iris fundraising event guidelines



iris fundraising event guidelines
The IRIS bike challenge is an activity that will leave a mark on your
community and your customers, while encouraging team spirit in your store.
It can be held at any business in your neighbourhood (grocery store, mall,
retail store ex: Canadian Tire or IGA). The IRIS bike challenge team will bring
their stationary bikes and will pedal with you on site to raise money for the
foundation of your location’s choice.
Here are the steps to prepare for your fundraising event. Rest assured, the
IRIS bike challenge team will be there to support you in organizing and
with the ride at the event. You can contact our team at any time for more
information or any questions you may have at: [email protected]
1) Getting started
Upon being selected for the Challenge, our team will contact you to confirm
your participation.
2) Set a date for your event
Now that you have accepted the challenge you will have to select a date.
Our team will contact you to confirm the date of your event and will send
you an IRIS Bike Challenge kit.
3) Find a place
Choose a place with large crowds like a grocery store or large retail
store. We recommend choosing a store that is local, that you may have a
relationship with, or even an Advantage account (for example Save on
Foods.) The event can be indoor or an outdoor setting depending on the
season and weather conditions.
4) Reserve the place
Contact the manager or store owner and present them with your plan. We
have visual and written documents you may take to support your cause.
5) Prepare your day
We will partner you with our bike challenge team and prepare the
different support tools needed (banners, donation box, etc). You may
reserve the IRIS TENT from Lunetterie Classic if you are having the event
6) Now you are ready to go!
Plan to have a team of 4 - 6 people during the day (2 on bikes and 2 to 4
people to announce/communicate the IRIS Challenge to the crowd). If you
don’t have a bicyclist on your team, don’t worry - we will ride for you.
— Bring a table and a tablecloth.
— Offer coffee, cookies, fruits or other snacks. It is a good ice breaker.
— Let your local newspaper, radio station or tv station know that you are
having a fundraising event. They can promote it to your community.
— You are welcome to advertise your IRIS Bike Challenge. To help
you with the advertising material, contact Mylène Letellier at
[email protected]
— For all donations of $10 or more, you may give the donor a $25 gift
card. You will be receiving 100 x $25 gift cards in your Bike Challenge
Have fun! This activity is perfect for outreach and getting IRIS to connect
with people in your community and to be involved in a cause that you care
about. Éric Babin, Jonathan Bordeleau, Miha Somogyi and Patricia McKenzie
had great fun doing the IRIS Bike Challenge in Laval. They will be with you all
the way! I foresee plenty of fun and donations in the future. Thanks to you,
children and people of all ages will be able to benefit from your involvement.

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