Newsletter, June 2015



Newsletter, June 2015
EfforTZ Foundation
Providing an Education for Tanzania’s Children
June 2015 Newsletter
Scorecard: Are We Meeng Your Expectaons?
To get a sense of how our students did in 2014, we compared them with other students in the country. In the
case of those who passed the exam for admission to secondary school (top graph), we compared our girls
from Eluai with the girls from Eluai who were not
EfforTZ scholarship students. (We didn’t have any boys
who took the secondary school exam.)
For the Form II and Form IV secondary school Na-onal
Exams we compared our students with all of the Form
II and Form IV students in the country who took the
exams (both boys and girls).
We’re very proud of how well our students did and
very grateful to all of you for giving them this wonderful opportunity!
Bebe and Fred Dudley, Mary Dupont,
and Sheryl Seyfert
Changing Atudes About Child Marriage
When the Maasai elders from Eluai asked us to add 14 year-old Sindei (4th from left) to the four girls we’d
already accepted into our scholarship program, we hesitated. Could we afford it? But when the situation was
explained, we knew the only answer was “yes!”
While the parents of the four girls we’d accepted had readily agreed to let their daughters go to school, the father of
Sindei was marrying her off for the dowry instead.
Happily, the village elders intervened. Declaring that
Sindei’s father was not ac-ng in the best interest of his
family, the elders insisted he allow her to go to school. (By
custom, the elders have the right to intervene with a family, but doing so for this reason is unusual.)
This change in a0tude has come a1er a lot of hard work.
We thank board member Isaya Lukumay — who has had
many talks with the elders of Eluai on this subject — for
helping to make this change a reality.
Our new girls are (l-r) Naishooki, Naangu,
Elizabeth, Sindei, and Zawadi.
EfforTZ Founda-on
June 2015 Newsle?er
What You’ve Accomplished
2014 At a Glance
Scholarship Program 2014
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June 2015 Newsle?er
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Naishooki Diagnosed with Scoliosis
Because our students are orphaned or come from impoverished families, we take care of more than just their
educa-onal needs. We see that they receive medical exams and take care of any health issues that arise.
Some of our students have had minor viruses or infec-ons, or have needed glasses (both Ombeni and Hamisi
are now wearing “spectacles”) but 14 year-old Naishooki has a more serious problem.
When Naishooki arrived at our partner,
the Emusoi Center, she was complaining
of pain. She was taken to the hospital, xrayed and sent to a specialist who diagnosed her with scoliosis. Naishooki should
have had some medical interven-on at
the age of two. Unfortunately, she was
given away when she was li?le and it’s
unlikely anyone no-ced this problem.
Naishooki being fitted
for her brace.
Without treatment the curvature of her
spine would eventually cause breathing
and heart problems. So she will have to
Even here you can see the effect of
wear a rigid spinal corset, except while
Naishooki’s scoliosis.
sleeping, un-l she stops growing—at least
five more years! This treatment will prevent her condi-on from worsening, but not cure it.
So far, she has made five trips to the hospital and endured two painful fi0ngs. But she is a determined young
girl and very much wants a be?er life. We want this for her as well! If you’d like to help with Naishooki’s
medical costs, you can donate on our website or mail us your dona*on. Thank you!
Condolences and Gra#tude
We’re saddened to report that two of our
EfforTZ family, Cathy Dudley, 54, and Iris Russell, 87, recently passed away.
Cathy, who died a1er a courageous ba?le with
ALS, her husband, Tony, and their two children
have been sponsors of two of our orphaned
boys for seven years. Cathy was the daughter
of EfforTZ co-founder, Fred Dudley, and we are
all both saddened by her loss and very grateful
Cathy and husband Tony Takazawa for her support over these past many years.
Iris Russell
Iris, who died a1er a ba?le with cancer, and her husband, Alvah (Skip), have been donors for four years. Addi-onally, Iris was a member of the EfforTZ Legacy Gi1 Society and was kind enough to remember us in her
Will. We are very grateful for her generosity.
EfforTZ Founda-on
June 2015 Newsle?er
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Our Annual Student Recep#on + Volunteers in Tanzania
Study Hard “What you get out of educa*on and life is what you put into it. It is en*rely based on the effort
you invest. Do not take the easy way: study hard, study o8en, study before every test.” That was one of the
messages given to our students by board member Isaya Lukumay and our representa-ve in Tanzania, Deo
Melkior, at our annual recep-on. Good food, -me to chat with old friends and read the le?ers from their
sponsors made up the rest of the day. It was a good day—full of smiling, happy faces!
Helping Hands Our volunteers spent two weeks working in the public schools, helping the students with
their lessons. They also found -me to visit some of our scholarship students at their schools and to visit the
village of Eluai, where the families of most of our Maasai girls live. It was a hec-c schedule but one that
made a posi-ve impact. (Below le8 is Laura Fraser helping students at Sanawari Primary School. Right (l-r) are volunteers Laura, Bebe Dudley, Sarah Be:s, Sarah Brendal, and Sara Batchelder with Eluai villagers.)
EfforTZ Foundaon: 447 Davisville Road, East Falmouth, MA 02536
508-548-3703 eff[email protected]
Please consider making a tax-deducble donaon so we can help more children.
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