September, 2014 - Monterey Bay Iris



September, 2014 - Monterey Bay Iris
September, 2014
Next meeting
September 19
Doors open
7:00 p.m.
Meeting7:30 p.m.
Native Sons Hall
239 High Street, Santa Cruz
Newsletter of the Monterey Bay Iris Society
2014 Calendar
Regular Meeting
Friday, September 19. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7:30 p.m.
Joe Ghio
Barbara H. & Pat W.
Regular Meeting
Friday, October 17. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7:30 p.m.
Joe Ghio
Charley and Rosa
Regular Meeting
Friday, November 21. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7:30 p.m.
Program. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TBA
Volunteers needed!
Zulu Chief, Jenkins, 1992, Spuria
Annual Holiday Dinner
Michael’s on Main, Soquel
Friday December 19.......................6:00 p.m
From The Prez
was in my garden today doing my iris dis-dishevelment exercise—squat
and pull off their dead leaves, trim and consider adding and subtracting
flowers. Not bad upkeep for the glorious blooms to come!
Be sure to come hear Joe Ghio, our resident iris expert, talk about beardless iris.,
including Japanese, Spuria, Siberian, Lousianna, and a variety of other iris. We will
also get an update from Charley on the great job we all did earning donations for
Teresa Cummins. See you there! % Barbara
September Meeting
Our September meeting on Friday the 19th will feature Beardless Iris. Learn
about Japanese, Spuria, Siberian, Lousianna, and a variety of other iris. Many of
these iris are tall. All are a wonderful addition to your garden. The speaker will
be Joe Ghio who for several years hybridized Spurias. Please join us!
Iris Online—Check Out the Website
Joe’s 2014 bearded and PCI introductions are now up online. To see his
splendid iris go to: and The bearded iris are part of our new doorprizes. You
could win one of these iris or bid on one at the next July picnic.
Door Prizes
Once more members need to bring
good recent iris and any and all
beardless iris plants to share as
door prizes. Bring favorite irises
for the drawing. Those beardless
iris you won in prior years would
be good. It is important to have a
good selection of iris both for us
and for any new members coming
to the meeting!
The hospitality person will bring the club’s hospitality box
every month with all of the paper goods, napkins, plates,
cups, eating utensils etc. along with hot coffee—ALWAYS
DECAF—hot water and tea bags. There will be at least
one drink such as juice, soda or something other than the
tea or coffee. If at any time someone has an idea of something additional that the club should provide PLEASE call
Shirley or e-mail [email protected]
Also, if for any reason the person/s volunteering to bring
food cannot do so, or cannot attend the meeting, PLEASE
call Shirley before 3:30 p.m. on the meeting day so she can
pick up the snacks.
Shirley Trio Probst
Hospitality Chair
Board of Directors 2014
Barbara Hanson Past President
Tom Karwin
Vice President
Riley Probst [email protected]
[email protected] 209-551-6323
Charley Kearns
Brenda Wood
Jim Cummins
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Hospitality & Refreshments
Shirley Trio
Bring some of your beardless irises—especially from the door
prizes you won in the past. Also bearded irises are welcome.
Larissa Daniel
Our October meeting on Friday the 17th will feature
Pacific Coast Iris. These are the iris native to our area and
are often found wild in our coastal hills. Our speaker is
Joe Ghio. If you have been to our Spring Iris shows, then
you are famil­iar with his PCI introductions and seedlings.
The American Iris Society annually gives out the Sydney
B Mitchell Award for the best Pacific Coast Iris and Joe
Ghio has won this award over a dozen times. He is the
expert to hear when you want to learn about these
wonderful little iris!
Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings. Come join
us, have fun and learn tips about gardening and iris!
Treasurer/ Show Chair
Up Coming Meeting
[email protected] Librarian
Newsletter Editor
Joe Ghio
Ann Pike
[email protected]
[email protected]
1 Year Board
Jim Bottini
Wayne Crabbs
Rosa Radicchi
2 Year Board
Jim Cummins
Fred Valentine
Karen Valentine
Fall Regional
Reminder: the AIS–14 Region’s 2014 Fall Meeting will be
on October 4th and5th, hosted by the High Desert Iris Society
and located in Reno, Nevada. The guest speaker will be Kathy
Chilton. See the registration form in the current AIS-14
Bulletin and on the AIS-14 website:
Graph showing each year’s sales results with comparitive breakdown
Breakdown by event
Bay News, September, 2014
Bay News, September, 2014
Salmon Sunset, Walker, 2007, Spuria
R Probst
Blue Splatter, Rudkin, 2009 Louisiana
R Probst
Bay News, September, 2014
Bay News, September, 2014
& August
Bay News, September, 2014
Bay News, September, 2014
e’ve had an unusually warm and humid
summer—what is normal anymore? If the weather
slowed you down, get the bearded replanted ASAP.
Doing so will give you ample growth and increase for good
bloom come spring. Water weekly to get the root systems and
growth underway. You can cut back on the watering when
three full new leaves develop. By that time, hopefully some
rainfall has occurred.
This also the month to dig and replant beardless irises—
except Pacificas. Remember that beardless irises are not tolerant as the bearded about being out of the ground for long
periods. If you don’t replant them immediately hole them
over in a bucket of water until you are ready to replant them.
Wet, wrapped in plastic , beardless irises can be held over for
a few weeks in your refrigerator. The only side effect we have
noticed is that those held over in this method begin blooming earlier in the spring then normal.
If you haven’t watered your Pacificas all summer as I do,
begin watering them regularly now. This is especially important
if you plant to dig and replant them in October. The later you
replant them in October the better the success rate. % Joe
Ghio 8th Annual 1 Hour Sale
Saturday, September 20th, 9-10 am, 1201 Bay Street; Santa
Cruz, CA 95060. A good selection of the newest and best
introductions from many sources including the leading
hybridizers such as Schreiner, Keppel, Ghio, and a wide
selection of Blyth originations will be available for $7 each.
A limited number or 2014 releases will be available for $12
or $15 each. Also a selection of organic vegetables, fruits and
interesting gourds and pumpkins.
Bring your rebloomer to share! First drawing goes to those
who have brought blooms. Rebloomer drawing starts in
August and goes until February.
New Members
We are pleased to welcome four more new members that
joined at our August meeting.
Diana Dean of Santa Cruz, Carol Fairchild of San Jose,
Randa Solick of Aptos, and Kathy Wood of Scotts Valley.
Fortunately we had instant door prizes at this meeting, so
our new members were able to take home several rhizomes
for their gardens. We welcome these new members and hope
to see you again this month.
Nominating Committee
This is the month we start the process of getting our set of
officers for 2015. We will discuss this more at the meeting.
August Sales
The Deer Park and Cabrillo rhizome sales were very
successful bringing in $5,836—Deer Park: $3,108 and
Cabrillo: $2,728. This is the highest amount ever for our
August sales, eclipsing last year by $431. We were prepared
for an “off” year since sales were down for the Scotts Valley
Faire. With the severe drought, we feared customers would
not be adding plants to their gardens. And, many members
predicted fewer rhizomes available. But, we pulled it off
with typical MBIS dedication. We again sold out at Deer
Park and had to go back to our gardens for rhizomes to sell
at Cabrillo. We also sold out at Cabrillo. Of course, at the
end, we did stuff grab bags with lots of iris for $10. But all
those sold. Thanks Joe for creating the grab bags.
Brenda’s efforts in getting stellar press coverage were again
quite effective. We couldn’t have asked for better articles
than we had in the local papers. Tom Karwin also plugged
our sale in his Sentinel column. From the comments of the
buyers, there was no doubt that the advertising was widely
seen and was bringing in the customers. Providing pictures
for most of the cultivars is definitely a plus in getting
customers to choose more rhizomes. This year, we raised
the price to $4, with a price break at 20 rhizomes. There
didn’t seem to be any market resistance to the increase.
Thanks for pushing this idea, Brenda. Good call. We had
very good turnouts for our digging and labeling work days.
Thanks to all that helped. A big thanks to Sheryl McEwen
for again hauling the tables from their storage to the sales.
A very important contribution.
As many know, the club voted to designate our August
sales as fund raisers for helping Teresa Cummins with her
many expenses of after surgery care. We made signs indicating our sales were fund raisers, and inserted an appeal
letter, and instructions for further donations, in each bag
of iris purchased. Joan Scanlon made some very attractive
potted succulent arrangements which she donated. The
proceeds from the sale of these, and donations put in our
“donation bucket” helped with the fund raising also. We
are quite pleased with the success of both events in allowing us to help the Cummins family. We appreciate Jim and
Irene’s great dedication and service to our club and pray
that Teresa’s health will continue to improve daily.
Charley Kearns
Bay News, September, 2014

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