept donated items to sell at their table.
Contact Judy Freels at (717) 580-6083
Proceeds benefit Eastern Museum of Motor Racing
Museum phone:
717 528-8279
The EMMR Times
2015 Issue No. 2 • published in mid-May 2015
Weekend Change!
Due to Williams Grove schedule, the
EMMR/WGOT Convention
will be moved to
one weekend later than normal.
Please mark your calendar with these dates for
the 2015 EMMR/WGOT Convention:
AUGUST 21 TO 23, 2015
• Honoree will be Mr. Kenneth W. Miller, Sr.
• Grand Marshall will be Gary Wolford
• We will be celebrating the history of
Silver Springs Speedway
Share the secret...
Many first-time visitors are happily surprized
at the size and scope of the Eastern Museum
of Motor Racing. This year why don’t you plan
to bring a friend or relative to experience the
museum or event for the first time. It will be a
trip they will always remember!
Gary Wolford Challenge
Total so far is $22,200.
There are a few plaques
left that can be purchased
if you would like to have Nancy Miller with
your name on the Wolford Gary Wolford
Challenge board. There
are 5 $100.00 plaques
left and quite a few
$1,000 plaques.
Checks can be mailed to
P.O. Box 688, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
On check Memo line: Wolford Challenge.
2015 Issue No. 2 • published in mid-May 2015
Lynn Paxton CURATOR
The museum has changed a lot from
last year, new cars, engines, and displays. I met with Rich Eichelberger of
Lobar, Inc. to do a feasibility study to add
60 feet on to our museum.
I made a mistake on a name on a picLynn Paxtor
ture in the last newsletter of the car
owners of the late model I drove in ’63 –
’64, the #67 black/gold Chevys (1955 than a 1957).
The four owners were, Denny Shaffer, Tony Marcunis,
Tony Yoncoski, and Rich Hoffman. We put the wrong
Tony on the picture. Sorry Tony!
We had 50 people for our work party on April 11th
and 12th and got a lot of work done. Thanks to all our
great volunteers.
We have gotten a lot of response to our wish list in
the newsletter. Right now we are looking for a 3- to
5- ton trailer or dump. It will not be used on the
road, just for fairground use.
We continue to give private tours of the museum
on a daily basis. For a tour, please call me at work
See you at the Jalopy Showdown!
Sunday, May 17th, 2015: “Gas Stations” hosted by
Bob Shultz.
Sunday, Jun. 21, 2015: afternoon with Bud Garvey,
hosted by Nancy Miller
Sunday, July 19, 2015: York County Racing Club
—Lynn Paxton w 717-432-8188 or h 717-432-5522
Museum phone:
717 528-8279
Eastern Museum of Motor Racing
100 Baltimore Rd, York Springs, PA • 717-528-8279
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The EMMR Times
Vintage Motorcycle
Racing Exhibit News
Unsung Heroes
The Vintage Motorcycle Racing display for this season is “racing in the ’70s.” To date, the ’70s were the
most evolutionary time in history for motorcycle racing. The manufacturers were in a race
themselves to produce faster, better
handling machines
than their competitors. The evolution
was so intense that
mid-year production
units were common
with the Japanese
manufacturers. From
Europe, the most
significant historical
phenomena was
unfolding with legendary John Penton here in the
USA forming the base for what is now KTM.
The photo is Potomac Vintage Riders member
Buzz Sharra at Claverack, New York in August of
1975 getting the most out of one of if not THE very
first Suzuki TM125's raced in the east coast.
—Mark Williams [email protected]
Barry Murphy is the second generation
around the grounds here. The bridge down by
the race track is named after his father. Barry
can be found in the garage working on the
equipment—Barry has been in charge of maintenance on the equipment for many years. He is
the “go to guy” if you need anything fixed or
found. You can usually find him flying around
the fairgrounds somewhere or in the water
truck taking care of the track. He is a great asset
to the Museum and we thank him for his many
years of volunteering his time and energy.
Charlie Angel has been here for over 30
years. He is a go-getter and will do whatever
needs to be done. Charlie has been a huge help
filling open spots in the Museum. Over the summer he’ll be working around the grounds.
Walt Kline is a longtime volunteer and huge
supporter of the Museum. Walt has loaned us
the #56 Pocket Rocket in the Entrance Way that
eventually it will become a permanent fixture
here at the Museum.
Jalopy Showdown to be held May 16 at Fairgrounds
The 2015 Jalopy Showdown on May 16 will once
again feature race cars on
the track, weather permitting. Because of space constraints race cars must
pre-register to participate.
I will soon have a form up
Don’t miss
on the website
We are only looking for early non-cage sprint cars,
stock cars and roadsters. Preference will be given to
EMMR members and past supporters first. The usual
EMMR safety requirements will apply. Any questions
feel free to email me at
[email protected]
Vendors: remember to get you registration sent in
by April 4th. That is the absolute last day we will accept a registration form!
The show has grown to the point that there is
May 16 20
almost a second show in the camping grove!
We’ll also have our usual great swap meet, super
food vendors, Rock-A-Billy and Surf Bands and as always great help from our super all-volunteer crew to
support the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing.
For up-to-date show information like us on Facebook at “The Checkered Flag Jalopy Showdown and
Jalopy Showdown Drags.”
See everyone May 16th!
—Larry Garland [email protected]
The EMMR Times
2015 Issue No. 2 • published in mid-May 2015
Friday, AUGUST 21st, 2015 3 to 8 pm
“Help Pick Up the Tab” for the
Ronald McDonald House
Don’t forget to keep collecting tabs from soda cans.
We hope to have a truck-load full of tabs by the
Cruise-In at the EMMR Convention. You may drop
tabs off anytime at the Museum in the lobby.
SWAP MEET Z Cruise-in
Sunday October 4, 2015
7 am to 3 pm, This is a “Rain or Shine” event
Held outdoors on the grassy
lawn of the fabulous
Eastern Museum of
Motor Racing
100 Baltimore Rd, York Springs, PA
4th Annual
SWAP MEET is open to all forms of
Automobiles, Parts, Accessories and
Automobilia—from Antique, Hot Rod, Jalopy,
and any form of Racing. Spaces are roughly 10 x
35 and camping is available. Also CAR CORRAL.
for Cruise-in
Cars, but
donations are
Click on: for the Registration Form, information on this
and many other events at the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing and
Latimore Valley Fairgrounds. Just one minute off of Route 15.
Museum phone:
717 528-8279
• Swap Meet and Car Corral (cars for sale) spaces are
$20.00 if pre-registered by September 25, or
$25.00 after that or the day of event.
• The Museum of Motor Racing will be open to visit
and concessions will be available.
• DJ Harry provide music and entertainment.
• All proceeds benefit EMMR.
Contacts: Howard (Junior) Kelly
[email protected] or
717-630-0776 or John Marks
[email protected] or 717-645-0440
REGISTRATION FORM for Sunday October 4, 2015
SWAP MEET and Car Corral
Please make Check or Money Order payable to: EMMR Swap Meet
(cars for sale) spaces are
$20.00 if pre-registered by September 25, Name______________________________
or $25.00 after that or the day of event. Address ____________________________
Mail to:
HANOVER, PA 17331-7722
2015 Issue No. 2 • published in mid-May 2015
State ______
Zip _________
Phone __________________
Email _______________________ Cell phone _______________
The EMMR Times
Look what you
missed at EMMR’s
Spring Open House
on March 28 and 29
Lots of new exhibits were
prepared over the winter.
All photos courtesy of Rick Mandelson
Don Laterza
Grace Bell
Dizzy Dean
EMMR race cars travel to
Path Valley Speedway
Park on April 10 for
Display plus Track Time
Thanks to EMMR volunteer
Paul Gutshall for coordination.
All photos courtesy of Nauecho Melton
The EMMR Times
2015 Issue No. 2 • published in mid-May 2015
Wheels for Brooklyn event to be held Sunday, May 31, 2015
Another new event has been added
to the many events at EMMR: the
“Wheels for Brooklyn Auto & Bike
Show and Auction” on Sunday, May
31st from 12:00 to 4:00 pm at the
Latimore Valley Fairgrounds.
Hosted by long-time EMMR supporter Dizzy Dean and God’s Eye
Missions with the cooperation of
Latimore Valley Fairgrounds, home
of the Eastern Museum of Motor
Racing, York Springs, Pa. plus the
Hanover First Church of God.
Attendees are invited to show off their wheeled
“toys for big boys.” Vehicles of all types are invited to
participate—there will be show cars, tractors, motorcycles, drag cars, rat rods, street rods, antique cars,
vintage race cars, and modern race cars. Any vehicle
with wheels is welcome: 2 wheels, 4 wheels or more—
we want you to show it off! Some classic cars, ratrods,
and old race cars have already confirmed they will attend. We hope to have a fun variety of vehicles.
Kids can exhibit and race
For the under-16 crowd: there will be a BatteryPowered Wheels and Bicycle category for the kids,
plus a Bicycle race, too.
Viewer’s Choice Award
Each vehicle will have a shoe box for voting tickets
(Viewer’s Choice) sold at show. Sign in will start at
11:00 am.
Auction at 1 pm
As an additional fundraiser, an Auction of donated
items will begin about 1 pm. Big items are planned.
We are seeking donation of items to auction off,
please feel free to bring an item that day. All proceeds
go to God’s Eye Missions to help Military and Cancer
Families in need.
About Brooklyn Cross
As a parent of a cancer child,
Vinson Heath Cross knows well the
hardships that arise during a child’s
cancer treatments and even afterwards. Vinson created God’s Eye
Missions in honor of his late daughter, Brooklyn Cross, who passed
away at the age of 8 1/2 due to complications with Leukemia on
December 3, 2010.
Brooklyn Cross
Vinson looks forward to honorkneels at a statue
of Jesus before
ing his daughter’s faith in God and
she passed away.
love of helping people by “paying it
2015 Issue No. 2 • published in mid-May 2015
forward” for all the help and love they
Before Brooklyn Cross passed, she
started making “God’s Eye” crafts
and wanted to send these to our military troops overseas. Her reasons were
“To show them her appreciation for all
their service, and to let them know
that God was watching over them.”
While at Johns Hopkins hospital in
Baltimore, Maryland, Brooklyn also
handed God’s Eyes out to any and all
children she saw to make them happy
About God’s Eye Missions
God’s Eye Missions started shipping out God’s Eyes
to military troops, as well as cancer hospitals, in
March of 2011. By December
All event
2013, over 3,000 God’s Eyes have
proceeds will go
been sent out. In July of 2012
to military and
they had their 1st Annual Gods
cancer families
Eye Ride For The Kids, raising
in need.
over $15,000 for the Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore, MD. July 2013 they held
their 2nd Annual Ride, raising over $3,100 for the
Four Diamonds Fund in Hershey, PA. The GodsEyeRide will continue to be their primary fundraising
activity, adding others as they grow.
God’s Eye Missions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to prayerfully and financially
support cancer families and military families in need.
Contact Info for Wheels for Brooklyn event
Contact Dizzy Dean at 410-374-6765 for more information about this charity fundraiser.
Registration Form for Wheels for Brooklyn
Brooklyn Cross
this example of
“God’s Eye”
Name: __________________________________
City: _______________ State:___ Zip:_______
All pre-registered vehicles will receive a
free t-shirt, please circle size.:
Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large
Entry Fee is $25.00 per vehicle.
Make checks payable to “Gods Eye Missions”
and send to: Dizzy Dean Renfro
4423 Alesia Lineboro Rd, Millers, MD 21102-2108
Waiver: By signing this form, participant agrees to accept terms detailed
here. We hereby release God’s Eye Missions, Latimore Valley Fairgrounds,
their participants, members, officers and anyone else connected with this
event from liability for any and all known and unknown damages, injuries, loss, judgements and/or claims that may be suffered by anyone participating in this event or any spectators for any reason what so ever.
Signature ____________________________ Date ______________
The EMMR Times
100 Baltimore Road, York Springs, Penna.
0.5 miles east of Route 15, 12 miles south of Pa. Turnpike
717-528-8279 •
Mailing address:
PO BOX 688
Event Highlights
for May, June, July of 2015
Wheels for Brooklyn
Charity Fundraiser
May 31
Gettysburg AACA Car Show
June 13
Latimore Valley Fair
June 26, 27, 28
Latimore Valley
More information on
pages 1 and 2.
June 26, 27, 28, 2015
This year we will have a sign-up book available during the fair so that you can put down
the hours you are interested in helping. Please
look at the list below and volunteer 1 or 2 hours
a day for any of the following:
• Parking Cars
• Antique Car Registration
• Shuttle Drivers
• Information Booth
• Raffle and 50/50
• Ticket Sales
• Help in the Museum
• Trash Pick Up
• EMMR Games, Bingo, and Ticket Sales
Your financial help is also needed to help
defray the cost of the fair. If you cannot make it
to the fair, perhaps you could contribute by
sending a donation to help ensure a profitable
fair. Contributions to EMMR are tax deductible.
On the right is a Contribution Form—please fill
it out and send it along with your contribution.
More information on pages 1, and 2. Don’t miss it!
Phone ______________ Cell phone: ______________ text ok? ___
Email _____________________ Member Camp Space #________
Address: ______________________________________________
Volunteering for: ________________________________________
Date and times I can help:________________________________
Mail to: Latimore Valley Fair c/o Amy Kelly, 537 Old Westminster Rd, Hanover, PA 17331
RAFFLE DONATION Form (attach to donated item)
Name:__________________________ Phone or cell__________
Address: _____________________________________________
Item Donated: _________________________________
FAIR CONTRIBUTION Form for monetary donations:
Name:__________________________ Phone or cell__________
Amount $_________ of Latimore Valley Fair Contribution for 2015.
Checks payable to: EMMR, send to: Amy Kelly, 537 Old Westminster Rd, Hanover, PA 17331
The EMMR Times
2015 Issue No. 2 • published in mid-May 2015