the MME Westfield Brochure



the MME Westfield Brochure
Do you have what it takes?
“… an attractive blend of power and affordability,
not to mention huge enjoyment”
Car Magazine
“You could drive the Westfield all day and never stop enjoying it”
EVO Magazine
/// Welcome
Welcome to a great opportunity called
Westfield Sportscars. This brochure is
designed to give you an insight into the
unique opportunity that exists to buy into an
ownership experience with this leading sports
car manufacturer. Westfield Sportscars Ltd are
now in their 25th year of production and are
expanding their reach globally. This is where
you can come in. Buying a new Westfield
offers you entry into a whole new exhilarating
lifestyle full of adrenaline fuelled thrills and
action. We call it the Westfield Experience.
The following pages give details of Westfield’s
history, manufacturing plant, current design
technology and enviable technical support in
this region from Motorsport Middle East. Our
aim is to find select enthusiasts that are driven
by performance and appreciate automotive
performance engineering at its best.
Do you have what it takes?
Ian Best, Managing Director
Motorsport Middle East (MME)
Sole Importer of Westfield for the Middle East
The history of Westfield Sportscars
n the spring of 1982
historic grand prix
competitor and engineer,
Chris Smith decided to
design and build a replica
of one of his all-time
favourite race cars, the
gorgeous 1956 Lotus XI Le
Mans car. Such was the
accuracy and beauty of the
car he produced in his home
garage at Westfield House,
Armatage he was immediately
inundated with requests from
enthusiasts wanting one for
By the following Easter in
1983 the company Westfield
Sportscars had been created.
Further demand for the new
Westfield XI replica kit meant
bigger premises and staff
were required and the
fledgling sportscar company
was under way.
From the outset Chris and
business partner and wife,
Eileen recognised the
importance of constantly
reinvesting in product
development. Furthermore
every aspect of the cars from
the chassis to the seats and
interior trim would all be
designed and built entirely inhouse to ensuring both high
quality and value for money.
This is an ethos that
continues today and sets
Westfield head and shoulders
above any other product in
the kit car industry
After the introduction of a
new car, the equally well
received Westfield 7SE, a
decision was taken to fade out
the XI allowing the team to
concentrate on production of
the new kit. The company
continued expanding rapidly
to cope with ever growing
demand, which became even
stronger after the bodywork
was redesigned and
moderised. Westfield was
now firmly established as a
big player.
In 1991, Westfield again
needed bigger premises and
moved to the impressive
factory and office block in
Kingswinford where it is still
manufacturing today. It was
here that the incredible V8powered SEIGHT first caused
the earth to shake. With
monster power and an
incredible 0-60mph time of
3.6 seconds it was Wesfield’s
fastest machine thus far and
received critical acclaim from
the motoring press.
It would be hard to follow a
car like that but Westfield
went on to become one of the
first car manufacturers to
harness bike power. The
small, but very powerful and
high revving machines
enabled incredible feats of
speed and agility and offered
fantastic performance at a low
In October 2004, in
response to a constant flow of
enquiries, the XI was
reintroduced. The car proved
a massive hit once again, with
a full order book and
rapturous praise from new
In December 2006, the
company entered a new stage
of its development when
British owned Potenza Sports
Cars Ltd acquired it. The
resulting inward investment
will take the development of
the company to new and
exciting levels whilst ensuring
that its products consistently
redefine the quality,
engineering and technology
standards within the kit car
Westfield remains a family
run, UK based manufacturer.
Its skilled and highly trained
workforce will continue to
produce high quality
craftsmanship in every aspect
of production.
Westfield: Engineered for the Gulf by MME
Motorsport Middle East (MME) founded and headquartered in the Kingdom
of Bahrain are the sole importer for the Westfield range of hand built sports
cars for the Middle East. With an extensive database of satisfied customers,
MME is one of the regions leading suppliers of performance cars, parts,
vehicle tuning services, track day and driver support services, as well as a host
of associated performance car services for the enthusiastic driver in the gulf
MME have been operating since 2003 and have supplied cars, parts and
servicing needs to some of the regions most demanding performance
car drivers. Having worked closely with the Westfield team in the UK to
design and specify tailor-made cars that fit the demanding needs of a
gulf performance car enthusiast, MME are confident that performance car
enthusiasts in the gulf will be delighted with both the initial purchase costs
and the reduced running costs of the Westfield’s compared to their closest
Initially MME will be supplying three key models developed for the gulf
market; the Aerorace 210, the Sport and the XTR4. All of these cars combine
performance, quality and reliability at a very competitive price point and have
been engineered especially for the gulf region by Westfield and MME.
Westfield Aerorace 210
The Aerorace 210 is a stripped out track-only car originally developed for
the one make Westfield Sportscars Race series. Using a specially developed,
CAD designed race chassis, a racing loom, uprated suspension and a 210bhp
engine, which makes it a fast and cost effective way to get involved in club
racing, or a rapid tool for track days. Safety features are top of the list with a
fully plumbed fire extinguisher, FIA approved roll cage and a 5 point harness.
Westfield Sport
The sport range is developed as a viable option for both road and track usage.
This car has passed all the relevant road usage regulations in Europe and is
regularly used as an enjoyable way for sports car enthusiasts to travel.
Westfield XTR (under development)
The XTR is a new generation of minimalist, ultra modern sports car which
brings ultimate high performance track driving to all driving enthusiasts,
not just those with big bank balances. The chassis design, layout and
accessibility of all the components and the removable bodywork make
essential maintenance easy and affordable. The XTR delivers an exceptional
performance vs price ratio, as well as high levels of envy from the truly
shattering performance and stunning styling.
d Zetec SE Sigma
: 135bhp @ 6300rpm *
e: 192nm @ 4000rpm
Fa c t o r y B u i l d
d Zetec SE Sigma
: 152bhp @ 6600 rpm
e: 192nm @ 4500rpm
d Duratec I4
: 200bhp @ 6750rpm *
e: 210.1nm @ 4500rpm
d Duratec I4
: 250 BHP @ 7500rpm
e: 255nm @ 5800rpm
ver V8
: 200bhp @ 4750rpm *
e: 318.8nm @ 2600rpm
XR1300R Suzuki Hayabusa
: 180ps @ 9800rpm *
e: 138.29 NM @ 7000rpm
wer output, variations may
ding on operational conditions.
Kit Options
A great opportunity for future
customers to have the satisfaction
and pleasure of choosing their
individually specified classic British
sports car and watching it being
hand built in their own country by
an MME Westfield approved team
of qualified experts. Each model
is broken down into six (five in the
case of the SEiGHT) separate stages
with a comprehensive instruction
manual. The Westfield module build local distributors in each country to
system contains all the components ensure the highest levels of build
needed to build customers cars in quality and finish.
approved Westfield Service Centre’s
throughout the gulf. There is no
welding, machining, hammering
or hassle. All that’s needed is
tools, fuel, water and time. MME
supply the full range of Westfield
kit options for this region. MME
also offer full technical support for
MME offer complete,
factory standard,
Westfield cars
delivered to customers
to drive away in.
Hand assembled in
Bahrain by MME’s
team of highly skilled
technicians from kits
supplied direct from
the Westfield factory in
the UK. MME recognize
that it is an exciting
period for customers,
so offer the opportunity
for new owners to visit
Bahrain to see their car
being built by on site
in MME’s new purpose
built facilities. For those
that cannot make it
to Bahrain, regular
emails with updates
in the build schedule
and photographs
can also be sent to
customers. In general it
takes approximately 4
months for a personal
order to be completed
from order date.
For more information
see the Westfield
module build and factory
built price list
U K Fa c t o r y Fo c u s
Every company likes to tell you they’re great at what they
do, but few take the time to throw their doors open and
prove it. Westfield factory tours are entirely free and lay
totally bare our commitment to innovation, quality and most
importantly value for money. So why not take the time and
book an appointment to visit and judge for yourself?
After that it’s really up to you, but if you’re considering a
car as individual as a Westfield then your decision will be an
informed one based entirely on fact. True quality isn’t as
pricey as others would have you believe!
Pa r t s a n d S e r v i c e S u p p o r t
MME Technical Support
You are never alone.
The MME Westfield technical hotline is available
during office hours Sunday to Thursday to
answer any questions and help resolve any
MME Westfield Spare Parts
MME hold a selection of key Westfield
parts and are on hand to assist your every
need. The retail store is open Sunday to
Owners’ Club
The Westfield Sports Car Club was
founded over 10 years ago in the UK.
Whilst most activity takes place in
the UK and mainland Europe the club
welcomes new members from overseas.
The club is also an ideal place to meet
new Westfield enthusiasts, either online
or at any of the regular club events held
in Europe. Visit for
more information.
Westfield Service Standards
Westfield’s are high performance sports
cars, so let us keep them that way.
Expertise, care and understanding are
required to keep Westfield’s performing
the way they were intended to. That’s
the sort of knowledge and dedication
that only an MME approved Westfield
Service Centre can provide. MME trained
technicians are among some of the
finest in the business. Backed by genuine
Westfield spare parts and ‘state of the art’
workshop facilities you can be sure that
MME performance will always guarantee
your performance.
“Their products are quite simply among
the very best this industry has to offer”
B e c o m i n g a We s t fi e l d O w n e r
Westfield Sportscars are high performance
cars and becoming a owner means becoming
part of an elite club of performance car
MME, as the regional importer, aim to ensure
the continued success of Westfield products
in the Middle East region by appointing
national distributors in the key markets that
are able to meet basic criteria and have the
right long term vision for the Westfield brand
and its future offerings.
If this short overview of the heritage and
products offered by this iconic sports car
brand appeals to you please contact us and
we will be delighted to discuss how you can
be the next owner of a superior Westfield
product in this region.
Do you have what it takes?
Matt Morgan
Sales & Marketing Manager
M: +973 36 774 812
E: [email protected]
Paul Johnstone
General Manager
M: +973 39 425 689
E: [email protected]
Motorsport Middle East
P.O. Box 10001 Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
T: +973 17 737 828
F: +973 17 215 839
Sole Importer of Westfield Sportscars in the Middle East