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2016 Ice Oval Racing
Who is LMB SpeedShop?
LMB SpeedShop is a group of skilled individuals from Southwest Michigan who are passionate about snowmobile racing. After numerous
years competing in a wide range of motorsport venues they have all discovered ice oval racing to be their passion. After nearly a decade of racing
with the Midwest International Racing Association (MIRA), the team has narrowed their focus to winning the granddaddy of all ice oval endurance
races, the Soo I-500 in Sault Sainte Marie, MI. There the drivers battle side by side with the best of the sport in NASCAR style racing. Each driver
strives to capture the checkered flag and experience the thrill of ice oval racing.
The Race Sled
The team’s race sled is a custom built Polaris IQ 600. This sled is used solely for the 500 mile race in Sault Ste. Marie. The motor and
chassis have been altered for optimum performance in the high speed endurance race. The I-500 race is one of the largest events in the
snowmobiling industry and arguably the hardest to win. With top speeds in excess of 120mph and thousands of dollars on the line, the excitement
draws tens of thousands of fans.
Career Highlights
2015 Soo I-500 10 place finishers
2014 Soo I-500 Woody’s Pro/Am Winners
2013 Kinross 300 Pro Mod Enduro Winners
2013 Soo I-500 Woody’s Pro/Am Winners
2013 Soo I-500 4 place finishers
2012 Pro Mod Enduro Points Champions
2012 Pro/Am Enduro Points Champions
2012 MIRA Pro Drivers of the Year
2012 Pro Open Points Champions
2012 U.P. ICE Masters 500 Pro Mod Enduro Winners
2012 Soo I-500 Pro/Am Winners
2011 Pro Mod Enduro Shootout Points Champions
2010 MIRA Pro Mod Enduro Points Runners Up
2009 Michigan Cat 500 Pro Enduro Winners
2009 Pro Rookie Drivers of the Year
Sponsorship Opportunities
LMB SpeedShop offers many opportunities to promote your business. The 48 foot race hauler attracts a lot of attention.
The website, www.LMBSS.net, and Facebook page keep the fans up to date on the team’s progress. The race is covered by The
Winning Edge and Snowgoer magazines, in local newspapers and internet sites. Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan claimed the
Sault Ste Marie I-500 as the “premier winter sporting event.”
Thank You
Thank you for taking the time to consider our sponsorship proposal. Without the help of companies and individuals like you,
LMB SpeedShop would not be possible. As dedicated racers we are working very hard to make this season a success for our sponsors.
As we strive to be the best, we uphold a reputation of excellence for both LMB SpeedShop and the companies we represent. On
behalf of LMB SpeedShop, Thank you for your sponsorship consideration as we look forward to another successful season.
Contact Information
Mike Lynema
1019 Hidden Ponds Dr.
Martin, MI 49070
(269) 217-8721
[email protected]
Check out the LMB SpeedShop website at www.LMBSS.net for more pictures,
race news, results and schedules. You can also check us out on Facebook and Youtube.