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- Residence Hall Association
Bid for RHA VP Finance
Radhika Tiwari
To whomsoever it may concern:
My name is Radhika Tiwari, and I would like to serve Resident Hall Association as the
Vice President of Finance for the academic year 2016-17. I believe that my love for the
housing community on campus, my deep interest in finance and my friendly attitude
make me the right fit for this position.
I am currently a second year student at San Jose State, majoring in Accounting and
minoring in Communication Studies. I aim to be a successful Certified Public Accountant
(CPA) and work for one of the Big 4s upon graduation and then would like to branch out
into other fields of finance I am an international student and moved to the United States
a year and a half ago for my undergraduate. Today I feel totally at home in San Jose, and
the credit for this goes to RHA. Living on campus has been one of the best thing that
happened to me in college, I get to meet so many people from different cultures and
backgrounds and interact with them which allows me to not get homesick. I want to be a
part of this organization because I want every resident to feel at home and love their
housing experience on campus as much as I did and still do.
I am currently serving as the Treasurer for the Apartments hall government. As the
Treasurer, I have been dealing with finances too, though at a smaller scale. I am also a
part of the RHA finance committee and therefore understand the finances of RHA and the
duties of the VP of Finance to a greater extent.
I would be honored to serve as the Vice President of Finance for Residence Hall
Radhika Tiwari
Radhika Tiwari
1. Maintain transparency and make the budget
available for CRA.
2. Arrange and coordinate fundraising event, as
and when needed.
3. Collaborate with Treasurers and make sound
financial decisions.
4. Help out with all programs hosted by
Time Commitments
15-16 units per semester
Beta Alpha Psi – 4 hours/week
RHA VP Finance – 12 hours/week