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RHA Wellness Program - RHA Health Services, Inc
RHA Wellness Program
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What is the RHA
Wellness Program About?
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a w a R e n e s s
RHA Wellness
Quiz and Answers
April 2007, VOL. 3
CEO Gordon Simmons Celebrates 10 Years with RHA
Here’s a little food for thought and a quiz of
your knowledge! Try asking these questions
to adults and children and see if/how the answers vary.
Honorable mentions go to Jeremy Duffer,
from the Asheville office for submitting, “In
Every Body a Possibility” and Mary Ann Roy
from Deep Gap for submitting, “Life, Health
& Happiness: Maintenance required”. It was a
tuff decision; thanks to all who submitted their
creative ideas.
True / False
• More Personal Outcomes
• Rasing Health Awareness
• Majors Program in New Bern
• And so much more...
1. What are the five food groups of
the New Food Pyramid?
a. chocolate, ice cream, cake, cookie and coffee
b. grains, vegetable, fruit, milk, meat and beans
c. meat, potatoes, bread, fruit, and vegetables
d. meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables
2. Cholesterol can be “good”?
Watch for the following in our next issue:
1. B. The New Food Pyramid was released in 2005 due to criticism of
the 1992 Food Pyramids lack of separation of proteins that are high
in fats such as hamburger and red meat from nutritious proteins such
as beans and fish. The New Food Pyramid supports the idea that a
diet should be shaped according to the individual. Go to http://www.
mypyramid.gov to determine the amount of each food group you
need daily.
• Promote and foster a Safe and
Healthy Environment
• Promote Healthy Lifestyles
• Increase Knowledge and Usage of
Health Prevention Strategies
• Increase Awareness
• Be a Good Corporate Citizen
• Promote Teamwork
• Promote Healthy Competition
Thanks to all who participated in the Wellness
Program Kickoff Slogan Contest! There was an
overwhelming response of slogan submissions.
The Wellness Committee narrowed the 164
submissions down to the top three and CEO,
Gordon Simmons, President, Jeanne Duncan,
and COO, Jennifer Lineberger made the final
selection. The RHA Wellness Program slogan
is Raising Health Awareness. This slogan represents our goal to create a healthier work/living
environment in each individual in the RHA community. Congratulations to both Myrtie Grigsby
from our Wexford House and Penny Turner
from the Howells Bear Creek facility. You both
submitted the same winning slogan and will each
receive $100!
2. True. Cholesterol is essential for proper functioning of the body
but you can have too much. There is both “good” and “bad” cholesterol. Good cholesterol is a high density mixture of cholesterol and
protein (HDL). HDL levels should be 60 or more. Bad cholesterol,
low density mixture of cholesterol and protein, should be 130 or less
to reduce the risk of heart disease.
A combination of Work Life Balance, Active
Lifestyles, Nutrition and Eating Healthy, and
Awareness and Prevention can lead to a positive,
productive, and happy life for RHA employees,
family members and the people we support.
The goal of the RHA Wellness program is to
Raise Heath Awareness in each individual of the
RHA community. Below are specific objectives
of the RHA Wellness Program:
U.S. Postage
RHA Health Services, Inc.
17 Church Street
Asheville, NC 28801
Asheville, NC
Permit No. 159
n January 4, 2007, RHA Health Services
recognized CEO Gordon J. Simmons for
his 10 years of service to the company. The employees of the Asheville office and Chairman of
the Board Mr. Robert Coats joined together for
this occasion to share lunch and show their gratitude and respect to Mr. Simmons for being such
an inspiring leader. Gordon is known throughout the organization for his capable handling of
operations and his pleasant demeanor.
When Gordon joined with RHA in 1997, he
brought 25 years of healthcare experience along
with him. He started his career in the U.S. Army
where he was trained as a combat medic and
worked at the 279th Station Hospital in Berlin,
Germany. Following his tour of duty, Gordon
attended Atlantic Community College where he
obtained an Associates of Science (A.S.) in Respiratory Therapy followed by an A.S. in Nursing
as well. He was employed as both a Registered
Respiratory Therapist and a Registered Nurse for
over 10 years. Gordon continued his education
at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey
where he earned a B.S. in Business Administration before moving on to The University of
Colorado and receiving his Masters of Science
Degree in Health Care Management. During
these years, Gordon was employed by the Presbyterian Medical Center of Philadelphia- a 450
bed acute care hospital- as well as the Presbyterian Medical Center Foundation. Immediately
prior to joining the RHA team as President and
CEO, Gordon filled two roles as President and
CEO of Presbyterian’s Courtland Health Care
Services, Inc.- a long-term-care management
company operating over 20 nursing homes in the
Philadelphia market- as well as Vice-President of
Presbyterian Medical Center.
When asked what compels and motivates
him, Gordon replied, “I enjoy bringing together
my experience in management as well as an
understanding of the clinical needs of those we
support to provide the best care possible. I live
by the notion that every person working at RHA
is a vital part of the team. I respect the hard
work of all of our staff and have a strong desire
to make RHA a great place to work. Personally, I am dedicated to every resident, client, and
patient we support here and believe that Quality
services must come first.”
Gordon’s coworkers recognize this dedication. Chief Ethics, Compliance, and Privacy Officer John White describes Gordon as a “strong
advocate for quality and the fair treatment of
service users and employees.” Former Executive
Assistant Jeremy Duffer feels that “Gordon is
a true leader who leads by example. He values
all who work for him, promotes the building of
positive work relationships, and strives to be the
highest quality provider in our industry.”
Getting to Know the Asheville-Buncombe
Behavioral Health Office
Six New Homes in
Hendersonville, NC
Under the leadership of Vice President of
Operations for Behavioral Health, Mike Rhoades
and Director Sandy Feutz, the RHA Behavioral
Health office located in Asheville in the Biltmore
area is up and running. The folks in this office
contribute invaluable services and care for those
who come to them for assistance. Employing
65 staff members, this location is able to serve
more than 400 individuals in the Asheville area.
The Behavioral Health office provides
necessary support to people in their own homes
and in the surrounding community, oftentimes
simply lending an ear and providing a shoulder to lean on. By helping consumers create a
person-centered plan, staff is able to help these
individuals realize their personal goals. Another
important aspect of this is to act as a bridge
between citizens who need assistance and the
In October, 2006, RHA Health Services, Inc. acquired five new group homes in Hendersonville
and one in Brevard, NC. Five of these homes
provide ICF services and one is a DDA home;
all offer day activities and quality care for the
residents who live there. As well as being located
in a lovely part of Western North Carolina, the
homes are neat and cozy, providing 32 people
with friendly, comfortable places to call home.
We want to extend a warm welcome to the
residents and staff of Pinebrook, Country Cove,
Forest Bend, Rayside A & B, and Hillpark. It’s
good to have you all with us!
organizations that provide that assistance. For
instance, employees can help guide consumers
toward necessary groups such as Manna Food
Bank, Medicaid, and other community services.
Thanks to a strong team of employees with the
ability to provide guidance in accessing these
helpful resources, the Asheville Behavioral
Health office is set to do wonderful things for
the community.
If you know anyone in the Asheville area
who may be interested in this field, the Asheville
Behavioral Health office is currently seeking
part-time employees to join the team and serve
as Community Support Specialists. Please access
www.careerbuilder.com and search keyword:
“RHA Health Services” to look into opportunities in the area.
Way to go!
Executive Promotions
• Carrie B. from the Maxton Unit went on several job interviews.
Jennifer Lineberger
Chief Operating Officer
• Wendy S. from the Kernersville Unit has accomplished almost 6 years of employment at the
American Red Cross. In May 2006 she was recognized at a banquet she attended and received a
plaque for her 5 years of service.
• Willie M. went to lunch with his buddy Jimmy
S. to a restaurant of Willie’s choosing in Southern Pine, NC. This was made possible by Rico F.
and Tommy M.- Thanks!
Asheville, N.C. – January 25, 2007 – RHA
Health Services, Inc announces the promotion
of Jennifer Lineberger, to Chief Operating
Officer. Ms. Lineberger has been with RHA
Health Services for nearly 9 years, most recently
as the Tennessee Regional Vice President.
• Congratulations to Patricia H. in Benson for
her achievement of making the cheerleading
Jan Herring
Vice President of Operations
• The Statesville Unit has started a Bowling
League with over 28 service users involved- everyone is having a great time.
Asheville, N.C. – January 25, 2007 – RHA Health
Services, Inc announces the promotion of Jan
Herring to Vice President of Operations, Region
I. Ms. Herring will be responsible for supervising administrators and operations in Creedmoor,
Fayetteville and Benson.
• Mark W. asked Uronda M. out on a date for
Valentine’s day. He took her to a fancy restaurant
he used to work at, paid for dinner and flowers,
then took her out to 5th Seasons dance club.
Mark dressed nicely and was a gentleman the
entire evening.
• Corrie helped Jeremy J. at James Farm
find a job.
Margaret Gartlgruber
Vice President of Operations
• Danny, from the Gastonia Unity took Nicole
out for Valentines Day Danny. They went to dinner, a store to buy her a book, split a sweetheart
brownie sundae, and then went to Wal-Mart to
walk around- and it was all his idea.”
Asheville, N.C. – February 1, 2007 – RHA Health
Services, Inc announces the promotion of Margaret Gartlgruber to Regional Vice President of
Operations. Mrs. Gartlgruber will oversee operations in Tennessee. She has been with RHA Health
Services since December 2003, most recently as
Program Administrator for Knoxville.
Staff Recognitions:
Felicia S. in Cleveland worked as an LT while
earning her LPN.
- Submitted by John White
Karen J. in Creedmoor Behavioral Analysis
recently received her BS degree in Human Service/Management.
- Submitted by David Sparrow
Terrance L., a Team Leader in the Jacksonville
Behavioral Health office, has been preparing for
his LPC exam, which he took and passed in January 2007. After endless studying and commitment, Terrance is now a Licensed Professional
Counselor- truly an asset both to himself and to
RHA Health Services! As Jacksonville Director
Carmela Phillips says, “It takes many years of
dedication and hard work for an individual to
become a licensed clinician.”
-Submitted by Kathy Smith and Carmela Phillips
We also want to recognize Ferris S. in Benson for
supporting Oliver during his out of town weekend trip to participate in Special Olympics.
- Submitted by Linda Woodard
RHA Honors & Awards its Employees of the Year
RHA Tennis Champs Serve it Up
in the Fall Special Olympics
Submitted by Theresa A. Lyon
n the weekend of November 3-5,
2006, two youths from RHA’s
Creedmoor Unit competed in the Special
Olympics Fall Games Tennis Tournament
in High Point, NC. The two teenagers,
Derek B. and Shai B., had prepared for this
event by taking lessons sponsored by the
United States Tennis Association (USTA).
After only eight sessions with a coach, it
was off to the Durham County Special
Olympics for a test of their skills. Derek
and Shai took part in the Individual Skills
Competition, a challenge where various
tennis strokes are used to control the ball
and return it to a specific spot across the
court. As the competition heated up, these
two young tennis greats remained cool and
To the pride and excitement of everyone watching, Derek and Shai both placed
in this skills category! Derek B took 3rd
place honors and Shai B. placed 2nd; both
brought home the glory and thrill of a win.
Congratulations to both of you on your
new found talent and an incredible show
of your ability!
RHA Mission: To provide a safe and healthy environment while creating opportunities for personal outcomes.
Have you ever noticed an employee who just seems to go beyond
what is generally expected of him while
on the job? A person who stands out
as being trustworthy and reliable among
her coworkers? Someone who treats
others fairly and helps RHA to provide
the very best in quality services while
reflecting the company’s values? We
have all worked with or observed caregivers who tend to give that extra bit of
effort, and the RHA Employee of the
Year program draws attention to these
folks and rewards their contribution
to the organization. The winners and
their guests were rewarded with a trip
to Asheville, NC to celebrate with each
other and be honored by the company’s
senior management team.
Upon their arrival in the beautiful
mountains of Asheville, the winners and
their guests met at the RHA Corporate
Office where they enjoyed a catered
luncheon and got to know one another.
CEO Gordon Simmons and President
Jeanne Duncan were there to congratulate and take pictures with the honorees.
After lunch and a quick tour of the
office, the honored employees had a
chance to mosey around Asheville and
explore on their own before meeting
program coordinator Tamra Wise at
their hotel. That evening, the employees gathered to attend a reception
dinner and award ceremony where they
were presented with engraved gifts as
a keepsake memento of their achievements. The relaxing weekend concluded
with a guided tour of the breathtaking
Biltmore Estate.
If you know of someone who
serves his/her clients and coworkers
especially well, please consider nominating him/her for the Employee of the
Month award at your unit. All winners
of the monthly award get the chance to
become Employee of the Year at the
end of the year, receiving company-wide
recognition and a weekend trip with
a guest of their choice. Anybody can
nominate a staff member as Employee
of the Month at any time simply by
requesting a nomination form from an
Administrator, Manager, or most office
staff. The criteria for nominees are that
they must have been employed with
RHA for 6 months or more, be in good
standing, and adhere to RHA’s Code
of Conduct.
Big Congrats to the 2006 RN and LPN of the Year!
hat character traits do Michelle Hobbs, Jason
Leuopold, Tormeica Adams, and Jessica Reece
all share? These RHA nurses exhibit an extraordinary
commitment to personal excellence and to the company they represent as demonstrated by their generosity, sensitivity, energy, and downright love of what they
do as nurses for RHA Health Services. These four
individuals were the finalists in RHA’s Nurse Rewards
Program for 2005-2006, and their company-wide
recognition was extremely well-earned. Each nominee
is an exceptional person that we can all be proud to
know and work with. The overall winners for 2006
RN and LPN of the year are, respectively, Michelle
Hobbs of the Creedmoor unit and Jason Leuopold
of the Cleveland (formerly of Statesville) unit. Please
congratulate them if you see them in the halls!
What drives these individuals to excel in the
nursing field? For Michelle Hobbs, it’s the sense of
accomplishment she gets from her work as well as a
personal responsibility to make sure that her patients
receive the care and respect they deserve. Michelle is
quick to mention that this job definitely requires group
effort; much of her workday satisfaction comes from
working with an “awesome team” of nurses.
Jason Leuopold’s co-workers describe him as
being particularly dependable and caring. He has a
great sense of humor and relates well with his fellow
staffers and those he provides care for, helping to
promote a friendly environment for all. Jason has also
been credited with saving lives thanks to his awareness
and quick responses in emergency situations.
Congratulations to each of you as well as to all
of the other nominees for your hard work and effortit is clear to everyone how much you care!