The Insurer Is The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company.



The Insurer Is The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company.
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Access our site directly from Expert®
with just one click.
MPP Status Centre
What a relief! No user IDs or passwords to
remember, just click on the MPP Broker Site
button found on the “Filogix Financial Tools”
page. If you aren’t immediately linked to our
site, it may be due to your pop-up blocker or
you may need to install Adobe Flash Player. If
you are still having trouble after addressing
these two things, contact the Filogix Help
Desk at 1.800.732.5638.
Mortgage Protection Plan®
Status Centre
The information you need, 24/7.
Click on the "Find" button in the top-right
corner to retrieve details on all your MPP
deals, listed alphabetically. You can also look
up a specific application using the borrower’s
last name or application number (use the dropdown box for your preference). Click on the
client’s name to see more details. You can also
print your Indemnification Certificate from
this screen if you have sent in the
The Insurer Is The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company.
Make sure all of your clients get a chance to
apply for Mortgage Protection Plan.
When you can’t get an MPP application in Expert
(e.g. for an off-system deal) use MPPQuick. Start
with the Mortgage Number. If you’ve already sent
in an application/waiver for that deal, then it will
not let you re-use the number (it will show as
Instead, use the client’s last name in this field (for easy future look-up). Click the "Start" button and a "View/
Print" button will appear.
Fill in the required fields and use today’s date as the Funding Date for deals already funded. When complete,
click the "View/Print" button and you should get a PDF of the insurance application, just as you would
through Expert. If not, your pop-up blocker is interfering and you need to change your settings.
Free Customized Brochures
Your co-branded Mortgage Protection Plan brochures
offer you an easy way to promote your business, at no cost.
Click on the “Order MPP Supplies” button to be linked
to the Supplies Ordering microsite. Fill in the fields with
the contact information you want printed on the back of
your brochures. If you want your name, in addition to
your office name, you can use the same field for both.
You can also upload your picture or your company logo.
1 (866) 677-4677