A5 leaflet Dentrust and Knot Genie


A5 leaflet Dentrust and Knot Genie
This amazing 3-sided toothbrush
from Dentrust cleans all sides of the
tooth at the same time, meaning
more effective brushing in half
the time!
Bristles are automatically
positioned at the recommended 45 degree angle to remove plaque at the
gum-line whilst brushing. The angled bristles make it easy for everyone to brush correctly, including
young children, those with limited
motor movement, or those whose
sensory sensitivity means they are
unable to tolerate a brush in their
mouth for very long. Great for
encouraging self-care skills - so there
will be big smiles all round!
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The Knot Genie™
Detangling Brush
Magically gets rid of knots Not to mention complaining!
A product created for every mum that has endured the stomping
and screaming matches that come with brushing their child's hair.
Even the curliest, most knotted up hair practically slips through the
unique bristle configuration, gently and painlessly. Try a Knot Genie
– you'll be amazed by the ease of brushing.
Ever wished for hair brushing standoffs to end?
- Wish granted!
The magic trick is one we are happy to reveal. It all has to do with
the different lengths of teeth on the brush. They bend just right to
gently untangle the hair. And this lack of stress means the hair's
cuticle stays unharmed... revealing the smoothest, shiniest hair
you've ever seen. Handles like a dream. Its unique cloud-shaped
top fits the palm nicely like an extension of your hand, whether
right or left handed. The brushing process is far more comfortable,
gentle, and most importantly, done quickly. Voila!
To purchase your Knot Genie™ - available in Fairy Pink, A Poof of
Purple, Blue Cloud or Genie Smoke, visit us at the
To get the most from your Knot Genie visit www.knotgenie.com/ourbrush-tips.php