July 2015 - Eastern Museum of Motor Racing



July 2015 - Eastern Museum of Motor Racing
A quarterly publication of the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing
Located at 100 Baltimore Road, York Springs, PA
2015 Issue No. 3 • published in late-July 2015
st Annu
Latimore Valley Fairgrounds and
Eastern Museum of Motor Racing
AUGUST 21–23
20 15
Jo Wolford speaks about her dad, Gary Wolford:
I was very fortunate to grow up going to the races every weekend with my Dad in the
1970s through early ’90s. I have heard many old stories about starting out in racing, very
poor, too young with undercover names, bad crashes, and of
course numerous wins that I was fortunate enough to see in the
three decades that I went to the races.
I am sure that every kid at the race track thought their dad
was the best. Every night at feature time week after week, year
after year, you still have that excitement, adrenaline and confidence that your dad is definitely one of the best ever in the Super
Sportsman class.
During this journey through many years of racing and being
in business our family has met a lot of wonderful people. Some of
these people are like family and will be a part of our lives forever. I am thankful that my
dad is being honored for his accomplishments on and off the track. His passion is to keep
the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing going strong.
“Gary Wolford is a pillar of support” by Don Robinson:
As we honor Gary Wolford as Grand Marshall, there are many reasons that we do so.
He has supported the Museum and Fairgrounds from the very beginning. Gary has provided equipment and other assistance for the Museum’s initial construction and Fairgrounds improvements. The Gary Wolford Fish Fry and Silver Spring Speedway Reunion is
now one of our largest fundraising efforts. He is truly a pillar of support.
Best known in the world of racing as the all-time leading feature winner at Silver
Springs, he won numerous races at other area tracks, as well, mainly racing in the Super
Sportsman division.
Since retiring as a driver 25 years ago, he has continued to support the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing and the Latimore Valley Fairgounds in so many ways. Today let us
keep Gary in our prayers, and remember all he has done for auto racing, its history and his
friends from all walks of life.
Besides being a great friend of Gary’s, it has always impressed me that he has supported the Museum and Fairgrounds so much. He truly loves the place that has become
such a large part of his life. Besides, anybody who could put up with Lynn Paxton for this
long is a true supporter in my book.
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2015 Issue No. 3 • published in late-July 2015
In the 1960s Kenneth W. Miller, Sr. worked on the team of Mike Beahm #117 at Dorsey
Speedway. When Beltsville Speedway opened he became very involved with Red Kagle and his
team (and other drivers). Red had been a NASCAR driver until he lost his leg in the 1960s in
a terrible NASCAR accident. Kenny also helped Harry Fletcher with his super modified.
In the 1980s Kenny started traveling with Reds to Charlotte and Daytona race tracks and
during this time he joined the Bobby Allison race crew and traveled the country. Reds was a
crew chief for Bobby Allison at one time, then crew chief for other Busch and ARCA drivers.
To name some there was Jeff Bodine #89; Joey Cudmore #96; and Tom Peck, also #96.
Kenny was heavily involved with Reds on all these teams.
Kenny spent a lot of time with Bobby’s son, Clifford Allison—even suppling a car for
some of the tracks for him. Clifford and his family visited Kenny’s family often. All this until
Clifford Allison’s untimely death in a practice lap for a Busch race at Michigan Speedway.
Kenny helped in sponsoring several drivers, most notably Nathan Durborow. They raced
at Hagerstown, MD and Winchester, VA. Nathan won track champion at both of these tracks
and Kenny was awarded the Champion Owners Trophies. There have been other drivers for
whom Kenny supplied race cars. The past 10 to 20 years Kenny has supplied manpower,
equipment and whatever else was needed here on the grounds of the Museum—Kenny was
a huge supporter of the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing and Fairgrounds.
EMMR’s Convention Silver Springs
Honors Speedway
The tradition of competitive auto racing began at Silver Spring Speedway in the summer of
1953. The Penn-Mar Racing Club was looking for a home track and they were interested in the
one-half-mile Latimore Valley Fairgrounds. The fairgrounds had staged auto racing programs in
the 1930s and ’40s. When their proposal was turned down, the Penn-Mar group approached
Cumberland County businessman Ray Garver Sr. about constructing a speedway on his land.
Garver owned property off of Route 11 midway between Harrisburg and Carlisle. Ray Garver
agreed and a new speedway was constructed.
Penn-Mar’s original intent was to race at the new Silver Spring Speedway on Wednesday nights, but after the
first week the race night was changed to Saturday. After a
few shows, Penn-Mar decided to abandon the speedway
feeling that it had a less than successful debut. Left with
an empty facility, Garver hired Will Kreitzer to manage the
speedway. Kreitzer guided the speedway from its infancy
and transformed it into one of the most competitive and
fan-friendly speedways in the East.
Over the next 52 years, Silver Spring Speedway would
become a mainstay of local auto racing. It featured strong
car counts, competitive racing and a passionate fan base who filled the grandstands on a weekly
basis to cheer on their favorite drivers. The speedway’s original Class A jalopy evolved into the
competitive Super Sportsman division. In 1962 a second division was introduced to weekly racing called the Hobby Car class. From its humble beginnings as a division which featured a $129
claiming price for the entire car, the Hobby class was the forerunner of the current day Late
Model division. The popular Street Stock division was added in 1982.
What made Silver Spring Speedway special was the men (and women) who drove there and
the special bond that they had with the spectators. Most nights, a large portion of the crowd
would enter the pit area following the racing events to talk with their heroes who had competed
that evening. The best drivers at Silver Spring became well-known throughout the racing community and some of the area’s most famous drivers got their start on the 3/8 mile oval.
Silver Spring Speedway’s final season of racing was 2005. While the roar of the engines has
been silenced, the accomplishments of those car owners and drivers who raced there will be forever remembered.
—Source material courtesy of Stephen Bubb –
The Racing History of Silver Spring Speedway from 1954 to 1964
The EMMR Times
2015 EMMR / WGOT
Meet race car drivers from the past and hear their
stories of racing during the last 60 years! View
antique and vintage race cars then hear the
engines roar to life for laps on the historic dirt track!
Eastern Museum of Motor Racing
(EMMR) open to the public for extended
hours. Race Cars on display.
10:30a History of Silver Springs Speedway and
Gary Wolford's Career
12p–9p Refreshments in museum.
2p–4p Race cars leave for Williams Grove
Speedway for EMMR/WGOT’s static
display only. Race cars must be there by
4 pm. In case of rain the Museum will be
open till 9 pm.
3p–8p Convention Cruise-in at museum: See
info on page 3 for this fantastic event.
Fun for everyone
8a–10a Coffee in the Infield of Racetrack.
9a–9p Eastern Museum of Motor Racing
(EMMR) open to the public for extended
hours. Race Cars on display.
10a–11a Ray Tilley Fan Club 50th Reunion at
EMMR. Jim Kramer 717-647-4062
11a–3p Refreshments in the infield of Latimore
Valley Racetrack.
11:45a Drivers Meeting at the flagstand.
12p–3p Vintage Race Car Track Time Exhibition
at Latimore Valley Racetrack.
Latimore Valley Fairgrounds
314 Latimore Valley Rd, York Springs, PA
Inliners International at Large Pavilion,
call Steve at 215-547-0866
Chicken Barbeque, limited quantity,
order in advance. See info below.
Activities at EMMR.
Cruise-in at the Museum if rained out Friday evening.
8a–10a Coffee in the Infield of Latimore Valley
Church Service in Infield.
WGOT/EMMR Annual Membership Meeting in Infield. Elections and “The State of
WGOT/ EMMR.” All welcome, please
Introduction of 2015 Grand Marshall:
11:15a Tribute to Kenneth W. Miller, Sr. and Silver Springs Speedway.
12p–4p Eastern Museum of Motor Racing
(EMMR) open to the public.
12p–3p Refreshments in the infield of Latimore
Valley Racetrack.
12:30p Drivers’ Meeting at flagstand.
1p–4p Vintage Race Car Track Time Exhibition
at Latimore Valley Racetrack.
1p–3p 3rd Sunday Silver Springs Speedway
Roundtable with Alan Kreitzer at the
Chicken Barbeque at the Convention
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“Gary Wolford is one of my best friends” by Joe Leiphart:
First off: Gary Wolford is one of my best friends. When we were pretty young a few of us got a car
to race. It was a ’37 Ford. It got to Gary’s and he made a track in the field. His mother called one of us
and we were told to get it out of there. So we took it to another friend’s house one night. That was
Gary’s first race experience. That was before “Joe Taylor” which is another story.
When Gary got hurt in 1991 and was in the hospital, I called his wife and told her I would bring
him home when he was ready. At that time he won’t ride with just anyone. I had connections with the
ambulance club and I told Pat if he needs an ambulance I would get one to drive him home. That was
a trip neither one of us will forget—Gary had a broken neck and I was scared to death with every
bump—actually we both were. Gary is such a good person and has helped a lot of people, me included.
Over the last several years we have gotten to be very close and went to a lot of races together and
had many great conversations at his shop. He is such a good person and I am so glad to be his friend.
and Admission
FREE heldParking
at the historic and beautiful
Saturday, Aug 22nd, ONLY.
12 noon to 2 p.m.
• Dinners are $9.00 for 1/2 chicken, bake
potato, applesauce, roll.
• Halves are $5.00 for 1/2 chicken
• We are selling tickets ahead of time.
If interested please contact Barbara
Paxton at [email protected]
• Check should be made out to EMMR and sent to
Barbara Paxton, 285 Willow Glen Rd.
Dillsburg, Pa. 17019.
The EMMR Times
2015 Issue No. 3 • published in late-July 2015
1932 Ford
Dash plaques to the
first 100 participants.
FREE admission to
EMMR museum.
Nova 350 SS
Friday, AUGUST 21st, 2015 3 to 8 pm
Rain Date: Saturday, Aug 22nd, 3-8 p.m.
All Makes Welcome
…and more!
sponsored by:
Music • Food
50/50 Drawing
Chinese Auction
Win Prizes
as long as they last!
Parcel Plus 717-632-5896
1150 Carlise St, Hanover, PA
Statler’s Upholstery Auto & Furniture
30 E Water St, Gettysvurg, PA
Please keep collecting tabs from soda cans to benefit Ronald McDonald
House. Bring tabs to the Cruise or drop tabs off anytime at
the Museum lobby. We will have a truck-load full of tabs to
caravan to the House in Hershey on August 30th. Join us in
your classic, hot rod, antique, or a modern day vehicle—see
details on page 6.
Attending the Gary Wolford
Fish Fry and Silver Spring
Craig Agan
Reunion has long been a goal
of mine. That goal has been
met! The first thing to come to
mind now that I have seen it in person is the
amount of work put in by everyone to make
this great event happen!
The blindfolded driver race was a really fun time
living up to everything I had heard about it. My wife
Pat was able to make this trip with me and we
delighted in taking a ride around the Latimore Valley
track with Kathy Kauffman. Kathy teamed with
Debbie Rahmer and Vicki Leppo in one of the “identically prepared” race cars—at least Lynn Paxton said
they were “identically prepared.”
Gary Wolford put together another great program
honoring many of the Silver Spring racers. His sup2015 Issue No. 3 • published in late-July 2015
port for the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing with
this project and the fish fry donations has been huge
for the museum for many years. He brings up his
crew of friends to prepare and fry the fish that come
courtesy of the Will Kreitzer Family. All in all,
another fun, family friendly event brought to you by
your friends from the EMMR!
My only disappointment was not being able to
make a return May trip for the Jalopy Showdown. By
all accounts it was another great show! As I told you
in my last column, I planned to make both events
with almost back-to-back trips. My traveling partner
had a serious health situation in the family and we
were forced to cancel our travel plans. Not a problem,
we will be on hand next year for sure!
Please check this newsletter for the many great
events still on the calendar for this year. The August
Convention is always the highlight of our year. The
Williams Grove National Open Auction and our
special promotions surrounding it will be coming up
before you know it! See you there!
— Craig Agan [email protected]
The EMMR Times
July 24-25 2nd Annual Community Yard Sale, Latimore Valley Fairgrounds.
$5 per space per day - Judy Freels (717) 580-6083
July 25
Bud Garvey’s Reunion, Osceola Mills, PA. Bud Garvey (814) 2685073 (Please support this non-EMMR event)
July 25
WINCHESTER SPEEDWAY, VA. EMMR Display/Track Time Stocks and Modifieds only. Mickey Duncan (301) 471-7879
July 31
Mechanicsburg, PA. EMMR Static Display - Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837
Aug. 8
Display/Track Time. John Marks (717) 645-0400
Aug. 14
Display/Track Time - Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837
Aug. 15
LINCOLN SPEEDWAY, Abbottstown, PA, EMMR Display/Track
Time - Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837. Auction - Don R. (717) 456-7124
Aug. 21-23 EMMR/WGOT CONVENTION at EMMR / LVFG. Honoring Kenny
Miller, Grand Marshall Gary Wolford and Silver Spring Speedway. Fri, Sat
& Sun: Daytime Events at EMMR. Fri. pm Cruisin’ at Museum 3 to 8 pm.
Fri pm Track Time at Williams Grove Speedway. Sat. & Sun. aftn Track
Time at Latimore Valley. Sat. pm Rain Date for Cruisin’ at Museum. Sun.
Roundtable: Silver Spring Speedway by Alan Kreitzer 1-3 pm. Inliners
International at Large Pavilion - Steve (215) 547-0866
Aug. 27-28 VINTAGE CELEBRATION - Loudon, NH. Al Novotnik (203) 8477478 (Please support this non-EMMR event)
Aug. 30
Cruise to Ronald McDonald House. Details on page 6.
Sept. 1-30 Matchbox Month at EMMR, Darwin Doll (717) 757-2720
Sept. 5
Time - Rick Mandelson (410) 802-1333
Sept. 11 Photo Opportunity at WILLIAMS GROVE SPEEDWAY,
Mechanicsburg, PA. EMMR Static Display - Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837
Sept. 12-13 PICNIC / WORK PARTY at EMMR / LVFG. Lynn Paxton
(717) 432-8188 (Rain Date tba)
Sept. 13 Track Time Rain Date. Amanda Eshenour (717) 528-8279
Sept. 18 Path Valley Speedway Park, Spring Run, PA. EMMR Track Time Paul Gutshall (717) 243-6009
Sept. 20 3rd Annual Toy & Racing Memorabilia Buy-Sell Trade Show, Car
Show, Cackling Thunder. Darwin Doll (717) 757-2720
Sept. 20 3rd Sunday Roundtable: 1-3 pm. Topic - Afternoon with Mike
Heffner, Car Owner of Greg Hodnett
Sept. 26 Shenandoah Speedway, Shenandoah, VA - Asphalt Track. EMMR
Display/Track Time - Mike Nickle (540) 538-7468
Oct. 3
EMMR / National Sprint Car Hall of Fame AUCTION, will also
benefit the York County Racing Club and the National Open Benefit for
Injured Drivers. Held at WILLIAMS GROVE SPEEDWAY, Mechanicsburg,
PA. Don Robinson (717) 456-7124 and Kolten Gouse (717) 275-6827
Oct. 4
EMMR’s 4th Annual Car Show, Car Corral & Flea Market at
Museum. John Marks (717) 645-0440 [email protected] and Junior Kelly
(717) 630-0776 [email protected]
Oct. 8
MUSEUM OPEN Thurs 6 to 9 pm for Hershey show visitors.
Refreshments, Movies - Larry Stoner (717) 258-4695
Oct. 9
Mechanicsburg, PA. EMMR Static Display - Nancy Miller (717) 766-0837
Oct. 18
3rd Sunday Roundtable: 1-3 pm. Topic: Lost Race Tracks of
Pennsylvania by Stephen Bubb
Oct. 24
TRACTOR TROT at Latimore Valley. Register 10:30, Ride 11:00 -
Lynn Paxton CURATOR
First I want everyone to be aware of a
mistake on the gray-paper schedule which
was printed in early 2015. Our work party
will NOT be on Labor Day Weekend Sept
5th–6th but WILL BE on Saturday Sept
12th and Sunday 13th.
Lynn Paxtor
Rainout track time, (if necessary), will
NOT be on Sept 6th but WILL BE on
Sunday Sept 13th from 12 pm to 4 pm,
(if necessary). Sorry for the confusion.
Our museum is changing every week. We just rotated
the #15 Gerber to the Sprint Car Hall of Fame in
Knoxville, Iowa. The #20 Jeff Gordon Troxal Sprint Car
to Speedway Motors Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska and
the #4 Wetteroff Midget to Vern in Avis, Pa.
Ben Turner, our librarian, and resident historian is
trying to keep up with all the items donated this year—
we get racing items donated every week.
Our library carpenter, Gene Weaber, from Lebanon,
is just finishing our last four cabinets. Please come in
and see what a beautiful job he has made of our library.
It won’t take Ben long to fill them.
The following cars will be coming in this summer;
Tommy Hinnershitz’s #2 Miracle Power Special sprint
car, Steve Kinser’s #11 Coors Light Silver Bullet sprint
car, and Mitch Smith’s #5 Gary Wasson sprint car.
We also have two new engines on display: V8 60 with
Smith Giggler setup, thanks to Bill Chapin; and a large
Ford Full Dress Flathead donated by the late Stanley
Shoppel. There are three Quarter Midgets, trophies,
uniforms, and helmets that we received as donations.
Thanks to all that donated these valuable additions to
the museum and many other items.
Again, a special thanks to all our volunteers who volunteer in the museum and on the fairgrounds. We
could not do it without you.
Don’t forget the following Roundtables coming up:
July 19th, York County Racing Club – Hosted by
York County Racing Club President Todd Bender
August 23rd, Silver Springs Speedway – Hosted by
Allen Kreitzer
September 20th, Mike Heffner, Car Owner of Greg
Hodnett – hosted by Nancy Miller
—Lynn Paxton w 717-432-8188 or h 717-432-5522
Jason Frey (717) 629-1847
Oct. 25
MUSEUM CLOSES ON WEEKENDS for 2015, BUT we will be
open EVERY FRIDAY weather permitting.
Nov. 8
Paxton (717) 432-8188
Nov. 22
3rd Sunday Roundtable: 1-3 pm, Topic - History of South
Mountain Raceway by Mike Natoli (347) 522-6466
Dec. 5-6 HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE at EMMR from 10-4 pm - Auction /
Refreshments / Roundtable.
Schedule as of 7/15/2015. See www.EMMR.org or call (717) 528-8279.
The EMMR Times
2015 Issue No. 3 • published in late-July 2015
Drag Racing Exhibit News
By the time you read this the CruiseIn on Sunday June 28 during the Latimore Valley Fair will be history. We
would like to thank Brian Beattie,
Bruce Larson, and Ted Brine for participating in the Cackling Thunder part of
Darwin Doll
Drag Racing Exhibits the event. We also thank Allstate, Allen
Mark Brittell Agency for sponsorship of
the awards for the Cruise-in
Musclecar Madness at the York Reunion was held
on July 10-11th. Doug Boyce, author of the popular
books Grumpys Toys and Junior Stock were at the
EMMR booth for a book signing on Saturday. The
York Reunion will takes it final curtain this year—
future awards ceremonies for the Legion of Honor
awards, which are symbolic of Hall of Fame awards,
will be presented annually at special ceremonies at
An expansion of drag racing activities at EMMR are
likewise being considered for presentation and will be
announced in the near future.
A new display case in the drag racing exhibit area
will be dedicated to Jim and Alison Lee of top fuel
fame, and “Jungle Jim” Liberman, the departed
showman of funny car drag racing. The displays will
be dedicated next year at the Spring Open House on
Saturday, April 2, 2016.
We have expanded the Toy & Racing Memorabilia
Show on Sunday, September 20th to include a Car
Show featuring a Cackling Thunder event. A stellar
line-up of cackle cars will be announced in the near
future. Sven’s Café will be providing food and beverage service with fruit smoothies on their menu,
plus Buffalo chicken, shredded chicken BBQ, sirloin
cheese steaks with onions and cheese, and green machine veggie wraps. Specialty drinks like Strawberry
banana, four-berry blend, and mango/banana fruit
smoothies will be available in addition to root beer,
iced tea, and cold brew coffee.
Don’t miss the Toy & Racing Memorabilia Show,
it’s a day to remember! See additional info below.
Thanks one and all for your support. Come stay
“out in front” with us at one of our many events at
—Darwin Doll [email protected]
TOY & RACING Memorabilia Show
Sun. SEPTEMBER 20, 2015 B U Y
10 AM to 4 PM
Held outdoors at the
Eastern Museum of TRADE
Motor Racing
Free Registration
plus Awards
100 Baltimore Rd, York Springs, PA
boring car
Buy, Sell, Trade
Toys & Racing Memorabilia:
10 x 10 spots: $30
10 x 20 spots: $55
All 10 x 20 spots include vehicle
All vendors supply own tables.
10 x 10 easy-ups or larger accepted.
All space is first-come, first-served.
2015 Issue No. 3 • published in late-July 2015
Info: Darwin Doll 717-757-2720
[email protected]
Museum phone:
717 528-8279
The EMMR Times
As we sit here during a storm and listen to my fire
monitor I hear a house fire being dispatched along
with numerous vehicles being stranded in high water.
Kudos to the first-responders who put their lives on
hold to help people in time of need. And remember
“never try to drive through high water as this can be
We now have an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) near the entrance to the museum thanks to
Jim Schneck. An AED is a portable electronic device
that automatically diagnoses the life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias and other heart problems. Jim will
be keeping us informed on how to use it in case of an
I want to thank all the volunteers who have helped
with the Fish Fry, Jalopy Showdown, Diz Dean’s
fundraiser, and the roundtables so far this year, plus
special thanks to our parking attendants.
We want to thank Lincoln Speedway and Williams
Grove Speedway for their donations so far this year
Racing Around
the Museum
Please, please, please volunteer
one or two days at the Museum before the end of the season in October!
This is a crucial part of our Museum
and we need the volunteer help to
Admin. Coordinator.,
keep the doors open so visitors can
see this gem of a Museum we have.
We are the best-kept secret in the area and with
your help we can change that. The more people that
are able to visit the Museum the more word will get
out about our fantastic collection of racing history.
Just the other day two gentlemen stopped in the
museum for the first time—they had no clue we even
existed. They kept seeing the guy in the race car on
our street sign waving to them so they turned off
Route 15 and in two minutes they arrived at EMMR.
They were amazed when they walked in the door.
When you have your calendar in front of you,
please call me and we will talk about the open dates I
have left in August, September and/or October. It is 6
hours out of your schedule that I am asking for. If you
have your camper on the property it is a great way to
get your required volunteer time in.
I can be reached at [email protected] or at the
Museum 717-528-8279.
—Amanda [email protected]
and to the private donations that
have been coming in. We have also
had numerous lifetime memberships. Thanks to all of you.
The attendance to the museum
has been good: we have had people
from 16 countries so far this year.
Nancy Miller We have had a good turnout for the
photo opps at Williams Grove and we
President, EMMR
had 40 cars at the Port Royal event
where we had a safe and great time.
We have 5 new cars at the museum along with the
Smith Jiggler engine which I am sure Lynn Paxton
will touch on in his article.
We are happy to have Ryan Kuhn from Pennsylvania College of Technology doing an internship here
this summer, we thank Ryan for your service to
EMMR and hope you have also learned a few things
while you are here.
We have new books and shirts in the gift shop so
stop by and check those out.
Thank you to Alan Kreitzer who donated 6 radios
to be used at the track so now we can give the parking
attendants the current radios to use.
We are still in need of volunteers for the museum
as this is vacation time and many of our frequent volunteers are away. It is good to see Rose Bell back in
the gift shop: we missed you. And thanks to Kay
Melchi and Deb Rice for the great jobs they do.
And remember I am old school, I believe in having
good manners, respect for my elders, and helping
others when I can.
— Nancy Miller [email protected]
“Help Pick Up the Tab” Cruise to
Ronald McDonald House on August 30
Ronald McDonald’s House—Here We Come!
Our car cruise to the Ronald McDonald House will
be on Sunday, August 30th, 2015.
Thanks to all who participated, we have
reached a goal of a truck load of pull
tabs! Thanks for your support.
Our caravan of cars will be
leaving the Eastern Museum
of Motor Racing at 1:30 p.m.
and will be traveling together
in a group to the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey
or you may just meet us there around 2:30 p.m.
If you have a classic, hot rod, antique, or a modern day vehicle, we would like you to join us. We
hope to have some of the children there to meet us
and give them the opportunity to sit in our cars and
perhaps brighten their day. Info: Carol Weaver at 717528-8349 or [email protected]
The EMMR Times
2015 Issue No. 3 • published in late-July 2015
Latimore Valley Fair held June 26 to 28, 2015
Thanks to all who helped with the 31st edition of
the Latimore Valley Fair. The grounds were in tip-top
shape as the Fair began on Friday June 26.
Mother nature gave us a little break from the heat
but it came in the form of a downpour Saturday (almost 3 inches!). We closed down the outdoor activities and moved the chicken barbecue up to the
museum as the Latimore Creek flooded the grounds.
We are working on plans to cook the remaining
chickens and organize a Chinese raffle at the convention in August. Track time will be rescheduled to Sunday, September 13th during the work party.
This year Barb Paxton turned over the “fair coordinator” spot to me but she was still very involved in
the transition; as I hope she will continue to be.
I enjoyed meeting and getting to know many of
our members and friends involved in the fair. I appreciate all of your contributions to making the fair a
success. Specifically, Carol and Joe Weaver; Toni, Mike
and Emily Winslow; Perry Trimmer and Judy Freels;
Grace Bell; Brandon and Rose Bell; Frank Buhrman;
Marlin Heller; everyone with the Latimore Gas and
Steam Assoc.; most of all my family—Junior, Victoria,
Allison and Brooke. They were willing to step in and
do whatever came up.
Lastly, pray for better weather next year!
—Amy Kelly [email protected] 717-630-0776
the Clown
amuses the
Friday night
of the fair.
Sadly, most
events on
Lynn Paxton and other volunteers inflate balls in preparation for
the Latimore Valley Fair.
Smokin’ Gunzz entertained Friday evening.
Carol Weaver (left) wades through the flood water to deliver chicken
barbeque to Dennis Murtorff during the torrential rains on Saturday.
Latimore Creek rose at least 3 feet above normal and spilled out over
the fairgrounds. “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise” is an old
phrase that seems applicable to the cancelled events on Saturday.
EMMR members crouch in the flood waters between the track and
Latimore Creek to prevent a vendor’s flowers from floating away.
2015 Issue No. 3 • published in late-July 2015
The EMMR Times
Unsung Heroes
Vintage Motorcycle
Racing Exhibit News
The motorcycle display at EMMR is provided
through a relationship the museum has with the
Potomac Vintage Riders (PVR), which is an organization that formed relatively recently in the mid-Atlantic
area to promote the concept of the enjoyment of vintage motorcycles. It encompasses street riding,
restoration, and all forms of racing of these nostalgic
machines. A club motto goes something like “repair,
restore, ride — repeat.”
The theme of the display at EMMR changes from
year-to-year and for 2015 we are highlighting “racing
in the ’70s” which is by far the most popular era for
motorcycle racing.
An active club, many PVR members compete in
vintage racing in what is called the North Atlantic
region of the American Historic Motorcycle Racing
—Mark Williams [email protected]
The Potomac Vintage Riders participated at Wild Ride motocross /
cross country track on June 20 & 21 near Oceola Mills, PA. The #77
bike is a 1971 Hodaka Super Rat and the #56 bike is an early 1970’s
Bultaco Pursang
Gene and Sandra Covell
Gene has been Kenny Miller’s right hand
man. Gene Covell is our jack-of-all trades: from
moving any kind of equipment, maintaining the
race track, and building the retaining walls—
along with the building and restoring of the
Museum and grounds over the last 10 plus
years. Sandra Covell has been a loyal supporter
over the years as well. Let’s keep Gene and Sandra in your thoughts with some health issues
that they are currently dealing with.
Gary Wolford Challenge
Total so far is $23,500.
There are a few plaques
left that can be purchased
if you would like to have Nancy Miller with
your name on the Wolford Gary Wolford
Challenge board. There
are 2 $100.00 plaques
left and quite a few
$1,000 plaques.
Checks can be mailed to
EMMR, Wolford Challenge
P.O. Box 688, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
On check Memo line: Wolford Challenge.
Eastern Museum of Motor Racing
100 Baltimore Rd, York Springs, PA
Upcoming Auctions to
Benefit EMMR, etc.
• Lincoln Speedway – Saturday, August 15th
• Williams Grove Speedway – Saturday, October 3rd,
EMMR / National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Auction
will also benefit the York County Racing Club and
the National Open Benefit for Injured Drivers
• Lobitz Movie Party – Sunday, November 8th
Donations and volunteers are greatly appreciated.
Please contact Don Robinson at (717) 825-1404.
www.EMMR.org • 717-528-8279
Like us on Facebook
The EMMR Times newsletter committee:
Amanda Eshenour, Chair [email protected]
Bob Shultz
Rick Mandelson
Lynn Paxton
Nancy Miller
Kay Diehl Melchi
The EMMR Times newsletter is published 4 times a year:
Volume 1 in March • Volume 2 in June
Volume 3 in August • Volume 4 in October
Newsletter design and production volunteer:
Kay Diehl Melchi c&t: 717.669.2710 [email protected]
The EMMR Times
2015 Issue No. 3 • published in late-July 2015
Meet EMMR’s intern: Ryan Kuhn
My name is Ryan Kuhn and I am the current intern at the Eastern Museum of Motor
Racing. I am currently attending the Pennsylvania College of Technology with a major
of Automotive Restoration Technology.
As a kid I always loved old things and the
history that comes with these items. One of
my hobbies is browsing through flea markets, auctions, and antique dealers. In addi-
tion, I have always had a passion for vintage
cars. I love tinkering with things and making old items look new again! Along with
this passion I enjoy fishing, hunting, and
riding my motorcycle.
It is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to intern here at EMMR, and I hope to
see some new faces in the museum.
—Ryan Kuhn
SWAP MEET Z Cruise-in
Sunday October 4, 2015
7 am to 3 pm, This is a “Rain or Shine” event
Held outdoors on the grassy
lawn of the fabulous
Eastern Museum of
Motor Racing
100 Baltimore Rd, York Springs, PA
4th Annual
SWAP MEET is open to all forms of
Automobiles, Parts, Accessories and
Automobilia—from Antique, Hot Rod, Jalopy,
and any form of Racing. Spaces are roughly 10 x
35 and camping is available. Also CAR CORRAL.
for Cruise-in
Cars, but
donations are
Click on: www.emmr.org for the Registration Form, information on this
and many other events at the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing and
Latimore Valley Fairgrounds. Just one minute off of Route 15.
Museum phone:
717 528-8279
• Swap Meet and Car Corral (cars for sale) spaces are
$20.00 if pre-registered by September 25, or
$25.00 after that or the day of event.
• The Museum of Motor Racing will be open to visit
and concessions will be available.
• DJ Harry provide music and entertainment.
• All proceeds benefit EMMR.
Contacts: Howard (Junior) Kelly
[email protected] or
717-630-0776 or John Marks
[email protected] or 717-645-0440
REGISTRATION FORM for Sunday October 4, 2015
SWAP MEET and Car Corral
Please make Check or Money Order payable to: EMMR Swap Meet
(cars for sale) spaces are
$20.00 if pre-registered by September 25, Name______________________________
or $25.00 after that or the day of event. Address ____________________________
Mail to:
HANOVER, PA 17331-7722
2015 Issue No. 3 • published in late-July 2015
State ______
Zip _________
Phone __________________
Email _______________________ Cell phone _______________
The EMMR Times
Gettysburg Region
The Gettysburg Region of the
Antique Automobile Club of America
(AACA) held its 40th annual Car &
Truck show at the Latimore Fairgrounds
on Saturday, June 20th. It was a perfect day for
the show, nice weather, no rain or mud that we experienced last year. The attendance was very good and
the car count was also good. Our cooks in the
kitchen took care of feeding us breakfast and lunch
and the desert table was well stocked with homemade
goodies. The York Springs Lions Club ice cream sundaes and French fries was the icing on the cake.
Thanks to all who brought cars and helped get the
grounds ready and the cleanup crew for a job well
The Region’s next event will be the annual summer picnic to be held July 19th at Oak Side Park in
Biglerville Pa. This is a great get together to welcome
new members and get to know new and old members.
We have some great cooks who make a large layout of
food for everyone to enjoy. I know I do!
Looking for something to do while keeping cool
this summer? Try going to the AACA Museum in
Join !
Hershey to see the great display of station
wagons. This display will bring back
memories when going on vacation or
going to the grocery store or any place
in a station wagon. This great display
will be there until October so you have
some time to plan your visit and enjoy.
Have a safe and enjoyable summer and
don’t forget the all the events at the upcoming EMMR Convention, August 21 to 23rd.
Please visit our Gettysburg Region website at
www.aacagettysburgregion.org or the AACA Museum
website at www.aacamuseum.org.
—Bob Shultz
Some event dates have been changed after the “gray
schedule” was printed in January 2015. These dates
are correct in the Schedule on pg 4 of this newsletter.
• Work Party has been moved to Saturday,
September 12th and Sunday, September 13th
• Rain Date for Track Time is Sunday, September
13th from 12 to 4 pm.
Museum phone:
717 528-8279
P Annual is $20. P Lifetime is $200.
P New or P Renewal
Name ______________________________________________
Spouse name ________________________________________
City__________________________ State_____ Zip _________
Phone___________________ Cell phone _________________
P by email as a PDF which is in full-color and fastest delivery.
P by U.S. Postal Service, prints in all black ink, slower delivery.
P I have a vintage or antique race vehicle, contact me.
P I might be interested in volunteering, contact me.
P I might have something to donate, contact me.
Museum phone:
717 528-8279
E-mail address _______________________________________
I prefer to receive the EMMR newsletter via:
Please make checks payable to “EMMR” and mail to:
EMMR, Attn: Membership
PO Box 688, Mechanicsburg PA 17055-0688
• 6” gutters and Leaf Relieve gutter guards
for the Museum (We are looking at replacing
all the gutters at the Museum August 2016.)
• Racing Headers for V8 Ford 60 Racing
Engine for display use at the Museum.
• Fuel injectors for a 215 Buick V8 for a
display engine at the Museum.
• Donations of Raffle items for future raffles.
• Used 3- to 5-Ton Dump Truck or Trailer,
will not be used on the road, just for
fairground use.
• Painting supplies, soft drinks, toilet tissue
• Display Cases for Museum
• Pull tabs from Soda Cans for Ronald
McDonald House
Thanks for the Donations…
Dick Hill – high-fence “dog run” so we can lock
up firewood that we sell on the fairgrounds.
The EMMR Times
2015 Issue No. 3 • published in late-July 2015
held on May 3, 2015
Thanks to EMMR volunteer Alan
Kreitzer for coordinating this event.
All photos courtesy of Rick Mandelson
Wheels for Brooklyn
event held May 31, 2015
Proceeds benefited God’s Eye
Missions to help Military and
Cancer Families
Thanks to EMMR volunteer
photos for
of Bobby Lowery
2015 Issue No. 3 • published in late-July 2015
The EMMR Times
100 Baltimore Road, York Springs, Penna.
0.5 miles east of Route 15, 12 miles south of Pa. Turnpike
717-528-8279 • www.EMMR.org
Mailing address:
PO BOX 688
Event Highlights
for August, September of 2015
Aug. 21, 22, 23
Cruise to R. McDonald
House, August 30
Toy & Racing Memorabilia
Buy-Sell Trade Show, Car
Show, Cackling Thunder.
September 20
“Afternoon with Bud
Garvey” was the
3rd Sunday Roundtable
on Jun. 21, 2015
Thanks to EMMR volunteer Nancy
Miller for coordinating this event.
All photos courtesy of Rick Mandelson
Did you miss this event?
This issue has info
on upcoming events,
so plan to attend!
The EMMR Times
2015 Issue No. 3 • published in late-July 2015

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