Christmas Menu 2009 - Hummerstons Gourmet Meats



Christmas Menu 2009 - Hummerstons Gourmet Meats
Your Independent Local Butcher
Welcome to Hummerstons. Come into our
air conditioned shop and spend some time
browsing our fine meat displays. Another year has
passed and Santa is almost here. This year
Hummerstons won the North Shore Times Business
Achievers Award in the Food and Beverages section.
With our "Buy the dog a bone" promotion, we have
donated to:
Lane Cove Rugby Club, Hunters Hill Primary
School, Lane Cove West Public School, Lane Cove
Public School, St Michael's School, The Black Dog
Institute, Matthew Talbot Hostel and The Chris
O'Brian Light House Foundation.
On behalf of the entire team we wish you a safe
and Happy Christmas and New Year.
Recent Reviews
2009 Good Food Guide
“It’s the very model of a modern
Australian butcher and home of the
magical slowroasted lamb forequarter
in a bag. Beef is antibiotic and
growth-promotant free, grass fed
and aged in cryovac on the premises.
A good deli range completes the
the Charcuterie
Cevapcici (Eastern European Skinless Sausage)
Kofta Kebab (Lebanese delight)
Pork sage and apple.
Chorizo (Spain) Lean beef and pork, garlic,
hot paprika, smoked and cooked.
Pork (England) Made to a renowned English recipe.
Chicken Thigh Fillets lightly flavoured to taste
Honey BBQ Chicken thigh fillets, sweet honey.
Extra Lean Beef Made from 98% lean blade steak.
Chilli Hot Shot Beef, lamb plus extra chilli for a
real zing.
Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Lean beef and lamb, great
Aussie flavour.
Duck and Orange Sausage (One of the most popular)
Chicken Spinach Pine Nut Chicken thighs, spinach, plenty
of pine nuts.
Lamb Rosemary and honey.
Pork and fennel.
Christmas Menu 2009
Trading Hours
6.00am-5.30pm Mon 21st, Tues 22nd, Wed 23rd
6.00am-2.30pm 24th
Closedri 25th, Sat 26th, Sun 27th, Mon 28th
6:30am-5:30pm Tues 29th, Wed 30th, Thur 31st
Fri 1st and Sat 2nd
2010 The Foodies Guide to Sydney
“The change of ownership here shouldn't worry anyone.
New owners Steven Hack and Mark McKinnon were long time
employees of former owner Peter Hummerston and it'sstill
humming without him.
The business has strong following of long term customers
and they come back because they get exactly what they want.
“For 20 years their suburban butcher shop has been a
gourmet drawcard for discerning meat lovers on the lower
North Shore”.
Address: 225 Burns Bay Road
Lane Cove West
Contact: Ph: 9427 1983
Fax: 9418 6926
Email: [email protected]
North Shore Times
Business Award Winner
Award Winning Hams
Cooked Turkey Products
* Full Leg Hams (Bone In) 5 kg - 11 kg
* Half Leg Hams (Bone In) 4 kg - 5 kg
Boneless Ham Portions ¾ kg - 2 kg
* Organic Hams (MUST order by last week of November)
* Oven Roast Buffet 5 kg – 7 kg
* Oven Roast Breast Roll 2 kge
* Smoked Breast Roll 2 kg
Succulent Pork Roasts
* Full or Half Legs of Pork
* Rolled Loins Pork
* Pork Racks
Turkey - Specially sourced
fron the Southern Highlands
barn raised, no added hormones
* Turkey Breast Roll Boneless White Meat only
* Turkey Breast Roll Boneless White Meat only
* Turkey Buffet – Fresh
* Raw Breast Meat Bone In
Free range Chicken and Game
* Chickens
* Fresh Duck
* Fresh Duck Breasts or Marylands
* Free Range Chicken (Rolled and Seasoned) *
Fresh Geese 3-4.5 kg
Fresh Spatchcocks
Fresh Quails
* Guinea Fowl
Turkey Serves and Sizes
Breast Rolls range from 2 kg – 3 kg
Recommended Turkey Serving Size
4 kg Turkey 8 – 10 Serve
5 kg Turkey 12 – 14 Serve
6 kg Turkey 16 – 18 Serve
8 kg Turkey 22 – 24 Serve
Breast Roll: Allow 330 g per serve
Seasonings Available
(For Pork / Turkey)
* Mango and Hazelnut
* Sage and Onion
* Apple Prunes Apricot soaked in Brandy
* Cranberry and Chestnut
A range of cooked Kitchen Curries
and croyvac meats for your holidays,
camping or boating.
Whole Fillet
Butterfly Leg of Lamb or Chicken
Fillet Steak Kebabs
Chicken Kebabs
Lamb Kebabs
Slow Roast Lamb
Cold Selection
Smoked Salmon 100 g - 500 g
Salmon portions
Pates and Dips
Cheese and Antipastos
* Brilliant Foods Trout portions and Rillettes
Spiced Apple
Honey Cup Mustard
Stone Ground Mustard
Hot English Mustard
* Apricot Mustard
Christmas Cakes and Puddings
Fruit Mince Pies
Gingerbread Houses
Gingerbread Trees