"Sacred Messages for the Parents of the World"



"Sacred Messages for the Parents of the World"
For the Parents of the World
Spiritually received from Sri Babaji Nagaraj to
Swami Amenanda, Ivonne Delaflor, author of
Invitation to Love: 108 Reminders for the Enlightened Ones
and to Swami Amarananda, Phil LaHaye.
Awaken to [the] celebration.
Share and live the joy.
Become a spiritual altruistic person!
Become a non-profit of love, giving;
and in the giving, create the bliss of creation!
Become younger each day through your choice of thoughts.
The celebration is now!
Yes, the celebration is here!
-Babaji Nagaraj
Invitation to Love: 108 Reminders For the Enlightened Ones
Babaji provides profound words of wisdom for the inner child within us all.
When we take these words to heart, we’re better able to parent our own children,
thereby giving them the insight, knowledge, and love
that will make them positive and productive members of society.
~ Jill Kramer, editorial director of Hay House, Inc.
As mother of three and midwife to thousands, I wish I could have given this epic work
on parenting to every parent I’ve ever known.
I am awed by this masterpiece of love and guidance.
This is not only for every parent and grandparent to read,
but for every person on the planet that wants to learn to nurture their own inner child.
Read this book with that child at the forefront of your thoughts.
As with all sacred texts, they have been given to the human race
to guide us to be the God-like beings that we are here to learn how to be.
Sacred Messages has been given to us as a sacred text to help us guide our children (as
well as ourselves) from the moment they are conceived into God-Consciousness.
“The real war in this era is not in the battlefield, but in families,” Babaji states.
This book will help you to open the many gates of love
in your families, in your world, and in your heart.
~ Sara Liebling, CNM, Certified Nurse-Midwife
I almost feel like I am in another world as I’m reading this book.
~ Kevin Boyle
Sacred Messages will, no doubt, be hailed as the 21st century’s new parental handbook
on how to raise a happy, self-confident, spiritually balanced child.
Providing our children with the love and respect that is their natural birthright ensures
the continuance of maintaining the Golden Rule, which is the core of all humanity.
The Question and Answer portion of this book adeptly highlights
what most parents ask of themselves.
Bless you for your powerful and inspirational roadmap.
~ Louise Aveni
I just finished reading through Sacred Messages.
I can only say Yes! Yes! Yes! Another perfect gift to the world!
Opening to any page and reading with an open heart,
one can surely feel the sacred energy
and taste the divine nectar between the lines.
This book is like a candle for humanity.
It signals the good that surely comes as we open to love
and as we bow to the purity in every child!
Thank you again, Ivonne for being a Voice of Spirit,
with love, only love, always love.
~ Dan Brule, Guchu Ram Singh www.breathmastery.com
Ivonne Delaflor presents Babaji’s brilliant transmissions for parents and friends of
children. He is concise in how we can listen and respond to our children so they grow
through experiences of love and respect. Our attitudes and behaviors sate the stage for
all of us to embrace joy and harmony. What better gift can anyone give to the future of
Earth than raise compassionate children? If it is not in your experience of growing up,
stay open to the power of these teachings. “Try it, you might like it”
~Serena Sutherland, Licensed/Registered Occupational Therapist
Specialized in Child Learning/Behavioral Disorders for over 30 years.
By Swami Amarananda & Swami Amenanda
Reconnecting with Sri Babaji
-December 31, 2004
-December 27, 2004
1. The Mission Revealed
2. The Frequency of Intention
3. Mastering the Mind through Love
4. Breathing and Breathing
5. Welcome to Earth
6. Possible Choices
7. The Meditative Toy
8. Selecting a Siddhi
9. Be Quiet
10. Blessing the Feet of the Disciple
11. The Voice of the Heart
12. The Thunderbolt—Guidance
13. Letting Go
14. I Am
15. You Are
16. Welcome to Reality
17. No-Time Experience
18. Always by Your Side
19. Humbleness
20. Just Believe
21. Eating Love
22. The Twelve Gates of Knowledge
23. I’ll Be Waiting for You
24. The New Light Beings
25. Time is at Hand
26. The Whirling Gate of the Eternal Cycles
On Questioning
What Can I Ask?
In the Light of Divine Love
More Than One Question
Modeling Strength, Courage, Compassion and Awareness
What is Perfection?
Having Fun?
What I Would Never Ask
Baby Steps
The Feeling of Joy
What is the Difference?
The Sacred Number
What is Wisdom?
Reality is Created Every Single Moment
You Do Not Belong to Your Parents
The Game is About Eternity
Divine Ignorance
Become the Masters of Your Own Mind
Being Human
Be Aware in Every Moment
Stay Focused
A One-Minute Gift
Fear of Death or Fear of Life?
What is A Portal?
Are Immunizations Harmful?
Food is a Conscious Blessing
The Last and First Question
Moving On
Message From Swami Bijananda
Swami Amenanda
Swami Amarananda
In humble dedication to the parents of the world,
and to the fruits they bear
for the sacred evolution of humanity.
Ivonne Delaflor wishes to express her endless gratitude to both Swami Bijananda and
Swami Amarananda for their tireless dedication and unconditional support. Thank you
also to Swami Ananda for reading these messages with your heart and translating them
into other languages so others can benefit from this sacred wisdom. To Rabia, Jill,
Doreen Virtue and Barbara Jeske, thank you. To Alhia and Christian for the guiding
light they are in my life. To Enrique for holding the space while I visited the shadow
world and his generosity for us to materially manifest this book..
And thank you Babaji …for such an intense and a joyous ride!
Our lives are sometimes marked by contrasts. On December 27, 2004, as the
world began to receive the messages from those in the path of the South Asian tsunami,
a note arrived in my email box that was the beginning of a five month adventure that
changed my life. It came from internationally known author and child advocate, Ivonne
Delaflor, a truly beautiful soul who, I can happily say, is also a dear friend. I had the
privilege of seeing Ivonne in Sedona, AZ, about three months before, where she
excitedly told me of a new book she was receiving through automatic writing from Sri
Babaji Nagaraj. Ivonne sent me a copy of this captivating book, Invitation to Love
(available through www.amazon.com and www.iuniverse.com), and we began a
beautiful dialogue. Little did I know that I would be named as co-author of her next
book from Babaji, Sacred Messages for the Parents of the World. “Co-author?” I said,
“with Ivonne Delaflor and Babaji? Woo-hoo!” I was thrilled to be involved but puzzled
since I had not written a single book. I did not know my role or how it would develop—
but I felt totally ready to embark on this grand adventure!
I was not only asked to be honored as a co-author, but also assigned the task of
editing the book. A labor of love was in the works! I was told I could share the creative
process and the book with three persons. I chose my loving wife, Paula, my 15-year old
son, Andrew, and my dear friend from Sedona, AZ, Anne Lary (whom Babaji named
Swami Bijananda). It was Anne who took over the majority of the editing duties and I
was delighted to have the opportunity to work with her. The publisher’s editor did a
great job as well.
Editing was an interesting endeavor. The majority of tweaking the grammar,
punctuation and spelling was deftly handled by Anne’s remarkable editing skills, but we
also wanted to consider the possibility that Babaji wanted to use certain phrases and
spellings by design. Brackets were added for clarification to indicate words added or
changed that were not in the original message. In some cases we relied entirely on
intuition. We often noticed that when we labored to understand a particular passage, rereading it again and again, we discovered beautiful nuggets of hidden wisdom, plays on
words, and magical metaphors. If some of what you read seems “clunky,” please read it
again or read it aloud. You may realize, as we did, there is a beauty to the transmission
in the actual sounds of the words from this great Master. I am grateful for my wife’s
understanding nature as Anne and I spent many hours on this wonderful task.
While editing can be necessary for clarity, I wish to share with you that I
sometimes felt I was picking apart a lovely rose, petal by petal, instead of inhaling its
beautiful fragrance. We did our best to keep the editing to a minimum, or even make it
invisible, as our strongest intention was to focus exclusively on the remarkable contents
of this book.
We are all parents—certainly, of our inner child at least—and some of us have
physical children to assist in their adventure (yes, THEIR adventure) on this planet. I
will say, unequivocally, that this book, this portal, has dramatically improved the way I
see my role as a parent. We, who have been privileged to be involved in this book, are
delighted to share it with you.
Phil LaHaye
Swami Amarananda
July 10, 2005
As I write…I realize what a ride I have been on for the past three years!
It has been an amazing time of healing, of discovery of both my inner light and shadow.
A time of completion, of karmic encounters and magical manifestations of evolving
My personal life fell into deep darkness and all that I had been trying to avoid
from my past or my unconsciousness came to the surface of my mind…there was no
place to hide from it.
The energy transmission received through Babaji, challenged me to see and find
myself not only in the “good” moments, but also in the dark and unknown moments as
well. I took a ride on the roller coaster of beliefs, disbeliefs, anger, rage, joy, sadness; a
total exploration of human emotions that reminded me of my own humanity.
As I write, today, I realize what a gift and honor it is to be writing in this portal.
Since we completed this book in the month of September 2005, my personal challenges
increased…I felt in depression and a cycle of negativity that seemed to have no end. I
went into deep isolation from the world as much as I could. I even stopped writing and
meditating. I still kept some focus thanks to my yoga teacher, family counseling and my
beloved little teachers. Yet, the inner wisdom of the heart kept whispering to me:
So this morning I did remember sacred love, and the universe supported me to
have a couple of hours by myself. I re-read the portal, SACRED MESSAGES, and
from it, I felt a transmission of courage, humbleness and responsibility that reminded of
me the day I had my first child…There is no way back…the contractions were needed,
the pain was signaling re-birth and the birth of what would be the highest initiation for
me as a human being embodying a female form: becoming a mother.
And beyond “being blessed to BE a parent” for the first time, after re-reading the
messages from Babaji, I felt the presence of my inner PARENT and how my inner child
was being nurtured by it. An immediate realization and a healing caress embodied my
being…and for the first time in my life, the parent inside me was guiding the child in
me towards positive choices and appropriate actions to take within the vision of
evolution and transformation. For I realized that the same love and devotion we offer to
our children, contains the same energy that we can apply towards ourselves…towards
our own inner child.
For this, I offer this unique portal to all parents, to all humans, inviting you to set
aside self-limiting beliefs and TRUST that the power of love, the magic of intention and
manifestation is a deep treasure you carry within. The whole of our lives is indeed a
Sacred Message…
The question is:
What is the Sacred Message that your heart wants you to hear?
And would you be willing to listen?
I thank you for the opportunity you give me to serve. And I visualize love and
gratitude as keys for us all to step forward into the miracle of evolution and open the
door of realization to see clearly the blessing of parenting for the sake of our children
and ourselves in the magnificent journey of life.
With deepest devotion,
Ivonne Delaflor
Swami Amenanda
December 1, 2005
Nothing will ever be the same; welcome change!
I am change itself.
Welcome the kingdom within.
Awakening the CCBE: the Child-Christ-Buddha Energy.
It is time.
-Babaji, Invitation to Love
If you want to live in the kingdom, be the kingdom.
Become like a child.
November 28, 2004
10:10 PM
Babaji, Babaji, Babaji…
Are you here? My mind can’t stop thinking about you! My mind has even
transcended thinking. You are all I breathe and eat. Oh, how I long to bow at your
sacred feet once again. Have I been blind? Have I been distracted? Forgive me if I
have. I am thirsty for your presence. The recognition of the magic that you ARE
humbles me more and more every moment.
I feel your Divine presence, and the messages you keep sending to validate the
work you gave me are strong! All that you have said has been fulfilled. Oh Babaji, give
me the necessary strength to ride the wave of delusion and separation from my own
beloved brothers and sisters. May I merge in the “I AM” and may I be reminded by you
of that. Please come and let me anoint your feet with my tears as you once said.
Please, Babaji…come to me…
Ivonne Delaflor,
Swami Amenanda
DECEMBER 27, 2004
December 27, 2004
5:22 AM
Shhhhh. Welcome back, Amenai [Ivonne]. I see your daughter has a fever.
Burning karma from others’ thoughts? Mmm…
Meditate more, and then I will call you. We are starting the messages for all
parents, for the parent within that nurtures the inner child, the Divine, Godly and
Supreme Being. [There is] such joy being in the experience of parenting and serving
children. [It is] a beautiful metaphor of the divine energy, of the magnificent nurturing
energy of creation.
Now, you will drink even more water, eat more greens and fast for three days.
Then you [will] come again when I call you. You shall share these messages now
ONLY with Amarananda [Phil LaHaye]. I will communicate with him as well as he
prays for the communication with the purest of hearts. He has seen me in the Mayan
land; I have breathed him in the sacred cave for eons of time. He might ask all the
questions he wishes and I shall respond. You, Amenai, shall serve as the vessel. His
name shall appear on the cover of the portal, or as you call it, the book. He might share
with three persons this creation process.
This time, the messages will be directed to all energy vortexes of the human
body, and psyche, re-awakening the male and female energy of the Divine Mother and
the Divine Father as ONE. Grand healing in the subtle levels will occur only if all of
you allow it. Therefore, just breathe.
For you, Amenai, and the ones that these messages are destined for, take three
days of increased meditation, drink more water and eat more greens before you start
reading and creating these next messages. It will take nine months of your human time
to complete.
The time has come. Children are sacred; you are the children! The pure beings
on Earth must grow in the awareness of God Realization: no separation, no burdens and
judgments, and no division [of] thoughts. What is separated must [be] reunited, and this
is all I shall say at this time.
Healing energy to your daughter, Amenai. So be it. I am health, I am healing.
Now go, sleep, breathe and please would you do as I say? This time, you may edit typos
you have while fast writing happens. For when we finish this document, we will publish
Now go...yet, stay. Now breathe, and be still, for even when we have had an
experience [of] this process of telepathic communication [before], you still doubt.
Ttttttttt. Amenai, child…that will not interfere. Your doubt is weaker every day.
Whatever others think, it is their thoughts; their thoughts belong to their choices…and
that is fine with us. For in the Oneness that we all are, the whole supports the
individuality, celebrates the diversity, and the opportunity to keep choosing love.
I am so very pleased with Invitation To Love, and more pleased for the ones that
are joining the celebration! That book belongs to all. The messages are for all, and I
wish for all those who read it to share it with whomever they wish. They need not
request authorization or permission to quote the book for any use or [for] sharing [for]
good purposes. The message is theirs; every single soul has an Invitation to Love. No
labels, no copyrights, no owning or trade-marking love! This new book belongs also to
all as well. Prepare the document now; add the Table of Contents “I” gave you in
Mathura 14 months ago. Add the message you wrote calling for me just one month ago.
Now, shhhh...sleep I will summon you when you are ready and we shall speak to
the parents of the world.
Om Namah Shivaya
DECEMBER 31, 2004
I am who you are...and the message I bring is YOUR message,
the message of Prema, Divine Love.
December 31, 2004
10:58 PM
Namah Shivaya, Amenai! Celebrating the New Year? In other parts of the world
it is already 2005 and where you live it is [still] 2004. What is the division of time you
all create? On one side of the world is one year, and on another, a different one! A joke!
A good joke and yet very symbolic.
Let us get on with the program. You have not fasted, yet you have shopped more
than ever! Fast! But fast from thoughts and wanting of things! Then we can begin. In
the meantime, I [will] give instructions. You may add [them] to the Introduction.
The book shall be created following the Table of Contents we gave you in
Mathura. Yes, WE, as I, or YOU…the same for me…Abraham is one and yet many. [It
is] not for you to understand. Babaji is One and All. [Do] not get attached to my name.
[It] is not mine; I own nothing. There is no greater joy than the realization of the Master
within! So please, bow not to me but to the divine creator in all creatures! Understood?
This book is not Babaji’s book. I want [the] name Babaji removed from [the]
cover…yes, I speak to [the] parents of [the] world. But the “I” that speaks is nonexistent…not of belonging but of gifting to all and everyone. This message is created by
the “I” of Oneness, not ego, but Heart.
Yet we shall create no divisions. We shall be practical and precise in these
messages, healing [all] wounds that live in the psyche of the mind. [We will be] clearing
energetic stagnation created by beliefs. We are to celebrate PARENTHOOD! To rejoice
in CHILDHOOD! To praise all, with gratitude to DIVINE LOVE! To celebrate the
Oneness, the miracle of life and the experience of BEING HUMAN. Yes!
Swami Amarananda should send you one question every third day. He might
also add the questions his three friends have. We shall respond. We, I, You, All…the
Great Brotherhood shall respond.
Let me make this clear. Babaji is a thought. Yes, with a form, but created by
thousands of thought-beliefs in Babaji. I feel so very grateful. Yet, without YOU [all],
“I” would not exist. Got it?
Child! I see your thoughts again! I live! For I AM life itself. I am as alive as you
are. My body is a projection of your thought-beliefs in me! One day I trust my children
will awaken in the NOW to the realization that they are the creators of all and everything–
this book, these messages, this life!
People will say I don’t exist; people will say I am a ghost; people will say [these]
messages are created from [your] imagination. To [those] people I say, I AM who YOU
ARE...and the message I bring is YOUR message, the message of Prema, Divine Love.
Is there any problem with that? Do you feel challenged or disrespected thinking you
can’t see me?
People…I see the Divine in you. You are who I am. As alive as you are, I AM.
Those with ears shall hear. Now listen:
2005 Is a year of major transformation for the sacred boy, the sacred planet. Reunion on all levels shall happen. The time has come and time is always at
2006 Mother Nature will align itself with the kundalini energy that is moving all
and everything.
During the process drop attachments and beliefs, and yet remain with divine
TRUST. Would you do that? Good! Now, eat greens! Drink more water and Happy NoNew Year! The time is now, the celebrating is now, and re-uniting all as One is the
mission of the Mother and Father of the Universe.
Sat Nam!
1. The Mission Revealed
Just as the footprints of any creature that walks the earth
can be placed in the elephant’s footprint, which is the largest of all–
even so, mindful attention is the one quality that ensures ease of mind at all times.
Mindful attention causes beneficial thoughts that have not yet arisen to arise.
It also causes harmful thoughts that have already arisen to vanish.
In the one who is mindful, the good that is to be will be realized.
-Anguttara Nikaya
March 4, 2005
11:11 PM
Greetings! May I begin with the simple reminder that all that will be said, read
and not read is already inside you. Yes, the YOU that the “I” forgets; the ONE in you.
Confusing? Yes and no.
This book is not a methodical essay on what to do in order to change children.
This book is not a psychological study on the growth of society as a collective and the
impact it has on human behavior. This book is not an attempt to tell you what to do. If
for any reason you believe that I will tell you what to do, better close the book now.
Here you will find who you are. Words will serve only as a mirror of your inner
wisdom as a parent of children, and as a parent of your true self…of the self that has the
intention to evolve, to meditate, and to breathe the breath of life!
Yes, this is not a book of conducts. The words I will share with you, my
children, call for inaction while the natural organic action is taken. The child I will
speak of lives within you. If you can parent your true self, then automatically your
children will be blessed with this awareness. The parenting journey, ahhh, nectar to my
ears, is yours. The parenting adventure is a sacred mission…a sacred image…a sacred
First I shall ask, will you allow old beliefs to go to sleep while you receive this
transmission? Will you allow the true child in you to awaken in the remembrance of the
one and only Father-Mother of humanity? Will you be aware that you are co-creating
this message this very moment?
Yes, children we will have this portal (book) ready by September of the human
heart 2005. But what IS this portal? What IS this book?
Simple, very simple…it is again a simple reminder… a transmission beyond the
transmission itself to REMEMBER…and reunite in the awareness of the universal
parenting energy. It is a simple reminder of the sacredness that children are…the
miracle that life is. It is an opportunity to transform useless beliefs into positive action.
It is a call to awaken to your own Divine God-nature, and with the modeling from your
experience [to] serve as a light to all children to awaken the God-Divine nature that is
who they are.
What is the mission? Do you think [it] is building 500 corporations? Do you
think [it] is sending your children to the best schools? Do you think it is to have anyone
believe in your belief? Do you think that [it] is to educate your child to clean up his or
her room…Ttttttttt…
Simplicity is powerful. Clarity is simplicity. The sacred mission is revealed:
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Now, I am speaking of the Love that has no concept attach[ed]
to it. The Love that has no need to be praised for giving it. The Love that has no
complaint. The Love that is timeless, eternal, and abundant! I am speaking of the divine
Love that a mother feels for a newborn child. The Love that a father feels for his family.
The Love that the child feels for their parents. What is that? UNCONDITIONAL
LOVE. The mission is simple: Through love, live the reality and re-awaken constantly
the remembrance that within you resides the mother and the father of the universe.
Every moment is an opportunity to follow the sacred parent’s guidance to clear
the program of the wounded child within you and smell the fragrance of remembrance.
From that state of being, called God-realization, parent the sacred beings that you all
call children. REMEMBER you all are children…my children…
Now…I know you have movie called MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. The sacred
mission revealed is not impossible.
Are you ready?
Babaji Nagaraj
2. The Frequency of Intention
Those who want much are always much in need.
March 5, 2005
11:52 PM
Now the mission is clear. What is the intention you will put in it? What is the
sense of devotion in it? Is there any reason why you should not have the intention to
create the mission as a whole and complete experience for you and your children? Are
there excuses? Are there goals set in very surreal standards that only burden your mind
with wantings, confusing the clarity of your mission, the clarity of your vision?
is your intention, mother?
is your intention, father?
is the intention of the child within you?
is THE intention?
Be aware that intention doesn’t stay only in the first part of this sacred word:
intent. Intent is good…but saying it sometimes creates a sense of struggle and [does]
not really create anything. Just staying in the intent to do something might create the
illusion of stagnation within you. Rather, focus on INTENT-ON. Turning ON the power
of intent, and bringing it into a clear vision of manifestation. Manifest-ON.
We are turning on the switches in this message, children. There is no time to
waste! Even the word NO, backwards is ON! Be aware...Intent-ON, Manifest-ON. It is
Mission POSSIBLE. With intent-ON…you are right ON track! You have always been.
Do I have an intention? Aha!!!!...I do…Yet, I don’t do, I create. I live it and I
breathe it through your heart…through the ON-ness that we are. The frequency is higher
when you are aware that what you choose to put your awareness on, manifests!
So TURN ON the high frequency of LOVE. The switch is in your heart.
Babaji Nagaraj
3. Mastering the Mind Through Love
It is but few who hear about the Self.
Fewer still dedicate their lives to its realization.
Wonderful is the one who speaks about the Self.
Rare are they who make it the supreme goal of their lives.
-Katha Upanishad
March 5, 2005
12:12 AM
I said I would not give a complex message, or something psychoanalytical that
would bring validation to beliefs that evidently are not necessary anymore for the sacred
role of parenting and guiding children to their God-realization!
If you read this book [it] is because we have been friends for so long ago in the
NOW. Babaji is your friend. Yes, I AM BABAJI. I am in YOU. What is an evident skill
that any parent, any mother, any Buddha that has attained enlightenment has mastered?
Remember to witness your thoughts. Meditation is a must. Focus on visualizing
a brilliant life, a loving creation. Be aware of the constant MIRACLE! Practice the skill
of being aware of your self-talk. See the energy you send to the world with your actions
and inactions. Watch the silent teachings that you offer to children that are as powerful
as or more powerful than what you teach and pretend to be.
Let us be naked and speak the truth. If you want something to change...become
that change yourself! [Do you] want to heal from old wounds? [Do you] want to be [a]
more conscious parent? [Are you] longing for a more spiritual life? For the presence of
love? Of God?
Well, meditate; master your mind. Tune it to the radio station of the Divine.
Remember your intenti-ON creates manifestati-ON. Regulate your mental and sensory
cravings and your mental impulses; practice self analysis, meditation, and every day do
twenty push-ups of surrender with the mind set to the higher vision of God-realization.
Breath, meditate, practice silence…be honest. Choose a vocabulary that reflects
caring, kindness and healthy boundaries. [These qualities] are a must to parent the child
within and the children of the sacred world…beautiful planet Earth.
Aum I Sath Aum
Babaji Nagaraj
Labor to keep alive in your breast
that little spark of celestial fire,
called conscience.
-George Washington
4. Breathing and Breathing
To avoid trouble, breathe through the nose;
it keeps the mouth shut.
-Creative Wit
March 5. 2005
12:34 PM
My dear ones,
You all are aware that the way children learn most is through the modeled
message you deliver. Your inner child also learns from what you choose to model as a
belief to yourself. There is so much concern [as to] what to teach, what to learn…Aren’t
you aware that the most important skill, which is organic, natural and free, is the breath?
Children should all have the awareness that they can heal through the awareness of their
own breath.
Teach them techniques of breathing. For when they choose to have [a] fever, or
for when they experience fear…breath has different rhythms. Breath is a symphony of
possibilities. I have said it in all languages possible…BREATHE! Be aware of this.
Look at the breathing of a child that is being punished unjustly. Observe the breathing
rhythm of the newborn. Listen to the breathing of your beloved when passion emerges.
Feel your own breath, how it shifts and changes depending upon the different situations
you create and experience.
Now, what is the first thing you teach without teaching? The power is IN THE
BREATH! Model breathing exercises in front of your children. Say fewer words and
breathe more.
Now…take a deep breath! In between each of these words there is sacred
space…sacred air...to breathe. So breathe, breathe and breathe. Celebrate the Prana!
Celebrate the Anima Spiritus. Breathe the soul! The breath is one with the soul, one with
the air…one with spirit.
[This is the] first lesson that a child should receive silently. [Offer] reminders
softly, now and then. [Offer] skills to attain higher levels of consciousness. I assure you,
if you model the power of breath, teenagers will most likely not choose drugs to get
high or to numb the pain of maya.
When must [the] first lesson be delivered? As soon as a child is born. Observe
silence and breathe profoundly, mirroring the infant’s sacred breath. You will be
impressed. His first breath connects him to human experience! So BE aware!
If the baby receives the message that the breath is his connection to life, he-she
shall never feel disconnected from the reality of his essence. When [later in their life
they are] playing the game of forgetting the journey and the sacredness of the mission,
through the breath within, he-she shall immediately remember the presence of the
Divine. Give the gift of breath awareness… because the real gift is already inside you
all…it is free, it is powerful…the breath is God.
5. Welcome to Earth
A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.
-Carl Sandburg
March 6, 2005
9:35 PM
We must go on with messages. No chatting now…just write, dear one. Just
receive the message telepathically once again. Just focus on surrender. Visualize a
golden light while you write and let me do the rest.
Welcome to Earth! Yes, I say this now to you all. For some reason you have
created the illusion that you are not welcomed, and the illusion that suffering is
extremely necessary in order to remember your divine essence.
Parents, you must feel welcomed. You should remember that the Divine loves
you in order to welcome a new being onto this precious planet, into this sacred world.
How? Focus on the positive! See the gifts of life! Feel the gift of awareness! Live the
gift of experiencing being human. Joy, struggle, freedom, enthusiasm...are all
seasonings of this human experience.
Now I come as the message and the messenger:
I want to welcome you all to Earth.
Welcome, dear child, to life!
Welcome to this sacred experience, and let me love you.
Will you allow God to serve you?
Will you allow yourself to feel this love?
Welcome to your own heart!
Remember, when a newborn arrives to a human experience…bring awareness
and go inward. Be honest in how you experience life….and remember that God
welcomes you every single moment! Feel welcomed and then welcome the precious
newborn to Earth…only then. Welcome the Oneness through the eyes of love!
Amenai, please write here the words that your daughter shared with you this
Babaji, which ones? The ones she spontaneously spoke about how parents should feel?
Yes, child, exactly.
“All parents should feel loved to be able to take care of us, to be able to be very
kind to us, and help all those who do not have parents, like children in orphanages!
Always take care of animals because they are very pretty.
Take care of yourself. Be loving to your children. Be nice to all of your friends.
Be nice to them and be really peaceful. Ah! And one more thing, the last one: Believe in
God. THE END.”
-Alhia Molina (7 years old)
Ttttt…aha! Like a story she was sharing…funny and powerful, “The End.”
Thank you. Children know! Become like a child and welcome the kingdom of love
inside your soul! The End with No end!
Om Hari Om
6. Possible Choices
To bring up a child in the way he should go,
travel that way yourself once in a while.
-Josh Billings
March 6, 2005
9:48 PM
Dear ones,
A revelation is made as soon as you experience your first breath though it has no
words and no mental explanations. Yet deep within the soul of your own divine nature
as soon as you are born, there is the awareness of Nirvikalpa Samadhi…the possibility
of True Illumination…of returning and experiencing the realization and existence of
consciousness. The choice of eternal life is given through the first breath. It is choiceless, and it carries the power of many different options that will manifest through the
growth period to REMEMBER the original choice…the sacred one given the first
moment of birth.
All children are pure Jnanavatars! They are true incarnations of Wisdom. What
an opportunity when a young one is born to meditate in their presence, energy and form
and remember the blessing of your own life while reawakening the memory of your true
enlightening nature!
So be aware of this. You must remember constantly to rise above professed
creeds. Parenting requires a sacred CHOICE to LOVE! Through it remember the
choice, the promise of illumination…the promise of remembering the Oneness with all.
Om Namah Shivaya
7. The Meditative Toy
You will always be your child’s favorite toy.
-Vicki Lansky
March 6, 2005
9:56 PM
Now…Why [are you] accumulating so many external toys that distract you from
your journey? Look at you! When parenting [by] giving things and toys substitutes for
the presence of the parent itself, [it] is [so] petty. But far more unnecessary are the toys
that you give to yourself to forget your journey.
Create a meditative toy. The breath is playful, the ocean is fun…dancing and
smiling are great toys to remember the wonderful game and sacred experience of life.
The toys of simplicity, humbleness and love are just eternal sources of conscious
entertainment and focus!
I shall repeat [these] words over and over again like mantras! Nothing compares
with the presence of Love. No toys, no object, no fame, no achievement compares to the
present presence of Love.
So as a parent, be present, stay present…be aware of the gift. In that awareness
there is no external thing needed! As you parent yourself through life…be present, stay
present…open your eyes and see.
The best toy is your own light, enthusiasm, celebration! Sharing and
serving…what a great modeling for kids to ask papa and mama for more awareness, for
celebrating life more…for needing nothing while enjoying everything.
Now, as a parent, think of this message…this is your job…a joyful one!
Let’s play!
Namah Om
8. Selecting a Siddhi
No man can reveal aught but that which already lies half asleep
at the dawning of one’s knowledge.
-Kahlil Gibran
March 6, 2005
10:02 PM
If you are alive, you already have [a] powerful siddhi! What is [a] siddhi? A
power! What do you think your life is? What do you think tears are? What do you think
love is? A siddhi! You were as small as an atom and materialized in the most sublime
manifestation as a human being!
Get no[t] distracted in looking for those who levitate; fancy not those who boast
that they have powers to manifest material things from other dimensions, or how many
things from your future they can tell you….
Rather focus on selecting a siddhi for yourself. You already are a living
siddhi…a living manifestation of the Divine! No one external from you can give you a
power. The power is inside you!
There are many options…compassion, surrender, serenity, peace,
gratitude…endless possibilities to choose from. Select one and model [that quality] to
your children. Choice and intention create power. Manifest whatever you choose!
Model it by living it! In the process your child learns and your inner child constantly
reaffirms your choice.
P.S. The Supreme Being lives in the inner child! Contemplate this while you select your
A teacher functions as a pointer to truth,
not a giver of truth…
-Bruce Lee
9. Be Quiet
What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
March 6, 2005
10:28 PM
Ttttt…child, [write] this message and [then] you [can] go to sleep…to quiet
mind…no questions, no nothing, child. Just keep writing, Amenai. Let the divine
momentum carry you.
The messages I will deliver to parents are simple…very simple; far simpler than
any mind or concept would imagine. Why simple? Because simplicity has been
forgotten. Now Amenai, carry on.
Parents, be aware of what you say and [do] not say. Silence speaks as strong as
or stronger than the power of [the] spoken word. Both are powerful. Both must be
modeled! For the inner child [it] is important to be quiet as well. The personality of the
adult has veiled the divine child presence! Being quiet does not mean that you do not
open [your] mouth. No, no…being quiet means being mind-full, silent-full, bliss-full.
Be aware of what you say or [do] not say. Being quiet means not to stop singing. Babaji
wants you to sing…to delight so that children see with open eyes that life is meant to be
Children are simple…they require no techniques for becoming something that
they already are! Clear the way of confusion, parents! Practice more silence! Become
the meditation! Become a living meditation! Create a moment in your families to honor
silence. Play with the children to see who can hear the language of the wind…Practice
listening to the sound of [the] ocean! Practice smiling more and saying less.
Sing more! Laugh more! Quiet your worries and trust! Surrender for a moment
to the power of quietude and quietness…breathe its fragrance! Taste it! Create it! Watch
a baby sleep and learn their teaching!
Remember that children are watching…now…too many words for such a silent
and important message.
P.S. “I” love “you.”
10. Blessing the Feet of the Disciple
A good teacher is a guide, not a guard.
He studies each student individually
and helps to awaken the student to explore himself,
both internally and externally,
and ultimately integrate him with his being.
-Bruce Lee
March 12, 2005
9:50 PM
Good. Now, child! How are you being in this moment? Who are you choosing to
be? It is time to remind parents of the sacred importance of the feet of their children,
and the feet of their own soul!
Let us continue. The feet are a treasure of symbolism for the path that the child
will take. [It takes] tremendous force, and sankalpa must be the focus of the parents to
remember this. The Sacred Pada, the Sacred Feet, represent the future footsteps of love.
The feet have the energy of the Holy Trinity. When one can symbolically bow at the
feet of a guru, or of a child, with one’s heart, there is a subtle transformation and
transcendence of the sense of ego. Passions and desires immediately quiet themselves
and what shines is the goodness and purity, which is the nature of sacred children. The
process of bowing shines the chinmaya nature of the inner child, which is full of light.
Surrender comes effortlessly and self-surrender to the inner God spontaneously
This message requires your total attention, for beyond the literal words, in truth I
AM bowing at your lotus feet.
Babaji Nagaraj
11. The Voice of the Heart
The teacher and the student together produce the learning.
-Ancient Saying
March 12, 2005
10:05 PM
Do you believe you are the only teacher for your child? Do you believe you own
your children? What are you trying to teach them? With what voice are you guiding
The most sacred awareness must be manifested regarding the voice you choose
to use to guide your children. You are a small flashlight for their path. Yes, a voice that
comes from the heart creates a bigger flashlight and the brilliancy of the light shines
with more intensity without becoming blinding.
When the voice of guidance comes from a sense of detachment and no
expectations to receive credit for the guidance, then children really learn through the
transmission of deep love coming from the strength of the heart as voice.
Please children, do not confuse a loving voice with weakness…Tttttt. The power
of the voice of the heart is a melody that transcends time and space and assures 100%
successful love.
Hear my words.
I love you.
12. The Thunderbolt—Guidance
Experience is a dear teacher,
but fools will learn through no other.
-Benjamin Franklin
March 12, 2005
10:08 PM
Who said that love shall not have limits? Children need limits, good, modeled
ones! Explain limits [to them] when they are old enough to understand. Limits based in
love and respect are a treasure to behold for future generations. Like lightning that
shows the sky at night in a spontaneous way, the guidance towards children should be like
[a] thunderbolt of awareness. Focus should be intense, with a power that emanates from
unconditional love. Power that points at the marvels of the creator and that guides
towards the self-discovery of God within. That thunderbolt awakens the senses of heshe who sleeps in order to remember that who you are is God.
The earlier you start, the more children will enjoy their divinity.
Om Namah Shivaya
13. Letting Go
A teacher affects eternity;
he can never tell where his influence stops.
-Henry B. Adams
March 12, 2005
10:17 PM
Well, now…Here is the paradox:
Set limits, guide with power, speak with love’s voice, and then…let go even
from that! Offer every single word and moment with your children to your parent
within…to God as Father and Mother. Offer every sacred breath to the Divine Father
and Divine Mother. Remember that your children are not yours in a deep and subtle
sense. Breathe in this awareness. Create reminders of it from the moment you conceive
the sacred beings. They come not only to awaken in their own Godhead, but also to
remind you of your own God-Nature.
[Be] alert. Go…Breathe…Set yourself free.
Such a paradox! A joyful one, indeed!
Between the pillars of spirit and matter
the mind has put up a swing.
There swings the bound soul and all the worlds with not even the slightest rest.
The sun and moon also swing, and there is no end to it.
The soul swings through millions of births
like the endless circling of the sun and moon.
Billions of ages have passed with no sigh of relief.
The earth and sky swing.
Wind and water swing.
Taking a body,
God Himself swings.
14. I Am
Empty your heart of empty fears.
When you get yourself out of the way, I am there.
You can of yourself do nothing, but I can do all.
And I AM in all.
-James Dillet Freeman
March 18, 2005
11:24 PM
Dear Ones:
What is the first lullaby that the sweet ears of the newborn beings that come with
fresh space consciousness shall listen to? I AM, I AM, I AM!
Before the body is born, I AM. The One is I AM, with no consciousness at all in
the manifestation of objects. It comes from the unmanifest to the manifest and in
between that space, the “I AM” emerges.
First lullaby…mmmhhh, delighting in the breath of course and in between each
word… I…AM, reminding the child [of] the sacred space which they manifested from.
That sacred space is the intelligent ever-permeating force of the infinite.
As soon as parents take the newborn being in their arms, realize this: You are
lifting in your arms the son of man-woman; this [is] indeed a metaphor for the
sacredness of Oneness…of the I AM. This sacredness could easily be misinterpreted in
a world that lives in how much they accumulate, and bases their “human” value on that,
rather than [on] the emptiness of the sacred breath and space that reminds them of the
miracle of life.
Ahhh…this lullaby is magical, powerful intonated words…for awakening the
parent within and re-parent[ing] yourself in the process.
There…is this complex? Not at all! Remove the I CANT’S and the illusory
complexity from the mind and welcome this:
P.S. This is the best name for any child….for those who wonder, what name shall we
choose? I AM, is indeed the first name of the Divine…what you all call God.
15. You Are
Though you may not see the good,
good is there, for I am there.
I am there because I have to be, because I AM.
March 18, 2005
11:35 PM
Now, if I AM, therefore, YOU ARE! But if I AM and therefore YOU ARE, then
I AM in YOU. If I AM in YOU…then [it] is evident that YOU ARE IN ME! Is this
Oneness? Is this a reminder? Is this a paradox? What AM I trying to say?
This is the second part of the lullaby and a very brief message: YOU ARE WHO
I AM. Have this in mind constantly, so that your thoughts can reverberate with the
higher awareness of Oneness. No separation, no divisions. This will assist parents in
ceasing personal agendas that only push the parenting miracle to a DOING JOB rather
than a parenting experience.
If your child is I AM, therefore, YOU ARE! So…get it? Simple or not…the Tao
is the Tao is the Tao. Haven’t they said that on your planet?
You are who I am and I am in you.
What is the most important thing?
Being right?
Knowing more?
Ttttt…YOU are pure awareness. Parent from your natural state of being…and
the rest will follow.
16. Welcome to Reality
There are some people who live in a dream world,
and there are some who face reality;
and then there are those who turn one into the other.
-Douglas Everett
March 18, 2005
11:49 PM
Dear Children,
Many on the spiritual path now dare to speak about REALITY while living in
the dream of maya…illusion. Yet, when it comes to children they are a living
embodiment of reality and sacred space.
Welcome your children into the reality that you know nothing at all! Aha! Isn’t
he who knows nothing an enlightened one? Ahhh, but be aware…do not fool yourself
into believing you know you do not know! Ttttt….The persistence of the beliefs in the
illusion of reality beyond what the mind sees has created a belief system of stagnated
ways of seeing life. Now, the new children have eyes wide open. They live it; they ARE
You can re-awaken the sense of reality when you respect the sacred self within
you and your children, and when you bring awareness to the responsibility you have
toward creation.
Now…what is wrong with dreaming? Many parents sometimes [do] not let their
children dream. Ttttt….CHILDREN! I say unto thee, dream, create, and visualize love,
simplicity and truth. CREATE REALITY! Here is the key:
Remind your kids about this, in a gentle way…like the ocean reminds the sand
of the wave’s presence.
17. No-Time Experience
Half our life is spent trying to find something to do
with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.
-Will Rogers
March 19, 2005
12:02 AM
Dear Children:
Why do you rush? You rush even to read these words that may not contain
meaning and that will gain nothing for you. Ttttt…this is a simple reminder…the true
teaching resides within you. Rush not. Stop and enjoy the silence. Observe your
children; observe your inner child. Breathe him-her in…gently, like a warm summer
You think that whatever you are doing is more important than your children?
More important than your inner child? Do you think that time is like an inexhaustible
It all seems limitless, right, child? Yet, it is and it is not. If you live RUSHING
TIME…limitlessness does not exist. Ahh, and if you live in love…eternity is for you!
Taste this infinite treasure with your children. It is time…don’t you think?
18. Always by Your Side
Even though there may be times
It seems I’m far away, Never
wonder where I am
‘Cause I am always by your side.
-Celine Dion, The Power of Love
March 19, 2005
12:47 AM
Are you sure you will always be by the side of your children? Mmmhhh, let me
think! He who cannot be by his own side, cannot be by anyone else’s side! Sometimes
you might be always by the side of a belief system or a thought!
Realize you must love yourself strongly and passionately! Please [do] not
confuse that with vanity or ego! You must recognize your divinity and your own true
child nature!
Come back to the basics…Enjoy nature, laugh more! Then, only then, realize
that the Divine…the higher power of the universe, is always by your side. Only then,
have the firm conviction to share it with your children. Through the Oneness we all are,
we are never separated...in the experience of the fragmented mind. The only way to
realize this Oneness, and ever-by-your-side God-companionship is to recognize it
within yourself first.
This is a sweet wine.
I AM always by YOUR side.
19. Humbleness
Self-confidence entails knowing something for sure;
humbleness entails being impeccable in one’s actions and feelings.
–Carlos Castañeda
March 19, 2005
1:01 AM
Humbleness does not mean that you should attain the role of VICTIM as a
parent. Aha! Be aware! As soon as children are born you began with a sport that turns
into a habit and that merges with what seems to be your current reality: you complain if
your child sleeps little, you complain if your child quarrels, if he sleeps or [does] not
sleep, if he plays or not, if he bites or screams, or doesn’t pick up his clothes! You
complain about how little time you have for yourself!
One question I have, if I may?
Who are you complaining about? Your child or your ego’s disturbance of its
lack of accomplishing what it wants? What are you accomplishing by complaining?
It is the humbleness and awareness of the miracle of parenting that will keep
your mind fresh, focused on seeing with the eyes of love the miracle and responsibility
you have towards life!
Now, do you wish to re-parent yourself?
Be humble! Be honest! Breathe and see if your current reality is based in
expectations to attain more things, or if it is based on love to attain the opportunity to
love more. Be honest, take a look within…have a conversation with your inner child
and make a choice.
In humbleness all melodies can be appreciated with the heart. The true mission
of parenting reveals itself through laughter, simplicity and truth. I speak of the fingerpainting children…the Divine awakening within.
Om Namah Shivaya
The soul of man is immortal and imperishable.
20. Just Believe
Come out of the circle of time,
and into the circle of love.
March 19, 2005
10:22 PM
Aha! Child! Good strength and courage to come. Change is needed, Amenai.
Trust me. You and your children and your loved ones will never be unattended. Many
will speak and [give] advice. Do well in your choice of silence. Fast from words but not
from written words. I say, this is easier than the Mahabharata…Arjuna was worried
about killing people…you are just going to celebrate completion. Still I say, TRUST in the
divine plan, child. I know your husband [has] been thinking for [a] long time now of
“SEPARATION.” Aha! Nothing can ever be separated. Change delivers strength. The
lotus embraces the mud before attaining its fullness. Just keep on working for us. Your
needs will be taken care of. Doubts come and go…stay working and do not be
concerned about the transmission. You cannot alter the transmission I send. Dear one,
your heart and intentions are based on love…
Let us continue with the messages. This year we must finish all the works before
you enter into a sabbatical. India will be creative visualizations only. Do you
understand? We have plans. Time is at hand. Do you believe?
With this question I ask to all my children…DO YOU BELIEVE?
Immortality is a state of pure awareness, pure celebration as a conscious witness.
The laughter of a child is immortality itself. If the parent can embrace the child’s
laughter with total focus…there is no better shaktipat than that! Ha!
I ask you all to believe in sacred space! I ask your hearts to believe in the divine
power of Prema! I ask you to trust in the immortal wisdom of the ancestors that flows
through you and your children. Believe in the vast universe within! Believe in the power
of manifestation with the choices you make.
Do you believe in your own beating heart?
What is there to believe?
That which is real is not confined by definitions, not confined by symbolic
sounds or words. Yet I say to thee, the laughter of a child is immortality itself…and for
this moment...only for this moment, I ask you to believe…JUST BELIEVE.
21. Eating Love
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
-Lao Tzu
March 19, 2005
10:37 PM
The diet of the sacred children and the inner child is VERY IMPORTANT!
There are already many of my children addressing this topic in most successful ways.
But now I speak of the sacred nutrients that children and the inner child really need:
Can you please give those vitamins to them and to yourself? If you all eat these
supplements and nutrients consistently, your energy levels will improve. You will also
find that your inner child will heal faster from old beliefs and painful memories while it
models strength, commitment and constancy on the real vitamins that Buddha, Jesus, or
any enlightened being…a true one, will give, starting with the most important of them
all, LOVE!
Simple. You know it…but just a reminder to keep on with the right dosage,
which is infinite!
I go now; yet I stay! I must keep eating love and sharing this wonderful meal
with all.
Bon Appetite!
22. The Twelve Gates of Knowledge
Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.
March 20, 2005
4:29 AM
Child, first contemplate the gate names and soon I will give you [the]
description. For now just contemplate names. Ttttt...
The Child In Pursuit of Knowledge
Not Ignorance But The Illusion of Knowledge
True Organ
The Now: Where is Knowledge?
New Knowledge: The Power of Questions
Truth and Error: True Knowledge
More Knowledge, More Wonder
Free From Past Opinions
Warning! Little is Enough
Sacred Knowledge, Keep it Clean!
Right Dosage
Pour the Vessel: Sharing
Amenai, we must proceed.
Babaji, I feel really sad for what is evolving in my life. I feel absolutely
responsible for what is evolving. I feel sad that I could separate from my husband in the
physical sense. My concerns are my children. I am also concerned about writing for you
in this state of tears and human affairs that perhaps are based in my ego. I have a sense
of failure and blame towards myself for something that since the beginning showed
signs of dysfunction and predictability for what is happening. I know deep within that
this is all my creation.
I don’t really know if I should be writing for you. Forgive my thoughts if they
obstruct or do something with this energy…Oh Babaji, I just ask for some words, that is
all, even one word is enough. Know that I am grateful for every single breath…
Tttttt…Child, why only one word? You give me many words and you ask only
for one? Aha! I give you one and many; many is one. This reminds me again of the
Bhagavad Gita, even though I know these are modern times and there is no need to
write an epic again like the Mahabharata. It is interesting though that this “family”
situation is evolving for you when we are writing a message for the parents of the
world. Child, beneath the veils I SEE, for I AM…and you ARE.
If you were Arjuna, and a war was evolving, we would speak of peace and duty.
The Bhagavad Gita would be written. Now, instead we are writing sacred messages for the
parents of the world. The truth is that the real war in this era is not on the battlefield but in
families. Your openness and naked self will assist many to see that the battle right
now starts in the midst of family and parenting. Do not think I do not want to address
your situation…I do, I AM. But I will address it in the most transcendental and subtle
You will awake from this dream soon. Times are different and you come to me
not with the intention to persuade me not to kill those on the battlefield, like Arjuna
with Krishna…you come trying to persuade yourself not to do your duty. There is the
similarity! Your service must be focus[ed] on God, at all times. Fear not of using the
word God. Why fear a word that contains so many possibilities?
I ask thee, as I ask any single soul that will read and is reading these words right
enlightenment, not to attain material profit, not to attain recognition worldwide. Service
for the sake of service is DIVINE DUTY.
To whom [do] you think this service is for? Of course [it is] GOD…and GOD is
ONE with your “I AM” presence!
This takes me to the gates. Children come now with me. Gates are simple, let us
open them and most important, walk through them.
Amenai, I AM in you, in this boat. Now let us open the gates:
The Child in Pursuit of Knowledge
Parents, it is a natural instinct for a child to be curious and to learn. In the
process they receive knowledge from each experience manifested. Now, parents [often]
forget this attraction to knowledge…even their own attraction. The first gate is to be
aware that there is a NATURAL INSTINCT in being human, to search, find and
experience knowledge per se. Just this awareness will shift the whole energetic dynamic
of the relationship parents have with children and children with parents. It is natural,
just like the earth changing cycles. Knowledge, inner knowledge is natural and
instinctual. Let it flower without obstructing natural curiosity with your expectations of
what children should learn and what children should become due to your expectations
and forgetfulness of what true knowledge means. Just be awareit is NATURAL. Let
us travel to the next gate. Your contemplation on each word we share here will find the
keys to go deeper and deeper each time you read. Just be aware.
Not Ignorance But the Illusion of Knowledge
Many beings think that ignorance, not knowing, is a grand cause of suffering!
Ttttt…I say to thee, the illusion of knowledge as an accumulation of concepts in the
mind, even spiritual concepts, is what causes sorrow and divisions.
Divine ignorance is the state of the Buddha, of Jesus and all enlightened ones.
Subtle, higher…then there is true knowledge. Sounds like a paradox? It is and it is not.
The duality in this dimension speaks for itself. Again, your inner contemplation will
open the door within this gate…shhh, only silence can assist you here.
Allow the child to be ignorant from limiting concepts; allow their inner
knowledge to flower by allowing yourself as a parent to drop unnecessary concepts and
beliefs that only create divisions and apparent stagnation in your mind. The less
baggage, the better for the parenting journey.
True Organ
Knowledge is an organ within your human experience. For as you create
EXPERIENCE, you attain, retain and not-retain certain knowledge from what evolved
from a certain experience. Become the rose, become the fragrance: this is just a
How have you learned or attain[ed] knowledge? In what state of being?
Gardening? Silence? Just like the kidneys [or lungs], knowledge is an organ in the
human body. Feed it appropriately with healthy habits! Only then, will this organ work
appropriately. I shall not tell you what to do and how to take care of this organ! That is
your job. As a parent, trust that you know how to nurture this organ in yourself, and
then model this nurturance to your children.
This is most important, for when the child creates challenging moments, this
organ will function in marvelous ways to remind him of solutions, or to remind her of
possibilities and choices….Breathe….
The Now: Where is Knowledge?
Parents, where is knowledge?
In the school systems?
In the sacred texts?
In attending church every Sunday?
In having a higher IQ?
In wearing a red string around your right wrist?
In accumulating money, things and property?
In accumulating disciples?
Tattt…tat! I say to thee, true knowledge can only be found inside the heart of
humanity. It is the power of love, the higher knowledge of it all.
So where is true knowledge? Within YOU! Within your soul!
New Knowledge: The Power of Questions
I love questions. Although there are no answers that can ever fit the question per
se, I love questions. They are helpful to redirect oneself in the path of parenting or on
any path.
When [you are] uncertain [of] what to do, what to say or not to say, ask yourself:
Is this really happening? Is this really necessary? What is more important; being right or
loving more? What does my child really need? Who AM I choosing to be in this
Great questions, don’t you think? There are thousands of questions inside your
inner organ of knowledge! They are excellent reminders and focusing points to stay in
the non-linear experience of being a parent and enjoying your relationship with your
children even more.
Ttttt…what is your next question? Why are you asking that?
Truth and Error: True Knowledge
Is being right and truthful the only source of true knowledge? Many think that
errors, mistakes and failures are not knowledge. I say that error is a grand teacher!
Grand! Error is a quick shot of immediate experience in what works and [what] does not
work. Just be open to accept this evident reality within the parenting experience and
within your children’s lives! Then when you incorporate truth and error as something
that is accepted in your experience, you’ve got it (without literally getting anything at
all)! True Knowledge emanates from the discerning mind and offers possibilities to
choose different[ly] and create an experience based in love rather than [in] fear.
More Knowledge, More Wonder
Now, [here is] another paradox. The more you “attain knowledge,” the more you
begin to wonder. Children wonder naturally in the most sacred way. [They say,] “Look,
there is a flower!” “Look! A bird!” Yet, the adult mind sometimes wonders in places
where darkness remains as an apparent reality. Their true knowledge is veiled with the
accumulation of concepts. Then the wondering is veiled as maya.
Come back to your inner child and wonder about the sun, the stars, the mystical
ocean’s breeze. Wonder about your heart…and free yourself from maya. Your children
live in a state of wonder. Why teach them to forget in order to pursue that which is not
What for?
Is it necessary?
Is it real?
Is it eternal?
Think about it…but not too much.
Free From Past Opinions
Be open for new knowledge to permeate the old. Brand new concepts substitute
[for] old concepts. The experience needs to be fresh. Knowledge never remains the
same, yet it is always simple, always in the now. If you were to lose any memory of
your past, you would start anew...refreshed and with pure mind.
I say now to thee that this is possible without losing memory! Just bring forth the
witness consciousness and set your mind free from the attachment to past opinions,
either yours or others’. Be free from old ways to educate a child, or to show them what
strength means…welcome the new, like children do…welcome the inner wisdom of
Warning! Little is Enough.
Now! Tattt! Little is enough! Who said little is not already a lot? When the sage
tries to accumulate more spiritual knowledge, the sage ceases to be.
Parents are sages…contemplate this gate and enter into the next one.
Sacred Knowledge: Keep it Clean!
The mastery of knowledge is important. Keep it clean by drinking [the] pure
water of good deeds, inner strength and loving guidance. Share this water with your
children so that they can keep a clean channel and a clean knowledge organ.
Please, this is simple. Choose your thoughts, who you are with, what you
surround yourself with. Treat each other with respect.
Fathers, be good to the mothers! Your daughters and sons are learning how to
create relationships from you. Mothers, be good to your children! May unconditional
love and respect be the major guru in your PARENTING EXPERIENCE and within the
sacred relationship of marriage!
Right Dosage
When do you have too much knowledge? You will know when you think you
know more than others! Aha! There is a clue! If you think you know more than others,
you need to take a shower of concepts! The right dosage of knowledge is an experience
of equanimity, balance and joy. If there is joy, your knowledge quota is fine…if there is
pain, shower up!
Pour the Vessel: Sharing
Aha! SHARING. Why force children to share things? The most important things
to share are not things at all! The poet shares his poetry; the singer, his song; the dancer,
his movement; the guru, his wisdom; the parent…his love! Pour the vessel; do not keep
it inside because of fear…Pour! Serve! Share the love! Drink the love! Your children
will. Love the celebration! SHARE, parents! You keep on saying that to your children;
now it is your turn to listen: share the joy, share with passion, share with peace, and
Welcome to my world.
23. I’ll Be Waiting for You
I’ll be waiting for you, here inside my heart;
I’m the one who wants to love you more.
-Celine Dion
March 20, 2005
5:31 AM
Child, let us take a rest while we still write. Entering into the different gates
could be exhausting for the mental dimension. Imagine, there are thousands of gates!
That is why I like this universe so much! That is why I love all these possibilities! Such
a treat and a blessing!
Now, Amenai, thank you. Children, thank you. You are most precious for the
creator…for God as Mother and Father, for the Divine Lover! Take your time if you
wish, even though time is at hand. Know that love is always waiting for you, at the end
of tunnels, storms, apparent defeat or sorrow. Always, we are here. We are always with
you…and we are waiting not at the end of whatever the end means for you. We walk
along...we all do.
Every cell, every particle of H2O, connects us…unites us…every single breath is
the company of the Divine. Trust. Now, rest from the reading and the writing. Children,
I’ll be waiting for you, as I always do. Your parenting is most precious! Your children
are Divine. You are Divine.
Rest…take three deep breaths…inhale the gates, the experience and the message
between the lines and beyond the words. Exhale worries and concerns. Stay here and yet
rest. I’ll be waiting, as I said.
I love you.
24. The New Light Beings
Looking up into the night sky is looking into infinity.
Distance is incomprehensible and therefore meaningless.
-Douglas Adams
March 22, 2005
10:22 PM
Good evening! GOD EVE-RING! Would you take the call?
Aha! Ttttt. Child, now, you must address your mind. Do not be concerned if the
work you all are doing will be, has been, or is judged by any other of my children.
Shhhh, all my children are in their right learning process. Any attempt to raise a word
against one another will only deliver an immediate boomerang opportunity to create and
source the moment within the higher intelligence of a true enlightened being. Even
more, if my children try to convince others about how this person should not be writing,
or how this person is like this or that, or how he or she should be banned from any
access to “your” world…gossiping, even when hiding their gossip as ENLIGHTENED
MASTERS…then aha! Babaji seizes the opportunity where my children can grow more
in love and in their own true enlightenment. Now hear my words beyond the words:
Children, the energy will intensify! Breathe…
In the meantime…mmmhhh...“mean” time? No, no…let us change that word! In
the God-time, let us continue.
I am very pleased with the work of Swami Amarananda and Swami Bijananda.
Dear Amenai, I am very pleased with your service. I say this [knowing that it is]
triggering and challenging you to accept that there is nothing wrong with the work you
do for me! It is time to come out of the cave! Since when was sharing wisdom, love and
donating work what humans call “sin”? You, who like the mastery of words, change the
word “sin” in English to the “sin” in Spanish.
What does sin mean in Spanish, child?
It means NADA…literally, its meaning is the word “nothing.”
So, you see? Nada…no sin…and what happens if you remove the “n” from the
word “sin” child?
It says “SI.”
So, it says YES.
Yes, si…
We must continue.
Babaji, I dare to interrupt you, what happened? What was … … … … … … … … … …
Child, as I use your hand to write, notice the space color. What you are seeing is
called intelligent space. Now, would I bring you the experience in words? No…
Babaji, what is this, something...this fragrance. I cannot think a single thought.
Words written come effortlessly, as if my hand knew the words to write while my mind
has no thought. Yet, at the same time I see my body writing. Where am I?
You are in the INTELLIGENT SPACE…the sacred space, where the DNA
reconnects for all human beings.
DNA reconnecting? I feel [in] a drunken state, Babaji.
Stay with me, [it] won’t be too long. Your body might begin asking where it
went and we don’t want your body to enter into a locked trance state.
I don’t understand anything you say. Yet all seems fine.
The DNA must be reactivated, and all sacred strands reunited. Then individuals
will create a chain of activation for the ancient blueprint of humanity.
Babaji, what are you talking about? Why can’t I stop laughing? Actually, I am
not laughing, my body IS laughing. Where AM I? Who AM I?
Right now you are no one. In this space, where we are, there is no personality,
nor layers of names and labels. Even the body becomes an attachment for the human
experience. Yet, [it] is sacred, but distracts the spiritual seeker when they think they are
only the body. So right NOW in this INTELLIGENT SPACE, there is only pure
Wow! Do I exist?
Do I really have a mind in the body I use on…planet Earth? Are we still on the
planet? How can my body still be writing!
Child, experience is multidimensional. Right now all [the] information necessary
I have already loaded into your human system eons ago in time. Now your system is
typing what is already loaded inside. We surely can rest if you want to do so. [It] is like
your ancient web camera systems. The image that you see is not the actual image that
happens in the present; the information that the camera has taken in a person’s
computer, arrives to another web cam or computer some period in time after the original
message was sent.
That DNA thing, what does it have to do with whatever you are writing through
the body I use on planet Earth?
It has to do with the NEW LIGHT BEINGS!
Ahhh! Of course! What light beings? What’s new?
Child, you ask more questions when you are out of the body than when you are
in the body! Right now your body still has a sense of control. The mind thinks it is
understanding that you are having an outer body experience…still the mind is beginning
to realize that something is different…so we must focus soon on going inside your body
The DNA is a powerful code for the sacred blueprint. I want you to find one of
my children who, in humbleness, works to activate the DNA. His initials are T.A. The
Divine Natal Activator! The TIMELY ACTIVATOR! He is total[ly] aware of the
unknown mystery and yet very humble…
How would we find him?
You will. Leave that to Babaji. Then you will connect with him and assist him in
ways [the] spirit will guide you. Time to go back to your body, child.
Oh, no! Do I have to?
Yes, you are already inside it again. Now you will think you might have
imagined everything. But these words will remind you that something happened. Aha!
Swing would be good! And also more water.
Babaji…wow! I have no words…just gratitude.
Now, child…let me tell you about THE LIGHT BEINGS. Many children, all
children are arriving on the planet with higher consciousness and stronger intentions to
create the needed shift of [the collective] consciousness. Now, if I may say…labels do
not work for them. You can call them Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Holodynamic, Beings
From The 15th Dimension, and so on…
The truth is that the new light beings [have] come to activate the power of the
subconscious. These are the most powerful beings, with the most powerful message:
Play, delight, celebrate and love!
They seem wise beyond their years and parents must make sure that their
wisdom also accompanies their child’s play. As soon as their kids begin to demonstrate
their Buddha nature...bang! Parents immediately label them and expect them to behave
like adults...I say Ttatttt…NO, NO, NO!
The children will be and are “rebellious.” Strict rules that are not founded in
respect, honor and Oneness will not fit with them. Punishing by hitting, verbal abuse or
ignoring these kids will not help. When I say the words “these kids,” I am talking
[about] all children of the world!
Many parents will begin noticing that highly evolved children will complain that
they have very few friends. Know this…intelligent energy will be very selective with
these children. Just be there with your children. Be present and strong through love,
honest talk, and trust. Do not go and try to fix and buy friends for your kids. Please
remember, parents, the universe always provides. You do your work and let the universe
do its work. The new light beings perceive creation, the world, and their surroundings
with total[ly] different eyes…they can sense the plants, speak with the insect world,
evolve psychically and telepathically and keep on growing in the power of simplicity!
Parents, TRUST the intuition of your children. Trust that if you are reading this
book right now…[it] is mainly because your inner child and your children are vibrating
in a higher frequency of love and growing in awareness and responsibility to create a
most conscious world.
These new light beings are extremely responsible for their ages regarding values,
honesty and the “right thing to do,” though they might leave toys all over the house and
resist clean[ing] up their room when asked. That, dear parents, is good...it means they
are having fun in their human experience!
Your children, your light beings will always sense a grander destiny, a powerful
mission...they will be always moved to help, to serve, to balance disharmony. Just
watch it…be attentive, and awaken your inner child light being now while remembrance
spontaneously occurs. There are more things to say…but we must take baby steps, like
children do.
Be aware there are three thought-beliefs that might veil the divine nature of your
inner child and the awareness to subtly perceive your own children:
1. Projections
2. Postponement
3. Past Experience
Absorb this while you practice the power of silence….shhhhh.
25. Time is at Hand
When the Zen Master says, “Have a cup of tea,” he’s saying,
“Taste a little of Bodhidharma. Don’t bother about these questions,
whether God exists or not, who created the world, where is heaven and where is hell,
and what is the theory of karma and rebirth.”
When the Zen Master says, “Forget all about it. Have a cup of tea,”
he’s saying, “Better become more aware. Don’t go into all this nonsense.
This is not going to help you at all.”
March 23, 2005
11:01 PM
We must continue.
Dear parents,
Your children, the new light beings in your lives, [have] invited you since the
day they were born, to participate fully and lovingly in their lives and in yours. They
dream of a better universe and live in ecstasy. Joy is their sacred play. They come with
the gift of opportunity, to CO-CREATE and CO-PARTICIPATE in the wonders and
miracles of life, contributing a miracle themselves to the whole of creation. Each time a
child is born, a ripple of celebration is created in the water of Oneness that unites all
human beings! It is a sacred and poignant miracle!
Children come to remind you that there is no ONE better than another. Every
single being is unique. You were a child once; your inner child knows this! Do you
remember? You also came to deliver this sacred message to your own parents. The
innocent newborn has no agenda, nor desire to fight for a belief or to blame others for
mistakes…the child and the inner child are not interested in proving spirituality, worth,
or superiority. A child’s purity is like a dewdrop on a tulip.
There is no identity… and as soon as a child is born, she creates a big ripple
inside his-her parents’ hearts and invites their belief systems to SURRENDER and
merge into this ocean of uncertainty, mystery and sacredness called childhood.
So dear parents, remember that your children are here to love and be loved. Do
not force them to use a label to define who they are. Do you want to deny them the
opportunity to play in this game called “consciousness” and in the process deny the joy
to discover their true essence by themselves?
If you were playing chess, would you like someone else to move your pieces?
Let go of trying to give meaning to who they are supposed to be. Let it go! You will
discover something greater and new dimensions of love along the way. This will send
the silent message to your children of mukti, true liberation!
Parents, love your children without any desire to get something back! Do not
create an attitude of need and dependency! Be committed to give, give, give and then
give even more love! Meditate, breathe, give, meditate, breathe, and give! Ahhh...such
fragrance! MBG! MBG! Meditate, Breathe and Give…while practicing the most
powerful mantra in creation: LOVE, LOVE AND LOVE. This is the health menu for
the new light beings while they tour the experience of being human.
I must remind parents that just as there is an intelligent solar system, each light
being, each child, has a higher intelligence that permeates the whole of their being. The
digestive, respiratory and other systems are as intelligent as the solar system. Model to
your children the power of respect towards their body and let them learn how their body
works! If they bring awareness and unlock this higher intelligence, then when there is a
digestive disturbance just tuning into the higher intelligence of the digestive system will
assist the healing and consciousness regarding how the body works. Solar, digestive or
lunar system…As above, so below! You all are a masterpiece of the divine parent…the
Always, dear parents, honor the unique individuality of your children and your
inner child! When your child triggers in you unconscious thoughts or behaviors with a
certain action or inaction, remember that your child is serving as a mirror, a very clean
and powerful mirror, that reflects aspects that are hidden or unseen by your mind.
Welcome CHANGE...participate! Invite yourself to speak and love from the
higher Source! Let go of burdens and rejections. Just add love. Be, breathe and become
the sacred higher love that you are! Use not anger toward your children, toward your
disciples, toward your students, [or] toward yourself! If you are blaming your children,
or your students, disciples or yourself, know that it is only your projection. Even if you
are an enlightened being, this projection, hidden in the “I AM RIGHT ATTITUDE,” is
really preventing you from seeing reality as it is, and really not assisting your children
with what they truly need at that moment.
Each time you feel like losing your temper, daring to forget the sacredness of a
child, a disciple…any human being, ask yourself:
• Is what I am seeing clear or blurred?
• How do I relate to what I am judging?
• Have I done anything like this before?
• Have I lied before?
• Have I been mistaken while judging before?
Remember: TIME IS AT HAND. Creating separation, judgment and forcing
children to be other than who they are is not the real nature of the NEW LIGHT
BEINGS! It would be a waste of life if parents focused only on things to accumulate
[rather] than on the quality of time invested with children. The same applies to teachers
and mentors!
Now here is a paradox: I want you all to drop all knowledge, even the inner
knowledge! Even the word knowledge! Knowledge. k-NOW-l-EDGE! Yes…jump into
the void…Even when we have spoken in this portal, in this book, to use higher
knowledge…even then, just let go of knowledge! Jump and welcome the
edge…TRUST! Trust is the key to dropping k-NOW-ledge. When k-NOW-ledge is
dropped…life becomes filled with the Divine’s presence and the abundance of God
happens and transpires through your parenting experience.
Rest peacefully, children.
26. The Whirling Gate of the Eternal Cycles
Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear
that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments,
not the composer.
-Geoffrey B. Charlesworth
March 23, 2005
11:38 PM
Amenai…how are you?
Babaji, forgive my asking…but how is it that you ask that when I can barely
remain sober with your presence?
Ha! Like that…you are funny. How ARE you?
Well, actually I have been focusing on my family more and also am very
impressed with how things [are] turning around with my husband in more conscious
ways! Thank you for the energy you are delivering to us all.
Before you manifested, I was feeling a little surprised and perhaps a little
disturbed by the email message I received that mentioned that my writing for you was
just a lie and that there were only certain people that could speak with you. They said
that I would be banned from this or that organization. Just to realize that these are
people I still love and respect, and they are banning my friends and my “self” from
their activities just because we published your book is just astonishingly unbelievable!
But this concern was relinquished as soon as you gave me the message last night
regarding what we shall be focusing on…Yet, sometimes I wonder…although now I feel
stronger and ready to share.
Child, many words you wrote...I read beyond the words…read again Invitation
To Love! Tattt…[Are] you forgetting?
Ooops, Babaji!
Ha! Ooops…That is what I say…OOOPS...better Uppps...UP!
Shall we proceed now that we re-tuned your mind and the telepathy can flow smoothly?
Dear Parents,
Remember that life repeats itself mindlessly. The wheel of time is always
activated where death is followed by birth, and birth is followed by death. Nothing
remains and yet the spirit is always eternal…aha! Be aware [of] using your sacred time
with your children wisely, and be mindful [of] how you nurture your inner child. Be
aware of the patterns, the eternal wheel of repetitive actions and inactions! The eternal
dance of polarities…love-hate, success-failure, good-bad. Bring awareness to this gate
just by focusing on your breath. Become aware of any repetitive patterns that you create
that do not deliver higher states of joy in your life. Just bring awareness [to that]; don’t
give [it any] meaning and as soon as you recognize the pattern, create a clear positive
statement to release the pattern for the higher good of your inner child and your
children, while invoking the male and female higher energies that are at the center of
your being.
I will give no [further] explanation other than this…if some habit is bothering
you and you find no clarity, with ease and peace FIND THE PATTERN through
MEDITATION! Model that process to your children, and awaken this skill in your inner
child. It is time...don’t you think?
Remember that all opposites have an important role in this journey and famous
circle called life! It is easy, while in the circle, to remain centered through meditation.
Then you can relax. It is better than if you choose to go to the edge of the circle…you
might get dizzy…stay in the center…create clear statements…and remember that your
children and inner child will benefit from this focus.
Now, be clear on possible patterns that might be unseen by your ego. Be willing
to receive assistance and guidance from beings who selflessly dedicate [themselves] to
human consciousness. Bring awareness especially to these next [common] “patterns.”
[Are you] hoping that a new day will come for you to live a better life with your
children? [Are you hoping] to reconnect with your child whom you haven’t seen for a
while? [Are you] hoping to do it tomorrow? Be aware…bring a positive statement.
When you are ready to let go of this pattern just say, I AM READY. I LET GO of
postponement and embrace the NOW.
Children, this is the label pattern. You are aware of many things, yet you keep
labeling this or that person as spiritual or no[t] spiritual. You keep pointing at their
acquired material things and knowledge. You keep trying [to make] your children be
different than who they really are. Bring awareness to this and when you are ready, and
only when you are ready, create a positive statement and say, I AM READY. I LET GO
of any desire to be SOMEBODY different than my true self. I am one with existence.
Children, you are One with God.
Why [are you] hurrying? Why [are you] wanting [your] children to go faster? To
learn sooner? To walk at three months old? Be patient. To release this pattern, create a
clear, firm statement and say to yourself, I AM NOW READY. I LET GO of any
rushing or unconscious habits I have regarding the usage of time. I let everything evolve
in its own sacred time. I trust in time and create and use it wisely.
No luck, children. Telling children they are lucky means only one thing: that
they receive a Anesthesia for their own awareness that they create their reality. Release
the concept of luck with a clearer statement: I believe and am responsible for my
creation and everything that evolves in my life. I CREATE MY REALITY.
Dear children! You came here, NOW, to create happiness, good times and love!
Have you ever seen a rose screaming while [it is] growing? Isn’t the whole
blooming process a majestic miracle? Remember and make a clear statement: I LET
GO of the belief system that if there is no pain, there is no gain. I trust in the miracle
of my ever-evolving experience and surrender to the natural pleasure of being.
Okay, you might not say you feel like it, but if you continuously say things like,
Why doesn’t anyone love me? Why do they do this to me? then, [it is] time to let go of
the victim pattern. Remember that the clearer and [more] free from patterns [you are],
the more space you will have to make your parenting experience a pleasure and the
more the sacred Father and Mother of Creation will be easily felt by your inner child.
Remember that whenever [you are] in a state of pain or suffering that makes you
feel like a victim, say: I am aware of the temporality of things. I LET GO of any
identification I have with the concept of being a victim. I awaken my God-like nature
and open up my heart. Like the seasons I remember that after the winter, spring always
The gate of eternal cycles can be experience[d] in a joyful way, through
acceptance, surrender and trust. Love will guide you...fear not…walk through the gate
of eternal cycles as a divine light being. Serve as a flashlight for your children and
remember to witness the gates. You are not the gate, nor are you an eternal cycle…the
only eternal thing is eternity itself…and YOU ARE ETERNITY.
You will now be aware of other patterns that will emerge. Use your inner
wisdom to create your statements, and remember, I come not to tell you WHAT TO
DO! You create the experience of parenting, of being human and whatever [else] you
choose to create. I am here just to serve you as the you that I AM, and the I AM that
“is” you.
How many years can some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be free?
How many times can a man turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn't see?
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.
The answer is blowing in the wind.
-Bob Dylan
On Questioning
March 27, 2005
9:09 AM
Dear Amarananda:
Merry Easter! [It] seems that there will be 108 eggs to find in the garden of the
spirit! Aha! Such a glorious beginning of Easter! Though I am no bunny rabbit, you
WILL seek for answers as children seek for Easter eggs! Celebrate joy, wonder and the
evident surprise of finding the egg, opening it up to see the wonders that the egg carries
inside. Here [it] is the same… [the] question is the egg…the answers and gifts lie
Know this and be aware, [for] any question and answer that we might co-create,
the truth is emanating from the sacred universal space where everything and nothing is
created, where questions and answers arise, and where the real question and real answer
is in truth silence…very silent. [It] is not important if Babaji answers, or [if] you create
[a] question… labels, personalities or names are not important. What matters is the love
beyond the questions and answers, those which behold the truth. The necessary loving
and healing for parents and children is in the universal ocean of truth. Now be aware
that these are the clues for the Easter hunt:
• The question to everyone’s answer is usually asked from within.
• There’s no reply at all.
• The answer, my friend, might just be blowing in the wind like your human song
• These questions run too deep within the simplicity of being human.
• The answer lies within, so why not take a look now?
Let us play!
I AM…ready for your question.
What Can I Ask?
March 27, 2005
10:12 AM
Dearest Master,
First, I gratefully thank you for the opportunity to ask questions. This has been a
most remarkable process that I am so happy to be involved in. Second, when I begin to
phrase a question to you I find that my mind suddenly becomes involved in the process
and I ask myself, “Well, how will THAT sound to Babaji or to others who might read it?
Shouldn’t I already know the answer to that?”
Third, none of what I just wrote in the last paragraph seems to matter. When you
answer a question for us you give such a profound and meaningful reply that I
immediately want to send you 108 MORE questions!
Finally, you once asked, “Where did your learning go?” and “What purpose
serves all [of] what you have learned when I come and suddenly all knowledge has
disappeared?” You have also said, “Inhale the answer to all question[s]… Only one
answer, only one question.”
So, dearest Babaji, if there is only one answer and only one question, and none
of my learning serves a purpose, then (finally!—here is my question), “What question
can I possibly ask?” I say this with loving laughter in my heart as I realize the illusory
concept of questions!
Babaji, I absolutely LOVE being involved in this portal/book with you, with
Swami Amenanda and Swami Bijananda! I know that here in this lila—God’s divine
play, that knowing the answers to some questions CAN lead us to higher and higher
states of awareness. Therefore, I have many more questions I will be grateful to ask. But
I wonder if the reason you wanted me to ask one question was for me to explore the
whole concept of questions.
I thank you. I am grateful to be here in service!
March 27, 2005
10:20 AM
Beloved Amarananda, you ask, “What question can I possibly ask?” Here is my
first answer: There is no possible question to ask. However, as a parent, what question
would you like to ask to the infinite universe of your soul?
In the Light of Divine Love
March 28, 2005
9:02 PM
Dear Babaji,
I am the father of a magnificent 15 year-old son AND a beautiful inner child. I
have said many times that I want to have the love for everyone that I have for my son.
Yet, I sometimes behave in a foolish way both with him and my inner child.
I have grown to believe that Divine Love is the most profound and powerful
force in the universe. I want to see this Divine Love in ALL, at all times. For me, this
has been a process—sometimes a very slow process!—where I become AWARE that I
am not looking at others as Divine Love. I then (ideally) make an adjustment to my
thoughts or behavior and proceed until the next time I become aware that I have not
thought of or treated another as Divine Love.
My belief is that ALL beings are sacred and must be thought of and treated that
way. Old thought patterns, old habits, old beliefs seem to hinder this process. So to “the
infinite universe of my soul” I ask, “How can I most effectively let go of the old habits, the
old patterns of thought and see ALL—my son, my inner child, everyone—as being in
the Light of Divine Love?”
In Loving Service,
March 28, 2005
10:55 PM
Dear One,
I wonder, what would you ask if I answer these three questions with a HOW TO
DO instructive? Would you ask more questions afterwards? Would you play the game
of being human more? What I read beyond the message is in truth a higher question.
You asked, “How can I most effectively let go of the old habits…?” [The answer
is] simple: PRACTICE NEW POSITIVE HABITS! Write poetry, perform random acts
of kindness, appreciate the people you love with your words, enjoy nature, and make
your positive attitudes your new habits, which replace the old. With your son, add the
habit of saying, I LOVE YOU, as much as you can.
Now for the next part of your question: “[How can I]…see ALL—my son, my
inner child, everyone—as being in the Light of Divine Love?” What you are really
asking is: How do I realize the Buddha nature that everyone is, and that I AM? Simple!
You answered it! Be in the light of Divine Love. Stay with loving thoughts, acts and
deeds. Therein the Buddha nature is easily seen, and the Christ-like energy of the heart
shines as brightly and pure as your son, as the world and as your own inner child!
Next question….
More Than One Question
March 29, 2005
8:24 AM
Dearest Babaji,
Thank you for your in-depth answer. May I ask more than one question at a
time? Is Toby Alexander the T.A. of whom you spoke earlier in this book?
March 29, 2005
8:08 PM
Dear One,
You asked two questions already. Your heart must be smiling widely right now.
Yes, T.A. is T.A. And yes, you may ask more than one question, if that MORE is the
ONE that you really want to ask, and then of course, the response would be included.
Now, in truth the third question is from me to you: How do you model strength,
courage, compassion and awareness to your child?
I am eagerly waiting for your response.
Om Namah Shivaya
Modeling Strength, Courage, Compassion and Awareness
April 2, 2005
7:26 AM
Namaste, Beloved!
Thank you for the opportunity to express myself. Your question was how I
MODEL these qualities. I also want to explain a little about the process I use with my
son. He and I have frequently talked about the important things in life—having a
personal relationship with God, how to treat others, how to be strong in character. I
have always had great respect for my son, starting from the first time I saw the ultrasound image of his tiny beating heart. I have talked to him as an equal from the time he
was still in his mother’s womb and throughout his 15 years on the planet. Now that isn’t
entirely correct, as I have lost my temper a number of times over the years. But even
when I acted foolishly, I found that the universe always gave me another chance to
correct my behavior. Over the years I became more and more aware of my own
behavior patterns and gratefully, made many corrections. Certainly I have made
mistakes recently; again, I am given another chance to make a correction and do better
next time. I have been diligent as well, in apologizing to my son for being angry or
acting in some other foolish manner.
The point is that we have had an incredible relationship over the years and have
always felt like we could talk to each other—at least that is how I feel. My son has seen
me at some of the lowest times of my life and has given me wise advice at times. I am
grateful for his presence in my life.
I want to address each of the character qualities you have asked me about by
describing first what my son and I discuss, and then how I believe I model that
behavior. My son—and my dear wife—are probably more qualified to discuss whether I
actually model that behavior or whether I just imagine I do.
STRENGTH: My son and I discuss strength of character—doing what you say
you will do; doing what is important to you. Strength is also faith—trusting, knowing
that no matter what things look like right now, they will always get better. My son
knows that I get up at 4 AM almost every morning so that I can spend 60-90 minutes
meditating. I have found that I can get up early easier than I can stay up late. I have
also found that I might fall asleep too easily if I meditate at night. I determined a
number of years ago that I wanted to meditate every day so I began choosing to do that
first. I often meditate at night as well, sometimes during the day, but I always have my
morning meditation to get my day off to a wonderful start.
COURAGE: We all must FEEL what is right and have the courage to go in that
direction no matter what anyone else says. We always know inside what is right for us. I
have had a vision challenge the past few years. I believe that my son knows that I am
100% convinced that my vision is healed (even though the physical manifestation has
not yet occurred). Certainly I cannot speak for my son, but he has ample opportunity to
observe how I deal with this situation.
COMPASSION: We have discussed how others have different challenges to
overcome and how that can make our seemingly big problems pretty trivial in
comparison. We have discussed how people create their own realities. Even so,
compassion involves the recognition that we can help others simply by sending them
love rather than judging them. We have talked about capital punishment (what is the
point of that again?). We have talked about how one of us heard that fully 1% of
Americans are currently incarcerated and how ridiculous that seems. In terms of
modeling, my son has occasionally mentioned how this or that person “jumped all over
him” that day. I ask him to consider that maybe that person was stressed over
something and maybe they just needed a kind word or a hug. Usually if someone is
yelling, they DO need a hug! Of course, in perfect order, my son has reminded ME if I
get angry to look at things in a happier way. Admittedly, some of these types of
comments may not be appreciated by either of us until later!
AWARENESS: This is discussed fairly often. We often talk about how we create
our own reality. While my son may not yet FULLY accept every aspect of that concept
he is well aware of the creative power of his focused thoughts. He has personally
experienced great success in his own life using the “I Create My Day” card and once
shared some of those experiences with a group of 15 people. I have asked him not to
believe something just because I have said it, but to try it out for himself. Since
becoming aware of Dr. Emoto’s documented changes to the crystalline structure of
water that has been blessed and/or prayed over, I have personally given thanks and
blessings to any food or liquids I consume. My son appears to do the same.
Obviously, I am quite proud of my son and so very happy to have a wonderful
relationship with him. Thank you, Babaji, for this beautiful interaction. In addition, I
thank you for not taking as long as I do to answer a question!
Deepest Love,
April 5, 2005
9:26 PM
Dear One,
At the pace you go, you can probably write a book! Aha!
We agree that MODELING is the most powerful living teacher there is…not
only of act and deed, but energetically, too. Speech, thoughts, eating, sitting,
sleeping…silence! The power of modeling is the greatest. It usually needs NO WORDS.
So if I say NO WORDS TO YOU…would you write a book about conscious parenting,
or would you rather just live the teaching?
Now, there is a powerful way to remain aware while in the parenting
journey…where awareness merges with compassion, strength and courage. You see, my
dear one, and YES, YOU SEE…awareness is no different than courage, than strength,
than compassion. The aware one, the divine higher Source of who you are, of WHO I
AM, shines brightly while emanating these divine essences. Parenting is the most
powerful door for enlightenment! With these words I am saying (and not saying) will
surely cause upheaval and shatter some beliefs regarding celibacy...aha! Time to shake
up the old data and bring on some fresh air!
I am not saying that everyone should go and have children to get enlightened!
No, no...Tattt…anah, nah! Parenting...the experience of nurturing…can be felt while
taking care of a flower, of the ocean, of your planet, and your beloved ones! If you
happened to have chosen to serve as a divine vessel for another soul to embody the
human experience, then, CELEBRATE the majestic opportunity to constantly be invited
to grow, to let go of old beliefs, to transcend ego and limitations and [to] live in the
NOW. Children are here to remind you of the NOW, while YOU as parents are here to
remind children of a “possible creation based on choices for their FUTURE NOW.”
Parents require a sharp awareness on their samskara realm…their emotional and
mental patterns that go on repeating over and over again. To set [yourself] free of
habitual repetition of these, you must practice intense tapas with strong sankalpa having
the vision, the darshana of the ancestors, invoking it and creating a divine practice of
love, Prema Abhyasa with deep vidya…with AWARENESS.
Amarananda, all parents are children of the Divine! They are never left
unattended by Source! We all are always in the nurturing arms of creation! Breathe the
prayer of love and thou shall receive its blessings! Parenting is sacred! Children are a
miracle of creation! This existence, this very moment, is created as a playground.
Delight and celebrate with your pure hearts! Chant the lullaby of freedom for the new
spirits! Sing a song of awakening to your own heart! What are you waiting for?
Parents, no need to leave the family anymore as the Buddha did for
enlightenment! No need to fast for 60 days anymore and starve the body with beliefs!
No need to die and hurt the physical temple to become a martyr and saint. Aha! This is
the time for rejoicing! This is a time for endless awareness. This is a time to learn from
the children, to come back to the Sourceful Fountain of Eternal Life! Open thy eyes and
see! The essential is visible to the heart!
Play and chant like a child with your child this mantra for Divine Bliss and
Happiness: Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha.
Now, may I ask: Are you trying to be a perfect parent? What does perfection
mean to you?
Babaji Nagaraj
What is Perfection?
April 6, 2005
11:35 AM
Dearest Babaji,
You have asked, “Are you trying to be a perfect parent?” and “What does
perfection mean to you?” I am not so certain you are asking me these two questions
directly, but I was immediately inspired to write an answer to you. No, I do not feel that
I am trying to be a perfect parent. Frankly, that sounds like way too much work! Where
is the JOY in trying to be perfect? What popped into my awareness as quickly as I read
the second question was, “Perfection is living in the NOW.”
Thank you for all of your beautiful, nurturing thoughts!
April 6, 2005
1:11 PM
Dear One,
Aha! Your heart should be laughing! You say, “I do not feel that I am trying to
be a perfect parent.” I say: GOOD…the TRYING veils the already divine perfection
within the parenting mission.
You say, “…that sounds like way too much work!” I say: That is true. GOD
already did the hard work creating such [a] perfect miracle that you all are as human
beings! So…the word I use now is SURRENDER. Yes, surrender to the perfection of
the miracles of everyday life, to the smile[s] of your children, the perfect sunrise, and
the perfect loving heart that is you.
Now...is there work in it? No! Is there something WRONG with perfection?
Absolutely not! Joy is perfect. Everything is divinely perfect. This perfection has no
polarities; it is the divine order of things! So now, dear ones…just let go of the word
TRYING…herein you shall find the experience of akarma, the sacred inaction...sacred
Are you perfectly aware of that? Aha! What is the meaning of perfection? Of
course it is diverse for different minds. Perfection cannot be put in words...you need to
experience it…watch a sunset…be attentive to your breathing, watch your children
grow and evolve…that is perfection, which I call a divine miracle of Source.
Now, it is your turn to ask.
Having fun yet?
Having Fun?
April 6, 2005
8:07 PM
Dear Babaji,
I AM having great fun! Yes! Thank you for asking! I feel like I am in a fantasy
world of fun and that I get to ask questions to the Creator of the world. Oh, I could be
the one who has created MY world, couldn’t I? Ha, ha, ha! Well, it IS fun! I had a
powerful realization a few weeks ago that I am making up ALL of thisthat is, my
entire existence as a human being. However, even if I am, your answers are always so
powerful, so divinely inspiring, so poetic, so sweet, so nurturing. I want to hear more.
I have two questions: Where or how can we hear the sound of the next mantra
for divine bliss and happiness: Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha? Now, I must tell you
that as soon as I had finished typing this mantra, it began to sing in my mind. I recorded
the sounds that came to me. Perhaps there will be a confirmation that I heard the
correct pronunciation and intonation of the sounds.
The second question involves DNA. Was the human DNA deactivatedchanged
somehow—several thousand years ago? Perhaps to limit the understanding and
progressive growth of humans? If so, I certainly want to have my DNA reactivated!
In Loving Service,
April 7, 2005
9:30 PM
Dear One,
Your joy reminds me of your childhood…is your inner child awakened? I feel it
has awakened already…it just takes time for you to realize it without words, answers or
questions. Now dear one, may I address your question? “Where or how can we hear the
sound of the next mantra for divine bliss and happiness: Om Gum Ganapatayei
It is time to remodel the precepts, to renew all beliefs and “old ways.” If the
maha mantra is LOVE, then where can you hear it? When can you hear a divine mantra
for bliss and happiness? When you are surrendering to the moment, when you are
allowing things to evolve as they are, and rejoicing in the divine manifestation of bliss.
Then the music that accompanies the mantra is released as the fragrance of a rose petal.
When? When you love. Where? Inside your heart.
For parents…just listen [to] the sound of laughter of your children…that is the
best mantra ever! Let the children laugh while you all chant a mantra of love for the
children of humanity…for your own inner child.
Namah Shivaya!
April 7, 2005
9:36 PM
Dear One,
You asked, “Was the human DNA deactivated—changed somehow—several
thousand years ago? Perhaps to limit the understanding and progressive growth of
humans?” Know this: nothing can limit growth. Yet, it was not deactivated, it has been
simply not activated. Scientists have not been able to explain the wholeness of the
miracle of being human, and know that as soon as they think they [have] got[ten] an
answer…more questions will arise (like what is happening here).
Beliefs limit the view; they access a belief of maya…of the illusion of reality
different than it is. [You may have] beliefs that children should do this or that…that
enlightenment should be this or that...Tattt! I say to thee…DNA, RNAsacred!
BreathSACRED! Being humanSACRED! ChildhoodGOD!
Dear children, to activate the remembrance of the complete being that you are,
do not brood over the past as an enemy or bad memories. Fill not your mind with grief,
regret, or depression. Bring awareness to the intelligent living being that you are. Higher
intelligence breathes through you…through cells, organs, genetics, cellular memory,
systems, hormones, glands, mind. Every single miracle that the human body is, is being
animated by higher intelligence. Dwell not in repeating habits of the past and manifest a
future of wholeness, in the NOW.
DNA [and] RNA are enormous treasures of information…wait and see. In the
meantime, use this message to activate your AIN (Awareness In the Now).
Om Namah Shivaya!
P.S. What would be one question that you would never ask?
What I Would Never Ask
April 9, 2005
7:55 AM
Dear Babaji,
You asked, “What would be one question that you would never ask?” That
opens the door to some areas I might not otherwise choose to go. My observations are
that none of the spiritual masters seems to address the subject of sex very thoroughly.
When they do, it seems they want us to take a “hands off” approach, so to speak. Ron
Roth is a former Catholic priest who works magnificent physical, spiritual, and
emotional healing miracles. I believe his teachings are some of the highest on the planet
today. He sometimes humorously addresses the subject of sex by talking about how God
has given us these miraculous genitalia, but then He/She spends 24 hours a day
carefully watching us all to make sure we don’t use them, except for procreation.
Our American culture surely seems more “up tight” about sex than many other
cultures around the world. Can you give us some guidelines to go by?
April 9, 2005
9:09 PM
Dear One from the ONE:
You asked, “Can you give us some guidelines to go by? None of the spiritual
masters seems to address the subject of sex very thoroughly.” First of all, I would like to
release Adam and Eve from the unnecessary responsibility of having created original
sin. Ha! First and foremost we should remove the programs and beliefs that because
someone “tasted the fruit of knowledge,” then sin was born. As a result, everyone was
contaminated by it, as if sin was a contagious disease that was created by the natural and
organic natural force of procreation, which carries within its most subtle levels the
manifestation of life and the birth of the divine, over and over again as a human
experience. When these concepts and belief systems appear, they definitely point out
how rudimentary and fear-based a society [is that] lives in maya…illusion. This fearbased society and our beliefs that sex is bad and wrong have given birth not only to
sexism but also to separatism.
I must take baby steps while I AM explaining this to you, dear child. The power
of sexual energy is indeed a gateway to the Divine. The power is such that ONLY
…and read well; ONLY those whose awareness and alertness are in the MOMENT can
really use the sexual energy for higher purposes of love and divine manifestation. Sex is
a portal!
Just like children are labeled as bad, good, well behaved, or rude…sex, the
magnificent portal in which humans are conceived, is full of mental ghosts of bad,
wrong, dirty, useless, only-for-men thing, prostitution, and so on! Again I say to you,
ONLY those whose awareness and alertness are in the MOMENT can really use the
sexual energy for higher purposes of love and divine manifestation. Sex is a portal! The
divine moment of sexual intercourse, which is called making love in your
societies, is alchemy in which female and male unite, creating the yin and yang
experience….wholeness, oneness and the experience of eternity. With the old beliefs,
fears, and concepts regarding sex, human beings mostly have sex, but seldom really
make more love happen.
A real MASTER is never afraid to speak about sexuality and its
magnificence…though know that a real master needs not to choose to speak about it,
dear one. Baby steps are needed to remove, one by one, the splinters of programming
and beliefs in [your] minds. An awakened being integrates all energies as one:
emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, sexual…for the real master has discovered that by
honoring the god or goddess in a divine partner, in nature, in plants, in the air; then you,
in truth, perceive the same potential in yourself. The awakened ones create love...they
do not MAKE LOVE! They create it! When the enlightened one looks with his eyes [at]
a devoted disciple, it just takes but one glance to awaken the dormant divinity. Isn’t that
the energy of Oneness? Isn’t that what you all call sex?
Sexuality is so repressed in maya…the temple of the body has been disorientated
with beliefs and marketing on how you should dress and what you should look [like].
On this planet there is a great amount of energy invested in guilt [about] sex, and the
guilt emotion immediately blocks the natural flow of divine forces [whose] nature in
truth, is enlightenment and creation!
How do you release and heal the collective guilt? How do people stop hiding to
have sex, and using sex as an addictive action rather than as an awakener to a power to
create love through the sexual portal? Well, the answer is through meditating, honoring
and respecting your partners! Through realizing that the Divine loves and breathes
through you and communes in Oneness with the sensual nature of energy itself! It
requires a commitment of higher truth and communion to the divine wisdom of
acceptance, surrender and love.
Only then, couples, marriages, and parents will begin to experience that natural
intuition that comes along with the physical union and the subtle and yet powerful
connection with the Divine. Parents, couples, and relationships that practice sexuality
should visualize themselves as weavers of truth and unification, and perceive the same
potential in you, weaving and moving into gratitude towards the sacred experience of
communing with another.
Dear Amarananda, beyond your question and curiosity, the question brings us to
the essence of sex, which in truth, is not about sex. It is about love. Each time you look
at the sunset and recognize its divinity, there is an orgasm of divine pleasure of
recognizing the grandeurs of the creator, which only mirrors your own grandeur. Thanks
to your physical eyes, you participate in the enjoyment of communion.
I say to thee, when female and male merge, the feminine is embodied by the
masculine and the masculine is embodied by the feminine in an holistic way. The spirit
merges with spirit, and when the miracle of procreation occurs, then spirit comes into
I say this to all of you: It is your birthright to experience ecstasy. If you believe
this is different than it is, so be it…[it is] your choice. We must take baby steps to heal
old beliefs from the cellular memory of the inner child. If parents make a commitment
to bring the Divine Spirit, God, into your sexual sacred portal…then chances are that the
energy that you will generate will create a most peaceful upbringing for your children
and your own inner child!
Be clear, Amarananda, that I AM not saying that you [should] all go and have
sex like bunny rabbits because it is a portal to the Divine! Tattt! Anah! Higher
awareness should be elevated in generating and conserving sexual energy, in bringing
consciousness and alertness in non-sexual ways to commune with your partners as well.
When both parents agree to create an orgasm, they may direct the energy to their
awareness that each time they create one [orgasm], dormant cells awaken and divine
senses expand. So it is [an] appropriate moment for silence and meditation in
togetherness that spontaneously and subtly heals emotional scars while awakening
pleasure, power, and more energy to use in creative ways for self-empowerment and the
betterment of the world. It is a powerful moment, dear children, for your conscious and
subconscious mind concentrates deeper during sexual communion. This divine energy is
the essence of creation…the master weaver of creative energy! Om Shiva! Om Shakti!
Children, what I say beyond the words cannot be comprehended solely on an
intellectual level. You must experience the truth that is yourself in order to understand
and reawaken the nature that IS YOU. Create rituals of love. Participate in the ritual of
gratitude for every new dawn. Bless the air you breathe with others! Come back to your
origins! There is no ORIGINAL SIN! Rather [it] is just your original ORIGIN! Your
roots are GOD!
If [you] consciously use sex when procreating with the awareness of these roots,
children will be blessed with this energetic bathing of awareness. To reach this state,
intense japa is required, a positive and loving, intense focus in your physical, emotional
and mental realms!
Sex is not meant to be solely used in the pursuit of mere physical pleasure. If
there is no awareness, disruption occurs, and there is no sense of completion, ever! You
must include awareness, surrendering to the Divine while respecting the female nature
of the universe. Female energy must be respected and male energy nurtured! It is time
for the yin and yang…for male and female, to merge in love! Sexual energy then will
not be of depletion but of completion and regeneration! Male and female will
experience themselves as a single unit, both with sharp focus, to manifest the
transcendental enlightenment that comes through the experience of wholeness that
brings the experience of Oneness.
Nowadays, dear Amarananda, sex is seen as [an] object. You can buy sex and
even choose [the] type of sex, like going to a market to buy food. Now you all think you
[can] buy sex…in truth all you buy [are] just more beliefs and an incessant unending
craving for more. Parents and couples should integrate sexuality with their whole
persona while respecting individuality.
Ahhh. Amarananda…in few words I can say: The real power of sex does not
exist without awareness. Baby steps, dear One. Is this enough to satisfy thy question?
Remember that only when male energy is united with female energy does sex have the
power to create with awareness.
Breathe…inhale the words…and then ask some more.
Om Shiva, Om Shakti Namaha, Bala is Aim Klim Sauh Balayai Namah
Baby Steps
April 15, 2005
8:51 PM
Dear Babaji,
Yes, baby steps are in order. Thank you for this most enlightening dissertation. I
still have related questions, even if baby steps must be taken. You have mentioned the
male and female energies. There are many very kind and loving partners of the same
sex on the planet today. Is there a way for them to be able to use sexual energy as a
portal as well?
April 16, 2005
2:21 AM
Dear Amarananda,
Once, Vishnu disguised [himself] as a woman to seduce Shiva. Of course this is
a metaphor of Vishnu using his female energy to approach Shiva as his Shakti. May I
say that MEDITATION, no matter if [you are] male, female, [with the] same sex
partners or not same sex, meditation is the WAY, the only one way to reach the portal
of divine love.
The portal for same sex partners will open more and more as acceptance and
love are the energies they receive from their fellow brothers and sisters of the world.
God never rejects anyone… not a single ONE. Choices are honored and choices must be
modeled with kindness, acceptance of differences and respect to children! Community,
parents, friendsall must model the acceptance of diversity in unity. This energy will
be most beneficial for partners of [the] same sex to move more fluently towards
enlightenment though the portal is already open.
The portal is for ALL. The mind creates the division, and for this, Amarananda,
bring awareness. Your question carries the hidden assumption that same sex partners
might not have either the male or female energy. Yet, I say to thee, even if one has not a
partner, the sexual energy for him-her is also available…and I speak of the higher sex,
the communion with the Divine, not merely physical temporary satisfaction, but the
surrender melting and embracing through the awareness of the creative energy that the
universe is.
That is why I say…baby steps.
Now I must choose to answer the question you asked on April 9, 2005 [at] 4:32 AM.
Dear Babaji,
You always help me “re-frame” my thoughts in a wonderfully uplifting way.
Thank you! Some questions I may “never ask” because I see the process unfolding and
my joy is en-JOY-ing the moment, eagerly anticipating what comes next.
Some years ago I diligently studied A Course in Miracles for a couple of years. I
loved the teachings and they helped me greatly to, again,“re-frame” my thought
patterns. My understanding or my interpretation of part of those teachings is that we, as
humans, CHOOSE to separate ourselves from God, and that all the maya, all the
illusion we have created is our attempt to cover up the pain of the decision we made to
be separate from God. IF that premise is correct, that we choose to separate
“ourselves” from God, then so much of what I understand about maya seems to make a
great deal of sense. The maya we create is a “smokescreen” to hide our pain.
This might be equated with the young child whose physical existence is
extremely difficult so he-she creates a fantasy/play world. Wait…that child is now
creating an illusion of a world which is BETTER than the first illusion that same child
created; that is, the illusion that their “physical existence is extremely difficult.”
(Hmmm…..Babaji, these last couple of rambling sentences have served to bring me to a
higher awareness of a child’s behavior—an inner child’s behavior as well! I will leave
them in this document).
My question is, “How could I ever choose to separate myself from God?” I know
that anyone who is reading this book already “knows” (at least intellectually) that we
are One with God. I believe this is all pointing toward a very basic question for me,
“Am I an EXTENSION of Source/God who has chosen to be here to exhilaratingly
CREATE and CO-CREATE this wonderful experience in the NOW—or did I once
CHOOSE to separate myself from God and now I am in the process of “realizing” that
my true nature is that I am One with God?”
I know that it might appear I have asked three questions, but this is really only
one question asked three different ways. I might add that I imagine I hear the sound of
celestial laughter as I sort through my own B.S. (belief systems) in an attempt to even
ask this question intelligently! Well, sweet Master, I AM having fun! This is all way too
important to be serious about!
April 16, 2005
Dear Amarananda,
You ask, “How could I ever CHOOSE to separate myself from God?” mmmhhh.
There is no SUCH THING AS SEPARATION FROM GOD. The only separation is in
the belief that there is such thing as separate. Ha! The choice is to experience maya...but
the essence remains. What is, “IS” forever. The belief in your SELF as separate from
God is a syntax choice. That is why the I AM is so powerful. There is no separation. I
AM is God…I AM GOD!
It is easier than choosing to separate MY SELF from GOD. Too many people
involved! The “I,” the MY, the SELF, and GOD. Tattt! YOU and GOD are ONE. There
is no YOU…or GOD. Just ONE. You gave the answer…BABAJI just refined it.
You said, “I am in the process of “realizing” that my true nature is that I am
One with God.” I [would] remove the words process, of, realizing, that, my, true,
nature, that, even One, even God…What remains is I AM...I AM. Dream about it.
P.S. What would the world look like if you had no words to label what the eyes see?
How would a parent explain [to] a child the unnamable of creation?
The Feeling of Joy
April 16, 2005
9:45 AM
Dear Babaji,
Your answers are divine! I AM laughing in joy as I read them! “What would the
world look like if you had no words to label what the eyes see?” I had just returned
from a short trip and had re-read your beautiful responses. As I sat in my car in front of
our home and looked at “the world,” I was drawn to look at the beautiful trees that
surround our home. I scarcely saw the home itself as my heart opened to the energy of
the trees, the sky and the melodic chirping of the birds in my yard. I consciously set
aside my mind. The answer to your question that “jumped” into my awareness was that
the world would “look like” the FEELING of love, of joy, of happiness. There were no
words, only the feelings of what I experienced as Nature Herself that seemed to pour
into my heart and fill me with Joy. Thank you for showing us a new way to experience
the world!
As for your second question: “How would a parent explain [to] a child the
unnamable of creation?” I am not certain I understand exactly what you are asking. If
you wish for me to respond to that question, would you be so kind as to ask it a different
way? If it is a rhetorical question, then may I next ask about chakras, colors and
sounds? Or do you have a different subject for us?
With Deepest Love,
April 17, 2005
4:00 AM
What is “I,” or “mine,” or “this”? Who is writing the questions? Who is writing
the answers? Aha! Seems like finally we [are] making some sense from the non-sense of
the maya…of the illusion that there is separation…that there is another one rather than
the ONE. We are making some sense that there are questions to ask about that which
has no name at all…where words have not been created yet…where the only words that
would probably be fair enough to contain the magnificence, besides the word LOVE,
would be the word MIRACLE! Yet, “I” said only…“fair enough.” Words are
meaningless unless there is energy beyond them.
Now to answer “your,” “my” question, you said, “‘How would a parent explain
[to] a child the unnamable of creation?’ I am not certain I understand exactly what you
are asking. If you wish for me to respond to that question, would you be so kind as to
ask it a different way? If it is a rhetorical question then may I next ask about chakras,
colors and sounds? Or do you have a different subject for us?”
Okay, different way, BUT [THE] SAME QUESTION: That which has no
name…like enlightenment, like the NOW, like the everlasting reality of love…how do
you explain those STATES OF BEING to a child? Furthermore…how do you point out
the wonders of divinity inside each child’s soul?
The parent must guide the child to listen ONLY…To discover his/her inner
SOUND, which is the true meaning of the WORD, which has the power to move all
energy portals inside the inner body, called chakras, and release the divine colors of a
multidimensional experience.
Now…What? [The] inner sound is [the] WORD? Yes! Have you heard the old
saying that, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God?” Someone in the
illusion of maya thought this old saying meant that the words [that were] written were
the powerful ones…aha! But they forgot [about] the power of sound. Word is sound and
when the inside power of Word [is] discovered, children truly discover the inner sound,
the divine I AM words that need, more than [just an] explanation from mind, a
modeling of TRUE contemplation of the sound vibration.
The Divine Father and Mother, GOD, consistently and constantly vibrate the
energy of the divine call so that the inner child can re-awaken. The parent, the
awakened one, then models to their children that which is not-namable through their
own sound vibration, which is available to hear only through the ears of the heart!
The parent gazes [at a] rose, and models the gazing towards their children. He
gazes not at thorns, and judges not their presence….Parents MUST NEVER FORGET
that they, along with their children [journey on an adventure, which] is a journey of two
people in search of the Truth, in the awakening of the inner sound! Parents should
simply reflect what is directly communicated by their Spiritual Transmission through
their own words.
You see dear children…questions are powerful; questions contain the answer.
When children ask [questions], BE ATTENTIVE to them! You see, Amarananda,
questions are a powerful guidance toward the inner light back to Source! Parents must
develop and practice a learning intention when children, or the inner child ask
From [a] very early age, children ask, What is God like? Parents, [in order] to
explain that which has no name, respond first with their own beliefs and experiences!
The truth is that through questions and responses children refine their spiritual search,
their homecoming toward the Source…the inner sound vibration!
Ahhh, dear one…we continue with BABY STEPS…and baby steps include
BABY QUESTIONS! That leads us to the refinement of the BIG questions about life
that all humans ask!
Many parents, due to the lack of modeling from their own parents, find it easier
to be numb to life and do whatever society is doing. For ENLIGHTENMENT purposes
I say to thee, those parents interested in remembering who they truly are, need to
awaken to their reality of love and their inner child nature, requiring a relentless focus in
the next three suggestions that I offer:
Access the alternatives that a spiritual life offers through questions and answers,
through meditation practice and discernment that occurs naturally as one begins to peel
off the layers of personality and labels.
Yes, this means do not be part of the herd. Do not be a follower of this or that
person, of this or that belief. Rather, become the highest of vibrations through your
individual will, maintaining relentless focus on life, love and inner awakening!
Okay, inaction is needed while meditating and yet ACTION is required!
Proactive parenting is a powerful modeling tool! Modeling non-action creates action in
children…and [also] awakens the inner child.
Remember that parents are the first and most important teachers for children!
The teaching they deliver is the power of modeling, which never stops. Parents,
remember that the early years are building the spiritual foundation for later inner
awakening. This is strengthened by parents modeling values through positive discipline,
a sense of community and love. This is true education….not TV, not telling kids that if
they do not behave in church they will be punished! Ta, Tattt!
Know this now, the world will prosper when children are allowed to prosper
within! This will be more easily manifested through the parents’ hearts that TRUST and
AIM for the most magnificent possibilities of true awakening not only for their
children…but also for themselves! Forcing children to fit in a specific spiritual model of
performance will never help, nor [will] forcing them to fit into any established model.
Ahhh….let Babaji put this in simpler words for you: The true way to enlightenment for
children and parents is through play.
Children are the most amazing teachers for that! PLAY is most fundamental for
childhood; it is sacred and divine! Concepts and beliefs sometimes leave little time for
play. Parents, play more…love more…focus on what really matters and be attentive.
The inner sound is writing a powerful word for you: L O V E.
Now Amarananda, I have a question for thee: How does choice of language
convey a power relationship?
Om Namah Shivaya
What is the Difference?
April 19, 2005
10:54 AM
Dear Babaji,
There is so much contained in your incredible teachings! I am honored to be a
part of this wonderful process! Before I answer the question you posed I want to
comment on some of your inspiring words. You ask, “…how do you explain those states
of being to a child? Furthermore…how do you point out the wonders of divinity inside
each child’s soul?”
I wonder, “How do I do that with an ADULT? How do I even do that for
myself?” I feel we must EXPERIENCE these states. When we do, how do we, first, help
ourselves to have a similar experience and, later, help others to experience these states
for themselves?
Sometimes—maybe all the time—life has its synchronicities. Sunday night
Chandramani had a profound samadhi experience (is there any other kind?) while
meditating as I was sitting across the room reading those gems of wisdom you had just
sent. She was listening to an alpha sound tape and chanting “Babaji” silently. After
about 30 minutes she suddenly sat up and asked if she could “interrupt” me.
Dear reader, I will write words to describe what Chandramani had no words
for, but perhaps you will allow yourself to understand the energy behind the words.
(Who is writing this, and why do I feel compelled to ask that?)
Chandramani said she UNDERSTOOD that she was One with God; that, as part
of God, she had created herself because she wanted to experience duality and she
wanted to experience maya. In her experience she began by chanting and meditating.
Then saw the third eye suddenly open and was in a place of Light. Are there any other
words to describe her experience? Probably not. Then she said, “What is so interesting
is that I know I will have to FORGET this realization at some point in order to remain
in maya!” Again, the point of all these words is that words cannot put you “there.”
Adult, child, inner child—we are all the same in that we have to ALLOW ourselves to
have the EXPERIENCE. What can we do as parents to aid that process? Perhaps the
energy transmission from our heart can be useful—certainly we cannot dictate beliefs
that others must follow!
This leads me to your comment that “Modeling non-action creates action in
children and awakens the inner child.” I want to mention that perhaps I am modeling
too much non-action as my son has said that sometimes I act like a “zombie.”
Babaji, I am so happy to hear you recommend more PLAY! I know I need more
play in my life. I smile right now as I think of playing! What a great way to go through
Now, finally, to address your question, “How does choice of language convey a
power relationship?” I will assume that by “power relationship” you mean a
relationship where one person or group dominates another person or group and
chooses language to maintain that domination. This book is about parents and children
but my thought is, what is the difference? Whether a person is a parent, child, friend,
co-worker, perfect stranger—everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness
as a fellow human being. As I think of a “power relationship” I think of people insisting
that things be done a certain way; that others act a particular way or face punishment
of some sort. It is not just the words that are chosen, but the tone of voice that is chosen
can convey that illusion of superiority or dominance over others.
I will say about myself that lately I have become more aware of the power
relationships that I have maintained in my past. Since beginning to read and participate
in this book I have become more aware of how I speak to others, and have made
positive adjustments to my own behavior. I graciously thank you, Babaji, for my own
heightened awareness!
Now, if I may back up a bit and ask, “Babaji, how DO we explain these states of
being, the wonders of divinity to a child, to an inner child, to a parent?”
April 19, 2005
10:10 PM
Dear One:
Aha! Thank you for the laughter you deliver. Tattt! It is good…so very good. Let
me address the next questions for you. Babaji asked: “How do you point out the
wonders of divinity inside each child’s soul?” You replied, “I wonder, “How do I do
that with an ADULT? How do I even do that for myself?”
Child…first and foremost, since we will be addressing the power of language
and words in a moment, let us go to your questions and remove some words. Any ideas
what [words] we should remove? Mmmhhh…Babaji [will] help. Remove the words
“how do.” Aha! You said: “I wonder.” That is [the] correct answer to [the] question.
The power of wonder requires “not doing” to address the divinity of any child (for me, a
child is an adult, a baby, you…). The capacity of wonder that children have is one of the
grandest teachings of remembrance that these little beings come to give to the “big”
beings, so that they can remember that IT IS NOT in the doing…but in the being. Yet,
words are not applicable for wonder!
Aha…where is the paradox here? First I ask “how do you”? Then you re-ask,
and I say remove the doing! Am I creating a salamba shirshasana posture? Turning the
world upside down for you? Good! Good!
My point is that there is no need to point to doing…but to BEING. Point out the
positive to children, model meditation, model work offered to the Divine, model joy,
model play…MODEL LOVE! Even though it might be some verbs included…this
NON-DOING it is the purest of HEART ACTIONS! Non-doing doesn’t mean just go
meditate in a cave for 60 years…Tatattt! [These are] modern times, dear ones! Nonaction MEANS true action. It means that every step you take and [every] breath you
inhale is offered to the Divine. Are words necessary? You choose! Model and vibrate
higher energy. Visualize wonders; visualize magic and miracles of love.
So how [to] do [that]? Mmmhhh...well…to respond [to] your question I shall
say, just take the hand of a child and go for a walk for a whole non-interrupted hour. No
cell phone, no mental agenda…just walk with your child, your beloved, a friend…hold
hands. Watch the wonder unfold not only in front of your eyes…but inside your heart as
Now, let us address your response to the question I asked about power
relationship, and I will choose an extract of your words: “As I think of a power
relationship, I think of people insisting that things be done a certain way; that others act
a particular way or face punishment of some sort. It is not just the words that are
chosen, but the tone of voice that is chosen can convey that illusion of superiority or
dominance over others.”
Child, you are correct. The real power in and within relationship is LOVE…only
love…vibrating in the highest of intentions, free of judgments and assumptions. Know
this, parents usually regret words they have said that they should not have said…there is
a quote from a dear child named Dan White: “You might be the Master of words you
didn’t say and a slave of the ones you said.”
What you explain is what 95% of the population is living and believing in. Now
I say to thee…relation-ship is two in one same boat…SHIP! The ocean is the same. The
waves [are the] same…hearts [are] one. The real power is LOVE.
Now [it is] your turn. Ask, and thou shall receive!
P.S. You said that your wife, Chandramani, had no words for the profound samadhi
experience where she said that she understood she was ONE WITH GOD! Her words
were, “What is so interesting is that I know I will have to FORGET this realization at
some point in order to remain in maya!”
Please be kind enough to tell her that she DID NOT UNDERSTAND…but
indeed SHE EXPERIENCED IT! Tell her that the part in the mind that tries to
understand might play the game of forgetting again, but I assure her that WHO SHE IS
shall never, never forget that SHE IS ONE WITH GOD.”
Now…you asked: “Is there any other kind [of samadhi experience]?”
YES…The kind where words do not exist and where the experience, and he who
experiences the experience, ceases to exist, merging and becoming eternity forever.
Now I say to thee, go in silence and PLAY!
Om Namah Shivaya
The Sacred Number
April 20, 2005
9:52 AM
Dearest Babaji,
Your answers are astoundingly elegant and absolutely de-Light-full to read and
re-read. I wish to comment on what I just got—in a new way—while re-reading your
last answer. The CHILDREN have come here to TEACH us! (Babaji, whenever I
experience these “light bulb” moments I seem to always “see” you swinging and
smiling. Thank you…because it absolutely Lights up my Heart!)
Now, a different question: What is the significance of the number 108? In the
book Invitation to Love: 108 Reminders for the Enlightened Ones (available at
www.amazon.com and www.iuniverse.com), you originally planned “108 Possible
Questions and Answers.” There are 108 mala beads, so the number 108 must have some
significance. It can be arrived at by multiplying 3x3x3x4, (or 3x3x3x2x2). What is so
special about 108?
With Love,
April 22, 2005
11:01 PM
Beloved Children…
May I answer your question in limited words? Again I remind you, be aware and
focus on the spaces between each word written. What you see as empty, it is in truth
filled and full of Source.
Now, dear Amarananda, you asked, “What is so special about 108?” I would
like to address each number [in 108] individually before I address the sum of its parts.
The number one (1) has always stood (in all traditions) for the sacred truth, the
higher knowledge which is called God, Source or Higher Consciousness.
The number zero (0) reflects completion…the cycles of life…and the emptiness
and nothingness contained within space.
The number eight (8) vibrates in frequency similar to that of eternity and
Now, we must be aware of the sacred mathematics of the universe which have
enlightened many teachers on planet Earth with the awareness of the existence of 108
lines converging between the sacred Sri Yantra, in which fifty-four intersections are
found creating and vibrating a higher frequency of GOD, COMPLETION and
ETERNITY. The intersections are like a web…the web of creation, which have both
feminine and masculine qualities within. The divine, the power of Sanskrit, vibrates
within the number 108. The Sanskrit alphabet has 108 letters that provide 108 different
intonations and sound vibrations that create words, which therefore create matter and
Your heart chakra, dear one, is formed by the 108 energy lines that converge in
the heart area [of the body]. One of the energy lines creates a direct enlightenment
pathway to your crown chakra, which resembles the path of self mastery.
The number 108 has accompanied your planet forever. Remember that your
sun’s diameter is 108 times the diameter of your Earth. Its vibration assists the balance
and rhythm through time and space merging and blending in an organic way with the
sacred aspects of nature.
The most sacred vibration of the number 108 for what it represents as a whole,
delivers a state of higher humility. Yet, I remind you Amarananda, 108 is a symbol…a
reminder… a precise mathematics of the universe within each human being. The
blessed lotus Buddha feet in each being have 108 sacred symbols.
Now, what happens when you chant a holy verse 108 times, or read 108
messages? The mind gets still, subtly, without trying to still it. There is awareness of the
body as a sacred temple, [an] awareness that occurs spontaneously. Its repetition and
108 as the perfect universal number balances and creates harmonic resonance within the
energy vortex of the human body. It awakens the kundalini energy while opening the
spinal pathways that carry the power of self-healing.
The mind becomes a host for more positive manifestations, and the psychic
abilities increase for the benefit of mankind. Through the repetition, a frequency is
created for self-healing, clearing old beliefs and allowing more space to create the mind
anew, assisting in letting go of beliefs, judgments and thought forms that are not
necessary for your spiritual evolution. Compassion spontaneously increases and you
begin to gather more roses than thorns. The sense of community and impact to the world
arises with stronger motivation and [more] powerful energy. As you vibrate in the 108
frequency, there is a simultaneous communion with angels, light beings, and ascended
When focus and practice become a natural part of [your] everyday lifestyle,
there is a spontaneous moment in which you will literally listen to the frequency of your
soul, merging with your higher self and radiating your own electromagnetic field in a
unified way with heart and mind. Then, after intense practice and awareness of letting
go, just becoming quiet and aware, the frequency of 108 guides us all subtly to the
ultimate realization: that of self mastery.
I could go on and on, child…the number is sacred…and it has a higher purpose.
All numbers have their higher purpose…108 is just a symbol. The work is not done by
the number 108, it is done by all of you. Activate this frequency with your constancy,
commitment, joy and love…and then the number 108 will do its magic.
Hear me well: The first 108 breaths of a newborn child should be celebrated in
silence. Honor the first 108 breaths in utter silence and breathe…breathe…breathe!
Many Blessings,
What is Wisdom?
April 26, 2005
9:32 PM
Dear Babaji,
I am always so happy to receive your answers! They are so deeply full of
wisdom. I always expect that to be the case. Each time it is such a joy to read and begin
to absorb these teachings! The number 108 is far more interesting, far more involved
than I had previously known. Thank you for sharing your illuminating discourse. Please
feel free to further enlighten us to these holy numbers.
I am going to ask you for a bit of clarification. You said, “Its repetition and 108
as the perfect universal number,” and “It awakens the kundalini energy…” Does the
word “it” in these two sentences refer to the chanting of a holy verse?
I recognize that I am trying to UNDERSTAND these teachings—a poor
substitute for EXPERIENCING them. It seems to me, however, that there have been
times when my understanding has led me to the far-greater benefit of experiencing.
Could this be the case or am I imagining that?
May 2, 2005
3:25 PM
Dear One,
How many questions does a single and simple question include? The frequency
pattern of 108 creates the rhythm and the impact that it will have in the cosmos. Yes, it
could be a repetition of a mantra…a chant, even a word written 108 times will
definitely be encoded by the brain as a word with higher vibration.
What gets my attention in your question regarding a question is not the question
itself but your comment saying, “I am always so happy to receive your answers! They
are so deeply full of wisdom. I always expect that to be the case.”
Where does the answer come from? What is wisdom? Are you sure that your
expectation is being fulfilled? What would be the benefit of the questions and answers
to the parents and children of the world?
Let’s move on. By the way, child, you said, “Please feel free to further enlighten
us to these holy numbers.” I give you this to accept your invitation and fulfill your
expectations: You have “27” days to finish with the questions, at least in this portal.
P.S. …………………shhhhhhhhhh….
Reality Is Created Every Single Moment
May 3, 2005
10:33 PM
While we wait for Amarananda, I say to thee as I say to ALL: The one and only
lesson for the human experience as parents is LOVE. The energy of love vibrates as the
highest of frequencies to serve as a companion, fuel and motivator to break through the
illusion of separation.
Parenting is a portal to the Divine. It is a gateway to experience the power of
CREATION, and the power to shape the future for other human beings in a way that is
clearly visible.
Parents have been successful [in] modeling the maya [illusion], which is an
important part of this dual existence. I say to thee, maya is not needed anymore. The
new beings, the new children of this era starve for REALITYthe reality that exists
only when created with the highest of thoughts.
Reality is created every single moment. Parents, mentors, tutors, children…your
thoughts shape the world, the concepts of enlightenment, the portals of possibilities. The
time has come. The new beings are here…new and old [have] merged…the ancient wise
ones are here. The White Brotherhood is here and now, breathing in human bodies.
They are vibrating higher frequencies.
You may wonder why autism rates are increasing…you should wonder. What is
the enlightened ones have been waiting for what is happening in the now [for] eons in
time. I say to thee…the children have the message. Do not label autism as wrong or bad.
Rather, be aware of why all of you USE labels. The children are sending the message
that reality as it is known now is no more. All those close to children with or without
labels, with or without the title of parent…should be increasing their awareness.
Your ego, your studies, your PhD’s and mental knowledge are useless now. It is
time to bring forth the wisdom of the ancients. It is time to show the spiritual face of the
human existence. Many in the multiple universes are ready. Are you ready? In your
reality you think you are not ready yet, as demonstrated by your fragmented thoughts,
desires to be this or that, condemning, judging and forgetting to be responsible for your
creation. In “the reality” accompanied by love, in the now...you have always been ready
for enlightenment…for awakening the child within.
This message shall be read when needed…and when read know that you are
ready. Time to shake the illusory world. The children have arrived.
Amenai, you shall write a book called, The Spiritual Face of Autism. You will be
helped… Have it ready for the birthday of your son.
Om Hari Om…
Awaken… the kingdom has arrived!
You Do Not Belong to Your Parents
May 4, 2005
10:34 PM
Now, I must say, the attitude towards children shall be of respect, kindness and
firm healthy boundaries. Now I [will] speak to the children.
Dear children of the world,
Parents are sacred; so are you all. Parents must be approached with gratitude and
seen as mentors. You do not belong to your parents and your parents do not belong to
you. They are NOT responsible for your misery or the choices you manifest as adults.
They might have been unconscious, but you have the sparkle of uniqueness and the
essence of the God within you! For those children who [have] had a challenging
upbringing where unconsciousness was the main method for education, I say to thee, the
teaching you received was the opportunity to forgive and to choose to create the reality
you want to live.
Those who want to heal their inner child from the past…from old
wounds…forgive the parents that did not know better. Send them higher thoughts even
when they are no longer within your physical presence. The Christ gave a message of
forgiveness and attained immortality through it.
As parents should respect children, children should respect and have compassion
for parents. That is a higher attitude, a higher message that can only be experienced by
those who dare to love, and by those children who choose to never forget that they
create their own reality.
So it is… as above, so below.
Om Namah Shivaya
All praise to the Sacred Father and Mother of the Universe.
At your feet,
The Game is About Eternity
May 5, 2005
10:38 PM
In the years to come the planet you live on will undergo major transformations
as it always [has]. This time it will be more palpable and visual. Know that the intimate
thoughts of your souls will shine in the manifestation of reality and creation of matter.
The game that is about to be played is not about vanity, about sex, about money,
or external power. The game is about courage, eternity, possibilities and
multidimensional experience. What seems [to be] death will be life, and what seems [to
be] life will become death. This is the era of immortality and the awakening of the
holographic memory of all cells.
The DNA and RNA will be transformed...it is happening now. Some of my kids
will dare to speak. Many secrets of your governments will come to light. The wisdom of
the ancients that others call prophecies will manifest. There is nothing new, yet the
universe is shaping itself anew…and we all participate.
There will be the moment where you will remember that you are the creator.
Until then...just breathe, meditate and take action, not re-action. Join with those children
that uplift your hearts and forgive. Move on and join forces of voices. The silent
children require the truth of your spoken word.
Hear me well in silence…I say to thee…Serenity, courage and wisdom will join
the power of love and create a new emotional entity. Science will change as it discovers
that the human psyche is the creator of the universe you think you see. Mastery is
needed…[it] is here…[it] is time for healing…[it] is time for ascension…[it] is time for
love…your time.
All praise to the tutors, parents and children of the world!
Divine Ignorance
May 6, 2005
10:58 PM
Divine ignorance is needed. Compassion for ignorance is required to create
patience, higher understanding, and love. All is perfect as it is, and we must all continue
to believe and vibrate in the perfection of the Divine through humbleness and courage,
not only to speak the truth but to listen to the truth. Aha!
Parents, you are wise to tell your children your truth and be open to listen [to]
the truth that your children have come to share with you. This requires humbleness and
a great sense of realizing that the NOW requires openness and freedom from mental
So celebrate DIVINE IGNORANCE and choose higher awareness…
Become the Masters of Your Own Mind
May 8, 2005
9:09 AM
Dear Amenai:
We must continue. Questions and answers are flowing in the inner space of all
parents, and are being born in this very moment in the awakening mind of children.
We must continue. There has been a time shift in the parallel realities, where
time is non-existent. Yet when time accelerates in your realm, the impact of it is
So, now the 27 days are no more. You must finish the questions and answers
section in the next 11 days. We must answer the questions…and ask the questions for
the heart to answer.
Babaji, Wow! 11 days? Are you sure? Well…I must just go with the flow! Ha, ha!
This is a great ride! I have a question: What is this insistence of parents to MAKE
their kids behave and convert them into perfect “human doings”? I know parents do the
best they can…but wouldn’t it be easier if we follow the child’s lead, while setting a
strong foundation of limits and a very conscious and focused example in our own lives?
Amenai, Amenai...slow down! Aha…so many questions! All will evolve in its
own time. The question is, why is the world devoted to an illusory way of living? Why
are you all contributing to create more “human doings” rather than human beings?
Oops, wish I could answer! Probably if I could, then I would already be
enlightened and there will be no answer and question at all! Ha, ha!
Child…I shall answer the question. Know that the question is not one that I
make. It is, in truth, one that has been asked through eons in time. Parents should focus
on learning more about the nature of the mind and not assume that what people state as
fact is real. The truth, child, is that the ever-changing universal law of change creates
the possibilities to transform facts into possibilities.
Learn the nature of [the] mind! Practice using the mind wisely! Fortify it with
affirmations and intentions. Study how the neurons work! Become the masters of your
open minds! If not, whoever comes and tells you that [the] mind is an enemy, you
believe it! If someone comes to sell you the happy formula, you buy it! Ta, Tattt!
works…physically, neurologically and discover through meditation its spiritual nature.
Other than that…many books about [the] mind will be written; many teachers will come
trying to explain its nature...but guess what? The nature of mind can only be discovered.
It is a personal discovery...a self-discovery that only can be attained through discipline,
intention, willingness and meditation.
Being Human
May 8, 2005
9:20 AM
Tell me about the ignorance we all [as] humans live in, that we parents live in
regarding the miracle of being blessed with having children…would you please?
With love,
Amenai, child,
You [are] very funny. Ignorance has been a focus of contemplation through the
ages. Ignorance equals a misperception of the nature of reality and all phenomena that
occurs with it. [It is] a misperception created through seeing through the eyes of
judgment, mistrust, a lack of understanding and study! Yes, once again… meditate,
breathe, be aware, do good deeds, study yourself.
Be aware, for it seems that the “study” word is misunderstood as well. This
study I speak of is not one that will accumulate more knowledge but that, indeed, will
help you drop all misunderstanding regarding the facts you have chosen to create as
beliefs in your minds, especially the fact that you think that your children belong to you
all, and that you think…YOU HAVE CHILDREN. You have nothing! “Having”
becomes a belief of belonging!
Parents do not HAVE children. They serve as portals of time and space to open a
gateway of light for a soul to experience the adventure of being human and be guided
through awareness to its full potential…which is: BEING HUMAN.
Aha...breathe…and wait a minute and then ask the next question.
May 8, 2005
9:32 AM
We all [as] parents want children to be happy…is that wrong? Is that “wanting”
a misperception as well?
I say to thee dear one, happiness is being clever! Happiness is being free. I say
only...stop the wanting and just breathe the happiness that the Divine has bestowed upon
your hearts. Just look at the sun…the state of happiness is evident. Happiness is a state
of being. Beyond happiness, its essence takes us to discover freedom, bliss, and of
course, LOVE. Model happiness through silent words! Affirm life every sacred
moment! Do good, think good, be good, act good, and then, there you have it: the
Be Aware in Every Moment
May 8, 2005
9:37 AM
I find it difficult to ask questions! What is the most important thing for us [as]
parents to be aware of?
Amenai, child,
You [are] lazy! You want to ask a question to include all questions and possible
answers? Ha, ha! Guess what? You are going to ask more questions! To give you a taste
of an answer of this question you ask, which is very general…the answer is this: Be
aware and mindful [of] the way you act every single moment that you breathe, every
single moment that you speak, that you think, and that you live, not only as parents, but
also as human beings!
May 8, 2005
9:42 AM
Okay, are you really talking to me? [There is an internal burst of laughter!] The
speed in which this writing is occurring is just…surreal! Did you meet Salvador Dalí?
Oops, that’s a joke. Babaji, please would you give me the questions we need to ask to
contemplate the answers?
[Here is a] question, child: What veils the vision of pure parenting?
Mmmmhhhh Babaji, good question! I would say…attachment to our kids?
Yes, dear Amenai,
Parents feel so attached to their children, to the belief that they belong to them!
Attachment might appear as love, yet be aware of that, dear ones! For when attachment
is increasing with a sense of belonging, all that manifests is clinging, control and deep
unconscious fear. That is why when the time comes, it is so hard for some parents to let
their children grow and evolve into the real human they came here to be. So, your work
is to remain detached as parents and yet deliver all the unconditional love and assistance
needed to serve as [their] guides of light…
P. S. Salvador Dalí, Amenai? You are very funny!
Stay Focused
May 8, 2005
9:49 AM
What would be a good reminder for us [as] parents to stay focused?
Remember [in] every second the fragile state of life [both] in your children and
in yourselves! Remember in all you see…the fragility is sacred. That is why LIFE must
be savored moment to moment.
Now, it is Amarananda’s turn. He [has] had a rest. Time is at hand. I have a
question for him: Why are parents, and almost all human beings, afraid of death?
P. S. Count the questions, children! There must be 108 total when we finish this chapter
of the portal.
A One-Minute Gift
May 9, 2005
10:18 AM
Dearest Babaji,
Thank you for the lovely period of rest that I have enjoyed within myself, with
Chandramani, and, more briefly, with my son, Arvindananda, as you have called him.
The time has been quite full of happiness, joy and gratitude for the beautiful weather,
the playful squirrels, the abundance of sweet, melodious birds in our yard, and the
incredible beauty and fragrance of the flowers that Chandramani so lovingly cares for.
What a joy to experience so much of the grand beauty of life all around us!
My heart goes out to the literally billions of people who are, right now, focusing
on some of the negative aspects of the world. I will ask you, Babaji, and all who are
reading this book, to join me in one minute of prayer to open our eyes, open our hearts,
open our awareness to the beauty, the joy, the happiness, the Love which abounds on
our planet. Think of the immense power of thought when all of us take just one minute of
silence to open our own hearts, so full of Divine Love, so full of INFINITE joy, to bring
a moment of awareness to ALL, to everyone, of that joy, that happiness and that Love
that is here—NOW. Allow, if you will, the minute to begin now.
This was one minute out of the 1,440 available in each day. It brought me, you, us
great joy! Can we do this again soon? When you are feeling less than joyful will you join
with me and give yourself, and all of us, a one-minute gift of the appreciation of joy,
happiness and love? Thank you, Babaji, for the inspiration to record these thoughts.
Deepest Love,
May 9, 2005
Dear Amarananda:
You are a lover…of life, of love! Thank you for that invitation to pray for a
minute! I have another invitation, if I may: How about being grateful for each of the
1,440 minutes available per day?
I also like the way that you assume that whomever you are inviting to pray…that
all and everyone will have manifested a sense of great joy. I tell you, child, if the whole
world prays and focuses on manifesting reality as enlightenment for all children…(the
inner child included)…sorrow will cease. What will remain will be the presence of God.
That is the silence you are inviting all to experience. On to the next question! By the
way Amenai, get ready...we finish [the] portal tonight!
We finish writing this book tonight!
Oh my God!
[Editor’s Note: Some of the following pages are not in chronological order because of
the way in which the questions were answered.]
Fear of Death or Fear of Life?
When a man knows the solitude of silence,
and feels the joy of quietness,
he is then free from fear
and he feels the joy of the dharma.
May 9, 2005
12:34 PM
Dear Babaji,
If I may, I would like to address my own thoughts about the question of fearing
death. I do not feel at all afraid of death itself. In fact, I am intensely curious (but in NO
rush at all!) about the transition process. My belief used to be that at the time my
physical body dies and I move to a different form of consciousness, I would learn how I
did as a human being—sort of like the “final exam” on my physical life on this planet.
Now, I’m not so sure. It would seem that if we continue to grow and evolve, there may
not be a very big transition process. I can even see the possibility of physical
immortality in some cases.
I will admit to having a couple of other fears, such as falling from a high place
that, for the most part, I have released. My intention is that whatever is left will be
released soon.
As for others, I can only speculate. I believe that a fear is a type of thought
pattern that can be released—as can any thought. My experience is that as I open my
heart—surrender to the Infinite Love—the thought patterns surface into my awareness
for me to change or to release.
There are times, and they are growing more frequent, when the love in my heart
comes bubbling out and becomes laughter, tears of joy, giggling, or the feeling that I
AM. It was not always like this! Not at all! I have been bountifully blessed by wise
counsel from the writings of the Masters (especially Yogananda) and by delighting in
many hours of diligent, consistent meditation. I have had—and still have—very strong
intentions to CONSCIOUSLY become “One” with God. Through this I have been
brought into the presence of dear souls who have shared my intensity and have willfully
created energetic spaces around me (this is not so easy to describe—maybe I can say
that when their vibrations moved to higher levels I was also able to rise to higher and
higher levels. Perhaps another metaphor might be that they have helped to “open
doors” for me that I determined to go through).
The point of ALL I write here from my heart is that if I can do this, if I can rise
up from the negative, self-centered, egotistical, stress-filled, arrogant, angry, fearful
world I had created for myself, ANYONE can do it! Anyone!
I do not read the newspapers. I do not watch or listen to the news. I do not listen
to any talk shows, and have not done any of these things for more than a year. Am I
“un-informed?” You be the judge. I DO “read” the vibrations of the plants, the sky, the
animals, and the beautiful people around me. I DO listen to the singing of the birds and
the singing of my heart. I DO appreciate my life, my wife, my son, and my beautiful
Am I in “bliss” (and I AM as I write this) like this all the time? Not yet. But
every day gets better and better. If I can feel this good, so can you! Please tell me: just
who deserves it more than you?
Babaji, thank you for this inspiration. I have been bubbling with joy and the
words have flowed out! Why are many human beings afraid of death? Perhaps they are
FOCUSED on the wrong things. Perhaps they would be better served by focusing on
LIFE and its many joys and miracles.
More questions will follow later today.
With Gratitude,
May 14, 2005
Dear Amarananda….
You asked: “Am I “uninformed?” You write as if watching the news was wrong
or bad, by saying: “I do not read the newspapers. I do not watch or listen to the news. I
do not listen to any talk shows, and have not done any of these things for more than a
What if, as you see those fragmented parts of information from the maya world,
you create a vision of the opposite? Aha! I am not saying GO WATCH THE NEWS! I
am saying, every single thing created or not-created is appropriate and serves as a point
to create higher choices! Everyone should be informed [as to] what is going on in the
world as it happens to your home, your family and your community!
This brings me to the invitation for all parents to create a sense of
COMMUNITY in their children and themselves, and to celebrate DIVINE
IGNORANCE! What is Babaji saying? Divine ignorance...like news, like the
unconscious choices many humans make…is what creates the opportunity to CHOOSE
Regarding death, I say that the fear of death is the same fear of falling from a
high place. Death exists in order for everyone not to take life for granted, but to live life
at its fullest. When the Angel of Death comes to your portal of life, you welcome her
into the completion of one of the multiple realities you have chosen to create.
The death I asked you about, Amarananda, is the death of the ego and the sense
and attachment to the belongings and to the “I AM” in relation to what you have done
or what accomplishments you have manifested in this life. Death of ego and self
limitations is, in truth, the midwife for enlightenment. It is the delivery moment, giving
birth to real life. Aha! That is why one of my dear children, Rumi, said DIE, DIE, DIE
I am moving to your next question! I have a book to finish tonight! You can all
prepare what I asked [for] before: my picture and the testimonials you must have by
What is A Portal?
May 11, 2005
8:18 PM
Dear Babaji,
You have talked about this book as a portal. You have said that parenting can be
a portal. You have said that certain types of energy can be a portal. My understanding
is that a portal is, in effect, a doorway to God, an opportunity to realize just who I AM.
Can you clarify just what a “portal” is? How can we make the most—get the greatest
benefit—from a portal? How can this book, itself, BE a portal?
May 11, 2005
8:17 PM
Dearest Babaji, Amenanda and Bijananda,
This is probably best called an administrative message to all. Chandramani and
I will be out of town on vacation from Fri-Thurs (5/13-19). I do not know how the
Internet access will be, but I will try to get set up so as not to interrupt our flow.
Also, we are counting the questions asked so far...It is not so easy sometimes to
determine if this or that is a question to be counted in the 108. It is very much a
judgment call. We are going by intuition and muscle-testing. If you have any guidelines,
they will be much appreciated. We shall continue.
In Service,
May 14, 2005
Amarananda….the guidelines were this: JUST COUNT. I AM having fun!
You asked the next three questions: “Can you clarify just what a ‘portal’ is?” A
portal is a doorway, A DIVINE ENTRANCE without [a] door that welcomes the Divine
in whatever form we choose to invoke Her-His presence.
“How can we make the most—get the greatest benefit—from a portal?” Create a
focus and set a higher intention that serves all as community and as individuals. You
know…you all are powerful creators of portals.
“How can this book, itself, BE a portal?” I believe that if you understood my
answers to the last two questions, this question will already be answered.
But know this…by now you [have] already had the 108 questions…and more!
Aha! Why [have] I asked for 108? So that your mind will be in the same focus...you
have brought the frequency of 108 with your intentions…you have vibrated at a 108
focus. You have created a portal!
Now, I ask that Amenai write the quote she read this morning from Mr.
Emerson. I invite parents to use it as a reminder of the Portal of Parenting:
We are responsible for what we are.
Whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves.
If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions,
it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in the future
can be produced by our present actions.
So we have to know how to act.
Do not go where the path may lead;
go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Om Namah Shivaya!
Are Immunizations Harmful?
May 9, 2005
8:30 PM
Dear Babaji,
Now I have questions I want to ask. In the past four days, three different people
have asked if I could bring this subject to you for consideration: How beneficial are the
vaccines and immunizations which have become mandatory in some U.S. school
systems? If they are not beneficial, are they harmful? If they are harmful, what can be
done to counteract their effects? If they are beneficial, what can be done to make them
more effective?
In Service,
May 14, 2005
It was about time you had questions to ask! Ha, ha! The vaccines questions are
very clear. Many of my children have already demonstrated scientifically that they do
no good to the human body. They only do good to human wallets!
You asked, “If they are not beneficial, are they harmful?” Well, many of you
have [had] vaccines and [they] have not done much to your systems because of your
spiritual practices. I will let the question be answered by your scientists and the evident
harmful effects vaccines are creating! I say to you, remember, beliefs are more harmful
than vaccines!
“If they are harmful, what can be done to counteract their effects?” Maintain a
healthy diet...in mind and spirit, and love each other unconditionally. Is that [the]
response you wanted? If not…why not ask the Masters! Go to the children…Tattt! Use
kinesiology with them and you will know what they have to say about this issue!
“If they are beneficial, what can be done to make them more effective?” I will
choose to void this question. I say again…ALL IS ENERGY…what you think or
believe in is what you get!
I just need the shot of Divine Love.
Food is a Conscious Blessing
May 10, 2005
9:28 PM
Dear Babaji,
I want to ask several questions about food. As creators of our own reality, we
create the effects foods have on our bodies. Just how much of those effects are from the
nutritional value of the food and how much are from our thoughts about the food? In
other words, if the thoughts are predominant we should be able to eat foods containing
little recognized food value and enhance that nutritional value with our thoughts. Yes?
Here is another question about food: What is the best diet for humans? Sri
Yukteswar, discussing human anatomy in The Holy Science makes a very compelling
case for us to be primarily fruitarians. So, if we eat nothing but fruits, raw vegetables
and water, will our dietary needs be met? Again, is this due to the nutritional value of
the food or to the thoughts that we have about how they will affect our bodies? If we eat
nothing but fruits, raw vegetables and water will we have enough calcium? Protein? Is
calcium necessary? According to science it is. Calcium deficiencies show up as rickets
in developing bones and as osteoporosis in more mature bones. Are these diseases the
result of our thoughts or the lack of calcium? Is the absence of any harmful symptoms
on a fruitarian diet the result of our thoughts, or is the apparent lack of protein and
calcium not important?
Babaji, I know these are too many questions to ask in the type of forum we have
been blessed to share with you. But I have found it difficult to ask some questions
without asking others. It is my natural curiosity—like a child! You have asked us to look
at the miracles of life with the wonderment of a child. So I have, with all the questions
that accompany that child-like wonder. Like a child I want to eat those wonderful fruits
and vegetables—the gifts from God—but I also (like an adult or a parent) want to know
if they will provide ample nutrition for me, my child, and my inner child. I ask for your
help to sort out this nutritional dilemma.
May 14, 2005
10:11 PM
Amarananda, child!
The nutritional dilemma differs from one country to another! If you are Chinese
and follow the principles of acupuncture, you will be eating meat and different varieties
of foods to maintain the balanced elements of fire, wood, metal, and air.
If you are from India, where [the] cow cannot be eaten, then you eat other food.
If you believe in Ayurvedic medicine, then you eat depending on what dosha you are! If
you have no resources to buy food, then you eat whatever you can! If you are a follower
of Yukteswar, you eat fruits! If you follow me…you eat air!
Remember there is a cycle of life. Many have said that I have said that you
should ONLY EAT THIS OR THAT! Tattt! Does that sound like Babaji? How could I
tell a poor child that lives in a country that has no fruits to eat only fruit? How can I
demand starving people eat only air? I use no SHOULD words! I invite, but never
command…unless needed...Tattt!
You definitely want to bring awareness to the energy and choice of foods your
human temple ingests! Mother Earth has been so polluted by thoughts, actions and
deeds that she needs time for healing and so does the bearing of her fruits.
Supplementation is necessary in these times of yours, my children. Yes, the power of
fruits, solar food, is highly needed. Eat some vegetables, too!
I say BALANCE is the best diet you can have. Include PRAYER and blessings
of the food for the best protection and energy transmission in order to increase the
quality of what you eat. Make good conscious choices regarding what thoughts you
have while you cook or eat. Believe me that is more powerful than anything. Then...and
only then...when food and the ritual of eating becomes a conscious blessing, then you
will listen naturally to what your human body needs.
Children have it naturally! Parents must bring awareness to how necessary it is
that they learn from their kids! Parents are not to teach children to eat artificial colors,
additives, refined sugar and all those things that parents think children like! The eating
habits of a child are modeled by the parents.
Next [question].
The Last and First Question
We want to worship a living God.
I have not seen anything but God all my life, nor have you.
To see this chair, you first see God, and then the chair in and through Him.
He is everywhere, saying, “I am. ”
The moment you feel “I am,” you are conscious of Existence.
Where shall we go to find God if we cannot see Him in our own hearts
and in every living being?
May 14, 2005
10:57 PM
Dear One,
We are closing the portal of questions. I know we could go on and on, for the
universe is a question by itself! We must continue and for that I give you the last and
first answer for the last and first question. You said to me on April 6, 2005 at 8:07 PM:
“But even if I AM, your answers are always so powerful…”
What is the hidden metaphor in these words you wrote? Mmmmhhhh….let us
extract the essence of your words, remove the words: But, even, if, are, so, and
powerful. What remains? I am your answers always.
Yes…I AM is the answer…the question…the silent love and loud caress of the
Divine towards His children towards Her loved ones, towards all human beings as
children of humanity, as light spirits, as the One and Only Divine reflections of Love!
This is the answer to all questions and the question to all answers! I AM is the basis of
the sacred path. It is the Divine Mother of all virtues, and when awakened…the I AM
and its universal nature shall nourish all on the way.
When parents realize, and THEY WILL REALIZE, that a parent is neither the
owner of children, nor the one who does many things to achieve something with, or
through his-her children, then…ONLY then…the parent’s mind shall be stilled and the I
AM consciousness will remain forever. That, my children, is what I experience as
infinite immortality, whose essences are emptiness, spirituality, serenity and subtlety,
reminding us all that the infinite is always beyond death, which is the true mission and
purpose of sacred parenting.
So here is the answer to all questions: “I AM.”
Now you know...when a child asks…be attentive…he-she is asking from his-her
I AM essence…and in truth...it is GOD asking from within!
Moving on to the next gate…or chapter as you call it!
Babaji Nagaraj
To find the universal elements enough;
to find the air and the water exhilarating;
to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter;
to be thrilled by the stars at night;
to be elated over a bird’s nest or a wildflower in spring—
these are some of the rewards of the simple life.
-John Burroughs
May 14, 2005
11:31 PM
Now, I shall give thirteen messages for parents to read the first thirteen days of
the life of their newborn. These shall be read to the child, when the child is sleeping and
repeated three times during the day.
The messages are very simple. Do not think that I will create 100 pages for each
message. No need; only the mind needs [that] many pages. Newborns do not need
[very] much. Yet, these few words (that are reminders of the inner wisdom of each
child) are many already.
Just be aware and breathe….parents can visualize in meditation that they are
being born again, and read each message during the thirteen days, visualizing that they
are newborns, too. This would be beneficial to do, even before the child is born.
If you don’t have a child and just want to nurture and heal your inner child, then
practice [reading] these messages. As you read them, write any insights you might have
below the message.
Always remember, my children, that more than the words [that are] written, the
message that you give with your modeling is far more powerful. Words can vanish and
can be forgotten, but the footsteps you take, your children will most surely follow.
Message #1
You know what is the full meaning of family? ...
FAMILY = (F)ather (A)nd (M)other, (I) (L)ove (Y)ou.
-Linda Castaldo
Welcome precious light being!
You have chosen to breathe and experience the adventure called life. All that
[your] spirit needs shall be given to thee. Your power of manifestation is as abundant as
the nectar of the Divine. You are here to celebrate, and live in love, simplicity and truth.
Be aware of the power of your breath and remember, you are One in God.
Vakratunda Mahakaaya, Surya Koto Samaprabha, Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva
Karayeshu Sarvadaa
Message #2
The word “no” carries a lot more meaning
when spoken by a parent who also knows how to say “yes.”
-Joyce Maynord
Beloved light being,
Hear these silent words beyond the written words. Sacred limits will set lovefilled boundaries to highlight the path you chose eons ago in time to fulfill the promise
of creation…YOUR CREATION. Be content and aware that everything works in divine
order and the universal laws will ONLY assist you, ONLY if you allow them.
Remember that choices are always honored. I welcome you in the light that is you.
Adi Deva Namastubhyam Praseeda Mama Bhaskara Divakara! Namastubhyam
Prabhakara Namastute
Message #3
Children will not remember you for the material things you provided,
but for the feeling that you cherished them.
-Richard L. Evans
Beloved sacred being;
You have come to the dimension of manifested matter, of energy densified for
the only and one purpose of experiencing itself as matter. Now, in this human
experience you will find many realms: emotional, mental, spiritual, physical…many
flavors for the unique opportunity of being human. While you taste the variety of this
adventure, always remember that the Divine is always watching. The conscious witness
that you are is always watching. You are One in God.
Bhanu Shashi Bhoomisuta, Kurvantu Sarve Mama Suprabhaatam
Message #4
A child tells in the street what its father and mother say at home.
-The Talmud
Dear being of light!
How much celebration is available for you in this human experience! Know that
your mind will learn many things that you will wisely choose from to experience. Many
things you will learn from others. Be selective, even when your mind absorbs any type
of information. Remember that you are the creator of your reality, and therefore you
create your experience.
Choose wisely.
Asato Ma Sadgamaya, Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya
Mrytor Marmrutam Gamaya
Message #5
We never know the love of a parent
until we become parents ourselves.
-Henry Ward Beecher
Dear being of light,
There is nothing more sacred and real than love. The love that you are represents
a trillion possibilities for future generations. Your love will guide others. Your love will
bless all you meet on your way. Your love is the voice of the Divine inside your
soul…Speak it loud, share it with joy…for yours is the kingdom of heaven. You are
Divine perfection and One with the perfection of the Divine. Together you create a
perfect universe.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Message #6
We must teach our children to dream with their eyes open.
-Harry Edwards
Now light being,
Remember that in this human realm you will be introduced to the dimension and
concept of time. Enjoy it and explore it and always remember while you do it, that you live
in the NOW. Dream, explore, imagine a better world…travel back and forth in time
and space, and remain here now, present. You are awareness, you are the NOW.
Devyai Sada Vandita Samaan Paatu Saraswati Bhagaawtini: Shesha Jaadaya Pahaa
Message #7
Childhood sometimes does pay a second visit to man; youth never.
-Anna Jameson
Dear one,
What a sacred geometry has been reverberating for your manifestation.
Remember that you will see in your human experience, things and actions that do not
make sense to your Divine nature. Yet always remember that as you grow, you remain a
child in your heart. Use then the wisdom of the elders and remain pure in spirit. That is
your nature…pure spirit is who you are.
Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Mahesh Waraa
Guru Sakshat, Para Brahma, Tasmayshree Gurudev Namah
Message #8
Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them.
-Lady Bird Johnson
Being of sacred light,
Yours is a powerful mission of creating and manifesting whatever you put your
intention on. You have immeasurable resources to create Heaven on Earth! Awakening
in your sacred memory, blueprint and inner universe the Christ and Buddha nature. You
are pure enlightenment.
Shubham Karotu Kalyanam Arogyam such Sampadam Shatrubuddhi Vinasham Cha
Deepyoir Namastute
Message #9
Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.
They seem not to notice us, hovering, averting our eyes,
and they seldom offer thanks.
But what we do for them is never wasted.
-Garrison Keillor
Remember that the parent of the universe will always provide for your well
being. This is a subtle message that is heard by the reconnected strands of wisdom. You
are here, now, breathing, grateful for the experience…always being the experience of
gratitude, trust and joy. Remember: Be focused and constant. No time is ever wasted,
except for the time that one does not love!
Padmasanestite Devi Parabrahma Swaroopini Saravadhuuka Hare Devi! Hare Devi!
Mahalaksmi Namastute!
Message #10
A man never stands as tall
as when he kneels to help a child.
Being of sacred possibilities:
You are the humble reflection of the Mother of the Universe; you are the
manifestation of sacred beauty that reflects the Father of Existence. Your humbleness,
serenity, joy and purity will always be leaving footsteps for others to follow. Make sure
that the footsteps are imprinted with the higher choices of your God-like nature. You are
pure love.
Om Sarvesham Swastir Bhavatu
Om Sarvesham Shantir Bhavatu
Om Sarvesham Pornam Bhavatu
Sharevsham Mangalam Bhavatu
Message #11
I have found the best way to give advice to your children
is to find out what they want, and then advise them to do it.
-Harry S. Truman
Beloved one,
Make sure to share your voice in ways that never harm, judge or condemn
others. Yours is the way of spirit. Yours is the way of love. You are the way. State your
needs clear[ly], share your wisdom with the power of silence and the eyes of Divine
transmission. Your shakti is blessed; be gentle and yet carry within you the transmission
the strength of a soaring mountain. Take care of your human temple and awaken always
your power of self-healing. The planet where you live will benefit from this nurturing
energy. Remember all diversity is a mirror of who you are. Respect is a higher vibration
that you will emanate with higher focus and intention always.
Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina Saervbe Santu Niratamaha,
Sarve Bhadrani Pashantu Ma Kashit Dukhka Bhaakbavet
Message #12
Soft is the heart of a child.
Do not harden it.
Thou shall find many beings living in the concept of illusion, the concept and
realm of maya. You must remember that the way to see reality is through kind words,
kind deeds and love. Many grownups have a hardened heart living in this maya. To melt
that hardening, we must vibrate higher and higher in love, with honesty and strength in
the truth.
Ham SA, ham SA, ham SA…So ham, so ham, so ham
Message #13
When one teaches, two learn.
-Robert Half
Beloved being,
Remember that all wisdom, all beauty, all divine shakti is within you. You are an
eternal teacher and disciple of Source. Childhood is sacred, so enjoy it while breathing.
Breathe and delight in this human journey. That is your job for now…your destiny, and
your sacred mission...to be who you are, to be real...to be God.
Aham Brahmasmi
I am the Truth, I am God.
Patient endurance: the foremost austerity.
Unbinding: the foremost, so say the Awakened.
He who injures another is no contemplative.
He who mistreats another, no monk.
It is love that brings happiness to people.
It is love that gives joy to happiness.
My mother didn’t give birth to me, love did. A
hundred blessings and praises to that love.
May 15, 2005
1:01 AM
Dear Amenai, Amarananda, Children,
With deep joy we must move on. We have traveled inside the universal spirals,
and we have completed the mission of messages in this form. Yet, the work is just
beginning. The divine and higher work of freedom and love for all sentient beings has
just begun. 2012 will rejoice in grand celebration. Angels and divine realms shall speak
louder. Yet, 2012 is here, NOW. The Spirituality of Love is the new religion that
permeates every single cell.
You have all traveled with me through these messages and we are so very
grateful. We must move on now. Some of my children are waiting for me; they have
some words to write themselves!
Know I am always with you. Call my name; whisper it softly in the wind. I am
here. I am Oneness. I am content.
Bijananda, Amarananda, Chandramani, many blessings [to you]. I ask you to
create a temple where all children can gather, in less than three years. Everything you
need will come [to you]. I will contact you and let you know about the other portal you
both shall open. The Mayan land will create surprises. Trust in the messages, children.
This is not an esoteric prediction. No, no, no! Babaji doesn’t like predictions. Babaji
likes manifestations! This is something that has already happened.
Bijananda, write please, if you may, the Epilogue for this portal.
Amenai, take this lotus flower and come out of the cave. Your time has come to
share your words. You have the awakening shakti power. Hiding shall no longer be
possible. I will personally send assistance for you to step into your sacred power and to
share it with the world. So it is, too, for Amarananda and Bijananda…and ALL MY
Amenai, I feel your bhakti tears. Know that I will come no more through written
words, and yet, we shall meet again.
Dear parents,
Remember that charity, kind speech, doing a good turn, and treating all alike are
not only Buddha-nature qualities, but great teachings for your children if you choose
only to experience kindness in your words, acts and deeds. This is the center and the
heart of awareness. You must practice the way of kindness with all children.
Mistreat[ment] and anger are not the way of sacred love. Hurting children only hurts
and sickens the planet where you live. If you want a peaceful world, live the peace and
share peaceful ways with all children.
Join with others in the focus of higher love and kindness. Make your energy
creative, and release any anger or frustration in a creative and positive way. Otherwise,
[the] energy will be destructive. Live the awareness that any single thought and deed
impacts the worldwide community and teach this to your children with the living
example of what you preach. Allow your children to step in[to] a grander possibility to
create and live in the supreme reality of nature and supra-nature while learning and
emphasizing values, attitudes and higher understandings.
Model emotional commitments with a natural acceptance that goes with higher
awareness. Breathe, parents; remember always to breathe…. Manifesting sacred
PATIENCE, and apply it to the things you do, with the people you meet, situations you
manifest, with your children, but first and foremost with yourself.
You all have the power to end worldwide violence that occurs, not only through
acts, but also through speech, and thoughts! Cease now those old beliefs and painful
memories and use them not as excuses to parent your children in the way your ancestors
parent[ed] you. If your experience was what you would consider unconscious
upbringing…let it go, heal it NOW. As the Ashtavakra Gita says, unless you forget
everything, you will never live in your heart. To live with children, to be a parent, to
feel the Divine parents of the universe and awaken your inner child, you MUST live in
the heart.
When they are born, record your child’s breath sound and their first voice
sounds! Play that as the music to soothe them in times of need!
You are always protected, children…I will be watching closely. I am always
watching you all, children, and inner children of light!
Many blessings.
Om Namah Shivaya
Babaji Nagaraj
Dera Danda Uthao!
I remember vividly when my involvement with this remarkable book began. I
was on an extended Christmas holiday, visiting my family in New England, when the
series of emails began to come through with messages from Babaji in what he termed
the “warm-up” for this book. It’s been the most amazing experience. One unlike
anything else I’ve ever experienced in my life, and one I never, ever expected! It’s
almost been surreal, or stated another way, it’s been a new kind of “reality” for me. I
feel humble and honored to have assisted in the editing of this book, or portal, as Babaji
has called it.
I met both Swami Amenanda and Swami Amarananda for the first time, on
separate occasions, in 2004 in Sedona, Arizona. Ivonne and Phil are two of the most
loving people I have ever had the honor to meet in this lifetime. Now, here I was in
snowy New England, and they were in California and Florida respectively, when we
began receiving and sharing these beautiful messages from Babaji. Thanks to the
wonders of the modern computer era, where we all are now electronically (and
symbolically!) connected, these messages were able to come through, transcending
dimensions and geographical distances.
The messages came through Ivonne, and she would usually send them
immediately to Phil and to me in an email. There was an energy I could actually FEEL
coming through those emails. One of the many wonderful things about editing this book
was that I got to read it again and again. Each time I read it, I receive more and more
from the words, and, I am sure, on other levels as well. There is a “transmission beyond
the transmission” as Babaji has said.
During the unfoldment of this book, Babaji often acknowledged our American
holidays, and used them as a reference to deliver a profound message. Today, as I write
this, it is the Fourth of July, a holiday known for its celebration of freedom. As I sat at
my computer, I took a moment to look out the window, and was amazed to see a bald
eagle flying over my house! I even got out my binoculars to confirm what I was seeing.
I watched as it circled, soaring higher and higher into the sky. What a beautiful symbol
and metaphor for our own ascension to higher and higher ways of being divinely
human, of being free.
When Babaji asked that I write the Epilogue for this book, my initial feeling was
that I did not want this book or this experience to end, and the next thought I had was
that endings always mean new beginnings. Babaji has given us so many gems here, so
many reminders. What are we going to do with them? We have been given the divine
gift of choice. We each get to choose in every moment of our daily lives...with our
families, our children, our own inner child, with all people. We each get to choose in
every thought, in every decision, in every choice we make.
Babaji has said to choose wisely…He has pointed out so many ways for us to
choose Love.
Anne Lary
Swami Bijananda
July 4, 2005
Ivonne Delaflor, 1Swami Amenanda (Amenai), author, teacher, and spiritual
practitioner is a certified Parent Talk trainer and Director of the Parent Talk System in
On October 6, 2003, in Rishikesh, India, Ivonne was blessed at the kriya yoga
ashram to see with eyes open, the materialization of Babaji’s feet, and to hear his voice
as clearly as a whisper. A year after Babaji contacted her through automatic writing
dictating to her the book Invitation to Love published in the year 2005.
As a strong supporter of Conscious Evolution and God’s Realization for all children of
the world, Ivonne founded in 2002, the Mastery Life, a nonprofit organization based in
Mexico, whose main intention is to share conscious tools with fellow human beings—
especially the tools that can assist in the wonderful journey of parenthood to guide
children to their full potential as blessed human beings.
Called by her friends “a modern female saint” for her active work with parents and
children at the orphanage, La Casita de Cancun, she is a survivor of a near-death
experience at the age of eighteen that turned her life into a spiritual quest. She began to
meet with recognized spiritual teachers worldwide and today shares her passion through
offering free workshops and intuitive wisdom in respecting and allowing both children
and adults to be who they really are.
Ivonne is the creator of the twelve-module workshop, Rediscovering Yourself
through Your Personal Power. She is also the author of Your Soulmate Called God,
[and the Spanish translation] La Maestria de La Vida published in Mexico, The Positive
Child through the Language of Love, Mastering Life, and 2 INDIA; The Journey of a
Lifetime (which narrates the story on how she met Babaji) which are both available at
www.iuniverse.com and www.amazon.com and at major bookstores. She is currently
working on a workbook entitled, Practical Exercises for the Positive Child for Body,
Mind, and Spirit, the profits of which will go to the orphanage La Casita de Cancun.
She also is co-authoring the book The Spiritual Face of Autism with Dr. Thomas Haller,
and the book LISTEN TO CHILDREN which will be available on 2006. Ivonne
conducts regular free workshops in Cancun, and through her Mastery Life Organization
assists spiritual teachers such as Doreen Virtue, Chick Moorman, Alan Cohen, and
many others to share their wisdom in raising the consciousness and awareness that
through love children will evolve and teach us their peaceful ways.
Initiated into The Maitri Order by Sri Babaji and Swami Amarananda www.maitriorder.org
Book that narrates the author’s mystical experiences in India, including her meeting with Babaji.
A percentage of the profits of this book will be donated to Habitat for Humanity
and Food Relief International Charities www.foodrelief.org to assist children affected
by the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Cancun.
Ivonne currently lives with her husband and her two children in California. You
may contact her through her website: http://www.masterylife.com or you can send an email to [email protected]
Phil LaHaye was initiated as Swami Amarananda on April 28, 2004, at
Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ. Phil desired a name that embodied what he aspired to
become and believes he was divinely guided to the name Amarananda, meaning
“immortal” or “eternal” bliss. The five syllables in the name each contain “ah,” the
sacred, universal sound of God. The name also contains the Spanish verb amar, meaning,
“to love.” Subsequently, Phil was requested by Sri Babaji Nagaraj to be the Founder of
The Maitri Order of Swamis. www.maitriorder.org Phil’s wife, Judy, was later asked to
be Co-Founder of The Maitri Order.
Phil’s spiritual guidance has come from many sources: Jose Silva’s Mind
Control program, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Leonard Orr and Sondra
Ray’s Rebirthing Process, A Course in Miracles, and the Self-Realization
Fellowship (founded by Paramhansa Yogananda). More recently, he has added
the teachings of Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks with her husband, Jerry),
Dr. James Martin Peebles, trance channeled by Summer Bacon, to his list of
mentors, and Dan Brule http://www.breathmastery.com/ .
Yogananda’s influence has been substantial in Swami Amarananda’s life. He
has spent more than 12 years intensely studying his teachings and practicing Kriya
Yoga daily. It was Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi that brought Phil his first
conscious introduction to Babaji. He met with Ivonne Delaflor at a conference she had
organized in Cancun, Mexico in October 2002. There Swami Amarananda had his first
mystical experience with Babaji. Time seemed to stand still as everyone in the room
appeared frozen in mid-movement. Babaji then appeared to him, looked into his eyes
and smiled. This relationship has continued to expand in a most remarkable manner.
Phil lives with his wife, Judy (Swami Nadiananda) in Clermont, Florida.
Drew is now attending Florida State University. Phil may be reached at
[email protected] He and Judy host several web sites: www.maitriorder.org,
www.528love.com , and www.maitri.tv
Babaji is recognized in the spiritual world as the ageless Siddha (adept),
omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent who was introduced to Westerners in the book,
Autobiography of a Yogi, written by Paramahansa Yogananda.
The meaning in English for Babaji is “Venerable Father.”
It is said by those who have met Babaji, that he is the Param Siddha (Supreme
Perfected Being) who has achieved a state free from death limitations. He can travel
through time and space as he wishes with or without a physical body. Babaji is
immortal. It is said that he never lives in one same place for more than seven days. He
travels from place to place in the northern Himalayan mountains with his select group of
disciples. He easily can speak in any language. His immortal body does not require
food; therefore he seldom eats. His mission is LOVE. And it is said that when his name
is pronounced with love, humbleness and reverence an immediate blessing is received.
Om Babaji Namaha.
Service is the real nature of the Divine.
Bhagavad Gita – “Song of God”; a major Hindu scripture and a chapter from the
Mahabharata that contains Krishna’s teaching on realizing God.
Bhajan – Devotional song.
Bhakti – Religious or spiritual devotion; love.
Brahma – God in the aspect of creator of the universe; one of the Hindu trinity.
Chakras – Seven energetic centers of the body aligned along the spinal axis.
Darshana – “Vision” or sighting of a realized Master.
Deva – “Deity” or celestial being.
Dosha – In the Ayurvedic system, the “three humors:” vata, pitta, and kapha.
Ganesha – The elephant headed god, son of Shiva and Uma.
Garuda – A mythical bird that is half-man and half-beast associated with tremendous
speed and power.
Hanuman – The monkey king of the Ramayana, the archetype of the selfless devotee.
Japa – The meditative recitation of mantras; prayer.
Kali – The “dark” Hindu Goddess, who destroys illusions.
Kundalini – The “serpent power” that lies dormant in the lowest energetic center of the
body. Its awakening is the central goal of Hatha yoga.
Mahabharata – One of India’s two great national epics, recounting the great war
between the Kauravas and Pandavas.
Mantra – Sacred sound that empowers the mind for concentration and the transcendence
of ordinary states of consciousness.
Maya – “Cosmic illusion.” The divine power of illusion.
Mukti – “Release or liberation.” Synonymous with self-realization.
Namaskar, Namaste – Salutation, “I bow to God in you.”
Om – The key mantra of Hinduism, symbolizing the Absolute.
Prana – “Breath” or life force.
Radha – Krishna’s Beloved and devotee.
Rishi – An ancient sage.
Samadhi – A state of profound or one-pointed consciousness.
Samskara – The state of enmeshment in the world from the subtle effects caused by the
actions and volitions of an unenlightened being.
Shakti – The feminine aspect of the Divine; energy or power.
Shaktipat – “The descent of power” often in a process of initiation.
Shiva (or Siva) – God in the aspect of destroyer; one of the Hindu trinity.
Siddha – An “accomplished one.”
Siddhi – “Perfection or accomplishment” of flawless liberation; great power.
Vidya – Liberating “wisdom or knowledge,” not necessarily intellectual knowledge.
Vishnu – God in the aspect of the maintainer of the universe; one of the Hindu trinity.
Parents, TRUST the intuition of your children. Trust that if you are reading
this book right now…[it] is mainly because your inner child and your
children are vibrating in a higher frequency of love and growing in
awareness and responsibility to create a most conscious world.
Your ego, your studies, your PhD’s and mental knowledge are useless now.
It is time to bring forth the wisdom of the ancients. It is time to show the spiritual
face of the human existence. Many in the multiple universes are ready. Are you ready?
In your reality you think you are not ready yet, as demonstrated by your fragmented
thoughts, desires to be this or that, condemning, judging and forgetting to be responsible
for your creation. In “the reality” accompanied by love, in the now...you have always
been ready for enlightenment…for awakening the child within. This message shall
be read when needed…and when read know that you are ready.
Time to shake the illusory world! The children have arrived.
“I almost feel like I am in another world as I’m reading it.”
“As mother of three, and midwife to thousands, I wish I could have given this
epic work on parenting to every parent I’ve ever known. I am awed by this masterpiece of
love and guidance. This is not only for every parent and grandparent to read, but for
every person on the planet that wants to learn to nurture their own inner child.
Read this book with that child at the forefront of your thoughts.
As with all sacred texts, they have been given to the human race to guide us to
be the God-like beings that we are here to learn how to be. This book is now given to us
as a sacred text to help us guide our children from the moment they are conceived,
as well as ourselves, into God-Consciousness. “The real war in this era is not in the
battlefield, but in families.” This book will help you to open the many
gates of love in your families, in your world, and in your heart.”

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