Immediate Response Information System



Immediate Response Information System
Immediate Response
Information System
Proactive, High-Speed and Reliable Communication
Features and Benefits
• Ease of Use: The user-friendly interface allows
quick message creation and broadcast.
• Flexible Multi-Format Messaging: A variety
of devices can be contacted with SMS text, e-mail,
voice-recorded or text-to-voice translated messages.
• Message Initiation: Messages are initiated
through an Internet browser or via telephone and
sent to several devices simultaneously.
• Multilingual Translation: Messages can be
automatically translated in up to 12 languages
based on message recipient’s choice.
• Instant Conference Call: Multiple recipients can
connect to a conference call with one touch of a key
on their phones.
• Survey Feature: Data and information can easily
be gathered by allowing recipients to respond to
• GIS-Based Alerts: Notifications can be targeted
geographically by drawing polygons on a map to
contact recipients in the specified areas. The
system includes an active weather map overlay.
• Integration with Existing Systems: IRIS can be
linked to software applications, databases and other
external systems to streamline all your resources.
• Extensive Reporting Capabilities: Customizable,
comprehensive reports of all messages sent and
received can be created for an audit trail.
• Call Center Support: 24/7/365 customer and
technical support is available for message creation
and broadcast.
• Cost Effectiveness: IRIS is a web-based solution
offering unlimited annual use and requiring no
additional hardware or software.
• Broadcast thousands of messages per
minute via landline, cell phone, e-mail,
pager, wireless PDA and SMS text
• Deliver routine, priority and emergency
messages quickly and efficiently
• Communicate a consistent message
to your designated audience
• Improve operational efficiency, reduce
costs and handle mass communication
• Rely on patented, innovative, web-based
The IRIS system is an integral part of our disaster planning process and recovery process.
- Mike Howe,
Executive Director of Texas American Water Works Association
IRIS was invaluable to our Catholic schools in the aftermath of hurricane Ike…
What is most amazing is that everyone can be reached at virtually the same time.
– Sr. Kevina Keating,
Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston
The eArmy Family Messaging System (IRIS) is of great value and benefits to the Army.
I highly recommend this tool… it is both easy to use and a powerful means of communication.
– Shaunya Murrill,
United States Army, Automation Manager, Family Programs Directorate, FMWRC
Examples of IRIS use
• Severe weather advisories
• Safety compliance
• Evacuation instructions
• Water contamination notices
• Power outage & service interruption alerts
• Policy and procedure enforcement
• Employee communication
• Billing and payment notifications
• Public relations
• Parishioner/volunteer participation
• Parental involvement
• Outreach initiatives
• General announcements
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Founded in 2000, TechRadium, Inc. delivers the world’s leading edge mass notification and emergency alerting system to
educational institutions, corporations, non-profits and government entities worldwide. TechRadium gives organizations the
ability to broadcast emergency and non-emergency information via voice and text to thousands of people simultaneously
with its easy-to-use mass notification service, IRIS – Immediate Response Information System. Headquartered in Sugar Land,
Texas, TechRadium is the owner of seven United States patents and has multiple patents pending.
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