Pegasus final w industries



Pegasus final w industries
Taking manufacturing companies to the next level for nearly 20 years
Since the late 1990s, Pegasus Capital Group has acquired manufacturing businesses that are leaders in their
respective industry niches. While some of these companies have been corporate or institution-owned, most have
been built from scratch by inspirational entrepreneurs and families that recognize a need to bring in fresh resources to reach the next level of growth. These owners care deeply about their organizations and sell to Pegasus because of its
commitment to nurture and maintain their life’s work. Pegasus has assembled specialists who are genuinely passionate about
improving and growing the businesses they assist, taking pride in the productivity gains resulting from their efforts.
•Consumer Products
•Agricultural Products
•Aerospace & Defense
•Cash flow $2 million to $15 million
•North America
Borga, Inc.
Fowler, CA
Manufacturer of preengineered metal buildings
American Piping Products, Inc.
Chesterfield, MO
Calwax Corporation
Distributor of specialty heavy-wall
seamless pipe, fittings and flanges
Irwindale, CA
Blender and wholesale
distributor of wax products
Design Space, Inc.
Douglas, GA
Manufacturer of commercial
modular buildings
Jackrabbit, Inc.
Ripon, CA
Manufacturer of nut harvesting
and agricultural equipment
Shield Pack, LLC
West Monroe, LA
Manufacturer of element-resistant
and other specialty packaging
SPG International, LLC
Midwest Automotive Designs, LLC
Covington, GA
Manufacturer of storage product solutions
to the foodservice, retail and industrial
material handling industries
Elkhart, IN
Converter of custom luxury
vans and trucks
TOG Manufacturing Co., Inc.
North Adams, MA
Manufacturer of components for the
power generation and nuclear industries
San Diego, CA
WeatherGuard Building Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of high thermal
conductivity metal matrix composites,
ceramics and packages/assemblies
Fabricator of balcony railings and
hurricane protection products
West Palm Beach, FL
Patrick Whelan, Managing Partner
3250 Ocean Park Boulevard, Suite 203
Santa Monica, California 90405
[email protected]
Phone 310.392.9100
Fax 310.392.9101

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