Girls Scrunchie


Girls Scrunchie
Girls Scrunchie
G08900 / Gold
Polyester Interlock (160g - 100% Polyester)
Tying back your hair with cheap bands can be a frustrating
and uncomfortable experience. Broken elastics and snagged
hairs can leave anyone in a bad mood. Conversely, a wellmade scrunchy keeps hair tied back reliably without pulling
hairs or putting pressure on your scalp. A simple hair tie
made from easy care polyester, our McCrae scrunchies are a
practical and entirely washable option for keeping hair out of
your face. Than...
Drag Free
Our unique dragfree design means
our scrunchies and
headbads come
off without taking
the hair with them.
Hair Accessories
Item Care Instructions For Polyester Interlock
Fits All
Warm Gentle Machine Wash
Cold Rinse, Rinse Well
Warm Iron
Line Dry in Shade
Do Not Soak
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Tumble Dry
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