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LEE`S - County Star-News
Thursday, October 21, 2010
County Star-News
Wheeler County Clerk records
October 6, 2010
OVERRID ROY/ROY/MD- Melissa Childs to
Spiro Resources LTD, et al, AllMyIntIn Sec.
12, Blk. A-4, 10-1-10.
OVERRID ROY/ROY/MD- James C. Jennings,
Jr., to Spiro Resources LTD, et al, AllMyIntIn
Sec. 12, Blk. A-4, 9-24-10.
ASSIGN/B OF SALE- Wallace M. Hawley
Trust to Samson Lone Star LLC MyIntIn Sec.
23, BLk. M-1, H&GN, 8-27-10.
ASSIGN/B OF SALE- J. F. Wilbur, Jr., Inc., to
Samson Lone Star LLC MyIntIn Sec. 28, Blk.
RE, 9-16-10.
MD- Linda Kay Gilmer Ingersoll to Sabre Exploration INC IntIn Sec. 10, 17, Blk. RE, 101-10.
QCD- Morris B. Fell Revocable Trust to The
Public W1/2NE1/4, Sec. 1, Blk. 2, B&B, 9-1610.
MD- Eubank Family Trust to VHE Ventures LP
UndIntIn Sec. 42, 63, Blk. 23, H&GN, 10-1-10.
HEIRSHIP AFF- Norman Dystart to A. H. Bartram (Deceased) 5.3Acs SW1/4, Sec. 44, BLk.
A-5, 9-29-10.
ROW- Wayne Zybach, et ux, to Enbridge Pipelines (Texas Gathering) LP PtW1/2, Sec. 11,
Blk. RE, 9-23-08.
ROW- Alice Marie Kelly to Enbridge Pipelines
(Texas Gathering) LP PtE1/2, Sec. 11, Blk.
RE, 9-4-08.
CC PROB PROC- Dorothy Sue Simmons
Hugg (Deceased) to Ex-Parte 10-4-10.
HEIRSHIP AFF- Dorothy Powell to Kenneth
Cole Powell (Deceased) PtSE1/4, Sec. 81,
BLk. A-5, 8-11-10.
HEIRSHIP AFF- Dorothy Powell to Archie Cole
Powell (Deceased) PtSE1/4, Sec. 81, BLk. A5, 9-3-10.
OL- Arvella Sue Powell Goodrum to Samson
Lone Star LLC PtSE1/4, Sec. 81, BLk. A-5,
OL- Dorothy Powell to Samson Lone Star LLC
PtSE1/4, Sec. 81, Blk. A-5, 7-26-10.
AMEND UCC DT- Hardcastle Farms to First
National Equipment Financing Inc N1/2, Sec.
51, Blk. A-8, -----.
Schneider, 27, of Borger, ducked
and ran from position to position
to ascertain enemy locations. Insurgent machine-gun and sniper
fire came in hard. “It was extremely effective, very accurate,” Schneider recalled. “You
could hear it snapping right next
to you.” Suddenly, Mott was
down. A bullet grazed his head
and he lost his footing. Schneider
watched helplessly as Mott
flopped like a rag doll down the
ridge. He hit the rock, bounced
off it and fell down the next cliff
- and the next one. “Just to watch
him tumble down lifeless, that’s
a sickening feeling,” Schneider
said. “A lot of the guys felt it,
too. You are watching it go down
and there’s nothing you can do.”
Mott fell so hard his body armor
and helmet were ripped off.
Schneider stripped off his own
gear to go after his captain. But he
quickly realized that if he went,
he’d fall, too. And enemy fire
was still coming at them strong.
He needed to keep the men fighting. Schneider was sure Mott
was dead. When a squad leader
saw Mott’s legs move, Schneider
called down to him. Mott gave
them a thumbs-up. Then, despite
what was later determined to be
three cracked vertebrae, a broken
rib, a gunshot wound to his head
and abrasions all over his face
and body, Mott dragged himself
into the shade of a tree and waited for the fight to subside so he
could be evacuated.
Schneider resumed his movement to the different positions.
He helped bandage the radio
operator after a bullet lodged in
his chest. He fed rounds into a
grenade launcher and talked the
helicopters onto insurgents firing
not just at the scouts, but at the
main element on the valley road.
When a resupply helicopter finally dropped off water, Schneider
ran, yet again, through heavy fire
to grab water and chuck it to his
Howerton had taken over command from his hill and stayed in
constant contact with Vowell and
air assets. Soon, help arrived and
the men gained the upper hand.
Finally, across the valley, the sun
- and the fight - relented. The soldiers had been on the offensive
since 3 a.m., 18 hours earlier.
They’d fought through the heat
of the day without food or water.
No date for
The County Star-News has
received several phone calls regarding the drawing for a 2009
Grandeur Texas Ranger Limited
Edition custom built chopper,
which was scheduled to be given
away September 17 at Wheeler’s
homecoming football game.
After a phone call to organizer,
Travis Stevens, he informed the
County Star-News that there has
not been enough tickets sold to
give the motorcycle away. Also,
according to Mr. Stevens, there
is not a definite date scheduled
for the giveaway.
For more information, contact
Travis Stevens at (806) 2030505.
ROY/MD- Cynthia Williams Sharp to Bob J.
Weatherly, et ux, AllMyIntIn Sec. 12, Blk. L,
J.M. Lindsey, 10-4-10.
October 7, 2010
OL- Wanda Fullingim Smith to Linn Energy
Holdings LLC E1/2;SW1/4;NE1/4NW1/4;S1/
2NW1/4, Sec. 4, Blk. 5, B&B, 8-19-10.
ROL- RIO Petroleum Inc to Mobeetie Land
Partners W1/2SE1/2;E1/2NE1/4, Sec. 86, BLk.
A-5, E100AcsNW1/4;W60AcsNW1/4;SW1/4,
Sec. 76, Blk. A-5, 10-5-10.
EXT OL- Judith G. Fixsen Barker to QEP
Energy Company NW1/4, Sec. 34, Blk. A-4,
ROY/MD- John William Scott, et ux, to Westco
Family Limited partnership Sec. 38, BLk. A-4,
ROW- Stiles Land Assets LTD to Enogex Gas
Gathering LLC E1/2;NW1/4, Sec. 18, SW1/4,
Sec. 23, E1/2, Sec. 24, Blk. A-3, 9-17-10.
MD- Ted K. Sharp Trust to Estall Oil and Gas
Inc. MyIntIn Sec. 23, BLK. M-1, H&GN, 8-2310.
AMEND UCC DT- Gentry Minerals LLC to
Bancfirst See Instrument, -----,
ROL- RIO Petroleum Inc. to Louis Mason, et
al, See Instrument, 9-16-10.
OL- Peggy E. Cotton, et al, to Sanguine Gas
Exploration LLC S1/2, Sec. 2, BLk. A-2, 9-110.
OL- Krista Carver, et al, to Sanguine Gas Exploration LLC N60Acs W120Acs SW1/4, Sec.
3, Blk. A-2, 9-22-10.
OL- Sue E. Johnson to Sanguine Gas Exploration LLC N1/2; N1/2SE1/4, Sec. 3, BLk. A-2,
EXECUTRIX OL- Mary Louise Bailey, et ux,
(Estate) to Sanguine Gas Exploration LLC
W20Acs S1/2SE1/4; E40Acs SW1/4, Sec. 3,
BLk. A-2, 9-13-10.
OL- Kelly Burrell to Sanguine Gas Exploration LLC N1/2; N1/2SE1/4, Sec. 3, BLk. A-2,
OL- Jimmy Charles Johnston to Sanguine Gas
Exploration LLC N1/2NW1/4, Sec. 86, Blk. A5, 9-23-10.
OL- Peggy E. Cotton, et al, to Sanguine Gas
Exploration LLC E1/2, Sec. 88, BLk. A-5, 9-110.
OL- Krista Carver, et al, to Sanguine Gas Exploration LLC E1/2;NW1/4, Sec. 88, BLk. A-5,
OL- Bambi Byrens to Sanguine Gas Exploration LLC E1/2, Sec. 88, BLk. A-5, 9-23-10.
OL- Peggy E. Cotton, et al, to Sanguine Gas
Exploration LLC Sec. 93, BLk. A-5, 9-1-10.
OL- Krista Carver, et al, to Sanguine Gas
Exploration LLC S1/2, Sec. 93, BLk. A-5, 92210.
OL- Peggy E. Cotton, et al, to Sanguine Gas
Exploration LLC Sec. 94, BLk. A-5, 9-1-10.
DVL- Ryan Shae Smith, et ux, ,to Josh Bailey
Couch, et ux, .29AcsSubDiv 3 SE1/4, Sec. 60,
BLk. A-8, 10-6-10.
DT- Josh Bailey Couch, et ux, to Amarillo National Bank .29Acs SubDiv 3 SE1/4, Sec. 60,
BLk. A-8, 10-6-10.
October 8, 2010
OVERRID ROY/ROY/MD- Mel Ott to Spiro
(806) 334-1395
from, page a1
Both sides took the opportunity of cover under darkness
to consolidate and ready for a
new day of battle. Men peered
through night-vision goggles
as the insurgents collected their
dead. U.S. soldiers believed they
faced as many as 250 insurgents,
and before the fight ended, about
half were dead.
At 1:30 the next morning,
the Afghan commandos pushed
into the village of Daridam. On
the ridgelines, American forces
watched the flashes of an all-out
battle in the dark. “It was like
watching Fourth of July fireworks,” recalled Tangen. Then
it was over. As the first light of
the second day peeked over the
horizon, the Afghan commandos, joined now by the returning ANA, the Afghan National
Police and the Americans behind
them, walked into the village of
Daridam. It was a ghost town.
The insurgents had retreated.
After clearing Daridam, U.S.
forces remained with Afghan
police for three days and then rotated men in for the next month.
It took a week for any of the
villagers to return, Vowell said,
and most would just come in and
farm and then leave again. Weeks
later, the majority of Daridam
villagers still refused to stay in
the village at night. In mid-July,
U.S. forces launched Operation
Strong Eagle 2 to capture Chinar,
Resources LTD, et al, MyIntIn Sec. 28, Blk.
A-8, 9-25-10.
OL- Paul Hathaway, et al, to Sanguine Gas
Exploration LLC W1/2SE1/4;E1/2NE1/4, Sec.
86, Blk. A-5, 9-28-10.
OL- R. W. Gribble, Jr., et ux, to QEP Energy
Company SE1/4, Sec. 13, Blk. L, J.M. Lindsey,
OL- ALII Energy to QEP Energy Company
SE1/4, Sec. 17, BLk. L, J. M. Lindsey, 8-2210.
just up the Ghaki Valley road,
where Taliban commander Qari
Zia ur Rahman was headquartered. This time, Vowell moved
his men into the village under the
cover of darkness. But there was
nobody there. The insurgents and the villagers who sheltered
them - had also taken lessons
from the prior fight. They’d fled,
Vowell said.
A month after Daridam fell,
U.S. forces handed over security
to the Afghan National Police.
The insurgents had taken a beating. Vowell was sure they would
not be massing in the area again
anytime soon. But the Afghans
were not convinced. Like their
Afghan army counterparts during the battle, the Afghan police
retreated. They’ve refused to go
back without the U.S. forces,
saying the Americans have the
big guns and the artillery. Afghan police commanders told
Vowell that insurgents came and
burned down the trailers that the
Americans had given the police
to set up an outpost at Daridam.
But when U.S. forces patrolled
in the valley, they saw the structures intact.
For U.S. soldiers who had
fought hard to take the village
and beat back the insurgents, the
retreat of their Afghan comrades
was a stinging blow. “You go
through all this and they reneged
on their end of the bargain,” said
Howerton, whose friend Staff
Sgt. Eric Shaw was one of the
two Americans killed. “It’s frustrating. We had two guys killed,
numerous wounded.”
Like he did when his Afghan
army partners abandoned him,
Vowell is now working on bringing in other Afghan forces to
maintain security in Daridam and
he’s trying to reassure villagers
that the area is safe. It took three
attempts to persuade Daridam
villagers to even attend a meeting
meant to pay out property damage compensation. Now, Vowell
is trying to get the villagers to set
up their own local security forces
until the police can grow into a
more professional force.
In the meantime, Vowell is
working with the Marawara
district government to maintain
a presence in the valley. They
hold regular meetings with villagers and District Governor
Pacha Gul is partnering with
the United States Agency for
International Development on
a project to improve the valley
road to Daridam. But the villagers, and Gul, still fear the insurgents. “Now that you’ve pulled
back, there’s no one there,” Gul
told Vowell during a meeting in
July. “The only person left is me.
I have to do something to show
there is government there.” And
Vowell knows all too well that
without the Afghan forces pulling their weight, everything falls
apart. “My No. 1 lesson learned
as task force commander is that
you can’t want it more than they
do,” Vowell said. “They have to
want it more.”
“Moments worth
covering are
never accidents.”
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