Longer hairstyles from the early 1920s


Longer hairstyles from the early 1920s
Longer hairstyles from the early 1920s
Various shorter hairstyles from the second half of the decade.
In the second half of decade, many women continued to
wear their hair long. The woman below has either folded
her long hair up to look like a bob, or she is covering a
shorter hairdo with a switch of her own bobbed hair, as
in the illustration.
Other longer hairdos on film stars: clockwise from bottom left Lillian & Dorothy Gish, Dolores del Rio, Lupe Velez, Vilma Banky, Theda Bara.
Mary Pickford with her long curls and
with her hair pulled up to imitate a
bob. Top left photo is c. 1918-22.
Clara Bow, the “It” Girl, a redhead who wore many styles. Top left photo is likely from a historical period picture, thus the unusual hairstyle.
Straight hairstyles: Louise Brooks (left), Josephine Baker (top), Anna May Wong & Pola Negri (both bottom). Baker always plastered her hair.
Counterclockwise from top left: Joan Crawford, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Myrna Loy, Myrna Loy
Alice White, Lupe Velez, & Thelma Todd
Super short hairstyles from film star Sue Carol! And lighter make up, too!
All photos of actress Marion Davies. In
addition to hair and makeup, note the short
pearl necklaces, which in the second half of
the decade were more popular than the long
pearl necklaces that had been fashionable a
few years previously.