sample pictures


sample pictures
Sample Certification Photos
These shots clearly show
the parting and sectioning
techniques used. They show
how the hair was sectioned
from front to back; how the
center part divides the two
top sections; and how the
side part divides the top from
the side section.
We also
see the hair line, the number
of rows on the sides and top,
as well as the overall size of
the locks.
(Your sizes will
vary slightly according to the
hair type and the size and
shape of the head.)
shows us that the number of rows
in the top and side sections are
within the standard range.
The TOP photo shows how
the hair was sectioned and parted
in the back. We can still make out
the part from ear to ear that separates front from back.
We can
also tell that there are three back
sections on this client. The overall
size of the locks and the number
of rows are also easy to determine.
The BOTTOM photo shows
a client with three back sections.
The Consultant has created subsections in the back, probably because of a change in hair texture.
(Your sub-sections may be closer
to the nape of the neck.)
again, it is very easy to see the
number of rows and the overall
size of the locks.
The number of photos you submit is up to you. Just remember, the shots
are intended to document the fact that you are doing ‘standard’ Sisterlocks
in the way you were trained. Consult with your Master Trainer or CTA if
you have questions about your certification photos.